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					Breaking through Barriers
 for Women and Girls
Breaking through Barriers
   for Women and Girls

                            Breaking through
                             Barriers Update

Massachusetts State Convention
       April 10, 2010                      Dave Kirkwood
                                           Director at Large
         Transition Report
         One Member, One Vote
         Breaking through Barriers Awards
         Things to Watch for

                                            Topics: 3
Transition Report

                    Transition Report: 4
Transition Highlights
Mission expanded “AAUW advances equity for women and girls through
   advocacy, education, philanthropy and research”

AAUW is invited by White House and Congress to major events and for
  counsel nearly every week.

LAF celebrates huge wins in 2 AAUW – supported cases –Schuster and

AAUW partners with AARP to help women nationwide plan their long term

Passage of The Hate Crimes Prevention Act – AAUW was in attendance at the
   signing by President Obama, Oct. 28, 2009

                                                                      Transition Report: 5
Transition Highlights
Membership Payment Program (MPP) a success!
  Now a standard option. All states urged to opt-in.

AAUW launched $tart$mart
    training 300+ facilitators
    60% are AAUW members
    Thousands of college women will benefit

National Girls’ Collaborative Project (NGCP)
    3,500 girls in 1,500 projects nationwide – and growing

Outlook expanded to 3 issues in FY2010

AAUW launches the Leadership Corps – 43 field liaisons

                                                             Transition Report: 6
Strategic Planning underway for AAUW’s Future
Emphasizing AAUW’s nationwide philanthropy – impact, importance and

Continuing to build our nationwide community and “culture of trust”

Enhancing our view of membership – Growth strategy
   - Intensifies focus on honoring / supporting current members
   - Utilizes creative new member acquisition tactics

Providing a continuum of integrated programs, that engages across
   generations and demonstrates impact for all women and girls.

Expanding our “big tent” to embrace members, donors, activist colleagues
   and friends as we transition to our charitable identity.

                                                                      Transition Report: 7
AAUW Fund Relationships

                          AAUW Fund Relationships: 8
One Member, One Vote

                       One Member, One Vote: 9
One Member, One Vote – Meetings
AAUW National Convention (odd years)
   Elections and major business/bylaws amendments

Annual Meeting (even years)
   A brief board meeting (required by Washington, DC law)

Meeting Notification
   Business, bylaw, candidate nomination and candidate selection processes
     similar to prior years
   Publicized in Outlook and the AAUW website

                                                               One Member, One Vote: 10
One Member, One Vote – Voting
    All AAUW members in good standing 30 days prior to the meeting
       are entitled to one vote on any item of business

Ballots and Voting Period:
    Coded paper ballots will be delivered by Outlook
    Voting occurs in the 30-day period before Convention and
       closes during Convention

Votes may be submitted by one of three methods:
    •   Mail or FAX coded paper ballot
    •   Online using member ID
    •   In person at the Convention
    •   Only the first submitted ballot will count

                                                               One Member, One Vote: 11
One Member, One Vote – Adoption/Election
   5% of the votes entitled to be cast constitute a quorum
      (determined by official voting member count)

Business and Bylaws
   AAUW business requires a majority vote for passage
   Bylaw amendments require a 2/3 vote

Election of Officers/Directors
   A majority of votes cast are necessary for election
   Preferential voting will be used for positions with more than two

                                                                  One Member, One Vote: 12
Breaking through Barriers Awards

                             Breaking through Barriers Awards: 13
Breaking through Barriers Awards
   Encourage and recognize
     high quality, AAUW mission-based branch programming
     that breaks through barriers for women and girls

   • Give visibility to effective, replicable programs
   • Encourage program creativity
   • Reward excellence

                                                           Breaking through Barriers Awards: 14
Breaking through Barriers – Focus Areas
        How does our nationwide AAUW community break
             through barriers for women and girls?

