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									Vitiligo is had the symptoms?

Vitiligo is had the symptoms?


Gender: female
Age: 40
History: for half a year
Description: there was a frown HuangDouLi size, have half variegated sometimes,
don\’t look at out.


Vitiligo is due to the skin and hair follicle cells in the dark grain
enzymatic activity to reduce or disappear, cause dark grain particles (black)
formation of ferrite and progressive decrease or disappear or functional
limitations of recurrent off pigment lesions. Began to the local skin without
self-conscious symptom, gradually expand, smooth surface, don\’t take off
bits. Without fixed position, without the onset age limit. You can examine
whether smooth surface, spot without scurfy, pale ivory white spot, or if the
border vague or normal skin diffusion, may have been identified, but further
vitiligo is needed to check diagnosed by instruments

Netizen answer

Vitiligo is had the symptoms? This disease, like you avoid corticosteroid
ointment that cannot apply hormone drugs this disease is usually caused by
fungus, hormone cannot exterminate fungi, contrary to promote the growth and
reproduction, make the disease develops faster and more serious. So too can
the abuse. His suggestion with internal medicine can prevent with full
recovery, with the introduction of shaanxi province hospital of pharmaceutical
production: macro micro brand healing tinea Kathy just scattered. Remarkably,
consultation: 400-666-3237. Malaysia: 507609792,507609793 buckle.

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