Advantages of Photo IDs by iupon13


									?Photo ID Cards are a very good option and are better than normal security cards as
they have the added feature of face recognition. Most security cards also come with
barcodes and expiry dates so that there is an added level of security.

Photo IDs are a great security measure and an advantage in the company. Let's see

? It allows for the security staff to recognise the employees entering the building.
This prevents any unwanted people from entering any area other than the general or
waiting rooms.

? It gives the employee a feeling of belonging to a company or organisation as only
few are given company IDs.

? It helps recognise people in an organisation and allows easy interaction as you
don't have to wait for a formal introduction.

? It helps track the movement of personnel in a building as the security guards at
every entrance can be asked to check and make note of the ID.

? You can get expiry dates on the card so that if a person is taken on only for a
short time then you can make sure that the person won't be allowed access again if
you do not wish it.

? Photo IDs are required for special high security areas where only certain people
are allowed entry.
? Immediate scanner even allow photos to be taken on visitor passes incase the
organisation needs that kind of security.

?   At functions or seminars photo IDs allow easy recognition as well.

? Entry into private clubs sometimes requires the person to have the clubs ID with
their photo on it. These cards can even specify what kind of membership it is so that
the person can get all the privileges associated with the membership.

? Loyalty cards also sometimes have photo identification. This makes sure that no
one but the owner of the card can use the rewards.

? Photo IDs are required for purposes like Licenses. Police procedure requires that
your photo is on the license so as to prevent fraudulent use and to provide instant
Photo Identification is an important aspect of security may it be in companies,
hospitals or even schools. It gives the organisation a tighter control over security
which is required in today's day and age. Recognition ID is a company that makes
customised photo IDs. You can check them out at .au.

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