                                 We advocate
                                  for women’s            We champion
                                career, financial          equitable
                                      Insert artwork
                                   life choices          and treatment

              We support                                                     We promote
              accessible,                                                    challenging
              affordable,                                                    careers as a
              high-quality                                                    means to
            education for all                                              improved quality
                 women                                                          of life
                and girls

                                  We foster                We develop
                                networks that             and motivate
                                 help women                 leaders

                                                    How does your branch break through
                                                       barriers for women and girls?

                                                                                         Breaking through Barriers Awards: 15
Breaking through Barriers Awards – Criteria
Embodies the AAUW mission and value promise in one or more
  of the 6 Breaking through Barriers focus areas

Demonstrates innovation and creativity in addressing
  educational barriers to women and girls

Includes outcome measures that:
   • Predict/reflect community-based impact
   • Demonstrates potential for sustainable change

Serves as a replicable model for other branches

Carries the AAUW program brand

                                                     Breaking through Barriers Awards: 16
Application Process and Review
Breaking through Barriers Awards Webinar in May 2010

Online application open in summer 2010 – Feb 15, 2011

Applications reviewed by panel composed of the
  Branch Program Resources Task Force, select board members
  and staff

Finalist and honorable mention awardees announced by
   March 15, 2011

Top 3 awardees announced (from among finalists) at
  AAUW National Convention, June 16-19, 2011

                                                 Breaking through Barriers Awards: 17
Award Levels and Prizes / Recognition

                                           Finalists Honorable
                                          (up to 20) Mention
   $2,000 Cash Prize              X

   Table at Convention Event      X          X

   Program in a Box               X       Selected

   Recognition in AAUW
     publications and             X          X                X
     social media

                                                     Breaking through Barriers Awards: 18

             Connecting: 19
Online Communications

                        Connecting: 20
Preview of the New Website

                             Connecting: 21
SiteWise™ Example Front Page
 Your branch/state can sign up for Sitewise™ to get the same great look for
 your website with weekly content updates

                                                                       AAUW Partners: 22
Chapter Leaders Playground
 New Leadership Partnership

                              Connecting: 23
Things to Watch for

                      Things to Watch for: 24
Surveys and Branch Starter Kits
An Every Member Survey will be delivered in your May Outlook
  and via email
   Be sure to complete and return it – online is preferable

A Branch Survey will be e-mailed in April.
   Goal: to learn what programs/activities our branches have developed.
   To use as models for others
   To help with AAUW planning

Branch Starter Kits will be available at in May.
    Hard copies will be delivered in July
    Starter kits offer more help in planning your FY 2011 programs

                                                                     Things to Watch for: 25
New AAUW Public Service Announcement
New nationwide AAUW public service announcement campaign
  launches this spring

Creative concept: “In That Moment I Knew”
   The theme for the 2009 annual report and
     the Breaking through Barriers promotional video

Released to 1,250 radio stations across the country

They are designed to:
 Encourage listeners to join AAUW in breaking through barriers
  for women and girls
 Direct them to AAUW’s website and the branch locator

                                                                 Things to Watch for: 26
AAUW 2011 National Convention
                June 16–19, 2011
          Renaissance Washington Hotel
                Washington, D.C.

                                         Slide: 27
Vision – Women and Barriers – Value Promise
     Breaking through
        for           Girls

     AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader
       in equity and education through research,
       philanthropy and measureable change in critical
       areas impacting the lives of women and girls.

               AAUW advances equity for women and girls
                 through advocacy, education, philanthropy
                 and research.

