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     01                                     01 Improved Pulsed Light
                                            Palomar Medical Technologies introduces the MaxG
                                            pulsed light handpiece for use with the company’s
                                            Artisan and StarLux Systems. Designed to rival the
                                            performance of single wavelength lasers, the MaxG
                                            combines Palomar’s Dynamic Spectrum Shifting and
                                            dual band filters—which increase the concentration
                                            of near-infrared light in longer pulse widths to provide
                                            more uniform heating across the entire diameter of
                                            larger vessels. Additionally, in comparison to non-
                                            optimized pulsed light, the MaxG offers more energy
                                            across all pulse durations. Plus, greater peak power to
                                            address small vessels, and higher fluences for mid-
                                            to-large resistant vessels. Contact: 800.725.6627,

                                            02 Undereye Aging Defense
                                            Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense from Jan
                                            Marini Skin Research addresses three of the most
                  03                        commonly cited periorbital cosmetic concerns—dark
                                            undereye circles, undereye wrinkles and poor skin
                                            texture. The cream features six primary ingredients:
                                            five to address the five causes of dark circles—blood
                                            leakage, iron discoloration, inflammation, thin and
                                       02   fragile skin, and pigmentation—and one to improve
                                            delivery of actives. They include Chrysin, NHS chelates,
                                            palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, retinol
                                            and Microsponge Technology. Contact: 800.347.2223,

                                            03 Peptide-Based Lash Enhancement
                                            ELASTILash from Obagi Medical increases lash strength
                                            and resilience with a non-prescription, peptide-based
                                            formulation. Introduced as part of the company’s
                                            ELASTIderm Collection, ELASTILash Eyelash Solution
                                            is applied to the upper lid every night. There have been
                                            no reports of eyelid discoloration or iris pigmentation
                                            changes—making the product a good choice for patients
                                            with light eye and skin color. In company-sponsored
                                            clinical trials, 70% of patients reported thicker, fuller
                                            lashes in four to six weeks. Contact: 800.636.7546,

               04                           04 Luxury Physician-Dispensed Skin Care
                                            Professional skincare maker Lierac Paris is expanding
                                            into medical distribution with the introduction of nine
                                            physician-exclusive products. Each products fits into one
                                            of three categories: Wrinkle-filling, featuring B-Relaxor
                                            Complex to diminish the appearance of expression lines
                                            and hyaluronic acid to plump skin; Volume Correction
                                            antiaging day and night creams; and Body Care,
                                            featuring AHAs and 12 essential oils and plant extracts,
                                            including fig extract, to hydrate and tone skin. Contact:

January/February 2011 | MedEsthetics
                     05 Faster Body Sculpting
                     Reduce fat pockets in less time with the new eZ App 8 applicator
     05              from ZELTIQ Aesthetics. The curved cooling plates treat 2.5 times
                     the amount of fat as the original ZELTIQ CoolSculpting applicators
                     in one hour. Additional benefits include increased cooling capacity
                     and additional sensors for improved system monitoring. The eZ
                     App 8 joins the original eZ App 6.3 and eZ App 6.2 for petite
                     patients. “We are constantly striving to improve the CoolSculpting
            increase both physician and patient satisfaction,”
                     said Gordie Nye, president and CEO of ZELTIQ. “The new eZ
                     App 8 applicator will give physicians the additional treatment
                     options they desire, while patients spend less time being treated
                     with added comfort.” Contact: 888.935.8471,

                     06 Help for Hypopigmentation
                     Physicians have a new tool available to address hypopigmentation
                     associated with laser, chemical and manual deep resurfacing.
           06        The Excilite-µ from DEKA Medical is now available for use in the
                     United States for the treatment of leukoderma, psoriasis and vitiligo.
                     The system’s 308nm monochromatic excimer light stimulates
                     melancoytes to restore color to depigmented areas and is cleared
                     for use on all parts of the body, including the hands, elbows and
                     knees. “Prior to the Excilite-µ, physicians had few options for
                     patients seeking improvement in their hypopigmentation,” said Brian
                     Biesman, MD, director of the Nashville Center for Laser and Facial
                     Surgery, Nashville. “I have seen improvement in hypopigmentation
                     caused by laser resurfacing, surgical scars, cryotherapy and deep
                     chemical peels.” Contact: 877.844.5552,

          07         07 Relief for Red Skin
                     Formulated to calm sensitive, irritated skin and reduce visible
                     redness, Redness Relief CalmPlex from SkinMedica is a non-
                     prescription topical lotion that seeks to address the underlying
                     causes of facial redness, scaling and inflammation. Rather
                     than cover erythema, the calming lotion features vitamin B3
                     to increase collagen production, and jojoba oil and squalane
                     to enhance the skin’s moisture content for improved skin tone.
                     Contact: 866.867.0110,

                     08 Rapid Hair Removal
                     The new SopranoXLi from Alma Lasers features several upgrades
                     to help physicians provide faster laser hair removal and deep
                     dermal heating. The system offers increased power up to 20
                     J/cm2, an improved ergonomic design for operator comfort,
                     pre-programmed settings for all male and female face and
                     body parts, and a large 12” full-color, touch screen monitor
                     with interactive software. The diode module has an extra large
09                   12mm x 10mm footprint and up to 10Hz repetition rate. For hair
                     removal the SopranoXLi uses the gold standard 810nm diode
                     laser with gradual heating and a contact cooling Sapphire tip as
                     well as Alma’s In-Motion sweeping technology to help physicians
                     comprehensively cover the treatment area. The device’s near
                     infrared (NIR) module addresses skin laxity with an 18cm2 spot
                     size. Contact: 866.414.2562,

                     09 Low Irritation Acne Treatment
                     Glytone Acne 3P Gel utilizes a unique formulation to reduce acne
                     breakouts, while minimizing irritation and hydrating skin. The gel
                     features 5% micronized benzoyl peroxide to destroy P. acnes with
                     1% polyolprepolymer to provide continuous release of the smaller
                     BP particles both on the surface of the skin and into the pores.
                     The hydro-gel matrix also forms a lightweight barrier to help skin
                     retain moisture. Contact: 800.459.8663,

                                 | January/February 2011

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