Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcer (MIRAN)

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					Meridian Integrated
Recorded Announcer (MIRAN)

Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcer (MIRAN) is a server based Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) card
that provides high quality, integrated recorded announcements (RAN) and music-on-hold (MOH) capabilities
for Meridian 1 and Succession CSE 1000. With MIRAN, businesses can increase their customer responsiveness
by providing callers with easy 24-hour access to important recorded information. MIRAN can be used for a
variety of applications with its ability to deliver recorded announcements repeatedly and automatically. It can
provide general information messages, call intercept treatment, after hour business instructions, advertising
and promotional announcements, hotel wake-up services and any other recorded service necessary to
optimise the business environment.

Customer Profile                                         • In conjunction with Music Broadcast feature
                                                           elimination of dedicated conference cards for
• New or existing Meridian 1 (on X11 Release 20
                                                           MOH purposes provides hardware savings and
  or later software) and Succession CSE 1000
                                                           additional card slots for other use, as well as
                                                           considerable improvements in real time capacity
• Any horizontal and vertical market that requires
                                                           and network traffic handling results
  the benefit of using announcements to keep
                                                         • The Telephone User Interface (TUI) within the
  customers informed
                                                           MIRAN application permits access from any DTMF
• MIRAN can be used to empower any business
                                                           telephone using password security
  with improved customer contact
                                                         • Announcements can be recorded either locally or
                                                           remotely as often as required
Key Points
• MIRAN is an IPE card that provides integrated RAN      Features and Benefits
  and MOH services and built-in trunk ports, saving
                                                         MIRAN delivers a simple, cost effective alternative to
  the need to use additional trunk cards and OEM
                                                         standalone digital announcers that have
  RAN machines
                                                         traditionally operated as auxiliary adjuncts to the
• MIRAN is available in different configurations and
                                                         Meridian 1 system. Its integrated design eliminates
  offers a comprehensive range of recording and
                                                         the need for external battery back-up, power supply,
  maintenance features for simplified
                                                         cabling or switch room space normally required to
  management of recorded announcements
                                                         accommodate third-party standalone RAN systems.
• As is the case with other products in the Meridian
                                                         Designed to provide simple plug and play
  Integrated Application Portfolio, the key benefit
                                                         installation, MIRAN resides in a single IPE card slot
  with MIRAN is the avoidance of using external
                                                         within a Meridian 1 IPE module. Each MIRAN card is
  OEM equipment in order to provide recorded
                                                         available in a number of configurations that can be
  announcements and music on hold to callers
                                                         tailored to meet the requirements of any business
• Integration streamlines operation and
  consolidates installation, maintenance and
                                                         In addition, MIRAN delivers a comprehensive range
  support to a single entity. The result is a cost-
                                                         of recording and administration features, all on a
  effective solution that provides a necessary and
                                                         single platform.
  expected operation to the communication
  services of the system

                                                     Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcer (MIRAN)         147
MIRAN supports the following applications:               For flexibility, each MIRAN card can be configured
• First recorded announcement                            for 1 of 3 port channel (port) configurations:
• Second recorded announcement                           Small (2 channels), Medium (4 channels) or Large
• Intercept treatment                                    (8 channels). If traffic requirements increase, the
• Music on hold                                          port capacity of the Small and Medium cards can be
• Automatic wake-up for the                              quickly and easily expanded to the higher
  hospitality market                                     configurations with a software keycode that
                                                         activates the additional channels.
MIRAN supports both Continuous and Start/Stop
modes of playback. Immediate Continuous mode             To accommodate traffic requirements beyond the 8-
allows recordings to constantly play as callers “barge   channel capacity, up to 16 MIRAN cards can be linked
in” on the playback. Delay Dial Continuous mode          together in a daisy chain and managed from a single
initiates a ring back tone to callers until the          terminal. As many MIRAN cards as required can be
recording begins again. Start/Stop modes reset the       supported by Meridian 1, limited only by the number
recording to its beginning position when a call is       of IPE slots available in the system.
terminated. All MIRAN channels are totally
independent and it is possible for each channel to
play different parts of a recording at the same time.

MIRAN is pre-configured with 24 minutes of voice
memory storage and 6 minutes of royalty-free
music for music-on-hold application.

Feature                            Benefit
Text-Based User Interface          Provides menus and commands for all OA&M functions
Telephone User Interface (TUI)     Access MIRAN from any DTMF phone for recording or
                                   amending announcements
Browser User Interface (BUI)       Access MIRAN via a web browser to perform OA&M functions
Calendar Assignments               Schedule announcements based on day and month basis utilising 366 day
Time and Date Synchronisation      Provides the option of setting the parameter manually or synchronising
                                   with the Meridian 1
Music-on-Hold                      Trunks and routes can be selectively programmed to provide
                                   MOH to callers
Password Security                  Provided on any recording made from a DTMF phone; second level
                                   password required for advanced maintenance
Announcement Recording             Create voice announcements via commercially available sound editor
Music Recording                    Connect to external music sources such as a tape recorder,
                                   CD player, or radio
Pre-recorded Message Exchange      In-service recordings can be immediately exchanged with reserve
                                   recordings stored in memory
Time of Day Messages               Each channel can be assigned to play different messages at specific times
                                   during the day, week, or month
Multiple Modes of Operation        Continuous and Start/Stop modes of playback independent of each channel

Ordering Information
For further information, please contact your local Nortel Networks Representative

148    Meridian Integrated Recorded Announcer (MIRAN)

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