We must stop and think for moment by mikesanye


									                                                      ‫سن اهلل الرحوي الرحين‬
                                            In the Name of God; the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful

                                                ‫الحو ُ ِهلل رب العا لويي‬
                                        ‫واللصالج والسالم على سيد الورسليي‬
                                             ‫وعلى اله واصحاته اجوعيي‬
                                      ‫وعلى كل هي تثعهن تاحساى الى يىم الديي‬
                                                 All praise is due to God; Lord of all the worlds
   And may peace and blessings be upon the most honorable of messengers and upon his family and companions, and all those who followed them in
                                                    righteousness, until the Day of Judgment

Keys to Eternal Success for the Muslim Student

This article was meant to remain short, yet there is so much that needs to be said which is of vital
importance- hours could be spent on each verse and hadith mentioned below, but alas then no one would
read this! Thus this is condensed with minimal commentary on each hadith and ayah--the best thing to
do is that we each take our time and think and reflect over each hadith and ayah mentioned in our own
time. So please take the time and read this to the end, may Allah  elevate and enlighten you.. “And keep
on exhorting; for, verily, exhortation benefits those who would believe” (51:55)


When we examine those of us who are actually involved and trying to serve the deen, even amongst us,
it seems like so many of us have lost our priorities. We know there‟s the akhira yet we dedicate so little
time directly preparing for it. We see many of us actively involved in our MSA‟s, and Dawah efforts,
yet are still falling into mistakes and in love with the Dunya and forgetting the eternal life which awaits

Allah swt explains why this is when he says that the Quran is a "heavy word," in other words it is a
heavy burden and this deen comes with difficulties and responsibilities... people can only carry of it as
much as they can handle…once they reach the limit of what they can carry, they give into sins and

 Thus we see people publicly speaking on Islam and supporting Islamic causes, yet at the same time,
that is the extent of what they can handle…they cannot handle from refraining from sins, or following
the Sunnah, or wasting time in love with the dunya. This is a result of not being properly trained to carry
the weight of the deen, as even Rasululah was. Before receiving revelation he went through years of
solitude, meditation and prayer. Thus he was fully able to carry the weight of Islam and properly
practice and spread it. Yet many of us have never properly received this spiritual training and thus,
although we may work for the deen, our real priorities and our real love is mixed with this material
world, and we give little time to remember the akhira and adequately and sincerely prepare for it...And
thus the reason we need this reminder. We must think about the akhira and take the means by which we
may be able to carry the weight of this deen and achieve the love our creator and ensure our eternal

We must stop and think for a moment….our life brothers and sisters, which is diminishing by the
moment, is no more than a limited number of days. Each day we loose a part of our life, and we will
never gain that day back…until we have completely run out, and then we will “be brought back to Him
Who knoweth what is hidden and what is open: then will He show [us] the truth of all that [we] did.”

And what have we prepared for this meeting—which may come at any unexpected moment? Truly on
that day we will be separated into two main groups. Those who have prepared for the meeting and those
who have forgotten it. A group will be rejoicing and a group will be in utter regret. And yet no one will
have any excuse, for Allah  swt has already given us a warning:

“And fear the Day when ye shall be brought back to God. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned,
and none shall be dealt with unjustly” (2:181)

Allah  has told us to fear that day, for by fearing it, we may adequately prepare for it. On that day Allah 
swt will divide us according to what we strived for:

„That Day shall ye be brought to Judgment: not an act of yours that ye hide will be hidden. Then he that
will be given his Record in his right hand will say: "Ah here! Read ye my Record! "I did really
understand that my Account would (One Day) reach me!" And he will be in a life of Bliss, In a Garden
on high, The Fruits whereof (will hang in bunches) low and near. "Eat ye and drink ye, with full
satisfaction; because of the (good) that ye sent before you, in the days that are gone!"‟ (69: 18-24)

But those who prepared nothing for their meeting:

“And he that will be given his Record in his left hand, will say: "Ah! Would that my Record had not
been given to me! "And that I had never realized how my account (stood)! "Ah! Would that (Death) had
made an end of me! "Of no profit to me has been my wealth! "My power has perished from me!"... (The
stern command will say): "Seize ye him, and bind ye him, "And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire.
"Further, make him march in a chain, whereof the length is seventy cubits! "This was he that would not
believe in God Most High. "And would not encourage the feeding of the indigent! "So no friend hath he
here this Day. “ (69: 25-35)

The warning is clear my friends, yet why is it that we so often forget it? Why do we so often become
careless in preparing for our true final exam when we prepare so much for simple tests in our
universities? Is it because we are certain that we will receive our records in our right hands?

Even Umar (ra) who was amongst those guaranteed paradise did not have that certainty. He would cry
and complain to the prophet that he feared that he was a hypocrite because of what he perceived as his
shortcomings. He was known to cry and say “I wish my mother had not given birth to me.” The best of
believers feared hypocrisy and was not proud of his good actions, and yet we are satisfied with what
little we do and never question if our iman is sincere and acceptable before Allah , nor do we take the
path of tazkiyah by which me may achieve sincerity!
Abu Bakr (ra) an even greater companion of the prophet; a companion who was said to be a mirror
reflection of the Blessed Prophet  himself; a man who the Beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)
testified to his greatness by saying “Abu Bak‟s name shall be called out from all the gates of Paradise
and he will be the first of my followers to enter it.”; A man who the prophet told us that his
righteousness would outweigh that of the entire Ummah, nonetheless did not take entry to paradise for
granted as we do. He would say “I wish I wear a blade of grass, whose life ended with the grazing by
some beast.” In fact, although we know him to be the best of Mumineen (believers) he would
nonetheless say, “I wish I were a hair on the body of a Mo‟min (believer)”

What a profound statement from such a profound man, may Allah ‟s pleasure and mercy be upon him.
And yet we, who have no such guarantee of dying with iman and entering jannah as the blessed
companions did, often pay such little heed to the warning which they took so seriously, even though
they really had nothing to fear. We take the fact that we are mumineen for granted, although the best of
the Mumineen never did, and thus we never take steps to improve as the sahaba did. And it was this
exact fear and consciousness of meeting with Allah that earned the sahaba such a noble status in the first

Allah has said in a Hadith Qudsi: "I will not combine for my servant two fears nor two safeties. So when
he feels safe from me in the world, I make him fear on the Day of Judgement. And when he fears me in
the world, I give him safety on the Day of Judgement."

However when people remind us of the fear of Allah  that these illustrious companions had, we often
ignore the warning, and call those who remind us “extremists,” and mock them. Or at the very least do
not make firm intention to bring about a change in our life—and that is perhaps the biggest mistake.
Allah  swt has said:

“O mankind! fear your Lord! for the convulsion of the Hour (of Judgment) will be a thing terrible! The
Day ye shall see it, every mother giving suck shall forget her suckling- babe, and every pregnant female
shall drop her load (unformed): thou shalt see mankind as in a drunken riot, yet not drunk: but dreadful
will be the Wrath of Allah.” (22:1-2)

We are so nervous and spend so much energy preparing for petty worldly exams, yet give least priority
for such a shattering event!


