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									                                     Winter issue 2010 no 32

 StreetsAhead    News and views from Eastlands H

                            Merry Christmas
                       and a Happy New Year
                              from everyone at
                            Eastlands Homes

Investment           Annesley Gardens       World Aids Day
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    The news from Eastlands home
    Welcome to the Winter issue of Streets Ahead.
                                       No more counting down the         wrapping paper. Turn to
                                       days until Christmas, it’s        page 14 to see how you
                                       almost here!                      can do your bit for the
                                                                         environment by recycling
                                       Within this jam-packed            some of this waste.
                                       issue of Streets Ahead you’ll
                                       find a Quids In magazine          Estate walkabouts have
                                       and Eastspeak as well as a        now been planned for
                                       2011 calendar. The calendar       2011 and the first ones
                                       features photos taken by our      are printed on page 15.
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                                       our photography competition
                                       as well as top tips on each       to see the full list.
                                       page. Pin it up in your
                                       kitchen we think you will         Have a great Christmas
                                       find it useful.                   and an even better 2011!
                                       Every Christmas, we all
                                       have a lot of waste including
                                       Christmas Cards, trees and        Editor

    Opening hours over Christmas
    Please be aware that we close for the Christmas      repair, please call your local eastline number.
    break on Friday 24 December 2010 at 4pm.             Please report any non-emergency issues when we
    Eastline will re-open at 8am on Tuesday 4 January    re-open on Tuesday 4 January 2011.
    2011 and our reception at Eastlands House will be    REMEMBER: You may incur a charge if
    open from 8.45am.                                    you call out the repairs service for a non-
    An emergency repairs service will be provided over   emergency issue.
    the festive period. If you require an emergency

    In this Issue…

    Your rent at Christmas       p5
    Customer Involvement         p8
    Money Matters               p12    Frozen                        Frank Hatton
    Walkabouts                  p15    Pipes                      p4 Operation Impact p8
Rechargeable                                                            Beat
Repairs                                                                 Bogus
Customers who damage their homes
through neglect, misuse or vandalism
will be charged for repairing the damage                                Eastlands Homes
- even if they no longer live there.                                    Neighbourhood Wardens
                                                                        are currently visiting
                                                                        all sheltered housing
Between April 2009 and              member of staff identifies the      schemes to provide
March 2010, Eastlands Homes         damage during a visit to your       a safety talk and
has spent £559,000 fixing           home.                               information on bogus
the damage caused to 833            If you are moving out of the        callers.
properties, including putting       property a Housing Officer will
right unauthorised installations.                                       Bogus callers trick their way
                                    arrange a home visit to carry out
                                                                        into people’s homes to steal
We are determined not to            an inspection. You will be given
let this huge bill reduce our       the opportunity to put right any    money and valuables while
improvement plans for your          potential recharges before you      the householders attention
homes so we make sure the           leave the property.                 is elsewhere.
customers responsible are           If work is still needed after       Residents will be left with
recharged for the repair costs.     you've left you will be invoiced    leaflets about bogus callers
What items count as a               and given 28 days to pay the        and a DVD called ‘Beat
rechargeable repair?                bill. If you leave your house       the Bogus Caller’ will be
                                    without giving notice we will       shown. Security equipment
• Replacing locks/keys and          trace you and take action to
  door frames (following forced                                         is also being offered to
                                    recover the costs.
  entry) due to loss or theft of                                        provide extra security and
  your keys.                        Remember you must have a            reassurance.
                                    police crime number for any
• Any internal or external          vandalism caused to your home,      In addition to the sheltered
  damage such as broken             otherwise you will be charged       schemes, in partnership
  windows, holes in doors and       for the repairs.                    with the police, areas most
  plasterwork, caused by you or                                         likely to suffer from crime
  anyone who visits your home.      For more information please
                                    contact your local Eastline.        and Anti Social Behaviour
You will be informed that the                                           will be focussed on as a
repair is rechargeable when you                                         priority. The wardens will
report it to Eastline or when a                                         patrol the streets to act
                                                                        as a deterrent and speak
                                                                        to residents about safety
                                                                        measures. Any elderly
                                                                        residents will also be
                                                                        asked if they would like a
                                                                        regular call or visit from the
                                                                        If you would like more
                                                                        information on this, please
                                                                        contact Aaron Lowe,
Our                           The                                       Neighbourhood Warden,
                                                                        who is leading this initiative
Performance               p10 Green Section                   p14       on 0161 230 1011.
    You Said…                          Investment
    You said that you liked the
    new plasma screens that we
    have in our receptions but
    wanted us to alter the way
    we displayed the messages
                                       In this edition we thought we’d
                                       highlight the continuing improvements that are taking
    We Did                             place in the areas that originally transferred in 2003. Our
    We have now slowed down            focus over the past couple of years has been on replacing
    the speed of the information       rear fencing in the Clayton area and in that time we’ve
    slides on the plasma screens       installed around 10 miles of timber fencing.
    so that you have longer to
                                       This will be followed by             We continue to replace
    read the information.
                                       replacing the brick walls in the     heating systems and carry out
                                       Beswick/Openshaw areas that          environmental improvements
                                       haven’t already been tackled.        across Beswick, Clayton and