                          Value Promise:
                          By joining AAUW, you belong to a community that
                             breaks through educational and economic barriers
                             so that all women have a fair chance.
                                                                                Page: 28
  Additional Information

Main Discussion: Alternative Slides
AAUW Research Media Coverage
New Research: “Why So Few?”
AAUW Partners – Value and Revenue
AAUW Fellowships and Grants
National Girls Collaborative Project
Leadership Corps
Public Policy and Government Relations
Legal Advocacy Fund
Leadership Programs
AAUW Leaders

                                         Additional Information: 29
Main Discussion: Alternative Slides

                                      Alternative Slides: 30
AAUW Fund Relationships
                                             AAUW Funds

Educational Opportunities   Legal Advocacy    Eleanor Roosevelt    Leadership Programs   Public Policy
         Fund                    Fund               Fund                  Fund              Fund
          #4336                 #3999              #9170                  #4339             #4337

     Fellowships and            Legal Case                                                    Government
          Grants                 Support                Research                               Relations
     Fellows Alumnae            LAF Case Support                       Campus Action             Civic
          Initiative              Travel Grants                          Projects             Engagement
     Undergraduate              Campus Outreach                        Campaign                 Field
      Scholarship                  Projects                             College               Organizing

                                                                                             AAUW Funds: 31
New Research: “Why So Few?”

                          New Research: “Why So Few?”: 32
AAUW Research Media Coverage
  Where the Girls Are: The Facts about Gender Equity in Education
Combined total more than 10 million
  Lehrer News Hour 2.7M           USA Today                   2.3M
  Wall Street Journal 2M          U.S. News & World Report    2M
  New York Times      1M          Washington Post             635K

                                                                     Research: 33
AAUW New Research Report: “Why So Few?”

                                  New Research: “Why So Few?”: 34
Women are Underrepresented in High Value Jobs
  Women %
                     Women in Selected Science and Engineering Occupations 2008





       Biological scientists     Environmental scientists Computer programmers              Chemical engineers       Electrical and electronics
                                    and geoscientists                                                                        engineers

 Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009, Women in the labor force: A databook (Report 1018) (Washington, DC), Table 11.

                                                                                                                             New Research: “Why So Few?”: 35
Social and Environmental Factors
These factors:

   • Shape girls’ achievements and interest in math and science.

   • Teach children that math ability is not fixed, but grows with effort.

   • Expose girls to female role models that challenge negative stereotypes
     about women and math.

   • Encourage girls to draw and build with construction toys to develop
     spatial skills – thought by many to be important in engineering and

                                                               New Research: “Why So Few?”: 36
High School Math and Science
                Math and Science Course Credits                       7.3

7.0                                               6.9                 7.1

6.5                                       6.6


                                                                                             Math and Science Grade Point Average

                                                                                                       Girls                                                    2.76
                                                                                   2.75                Boys                     2.67
  1988   1990    1992   1994    1996     1998    2000   2002   2004         2006                                2.56

                               Graduation Year                                     2.50                                                    2.54
                                                                                              2.42                              2.50


                                                                                   2.25       2.30

                                                                                      1988   1990    1992      1994     1996   1998       2000    2002   2004          2006
                                                                                                                       Graduation Year

                                                                                                                                       New Research: “Why So Few?”: 37
High School Math and Science
                     Math and Science Course Credits                       7.3

     7.0                                               6.9                 7.1

     6.5                                       6.6




       1988   1990    1992   1994    1996     1998    2000   2002   2004         2006
                                    Graduation Year

                                                                       New Research: “Why So Few?”: 38
High School Math and Science
               Math and Science Grade Point Average

                         Girls                                                   2.76
     2.75                Boys                     2.67


     2.50                                                   2.54
                2.42                              2.50


     2.25       2.30

        1988   1990    1992      1994     1996   1998      2000    2002   2004          2006
                                         Graduation Year

                                                                             New Research: “Why So Few?”: 39
Students’ First-Year College Major Intent (2006)
                                         At colleges and universities, little
30                                          things can make a big
                     Physical sciences      difference:
                                             Actively recruit female
                     statistics                 students.
                     Engineering             Emphasize broad
                                               applications of science
                                               and engineering in
                     Computer sciences
                                               introductory courses.

