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   Prepared by: IIUSA,

The terms used here are seen in numerous 11th
Signal Brigade Thunderbird university courses.


Term – Definition (Application area)


SEN – Small Extension Node


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                                                                                              AADEOS - advanced air defense electro optical sensor (system)
                                                                                              AADPS - algorithmic architecture data processing subsystem

                   Numerics                                                                   AADSACS - Army air defense Surveillance and control system
                                                                                              AAE - Army acquisition executive
                                                                                              AAE - automatic adaptive equalization
# - number
                                                                                              AAFIP - Automated air facilities information file
@ - at
                                                                                              AAGS - Army air-ground system
24th - Channel Signaling - The use of the 24th channel on a DS1/DTI board to
   carry multiplexed per-channel signals from the other 23 channels. This allows              AAIC - active addressing integrated circuits
   the other channels to be clear channels for 64 kbps data transmission, and to
                                                                                              AAIRS - airport/air carrier information reporting system
   be used as AVD (alternate voice/data) channels. Also see clear channel.
                                                                                              AAL - assign affiliation lists
2W - two-wire
                                                                                              AAL - account access layer
2WLTU - two-wire line termination unit
                                                                                              AAL - assign affiliation lists
4-Wire - E&M - A form of E & M signaling primarily used on trunks interfacing
   PBX to PBX or PBX to Central Office, which uses separate pairs of wires (up                AAL - (ATM adaptation layer) - The standards layer that allows multiple
   to four pair) for transmission and signaling functions. On- and off-hook                     applications to have data converted to and from ATM cells. A protocol that
   signaling functions are accomplished through the E&M signaling leads.                        translates higher layer services into the size and format of ATM cells.
4W - four-wire                                                                                AAL-5 - (ATM adaptation layer type 5) - AAL functions in support of variable bit
                                                                                                rate, delay-tolerant connection-oriented data traffic requiring minimal
4WLTU - four-wire line termination unit
                                                                                                sequencing or error detection support.
56K - Trunk Module - This module operates at 56 kbps and can be used as a
                                                                                              AALCD - active addressing liquid crystal display
   backup to a T1 trunk for critical circuits, as a temporary trunk while T1
   facilities are installed, as a supplemental trunk to a T1 trunk, or as a subrate           AALPS - automated airload planning system
   trunk to a lower-capacity node not requiring full T1 bandwidth. No routing
   attribute is available that allows circuits to be biased to the 56K trunk. Circuits        AAMA - area airspace management authority
   are routed over a 56K trunk when T1 bandwidth is unavailable in order of                   AAMDC - Army Air Missile Defense Command
                                                                                              AAMMS - Army automated multi-media system
64K - Trunk Module - The 64K trunk module consists of a 64K TRK front card
   and a 56K trunk interface card without a V.35 electrical connector, or a 64K               AAMPS - automated aircraft mission planning system
   X.21 trunk interface card with a 15-pin X.21 connector. The module operates
                                                                                              AAMT - Army ACTS mobile terminal
   at 64 kbps, with 48K of trunk bandwidth. Neither the 56K or the 64K trunk
   module will accommodate 24 kbps ADPCM voice calls.                                         AAP - automatic asset placement
@ - at                                                                                        AAPPES - Army automation planning, programming, and evaluation system
                                                                                              AAR - after action review
                                                                                              AAR - air-to-air receive

                                       A                                                      AAR - automatic adaptive (alternative) routing
                                                                                              AARS - advanced airborne (aerial) radar system
                                                                                              AARS - advanced airborne radiac system
  A-6 - Air Force Director of Communications
                                                                                              AAS - advanced automation system (FAA)
  A - alarm
                                                                                              AAS - all-to-all scatter
  A-Law - A-law is the companding standard used in the analog-to-digital
     conversion process (and vice-versa) in PCM systems, European telephone                   AASC - Army area signal center
                                                                                              AASP - ASCII asynchronous support package
  A&MD - air and missile defense
                                                                                              AASR - advanced airborne surveillance radar
  A/B-Bit - Signaling - A procedure used in most T1 transmission facilities in
     which one bit stolen from every sixth and twelfth frame of the 24 time slots             AAT - automatic analog test
     is used to carry dial and control information. The control bit in the first six          AAT - average access time
     frames is called the A-bit, and the control bit in the second six frames is the
     B-bit.                                                                                   AATR - air-to-air transmit/receive

  A/D - analog-to-digital                                                                     AAU - analog applique unit

  A/G - air to ground                                                                         AAVS - aerospace audiovisual system
  A/L - administrative/logistics                                                              AAWC - anti-air warfare commander (Navy)
  A2C2S - Army Aviator (Airborne) command and control system                                  AAWCS - anti-air warfare combat system

  aa - device address                                                                         AAWWS - airborne adverse weather weapons system
  AA - auto answer                                                                            AB - Ada based

  AAA - assign alternate area                                                                 AB - address bus
  AAA - assign alternate routing                                                              AB - answer back

  AAB - all-to-all broadcast                                                                  ABC - activity based costing
  AABNCP - advance airborne command post                                                      ABC - analog backup computer

  AACA - Army airlift clearance authority                                                     ABC - automatic bar code
  AACG - arrival airfield control group                                                       ABC - (Absolute Bus Cycle) - Unit of interface relative to the start of the TBus
                                                                                                frame. Contrast with relative bus cycle (RBC).
  AACOMS - Army area communications system
                                                                                              ABCC - airborne battlefield command and control center
  AACS - asynchronous address communications systems
                                                                                              ABCC - airborne communications center
  AADC - Area Air Defense Commander
                                                                                              ABCS - Army battle command system
  AADCOM - Army Air Defense Command
                                                                                              ABCS - Army Battlefield Control System

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ABD - assign bypass and duplication                                                ACCSA - Allied Communications and Computer Security Agency (NATO)
ABD - Ada based document                                                           ACCSDP - Army C&C development plan
ABD - assign bypass and duplication transfer                                       ACD - automatic (automated) call distribution (distributor)
ABDDD - Ada based development design document                                      ACDI - asynchronous communications device interface
ABDT - answer back-day and time                                                    ACDS - advanced combat direction System
ABFC - advanced base functional component system                                   ACE - air combat element
ABI - application binary interface                                                 ACE - adaptive communications element (USAF)
ABI - Ada binding interface                                                        ACE - airborne (adaptive) command element (USAF)
ABIC - Army battlefield interface concept                                          ACE - air combat element (NATO)
ABIS - advanced battlespace information system                                     ACE - automated commercial environment (Customs)
ABIT - airborne information transmission system (USAF)                             ACE - aviation combat element (USMC)
ABIT - automatic built-in test                                                     ACEC - Ada compiler evaluation capability
ABL - assign blacklist deletion                                                    ACERT - Army computer emergency response team
ABM - asynchronous balanced mode                                                   ACES - automated communications engineering software
ABM - air battle manager                                                           ACES - access certificates for electronic services
ABMOC - air battle management operation center                                     ACES - air combat engagement simulator
ABN - airborne                                                                     ACES - automated command and control evaluation system
ABNCC - airborne command and control                                               ACES - automated communications engineering software
ABNCP - airborne command post                                                      ACES - automated computer examination system (FBI)
ABNOC - ABN operations center                                                      ACF - access control facility (field)
ABPDD - Ada based product design document                                          ACF - access coordination fee
ABR - assign bypass reception                                                      ACF - advanced communications function
ABR - airborne relay                                                               ACI - adjacent channel interference
ABR - available bit rate                                                           ACI - assign call inhibit
ABR - assign bypass reception                                                      ACIC - Aeronautical Chart and Information Center
ABS - advanced battle simulations                                                  ACID - adaptive COMSEC interface device
ABSM - answer back service message                                                 ACID - all-service combat identification demonstration
ABT - assign bulk transfer                                                         ACIM - airborne communications interface module
ac - alternating current                                                           ACIND - air customer information needs database
AC - area code                                                                     ACINT - acoustic intelligence
AC - armament computer                                                             ACIPS - acoustic intelligence processing system
AC2MP - Army command & control master plan                                         ACIS - American committee for interoperable systems
ACA - acquisition capability assessment                                            ACIS - Army command information system
ACA - air control authority                                                        ACIS - Automated combat information system
ACA - Australian Communications Authority                                          ACK - acknowledgement flag, TCP header
ACA - automatic circuit assurance                                                  ACK - (Acknowledgment) - Control code or designation for a positive
                                                                                     acknowledgment; sent from a receiver to the transmitter to indicate that a
ACA - automatic conference arranger                                                  transmission or sequence of transmissions has been received correctly.
ACACS - Army command and area communications system                                ACL - access control list
ACALS - Army computer aided logistics system                                       ACLDB - Army central logistics data Bank
ACARS - aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (FAA)              ACLI - Ada command language interpretation
ACAS - Army commissary automated system                                            ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
ACC - area control center                                                          ACME - Adaptive Collection management environment
ACC - accumulator                                                                  ACMES - automated communications security management and engineering
ACC - air combat command (Air Force)                                                 system

ACC - air control center                                                           ACMES - Automated COMSEC Management and Engineering System

ACC - BLACKER access controller                                                    ACMS - application control management system

ACC - Army Communications Command                                                  ACO - airspace control order

ACC - automated carrier control                                                    ACO - Army cryptologic operations

ACCAT - advanced command and control architectural testbed                         ACOC - area communications operations center

ACCF - Area communications control facility                                        ACOE - Army common operating environment

ACCIS - Army command and control information system                                ACOMMS - air communications squadron

ACCN - Army command and control network                                            ACP - Allied Communications Publication

ACCOR - Army COMSEC central office of record                                       ACP - ancillary control program

ACCS - air command and control system (NATO)                                       ACP - air campaign planning tool

ACCS - Army command and control system                                             ACP - automated command post

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ACP - assign common-pool compressed dial list                                          ADCS - air defense control system
ACPI - advanced configuration and power interface                                      ADCS - automated document conversion system
ACPU - auxiliary computer power unit                                                   ADDISS - advanced deployable digital imagery support system
ACQW - asymmetric coupled quantum well                                                 ADDM - asynchronous digital data modem
ACR - access control register                                                          Address - Digital information (a combination of bits) that identifies the location
                                                                                         of a terminal, peripheral device, a node, or any other unit or component in a
ACR - alternate carrier routing (NCS)                                                    network. Used mainly for routing purposes; in telephony the number
ACR - assign channel reassignment                                                        entered by the caller that identifies the party called.