 In reading the Quran and discovering what it is that will lead people to the path of paradise or lead
people to the path of hellfire, three verses clearly stand out:

“And amongst you are those who desire this world only, and amongst you are those who desire the
world hereafter.” (3:152)

“On them fell the wrath of God and for them is a great chastisement. It is because they preferred the life
of this world to the hereafter” (16:107)

“And they have become pleased with the worldly life only; but the worldly life when compared to the
hereafter, is but a small benefit” (15:26)
It is quite simple my brothers and sisters. We must ask ourselves, do we truly believe these are the
words of our creator? If so why are we not acting upon them? Those of us who wish this life only and
give it preference will ignore the warnings given to us and thus prepare our own disastrous downfall.
However, those of us who choose to prefer the next eternal life, as opposed to this material world (in all
its forms…wealth, power, promiscuity, etc.), despite our many shortcomings, will pay attention to such
warnings and make a firm attention to prepare what we can for our meeting with our creator.


Of course making the intention to prefer the eternal life over this material life is only the first step, as the
Most Wise has said:

“If any do wish for the transitory things (of this life), We readily grant them - such things as We will, to
such person as We will: in the end have We provided Hell for them: they will burn therein, disgraced
and rejected. Those who do wish for the (things of) the Hereafter, and strive therefor with all due
striving, and have Faith,- they are the ones whose striving is acceptable” (17:18-19)

It is clear that we must actually strive and put forth effort for the hereafter. So…what is the effort that is

It is very simple Allah  has made it clear that he has placed us in this world as his representatives, his
“vicegerents.” What a great honor for us! The question is, are we properly fulfilling that duty? We must
just ask ourselves: “Allah  has entrusted me as his vicegerent, his deputy, in this world, am I fulfilling
this trust? Am I worthy of such a position? Am I fulfilling my duty as a deputy of the Most Magnificent?
Or am I in complete heedlessness and ghafla of this great honor and burden and spending my energies
on useless things.” The answer to this question lays in how we spend our time and what things we prefer
in life.

A good example of this is the time and respect we give the Quran, whom Allah  has said about it: “Had
We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain, verily, thou wouldst have seen it humble itself and cleave
asunder for fear of God. Such are the similitudes which We propound to men, that they may reflect.”
(59:12) And yet we who have been entrusted with the noble Quran often completely neglect it, most of
us not even finishing one khitma a year…completely neglecting our role as the Ummah entrusted with
the quran…while we waste our time in fun and amusement and use the rest in studying and working, but
making no time for that which matters and will benefit us the most.

The mountain shakes with awe of Allah  in realizing the greatness of his words. How much awe,
humility, and thankfulness do we have when we realize that most powerful creator of the heavens and
earth has allowed us to hold his words within in our hearts or recite them with our tongues, of all the
other people he could have chosen. Do we even realize the significance of this!? We should never miss
this opportunity, even the mountains recognize the greatness of the Quran and are humbled by it, and yet
many of human beings do not reflect upon its significance nor give it the attention it deserves:

“We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to
undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it;- He was indeed unjust and foolish;- (With the
result) that Allah has to punish the Hypocrites, men and women, and the Unbelievers, men and women,
and Allah turns in Mercy to the Believers, men and women: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

We must dedicate a certain amount of time for the Quran each day. Simply put, there is no better way to
measure the closeness we have to our creator than by measuring how much of his words we read and


Another area where we must examine ourselves is how we are making use of our time living in the

Here in the west, we have a particularly important responsibility. To ensure an accurate message of
Islam, the message our beloved Prophet struggled and suffered so much to spread and protect, is
properly honored and communicated. It would be a shame if after all the sacrifice our beloved Prophet
and his companions went through to uphold this deen we gave it up freely and cheaply for our own
desires. Allah  has described such people as:

“These are they who have bartered Guidance for error: But their traffic is profitless, and they have lost
true direction,” (2:18)

“They are the ones who buy Error in place of Guidance and Torment in place of Forgiveness. Ah! what
boldness (They show) for the Fire!” (2:175)

“These are the people who buy the life of this world at the price of the Hereafter: their penalty shall not
be lightened nor shall they be helped.” (2:86)

The sahaba struggled so much to practice the deen, yet we have so much freedom and neglect our deen
GREATLY FOR DEEN, then example of how we who have freedom do not practice)

 But Alas we have a very important responsibility, and that is to practice our deen in such a way that we
may “warn a people whose forefathers had not been warned” that they may truly understand the beauty
of Islam and the Noble Character of our Blessed Prophet  Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. That we
may change the hatred in the hearts of the ignorant, that is against our dear prophet, to love in the hearts
of those who have become learned. That we may take people “From darkness to the light.”

Making this our priority in the short number of days we have is of vital importance. Especially in our
young age. For at this time we are establishing our identity—who we are, and what matters to us in this
life. We are building our foundation. If now, while we are in college we establish our identity as those
who love Allah  and His messenger and are his representatives and work to establish the deen in this
land, and prefer the akhira to the Dunya, then inshallah we can only grow and get better, and be amongst
those who Allah  speaks of as those:
“who obey Allah and the apostle are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah,- of the
prophets (who teach), the sincere (lovers of Truth), the witnesses (who testify), and the Righteous (who
do good): Ah! what a beautiful fellowship!” (4:69)

What a great honor! Simply by developing our identity as those who obey Allah  and act as his
representatives, despite our shortcomings we may be in the highest levels of paradise in the ranks of the
prophets. Alas only a fool would not avail themselves of this wonderful opportunity! This is the time to
establish our identity and decide what road we wish to take in life…for one road will take people “to be
in the Garden, and some in the Blazing Fire.” (42:07)

However, in this time of our youth, if we establish ourselves as those who are in love with the Dunya
and give minimal attention to the akhira, then this will only get worse as we get older…and we will be
asked about what we did with the blessing of our youth. Remember, that Blessed Prophet  said:

"The two feet of the son of Adam will not move on the Day of Judgment in front of his Lord until he is
asked about five things: about his life, and how he spent it? And about his youth, what did he consume it
in? And about his money, how did he earn it? And what did he spend it on? And how much did he act
upon what he knew?"

(We should all stop for a moment and ask ourselves how comfortable we will be in answering these five
questions) Remember also my brothers and sisters that one of the seven types of people who will be
shaded on the day of judgment, under the throne of Allah , on a day where the sun will be above our
heads, and people will be drowning in their sweat, and no shade will be found except Allah ‟s throne, is
a “Youth who grew up in service to Allah ” Thus the prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Make use of five before five; your youth before your old age; your wealth before your poverty; your
health before your sickness; your free time before your busy time; and your life before your death”

The Prophet, when he was admonishing us, asked us, what is holding us back from doing what we are
supposed to be doing and preparing for the akhira, he said:

“What are you waiting for??? A poverty which will keep you too worried? Wealth that will make you
rebellious and distract you? A sickness which will leave you unable? Old age when you are weak? The
Dajjal who will be very powerful? Death where it is too late? Or The Hour of Judgment which may
come at a surprise?”

In other words the prophet instructed us to act now, in our young age when we have the ability, so that
we may establish our identity as believers which will benefit us our entire life and eternity.

It is true, however, that in our young age we still have many worries. We must secure good grades, a
good job, a good home and spouse. We must work tirelessly day and night to meet the expectations
society expects of us. And we become stressed as a result of it. However the most successful people are
those who set themselves certain goals and then see each day what they have achieved and how they can
improve, that way they may find some peace of mind knowing that they have accomplished something
with their day.
 So what goals are we setting for ourselves on a daily basis? Is it how much we have prepared for our
LSAT, MCAT, DAT, GRE, SAT, or GMAT exam? Is it how much of our school readings or
assignments we have completed? Is it how much fun we had? How much work we did for MSA or other
clubs we are involved in? Different people set different goals daily according to what they value…but
the mumin, the true believer, while they may ask themselves how much they have accomplished in
relation to all these things, are in the end not too concerned. For while they strive hard to attain the best
possible grades and achievements, their main concern and question is “How much closer did I draw near
to my beloved Allah  today.”

