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					Treating eczema folk remedies

Natural skin diseases, are now long pimple on my face, could not get out to
see people, living death, it is painful. Seek the treatment of eczema
essentials (TCM, Western medicine, folk remedies

not Best answers

one, wine therapy

prescription: jicama child (also known as ground melon seeds, Kwa) 100 grams,
75% of the Firewater 500 ml.

use: drug speculation yellow, crush, set fire to the wine soaked 48 young, wet
compress the affected area. at 2 times 20 minutes. This product is toxic, not
taken orally.

effect: drug 1 – 3 weeks, the cure rate was 100%

Second, non-drug therapy

Item Name: Potato 100 grams

use: Wash, peel, ground Muddy, patching the affected area 0.5 cm thick, gauze
bandage, day-for-3.

3, topical treatment:

Item Name: Tibetan Ritual Music of the skin Rehabilitation spray

use: Apply evenly affected area 2-3 times daily. Tu gently knead a few minutes
later, where appropriate, increase the amount of critically ill patients.

upstairs that is very good, oh, Eczema give you about the health law bar:

one, wear cotton fashion: fashion than the power of soft cotton, will not
cause skin itching. should be to stop the synthesis of tight clothing and
children clothing. These body clothing is not only sticky, but also may cause
itchy skin.

Second, stop the rapid temperature changes: the rapid change in temperature is
caused by a number of reasons eczema reason. from the warm house into the cold
outdoors, or from the cold room into the hot water bath, may stimulate the
skin. more wear several layers of cotton clothing, a cover to stop the rapid
temperature changes you the best essentials.

3, beware dry air: dry air makes more and more deterioration of dermatitis,
especially when used indoors in winter when heating. Linking indoor air
humidity patients and their families should be the first consideration. So
this time you should consider using the wet machine, and each one room should
have a.

4, stop the use of antiperspirants: antiperspirant identity will stimulate the
activity contained in the sensitivity of the skin, could lead to skin
allergies, it should stop the use of antiperspirants.

5, more water rinse your clothes: wash fashion should be more water washing
powder on your clothes washed clean, so as not to stimulate the skin allergies.

eczema should pay attention to diet a:

1. General eczema patients should be vegetarian-based, easy to digest, do not
hinder the stomach, feces day children should be smooth, not eat Xin
stimulation, the wind started fishy seafood and milk, eggs, etc. food. Some
spleen commonly used desiccant Diet, such as lotus seed melon soup, green
beans, red bean soup, folders, and better prevention of eczema. Creek products
such as lotus seeds, lotus root, lotus, water chestnut, etc., there are
benefits to the skin .

2. stop the consumption of a number of irritating foods such as onions, ginger,
garlic, tea, coffee, wine and other foods prone to eczema, such as fish,
shrimp and other seafood. eczema is eczema out of line Chronic persons,
majority of the treatment course of time has not been cured, patients often
lose faith. In fact, eczema is not “incurable” disease because the disease
is extremely complex reasons reason, to bring the treatment of hard. Patients
and doctors should be to establish cure confidence to do all possible to stop
suspicious risk factors, such as hot water laundry service, excessive use of
soap, hard scratching, and inappropriate other external use. the spirit of
life to stop a serious note, excessive fatigue, food Wu Shi pepper, fish ,
shrimp, crab, or strong tea, coffee, alcohol, clothing should not use silk,
wool and chemical fiber products, children usually smooth link feces, deep
sleep, adequate attention to the skin clean and moist in winter, which can
reduce the recurrence of eczema. can prevent eczema are 4 kinds of vegetables:
bitter gourd, tomatoes, leeks and celery usually can eat more.
treatment of eczema folk remedies:

1. indigo, talc, Tour Pak 15 grams, 9 grams borneol. joint research to fine,
adjusted with sesame oil paste, coated with the lesion, 1, 3 times. the
treatment of acute eczema have good effect.

2. dry alum 10 grams, calamine 30 grams, 6 grams borneol, matrine and 15 grams,
joint research to fine backup, external surface of the skin, 1 to 2 times, the
treatment of eczema have good effect of renal capsule.

3. Po Huang Yan Mo, will be directly sown in the eczema at the powder, topical
gauze bandage, 1, 1.

4. Evodia 100 grams, research to fine tune plus Fuqing Song cream paste,
topical eczema Department, 1, 3 times, usually ending with a 1 itch, with 6-15
days more.

5. talc, calamine 50 grams. borneol lO grams, 15 grams of wormwood. a total of
research the end of the reserve into the jar, sprinkle in the eczema, and
topical sterile gauze bandage.

6. flavescens into powder, pinch of garlic topical rotten mud into the
affected area, 1, 3 times. Ye good effect of chronic eczema.

7. eggplant 1, realgar, 15 grams of dry alum, first dig a hole eggplant, will
educate on drugs note that after sealing the hole with roasted ash will
grilled eggplant soft, dry alum, realgar to infiltrate tomato meat, then put
eggplant gently rubbing the affected area 5 ~ t0 minutes. General itching side
of grazing, with acute eczema have good effect.

8. Huangdan 15 grams, 6 grams borneol, zinc oxide 20 grams. were into powder
and sesame oil coated surface of the skin tone. 1, 3 times.

9. Germany Leituopikang treatment of eczema, day 2 -3 times. Tu gently knead a
few minutes later, where appropriate, increase the amount of critically ill

10. Cnidium, Rhubarb, matrine and 30 grams, 15 grams of maple ball, cork 12
grams, water to cook outside wash the affected area, 1, 3 times, each time 30
minutes outside the wash. usually with 1 or elimination of acute eczema.
eczema (the skin red spots, blisters, itching): The green pods 3 two Chaojiao
research into powder, with vinegar and mix thoroughly coated surface of the
skin, a day twice a week to cure even the coating. bogey pepper, pepper.

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