ACR - armored cavalry regiment                                                         Address - Packet - The address packet is a call setup-signaling packet that
                                                                                         carries the call setup information. It is transmitted in accordance with the
ACRC - alternate control reporting center                                                standards in CCITT Signaling System Number 7. The Call Controller task
                                                                                         at each node sets up call resources based on information in the address
ACS - AUTODIN Switching Center
ACS - access control system
                                                                                       Address - Signals - Signals used to convey call destination information, such
ACS - adaptive control system                                                            as telephone station code, central office code, and area code. Some forms
                                                                                         of address signals are call pulses (for example, dial or multifrequency
ACS - aerial common sensor                                                               pulses).
ACS - afloat correlation system                                                        ADDS - air deployable delivery system (Navy)
ACS - automated commercial system (Customs)                                            ADDS - Army data distribution (dictionary) system
ACSA - Allied Communications Security Agency                                           ADE - Army data encyclopedia
ACSIM - assistant chief of staff for information management                            ADE - advanced development environment
ACSO - assistant corps Signal officer                                                  ADE - assign digit editing lists
ACSU - advanced channel service unit                                                   ADE - Assign Digit Editing List Command
ACT - annual change traffic                                                            ADEIE - associated digital error improvement equipment
ACTA - America’s Carriers Telecommunication Association                                ADEPT - acquisition of desktop extended processing technology (USPS)
ACTD - advanced concept technology demonstration                                       ADEWS - air defense electronic warfare system
ACTFAST - advanced concepts and technology rrequency agile solid state                 ADF - application dependent format
                                                                                       ADF - automatic direction finder
Action - Menu - The Operator Interface Action Menu contains the actions that
   can be performed. Each action is typically associated with a list of objects        ADF - automatic document feed
   (Object Menu) on which the action is performed.
                                                                                       ADGE - air defense ground environment
ACTO - Army Communicative Technology Office
                                                                                       ADH - automatic data handling
ACTS - advanced communications technology satellite
                                                                                       ADI - Air Defense Interface
ACTS - advanced communications technologies and services (Europe) (was
                                                                                       ADIMSS - Automated DSN Integrated Management Support System
                                                                                       ADIMSS - Automated DSN Integrated Management Support System
ACU - antenna control unit
                                                                                       ADIMSS - Advanced DSN Integrated Management Support System
ACU - auto call (calling) unit
                                                                                       ADIS - automated distributed intelligence system
ACUS - Area Common User System
                                                                                       ADIZ - air defense identification sone
ACVC - Ada compiler validation capability (capacity)
                                                                                       adj - adjacent
ACWAR - agile continuous wave acquisition radar
                                                                                       ADL - Ada design language
ADA - air defense artillery
                                                                                       ADL - address data latch
ADA - airborne data automation
                                                                                       ADL - advanced distributed learning
ADACS - air defense artillery control system
                                                                                       ADL - automatic data link
ADAMS - allied deployment and movement system
                                                                                       ADLAT - adaptive lattice filter
ADANS - airlift deployment analysis system
                                                                                       ADM - advanced development model
ADAPT - architectures design, analysis and planning tool
                                                                                       ADM - automatic display mode
ADAR - air defense radar
                                                                                       ADM - Admin
ADARS - advanced defense avionics response strategy (USAF)
                                                                                       ADMAPS - automated document management and publishing system
ADARS - adaptive antenna receive system
                                                                                       ADMD - administrative management domain [X.400]
ADAS - airborne data automation system
                                                                                       admin - administrative
ADATS - Army development and acquisition of threat simulators
                                                                                       ADMP - Army digitization master plan
ADB - assign data base transfer
                                                                                       ADMS - automated digital multiplexing system
ADC - adaptive data compression
                                                                                       ADN - area distribution node
ADC - analog to digital converter
                                                                                       ADN - automatic digital network
ADC - asynchronous data communications
                                                                                       ADNET - anti-drug network
ADC - automatic data controller
                                                                                       ADNS - Automatic Data Networking System
ADCC - air defense control center
                                                                                       ADNX - Adaptive Digital Network Exchange
ADCCP - advanced data communications control procedures
                                                                                       ADO - Army digitization office
ADCEO - Assistant Division Communications-Electronics Office
                                                                                       ADOCU - air defense orderwire control unit
ADCP - air defense communications platform (USMC)
                                                                                       ADP - automated data processing
ADCS - advanced defense communications satellite
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ADP - atmospheric downstream plasma etching                                            AFA - audio frequency amplifier
ADPCM - (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) - ADPCM takes                    AFAITC - Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center
  advantage of the high statistical correlation between consecutive voice
  samples to create a variable (or adaptive) quantizing scale.                         AFAMS - Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation

ADPE - automated data processing equipment                                             AFATDS - Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System

ADPR - automated data processing resources                                             AFB - Air Force Base

ADPSSO - automatic data processing special security officer                            AFC - automatic frequency control

ADR - automatic data relay                                                             AFC - area frequency coordinator

ADRG - advanced research center                                                        AFC - automatic font change

ADRG - automatic digital raster graphics                                               AFC - automatic frequency control

ADRG - ARC-Digitized Raster Graphics (ARC is a term used to designate                  AFC2S - Air Force command and control systems
  linear features on a digital map.)                                                   AFCA - Air Force Communications Agency (Formerly AFCC)
ADRS - address                                                                         AFCERT - Air Force computer emergency response team
ADS - Ada development system                                                           AFCH - Air Force Component Headquarters
ADS - advanced digital switch                                                          AFCSC - Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
ADS - advanced display system (Navy)                                                   AFD - assign fixed-directory routing
ADS - advanced distributed simulations                                                 AFDIGS - Air Force digital graphics system
ADS - air data system                                                                  AFDIS - air force dial in system
ADS - application development system                                                   AFECO - Air Force Electronic Combat Office
ADS-B - automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast                                     AFEKMS - Air Force electronic key management system
ADSI - air defense system integrator                                                   AFEWES - Air Force electronic warfare environment simulator
ADSIA - Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency                                    AFFIRM - Association for Federal Information Resources Management
ADSIM - air defense simulation                                                         AFFOR - Air Force forces
ADSL - asymmetric DSL                                                                  AFIAA - Air Force Intelligence Analysis Agency
ADSL - asynchronous (asymmetrical) digital subscriber line (loop)                      AFID - anti-fratricide identification device
ADSO - assistant division signal office/officer                                        AFII - Association for Font Information Interchange
ADSS - Army decision support system                                                    AFIN - Air Force information network
ADST - advanced distributed simulation technology (Army)                               AFIN - Air Force intelligence
ADT - assign digital transmission group                                                AFINTNET - Air Force intelligence network
ADT - automatic digital tester                                                         AFIPS - Air Force information publishing service
ADT - abstract data type                                                               AFIS - automated fingerprinting identification system (FBI)
ADTOC - air defense tactical operations center                                         AFIWC - Air Force Information Warfare Center
ADTP - advanced technology demonstration plan                                          AFLANT - Air Forces Atlantic
ADU - automatic dialing unit                                                           AFMIC - Armed Forces medical intelligence center
ADU - assign PS dialup                                                                 AFMSS - Air Force mission support system
ADUA - administrative directory user agent                                             AFNOC - Air Force network operations center
ADX - automatic data exchange                                                          AFOC - Air Force Operations Center
ADX - assign digit translation                                                         AFORMS - Air Force Operations Resource Management System
AE - attenuation equalizer                                                             AFPCA - Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency
AEA - airborne electronic attack (Navy)                                                AFR - assign and display frequency for network reporting
AEA - American Electronics Association                                                 AFRTS - armed forces radio and television service
AEELS - automatic ELINT emitter location system                                        AFSAT - Air Force satellite
AEF - Air Expeditionary Force                                                          AFSATCOM - Air Force satellite communications
AEGADS - Army Electronic Generation and Distribution System                            AFSC - Air Force specialty code
AEHF - advanced extremely high frequency (satellite)                                   AFSOB - Air Force special operations base
AEI - Assign Equipment In/Out-of-Service Command                                       AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command
AEJ - Apache escort jammer                                                             AFSOF - Air Force Special Operations Forces
AEP - application environment profile                                                  AFSPC - Air Force Space Command
AES - advanced encryption standard                                                     AFSS - automated flight service station
AESA - active electronically scanned array                                             AFT - automatic fund transfer
AESOP - airborne electro-optical special operations payload                            AFTN - aeronautical fixed telecommunications network
AEW - airborne early warning                                                           AFTS - audio frequency tone shift
AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing                                                           AFWIS - Air Force WWMCCS information system
AEWIC - Army Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Committee                             AG - applications generator
AF - Air Force                                                                         AGC - assign gateway and commercial office routing
AF - audio frequency

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AGC - (Automatic Gain Control) - Parameter implemented for the LDCELP                 AIRES - advanced imagery requirements exploitation system
  module that provides the ability to automatically adjust the power level of a
  received signal. The power level of a received signal is automatically              AIRK - area interswitch rekeying key
  adjusted from a marginal or unacceptable value to one that is more suitable         AIRMS - advanced infrared measuring system
  for voice or FAX applications.
                                                                                      AIRTERM - airborne terminal
AGCCS - Army global command and control system
                                                                                      AIRV - area interswitch rekey variable
Aggregate - Group - The approach used on the PRC, PRC INTL, and TMCP
  voice modules to group contiguous DS0 ports for clear-channel signaling             AIS - automated information systems
  (that is, the bandwidths for the ports are grouped together).
                                                                                      AIS - air intelligence squadron
AGMS - automated gateway management system
                                                                                      AIS - airborne intelligence system
AGMS - automated gateway management system
                                                                                      AIS - audio intercommunication system
AGMS - automated gateway management system
                                                                                      AIS - (Alarm Indication Signal) - 1. In modern T1/T3 systems, the AIS is an all
AGP - advanced graphics port                                                             ones signal transmitted in lieu of the normal signal to maintain transmission
                                                                                         continuity and to indicate to the receiving terminal that there is a
AGS - airborne ground surveillance (NATO)                                                transmission fault that is located at the transmitting terminal or upstream of
AHCFMS - Army health care financial management system                                    the transmitting terminal. It is also called "Blue Alarm" or "Blue Code." 2.
                                                                                         automated information system.
AHFEWS - Army high frequency electronic warfare system
                                                                                      AISB - Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association
                                                                                      AISP - Association of Information Systems Professionals
AHP - analytical hierarchy process
                                                                                      AISRV - area interswitch rekey variable
AHPCRC - Army high performance computer research center
                                                                                      AISS - automated information system security
AI - analog input
                                                                                      AISSP - Army information systems security program
AI - artificial intelligence
                                                                                      AIT - automatic identification technology (Army)
AIA - Air Intelligence Agency
                                                                                      AITC - Army interoperability test center
AIA - Army information architecture
                                                                                      AITN - Army interoperability test network
AIAC - ACCS implementation advisory committee (NATO)
                                                                                      AITS - advanced information technology services
AIC - Atlantic Intelligence Command
                                                                                      AJ - anti-jam
AIC - Advanced integrated circuit
                                                                                      AJCC - Alternate Joint Communications Center
AIC - air intercept control
                                                                                      AJCM - anti-jam control modem
AIC - Army intelligence center
                                                                                      AJCM - AJ control modem
AIC - Army interoperability center
                                                                                      AJPO - Ada Joint Program Office
AIC - audio intercommunications center
                                                                                      AK - automatic keying
AICS - advanced interior communications system
                                                                                      AKDC - Automatic Key Distribution Center
AIDC - automated intrusion detection capability
                                                                                      AKDC/RCU - automatic key distribution center/rekeying control unit
AIDTS - Army inflight data transmission system
                                                                                      AKMS - Army Key Management System
AIE - Ada integrated environment
                                                                                      AKO - Army Knowledge Online
AIF - audio interchange format
                                                                                      AL - address list
AIG - address indicator groups
                                                                                      AL - applications layer
AIG - Address Indicating Group
                                                                                      AL - address list
AII - Army information infrastructure
                                                                                      Alarm - Log - Contains the events that have an alarm level associated with it
AIIM - Association for information and image management                                  for a node or the network.
AIIP - Association of Independent Information Producers                               Alarm - Monitor - Type of operator console that displays active alarms.
AIL - assign interswitch link initialization                                          Alarm - Panel - An optional control panel that can be installed in a node. It
                                                                                         provides audible and visual alarms governed by thresholds set by the user.
AIM - advanced infosec module
                                                                                      ALBAM - air-land battle assessment model
AIMA - Army information & mission area
                                                                                      ALBM - Army airland battle management
AIMC - Army Information Management Committee
                                                                                      ALCC - airlift control center
AIMP - Army intelligence and electronic warfare master plan
                                                                                      ALCC - Analog Line Conditioning Circuits
AIMS - advanced information management system
                                                                                      ALCE - airlift control element (USAF)
AIMS - automated intrusion monitoring system
                                                                                      ALCG - analog line conditioning group
AIMTB - artificial intelligence module test bed
                                                                                      ALCOM - Alaskan Command
AIN - Army Information Network
                                                                                      ALD - assign local duplication
AIN - advanced intelligent network
                                                                                      ALD - Assign Local Duplication Command
AIN - Army interoperability network
                                                                                      ALE - automatic link establishment
AINC - Army Interoperability Network Center
                                                                                      ALEC - alternate local exchange carriers
AIOD - automatic identified outward dialing
                                                                                      ALERT - advanced law enforcement and response technology
AIPC - automated information processing center
                                                                                      ALFS - airborne low-frequency sonar
AIPS - Army information processing standards
                                                                                      Algorithm - A sequence of steps a CPU follows to accomplish a task.
Air - Plenums - Air plenums are used to take air in and to exhaust it.
                                                                                      ALICE - all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment
AIRCOMTERM - air communications terminal
                                                                                      ALLA - allied long lines agency (NATO)
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ALMS - automated logistics management system                                              AMPSSO - Automated Message Processing System Security Officer
ALO - air liaison officer                                                                 AMRIS - advanced magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
ALOC - administrative/logistics operations center                                         AMRIS - Army modernization resource information system
ALOC - area logistics operation center                                                    AMS - autonomous message switch
ALOG - analog switch                                                                      AMS - alert management system
ALOHA - aerial locations for hazardous atmospheres (NOAA)                                 AMS - asset management system
ALP - auxiliary line printer                                                              AMSMP - Army modeling & simulation management program
ALPC - adaptive link power control                                                        AMSS - ammunition management standard system
Alphanumeric - Refers to input consisting of letters, numbers, and other                  AMSS - automatic meteorological sensor station (system)
   symbols such as punctuation marks and mathematical symbols.
                                                                                          AMT - Assign Multiple Trunks Command
ALPS - assembly line processing system
                                                                                          AMTS - automated maritime telecommunications system
ALQA - automatic link quality assessment
                                                                                          AMVER - automated mutual assistance vessel rescue (Coast Guard)
ALS - Assign Loop Strapping Command
                                                                                          Analog - Signal - A signal that varies in a continuous manner, such as in
ALS/N - Ada language dystem/Navy                                                            human speech or music.
ALSA - Air, Land, Sea Applications Center                                                 ANCA - allied naval communications agency (NATO)
ALSP - aggregate level simulation protocol                                                ANCD - automated net control device
alt - alternate                                                                           ANCS - ATM node center switch
Alternate - Buffer - A section of memory set aside (reserved) for receipt or              ANCT - alternate network control terminal
   transmission of data after the primary buffer is full.
                                                                                          ANDC - automated net control device
Alternate - Routing - A feature of circuit switches that allows calls to be
   distributed and completed over other routes when the first route is                    ANDF - architecturally neutral distribution format
   unavailable.                                                                           ANDVT - advanced narrowband digital voice terminal
ALTG - Auxiliary Line Termination Group                                                   ANG - Air National Guard
ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit                                                               ANGLICO - air and naval gunfire liaison company
AM - active matrix                                                                        ANI - Automatic Number Identification- A system, originally designed for use
AM - amplitude modulation                                                                   by Interexchange carriers (IEC’s) which transmits the "billed party number"
                                                                                            along with a call. Note that the billed party number is not necessarily the
AM/SSB - amplitude modulation/single sideband                                               number of the line placing the call. ANI predates SS7 and can operate in
                                                                                            with analog as well as digital trunks. See also CLID.
AMA - automatic message accounting
                                                                                          ANICS - Alaskan national airspace system interfacility communications system
AMA - Assign Manual Affiliation Command
                                                                                          ANN - artificial neural network
AMANDDA - automated messaging and directory assistance
                                                                                          ANOC - alternate network operations control
AMD - active matrix display
                                                                                          ANR - assign net rekeying
AMD - Assign Memory Display Command
                                                                                          ANR - Assign Net Rekeying Command
AMDF - Army master fata gile
                                                                                          ANSI - American National Standards Institute
AMDPCS - Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System
                                                                                          ANSIR - awareness of national security issues and response (FBI)
AMDRS - aviation medicine data retrieval system
                                                                                          ant - antenna
AME - aerospace management element
                                                                                          ANVIS - aviatorÕs night vision imaging system
AME - antenna mounted electronics
                                                                                          ANY - assign NYX routing
AMH - automated (automatic) message handling
                                                                                          AO - analog output
AMHS - Automated Message Handling System
                                                                                          AO - area of operations
AMI - (Alternate Mark Inversion) - A digital signal in which successive "marks"
  or ones alternate between positive and negative polarity of equal                       AOAS - advanced oceanic automation system (FAA)
  amplitude. Two ones of the same polarity in a row constitute a bipolar
  violation. See Line Coding, T1. See Also B8ZS.                                          AOC - Air Operations Center (was TACC) (USAF)

