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					How the treatment of cervical erosion?

To respect speech about the treatment of cervical erosion better way, 24 years
old, 2 degrees erosion, not children. There on the” dissolved “and” BBT
self-curing technology “which better. Urgent!

the following Please take your time .—- cervical erosion is a very common
chronic cervical inflammation. In fact, cervical erosion is not a real

it is due to chronic cervical After inflammation, presence of cervical
inflammation in deep tissue not easily be eliminated,

cervical squamous cell surface and fall off due to occurrence of nutritional
disorders, exfoliated surface gradually proliferating by the neck covered with
columnar epithelium.

the superficial columnar epithelium, can see the following vascular
permeability and interstitial red, red surface of the cervix so that the
“erosion” shape,

and with the surrounding normal “scales epithelial-like “There are clear
boundaries, it looks like the same erosion.

column due to strong epithelial cervical eversion, showing erythema and strong,
fragility, Yi Shi bleeding after touching (contact bleeding).

most associated with cervical erosion, yellow and green of purulent secretions.

Yishi the first symptoms of cervical erosion is: purulent secretions or
contact bleeding.

(mentioned contact bleeding, refers to the sexual intercourse, and
constipation in patients with gynecological raid force a small amount of
vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement phenomenon)

clinical erosion surface is generally flat from or the large size of the
object surface is divided into light (I), in (II), weight (III) the first
three 。——— current clinical treatment methods to two:
1, the physical therapy: microwave, laser, electrocautery (Leep), physical
therapy frozen „ the truth is the “burn” the surface of cervical erosion
surface, scab off, the regeneration of the “new skin”.

2, drug treatment: treatment concentrates love Paul, and some suppositories.
drug treatment truth is “anti-inflammatory” or corruption erosion surface,
making it fall off, regeneration.

was asked what kind of treatment the best I can tell you: microwave, laser,
electrocautery (Leep), freezing the effectiveness of such treatment are worse
soon after, effects are good, but not easy to do another attack.

Physical Therapy the effectiveness of the first doctors to see the treatments
of clinical experience. ———- on all causes of cervical erosion, which is
the general medical principle:

1, mild to moderate “Silent”, had no birth, without treatment, can only

2, for moderate to severe “symptoms” of cervical erosion is no longer
acceptable physical methods of fertility treatment.

3, had not borne on, without typical symptoms, is the general observation, or
with drug treatment.

experienced doctors may also be used “electrocautery (leep)” treatment, this
ratio of laser and microwave safe, does not affect the pregnancy 。——– Some
people worry that no treatment will become heavy, in fact, it is also re-re-re
not much better. second three are the same. In addition to purulent secretions
or contact bleeding, in general, no serious problem on the physique.

Some people worry that become cancer, but some doctors say scary.

but I tell you : at the moment scientific proof, in addition to Mi Palace
accompanied by “high risk HPV” infection, is generally not possible

do not need to worry about the. cervix and vagina for Mycoplasma and
Chlamydia , at the moment many hospitals are doing this testing, but I tell
you is meaningless.

because most women have a “stranger”, rarely “infect” disease.
Also, most are – false positive! it leads to the palace by the Mi rare.

even testing out in the erosive surface, it can not determine that it caused.
You do not need special treatment for it. Do not mislead by other people. ——
you out of line focus: cervical erosion is not to use medication, an injection
(infusion) to the treatment!

If a doctor to do so It is completely bing the 。———— cervical erosion
cause infertility do?

the texture of cervical mucus and the secretion of sperm is not directly
related to distance After the process of the cervix into the uterine cavity.

with moderate and severe cervical erosion, the cervix will be higher than the
increase in inflammatory secretions, viscous texture, and contains a large
number of white blood cells.

Zhe right the activity of sperm may adversely impact birth can Fangai sperm
into the uterine cavity, thus Yingxiang 受孕.

