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									                                                                                                                      June Session

                          ColuMbiA College–                                                                                   2010

                          online CAMpus                                                                    A newsletter for students
                                                                                                           and friends of the college

1001 Rogers St.
Columbia, MO 65216
Phone: (573) 875-7246
Fax: (573) 875-7445

Dates to remember
April 26
June Session registration begins

April 30
Last day to withdraw from March                                     The new lobby of the Online Education Cente
Session courses and receive a W                                                                                   r
                                                                    includes seating and a bank of lockers for stude
                                                                    taking proctored exams to secure their belon
May 15
March Session ends                 Director’s letter
                                   The Online Campus recently relocated to a            campus and participate in the commencement
May 28
                                   newly renovated building on the main campus          ceremony here — Online Campus students
Last day to register for June
                                   in Columbia, Mo. While you may never                 are always invited to participate in the main
Session in-seat and online
                                   actually enter this new building, I do want to       campus commencement ceremony, or a
graduate courses
                                   share this with you because it provides us           commencement ceremony at one of our
                                   with the much-needed space to help serve             nationwide campuses. You have worked
May 31
                                   you better. Our old building was functional,         hard for your degree and we appreciate the
June Session begins
                                   but the new building provides a more team-           opportunity to be a part of your celebration.
                                   centered layout for all student services, and        Secondly, I want to personally thank you
May 31
                                   this team-centered layout will greatly enhance       for choosing Columbia College for your
Memorial Day Holiday; offices
                                   our ability to assist each one of you.               degree. If part of your post-graduation plans
closed, no classes
                                                                                        includes pursuing a graduate degree, we
                                   As part of this move we are also reevaluating        would be honored if you considered us. We
June 4                             many of our current processes and
Last day to add June Session                                                            currently offer graduate degrees in business
                                   procedures to increase our efficiency. One           administration (MBA), criminal justice (Master
undergraduate courses              example of this is our current Assisted              of Science in Criminal Justice Administration)
                                   Registration form. This form is only used by a       and teaching (Master of Arts in Teaching). All
June 7                             small number of students, but it required them
Last day to drop June Session                                                           of these degrees are available entirely online,
                                   to provide a lot of information that currently       in a format and delivery you have already
courses without academic or        resides in the college’s electronic student
financial liability                                                                     become accustomed to in your undergraduate
                                   information system. The form has been                coursework.
                                   updated and is now included in eServices,
July 5                             which means quite a few required data fields         For those of you who might not be graduating
Fourth of July Holiday; offices    (name, student ID, campus location, etc.) are        in the near future, I want to mention two
closed, no classes                 automatically populated. While this will not         important items. First, your Free Application
                                   benefit everyone, it is an example of the types      for Student Aid (FASFA) should be submitted
July 5                             of changes we are making to help serve you           as soon as you complete your taxes for
Registration begins for August     better.                                              the next year. This application allows for
Session                                                                                 the awarding of your federal financial aid
                                   Another important topic to mention is                and you can access it at
July 9                             graduation. May is the normal timeframe              Also, this newsletter contains an article
Last day to withdraw from June     where many students graduate, or at least            about the eScholarship, a scholarship for
Session courses and receive a W    start thinking about their future graduation.        Online Campus students. If you meet the
                                   There are a couple important comments I              qualifications, I encourage you to submit your
July 24                            want to add here directed specifically at those      application.
June Session ends                  who will be completing their degree soon.
                                   First, we would love to have you visit the main                                   - Dr. Gary Massey
                                                                                                             Dean for Adult Higher Education
Columbia College switches
from Federal Family
education loan (FFel)
program to Direct loan
Columbia College is changing from          Want to practice the gRe or Clep? Check out the
the Federal Family Education Loan          “learningexpress library”
(FFEL) program to the Federal
Direct Loan program because the            Stafford Library’s “LearningExpress Library” has resources that can be helpful for
FFEL program is no longer a good           test preparation or improving essential skills as you pursue your academic and
option due to changes in the student       career goals. The database is full of practice tests, exercises and tutorials for CLEP,