AMIDS - audit monitoring and intrusion detection system                                   AOC - aerospace operations center

AMIS - Army management information system                                                 AOC - Air Operations Center

AMLCD - active matrix liquid crystal display                                              AOCU - analog orderwire control unit

AMME - automated multimedia exchange                                                      AOD - assign online diagnostic

AMO - acquisition (automation) management (office) organization (DISA &                   AOD - Assign On-Line Diagnostics Command
  Army))                                                                                  AODMD - acousto-optic delay-and-multiple device
AMO - Automation Management Office                                                        AOG - Architecture Oversight Group (DOD)
AMP - amplifier                                                                           AOI - area of interest
AMPE - automated message processing exchange                                              AOI - Assign Other Equipment In/Out-of-Service Command
Amplifier - A device used to boost the strength of an electronic signal.                  AOR - area of responsibility
Amplitude - The magnitude of variation in a changing quantity from its zero               AOR - Assign and Display Unstaffed Operator Routing Command
  value. The word must be modified with an adjective such as peak, rms,
  maximum, and so on, which designates the specific amplitude in question.                AP - adjunct processor

AMPS - advanced mobile phone system (standard)                                            AP - anomalous propagation

AMPS - airborne multisensor pod system                                                    AP - application processor

AMPS - automated (aviation) mission planning system                                       APA - adaptive packet

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APA - advanced processor assembly                                                    ARJFC - US Army Joint Forces Command
APA - all points addressable                                                         ARL - adjusted ring length
APA - arithmetic processing accelerator                                              ARL - aerial (airborne) reconnaissance-low
APAC - ACCS planning and policy advisory committee (NATO)                            ARL - airborne reconnaissance low (Army)
APAN - Asia Pacific Area Network                                                     ARL - Army Research Laboratory
APC - adaptive predictive coding                                                     ARLL - advanced run length limited
APC - assign preprogrammed conference list                                           ARLNO - Armor Liaison Officer
APCU - antenna position control unit                                                 ARM - application reference model
APELS - airborne precision emitter location system                                   ARM - Ada requirements methodology
APF - assign profile                                                                 ARM - ADP resources manager
APF - Assign Profiles Command                                                        ARMISS - agency resources management information system
APG - automated password generator                                                   ARMS - automated records management system (Air Force)
API - application programming (programmer’s) (program) interface                     ARO - airborne reconnaissance office
APIC - advanced programmer interrupt controller                                      AROW - acquisition/reportback orderwire
APII - Asia Pacific information infrastructure                                       ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
APIMS - aerospace physiology information management system                           ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency (Now DARPA)
APIU - adaptable programmable interface unit                                         ARPAC - US Army Pacific
APL - average picture level                                                          ARPANET - Advanced Research Projects Agency network
APL - Assign Pre-Affiliation List Command                                            ARPL - adjust requested privilege level
APP - application portability profile                                                ARQ - Automatic Retransmission Request
APP - application-defined                                                            ARRC - allied command rapid reaction corps (NATO)
APPI - advanced peer-to-peer internetworking                                         ARRL - American Radio Relay League
Appl - apply                                                                         ARS - aerial reconnaissance & surveillance
Applications-Specific - Network - A network dedicated to specific applications       ARS - air radio system
  such as ATMs, point-of-purchase registers, fund transfers, etc.
                                                                                     ARS - automatic route selection
APPN - advanced peer-to-peer networking
                                                                                     ARS-ST - airborne receiving system-surface terminal (Navy)
APPS - automated publications production system
                                                                                     ARS - action request system
APR - assign packet switch routing
                                                                                     ARSOF - Army Special Operations Forces
APRP - adaptive pattern recognition processing
                                                                                     ARSOUTH - US Army South
APS - active pixel sensor
                                                                                     ART - Aiborne Receive Terminal
APS - advance planning system (USAF)
                                                                                     ARTAC - Army tactical
APS - afloat planning system
                                                                                     ARTADS - Army tactical data system
APS - asynchronous protocol specification
                                                                                     ARTCC - air route traffic control center
APS - auxiliary propulsion subsystem
                                                                                     ARTEP - Army Training and Evaluation Program
APSE - Ada programming support environment
                                                                                     ARTS - asynchronous remote takeover server
APT - automatically programmed tools
                                                                                     ARTS - asynchronous remote takeover terminal
APTS - afloat personal telecommunications service
                                                                                     ARU - access/relay unit
APV - Assign Password Verification Command
                                                                                     ARU - audio response unit
AR - Army; Army regulation (when followed by a number)
                                                                                     AS - autonomous system
ARC - Army Reuse Center
                                                                                     AS - analog secure
ARC - A term used to designate linear features on a digital map.
                                                                                     ASAC - all source analysis center
ARCA - advanced RISC computing architecture
                                                                                     ASACAC - Army Security Agency Control and Analysis Center
ARCENT - US Army Central
                                                                                     ASAP - automated statistical analysis program
ARCIS - Army company information system
                                                                                     ASAP - automatic switching and processing
ARCMIS - automated radiological management information system
                                                                                     ASARS - advanced synthetic aperture radar system
ARDF - airborne radio direction finding
                                                                                     ASAS - all source analysis system (Army)
ARDS - assign/display routing subsystem downsized (RSSD) download
                                                                                     ASAT - anti-satellite
AREUR - US Army Europe
                                                                                     ASB - area signal battalion
ARF - airborne relay facility
                                                                                     ASBR - autonomous system border router
ARFA - allied radio frequencies agency (NATO)
                                                                                     ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center
ARFOR - Army forces
                                                                                     ASC - American Standards Committee
ARG - amphibious ready group
                                                                                     ASC - Area Signal Center
ARH - anti-radiation homing
                                                                                     ASC - Army Signal Command (formerly ISC)
ARI - addressee routing indicator
                                                                                     ASC - AUTODIN switching center
ARIES - airborne reconnaissance integrated electronics system
                                                                                     ASC - automatic switching center

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ASC - Assign and Display Switch Classmarks Command                                           ASPJ - advanced self-protection jammer
ASC2A - Air and Space Command and Control Agency                                             ASPO - Army Space Program Office
ASCI - accelerated strategic computing initiative (DOE)                                      ASPS - advance signal processing system
ASCIET - all-service combat identification evaluation team                                   ASQC - American Society for Quality Control
ASCII - (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) - The standard                  ASR - automatic send and receive
  7-bit code, using a coded character set consisting of 7-bit coded characters
  (8 bits including a parity check bit) used for informality interchange among               ASR - automatic speech recognition
  data processing systems, data communication systems, and associated                        ASR - assign SEN/RAU/NMT
  equipment. The ASCII set consists of control characters and graphic
  characters and is properly an alphabet rather than a code. It is the U.S.                  ASSET - asset source for software engineering technology
  implementation of the International Telegraph Alphabet Number 5.
                                                                                             ASSET - all-source satellite evaluation tool
ASCT - auxiliary satellite control terminal
                                                                                             ASSIST - automated systems security and incident support team
ASCXN - area Signal center extension node
                                                                                             ASSIST - Army special security information systems terminal
ASD - access security device (NETS)
                                                                                             ASSP - application-specific standard product
ASD - assigned software developer
                                                                                             AST - airborne surveilance testbed
ASD - automated system demonstration
                                                                                             ASTA - airport surface traffic automation (FAA)
ASD - Assistant Secretary of Defense
                                                                                             ASTE - advanced strategic and tactical expendables
ASD(C3I) - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control,
                                                                                             ASTEC - advanced satellite technology and EHF communications
  Communications, and Intelligence
                                                                                             ASTER - advanced spaceborne thermal emissions and reflection radiometer
ASDI - Analog Simple Data Interface
                                                                                             ASTIA - Armed Services Technical Information Agency
ASDS - air situation display system (USAF)
                                                                                             ASTOR - airborne stand-off radar (UK)
ASEM - application-specific electronic module
                                                                                             ASTP - advanced space technology program (DARPA)
                                                                                             ASTRO - Army Space Technology and Research Office
ASEPS - automated Signal excess prediction system
                                                                                             ASUWC - anti-surface warfare commander (Navy)
ASI - alternate space inversion
                                                                                             ASVC - automatic secure voice communications
ASI - alarm status indicator
                                                                                             ASW - asynchronous service window
ASI - assign switch initialization
                                                                                             ASW - attack, sensing, and warning
ASIC - all source intelligence center
                                                                                             ASWC - anti-submarine warfare Commander (Navy)
ASIC - (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) - A custom integrated circuit.
                                                                                             ASWCCS - ASW command and control system
ASIM - automated security incident measurement (Navy)
                                                                                             ASY - asynchronous
ASIMS - Army sustaining base information management system
                                                                                             ASYNC - asynchronous
ASIS - Ada semantic interface specification
                                                                                             Asynchronous - Data - A form of serial data communication which is not
ASIS - American Society for Information Science
                                                                                               clocked. To keep the bit stream synchronized start and stop bits are used.
ASIS - American Society of Industrial Security                                                 RS-232 computer data is commonly asynchronous data. In contrast to
                                                                                               synchronous data.
ASIT - adaptable surface interface terminal
                                                                                             Asynchronous - Transmission - Transmission in which the interval between
ASIT - advanced security and identification technology                                         transmitted characters may be of unequal length. Data transmission and
ASK - amplitude shift keying                                                                   timing is controlled by start and stop bits at the beginning and end of each
                                                                                               character. It is also referred to as start-stop transmission. Asynchronous
ASKMM - Advanced Standard Key Management Module                                                transmission does not require the transmitters and receivers to have clocks
                                                                                               to stay in synch.
ASL - adaptive speed leveling
                                                                                             AT - access tandem
ASM - airspace management
                                                                                             AT - asynchronous transmission
ASM - application of software measurement
                                                                                             ATA - advanced technology attachment
ASM - Army security monitor
                                                                                             ATACC - advanced tactical air command center (central)
ASM - assembler source language
                                                                                             ATACC - alternate tactical air control center
ASMG - allied security military general
                                                                                             ATACS - advanced target acquisition counter-fire system
ASMP - asymmetric multiprocessing
                                                                                             ATACS - Army Tactical Communications System
ASMPC - automated staff message processing center
                                                                                             ATAPI - advanced technology attachment packet interface
ASN - abstract syntax notation
                                                                                             ATARS - advanced tactical air(borne) reconnaissance system
ASN - autonomous system number
                                                                                             ATB - all trunks busy
ASN.1 - Abstract Syntax Notation 1
                                                                                             ATC - air traffic control
ASOC - alternate systems operation control
                                                                                             ATCA - Allied Tactical Communications Agency (NATO)
ASOC - air support operations center
                                                                                             ATCALS - air traffic control and landing system
ASOS - Army secure operating system
                                                                                             ATCAP - Army Telecommunication Automation System
ASOS - automated surface observing system
                                                                                             ATCAS - air traffic control automation system (FAA)
ASP - applications service provider
                                                                                             ATCC - air traffic control center
ASP - Army Space Command
                                                                                             ATCCIS - Army tactical command and control information system
ASP - Association of Shareware Professionals
                                                                                             ATCCS - Army Tactical Command and Control System
ASPECTS - Automated Spectrum Planning, Engineering, Coordination and
  Tracking System                                                                            ATCCSS - air traffic control communications switching system

