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									How to treat stomach?

how completely heal stomach it? always eat a lot of drugs back and forth, what
measures can not completely heal What?medicine mainly

can relieve pain and sadness, a small living difficulties, at least not a
friend sitting next to me in music. Stomach as usual by the primary health

2, generally, the functioning of the digestive stomach of poor people, the
symptoms will be full to eat a little, eat a little would be bloating,
especially in the evening to eat the words, but also because stagflation
stomach affect sleep. Drive, not a tool for fiber digestion. It is proposed
that frequent meals, except at dinner time, you can add a little food, but not
too much, remember this is not a dinner party will suffer, according to the
normal dinner as usual. Food, soft, loose-base, a little more tenacity, tool
cooling should not eat, because these two tools the most difficult to digest.
It is best to drink the soup before eating, drinking also increase digestive
difficulties after a meal. Two or three hours before bedtime Do not eat all
the best tools, or likely to influence sleep, if you feel an empty stomach can
drink more water.3, people should stop smoking stomach, alcohol, coffee, tea,
soft drinks (sodas), hot and sour and spicy food of others, these two are the
most Shang Wei. Stomach, aversion to cold and dry temper hello, so cold drinks
and ice must also be a warning, and food and heat, is a place to train for any
person, including the season summer. If two glasses, one of milk, the second
is the hot water. Milk can form a protective film of the stomach, after
sunrise each morning to drink a glass of milk, eating tool, nothing more than
the best. Drink plenty of water, especially hot water, because in most cases
people mistakenly believe that water is hunger.4, the soy milk is good for the
cold, can not replace breast milk, add conditions to the appropriate human
milk.5, the bread can stomach, try as a staple food.6, other fruits and
vegetables can not be lack of food is the body, should be sufficient. But the
best thing to eat boiled sweet suffering to the stomach will feel better.
vegetables and fruit fiber were more suited to the degree consume, but not too
difficult to digest, so eat more fruits can be people who have
stomach problems should not exercise after a meal, the best rest and so suffer
from poor digestion of food in the stomach shortly after re-start work or walk
on foot, but also for better digestion, in short, unfit food for work.8, the
non-acute drug is not recommended because the drug has lasting side effects,
venereal, and stomach is a slow process, can be cured in no time. If necessary,
go to the dilemma of social promotion of prescription drugs Confucianism is
particularly effective for the stomach.nine, papaya and temperament of the
stomach, can be used as food in the stomach, no more acid than most people do
not use too much. Also, keep in mind will suffer, stomach hello aversion to
cold dry ice axes, in addition, other cold foods like green beans should not
eat.10, once again, stomach venereal is a slow process, can be cured in no
time. Cure is we all need a good stomach, a habit of these changes are
necessary.want to know if it is already suffering from the stomach, the
stomach can hold a good try this:

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