                     Biological/             Remind female students that
5                    agricultural              they do not need to be
                                               exceptional to succeed.
     Female   Male

                                                           New Research: “Why So Few?”: 40
How You Can Help
                   Share the AAUW Report with

                        School Principals
                PTA (Parent Teacher Association)
                Afterschool groups (Girls Scouts)
               College Administrators and Faculty
                          News Media
                           and others
             Visit to download a free copy of Why
             So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering
                     and Mathematics and to learn more

                                                      New Research: “Why So Few?”: 41
Learning About Us
Every Member Survey
   Included in May 2010 Outlook Magazine
   Will be available: in Print or Online
   Encourage all members to complete the survey – it helps us all.
Branch / State Survey
   Created by: The AAUW Program and Membership Committees
   Goal: to learn what programs/activities our branches have developed.
   What succeeded; what did not
   To Gain: as much information as possible
   To use as models for others
   To help with AAUW planning

                                                                     Connecting: 42
The AAUW Experience – Town Square

                                    Connecting: 43
The AAUW Experience – Community Center

                                         Connecting: 44
The AAUW Experience – Notices

                                Connecting: 45
              AAUW Partners

         Added Value for AAUW Members
Revenue opportunities for Branch, State and National

                                                       AAUW Partners: 46
Partners in Branch Fund Raising
Better World Books - A virtual book sale. Reap the profits
   without the labor.
VirtuArte - Support artists from developing nations with a “meet
   the artist” trunk show. Profits go to your branch!
The Princeton Review - Provide necessary programming for
   college and high school students.
World Medical Card – Help make your friends and community a
   little safer and earn valuable revenue for your branch.
SiteWise™ for AAUW - An inexpensive and easily maintainable
   website service that can raise funds for your branch!
Contact Cordy Galligan at for details.

                                                            AAUW Partners: 47
Mouse Click Revenue Potential – $2,000,000
If every member ordered:
  1 book from,
  1 magazine from MagazineLine and
  used InsureMyTrip to get a FREE trip insurance quote

If only 1 in 1,000 members:
  purchased an item from Active Forever,
  bought contact lenses and
  became a MedjetAssist member

If only 1 in 50 members:
  booked a trip through Gohagan Travel
  or had someone they knew
  use The Princeton Reviews admissions test prep classes

                                                           AAUW Partners: 48
AAUW Fellowships and Grants
AAUW has awarded $3.15 million to more than 215 recipients for the 2010-11
  program/academic year

2011-12 Fellowships and Grants applications will be available online on
   August 1, 2010

In April, AAUW is accepting applications for the 2011 Eleanor Roosevelt Fund
    Award through November 1, 2010

New AAUW Alumnae Exchange online newsletter and Ning social networking
  community for Fellowships & Grants recipients have 200 members already

Profiles of outstanding AAUW alumnae will continued to be featured in
   AAUW Dialog blog. More than 60 former recipients have been featured

                                                                AAUW Fellowships and Grants: 49
National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP)

New AAUW quarterly e-newsletter features:
   •   AAUW member-led programs and
   •   Proven resources to increase girls’ participation in STEM
   •   Companion e-mail list for members
   •   NGCP Program in a Box helps link new projects
   •   Monthly profiles of member-led programs on AAUW Dialog
   •   NGCP conference in conjunction with the
         USA Science and Engineering Festival in October 2010


                                                           National Girls Collaborative Project: 50
Leadership Corps
 The Leadership Corps will continue to proactively reach out to AAUW leaders
   in their local and statewide communities, to offer assistance and
   expertise. As requests for assistance come in from AAUW member-
   leaders, Grassroots Liaisons will respond in a timely and personal manner.

 The Field Director and Grassroots Leadership Coordinator will facilitate
   monthly conference call trainings for Leadership Corps Grassroots Liaisons
   to familiarize them with all aspects of AAUW programming and
   outreach. Upcoming trainings will include Fundraising, Fellowships and
   Grants, Public Policy, and Legal Advocacy Fund.