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atch - attached                                                                     AUIB - aircrew uniform integrated battlefield
ATCISA - Allied Tactical Communications and Information Systems Agency              AUP - acceptable use policy [Internet]
ATCU - air transportable communications unit                                        AUR - automated underwriter system (Treasury)
ATD - advanced technology demonstrations                                            auth - authority
ATDL - Army tactical data link                                                      AUTO - automatic
ATDM - asynchronous time-division multiplexing                                      Auto - Event Log - Type of operator console that displays real-time events.
ATDM - adaptive time division multiplexer                                           Autobaud - The process of automatically adjusting to or adapting equipment
                                                                                       to the speed of the equipment to which it connects or is connected.
ATDS - airborne tactical data system (USN)
                                                                                    AUTODIN - Automatic Digital Network
ATDT - attention dial tone
                                                                                    Automatic - Alternate Routing - In the event that a network is disrupted, the
ATE - automatic test equipment                                                         node will automatically reroute each call according to its priority when a
ATEC - automatic test control                                                          path becomes available.

ATFES - Army Tactical Frequency Engineering System                                  Automatic - Call Reconnect - Call reconnect permits automatic call rerouting
                                                                                       away from a trunk experiencing a failure. The order of rerouting that takes
ATG - antenna transceiver group                                                        place is based on a port's call priority.
ATG - Assign Trunk Group Cluster Command                                            Automatic - Call Rerouting - A disconnected call is automatically rerouted
                                                                                       away from a trunk experiencing a failure through other multiplexers and
ATH - Assign and Display Thresholds Command
                                                                                       lines for continuation of voice or data traffic. Rerouting is based on a port's
ATHS - airborne target handover system                                                 call priority.
ATI - artillery target intelligence                                                 Automatic - Clock Restoral - A node parameter used to automatically
                                                                                       synchronize to the next highest clock source when the current clock source
ATID - advanced technical interoperability demonstration                               becomes unavailable.
ATID - automated tactical information display                                       AUTOSEVOCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communications
ATIP - Ada technology insertion program                                             AUTOVON - Automatic Voice Network
ATIRCM - advanced threat (tactical) infrared countermeasures                        AUX - auxiliary
ATIS - Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions                           Auxiliary - Alarm - A condition derived from an external equipment connection.
ATIS - automatic terminal information service (FAA)                                   The auxiliary alarm input is mapped onto the crypto circuit connector. The
                                                                                      default state is programmable.
ATL - assign transfer list
                                                                                    Auxiliary - Fan - Cooling device for a Promina 800 EXS system (part of the
ATM - air traffic management                                                          alarm panel).
ATM - asynchronous transfer mode                                                    AVC - automatic voice control
ATM - automated teller machine                                                      AVCATT - aviation combined arms tactical trainer
ATM - asynchronous transmission mode                                                AVD - alternate voice/data
ATM - Assign Traffic Metering Command                                               AVDTG - analog via digital transmission group
ATMAC - Air Traffic Management Automated Center                                     AVDTG - AUTOVON digital trunk group
ATMHS - automatic text message handling system                                      AVIMO - Army visual information management office
ATMSDI - air traffic management system development and integration                  AVL - assign variable location
ATN - aeronautical telecommunications network (FAA)                                 AVLTU - AUTOVON line termination unit
ATNAVICS - air traffic navigation, integration and coordination system              avn - aviation
ATO - air tasking order                                                             AVOW - Analog Voice Orderwire
ATO - authorization to operate                                                      AVR - automatic voice recognition
ATS - assign terminal service                                                       AVT - automatic video tracker
ATP - allied technical publication                                                  AVTOC - aviation tactical operations center
ATR - advanced tactical radar                                                       AWACS - airborne warning and control system
ATR - automatic target recognition                                                  AWC - air warfare coordinator
ATR - automatic terminal recognition                                                AWDS - automated weather distribution system
ATRJ - advanced threat radar jammer                                                 AWE - Advanced Warfighting Experiment
ATS - air traffic services                                                          AWE - aircraft weapons electronics
ATS - afloat telecommunications service                                             AWG - American wire gauge
ATS - automatic terminal recognition                                                AWIPS - automated (advanced) weather interactive processing system
ATS - automated tasking system                                                      AWIS - Army WWMCCS information system
ATS - assign terminal service                                                       AWN - automated weather network
ATSS - automatic test support system                                                AWN - Air Weather Network
ATT - Assign Terminal Type Command                                                  AWS - advanced warning system
Attenuation - The difference between transmitted and received power due to          AWS - analyst workstation
   transmission loss through equipment, lines, or other communication
   devices.                                                                         AWSIM - air warfare simulation

attn - attention                                                                    AX - automatic transmission

ATV - advanced television                                                           az - azimuth

Audit - Trail - A record of events that have taken place in a network.              AZR - assign zone restrictions

AUI - attachment unit interface

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                                                                                         BAT - battery

                                     B                                                   BATCON - battalion command
                                                                                         BATES - battlefield artillery target engagement system
B-CDMA - broadband code-division multiple access                                         Baud - A measure of signaling rate for a digital signal, which is approximately
                                                                                           equal to bits per second.
B-ISDN - broadband ISDN
                                                                                         BAV - broadcast area variables
B - Channel (Bearer) - In ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), a 64
    kbps information carrying channel, capable of carrying lower rates within            BBC - backup bus controller
    the 64 kbps channel.
                                                                                         BBMTA - border BMTA
B/B - baseband
                                                                                         BBN - BaseBand Node
B/P/C/S - base, post, camp, and station
                                                                                         BBS - bulletin board system
B2C2 - brigade (battalion) and below Command and control
                                                                                         BC - Broadcast
B3ZS - (Bipolar with Three Zero Substitution) - This format is used at the DS3
                                                                                         BC - bus controller
  level for zero code suppression and is used only with the T3 Trunk module
  in a Promina 800.                                                                      BC2AS - Bosnia command and control augmentation system
B8ZS - (Binary Eight Zero Substitution) - A deliberate bipolar violation to solve        BCBL - Battle Command Battle Lab
  the ones density problem, or to accommodate the requirements of digital
  T1-carrier facilities in the public network, while allowing 64 kbps clear data         BCC - (Block Check Character) - An error detection technique in which a
  per channel. Rather than inserting a one for every seven consecutive                     character is appended to the end-of-message indicator at the end of a
  zeroes (see Ones Density), B8ZS inserts two violations of the bipolar line               block of synchronous data. Using a predefined algorithm, the transmitter
  encoding technique used for digital transmission links. This format is used              computes the BCC. If there are no errors (XMT and XCV data are equal),
  at the DS1 for zero code suppression.                                                    the receiver's BCC should match that of the transmitter.

BAAS - broad area surveillance system                                                    BCCS - battle command and control system

Backbone - Network - A transmission system that is designed to interconnect              BCD - binary-coded decimal
  and integrate a variety of voice, data, and image networks of a diverse                BCI - bit count integrity
  array of equipment, plus all applications.
                                                                                         BCID - battlefield combat identification
Backplane - Connection point between the modules and the shelf, includes
  jumper settings.                                                                       BCIS - battlefield combat identification system
BADD - battlefield awareness and data dissemination                                      BCL - batch command language
BAI - battlefield air interdiction                                                       BCN - beacon
BAIR - battlefield automation integration review                                         BCOR - brigade COMSEC office of record
BAL - basic assembly language                                                            BCP - bulk copy program
BAL - balanced                                                                           BCR - battlefield communications review
BAM - Basic Access Module                                                                BCR - byte count register
BAMD - battlefield automation management directorate                                     BCS - ballistic computer system
BAMP - battlefield automation management program                                         BCS - battery computer system
BAN - base area network (Air Force)                                                      BCS - block check sequence
Bandwidth - The frequency range between the highest and lowest                           BCS - baseband communications system
  frequencies, expressed in hertz, passed through a network. Bandwidth is
  divided into smaller frequency ranges, which can be assigned to particular             BCSR - basic commercial security requirements
  transmission uses.                                                                     BCT - battlefield command terminal
Bandwidth - Calculations - In addition to bandwidth that is used by a call,              BCT - Brigade combat teams
  there may be transparent signaling bandwidth, and trunk asynchronous
  bandwidth as well. Transparent signaling bandwidth is required for data                BCTP - battle command training program
  calls configured for transparent signaling. Trunk asynchronous bandwidth is
                                                                                         BCU - battery computer unit
  required for calls that originate from a data port with a port speed that is not
  divisible by 8 kbps, USD ports configured as pass-through timing, and                  BCU - buffer and conversion unit
  QASD ports configured for asynchronous timing.
                                                                                         BCV - battle command vehicle
Bandwidth - On Demand (BOD) - The assignment of bandwidth to a trunk
  (circuit link) only when the call is active. When the call is terminated, that         BDA - dattle damage assessment
  bandwidth is then available for other calls.                                           BDC - backup domain controller
Bandwidth - Pooling - A feature that allows pooling of the capacity of                   BDD - binary decision diagrams
  individual trunks between nodes. It treats pooled bandwidth as an
  aggregate trunk link. Bandwidth for a particular call is contiguous on one             bde - brigade
  trunk, and a call cannot be divided across more than one trunk.
                                                                                         BDI - BLACK digital interface
Bandwidth - Reservation - An approach that allows the user to reserve
  bandwidth for a call. It is especially useful for high-bandwidth or high-              BDMS - baseline data base management System
  priority calls. By entering the appropriate information in a port's database, a        BDOS - basic disk operating system
  specified amount of bandwidth can be reserved on a daily or one-time
  basis. When there is insufficient bandwidth, reservation depends on normal             BDS - battlefield data system
  call attrition. As calls hang up, bandwidth is reserved. Only calls with
                                                                                         BECN - backward error correction notification
  priority lower than the call's preempt priority are refused.
                                                                                         Bell - Labs - The basic research facility which was AT&T's primary research
BAS - Battlefield Automated Systems
                                                                                            facility. Bell Labs was spun off with Lucent Technologies. Many very
Baseband - The frequency band occupied by a single or composite signal in                   important discoveries have been made at Bell Labs including the transistor,
  its original or unmodulated form.                                                         communications theory, and radio astronomy.
BASEWAM - battlefield surveillance electronic warfare analysis model                     Bellcore - BELL COmmunications REsearch. See Telcordia. The research
                                                                                            and development organization owned by the RBOCs. Bellcore represents
BASIC - beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code                                    the RBOCs in developing standards for Telco equipment and in testing
BASM - built-in assembler                                                                   equipment compliance to those standards. Bellcore also offers educational
                                                                                            and training programs open to all interested parties.
BAT - block address translation
                                                                                         BEPS - biological experiment per second
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BER - Basic Encoding Rules                                                               BIRS - battlefield information reporting system
BER - (Bit Error Rate) - The percentage of received bits in error, relative to a         BIS - Battlefield Information Services
  specific amount of bits received. It is usually expressed as a number
  referenced to a power of 10.                                                           BISDN - broadband integrated services digital network

BERT - 1. Bit Error Rate Test- A test for digital lines which involves looping a         BIST - built-in self-test
  data path and sending a test pattern. Data returning is compared to the                BiSync - (Binary Synchronous Communications) - A communication protocol
  sent data to check for errors. Depending on the "Test Pattern" used,                      used by IBM. It uses a defined set of control characters and control
  BERTs may or may not uncover problems. A line which only has                              character sequences for synchronized transmission of binary coded data
  occasional problems will need a BERT of sufficient time duration to catch                 between stations in a data communications system.
  that intermittent problem. A five minute BERT of an ISDN BRI circuit will
  only catch severe problems. 2. A Bit Error Rate Tester. The test equipment             BIT - built-in test
  used to perform a Bit Error Rate Test.
                                                                                         Bit - (Binary Digit) - In digital circuits, the basic unit of information designated
BET - bulk-encrypted transaction                                                             by one of two possible values, 0 or 1.