                                       We’re also continuing
                                       our successful bathroom              In Gorton, Levenshulme,
                                       replacement programme that           Longsight, Rusholme and

                                       has moved on from Beswick            Ardwick we continue to carry
                                       to Openshaw Village this year.       out a range of improvements,
                                       We sadly lost our contractor         if you’ve not been offered any
                                       Connaughts who went into             improvements yet we will be
                                       administration in September,         contacting you before March
                                       but fortunately Lovells stepped      2011.
                                       in to continue the programme         So far this year we’ve spent
                                       and have also taken on many of       around £20m and completed
                                       Connaughts staff at our request.     almost 10,000 improvements
                                       The replacement roofing              since the start of the
                                       programme in Clayton has now         programme. One of the benefits
                                       started, the latest phase is being   of the programme is that our
                                       carried out by Allied Roofing        contractors have been able to
                                       after DLP Services successfully      employ nearly 50 people from
                                       completed last years work.           the Eastlands postcode area.
                                       We’re looking to replace over
                                       180 roofs between now and
                                       Spring 2011.
    Last year was the coldest
    Winter for 31 years and many
    customers last year contacted
    Eastline with frozen pipes.
    If your pipes freeze, before
    ringing Eastline, turn off the
                                          Customer Awards
    water at the main stop tap            It’s time again to vote in the Eastlands Homes
    and open the cold taps. It is
    better to leave the pipes frozen      Customer Awards.
    and wait for them to thaw out         There are five categories this year including Peoples
    but you can try and thaw the          Choice for Outstanding Achievement, Good Neighbour
    pipe using hot water bottles          Award, Young Person of the Year Award, Volunteer of
    or a hairdryer. Do not use            the Year and Contribution to the Community.
    a blowlamp. Thaw from                 To vote for someone you know, ring 0161 274 2149
    one end of the frozen section         and we’ll send you out a nomination form. Alternatively,
    and not from the middle. This         drop into any of the offices and pick up a form.
    should eventually thaw the            You can also download a form from our website
    pipes out.                  
Would you know                                                          Your rent at
an emergency if
you saw one?
                                                                        If you are up to date with
                                                                        your rent, you can enjoy
                                                                        a week off from your
                                                                        payments this Christmas!
Most repairs will be attended to by appointment.                        However, if your rent
However, occasionally emergencies can occur                             account is in arrears, you
which need to be dealt with immediately.                                must pay your rent.
If your repair is classed as an emergency repair, it will be carried    If you are on a monthly
out within three hours.                                                 arrangement or paying
Emergency work includes:                                                monthly Direct Debit or
                                                                        Standing Order, please note
• Blocked toilets where you have only one toilet                        that you should continue to
• Blocked or leaking drains (but not blocked sinks)                     make your payment as usual,
                                                                        as your rent-break week will
• Serious storm, accident or flood damage to rooms                      already have been calculated
• Dangerous structures                                                  and included.
• Serious electrical faults

                                                                        Is your
• No mains water supply
• Regaining entry where a tenant is locked out. However a charge
  is likely to be made in this instance
• A loss of central heating during very cold weather. Applies only
  for elderly people living alone and families with a child under the   home
                                                                        too big?
  age of 12 months.