For that is the real sum total of all we do—the ultimate be all end all. That is the real goal and reason of
why we do anything, be it studying, working, playing, etc…our real ultimate goal is to get our creators
infinite pleasure. For that is the only thing that will truly help us, that is the only thing which will last--
that is the thing which will determine our eternity. When a believer studies, reads Quran, teaches Islam,
marries, plays with their kids, goes to college, works…none of those things are ends in and of
themselves…they are all merely means, by which they can attain the pleasure of their beloved Allah .
That is their true Goal. And in fact, the believer knows that none of those things are the real means
either, for they know that they will only find tawfeeq and success with the permission of Allah  and thus
Allah  is the real means. What beautiful peace of Mind is it to know that Allah  is both our means
(Asbab) and our Goal (maqsud/muntaha). The believer then is not diluted by this world. They see
nothing but Allah , the means and the goal…that is the meaning of “La Ilaha Ila Allah ” (There is no
God But God)

Thus they prefer Allah  and the Akhira to this world and live and strive accordingly and thus will fulfill
their duty as the vicegerents of Allah  and be of those who receive their books in their right hands. As
Allah  most honorably speaks of them:

“In the case of those who say, "Our Lord is Allah., and, further, stand straight and steadfast, the angels
descend on them (from time to time): "Fear ye not!" (they suggest), "Nor grieve! but receive the Glad
Tidings of the Garden (of Bliss), the which ye were promised! "We are your protectors in this life and in
the Hereafter: therein shall ye have all that your souls shall desire; therein shall ye have all that ye ask
for!- "A hospitable gift from one Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful!" Who is better in speech than one who
calls (men) to Allah, works righteousness, and says, "I am of those who bow in Islam"? Nor can
goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was
hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate! And no one will be granted such goodness except
those who exercise patience and self-restraint,- none but persons of the greatest good fortune.” (41:30-

But HOW can we truly be the deputy‟s of our creator on earth? How can we be of those will attain his
eternal success?

FIRST- It starts with making the decision, that no matter what my situation, no matter what my
shortcomings are I am going to, even if only by word of mouth now and not yet fully with my heart,
prefer the eternal life and the pleasure of Allah  swt as opposed to this short material world.

SECOND- Find the company of the righteous ulama and 1. Learn the deen properly, 2. be in their
company which will make the following seven points easy.
Subhanallah, we dedicate 13 years of our childhood just to learn the sciences of this material world
(dunya), and then another 4 more years in college primarily for sciences which will directly benefit our
dunya, not to mention another 3-10 years in Grad/Medical/Law school… all the while taking 15-20
credit hours a week of learning these sciences whose first and foremost direct application is to benefit
our finite material life. Meanwhile, we make sure that we only attend the best universities, and are
taught by the best most credible authentic professors and earn the highest grades. We dedicate so much
energy, in fact, the good majority of our energy, to things which will only benefit us for the few years
we are alive and dedicate only the smallest amount of time to invest into our akhira

Studying the sciences of the Dunya is fine, and in fact, very important for Muslims nowadays and will
inshallah be very beneficial for both our Dunya and akhira…yet nonetheless the application of these
sciences is first and foremost related to the sciences of Dunya.

And yet how much have we dedicated to learn our deen? To learn how to love and be loved by our
creator and sustainer? To make sure our salah, sawm, and ibadah is acceptable before Allah ? To make
sure we attain eternal success? Have we spent any time to make sure we find trustworthy, credible
sources of deen? Or is our main teacher of Islam “shaikh google” and “ Mawlana Mufti Dot Com.” We
take 15-20 credit hours weekly of instruction on sciences of the Dunya…but do we even spend one hour
a week where we sit in the company of scholars and the friends of Allah  to learn our deen? Would we
even know who we could turn to if we wanted to do that?

My brothers and sisters just as we put so much time and energy in learning the sciences of this Dunya,
we must in fact put effort to learn our deen which contains the keys to our success in both this life and
the next.

Otherwise in the day of judgment, we will have no excuse, as Allah  Says “Nay, man will be evidence
against himself, Even though he were to put up his excuse” (75:14-15) —That on the day of judgment,
when Allah  asks us “How come you never learned to pray properly, to read and memorize the Quran,
how come you never sat in majalis al Ilm (gatherings and knowledge)” And we say we were too busy,
Allah  will bring us as witnesses against our own self—reminding us of how much time we spent
learning and earning Dunya, and yet we say we had no time to learn the deen. The prophet called the
gatherings where people sit and remember Allah  has gatherings of paradise and that we should spend as
much time there as possible. Yet how often do we spend time in such gatherings? Imagine a man
traveling to live in a new city yet he spends all his wealth on the rest stop on the way, and leaves no
money to establish himself when he arrives at his destination. The one who dedicates all his energy to
learning the Dunya without putting forth any effort to learn and prepare for the akhira is no wiser.

Nonetheless, we spend most of our time in gatherings whereby dust gathers over our hearts from mixing
with lovers of the Dunya. The prophet himself was negatively effected by being in the company of the
Mushrikeen, and as a result would make istighfar 70 times a day…and yet mixing daily in terrible
environments we forget to make istighfar, nor do we sit in the gatherings of paradise, the gatherings of
Islamic knowledge and God‟s remembrance, whereby we may cleanse our hearts. If we do not sit in the
gatherings of paradise in this world, how do we expect to sit in paradise in the next?

Often, although we attend hours of classes in the university yet we rarely go to halaqas in the masjid.
We use the excuse, that “My intention is to learn and use this knowledge to help the Ummah and thus it
is all ibadah (worship)”…Subhannalah, we are so certain that our work of Dunya is Ibadah, when our
actual salah, sawm, etc, may not even be ibadah. We are so certain that the time we play, the time we
learn politics and medicine (All admirable things) are bringing us near to our creator and are ibadah, yet
in reality, even the direct ibadas we offer, our salah, sawm, etc. may not even be brining us nearer to
Allah  swt. This is because many of us never learned it properly, we never sat with a teacher and made
sure we are performing our salah in an acceptable manner and learned the faraid, sunnas, and Wajibat of
salah. Even if we have, many of us never learned how to attain khushu and ikhlas (humility and
sincerity) in salah…thus even our ibadah may not be ibadah, and we are so certain that our pursuit of
dunya is ibada!

This reminds me of a story of Umar (ra) who greatly expanded and protected the Muslim state under his
rule. He once told a sahabi, “I would be happy if Allah  just rewarded us for the time we spent in the
company of the prophet and neither rewarded us nor punished us for whatever deeds we did after the
prophet died.” The sahabi said “ Nooo Umar, we have done many great deeds since the Prophet passed
away, I expect Allah  to reward us greatly for them too.” After Umar (ra) and the other Sahabi passed
away, the son of the other Sahabi told the son of Umar (ra), “that story just shows how much greater
your father (Umar) was than my father. Umar (ra) was so afraid that since he lost the company of the
Blessed Prophet , his deeds therefore lacked the sincerity they had when he was with the Blessed
Prophet  and continually receiving nour (spiritual enlightenment) from his company.” and yet we who
rarely sit in the company of the righteous once a week, or a month, or perhaps a year, are so proud of our
actions and certain that they are acceptable.