BETA - battlefield exploitation target acquisition                                       Bit - 7 Stuffing - Used to maintain ones-density requirements by forcing Bit 7
                                                                                             (second least significant bit) to a one when all bits of a byte (8-bit) are all
BEX - broadband exchange                                                                     zeros.
BEZS - (Bandwidth Efficient Zero Suppression) - An N.E.T.-developed method               Bit - Error Rate Test - See BERT.
  of zero-byte substitution to guarantee ones density (forcing a zero-byte--
  0000 0000 binary--to a one-byte--0000 0001 binary) in accord with AT&T's               Bit - Rate - The capacity of a digital channel. ISDN calls are set up at a given
  specification for the Accunet T1.5. All trunks used by a circuit must be                   bit rate, either 64Kbps or 56Kbps. The bit rate cannot be changed during a
  configured for BEZS to ensure that data is not corrupted. BEZS is the                      call. See Kbps.
  N.E.T. version of the industry standard for B8ZS (Bipolar with Eight Zero
                                                                                         Bit-Oriented - Protocol - A protocol such as SDLC (Synchronous Data Link
                                                                                             Control) and HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control).
BEZS - Trunk Interface Card - This card provides a DS1 bipolar signal to one
                                                                                         BITE - built in test equipment
  full-duplex T1 trunk. It also supports maximum bandwidth zero suppression
  (MBZS).                                                                                BITS - battlefield information transmission system
BFA - battlefield function                                                               BIU - bus interface unit
BFA - Battlefield Functional Area                                                        BIX - byte information exchange (BBS)
BFACS - battlefield functional area control system                                       BL - backlit
BFN - beam forming network                                                               BL - baseline
BFSK - binary frequency shift keying                                                     BLACK - unclassified
BFT - binary file transfer                                                               BLII - base level information infrastructure
BFTT - battle force tactical training (Navy)                                             blk - block(s)
BG - battle group                                                                        BLOBS - binary large objects
BGE - branch if greater or equal                                                         Block - The means for preventing calls on links, trunks, or ports.
BGP - Border Gateway Protocol                                                            Blocking - When a circuit switched call cannot be completed. The percentage
                                                                                            of blocked calls to the number of calls attempted forms the basis of a
BGPHES - battle group passive horizon extension system
                                                                                            statistic called "grade of service". While it is economically infeasible to build
BHCC - Busy Hour Call Completions                                                           a network which would have no blocking, the phone company are held
                                                                                            accountable by the utility commissions to keep blocking below tariffed
BI - binary input                                                                           levels. The concept of blocking cannot be applied to packet networks, only
BI - business intelligence                                                                  circuit switched networks.

BIC - bus interface controller                                                           BLOS - beyond line-of-sight

BICC - Battlefield Information Coordination Center                                       BLSM - base level system modernization (See GCSS-AF)

BICEP - battlefield integrated concept emulation program (Army)                          BLWE - Battle Lab warfighting experiment

BICES - battlefield information collection and exploitation system (NATO)                BM - battle management

BIFF - battlefield identification friend or foe                                          BM/C3 - battle management/command, control, and communications

BII - base information infrastructure                                                    BMAN - broadband metropolitan area network

Billing - Telephone Number - The main phone number which all calls on a PRI              BMD - ballistic missile defense (formerly SDI)
    are billed to. This information is required when configuring a PRI PBX.              BMDO - Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (formerly SDIO)
BIMS - battlefield information management system                                         BMM - BLACK Multiplexer Module
BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain                                                     BMO - battalion maintenance officer
BIOS - basic input-output system                                                         BMP - batch message processing program
BIP - base information protection                                                        BMTA - backbone message transfer agent
Biphase - Coding - A bipolar coding format, also referred to as Manchester               BN - backbone network
   coding, which allows clock information to be imbedded into and recovered
   from the synchronous data stream without the need for separate clocking               bn - battalion
                                                                                         BNC - British Naval Connector
Bipolar - Eight-Zero Suppression - Removes the requirement for ones-density
                                                                                         BNC - Bayonet Neill Concelman [Electronics] (connector used with coaxial
   at the 64 kbps level by sending a bipolar violation code at the 1.544 Mbps
                                                                                           cable, named after inventor). Also: British naval connector.
                                                                                         BNCC - Base Network Control Center
Bipolar - Signal - A digital signal, also referred to as AMI (alternate mark
   inversion) that conveys binary digits in which successive "marks" or ones             bnd - band
   alternate between positive and negative polarity, equal in amplitude.
   Spaces or zeros are of zero amplitude.                                                BNE - branch if not equal

Bipolar - Violation - This signal is generated when receiving equipment                  BO - binary output
   detects two ones in a row of the same polarity in a bit stream. Also see              BOC - Bell Operating Company
   zero suppression.
                                                                                         BOH - bottom of hill
BIPS - billion instructions per second

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BOI - basic operator interface                                                         BSU - bulk storage unit
BOIS - battlefield operating instruction system                                        BSYNC - binary synchronous communications
BOM - bit-oriented message                                                             BT - bit test
BONES - block-oriented network simulator                                               BTB - branch target buffer
BOO - base of operations                                                               BTC - bit test and complement
BOOTP - Bootstrap Protocol                                                             BTL - backplane transceiver logic
BOP - bit oriented protocol                                                            BTN - See Billing Telephone Number.
BOS - basic operating system                                                           btry - battery
BOS - Battlefield Operating System                                                     BUCS - backup computer system
BOSS - base operations support system                                                  BUF - buffer
Both - Way Trunks - See Combination Trunks.                                            Buffer - A temporary storage space in RAM to compensate for varying data
                                                                                          transmission rates.
BPA - blanket purchase agreement
                                                                                       Bundle - The term that describes a group of 64 kbps time slots in the T1/T3
BPA - business process automation                                                        facility. Bundles are supported on the TRK-3 module.
BPF - Berkeley Packet Filter                                                           Bundle - ID - Bundles are identified through the Operator Interface by the card
BPFTP - Bullet-proof FTP                                                                 ID and an arbitrary number preceded by the letter B and an optional node
BPI - bit per inch
                                                                                       Bus - An electrical path connecting circuit elements, printed circuit board
BPM - background processing management                                                   assemblies, and other system components. The TBus is used to carry user
                                                                                         data, a CBus is used to carry signaling and control information between the
BPOM - breadboard on passive optic network
                                                                                         modules, and an XBus is used to connect the card shelves.
BPP - Brokered Private Peering
                                                                                       Bus - Extender - A card that distributes the clock and data signals for the
BPR - business process reengineering                                                     expansion shelf of the 24-slot Promina 400. The bus extender set consists
                                                                                         of the bus extender, bus repeater, and two bus extender cables.
bps - (Bits Per Second) - A measure of the information transfer rate of a data
   channel.                                                                            Bus - Repeater - A card for the 24-slot Promina 400 that relays clock and data
                                                                                         signals to the expansion shelf.
Bps - bytes per second
                                                                                       Bus - Terminator Board - On the Promina 800 and 400 nodes this board
BPSK - binary phase-shift keying                                                         provides the termination point for buses on a standard shelf.
BRI - ISDN Basic Rate Interface. The common form of ISDN with 2 Bearer                 Business - Office - The part of the phone company where you call if they
  Channels and one D Channel. All three channels are on a single copper                  mess up your bill, to report problems, and to order service. Not necessarily
  pair and encoded with type 2B1Q coding.                                                technically literate.
BRI-S - Basic-Rate S-Interface                                                         BV - battlefield visualization (Army)
BRI-U - Basic Rate U-Interface                                                         BVTC - battlefield video teleconferencing
Bridge - A device that connects two or more physical networks, and transmits           BW - bandwidth
   packets between them. Bridges can filter packets; that is, the transmittal of
   certain packets. Also see repeater and router.                                      BWLP - black and white laser printer
BRITE - Basic Rate Interface Transmission Extension. A technology where                BWM - block-write mode
  ordinary T-1 trunks (or any other digital carrier system) are used to extend
                                                                                       BWM - bandwidth manager
  ISDN service. See also Repeater.
                                                                                       BWOFS - battlefield weather observation & forecast system
Broadband - Characteristic of any network that multiplexes several
   independent network carriers into a single cable. This is usually through           BX - (Bus Extender) Module - This module (in each STS or EXS shelf in a
   Frequency Division Multiplexing. Broadband technology permits traffic on               Promina 800) functions as the communication link from the STS shelves (or
   several networks to coexist on a single cable.                                         EXS shelves) to the HSS-2 shelf. It is the interface between the SX module
                                                                                          and the STS or EXS shelves and extends the bus from the SX module to
BRSS - Brigade Remote Subscriber Service
                                                                                          the STS and EXS shelves.
BS - bit select address
                                                                                       Byte - A sequence of adjacent binary digits operated upon as a unit and
BS - broadcast source                                                                     usually shorter than a computer word. A group of eight bits makes a byte.
                                                                                          Typically, a 16-bit word is itself divided up for handling. A byte is usually the
BSA - basic service (serving) agreement                                                   smallest addressable unit of information in memory.
BSA - brigade support area
BSAM - basic sequential access method
BSBN - baseband
BSBP - Block-Step-Back Parameter
BSC - binary synchronous communications
                                                                                       C - C Programming Language
BSC - BLACK station clock
                                                                                       C - confidential
BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
                                                                                       C-FAST - counter-force automated surveillance & targeting (USAF)
BSE - basic service element
                                                                                       C-SIGINT - counter-signals intelligence
BSF - bit scan forward
                                                                                       C-LAN - Communications-LAN
BSI - British Standards Institute
                                                                                       C-E - communications-electronics
BSM - battlefield spectrum management
                                                                                       C - clear
BSN - Brigade Subscriber Node
                                                                                       C-Bit - Parity Format - This arrangement of the control bits in the basic M-
BSO - basic security option
                                                                                          frame is to enhance the current asynchronous DS3 datastream
BSO - brigade/battalion signal officer                                                    functionality. The 21 C-bits are defined to provide improved network
                                                                                          maintenance and monitoring, or DS3 path monitoring and implementation
BSR - bit scan reverse                                                                    of FEBE as well as providing for data link applications. Contrast with M13
BSS - broadcasting satellite service                                                      format used for DS1 to DS3 multiplexing.

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C-E - communications-electronics                                                    CAD - computer-aided design
C-EMS - Communications-Electronic Management System                                 CAD - collective address designators
C&A - certification & accreditation                                                 CADCI - common air defense communications interface CAP control and
                                                                                      alarm panel
C&D - cover and deception
                                                                                    CADD - computer aided design and drafting
c/kT - ratio of average carrier power to noise power spectral density
                                                                                    CADS - computer anomaly detection system
C/Ku - commercial satellite communications frequency bands
                                                                                    CAE - common applications environment
C/S/A - CINC, Service, or agency
                                                                                    CAE - computer-aided engineering
C2 - command and control
                                                                                    CAF - Combat Air Force
C2 - configuration 2
                                                                                    CAFED - computer-aided file of engineering drawings
C2 - uplink network control
                                                                                    CAFMS - computer assisted force management system
C2BFMAA - command and control battlefield function mission area analysis
                                                                                    CAGE - commercial and government entity
C2CAMP - command and control concept and management plan
                                                                                    CAI - computer-aided instruction
C2CM - C2 countermeasures
                                                                                    CAIRN - collaborative advanced internet research network
C2DA - command and control decision aid
                                                                                    CAIS - common APSE interface set
C2E - command and control element
                                                                                    CAL - computer-assisted learning
C2IPS - command and control conformation processing system
                                                                                    CALC - customer access line charges
C2MAA - command and control mission area analysis
                                                                                    Call - Manager - Controls busy/unbusy for voice calls.
C2MADP - command and control mission area development plan
                                                                                    Call - Priority - The priority assigned to each origination port to establish the
C2MAMP - command and control mission area materiel plan                                order in which calls are reconnected, It also defines which calls can or
C2MUG - command and control microcomputer users group                                  cannot be placed when bandwidth has been reserved.

