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Advantages of Hard anodized Aluminum


									?Anodized aluminum is lighter weight and non conductivity. Anodize means that
aluminum is immersed in sulfuric acid known as electrolyte. Then it runs through a
low voltage electric current through the acid solution. When the electric current
increases significantly and the acid solution is freezed it is called as hard anodizing.
Hard anodized aluminum is 30% harder than stainless steel. They have a extremely
long life span. Its surfaces do not chip or peel and non toxic. It is chemically stable
and does not decompose. Even in high heat level the anodized finish will not be
damaged because it has a melting point of 1,221degree F.

Hard anodizing is mostly used for industrial purposes. Non stick coating is processed
through regular anodized aluminum but aluminum cookware is processed through
hard anodized aluminum. Hard anodizing aluminum has a thick coating than regular
 Aluminum sheets passing through hard anodizing has a dark brown or black surface.
The benefits of hard anodizing are it has lower cost and weight. The aluminum
cookware would resist harsh climate and salt sprays because it is processed through
hard aluminum. Automobile industry and commercial cookware have benefited from
hard anodizing. Even automobile parts have benefited from it. It has also benefited the
medical field. In prosthetic joints also hard anodizing aluminum is used because it can
resist blood. Hard anodizing and sulfuric anodizing may have certain things in
common but their process will give a different result. The hard anodize is little more
expensive than regular anodized aluminum.

While buying a new aluminum cookware see whether it is a anodized aluminum or
hard anodized. The surfaces are stick resistant. Aluminum is present in many products
like in cookware and utensils, baking powder, toothpastes, sunscreens, cosmetics,
vaccines, cake mix and in many more things. Anodized aluminum is used in grills,
coolers etc. The cookware surface does not have pores because it has a hard anodize
finish. If there are pores in the cookware the food gets stuck while cooking but if it
does not have pores the food does not stick. Black is the most famous color in
anodizing. This color gets the highest price. Other colors can be easily achieved.
These colors are also used in different aluminum utensils. Anodizing can be done at
home also with the help of sulfuric acid.

People used to worry if this type of cookware will cause a lot of difference in the taste
of their food. But it is considered a super durable cookware. Since it is made of
electro chemical process the aluminum is considered to be extra hard. People are
using hard anodized aluminum because it has non toxic finish. It can be easily cleaned
in the dishwasher. The non stick coating does not wear off easily. Most of the cooks in
the world are using this type of cookware for making there food because they think
that the flavor of the food is sealed. When a person starts using this type of cookware
a lot of difference is seen in their cooking.

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