For more information about how the Leadership Corps can support your
   branch or state contact Seth Chase (

                                                                      Leadership Corps: 51
Public Policy and Government Relations

                              Public Policy and Government Relations: 52
Positioned for Impact in Washington, DC

                                   Public Policy and Government Relations: 53
Public Policy and Government Relations
AAUW Lobby Corps is a powerful voice on Capitol Hill
  (every Thursday during the session)

AAUW helped Capitol Hill and coalition partners prepare for the
  March 11 Senate Paycheck Fairness Act hearing.

AAUW Capitol Hill briefing in May will feature Why So Few?
  research report.
AAUW’s Equal Pay Day celebration on April 20
   Symbolizes the day that women’s wages catch up to men’s from the
     previous year.
   See AAUW’s website, Action Alerts, Washington Update, etc.

                                                       Public Policy and Government Relations: 54
Public Policy and Government Relations
 Director Lisa Maatz featured in new book:

     secrets of powerful women

Donate $100 to the
  AAUW Public Policy Fund to receive:
    a free copy of Lisa’s book and
    the new Public Policy Fund pin

                                             Public Policy and Government Relations: 55
Legal Advocacy Fund

                      Legal Advocacy Fund: 56
LAF Plaintiff Support
LAF’s new focus on supporting potentially precedent-setting
  cases has:

   Increased LAF prestige in the civil rights community
   Expanded AAUW’s reputation as a defender of fair treatment
     in the workplace
   Encouraged coalition partners to refer discrimination cases
     and seek AAUW for amicus briefs

                                                          Legal Advocacy Fund: 57
LAF Campus Outreach Grants
AAUW is funding three campus outreach events in March and
  April on campuses in California and Washington

   Events focus on pay equity, sexual harassment, and sexual
     assault on campus

   AAUW branches can still apply for up to $750 to host a
     campus event at any time

                                                            Legal Advocacy Fund: 58
Campus Sexual Assault
AAUW and SAFER (Students Active for Ending Rape) are
  partnering to combat campus sexual assault

AAUW is releasing a new Program in a Box with modules tailored
  to special-user audiences, who want to help:
   • Students
   • Faculty and administrators
   • Parents
   • Concerned citizens

The Program in a Box will be available online at

                                                       Legal Advocacy Fund: 59
Leadership Programs

                      Leadership Programs: 60
Leadership Programs
National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)
   25th anniversary conference filled with special events
   June 3-5, 2010 at University of Maryland, College Park
   Goal of 500 attendees
   Send students and/or support Scholarship and NCCWSL Funds at

Campus Action Projects
   Eleven 2009/2010 projects address barriers faced by women and girls in
   2010/2011 applications posted August 30 on AAUW website

National Student Advisory Council
   2010/2011 applications for students posted August 30 on AAUW website

                                                                 Leadership Programs: 61
Leadership Programs
$tart$mart – wage negotiations workshop
   • Goal of reaching 500 college campuses by March 2012
   • 300 facilitators trained since March 2009

Announcing expanded initiative to encourage women to
  run for elected office

                                                 Leadership Programs: 62

            Page: 63
There was a Time when
In a 40 hour workweek, a middle-class man could:
    • Provide basic necessities for a family,
    • Own a home,
    • Support a college education for his children,
    • Afford health care and
    • Save for retirement

There has NEVER been such a time for a middle-class woman

                                                            Page: 64
Improvement in Educational Attainment

                    Percent of respective population
                    with Bachelor's degree or higher
                           25 years and older


    15%                                                                        Female

                                                                                        Last data: 2008
                                                                                           Male: 30.1%
                                                                                         Female: 28.8%
                Generations at age 20:
                           Builder                    Baby Boomer                 Generation X        Millennial
      1940   1945   1950    1955     1960   1965   1970   1975   1980   1985   1990   1995   2000   2005   2010    2015

                                                                                                                          Page: 65
Education and Earnings
                                     Median Annual Income                             $75,140
                                       25 years and older in 2007