C2P - command and control protect                                                   Call - Setup - The process of dynamically allocating bandwidth and
                                                                                       establishing logical circuits that permit a voice or data call connection.
C2T2 - Commercial Communications Technology Test Bed
                                                                                    Call - Summary - Contains a summary of calls in progress on a node, link, or
C2V - command and control vehicle                                                      card.
C2W - command and control warfare                                                   Call - The logical port-to-port connection or circuit (also referred to as a
                                                                                       channel) built between two ports by the network, including the origination
C2WC - Command and Control Warfare Commander (Navy)
                                                                                       node, pass-through nodes, and the destination node.
C3 - command, control and consultation (NATO)
                                                                                    Called - Party Address - This is the destination phone number of a call
C3 - command, control, and communications                                              delivered to a switch. For instance this could be the CLID of a call delivered
                                                                                       to a PBX using DID or two-way trunks. See also DID.
C3 - downlink network control
                                                                                    CALM - computer aided load manifest (manifesting) system
C3CM - C3 countermeasures (now C2CM or C2W)
                                                                                    CALS - computer-aided acquisition and logistics support (old)
C3EVAL - command, control, and communications evaluation model
                                                                                    CALS - continuous acquisition and life cycle support (new)
C3I - command, control, communications and intelligence
                                                                                    CAM - communication access method
C3I - command, control, communications and information (UK)
                                                                                    CAM - computer-aided manufacturing
C3I - Command, Control, Computers, and Intelligence
                                                                                    CAM - content-addressable memory
C3S - command, control, communications system
                                                                                    CAM - configurable access module
C4 - command, control, communications, and computers
                                                                                    CAMA - centralized automatic message accounting
C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence
                                                                                    CAMEO - Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (EPA)
C4I2 - command, control, communications, computing, intelligence and
   information systems                                                              CAMIS - Customs accounting and management information system (Customs)

C4IFTW - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence              CAMP - command ADP modernization program
   for the Warrior
                                                                                    CAMP - common Ada missile package
C4ISR - C4 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
                                                                                    CAMP - computer-assisted message preparation
C4ISR - command, control, communications, computers,intelligence,
                                                                                    CAMPS - computer-aided mission planning system
   surveillance, and reconnaissance
                                                                                    CAMPS - compartmented All Source Analysis System messageprocessing
C6 - Combined Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
                                                                                    CAN - customer access network
CA - Certification (certificate) Authority
                                                                                    CAN - campus area network
CA - III Challenge Athena Phase III
                                                                                    CAOC - Combined Air Operations Center (NATO)
CAAM - computer assisted artillery meteorology
                                                                                    CAOW - cable orderwire
CAAP - Critical Asset Protection Program
                                                                                    CAP - carrierless amplitude phase (modulation)
CAB - combat air base
                                                                                    CAP - Channel Access Protocol
Cabinet - An equipment enclosure, usually with front and rear doors. Standard
  EIA equipment cabinet that houses card shelves, power supplies, alarm             CAP - competitive access provider
  panel, fans, power distribution units, T1 jackfields.
                                                                                    CAP - communications-electronics accommodation program
CAC - connection admission control
                                                                                    CAP - Connection Approval Program
CAC - Common Access Cards
                                                                                    CAP - Control and Alarm Panel
CAC2 - combined arms command and control (Army)
                                                                                    Capacity - The amount of communications traffic a circuit, multiplexer, or
CACSD - computer-aided control system design                                          network system can support. Capacity is determined by the available
                                                                                      bandwidth and the ability to maximize bandwidth use.
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CAPE - computer-aided parametric estimating                                                CBFS - cesium beam frequency standard
CAPI - cryptographic application programming interfaces                                    CBI - computer based instruction
CAPS - communications/aural protective system                                              CBLTU - common battery line termination unit
CAPS - corporate accounts processing system (IRS)                                          CBMS - computer-based mail system
CAR - committed access rate                                                                CBR - case based reasoning
Card - A printed circuit board assembly that is located in a card slot on a shelf          CBR - continuous (constant) bit rate
   (also referred to as a module). Typically a module has a front and rear
   interface card. The front card contains the logic associated with the card.             CBS - corps battle simulation
   The card is identified by a card ID.                                                    CBT - computer based training
Card - ID - Cards are identified through the Operator Interface by a number                CBT - crossbar transceiver
   from 0 to 127 preceded by the letter "C" and an optional node ID (for
   example, N2C26). The card number refers to the actual card slot in which a              cbt - combat
   card resides (or will reside) in the card shelf.
                                                                                           CBU - Conference Bridge Unit
Card - Parameters - See parameters.
                                                                                           CBus - (Control Bus) - The CBus carries signaling and control information
Card - Shelf - Card shelf is a chassis that contains front and rear cards and a              between modules.
   backplane. The cards on the shelf are connected by buses. The Promina
                                                                                           CBX - computer branch exchange
   800 HSS-2 shelf has 16 card slots, the STS shelf has 12 card slots, and the
   EXS shelf has 16 card slots; the Promina 400 has 12 card slots and the                  CC - communications central
   expansion unit has 12 card slots; and the Promina 200 has 8 card slots.
                                                                                           CC - common criteria
Card - Slots - Guide rails, at the top and bottom of the card shelf interior,
   provide slots for inserting cards into the shelf.                                       CC - Combatant Commander

CARDS - central archive for reusable defense software                                      CC/S/A - Combatant Commander/Service/Agency

CARP - contingency alternate route plan                                                    CCA - Circuit Card Assembly

Carrier - Detect Circuitry - Circuits that detect a carrier signal to determine if a       CCB - (Call Control Block) - The basic data structure that is used by the call
   transmission is about to occur.                                                           controller to identify and describe data circuits. A Call In Progress (CIP)
                                                                                             block forms an extension to the CCB during circuit construction. This is
Carrier - Signal - A continuous sine-wave signal at a frequency that easily                  discarded upon circuit establishment.
   passes over the communications medium. It is a pipeline that allows data to
   move from DCE to DCE, with the carrier modulated in order to send data.                 CCC - CINC Command Complex

CARS - cable television relay service (station)                                            CCC - command and control center

CARS - contingency airborne reconnaissance system (USAF)                                   CCC - critical control circuit

CART - compact array radio-location technique                                              CCD - charged-coupled device

CART - computer analysis and response team (FBI)                                           CCDEL - Command and Control Demonstration Laboratory

CARTS - common Ada run-time system                                                         CCDG - Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group

CAS - command automation system                                                            CCDL - cross channel data link

CAS - crew assignment sheet                                                                CCE - configurable crypto engine

CAS - Task (Channel Associated Signaling) Task - The CAS task implements                   CCEP - commercial communications security endorsement program
  all signaling protocols and conversions for PRC and TMCP modules. The                    CCES - contingency communications extension switch
  CAS task provides support for signaling protocol SSDC5-A and E&M, as
  described in British Telecom Publication BTNR 187.                                       CCF - control communications facility
CASE - computer-aided (assisted) systems (software) engineering                            CCI - computer crime Iinitiative
CASES - capability assessment expert system                                                CCI - Computer Crime Investigator
CASL - CSCE automated software load                                                        CCI - controlled cryptographic item
CASS - consolidated automated support system                                               CCI - controlled COMSEC item
CAST - computer-aided software testing                                                     CCIR - commander’s critical information requirements
CAT - computer-assisted training or technology                                             CCIR - consultative committee of international radio
CATC - carrier air traffic control center                                                  CCIS - command center information system
CATF - Commander Amphibious Task Force                                                     CCIS - command, control and information system
CATIA - computer graphic aided three-dimensional application                               CCIS - 1. Common Channel Interoffice Signaling. A signaling system where
                                                                                             network information such as address and routing information are handled
CATIS - computer-aided tactical information system                                           externally to the actual communications (voice) path. SS7 (Signaling
CATS - consolidated asset tracking system (Justice)                                          System 7) is the internationally standardized CCIS system. Deployment of
                                                                                             CCIS increased efficiency since no communications (voice) channels are
CAU - controlled access unit                                                                 used merely to report an "all trunks busy" or "far end busy" conditions. It
                                                                                             also decreased toll fraud substantially since it removed the potential for
CAU - crypto authorization (ancillary) unit
                                                                                             access to the signaling information that was inherent to in-band signaling
CAVE - Cellular Authentication of Voice Encryption                                           schemes. CCIS also enables CLASS features as well as sophisticated re-
                                                                                             routing features for "intelligent network" applications. See also In Band
CAW - certification authority workstation                                                    Signaling. 2. common channel interswitch signaling
CAWG - Communications Architecture Working Group                                           CCITT - (Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone) -
CB - common battery                                                                          This international organization recommends standards for
                                                                                             telecommunications. Also see ITU.
CBAC - Context Based Access Protocol
                                                                                           CCIU - CEF control interface unit
CBC - cipher block chaining
                                                                                           CCL - connection control language
CBCS - Combat Communications Squadron
                                                                                           CCL - continuous communications link
CBCS - common baseline circuit switch
                                                                                           CCL - communications-computer link
CBCS - common battery circuit switching
                                                                                           CCN - common control node
CBEMA - Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
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CCOR - corps COMSEC office of record                                                 CDGS - conditioned diphase group signal
CCOW - control channel order wire                                                    CDI - Conditioned Diphase
CCP - Caneware control processor                                                     CDIF - CASE data interchange facility
CCP - contingency communications package                                             CDIG - commercial digital
CCPC - Civil Communications Planning Committee (NATO)                                CDIS - counter drug intelligence system
CCPDS - command center processing and display system                                 CDL - computer design language
CCPL - command and control product line (USAF)                                       CDL - compressed dialing list
CCPS - contingency communications parent switch                                      CDM - cable driver modem
CCR - call completion rate                                                           CDM - conditioned diphase modulation
CCS - combat control system                                                          CDMA - code division multiple access
CCS - command & control systems                                                      CDMGB - Cable Driver Modem Group Buffer
CCS - constellation control stations                                                 CDMS - computer-aided design data management system
CCS - (Common Channel Signaling) - 1. A channel used to carry signaling              CDN - consolidated data network (Treasury) (Now TCS)
  information via LAPD (link access procedure/D channel). 2.
  communications control set                                                         CDN - compressed dial number

CCSA - common control switching arrangement                                          CDOS - concurrent disk operating system

CCSC - Commercial Computer Security Centre (UK)                                      CDP - 1. conditioned diphase; 2. Cisco Discovery Protocol

CCSD - control communications service designator                                     CDPD - cellular digital packet data

CCSIL - command and control simulation interface language                            CDPSK - coherent differential phase-shift keying

CCSK - cyclic (cycle) code shift keying                                              CDR - call detail recording

CCSQ - combat communications squadron                                                cdr - commander

CCSS - commodity command standard system                                             CDS - Compact Digital Switch

CCTC - Command and Control Technical Center                                          CDS - call directory service

CCTT - Close Combat Tactical Trainer                                                 CDS - combat direction system

CCTT - command and control team trainer                                              CDS - command destruct system

CCTV - closed circuit television                                                     CDS - communications deception unit

CCU - common control unit                                                            CDS - compact disk switches

CCU - combined controller unit                                                       CDSF - Combat Developer Software Facility

CCW - cable cutoff wavelength                                                        CDSS - commanders decision support system

CD - carrier detect                                                                  CDT - computer directed training

CD - collision detection                                                             CDU - Control Display Unit

CD - color display                                                                   CDV - compressed digital video

CD - compact disk                                                                    CE - cache enable

CD-I - compact disk-interactive                                                      CE - communications element

CD-MO - compact disk-magneto optical                                                 CE - communications-electronics

CD-R - compact disk-recordable                                                       CEC - computer engineering center

CD-RDx - dompact disk - read only memory data exchange standard                      CEC - cooperative engagement capability (Navy)

CD-ROM - compact disk - read only memory                                             CEC - Central Equipment Cabinet

CD-RTOS - compact disk - real time operating system                                  CECOM - Communications and Electronics Command (Army)

CD-V - compact disk - video                                                          CEF - common equipment facility