loan industry. All Stafford loans at       GRE and other graduate school entrance exams, as well as PRAXIS II and TOEFL.
Columbia College are in the FFEL           You can also test yourself on vocational exams in law enforcement, nursing and
program, and students who currently        many other careers.
have a Stafford loan will be required      The database has exercises to improve grammar, math, reading, spelling,
to change to the Direct Loan program.      vocabulary and writing skills. Tutorials are also available to help with resumes, cover
The full transition is expected to be      letters, interviewing and the job search.
completed by August 2010.
                                           After completing the free registration, you will gain access to any of the tests or
The main difference between the            courses, be able to see the tests and courses you have taken and receive instant
new Direct Loan program and the            online scoring and customized feedback.
current FFEL student loan program
is the funding source. The FFEL            “LearningExpress Library” is available on the library’s Web page at
program is funded by banks and             library/ under the Reference - Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Subject Guides.
other financial institutions and the
Direct Loan program is funded by
the U.S. Department of Education.
Both programs are regulated by the         Drop vs. “W” vs. “We”
federal government and offer the
                                           Students are often confused as to which form of withdrawal is appropriate to
same student loan interest rates,
                                           their situation, the “Drop,” the “Withdrawal” (W) or the “Withdraw Excused” (WE).
borrower amounts and multiple
                                           Depending upon the circumstances, each has its appropriate use.
repayment options. In fact, students
will not see a major change and            Ideally, the student will know whether to drop a course during the first week of the
will not lose eligibility of any federal   session. Students may drop courses during the first week of the session for any
student loan amounts. Students             reason without academic or financial liability, provided they do so through eServices
will, however, be required to provide      or submit an Add/Drop/Withdrawal form to the campus no later than close of
a minimum of one additional loan           business the first business day of the second week.
document (a Federal Direct Master
Promissory Note) in order to               A “W” is appropriate when a student may elect to withdraw from a course during
process a Direct Loan. Students will       week two through week six of the session without academic (grade) liability.
be notified by CougarMail of any           However, a notation of “W” will appear on the student’s transcript, and the student will
required documentation and should          still be responsible for payment of the course. The student will need to withdraw from
monitor requested documents in the         the course through eServices or their local campus within the appropriate timeframe.
eServices “MyDocuments” link.              If the circumstances in which the student is requesting a “W” are extremely severe,
Though this change is mandatory for        the student may wish to request a “Withdraw Excused” (WE). If approved, they
all students receiving federal-based       may receive a reprieve from academic and financial responsibility (in full, or pro-
student loans at Columbia College,         rated). To receive approval for a “WE,” extraordinary circumstances must be in
students may consider it a welcome         place, which are narrowly interpreted as development of unforeseen, unexpected
change. Two of the benefits of the         circumstances beyond a student’s control that prevents continued attendance in all
Direct Loan program are a lower            classes. Approval for a “WE” is contingent upon the student providing all pertinent
parent PLUS loan interest rate (.6         documentation needed to validate the circumstances. Approval of a “WE” for online
percent lower) and the Public Service      students is far more challenging in that online courses were designed with a great
Loan Forgiveness program (which            deal of flexibility for the student. In most cases, if a “WE” is approved, the student will
previously would require a student         be credited with a portion of the financial liability, based upon factors such as date of
to consolidate into the Direct Loan        incident, date of documentation and date of “WE” request.
program before participation).             Failure to complete a course affects academic progress, regardless of the grade
For questions, contact a financial         received. This lack of academic progress can have ramifications for financial aid
services counselor at (573) 875-7390       whether the grade received is a “W,” “WE” or “F.” The student is advised to discuss
or 1-800-231-2391, ext. 7390.              the complete impact of withdrawal from a course with their advisor and with financial
                                           aid, prior to making a decision.
new assisted registration form in eservices replaces faxed form
An assisted registration form is now available in eServices to replace faxed
                                                                                           Calling all future alumni:
registration. This should be used if you are unable to register using eRegistration.       CCAA is your link to your
You can access the form in eServices in the Registration section of My Student             alumni network
eServices. When you click on the form, you will see a message which will alert you
to the purpose of the form, and warn you that you are only submitting a request to         Did you know that every student who
be registered, and that submission of this form does not guarantee you a seat in the       graduates from Columbia College
class.                                                                                     automatically becomes a member
                                                                                           of the alumni association? There is
Upon submission of the form, an e-mail will be sent to the campus mailbox of your          no fee or registration process. The
home location. A staff member at each campus will process the registration request.        Columbia College Alumni Association
                                                                                           (CCAA) offers benefits, programs
Please contact the student records office with questions or comments at (573) 875-
                                                                                           and activities to more than 59,000
7526 or
                                                                                           members and provides volunteer
                                                                                           services to the college.