    $50,000                                          $40,769





              No High School   High School       Associate          Bachelor      Advanced
                                             Dipolma or Degree

                                                                                                Page: 66
Annual Median Income




                          Last data: 2008
                            Male: $47,779
                          Female: $36,688



          1960   1965   1970   1975   1980   1985    1990    1995   2000   2005   2010   2015

                                                                                                Page: 67
Median Income Ratio

                Median Income: Female Dollars per Male Dollar


                       Last data: 2008



         1960   1965     1970   1975     1980   1985   1990   1995   2000   2005   2010   2015

                                                                                                 Page: 68
Median Income Ratio

                Median Income: Female Dollars per Male Dollar


                       Last data: 2008

                                                              Women must work:
                                                               all of 2009 and
                                                               through April 20, 2010

    $0.60                                                     to earn as much as
                                                               men earned in 2009

         1960   1965     1970   1975     1980   1985   1990     1995   2000   2005   2010   2015

                                                                                                   Page: 69
Home Cost (multiple of income)





     6                               Last data: 2008
                                      Female: 8.4
                                        Male: 5.1



     1960    1965    1970   1975   1980   1985   1990   1995   2000   2005   2010   2015

                                                                                           Page: 70
AAUW Leaders

               AAUW Leadership: 71
AAUW Leadership
Executive Committee & AAUW Action Fund             Standing Committee Chairs
                                                         Advisors of the Fellowships Fund: Mildred Hoffler-Foushee
AAUW President – Carolyn Garfein                         Audit Committee: David Kirkwood
Vice President – Gail Nordmoe                            College/University Committee: Carol Virostek
Finance Vice President – Mildred Hoffler-Foushee         Finance Committee: Mildred Hoffler-Foushee
Secretary – Jackie Littleton                             Fundraising Committee: Diane Ludwig
                                                         Governance Committee: Carolyn Hayek
Board Members                                            Legal Advocacy Fund Committee: Frances Kavenik
      Kathleen Cha                                       Membership Committee: Ann Gustafson
      Patricia Ho                                        Public Policy Committee: Nancy Mion
      Kathy Anthon                                       Program Integration Committee: Ann Gustafson
      Marcia Capriotti
      Alicia Hetman                                Task Forces
      Connie Hildebrand                                  Branch Program Resources: Dorothy McLane
      David Kirkwood                                     Communication: Kathleen Cha (board liaison)
      Betsy McDowell                                     Library/Archives: Caroline Pickens
      Linda Tozier                                       Research: Gail Nordmoe (board liaison)
      Krys Wulff                                         Social Media: Betsy McDowell (board liaison)

                                                   United Nations Representative: Carolyn Donovan

                                                                                                  AAUW Leadership: 72
AAUW Staff
Executive Director/CEO: Linda Hallman, CAE                       Chief of Strategic Advancement: Jill Birdwhistell, PhD.
Chief Financial Officer: A. Michael Gellman, CPA                 Director of Research: Catherine Hill, Ph.D.
Research Associate: Christianne Corbett                          Research Associate: Andresse St. Rose, Ed.D.
Director of Development: Laura McCulty Stepp                     Senior Development Officer: Carol Rognrud
Development Associate: Kristie Malley                            Director of Membership: Christy Jones, CAE
Member Relations Manager: Angela M. Cooper                       Field Relations Manager: Claudia Richards
Director of Fellowships and Grants: Gloria Blackwell             Media Relations Manager: Lisa Goodnight
Director of Public Policy and Government Relations: Lisa Maatz   Field Director/Leadership Corps: Seth Chase
Director of Marketing: D. Ashley Carr                            Director of Leadership Programs: Kate Farrar
Director of Information Technology: Fong Cheng                   Website Manager: Peggy Woods-Clark
Director of Publications: Rebecca Lanning                        Director of Corporate Relationships: Cordy Galligan
Controller: Mia Piansay

                                                                                                               AAUW Leadership: 73
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