Protecting your
There are times when we need to
share information about you with                                        If you are living in a
other organisations.                                                    property that is too big
When carrying out improvement work on your home, we may need            for you, we can help.
to let contractors know key pieces of information about you to          We can help you talk through
ensure that they carry out the work to the highest standard.            your options about a new home
We want you to know that we work strictly within the Data               (you might save yourself some
Protection Act. Any organisations who we share data with sign an        money if you have extra space
agreement that states clearly that they cannot misuse or share this     or rooms).
information with anyone else.                                           We can provide support from
                                                                        helping you find the right home,
National Fraud Initiative                                               through to helping you move
 We also use the data held in respect of your tenancy to supply         and getting your home ready.
information to the Audit Commission and this information will           Call your local Eastline to find
be used for cross-system and cross-body comparison for the              out how we can help you.
prevention and detection of fraud.                                                                         5
    Police work with
    communities to cut
    anti-social behaviour
    Police officers have been working       Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson said: “The
    hard to reduce anti-social behaviour in police are keen to work with local people to cut
    your neighbourhood.                     anti-social behaviour.

    Between 1 April and 20 October anti-social           “We want to hear about the problems that people
    behaviour (ASB) has been cut by 43.5 per cent        are having and how we can help them improve the
    across the Metropolitan Division compared to the     places where they live and work.
    same period last year.                               “People can talk to the police by coming along to a
    This means there have been 4,133 fewer reported      police surgery, calling their neighbourhood policing
    incidents of anti-social behaviour in Fallowfield,   team or sending them an email.”
    Gorton, Levenshulme, Longsight, Ardwick, Hulme,
    Moss Side, and Whalley Range.                        If you have a policing issue you would
                                                         like to discuss you can contact your local
    Officers have listened to people’s concerns and as   Neighbourhood Policing Team:
    a result they are running several operations and
    have executed a number of warrants in addition to    Longsight & Ardwick Neighbourhood Policing
    increasing patrols during times when anti-social     Team Tel: 0161 856 4223
    behaviour is most common.                            email:

    In addition, the police have been working with       Gorton & Levenshulme Neighbourhood Policing
    Youth Services to talk to young people and give      Team Tel: 0161 856 4288
    them advice about the types of sports and hobbies    email:
    that they can get involved in.                       Fallowfield, Rusholme & Whalley Range
    Officers have also been working with Trading         Neighbourhood Policing Team
    Standards to visit off-licences, pubs and clubs to   Tel: 0161 856 4423
    make sure alcohol and cigarettes aren't being sold   email:
    illegally.                                           Beswick, Clayton and Openshaw Neighbourhood
    In addition, the police have supported a number      Policing Team Tel: 0161 856 3502
    of Respect days run by Manchester City Council       email:
    to remove rubbish and graffiti and clean up the

    Stock                               It’s about nine years since
                                        the last major survey of
                                        our properties took place
                                                                           We have commissioned an
                                                                           external company to carry out
                                                                           the surveys between now and

    Condition                           in Beswick, Clayton and
                                        Openshaw. Although we’ve
                                        done a lot of improvement
                                                                           next Spring. The survey will
                                                                           only take 30 minutes. They
                                                                           will write to you in advance of

    Survey                              work since then it is about
                                        time we assess what we’ve
                                        done and check what else we
                                                                           calling but please ask to see
                                                                           their ID and if you are in any
                                                                           doubt contact Eastline before
                                        need to do over the next 30        letting them in your home.
                                        years!                             Genuine surveyors will not
                                                                           insist on entering your house.

Get the Feel Good
Factor with Active
We all know the                       Look out for a range of activities
                                      and programmes that will
benefits of being                     be taking place at a
active but when do                    variety of indoor and
you find the time?                    outdoor venues near you.
                                      From Tots on the Move to
and where do you                      Easy Rhythms, there really
start?                                will be something for
That’s where Active Lifestyles        everyone and it’ll be so easy
comes in. From January 2011           to join.
Manchester City Council will          For more information
be launching this brand new           about the programmes
service, to keep you and your         available in your area, and
family active in your local area.     how you can join in, visit
Membership costs as little as £5
a month, and if you sign up for       activelifestyles or call
an annual membership you get          0161 232 3100.
two months FREE!