This is not to say that all the studies we do and all the time we spend with our family, etc is not ibada, no
it will be inshallah, but only after we learn how to do the direct ibada properly. Properly means fulfilling
the external conditions of the ibada (on time, proper manner, etc.) and internally (having sincerity,
humility, etc.) This can only be achieved by spending time in the company of the ulama. If reading and
learning from books had been enough, Allah  swt would not have sent prophets as teachers of the book,
in the same manner the scholars have taken the place of the prophets as our necessary teachers.

Even when Allah  was preparing the Blessed Prophet  for his honorable position, Allah  did not leave
the prophet alone, but sent him the blessed angel Gabriel. Who hugged the prophet three times tightly,
thereby in what the scholars of fiqh agreed, transferring his angelic qualities and nour onto the beloved
prophet. In the same manner the prophet transferred that nour onto his companions, as he said
“Everything Allah  put into my heart, I have put in the Heart of Abu Bakr” And in the same manner the
companions spread that nour into their students, and so on and so forth. This nour was transferred from
heart to heart, not from book to book and thus if we wish to gain the real knowledge and qualities of our
beloved prophet, we must sit in the company of our ulama and scholars who are “the inheritors of the

“Allah  swt says: O ye who believe! Fear Allah and be with those who are true (in word and deed).”

“And keep thy soul content [restrain it from sin, encourage it to do good, by being] with those who call
on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His Face; and let not thine eyes pass beyond them, seeking
the pomp and glitter of this Life; no obey any whose heart We have permitted to neglect the
remembrance of Us, one who follows his own desires, whose case has gone beyond all bounds.” (18:28)

Frankly, there is no better way to achieve our spiritual goals than by being in the company of those near
Allah , just as there is no better way to learn to be a doctor of football player, than by spending time
with those who specialize in medicine or athletics. No great athlete ever became a great athlete just by
reading sports magazines and books. The company we keep is essential for we will take on the qualities
of our companions. Our Blessed Prophet  warned us “A man is on the faith of his companions” and “A
man will be resurrected with those whom he loves.” Yet many of us spend time in the company of those
that bring us no spiritual benefit, and may in fact be bringing us spiritual harm as we waste so much of
our precious time. The prophet taught us that any gathering where Allah ‟s name is not remembered is
cursed. That those who leave from a gathering devoid of any thikr are like those leaving the carcass of a
dead donkey. That even the people of paradise will regret the time they did not spend remembering Allah
 when they see how valuable such remembrance is.
 And as to the friends whom we “love” so much and spend all our time with yet who do not bring us
closer to our creator, they will for sure be enemies for us, when we see the sin we unknowingly
accumulated in their company :

"The close friends on that day will become enemies of one another, except for the righteous." 43:67

"The day will come when the transgressor will bite his hands (in anguish) and say, "Alas, I wish I had
followed the path with the messenger. "Alas, woe to me, I wish I did not take that person as a friend.
"He has led me away from the message after it came to me. Indeed, the devil lets down his human
victims." [25:27-29]

These verses contain so much wisdom and much can be said about them, but for the sake of brevity, it is
best we ourselves ponder over their meanings and how they relate to us. What is clear however is
whether or not we are in the gatherings of Islamic knowledge, Allahs remembrance, and the company of
the righteous, is a sign of Allah ’s love:

Narrated Abu Huraira that Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said: When Allah loves a person, He calls Jibrael
and says (to him): I love so and so, therefore you should also love him. The Prophet (pbuh) added: So,
Jibrael begins to love him. Then he makes an announcement in the heaven saying: Allah loves so and so,
therefore you should also love him. Then the inhabitants of heaven (the angels) would love him. He
(pbuh) added: Thus acceptance is established for him on earth (i.e. that person becomes popular among
the people). When Allah dislikes any slave He calls Jibrael and says to him: I hate so and so, therefore
you should also hate him. Then he calls out to the inhabitants of heaven: Allah hates so and so, therefore
you should also hate him. Thus hatred is established for him on earth. (i.e. then hatred prevails against
him among the people).

Thus an easy sign to see if Allah  loves us is if we are accepted to be in the company of the ulama whom
he loves. And a sign of Allah‟s displeasure of us is the distance between us and the gatherings of the
righteous. And remember if Allah  loves someone, if he even smiles at someone, he will never punish
him. Thus the importance of being in the company of the rightly guided ulama cannot be overstated as it
is both a way to gain Allah ;s love and a sign of his love.

Also, being in the company of the Ulama will make the final seven points which are they keys to being
the vicegerents of Allah  and also signs of his love, very easy to attain. Whoever has this second step,
will inshallah have everything. As the Blessed Prophet  said "If Allah desires good for someone, He
gives him understanding in the deen and inspires him to right guidance." And as the Ulama said “If Allah
 Loves someone he will put them in the company of his awlia (The close friends of Allah )”

Therefore the important point to take here is that we must find and stick to the company of our rightly
guided ulama and righteous role models whom when we see them, remind us of Allah .
The Blessed Prophet  Peace be Upon Him has said:

 “The world and all its contents are cursed and devoid of Allah's mercy, except for three things:
(1) the dhikr, or remembrance, of Allah (and all other worships near it),
(2) the religious (and truthful) alim, and
(3) the student, who is a seeker of religious knowledge.”

THIRD- We must ensure that we are performing our salah on time. The Blessed Prophet  has said “He
who misses one salah intentionally it is as if he has lost all his family and wealth” Do we realize the
gravity of this hadith? How often do we miss salah for some small petty Dunya gain. Because of a job,
or a class, yet the Blessed Prophet  has warned us that in missing one salah, we have lost more than
loosing all else we possesses…more than what we could have ever possibly gained. How much are we
grieved when we do poorly on a test, or do not get a job, or at the loss of a family member…yet if knew
truly knew the importance of Salah we would be even more grieved at the loss of one Salah and would
never miss even one salah in the pursuit of any worldly objective.

Performing our 5 salah regularly and properly also guarantees us Allah ‟s protection. The prophet also
told us he who misses one prayer intentionally is free from the protection of Allah  on the day of
judgment. Yet he who sincerely performs that salah on time, will inshallah have nothing to fear. For
salah is a pillar which upholds our iman, protects us against sins, and allows us to converse with the
master of the universe with no barriers.

How often do we go and beg those in authority, be it our teachers, our parents, our boss, etc.. so that we
may get what we need or want. Yet here the lord of the heavens and earth is inviting us to stand before
him at least 5 times a day with no barriers in between and converse with him. Truly there can be no
greater honor, and only those whom he loves are awarded such a wonderful opportunity.

Allah  has warned us, that all will have to answer to their deeds, except a group of us who will be safe in
paradise. These people will enquire about their friends who they do not see in paradise, and a window
will open where they will see the people being punished in jahannam. In these powerful verses Allah ,
tells us exactly what lead these people to such eternal punishment.

“Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds. Except the Companions of the Right Hand. (They will
be) in Gardens (of Delight): they will question each other, And (ask) of the Sinners: "What led you into
Hell Fire?" They will say: "We were not of those who prayed; "Nor were we of those who fed the
indigent; "But we used to talk vanities with vain talkers; "And we used to deny the Day of Judgment,
"Until there came to us (the Hour) that is certain." Then will no intercession of (any) intercessors profit
them. Then what is the matter with them that they turn away from admonition?-“ (74:39-49)

The warning is very clear. Allah  has in essence told us the answers to the test and why people will
fail—for neglecting their salah and not helping the poor. The neglecting of salah came as a result of
wasting time and talking vainly about frivolous things with bad company, and forgetting that they will
be held to account. And then Allah  asks us a question…he says, if I have told you what leads people to
eternal failure, so why is it that you do not protect yourselves, why do “you turn away from
admonition?” Thus we have no excuse.

Ibn Hajaar has written on this issue:
It is extremely sad that people do not realize the fact that on the Day of Judgment, there will be no
protector or helper besides Allah and one's power, wealth, and family will, in no way, avert the doom
which they will be faced with on that Day.

A person who rejects the worship of Allah, their sole Creator and Sustainer, shall be inflicted with five
types of punishments in the world, three at the time of death, and three after resurrection.

In the world, he will not be blessed, he will be deprived of the special nur (light) that shines on the faces
of the righteous believers, he will receive no reward for his good deeds, his prayers will not be
answered, and he has no share in the prayers of the pious.

At the time of death, he will die disgracefully, feeling hungry and thirsty. His thirst would be so great
that all the water in the oceans of the earth will not be able to quench it. When he is laid in the grave to
"rest," the earth will squeeze him so hard that the ribs on one side will pierce into the other side. Fire
will be burned inside of him and he will be rolled in cinders night and day. A serpent with fiery eyes and
iron nails equal to the length of a day's journey will attack him and shout with a thunderous voice, "My
Lord has charged me with thrashing you till sunrise for neglecting Fajr, till 'Asr for neglecting Dhuhr,
till sunset for neglecting maghrib, till dawn for neglecting Isha!" The serpent will keep on thrashing him
in this manner until the Last Day. Each blow will push him to a depth of seventy arm's length and the
punishments will last until the Day of Judgment.

The punishments after the resurrection are that his reckoning will be a hard one, he will be incurring the
wrath of Allah, and he will be thrown into the Fire. According to one report, he will have the following
three lines inscribed on his forehead:

'O you who neglected Allah's duty!'
'O you who deserve Allah's wrath!'
'Now despair of Allah's mercy as you neglected your duty to Allah!'

In confirmation of the severment of missing one's salah even if he makes it up later, is in the following
statement of the Blessed Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam), "A person neglecting salah though he
makes it up later, shall remain in hell for a period of one huqb. A huqb is equal to eighty years of 360
days each and a day in the hereafter shall equal to 1,000 years of this world." May Allah save the
believers from such punishment! Imagine the punishment of one who rejects and neglects salah all

Results of Observing and Discarding Salah

The Prophet (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam) said, "Salah is the cause of Allah's pleasure, is loved by the
angels, is a tradition of the Prophets (alaiyhimus-salam), gives enlightenment about Allah, causes
prayers to be granted, blesses the daily bread, is the root of Iman, refreshes the body, is a weapon against
the enemy, shall intercede for its adherent, is a light in the darkness and a companion in the grave, is a
reply to the questioning of the angels (in the grave), is a shade against the sun on the Day of
Resurrection, is a protection against the hellfire, is a weight for the scales of good deeds, is a means of
swift crossing over the siraat, and is a key to paradise."

(end of quote)
FOURTH- Engaging in Thikr Often. That is truly a sign of Allahs love and honor. Many of us compete
against one another and measure success by who has the highest grades, the best job or position, or other
worldly affairs. Yet the messenger of Allah  (peace be upon him) very clearly told us who are ahead and
who are the most successful. He has said “The Mufaridune have gone ahead.” The companions asked
“And who are the Mufaridune.” The Noble Prophet Peace be Upon Him replied “the men and women
who remember Allah  much.” It is they who will be the most successful and ahead in this world and the
next, and in fact will be the first to enter paradise. Scholars have said the name Mufaridune means those
who spend much time alone in solitude, away from creation, that they may be with the creator, engaged
in his thikr…remembrance.

 It is in fact the whole reason Allah  swt created us. For he has said “I did not create Jinn and Humans
except that they worship me” Scholars have said to “worship” God means to come to “Know God.”
Another tradition states that Allah  was a hidden treasure and wished to be known and thus he created
the universe. The best way to come to know anyone is of course by focusing our attention and spending
time with him and Allah  has said “I am in the company of those who remember me.” Of course Allah 
swt is always with us, but when we sit and remember him, he specifically singles us out for his
company, so much as to say that he is sitting with us. What greater company can there be! Remember,
we take on the qualities of the company we keep, so how about if our company is Allah !

A scholar used to say “I know when Allah  is remembering and thinking of me.” Those around him
asked “How can you possibly know such a thing!?” And he replied, “When I remember Allah , I know
he is remembering me!” That is because Allah  swt says in the Quran “Remember me and I will
remember you.” And Allah  has said "I am near to the thought of My servant as he thinks about Me, and
I am with him as he remembers Me. And if he remembers Me in his heart, I also remember him in My
Heart, and if he remembers Me in assembly I remember him in assembly, better than his (remembrance),
and if he draws near Me by the span of a palm, I draw near him by the cubit, and if he draws near Me by
the cubit I draw near him by the space (covered by) two hands. And if he walks towards Me, I rush
towards him."

What a greater honor can there be that if we remember the infinitely powerful all capable creator in our
hearts, He remembers us!? And if we remember him with a group, he will remember us in front of an
even greater group! How can we miss this opportunity!

How blessed are those who remember Allah  24/7 and even say his name as they sleep! Who the
moment they are about to fall or get in an accident the first words out of their mouth are “Allah !” And
what a difference that is from those whose first words in a time of surprise, and what may indeed be
their last words, are profanities. And that my brothers and sisters is how we can tell what is within our
hearts…by examining the first words out of our mouth in times of duress or an accident…will they be a
four letter swear word…or a cry of help using our sustainers name?

Finally my brothers and sisters, although we can go on and on, on this topic…it is best we look up and
read up on the ahadith on the importance if thikr on our own. The whole point of this article is simply a
reminder to encourage us to take action. Suffice us to say that the Blessed Prophet  said "There is
nothing which saves from the punishment of Allah more than remembrance of Allah." If we truly
understood this statement we would never let a moment pass without His Remembrance.
And is anything else truly worth remembrance…for all else is finite, insignificant, and practically
nothing in the grand scheme of things…except that which entails remembering him, which is worth
more then the heavens and earth. We must remember that Allah  swt has said:

“And the remembrance of Allah  is Greater”

“Verily in the Remembrance of Allah  do Hearts find tranquility”
Allah  did not say, Verily in “wealth,” or in “friends”, or in “family”, or in “power”, or “good grades” or
in “universities” or in “good jobs” do hearts find tranquility. No, he simply said, tranquility is found and
attained only through remembering our creator.