CD-WO - compact disk - write once                                                    CEF - COMSEC equipment facility

CD-XA - compact disk - extended architecture                                         CEG - communications equipment group

CD-R - compact disk recordable                                                       CEG - Common Equipment Group

CD - channel designator                                                              CEI - communications/electronics intelligence

CD - compact disk                                                                    CEI - comparatively efficient interconnection

CD - compressed dial                                                                 CEI - conducted electromagnetic interference

CDA - compound document architecture                                                 CEIS - corporate executive information systems

CDA - computer design activity                                                       CEIT - Center of Excellence for Information Technology

CDA - conditioned diphase adapter                                                    CellXpress - Module - This module is an ATM access device supporting T1,
                                                                                        E1, T3, and E3 trunk interfaces. It multiplexes different sources of Promina
CDC - Conditioned Diphase Converter                                                     traffic (voice, video, and data) for transport across an ATM network.
CDC - central directory component                                                    CELP - code-excited linear prediction
CDD - common data dictionary                                                         CEM - Control Electronics Module
CDDI - copper distributed data interface                                             CEMT - Center for Electronic Messaging Technologies (GSA)
CDE - common data environment                                                        cen - center
CDE - common desktop environment                                                     CENT - US Central Command
CDF - combined distribution frame                                                    CENTAF - Air Force Component Central Command

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CENTCOM - US Central Command                                                          Checksum - The sum of a group of data items, associated with the group, for
                                                                                        checking purposes.
Central - Office - See CO.
                                                                                      CHEMO - chemical officer
CEOI - communications-electronics operating instruction
                                                                                      CHIMPS - Chirpsounder Integrated MUF Prediction System
CEP - civil emergency planning
                                                                                      CHIPs - correlation of hot IPs
CEP - cable entrance panel
                                                                                      CHISSA - center for high integrity system software assurance
CEPT - (Committee of European Postal and Telecommunications) Module -
  This module is an internodal trunk operating at 2048 kbps (European data            CHK - check
  rates). It supports HDB3 line coding, which meets the ones density without
  data corruption. This module cannot be used for port connection to a                CHNG - change
  channel bank.                                                                       CHNL - channel
CERIAS - Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and               Choke - Exchange - A telephone exchange which is assigned to Radio and TV
  Security                                                                              stations, Promoters, and other users which will be receiving large numbers
CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team                                                 of simultaneous calls. The idea is to group all of these users on a single
                                                                                        exchange so when all routes into that exchange are in use "normal" users
CES - circuit emulation standard                                                        (on other exchanges) will not experience blocking of incoming or outgoing
                                                                                        calls. Trunks from other local exchanges into the choke exchange are
CESA - Cyberspace Electronic Security Act                                               deliberately limited to just a few paths so callers will get an "all trunks busy"
CESE - communications equipment support element                                         instead of completely blocking their local exchange. However, when one of
                                                                                        the choke exchange users experiences a large number of calls (as when
CESG - Communications Electronics Security Group (UK)                                   your station runs a contest) the other choke exchange users will be blocked
                                                                                        because all trunks into the choke exchange will be busy. See Blocking and
CESG - communications equipment support group
CESO - Communications-Electronics Staff Officer
                                                                                      CHPC - center for high-performance computing
CEWI - combat electronic warfare intelligence
                                                                                      CHS - common hardware and software
CEWS - communications early warning system
                                                                                      CHUB - controlling HUB
CF - central facility
                                                                                      CI - counterintelligence
CFAA - Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
                                                                                      CI - competitive intelligence
CFD - configure fill device
                                                                                      CI-library - cryptographic interface library
CFE - Caneware front end
                                                                                      CI - (Customer Installation) - Equipment and wiring at the customer's location
CFPD - color flat panel display                                                           on the customer side of the Network Interface (NI).
CFRP - conceptual rramework for reuse planners                                        CI/SCM - counterintelligence and security countermeasures
CG - communications group                                                             CIAC - Computer Incident Advisory Council (capability)

CGA - color graphics adapter                                                          CIAO - Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
CGI - common gateway interface                                                        CIAP - combat intelligence architecture plan

CGI - computer generated interface                                                    CIB - communications information bulletins

CGM - computer graphics metafile                                                      CIC - carrier identification codes
CGRP - common hardware reference platform                                             CIC - combat information center

CGS - common ground station                                                           CIC - Committee on Information and Communications
CGSC - Command and General Staff College                                              CIC - communication interface controller

CGTS - Coast Guard telecommunications system                                          CIDF - Common Intrusion Detection Framework
CGWS - Coast Guard work station                                                       CIDOS - COMSEC Interservice Depot & Overhaul Standard

CH - channel                                                                          CIDR - classless interdomain routing

CHAALS - communications high accuracy airborne location system                        CIDSE - consolidated integrated development support environment

chan - channel                                                                        CIDSS - CINCPACAF integrated decision support system
Channel - An electronic communications path, usually of 4,000 Hz (voice)              CIFAX - ciphered facsimile
  bandwidth; physical or logical path allowing the transmission of information.
                                                                                      CIFS - common Internet file system
  Generally, channel refers to an individual DS0B Circuit with a DS0B
  bundle. Also see port.                                                              CIG - communications interface group
Channel - Bank - Equipment used to connect to digital transmission facilities.        CIGSS - common imagery ground/surface system
  In the transmit direction, the channel bank performs sampling, time-division
  multiplexing, compression, and encoding in binary format. In the receive            CIHEP - Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Equipment Program
  direction, the channel bank performs decoding, expanding, and gating. The           CIK - crypto ignition key
  channel bank must also detect and transmit signaling information for each
  channel, transmit framing information to the receiving terminal so that the         CILS - Commerce Information Locator Service
  time slots allocated to each channel can be identified, and transmit alarm
  signals to the far terminal during a specified alarm condition.                     CILS - continuous integrated logistics system

Channel - Capacity - The maximum information transmission rate possible               CIM - Center for Information Management
  through a channel at a specified BER.                                               CIM - computer integrated manufacturing
Channel - Time Slot - In time-division multiplexing, a time slot starting at a        CIM - corporate information management
  particular phase in each primary frame and allocated to a channel for
  transmitting pulse-coded voice or data signal. A standard PCM system has            CIM - Crypto Interface Module
  24 channel time slots.
                                                                                      CINC - Commander-in-Chief
CHAP - Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
                                                                                      CINC - commander in chief of a combatant command
CHAR - character
                                                                                      CINCPAC - FLT - Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet
CHBDL - common high bandwidth data link
                                                                                      CINEMA - commerce, internet, electronic mail access (GSA/FTS)
CHCS - composite health care system
                                                                                      CIO - Central Imagery Office (now part of NIMA)

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CIO - Chief Information Officer                                                          CJCSI - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CIOCS - communication input/output control system                                        CJCSM - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
CIOSP - Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners (NIH)                           CJIS - criminal justice information services (systems) (FBI)
CIP - consolidated imagery program                                                       CJLI - command job language interpreter
CIP - communications improvement program                                                 CJTF - Commander, Joint Task Force
CIP - communications implementation plan                                                 CK - check
CIP - combat information processor                                                       CKA - chief knowledge architect
CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection                                                 CKL - compromised key list
CIP - critical intelligence parameters                                                   CKM - COMSEC key manager
CIP - communications interface processor                                                 CKT - circuit
CIPO - CINC Interoperability Program Office                                              ckv - common key variable
CIPSO - commercial Internet protocol security option                                     CLAR - channel local address register
CIPSU - CIP pseudoline                                                                   CLASS - Custom Local Area Signaling Services. A variety of enhanced
                                                                                           features (usually on analog lines) that take advantage of the ability of
CIPWG - Critical Infrastructure Protection Working Group                                   modern SS7 technology°Øs ability to transmit information about the
CIR - committed information rate                                                           calling party. CLASS includes such features as Caller ID, Automatic
                                                                                           Callback, Call Trace (initiated by subscriber), Selective Call Rejection, etc.
CIR - Central Intelligence Report
                                                                                         Class - Of Service - Consists of, and determined by, four parameters assigned
CIRC - central information reference and control system                                     to each port: (1) call setup priority; (2) compression level; (3) preempt
                                                                                            priority, and (4) routing requirement.
Circuit - A communications path between two points.
                                                                                         CLB - configurable logic block
Circuit - Switched Data - See CSD.
                                                                                         CLCC - combined loop core card
Circuit - Switching - A system where a dedicated channel is allocated to the
   users of that call for the duration of that call. That channel is allocated for       CLCC - combined loop controller card
   the duration of the call regardless if information is being transmitted at any
   given moment. Bandwidth through the channel is fixed, at no time may this             CLD - cable length demodulation
   bandwidth be exceeded. If this bandwidth is not used it is wasted. While              Clear - Channel - A 64 kbps channel (DS0) using out-of-band signaling,
   inherently inefficient, the dependable and reliable nature of circuit switching          leaving the entire 64K for data. A clear channel uses no A/B bit signaling
   makes it ideally suited to real-time voice and audio/video conferencing                  information, displayed when querying a port configured for clear-channel
   applications. This is in stark contrast to systems where statistical                     operation. Clear-channel operation is used by PRC and TMCP ports which
   multiplexing is used. See Statistical Multiplexing                                       use BEZS line coding. Also see BEZS.
CIREN - Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (NHTSA)                            Clear - Channel Bundle - A group of one or more DS0s installed on a TRK-3
CIRG - Critical Incident Response Group (FBI)                                               span-mode card. Clear channel bundles provide connectivity between the
                                                                                            Promina or IDNX node and off-net PX platform ports.
CIRK - common interswitch rekey key
                                                                                         CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. Your local telephone service
CIRK - common interswitch rekey                                                            provider who is one of the new-generation providers rather than a RBOC or
                                                                                           Independent. A CLEC is really just an Independent, albeit one formed after
CIRT - computer incident response team
                                                                                           the divestiture of AT&T. See LEC.
CIRV - common interswitch rekeying variable
                                                                                         CLEF - commercially licensed evaluation facility
CIS - combat intelligence system
                                                                                         CLF - Commander Landing Force
CIS - communications and information systems (NATO)
                                                                                         CLI - call-level interface
CIS - CASE integration services
                                                                                         CLI - calling line identification
CIS - Combat Intelligence System
                                                                                         CLID - Calling Line Identification. This is the ISDN and SS7 equivalent of
CIS - computer aided system engineering integration services                                Caller ID; I.E. the number of the calling party. See also ANI.
CISA - C4I Integration Support Activity                                                  clk - clock
CISC - complex instruction set computer                                                  CLM - cable length demodulation
CISL - common intrusion specification language                                           CLNP - Connectionless Network Protocol
CISO - Chief Information Security Officer                                                CLNS - connectionless network service

CISO - counterintelligence staff officer                                                 Clock - An oscillator-generated signal that provides a timing reference for a
                                                                                            transmission link; it controls timing of functions such as sampling interval,
CISRV - common interswitch rekey variable                                                   signaling rate, and duration of signal elements. Clocking is accomplished
CISS - Center for Information Systems Security                                              by phase locking to the appropriate reference derived from ports he or
CIT - combined interrogator/transponder
                                                                                         Clock - Status - Contains information on where the clock information is
CIT - computer integrated telephony                                                         obtained for the node.
CITA - Center on Information Technology Accommodation (GSA)                              CLR - clear
CITAC - Computer Investigations and Threat Assessment Center (FBI)                       CLS - crosslink subsystem
CITEL - Inter-American Telecommunications Commission                                     CLSA - COMSEC logistics support activity
CITIS - Contractor Integrated Technical Information Services                             CLSU - communications security logistics support unit
CITS - combat information transport system (USAF)                                        CLTP - connectionless transport protocol
CIU - communications interface unit                                                      CLTS - connectionless transport service
CIWE - Center for Information Warfare Excellence                                         CLU - command and launch unit
CIX - Commercial Internet Exchange                                                       CLUI - command line user interface
CJA - Civil/Judge Advocate                                                               Cluster - Controller - A device that interfaces multiple terminals with data
                                                                                            communications facilities associated with central, major computer centers.
CJCS - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
                                                                                            Commonly used in multipoint synchronous data networks involving