Gas safety checks                                                          Extra
We’ve now set up our own gas and repairs team and as part of
our annual visit to check the safety of your boiler and gas fire (if
you have one). We are also checking your smoke alarm and fitting           We have been successful in
a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is known as the                securing around £500,000 of
‘silent killer’ so by fitting these detectors you’ll will get a warning    European grant towards the
if the levels of carbon monoxide in your home reach a dangerous            external insulation of our multi
level. If this is the case turn off gas appliances, open windows,          storey blocks. This is great news
contact Eastline and we’ll respond immediately.                            and will allow us to do more
                                                                           improvements to our homes.
In order to fit the detectors and carry out your safety checks it is       The work is due to start during
vital that you give us access to your home when we contact you.            2011.
This is such an important service we will not give up if you don’t
set up an appointment with us. If necessary we will go to Court            We’ve also appointed an award
and recharge the cost to you, so please allow us access so that            winning design company,
we can protect you and your family.                                        Dwelle, who will help to design
                                                                           the project in consultation
We are looking to catch up                                                 with our multi block residents
on the gas safety programme                                                in Phase 1 (Platt, Worsley,
over the next few months                                                   Bickerdike Courts). This
and we may even contact                                                    will ensure we get the best
you to arrange an                                                          insulation standards from the
appointment in the evening,                                                completed work as well as
weekends or between                                                        making sure the multi’s look
Christmas and New Year.                                                    good for miles around...
    Customer Involvement

    Annesley Gardens Clean up
    After successfully receiving        as weeding and litter picking.      customers from Annesley
    a cash grant to brighten up         Our Youth Involvement Officer,      Gardens as well as Customers
    Annesley Gardens, Diane, one        Bridget Halliday, enlisted her      from Cornwall Court including
    of our customers asked us if we     team of little helpers (Eastlands   the Caretaker.
    could get on board to clean up      Homes Task Team) who got            Diane and the residents were
    the area.                           stuck in along with MCC Street      very grateful for the help
    Diane purchased wooden              Environmental Managers Russ         provided that afternoon and
    planters and flowers to sit along   and Carla. Bridget, Ashleigh        the children really enjoyed
    the pathway but needed some         and Wendy from the Customer         themselves!
    help in cleaning up the area such   Involvement team helped

    Frank Hatton Court
    Operation Impact
    On Thursday 11 November the         Despite the weather the event
    Customer Involvement Team           was a huge success, students
    organised a clean up of Frank       worked really hard to enhance
    Hatton Court in partnership         the appearance of the scheme.
    with Manchester University. 54      The residents and students had
    students attended and worked        lunch together which was a          This is the second event
    with the residents to help clean    great success and helped break      we have held with student
    up by clearing weeds, planting      down some of the barriers that      volunteers following a
    bulbs and painting the fence        can exist between different age     successful garden clean up on
    around the scheme.                  groups.                             the Anson estate.
                                         Customer Involvement
                                    Danny O’Sullivan, Customer Involvement
                                    Manager, discusses how we have involved
                                    customers in our work over the past year.
“The Customer Involvement           • Met with Housing Managers          • Had involvement in
Team worked with customers            and improved the way that            interviewing and appointing
over the last year to ensure we       neighbourhood walkabouts are         repairs contractors and
listened to you and provided the      undertaken                           Customer Involvement
services that you want.             • Had their say in the new             Manager.
We have a number of different         service standards that are         Readers Panels
ways that we consult with             being developed.                   The readers’ panels have
customers. We have three            Service Improvement Panels           reviewed and commented on
Neighbourhood Assemblies                                                 various policies including:
that look at issues in their        • Fully involved in writing
specific areas as well as Service     Eastlands Homes Annual             • Neighbourhood Management
Improvement Panels that look          Report                               Strategy
at specific service areas for       • Had their say in the new           • Challenging Neighbourhood
example Anti-Social Behaviour or      service standards that are           Policy
Allocations and Lettings.             being developed                    • Gas Safety Policy
We know that some customers         • Reviewed the way we deliver
do not have the time to attend                                           • Rechargeable Repairs Policy
                                      services to ensure we are
regular meetings so we have           providing Value for Money          • Stronger Communities
set up reader’s panels where                                               Strategy.
we send questionnaires out on       • Written a Customer
subjects that interest them.          Involvement Charter detailing      Youth Forums
                                      how we involve our customers       • Reviewed Eastlands Homes
We also work with young people
in our communities and have         • Have analysed the amount of          website
youth forums that meet regularly      money that we have charged         • Produced a leaflet regarding
in our neighbourhoods.                and collected from customers         Internet safety for young
                                      who damage our properties            people
We have worked with customers
on a variety of issues over the     • Agreed what the quality and        • Sent representatives to Service
last year and they have made          condition of homes should be         Improvement Panels and
a real difference in the way we       when we rent them to new             Neighbourhood Assemblies.
deliver our services. Customers       customers
                                                                         If you’d like to get involved,
have:                               • Visited empty properties to        contact the Customer
Neighbourhood Assemblies              check that the agreed quality      Involvement Team on
                                      and conditions were being          0161 274 2149
• Changed the Tenant Board            achieved
  Member election process
                                    • Analysed Eastlands Homes
• Reviewed the complaints             performance and requested
  policy and now have                 explanations where
  representatives who meet with       performance was below target
  staff when reviewing the types
  of complaints made