Dan all cases, ovulation under the influence of estrogen, cervical and secrete
normal egg white like mucus,

this time more water content of cervical mucus, thin texture, but also erosion
of inflammatory secretions help in the sperm walk through.

to is, in general, in addition to cervical “control” inflammation, cervical
erosion will not lead to infertility 。———– This is my forum from China
gynecologist that interception by my own down. talk is a bit too fu honor of
Obstetrics and Gynecology, the value when we trust .—- I summed up is: in
addition to cervical erosion, no other medical problems, do not have to just
pay attention to (bacterial) infection, both sides to maintain hygiene on the
line. do not have to worry about or thinking about the other. and so do
physical therapy after giving birth is Nendi simple .—- .– good !—- This is
my wish a year ago answer. at the moment is that I was seven months pregnant.
Since the increase everywhere in the Internet search of medical treatment, I
do not go out of this thing of cervical erosion. In addition to secretion
continued for more than keep out of line when I Fu Yan Jie wash. not aware of
that has been pregnant friends. Then students chanting. fetus two months at
the mercy of when the doctor looked at me and said with mild cervical erosion.
Originally it up gradually to their own good. Yishi, In your case I think so,
and if you do what a doctor to do tests, prescribe medicine, then you should
be rejected because the full effect of the drug eat less than the cervix, plug
the drug is also difficult to reach the wound, really as long as the focus to
have good health. test results are normal, then came out to rest assured that
bowel with me again, do not eliminate leave it there. two focus on hygiene and
his wife, secretions .– I wish more than hello to wash it shipped!

cervical erosion, I think you think too serious, I just nurse.

such situations as you, and if their children do not feel nothing, you can
treat yourself at home, usually focus on lower body cleaning , can eat some
anti-inflammatory drugs, buy some lotion to clean the lower body can

I think that the “dissolution” better, because the damage is smaller. But
whether you use the “dissolution” or “BBT self-curing technology “, there
is the possibility of another attack, Yi Shi is best not to readily remove the
proposed closure, unless to a very serious situation.

2 degrees, then a medium, ah!

do you want to do physical therapy? not so best not to birth! though he
promised no little side effects, but the cervix through physical therapy must
be worse off!

I was more than 1 degree, before their been on suppositories, nothing sub-
effectiveness, I now go to the hospital by a doctor to accept the medicine! is
made, 10 quick time, with the drug by a doctor with a cotton swab on the drug!
1 month only once! very convenient, if we continue to Different rooms can! now
eliminate the symptoms of wisdom for the basic already

that way whether you take the treatment, must adhere to, I wish hello shipped


If the case is not yet given birth, at the moment to treat your best to accept
the leep cervical erosion or a knife focused ultrasound treatment, so less
damage to the cervix that will not affect the subsequent normal pregnancy. I
am a gynecologist I hope to give to your help, have wisdom for questions and I
can keep online communication.


requirement for there to conceive the woman is concerned, the best treatment
of cervical erosion is to accept the high-power POME treatment, one-time cure,
Bu Hui Shang cervical flexibility, 不 impact following conception, the
proposal to the hospital Xiangxi your raid, 对症 treatment, do not miss best
time of treatment.

I wish you health! M


cervical erosion, cervical smear be done first, remove precancerous lesions .
However, the etiology of cervical secretion in the line out of date
confiscated in order to diagnose what kind of pathogen is due to lead, when
necessary, can do culture sensitivity of pathogens to select sensitive to drug
treatment, drug treatment of topical and systemic administration. But For
moderate to severe cervical erosion treatment or physical therapy is good.
such as: laser, microwave, POME, red, LEEP knife.

“dissolved” and “BBT self-curing technology” are all The physical
treatment of cervical erosion, cervical erosion is a complementary treatment

proposed to take over your standard treatment of gynecological hospital. s


minimally invasive radio frequency technology is the solution of self-curing
“BBT self-curing technology,” the upgrade! of birth, then there is no more

“dissolved” used in the treatment of cervical erosion, and its treatment of
truth B-is the dynamic observation and guidance, the self-curing knife through
the vagina, cervix and other natural cavity, and accurately to participate in
the local body lesions, without damage to normal tissue in the circumstances,
the erosion surface to be dissolved, and finally Human normal tissue was not

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