Unfortunately , many of us are preoccupied and thinking and worrying about and thus remembering
other things besides Allah . And that is, frankly, because we love those things. Yet Allah  has said
“Allah  did not create two hearts in the chest of any man.” We cannot simultaneously love this material
world alone and love Allah . And how foolish is it to love these things of this material world, which by
loving them will only create us hardships! That is because everything in this world is both imperfect and
finite, and thus loving it will naturally cause us pain either because of its faults or because of its limited
nature. We love to have a good family, a good job, a nice house, a car, lots of wealth etc. and most of us
spend out whole life struggling trying to attain these things, and most of us never do…and those of us
who do attain these things then struggle our whole life to maintain them, and we gradually loose them
and begin to loose our very own selves, our beauty, our health, our age…until then we have lost our own
lives after a life of hard work…and yet what have we attained? Nothing! It is all gone in the end…our
wealth, family, and friends that we attain will not continue with us to our grave. Only our deeds will.
Those people who love and struggle for this world, without loving and remembering Allah  and the
hereafter are mentioned in the quran as

“Some faces, that Day, will be humiliated, Laboring (hard), weary,- The while they enter the Blazing

They will be tired because they worked hard for the things they loved in this life, never resting, yet they
will have nothing to show in the hereafter. Therefore truly loving these things which will leave us sooner
or later and not benefit us will only cause pain and hardship. The example of this world and our heart, is
like a ship on water. The ship needs the water in order to travel and sail, yet the moment the water enters
the ship, the ship sinks and is destroyed. It is the same with our hearts, we need the world to survive and
to help others, but as soon as love for the material world enters our hearts it destroys us. Therefore the
Blessed Prophet  used to pray “Oh Allah , put the world in our hands but not in our hearts.” Thus we
should only love and thus remember the eternal…the one who controls and provides the material: Allah
. Of course when we love Allah  and remember him often, then we can have a true love and
appreciation for the material world in the proper context, as we will see the beauty in this world as a
reminder of the beauty of the creator and thus come to appreciate it within the proper context:

“Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day,- there are
indeed Signs for men of understanding,- Men who celebrate the praises of Allah  (remember Allah ),
standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides (in all possible situations), and contemplate the (wonders
of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (With the thought): "Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou
created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire.” (3:190-191)
In the same way as we then love and appreciate the creation of Allah  which reminds us of Allah , we
will love our family as they are a great blessing from Allah . And we will use our wealth to help the
poor and thereby earn Allah‟s Pleasure, while at the same time, never allowing it to distract us from
Allah  as Allah  has said:

“O ye who believe! Let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. If
any act thus, the loss is their own.” (63:09)

Even when doing other forms of ibada or worship, we should never be diverted from thikr. When the
Blessed Prophet  was asked which person performing hajj, or fasting, or engaged in jihad, or dawah, or
any other work of deen or form of worship would be receiving the most reward, the prophet replied, “the
ones who are engaged in more thikr.” The reasoning behind this is simple. In remembering Allah  swt
we come to know him and establish a connection with him and doing deeds for someone you know is
greater than doing them without realizing the greatness of the one you are doing them for. Secondly, by
knowing Allah , we realize he is greater than all else and thus there is no point in showing our actions
off, and thus we attain sincerity. Otherwise, whatever good deed we do without remembering Allah  swt
is worthless, for what good is it to read a poem of love to someone we do know even know.

Remember, that the first three people to be thrown in hell fire will be those who had the greatest outward
actions: a philanthropist, a scholar, and a martyr…yet they all lacked sincerity which is attained only by
being in the company of the righteous, engaging in thikr, and knowing Allah  swt.

The key to success in both worlds is undoubtedly the love and remembrance of our creator—something
which Allah  has asked us to do “plenty fold” and in all situations (standing, sitting, and lying down) yet
unfortunately, the hearts of even those of us involved in the work of deen is often distracted by the love
of the Dunya and thus in ghafla of the remembrance of Allah, Therefore, let us reflect over the following
ahadith which may help us awaken our hearts and revive our souls:

The Blessed Prophet  has said:
"There is no time in which the son of Adam does not remember Allah in it, except that it will be a source
of regret for him on the Day of Judgement"

"The example of one who remembers Allah and someone who does not, is like the example between the
living and the dead.

'Abdullah ibn Busr reported a man said, "Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wa salam), the laws of
Islam are too much for me. Tell me something I can cling to." He said, "Your tongue should remain
moist with the remembrance of Allah."

Abu Hurairah (radiAllahu anhum) reported:
the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) said,
"The uttering of the words: "Subhan'Allah (Allah is free from imperfection), Alhamdu lillah (all praise is
due to Allah), La ilaha illallah (there is no true god except Allah) and Allahu Akbar (Allah is the
Greatest)' is dearer to me than anything over which the sun rises."

Abu Dharr (radiAllahu anhum) reported:
the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said,
"Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah?" It is SubhanAllahi wa bihamdihi' (Glory be
to Allah

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, "Whenever people sit in a place
where they do not mention Allah or bless their Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam), loss descends on
them. If He wishes, He will punish them. If He wishes, He will forgive them." and His is the praise)."

Umm Anas reported that she said, "Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam), command me." He
said, "Avoid acts of disobedience: that is the best jihad. Do a lot of invoking Allah. You do not bring
Allah anything he loves more than a lot of remembrance."

Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri reported that the Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, 'hatta yaqulu
majnun' - "Do a lot of remembrance of Allah until they say, 'He is mad.'"

Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira (Radi Allahu anhum ajma'een)reported that the Prophet
(salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said, "When any group of men remember Allah, angels surround them and
mercy covers them, tranquility descends upon them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with

FIFTH- Reading and Memorizing the Quran. Allah  swt mentions in the Quran that the Prophet will
complain to Allah  swt that “My people have taken the Quran as a thing to be deserted” And what a pity
how many of us are guilty of this terrible crime. We have forgotten the true value of the Quran and even
those of us involved in the work of deen and dawah do not give the Quran the attention it deserves, if
any, for that matter. The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him has Said “The Greatness over the Quran over
Other Words is Like the greatness of Allah  over all his creation.” In other words there is no

Subhanallah, when we see a beautiful and famous peace of art, we would love to meet the artist who
designed and made it—we would stand in line for hours just to exchange a few words with the designer.
Yet we see beauty of the entire universe which Allah  has created and we have the opportunity day and
night to speak to the designer, fashioner, creator, and sustainer of this beautiful universe and everything
in it, and yet we do not take advantage of this great opportunity.

What an honor it is to be able to recite the very words uttered by our loving creator and directly converse
with Him and how many of us are devoid of this honor and thus devoid of the extreme sweetness,
pleasure, and contentment that it comes with.

As the Blessed Prophet  has said, Allah  uses this Quran to honor many people and to debase many
people. Those who honor the Quran and recite it and memorize it are honored by the Quran in this world
and the next. The prophet has said the skin which contains the Quran will never be burnt by the fire. He
has also said that the Quran will intercede before Allah  for the person who memorizes it and it asks
Allah  to give him a crown and dress of honor and Allah  will then tell the person who memorized the
Quran to rise one level higher in paradise for each verse of the Quran he memorized. What a great
honor…for each verse we have memorized it will raise us one rank in heaven, the difference between
each rank being like the difference between the earth and the stars.
 Our prophet has told us the value of each verse, it is so simple to elevate ourselves higher and higher in
paradise, all it takes is memorizing one verse and yet we keep on missing this great opportunity which is
priceless. And how great the honor of he who has memorized the entire Quran and thus is elevated over
six thousand six hundred and sixty levels in paradise. It is so easy to buy a higher level of paradise…one
minutes worth of work can give us that which is worth more than trillions and trillions of dollars, yet we
never take the time to take advantage of this opportunity. If someone offers us a thousand dollars for an
hours worth of work, we would gladly perform it, but here Allah  is offering us to raise us a degree in
paradise and thus a degree closer to him all for a few minutes worth of work, and yet many of us do not
avail ourselves of this opportunity! And that is how Allah  also debases people with the Quran. Those
who neglect the Quran, ignore it, never memorize it or read it, are only drawing farther from Allah  and
humiliating themselves in this world and the next.