                                    Congratulations to Mr Stenson
Well done                           who won our sunflower
                                    competition. His sunflower was a
Mr Stenson!                         whopping 383cm / 12.4ft!.
                                    Mr Stenson, pictured here with his
                                    granddaughter, won a lawnmower
                                    for his winning entry.
     Our Performance
     • Complaints received
       (Jul to Sept 10): 56
     • % tenants satisfied with the
       way their complaint was
       handled: 74%

                                            How are we doing?
        Complaint               Number
        Type                    received
        Anti-social behaviour          6
        Estate Services                1
        Staff & Customer Services      2    We monitor our performance       Ardwick, Gorton North, Gorton
                                            closely so we know how we’re     South, Levenshulme, Longsight
        Housing Support Services      11
                                            doing and where we need to       and Rusholme:
        Repairs & Maintenance         19    improve.                         Total improvements since
        Investment programme          15                                     April 2009: 7,757 including:
                                            You can keep an eye on our
        Tenant rents & service charges 2    performance too – every issue •	 Double	Glazed	Windows	and	
                                            of Streets Ahead includes the       Doors: 2971
     Ways to Complain
                                            latest on how we compare         •	 Electrical	Rewiring:	335
     We want to hear from you and           with some of the targets set in •	 Kitchens:	1188
     will act on every complaint we
     receive. You can call, write, email,   our Customer Service Charter.
                                            If you have any ideas on how     •	 Bathrooms:	1240
     visit us in person or online at or            we can improve this page,        •	 Boilers:	1229
     request a complaint form from          please let us know – whether     •	 Cavity	Wall	Insulation:	67
     us, available in reception.            you want more, less or different •	 External	Wall	Rendering:	116
     Ways to Comment or                     information. Just email          •	 Structural	Improvements:	319
     Compliment us                 or call your local         •	 Roofs	&	Chimneys:	292
     We are pleased to hear what we         Eastline team.                   Target: All 5,234 homes
     are doing well so if you’d like                                         to be offered at least one
     to tell us what you are happy                                           improvement within two years
     with then please use one of the                                         of transfer (March 2011)
     contact methods above.
                                            Here is how we performed        Current Progress: On target.
     YOUR views                                                             – 4274 homes have received an
     Thank you to everyone who              during July, August and
                                            September 2010 –                improvement 18 months into the
     helped us review our complaints,                                       Programme.
     compliments and compensation           quarter 2.
     policy. Customers will now
     be more involved in regularly          Investment Programme            Beswick, Clayton & Openshaw:
     assessing the way we handle            Number of improvements as       Total improvements since
     complaints to help us improve          at 30 September 2010.           2003: 16,594
     our services.
Repairs Service
Type                                                   Our Target 10/11   Quarter 2

Emergency Repairs – within 3 hours                     100%               99.9%

Urgent Repairs – within 5 working days                 100%               99.9%

Routine repairs – within 10 working days               100%               98.7%

How are we going to improve?
We are meeting our targets in all but a very few instances. We will continue to work hard
to achieve 100% of repairs within our target times in future.

Eastline – Customer Service Calls

Calls answered within service standard of 15 seconds   93%                77.7%

How are we going to improve?
Technical issues and several vacant posts have affected our call answering times during
this period. However, new advisors are now in place, which has contributed towards an
improved performance more recently.


Current rent arrears (%)                               2.83%              6.84%

Former tenant arrears – rent collection (%)            10.5%              10.8%

Rent loss from empty properties                        1%                 1.34%

How are we going to improve?
An action plan has been developed to reduce rent arrears. We will continue to carry out
early intervention work and promote our financial inclusion service to those who need

Empty Properties

Empty properties as a % of the properties we own       1%                 1.73%

Average re-let times of empty properties               20 days            28 days

How are we going to improve?
Work is underway to increase the average re-let times and reduce the number of empty
properties. A specific action plan has been developed on this issue to help us achieve
these targets.

Nuisance & Anti-Social Behaviour
Cases referred                                                                            157
Cases resolved and closed                                                                 179
Legal actions taken                                                                       11
     Money Matters                                    For the past few months, the Financial
                                                      Inclusion Team have been doing a lot
                                                      of work around finding out what grants
                                                      are available to you.

