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									How to do skin allergies

Patient information: Female 40 years old

disease description (time of onset, the main symptoms):

face a long small lump

pains and itch

want to help:

how to cure

recipe or formula

situation and whether there was allergy treatment, genetic history:


beg the

no perfect answer


I longer than a large lump, eat chlorpheniramine good that

do not know that

I am also allergic to physical fitness is easy! tried many drugs, and some
less well with the hormones! proposal to buy Ah I see a yellow medicine who
works well! no hormones! like a 29 dollar

recommendations focus on break to avoid contact with allergens if there is
anti-allergy treatment allergy can be. it could land and water dissatisfied,
but you object to your products you buy GENRS try it! its products are quite
good effect on skin allergies too! a lot of people with skin allergies all of
its products ah, is it you do not know? you to use it now!

you can refer to skin allergies Yi Shi Qu hot food cool: acne patients have
significantly heat. diet should be more choice of heat cured with a cold, raw
foods body fluid effects, such as thin pork, pig lung, rabbit, duck, mushrooms,
edible mushrooms, celery, rape, spinach, amaranth, lettuce, bitter gourd,
cucumber, loofah, melon, tomato, green bean sprouts, mung beans, soybeans,
tofu, lotus root, watermelon, pear, hawthorn, apple, etc..

and skin allergies are under siege and the annoy beauty and medical industry,
a major problem, especially allergic to a lot of cosmetics, women and the
special problems encountered by professionals, Conceiving: lipstick cause lip
swelling, pain, hair dye scalp caused erythema, blisters, sunscreen, speckle
agents cause itching, pain and pigmentation. allergic people with sensitive
skin, apply cosmetics will appear briefly adverse reactions. common with
lipstick, hair dye, etc., after applying the skin appears red, swollen, hot,
itching, pain, blisters and other allergy problems, not only can not find the
United States feel awkward but often occurs, it is best to be careful.

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