As to how great the recitation of the Quran is, The Blessed Prophet  Peace be Upon Him said,

“Recitation of the Quran in Salah is more rewarding than recitation outside salah; recitation outside
salah is more rewarding than tasbeeh and takbeer; tasbeeh is superior to sadaqa; sadaqah is superior than
fasting; and fasting is protection against the fire.”

Often when we are asked why we do not try to read and memorize the Quran we say that it is because
we are busy with our school or perhaps even dawah work. Yet this hadith makes it clear the superiority
of Quran over even the greatest of other Ibadas.

Allah  swt says in a Hadith of The Prophet: "If anybody finds no time for My remembrance and for
begging favors of Me, because of his remaining busy with the Holy Qur'an, I shall give him more than
what I give to all those who beg favours of Me. The superiority of the Word of Allah over all other words is
like the superiority of Allah over the entire creation."

Once when Allah was asked what the greatest and most beloved deeds to Allah  is, the response was
“Reading the Quran.” When asked “with or without understanding?” the response came “The greatest
deed is reciting the quran whether it is understood or not!”

Thus even not knowing Arabic is no longer an excuse. And of course, if any of us had a machine that
would continually spit out $100 bills, of course, none of us would turn it off…yet we all know the
prophet has taught us that for each letter we recite of the Quran we receive at least 10 hasanat…what
greater investment is there! And remember that each one hasana erases one sin, and with the amount of
sins we may have, there is no easier way of seeking pardon!

Also we all have family members neglecting the deen and may perhaps be heading down the road of
athab…If God forbid a family member was about to get physically hurt we may do anything to save
them…yet we have the opportunity to save them from the athab in the akhira and yet do not act! For the
Blessed Prophet  peace be upon him has promised us that whosoever memorizes the quran can
intercede on behalf of and save ten family members from punishment in the akhira! Do we not care
about our own eternity and that of our family members to ensure ourselves that guaranteed protection.
Many of us have car, health, and home insurance for our worldly needs, yet take no guaranteed
insurance for our akhira, the noble Quran.

SIXTH- Following, loving, and honoring the Sunnah of our beloved. This is unfortunately one of the
most neglected of all aspects in our deen in these times. And to our own demise many of us not only do
not follow and honor the Sunnah, but we insult and mock those that do follow the Sunnah of our
beloved! We think that by imitating those who are successful in the Dunya we can likewise be
successful and thus copy all their manners and ways...both internally and outwardly. It is sad, we dress
like non Muslims, speak like non Muslims, act like non Muslims, and yet call them to Islam…what is it
then that we are calling them to? Why would they follow us, when we in fact are copying and imitating
them!? Why do we not instead take as our role model the best of creation and he who is most beloved by
Allah , the honorable Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. If we model ourselves after Allahs most
beloved, will we not too then become the most beloved to Allah ? Does real success lie in following
those who are open transgressors against Allah  swt and his messengers, or does it lie in imitating the
one whose actions were most accepted and loved by Allah ?

The Blessed Prophet  Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, warned us very clearly, “He who abandons by
Sunnah is not of me.” The Prophet was referring both to his internal sunnas, as in his character, morals,
and how he treated others—and at the same time the external sunnas, how he dressed and acted. Often
however, we say we wish not to follow the sunnas, particularly the external sunnas which can be seen by
others directly, because we will stand out and look, authubila, “strange.”

Yet, was this not exactly what our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him was referring to,
when he said “Islam began as something strange, and it will return as something strange, so good news
for the strangers (they will be happy). They are those who will rectify the corruption & disorder that the
people will create after me in my Sunnah.” Perhaps there is something wrong with perfectly blending in,
especially with a people who deny Allah  and his messengers. The prophet told us that Islam originated
as something strange (to those who deny it) and will once again to be something strange, but that there is
good news, success, and paradise, for those who stick with Islam fully and revive the Sunnah and thus
are considered strangers.

At the same time, our beloved prophet has promised a great reward for those who revive his neglected
sunnas. He has said "Whoever revives an aspect of my Sunnah that is forgotten after my death, he will
have a reward equivalent to that of the people who follow him, without it detracting in the least from
their reward.” What a great way of earning eternal thawab!

 And in another hadith, the Blessed Prophet  Peace Be Upon Him said, “Whoever revives my Sunnah at
the time of corruption of my Ummah for him there is the reward of a hundred martyrs.” Alas the
significance of this hadith can be fully understood only after understanding the tremendous reward and
honor for the martyrs of which we cannot go into for the sake of brevity. And yet what a wonderfully
simply and easy way to earn the reward of 100 martyrs, simply be reviving the neglected sunnas of our
beloved prophet peace be upon him. And surly be reviving the Sunnah of Allah ‟s most beloved, we will
become Allahs‟ beloved, and those whom Allah  loves have nothing to fear or grieve.

Finally, Allah  swt says:

“Say (Oh Muhammad): „If you all love Allah, follow me, and Allah will love you and forgive you your
sins. Verily Allah is forgiving and compassionate‟” (Koran 3:31)

And “We have never sent a messenger except to be obeyed (and followed)”
SEVANTH- Guarding against going near that which displeases Allah . That is Taqwa, and Allah  has
very clearly said Allah  “Loves The People of Taqwa.” The Honorable Prophet Peace Be Upon Him
taught us, that those who goes near the borders, will inevitably cross them, and thus told us not only to
avoid sins, but to avoid going near them. This advice is something we can greatly use, especially in
environments like universities.

The ulama have spoken about the degrees of taqwa:

   o   That the slave should protect himself from kufr (covering over the truth), and that is the station
       of Islam;
   o   That he should protect himself from acts of disobedience and forbidden things, and it is the
       station of turning or repentance (tawbah);
   o   That he should protects himself from doubtful matters, and that is the station of caution or
       carefulness (wara');
   o   That he should protect himself from even those things that are permitted, and that is the station of
       doing without (zuhd);
   o   That he should protect himself from the presence of other than Allah in his heart, and it is the
       presence of witnessing (mushahadah).

And Allah  himself has spoken about the great benefit of Taqwa, even in this world.."

“And for those who fear (have consciousness, taqwa of ) Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out (of their
difficulties), And He provides for him (blessings) from (sources) he never could imagine. And if any one
puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is ((Allah)) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose:
verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion. …And for those who fear (have Taqwa) of
Allah, He will make their path easy. That is the Command of Allah, which He has sent down to you: and
if any one fears (has Taqwa) of Allah, He will remove his ills, from him, and will enlarge his reward.

The Prophet Peace and Blessings be Upon Him has also said “Have Taqwa (avoidance) of sins, and you
will be the most virtuous of people.e”

EIGHTH- Making tawba and returning and repenting to Allah  swt. Allah  says: “For Allah loves those
who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean” (2:222)

The Blessed Prophet  said “All the Children of Adam make mistakes, and the best of those who make
mistakes, are those who make tawba (turn to Allah  in repentance.)

It is a fact that we will all make mistakes. And in fact Allah  loves a person who makes a mistake and is
humbled more than he loves someone who does a good deed and is proud. The Prophet even told us,
“Had you not made mistakes and made tawbah, Allah  would replace you with a people who made
mistakes and made Tawbah.”