     Help from
                                                                               Your Financial Inclusion Officer
                                                                               can help you completing the
                                                                               application form. Please visit
                                                                      or ring

     utility grants?
                                                                               0845 179 1791
                                                                              United Utilities also have
                                                                              “Arrears allowance scheme”
                                                                              to help reduce water debts.
     Some energy and utility               form. You can either apply online, For example, if you pay £3.00
     suppliers have set up                 by email or by post. You can       a week for current charge and
     independent charitable trusts         contact your Financial Inclusion   £1.00 a week for arrears, you will
     which give grants to some of          Officer to help you completing     have paid £52.00 in 13 weeks.
     their customers to help them          the application form. Please visit Because you have paid £52.00
     pay for gas, electric, water     United Utilities will reduce
     or other household arrears.           uk	or	ring	01733	421	060	for	more	 your arrears by further £52.00.
     If you are behind with your           information.                       Please visit www.unitedutilities.
     payments or in arrears with                                              com/arrearsallowance for more
                                           Energy advice: Homeheat
     your bills you can apply for                                             information.
                                           gives advice on utilities
     grants. Contact your financial        (including grants and reduced      Single person’s household
     Inclusion officer for more            tariffs) to people struggling to   tariff:- If you live on your own,
     details and help applying for         pay their bills and keep warm.     unable to get a water meter and
     the grants.                           You can call                       think you are paying too much
     Here are the top five:                0800	33	66	99	or	check	their	      water bill, you can apply for
                                         single persons household tariff
     Gas and electric grants:
                                           for more information.              which is £244.19 for 2010-2011.
     British gas energy trust:                                                Please contact your financial
     To apply to the trust, you must       Water Grants:
                                                                              Inclusion Officer how you can
     be a current domestic account         United Utilities is one of         apply. Please visit
     holder (person/persons named          the major water providers for
     on bill) of British Gas or Scottish   Eastlands Homes residents. If
                                                                              There are plenty more grants
     Gas. Grants are available to          you are in hardship and unable
                                                                              available. Please contact
     help individuals and families in      to pay your water charges, for
                                                                              your Financial Inclusion
     need to meet arrears of energy        example due to illness, family
                                                                              Officer for more details and
     charges and other household           crisis or losing a job then you
                                                                              help with your applications.
     bills and costs. If you would like    may be able to receive a grant
     to apply for help, you will need to   from united utilities trust fund.
     fill in the Trust's application

