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Jobs & Careers in Pakistan

• No proper Career Structure
•Short term employment structure with low salaries •Poor working Conditions •Slow Job Growth •Benefits and perks: non existent

•High Taxation
•High inflation and no savings

Currency: USD Updated: 18 Jun 2009

Average Salary by Employer Type


Pakistanis in Canada
A Huge population of Pakistanis is enjoying the World’s Highest Standard of Living, Job Satisfaction, Career Growth & High Quality Education in Canada.
All Because of its Fair & Friendly Immigration Policy!

If you are a Professional/Employee, working here but want Better Working conditions and Career Growth?
Here is the Golden Opportunity!

Why not
 “WORLDS Best Country to Live in” declared by The UN for the 7th Consecutive year opens its doors for Pakistani Doctors!  Best place for Professionals for Career Growth and Job Satisfaction  Fair Immigration Policy.  Huge Supportive Pakistani, Indian and Muslim population base.  Quickly provides Nationality and a way to bring relatives to Canada  Free Health and Quality Education.  Allows Minorities and Cultures to be preserved.  Incredible landscape.  Economic Growth still positive even in this Global Economic Crunch.  Freedom to Travel around and move to other Countries.  Limitless potential for Employment

Currency: CAD Updated: 14 Jun 2009

People with Jobs as Physicians / Doctors (Canada)

Median Salary by Benefit/Perk - Professor/ Lecturers.

Finance Managers


Electrical Engineers

Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer (IT Professional)

Growth rates are falling because of Economic Crunch yet, Canada is still showing positive signs.

Best Banking system in the World

Canada has the world's soundest banking system: a survey by the World Economic Forum has found when the financial crisis and bank failures shake world markets.

Britain, which once ranked in the top five, has slipped to 44th place.

The United States, where some of Wall Street's biggest financial names have collapsed in recent weeks, rated only 40th, just behind Germany, at 39th.

From Insurance to Loans, everything is there to help Canadians out.

Inflation well under Control: Encouraging Savings

Top Class peaceful living for you and your family

Lifestyle and Recreations

Countless places to visit

Excellent Architecture: Top Class Living

World Famous Niagara Fall

Literacy Rate 99.0
United Nations Development Programme Report 2007/2008. Page 226.

World leading University Ranking systems rate Canadian Universities among World’s Best.
Shanghai 2008 Newsweek 2006 THE TIMES2008 Web metrics 2008 MacLean (MedicalDoctoral)2008 Average (World) Average (Canada)


University of Toronto University of British Columbia McGill University University of Alberta

24 35 60 101-150

18 31 42 55

41 34 20 74

24 38 91 61

2 4 1 5

26 35 48 79

1 2 3 4

University de Montréal







 Canada has had a government-funded, national healthcare system.  Canada's provinces and territories are responsible for providing residents with prepaid coverage for all medically necessary hospital and physician services.  Canada's total expenditure on health as an expenditure of GDP is 9.5%. This can be compared with 13.9% in the United States and 7.6% in the United Kingdom (WHO)

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