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Royal Embroidery
Elegantly ornate, these 3½”
                                        Gold Handle
scissors will allow you to do                                                  Exquisitely crafted Italian embroidery scissors that
the finest cutwork with ease.
Imported by Yarn Tree.
                                        Simple, elegant lines define
                                        this 3¾” embroidery scissor. Thin
                                                                                are top-of-the-line for quality and workmanship.
8854 Royal Embroidery                   blades cut to the point making               Finely polished and individually tested by the
                                        these suitable for fine cutwork.            manufacturer. Needle points. Extra ease when
                                        Imported by Yarn Tree.
                                        3535 Gold Handle Embroidery
                                                                                    cutting due to the finely ground blades. Made
                                                               $11.00            specially for Bella by the finest Italian craftsmen.

                                        Gold Fish                                                                                                     3½” Bella Stork
Regal Embroidery                        Scissor                                                                  4” Bella with                        Embroidery
Scissor                                                                                                          Large Finger                         Scissors
                                        What a fun addition to your         3½” Bella Lion’s                     Holes Embroidery
                                        stitching tools! Funny little 3½”
Gold plated handles with a
scroll pattern have nice points         fish scissors have sharp points     Tail Embroidery                      Scissors
                                                                                                                                                      Traditional Stork Scissor, this
                                                                                                                                                      professional series embroidery
that cut cleanly to the tip. 4” long.   and are gold plated. Imported       Scissors                                                                  scissors with gold handles
                                        by Yarn Tree.                                                            Larger finger holes make
Imported by Yarn Tree.                                                      The soft imprint of the Lion’s       this pair of polished nickel         is a delight to hold and use.
2973 Regal Embroidery                   2965 Gold Fish embroidery           Tail pattern decorates the gold      embroidery scissors easy to use      Extremely sharp needle points
                             $10.50             scissor                     handles of this Bella Professional   for most stitchers. From the Bella   for the finest needlework. Comes
                                                               $1.00       Series embroidery scissors.          Professional Series with very        packaged with an imprinted
                                                                            Sharp points with a fine cutting     sharp points and a fine cutting      scissors sheath.
                                                                            edge for working the finest          edge to enable you to do the         3548 Bella Stork Scissors
                                                                            needlework. Comes packaged
                                                                            with an imprinted scissors
                                                                                                                 finest needlework. Comes with
                                                                                                                 an imprinted scissors sheath.
                                                                                                                 3583 Bella Large Holes
                                                                            3576 Bella Lion’s Tail

                                                                                                                 3½” Bella Waves
Windsor                                                                                                          Beautifully made with a unique
Embroidery                              Swan Embroidery                                                          waves pattern, these Bella Semi-     3½” Bella Ornate
Scissor                                 Scissor                                                                  professional polished nickel
                                                                                                                 embroidery scissors. Sharp
Delicately patterned gold               A petite gold swan decorates                                             blades come to a sharp point         Scissors
handled scissors with narrow            this tiny 3” pair of embroidery                                          which is perfect for all types       Slim and beautiful, with fine,
sharp points for doing fine             scissors. Slightly rounded tips                                          of needlework. Comes with an         sharp points and sharp blades
cutwork. 3½” long. Imported by          cut to the point. Imported by                                            imprinted scissors sheath.           from the Bella Professional
Yarn Tree.                              Yarn Tree.                                                               3562 Bella Waves                     Series. Polished nickel
                                        3546 Swan Embroidery                                                                                          embroidery scissors come with
7810 Windsor Embroidery                                                                                                                  $18.30
                          $10.00                               $10.00                                                                                 an imprinted scissors sheath.
                                                                                                                                                      3575 Bella Ornate $18.30                              Wholesale Catalog — Suggested Retail Prices Shown                                                                               51