     Coalition Cancellation!!                                                  savings accounts and several
                                                                               ways to save.”
                                                                               Saving with them also means
     In our summer issue we told           Saving, difficult though it is on
                                                                               that you may be able to borrow
     you about a new government            a low income, can provide a
                                                                               from them if you need to. They
     scheme called “Savings                cushion against some of life’s
                                                                               also offer a current bank account
     Gateway” designed to help             inevitable ups and downs.
                                                                               as an alternative to dealing with
     people on very low incomes            Contact Manchester Credit
                                                                               the big banks.
     put a bit aside for a “rainy          Union for help and advice on the
     day”. Unfortunately this              savings accounts they can offer.    Contact them on
     was one of the first things           They say “Committing yourself       0161 231 5222 or at www.
     cancelled by the new                  to a regular saving pattern can
     government that came in               be difficult, but at Manchester     Or contact the Financial
     after the elections.                  Credit Union we make it as easy     Inclusion Officer at your local
                                           as possible, with a variety of      Eastlands Office for further
12                                                                             details.
   and Diversity
Understanding you Supporting                                                  •	 Early Intervention Services
                                                                                – a service to assist families
and your needs                  Customers With                                  with young children between
You may be aware that Eastlands Different Needs                                 6	and	12	years,	who	may	be	
Homes has undertaken an                                                         displaying signs of anti-social
important initiative to increase      Eastlands Homes recognises that           behaviour
our understanding of our              our customers have a wide range         •	Enforcement – customers
customers. The initiative is called   of individual needs and all have          with additional needs can also
Customer Profiling which gets         an equal right to live in a safe and      be the cause of anti-social
information about customers           secure environment.                       behaviour; consideration will
so that we can tailor services to     We do not provide any care                be taken as a result of their
customers’ needs and to help          services, but any customer who            needs
strengthen our communities.           is facing harassment or abuse           •	 Monitoring – all reports of
Many customers have helped us         will be given all the support             anti-social behaviour and
by providing information about        they need to help them access             harassment are recorded so
themselves. All information           services.                                 that trends can be established
provided by our customers             As explained in our new Single            and additional support offered.
is strictly confidential. We          Equality Policy Statement, we
still have a low response rate        take a zero tolerance approach
from our elderly and disabled
customers. In addition we
                                      towards racial abuse, harassment,
                                      homophobia or discrimination,
                                                                              World Aids Day
have a low response rate with         and will take all possible steps to     On the 1 December, we showed
regards to sexual orientation.        put a stop to it.                       our support for World Aids Day
We understand that this is                                                    by wearing the iconic red ribbon
very personal and customers           Our staff look out for where            and making donations.
can chose whether or not to           support may be needed, and
                                      will provide choice, respect and        Over 90,000 people are living
share this information with us,                                               with	HIV	in	the	UK	and	new	
however, it is important, for         dignity in the way they offer help.
                                                                              infections continue every year.
example, if we are assessing a        Some of the services we provide
pattern in anti-social behaviour      include:                                World Aids day aims to take
and hate crime against our                                                    action to tackle HIV prejudice
                                      •	 The Sanctuary Scheme                 and to protect yourself and others
customers.                               – available for customers
If you haven’t yet completed a           experiencing or in fear of           from HIV transmission.
customer monitoring form, please         domestic abuse, hate crime or
do contact us and we can either          harassment.
send one out to you or discuss it     •	 Tenancy Support – setting up
with you over the phone.                 utility services, help looking for
                                         a job
Hearing loops                         •	 Compliance Tenancies
We now have hearing loops                – a service provided by
available in all receptions that         Manchester City Council
can be taken into interview              to support customers who
rooms if you need one.                   have a history of committing
Please also be aware that if             criminal offences
you would benefit from having         •	 Sheltered Housing
a hearing loop in the room
when we come and see you at           •	 Community Alarms
home, this can be done. Ask the       •	 Customer Involvement
member of staff who is coming to      •	 Neighbourhood Wardens
visit you for more details.
                                      •	 Young People – support
     The Green Scene
          Tips and ideas on how to save
          money and the environment                                        Large
                                                                           or bulky
     Every Christmas we have a lot of waste. Make
     sure you are doing your bit for the environment by                    waste
     recycling what you can.                                               Bulky waste includes
                                                                           beds, sofas, cookers
     Christmas cards                     Christmas trees (real)            and fridges.
     You can reuse the front of your     Take your real Christmas tree
     best Christmas Cards for gift       to your local Household Waste     Donate
     tags next year and then recycle     Recycling Centre for recycling.   Give your items to someone
     what’s left in you mixed paper      Christmas wrapping paper          who could use them. Swap
     and card recycling container at                                       them on
                                         Recycle wrapping paper in your    or donate your unwanted
     your home. After Christmas the      mixed paper and card recycling
     Woodland Trust runs a special                                         items to a charity; there are
                                         container at your home. They      several in Manchester that
     Christmas card collection           can also be taken to a paper
     scheme in partnership with                                            will collect certain items in
                                         bank at your local Household      reasonable condition.
     Tescos, WHSmith and others –        Waste Recycling Centre.
     look out for further information.                                     Furniture, some electrical
                                                                           goods, household Save money on                               appliances, clothes, toys -
     your food bills this Christmas!                                       please check with one of the
                                                                           charities below.
     for more information.                                                 •	The Mustard Tree
                                                                              Tel: 0161 228 7331
                                                                           • Wesley Community
                                                                              Furniture Project
     Solar panels                                                             Tel: 0161 226 9051
     You might think it’s the wrong time of year to be                     • Tree of Life
     talking about the sun, but next year we are looking                      Tel: 0161 437 0835
     into the potential to fit solar panels on to the South                • Age Concern
     facing roofs of our homes in order to generate                           Tel: 0161 205 3851
     electricity. The benefits would be reduced electricity                Recycle
     bills for customers plus the ability for Eastlands to
     secure a higher rate of return for any electricity that               Take your items to your
     is sold back to the national grid. There are a range of               nearest Household Waste
     schemes available which are based upon a 25 year                      and Recycling Centre where
                                                                           there are different areas for
     contract period and are known as Feed in Tariffs.                     dropping off various types
     Any income received from the initiative would be                      of waste.
     spent on further investment in our services.                          Last resort!
                                                                           If your items are not in good
                                                                           enough condition to donate
                                                                           to a charity or can't be
                                                                           recycled, Manchester City
                                                                           Council will dispose of them
                                                                           for you.
                                                                           Ring Environment On Call
                                                                           on 0161 234 5004.