We should never despair of Allah ‟s mercy and forgiveness for “who despairs of the mercy of his Lord,
but such as go astray?" (15:56)

“Say: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah. for
Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (39:53)
And the Blessed Prophet  has said:

"God is MORE pleased with the repentance of a servant as he turns towards Him for repentance than
this that one amongst you is upon the camel in a waterless desert and there is upon (that camel) his
provision of food and drink also and it is lost by him, and he having lost all hope (to get that) lies down
in the shadow and is disappointed about his camel and there he finds that camel standing before him. He
takes hold of his nosestring and then out of boundless joy says: O Allah! You are my servant and I am
Your Lord. He commits this mistake out of extreme delight."

NINETH- Finally, that which also will make all the above easier…remembrance of death and our
meeting before Allah . The Prophet advised us to often “Remember that which desires the desires,
death” When we remember death we realize the insignificance of this world and reality of the next
world and thus are encouraged to work for what is in the best interest of our eternity. Succinctly, it puts
things in proper perspective!

The Blessed Prophet  said: “The intelligent man is the one who takes himself to account and works for
what will come after death. The stupid man is the one who follows his own whims and hopes that his
desires will be gratified by Allah.”

Ibn Umar (Radhiallaahu Anhu) relates that someone asked Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam):
"Who is the wisest and most prudent of men, O Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam)?" He replied:
"He who keeps death frequently in his remembrance and remains ever engaged in preparations for
meeting his death, it is such people indeed who are granted honor in this life and who will be honored in
Aakhirah. "

Another very important point is to ponder and reflect over the greatness and power of Allah  swt which
is an excellent way to establish our relationship with him.

CONCLUSION: What is it that is stopping us from acting on the above nine points? Namely it is Desire
of this vanishing Dunya and Fear of People. We have already mentioned the futility of preferring this
life to the next. As to fearing peoples opinions, “Sufyan al Thawri (rah) said “Whoever is popular with
his relations and neighbors, we suspect him to be compromising in preaching the true teachings of
religion.” And that is based on the hadith we mentioned earlier, of Islam beginning as something
strange, and returning as something strange. Since the beginning, those who have stood up for the truth
have always had bitter enemies, not a prophet, preached their message except that those with diseases in
their hearts opposed them. This was the very same warning that the Christian Monotheist Waraqa bin
nawfal gave our own beloved prophet. So of course, if everyone loves us and we want to keep it that
way, then there may be something wrong. Of course those who are good hearted will always love those
who do good, but those with diseased hearts will rarely love us unless we are compromising something

There is great wisdom, in the verses of Allah , reminding us of the great reward for those who have
taqwa and do good and fear none but him:

“Of those who answered the call of Allah and the Messenger, even after being wounded, those who do
right and refrain from wrong have a great reward;- Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against
you": And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: "For us Allah sufficeth, and
He is the best disposer of affairs." And they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah. no harm ever
touched them: For they followed the good pleasure of Allah. And Allah is the Lord of bounties
unbounded. It is only the Evil One that suggests to you the fear of his votaries: Be ye not afraid of
them, but fear Me, if ye have Faith.” (3172-175)

Otherwise if we only love this Dunya, and fear the creation, instead of the creator, and thus abandon our
deen, the prophet Peace Be Upon Him has warned us:

“Oh Muslims! Allah  has commanded you to call people to good deeds and prevent them from
committing sins, otherwise a time will come when you will pray to him but he will not listen to you; you
will ask your needs of him, but he will not grant them, you will demand his help against your enemies,
but he will not help you”

And in another warning said:

“You must command people to do good deeds and prevent them from doing forbidden things, otherwise
Allah  will inflict a severe punishment upon you and then even your prayers will not be accepted by

Thus there is no doubt as to the importance of ordaining good and forbidding evil, and the first step to
doing that is establishing a sincere connection with Allah  swt, and the first step of that is spending time
with the ulama and attending majalis al ilm (gatherings of knowledge, halqas, etc.). Doing that will help
us to do the remainder of the points mentioned, which will help us grow our relationship with Allah .

The Prophet however warned us, that our very own demise will come,

“When my Ummah loves five things and forgets five things. They love the finite material world and
forget the eternal next life, they love wealth and they forget their reckoning, they love the creation and
forget the Creator, they love palaces and forget the graves, they love sinning and forget seeking
repentance (and when that is their state calamities will befall them)"

 “When my followers begin to adore the worldly benefits, their hearts will be deprived of the dignity and
love of Islam, and when they stop the preaching of truth and preventing transgression, they will be
deprived of the blessings of the revelation and when they will abuse each other they will fall from
esteem of Allah ”

We must take heed! All these calamities result from neglecting the first step which is s staying away
from the company of the righteous who can teach us love of the akhira, love for another, ordaining good
and forbidding evil.

But subhannalah, look at the rewards of those who devote themselves to the akhira and Allah 

The Blessed Prophet , said
“The heart of a Muslim whose object is the life hereafter does not care for the worldly pleasures, yet the
world is brought to his feet; on the other hand, whoever goes after the world, he is overpowered by
miseries and calamities, yet he cannot receive more than his allotted portion.

And the hadith Qudsi
“Oh son of man, devote yourself to my worship, and I will free your bosom from the worldly anxieties
and will remove poverty, otherwise I will fill your heart with a thousand worries and will not remove
your poverty,

And Allah  will proudly say to the angels about us saying :
“Despite the face that these humans are full of temptations, the devil is after them, desires are inside
them, the worldly needs chase them, and yet they are engaged in glorifying almighty Allah , and so
many deterrents cannot prevent them from doing zikr, and therefore your zikr and glorification in the
absence of any such handicaps is comparatively insignificant.”

We end with a warning from Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him:
“Do not ascribe anything to as partners to Allah , though you may be cut into pieces or burnt alive or
crucified; do not forgoe slat intentionally, lest you should get out of the fold of islam. do not perpetrate
disobedience of Allah , lest you deserve his wrath, and do not take to drinking, for that is the mother of
all evils!”

May Allah  help us act upon this advice. The Blessed Prophet  warned us that there will come a time
when everyone will follow their own wishes and temptations, and no one will pay heed to the teachings
of religion or to the commandments of Allah .,.the prophet advised seclusion at such times and
refraining from mixing with the people as they will listen. But Alhamdulilah, by Allah‟s grace we are
not at such times, may Allah  strengthen the Ummah through us, for he will give victory Islam, but it
not necessarily be through us:

“And if you turn away, Allah  will replace you with another people, who will not be (neglecting the
deen) like you.”

“Whoever turns away from his faith, Allah  will replace them with a people whom he loves and they
love him.”

The Keys of success which we must work on and measure our daily progress is therefore whether we
     1. Preferring Allah  and the next life to this material world
     2. Keeping the company of the pious and learning our deen
     3. Punctuality and Sincerity in Salah
     4. Engaging in Much Thikr of Allah  swt
     5. Reading and Memorizing the Quran
     6. Honoring and Practising the Sunnah of our Beloved
     7. Staying away from going near sins
     8. Repenting often
     9. Remembering Death

 ‫واخر دعىاًا الحود هلل رب العالويي والصالج والسالم علي سيد الورسليي و خاتن الٌثييي و‬
                 ‫حثية رب العالويي و علي اله و اصحاته و اتثاعه اجوعيي‬

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