Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Stick

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					?We know that memory stick is a flash memory chip that is used generally in cameras.
Smart consumers use memory stick with certain portable music players and other
media devices. Usually memory stick is convenient to store many forms of data.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of memory stick. Consumers should
know both sides of a coin before consuming. This will help them to analyze their
needs and availability of being having memory stick.

Some of the advantages of memory stick are very easily allows you to transport
documents from one computer to another, small, therefore easy to carry around with
you, very useful when doing school work or running businesses, any work done at
home can be used at work or school as well, holds a lot more data than a floppy disk,
being a USB drive can be used on any computer system. Disadvantages of memory
stick are if you want a memory stick that hold a very big amount of data such as if
you are thinking to use it for a lot of large document, then they can be quite expensive
to buy. Memory stick is quite small and easy to lose. Also can take viruses from one
computer to another. The main disadvantage associated with memory stick is that if
they are lost or stolen, sensitive files can be easily accessed. It can automatically
recognized by the computer and can transfer data immediately. The memory stick has
many types of uses but their primary use is in a variety of digital cameras to store
pictures and video clips. Consumers should visit on line shops and web shops to know
the latest development of memory stick for their future advantages.

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