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									Stock Market and Trading Guide For Newbies to Start Making Money Investing
By: Kai Lo

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Are you just like all the newbies looking for ways to start making money investing in the stock market? Proper trading knowledge can help you profit tons of money in the stock market. Here is a guide for newbies:

1. Don't buy a stock based on your gut feeling. If you randomly pick something that you think will help you make money, you are going the right path to failure. If you don’t have a clue what is going on, don’t buy the stock.

2. Be very careful of who you listen to in the stock market. Most analysts are just doing bunch of guesswork because you really can't predict what the future market looks like. Don’t get your stock tips from television because they are all just hype! So and so famous stockbroker would announce the hottest stock tip of the year, and then your 90 year old next door neighbor who has never knew how to trade stocks is going to buy the stock all of a sudden. A lot of people go dead broke because they listen to what others are saying.

3. Start off with a small portfolio, but whatever you do, don't just focus on one stock because you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket. Three stock choices are ideal for newbies. Don’t listen to a stockbroker who tells you to buy a ton of stocks because they just want to make more commission out of

you so they can go on vacation with your money. Seriously, if you are brand new to stock trading, do not buy more than three stocks.

4. Investing should only be a small percentage of your savings. If you have ten grand on you, you should not invest more than two grand. You need to start off making small sums of money first. I have seen people go broke because they heard of the next best strategy to make millions of dollars trading penny stocks so they spend all their savings into it. Bad idea!

5. You need to follow a good strategy. Do not just randomly go from one method to the next. Read as much as you can because successful investors do a lot of reading. Rich investors did not become rich overnight just as doctors and lawyers did not get their license without going through several years of education.

6. You will expect to lose every now and then. Not one single guide or tip can guarantee you profit 100% of the time. If you are not willing to lose money, then you are not ready to participate in the stock market. You need a reality check if you believe you can win every time in the stock market.

7. Be very patient to learn. Most people give up because they are in fear or just not motivated to learn what they need to make money in the stock market. There is no get-rich-quick scheme to the stock market. Most people are not willing to learn because they do not have patience. I hope that is not you!

8. The biggest problem for beginners is that they do not know when to get out of a losing stock. Better yet, they do not know the best time to sell even when they are profiting. They let the stock ride until all of a sudden the stock plummets, and then they hold on to it because they hope that one day they can break even.

Does winning 90% of the time in the stock market sound good to you? As I have mentioned earlier that learning is the key to making money in the stock market. Every single money making opportunity requires that you learn everything there is to it so you have the knowledge to become wealthy. If you are serious, then you need Karl Dittmann’s Stock Market Index Secret Trading Method, and START your journey to become a successful, wealthy investor.

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