Top tips this Christmas
• Don’t overload electrical sockets and make        • In extreme weather consider leaving the
  sure extension leads are safely routed.             heating on at night or if away from home
• Turn off Christmas lights when leaving the          but turn the thermostatic radiator valves
  property and before going to bed.                   down to a low setting – don’t forget to turn
                                                      them back up in the morning or when you
• In cold weather we all need to stay warm            return home.
  but by turning the room thermostat
  (page 60 of repairs manual) down by 1c can        • If you have a bedroom that you are not using
  save 10% of heating costs. At this time of          turn the thermostatic radiator valve to it’s
  year energy use is high so you can make             lowest setting. This will save money but the
  savings on your bills.                              radiator will be protected from freezing.

• Close curtains at night to help to retain heat • Know where your stop tap is in case of
  but if you have thermostatic radiator valves     bursts.
  (see page 62 of repairs manual) make sure      • Make sure you allow access for your gas
  the curtains don’t cover them otherwise          safety as use of gas appliances will be in
  they wont work properly as they need a flow      heavy use during the coming months.
  of air around them.

In each issue of Streets Ahead we publish all of the walkabouts scheduled for
the next three months. Details of the walkabouts for the year can be found on
our website
Use your Eastlands Homes calendar to make a note of the dates in your area.

   Date     Time                   Location                     Housing Officer      Start Point
08/03/2011 10-12am       New Bank Street Estate (Ardwick)         Ian Fauguel         Cornbrook
09/03/2011     11am                Pioneer Street               Andrea Andrews      Corner Pioneer
	14/03/2011	   10am	        Anson	B	–		Kelstern	Square	            Trish	Bryant	       1	Kelstern	
15/03/2011 10-12am                   Longsight                     Ian Fauguel     Northmoor Road
                                                                                    /Belgate Close
	16/03/2011	 10-12am	           St	John’s/Toll	Gate	              Jo	Casson	        No	2	Toll	Gate
	16/03/2011	 11am	         John	Heywood/Clayton	Street	         Andrea	Andrews	      Corner	John	
                                                                                    Clayton Street
17/03/2011     10am              Area 1 Rusholme                 Diane Roughley    Viscount Street /
                                                                                   Claremont Road
23/03/2011 10-12am             Holker/Swinton Grove                 Jo Casson      Hathersage-side
                                                                                          no 4
28/03/2011     10am              Area 2 Rusholme                 Diane Roughley    Claremont Road/
                                                                                     Victory Street
     Vacancy                                                       HOW TO CONTACT US
                                                                   ☎ Call Us 8am – 5.30pm weekdays.
                                                                   Lines open
     There is currently a vacancy for a voluntary
     Tenant Board member of Eastlands Homes                        ☎you liveVueGorton North 230 1000
                                                                       Belle    House: 0161
     for tenants from the Beswick, Clayton and                     (if       in
     Openshaw areas. The closing date for                          or Gorton South)
     applications is 12 noon on 5 January 2011.
     This is an important position. The
                                                                   ☎    Cornbrook House: 0161 276 7300
                                                                   (if you live in Ardwick, Levenshulme,
     Board of Eastlands Homes is responsible                       Longsight or Rusholme)
     for the efficient use and management
     of approximately 8000 homes in East                           ☎you live in Beswick,0161 274 2390
                                                                       Eastlands House:
     Manchester and for the delivery of promises                   or Openshaw)
     made to tenants as part of the stock transfer
     from Manchester City Council last year.                       An out of hours service is provided
     If you require more information, an                           for emergency repairs.
     application pack or wish to discuss the
     position in more detail, please contact
                                                                   ✉ Write or visit: Receptions are
                                                                   open 8.45am – 4.30pm weekdays
     Victor	Hassan	on	0161	274	2140	or	by	email:                           ✉ Belle Vue House, 27 Garratt Way,
                                                                   Gorton, Manchester, M18 8HE

                                                                   ✉ Cornbrook House, 217 Stockport
                                                                   Road, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4DY

                                                                   ✉ Eastlands House, Victoria Street,
                                                                   Openshaw, Manchester, M11 2NX

If you would like information in another language or format such as large print or audio, please ask us.

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