   FAFsA reminder                                                                          As a member of CCAA, you are
                                                                                           eligible for the following benefits and
   Don’t forget to submit your 2010-2011 FAFSA. This is the first step in applying         services:
   for financial aid. Also, in order to avoid registration delays (due to the financial
                                                                                           • Alumni awards and Legacy
   aid processing time) for the upcoming August 2010 academic year, you should
   turn in financial aid paperwork before May 30.
                                                                                           • Alumni merchandise available for
                                                                                              purchase online
                                                                                           • Free subscription to the Columbia
                                                                                              College alumni magazine,

                                                                                              published three times a year
spotlight on: The MbA program                                                              • Online submissions to class
If you’ve been thinking about getting an MBA, you’re not alone. Increased competition         notes for publication in the alumni
in the job market has spurred a growing population of working adults to return to             magazine
school. Since establishing its MBA program in 1998, Columbia College has seen an           • One free copy of your official
increased interest every year.                                                                transcript sent with your diploma
The MBA degree is a general degree. There are five prerequisite courses: Principles        • Lifetime access to Cougar e-mail
of Management, Principles of Marketing, Accounting I, Accounting II and Business           Feel free to join the alumni
Finance. Generally, students with an undergraduate degree in business will have            association’s Twitter and Facebook
satisfied these prerequisites, but non-business majors will need to complete this set of   community. Visit the CCAA Web site
courses before beginning MBA coursework.                                                   at
Most courses are aimed at ensuring a broad knowledge base from which to manage             ccaa/ for more information on any
a firm. Some of the courses include: Business 508 Decision Science, Business 510           of the items above or to update
Managerial Economics, Business 562 Managerial Accounting and Business 570                  your information, refer a student or
Managerial Finance. In addition, students complete coursework in international             volunteer for events.
business, marketing, management, information systems, human resource
                                                                                           You can also volunteer to serve on
management, legal issues and a capstone strategic management course.
                                                                                           the board of directors, assist with
Columbia College’s master’s degree in business administration is available on              regional alumni events or host an
campus to students in Columbia, Mo.; Fort Worth, Texas; Hancock Field, N.Y.; Kansas        alumni gathering in your area by
City, Mo.; Lemoore, Calif.; Marysville/Everett, Wash.; NWS Charleston, S.C.; Orlando,      contacting the Alumni Relations office
Fla.; Redstone Arsenal, Ala.; and St. Louis, Mo. However, anyone can pursue an             at (800) 231-2391, ext. ALUM (2586)
online MBA through the Online Campus.                                                      or e-mail
With a low student-to-teacher ratio of 1-to-15 and competitive tuition rates of $299
in-seat and $320 online, Columbia College is the perfect choice for furthering your
education and helping you to be competitive in the job market.

   June session course schedule
   Registration begins April 26, 2010 and courses begin May 31, 2010. To access
   the on-campus schedule, visit For a complete list of
   online classes, go to
online Campus escholarship to be awarded in June
Students could be awarded $1,000 for demonstrating a history of academic excellence and
personal growth as a result of taking online courses with Columbia College.
Applications for the eScholarship are due to the campus office
June 15. This one-time award can be applied toward tuition,
books and fees with Columbia College for the upcoming 2010-
2011 academic year. Cash awards will not be made.
To be considered for the Online Campus eScholarship, the
student must:
  • Take only online courses and have a current home location of
    Online Campus (may not have a home location of any other
    Nationwide Campus other than the Online Campus)
  • Have at least 21 hours of online coursework with Columbia
    College, at least nine of which were taken within the last five
  • Be an undergraduate degree-seeking student
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 with Columbia College
  • Complete the application form
  • Complete the eScholarship short-answer form
The application and short answer form may be requested by sending an e-mail to
If you would like more information or have questions, please contact the Online Campus office.

                                                                                               Tech tips
                                                                                               Did you know that more than 3
                                                                                               million tons of e-waste wind up in
                                                                                               landfills each year, according to the
                                                                                               To reduce your carbon footprint:
                                                                                                 • Cut power to devices not
                                                                                                   being used – At the end of
                                                                                                   the day, turn your computer
                                                                                                   off or at the very least turn
                                                                                                   your monitor, printer, scanner,
                                                                                                   copier, etc. off.
                                                                                                 • Dispose of electronics
                                                                                                   properly – Donate your old
                                                                                                   electronics to a charity of your
                                                                                                   choice, an elementary school
                                                                                                   or a local recycler.
                                                                                                 • Work resourcefully – Think
                                                                                                   twice before burning a CD with
                                                                                                   only one file. Try to print as
     Help strengthen the sciences at Columbia College:                                             resourcefully as possible by
     make a gift through Facebook                                                                  duplex printing, reducing print
                                                                                                   size or printing multiple pages
     Go to and help support our Science Initiative.                   per sheet.
     Your donation will go directly to the “Tradition Meets Tomorrow” Science Initiative
     to help strengthen the future of science at Columbia College through state-of-the-
     art facilities, laboratories, technology and scientific equipment. This is not just for
     traditional day campus students, strengthening the sciences will benefit everyone.

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