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   distributed transaction processing and host-controlled, centralized network        CNCE - Communications Nodal Control Element
   architectures, such as SNA.
                                                                                      CNCS - crypto net control station
CLUT - color lookup tables
                                                                                      CND - Computer Network Defense
CM - configuration management
                                                                                      CND - computer network defense
CM - countermeasures
                                                                                      CND-SP - computer network defense service provider
CM - control modem
                                                                                      CNE - Computer Network Exploitation
CM - communication modem
                                                                                      CNI - Center for Networked Information
CM - crypto module
                                                                                      CNI - communication, navigation, identification
cm - centimeter
                                                                                      CNIDR - clearinghouse for network information and discovery and retrieval
CM - control monitor
                                                                                      CNIU - communications/navigation interface unit
CMA - control monitor alarm
                                                                                      CNM - customer network management
CMAA - communications mission area analysis
                                                                                      CNO - Chief of Naval Operations
CMC - CDI Modem Card
                                                                                      CNO - computer network operations
CMC - computer-mediated communication [Internet]
                                                                                      CNOS - corporate network operating system
CMCS - COMSEC material control system
                                                                                      CNR - carrier-to-noise ratio
CMD - command
                                                                                      CNR - combat net radio
CMDSA - COMSEC Materiel Direct Support Activity
                                                                                      CNRI - combat net radio interface
CMI - computer managed instruction
                                                                                       CNS - channel networking service
CMI - (Coded Mark Inversion) - A CCITT line coding technique specified for the
  fourth-level CCITT multiplex signal. CMI is also used in other applications,        CNS - communications, navigation and surveillance (FAA)
  notably in Japanese DS1 level systems. CMI is similar to digital biphase            CNS - complementary network service
  coding, in that an abundance of signal transitions exist, and there is no DC
  energy in the signal. Additionally there is no limit on the number of               CNS - converged network services
  consecutive zeros allowed in the bit stream. CMI encodes ones (marks) as
                                                                                      CNSS - Core Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
  bipolar NRZ level/AMI; zeros are encoded as a half-cycle square wave of
  one particular phase. See waveform coding.                                          CNTG - Computer Network Transaction Groups
CMIO - communications security material issuing office                                CNTL - control
CMIP - common management information protocol                                         CNV - VINSON cryptonet variable
CMIS - common management information system (service)                                 CNX - certified network expert
CMIS/P - common management information services and protocols                         CO - central office
CMISE - Corps Military Intelligence Support Element (Army)                            CO - Commanding Officer
CML - computer managed learning                                                       co - company
CMM - capability maturity model                                                       COA - central operating authority (NATO)
CMM - core memory module                                                              COA - course of action
CMMS - computerized maintenance management software                                   COAM - customer owned and maintained equipment
CMOS - cargo movement operations system (USAF)                                        COAST - computer operations, audit and security technology
CMOS - complementary metal oxide silicon                                              COAX - coaxial cable
CMP - communications message processor                                                COBOL - common business oriented language
CMPR - common-mode rejection ratio                                                    COBRA - common object request broker architecture
CMRS - commercial mobile radio services                                               COCOM - Combatant Commander, combatant command
CMS - Combat Mission Simulator                                                        COCOMO - constructive cost model
CMS - command management system                                                       CODEC - compression/decompression
CMS - common mapping system (USAF)                                                    Codec - COder/DECoder. A device which takes digitized audio and "codes" it
                                                                                        in order to reduce the transmission bit rate and which can also
CMS - combat mission simulator
                                                                                        simultaneously "decode" such coded audio. Strictly speaking, a codec does
CMS - configuration management system                                                   not include an ISDN terminal adaptor and relatedequipment.

CMSCD - Communication Mode Selector Control Device                                    COE - Common Operating Environment

CMST - collection management support tools                                            COEA - cost and operational effectiveness analysis

CMT - CarryMast Telescopic Mast                                                       COFDM - coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

CMTC-IS - combat maneuver training center instrumentation system (Army)               COFF - common object file format

CMTS - cable modem termination system                                                 CofS - Chief of Staff

CMU - central management unit                                                         COI - community of interest

CMW - compartmented mode workstation                                                  COIL - Chemical Oxygen-Iodine Laser

CMWS - common missile warning system                                                  COINS - community online intelligence system

CMX - circuit multiplexer                                                             COM - character oriented messages

CMY - cyan-magenta-yellow (color model)                                               COMALF - commander, airlift forces comm communications

CN/CMS - counter-narcotics/command and management system                              COMB - combiner

CNA - computer network attack (DOD)                                                   Combination - Trunk - A trunk (channel) which can both make and receive
                                                                                        calls. This generally refers to analog ground start or loop start trunks,
CNC - computerized numerical control                                                    although the term can be applied to ISDN BRI or PRI channels as well.

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   Each combination trunk normally has a telephone number, although they               Controller - A generic term for a type of communication control unit that
   are frequently part of a hunt group and only one number may be published              manages the details of line control and routing of data through a network.
   for that group. Also called a Both Way Trunk. This is not the same as a
   Two-way DID trunk. See DID Trunk, Hunt Group and Trunk                              CONUS - Continental United States

COMCAM - combat camera                                                                 coord - coordinate(s)

COMINT - communications intelligence                                                   COP - character oriented protocol

COMM - communications                                                                  COP - common operating picture

Common - Carrier - A company that furnishes communications services to the             COR - central office of record
  general public and is regulated by appropriate state or federal agencies.            CORBA - common object request broker architecture
Common - Channel Interoffice Signaling - See CCIS                                      CORN - computer resource nucleus (FAA)
Common - Equipment - Standard equipment that is shipped with nodes to                  COS - class of service
  provide basic functionality. It includes modules (such as the SX, BX, PPM
  and PSM for the Promina 800) as well as card shelves, power supply trays,            COS - corporation for open systems
  and power supplies.
                                                                                       COSCOM - corps support command
Companding - Derived from COMpressor and exPANDer, companding is the
                                                                                       COSE - common open system environment
  process of logarithmically compressing the dynamic range of an input
  signal at the transmitter and expanding it back to almost original form at the       COSMIC - Computer Software Management and Information Center
                                                                                       COSPO - Community Open Source Program Office (CIA)
COMPES - contingency operations/mobility planning and execution system
                                                                                       Cost - Routing - See routing cost.
Competitive - Local Exchange Carrier - See CLEC
                                                                                       COSTARS - combined sensors target acquisition, recognition, strike
COMPFEC - compressed with forward error correction
                                                                                       COT - Commercial Over TRI-TAC
Composite - Loopback - Loopback of the DS0B bundle.
                                                                                       COT - computer operator terminal
Compression - Application of any of several techniques that reduce the
  number of bits needed to represent information in data transmission or               COT - customer office terminal
  storage. It conserves bandwidth and memory so the original form of the               COTS - commercial off-the-shelf
  information can be reconstructed. Compression is also known as
  compaction.                                                                          COU - cable orderwire unit
Compression - Level - A level assigned to each voice port that defines the             COW - control orderwire
  amount of compression needed on all calls originating from that channel. If
                                                                                       CP - command post
  a call cannot be set up to satisfy the assigned compression level or that
  satisfies the default standard of 64 kbps Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), no            CP - crypto peripheral
  call is placed.
                                                                                       CP - collaborative planning
COMPUSEC - computer security
                                                                                       CPAS - Cellular Priority Access Service
COMSAT - communications satellite
                                                                                       CPCI - computer program configuration item
COMSEC - Communications Security
                                                                                       CPCS - (Common Part Conjunction Sublayer) - The Common Part Conjunction
COMSIM - communications simulation system                                                Sublayer of ATM Adaption Layer 5 in conjunction with the ATM-layer
COMSPOT - communications spot report                                                     ATM_user_to_user Indication (end of PDU) provides segmentation and
                                                                                         reassembly (frame delimiting) for FR-SSCS PDUs.
COMSTAT - communications status report
                                                                                       CPD - combat pictorial detachment (Army)
COMSTATSUM - communications status summary report
                                                                                       CPDLC - controller/pilot data link communications (FAA)
CONAUTH - controlling authority
                                                                                       CPDS - computer program development specification
Concatenation - The linking of transmission channels end to end.
                                                                                       CPE - central processing element
Concentration - The basic premise is to share facilities wherever possible. For
                                                                                       CPE - (Customer Premises Equipment) - Equipment that is located on the
  instance, while there may be thousands of customers served by a given
                                                                                         customer's premises.
  Central Office, there will be substantially less than that number of calls
  which can be handled simultaneously. And even fewer long distance calls              CPFSK - continuous-phase frequency shift keying
  can be made simultaneously. The art of Traffic Engineering is to have
  enough capability that calls are rarely blocked, but not any more than that.         CPG - Central Processor Group
  See also Choke Exchange and Blocking.
                                                                                       CPIN - computer program identification number
Conditioning, - Line - The addition of equipment to a leased voice-grade               CPLD - complex programmable logic device
  channel to improve analog characteristics to allow higher rates of data
  transmission.                                                                        CPLI - calling party line identification
CONEXPLAN - contingency and exercise plan                                              CPM - communications planning module
Configuration - Database - The user-specified information about the network            CPNI - Customer Proprietary Network Information
  (such as nodes, cards, ports, and links) stored in flash memory, PSM disk
  drive, or both on Promina nodes.                                                     CPP - Communications Protocol Processor

Connect - Time - The time that a circuit is in use.                                    CPP - point-to-point analysis

Connectivity - The ability to effectively integrate information and                    CPP - communication patch panel
  communications equipment, including equipment with different standards               CPPP - Compressed Point-to-Point Protocol
  and protocols.
                                                                                       CPS - characters per second
CONOPS - Concept of Operations
                                                                                       CPS - certificate practices statement
CONPLAN - 1. contingency plan; 2. operations plan in concept format
                                                                                       CPS - COMSEC parent switch
CONT - continuous
                                                                                       CPSM - continuous phase shift modulation
Contention - The facility provided by the dial network or a port selector that
  allows multiple terminals to compete on a first-come-first-serve basis for a         CPSR - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  smaller number of computer ports.
                                                                                       CPSS - Computer Systems Squadron
Control - Mode - A DDS circuit is in the Control Mode when the circuit's C bit =
                                                                                       CPTS - computer program test specification
  0 (for example, the data bits contain a DDS Network Control Code such as
  a loopback request).                                                                 CPU - central processing unit

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CPX - command post exercise                                                            CSE - client server environment
CR - channel (circuit) reliability                                                     CSE - Communications Security Establishment (Canada)
CRAG - compass, radar and global positioning                                           CSEL - combat survivor-evader locator (communications)
CRC - Control and Reporting Center                                                     CSEL - circuit switch select line
CRC - circuit routing chart                                                            CSET - computer security engineering team (USAF)
CRC - (Cyclical Redundancy Check) - 1. An error detection method, for link-            CSF - configuration strapping function
  level data transmissions, that does mathematical calculations on a
  message and sends the results to the receiving side. The receiving side              CSG - Cryptologic Support Group (NSA)
  performs the same calculation, and if the results do not match, it requests a        CSI - commercial SATCOM interconnectivity
  retransmission. 2. circuit routing chart.
                                                                                       CSI - Computer Security Institute
CRE - control and reporting element
                                                                                       CSIPG - circuit switch trunk interface planning guide
CREN - Computer Research Education Network
                                                                                       CSIT - Customer Service Improvement Team
CRF - Cable Retransmission Facility
                                                                                       CSL - computer sensitive language
CRF - channel reassignment function
                                                                                       CSL - computer systems laboratory
CRI - collective RI
                                                                                       CSLIP - (Compressed Serial Line Interface Protocol) - A version of SLIP using
CRIS - communications resource information sharing (NCS)                                 compression. See SLIP.
CRIS - computer resources integrated support                                           CSM - compartmented security mode
CRISD - Computer Resources Integrated Support Document                                 CSM - Command Sergeant Major
CRISIS - combat readiness infrastructure support information system (USAF)             CSMA/CD - carrier sense multiple access/collision detection
CRISP - Computer Resources Integrated Support Plan                                     CSNI - communications systems network interoperability
CRISP - crypto reduced instruction set processor                                       CSO - cognizant security office
CRITIC - critical intelligence                                                         CSO - communications service order
CRL - certificate revocation list                                                      CSOLOP - Circuit Switch On Line Operational Program
CRM - Collections Requirements Management                                              CSOR - computer security objects register
CRMP - Computer Resources Management Plan                                              CSP - common synthetic aperture radar processor
CROM - control read only memory                                                        CSP - communications system processor
Crosstalk - Undesired voice-band energy transfer from one circuit to another           CSP - Common Security Protocol
   (usually adjacent).
                                                                                       CSP - call service position
CRPA - Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna
                                                                                       CSP - Communications Support Package
CRS - call reporting system
                                                                                       CSPC - Call Service Position Console
CRS - circuit switch routing
                                                                                       CSPDN - circuit switched public data network
CRT - cathode ray tube
                                                                                       CSPE - Communication System Planning Element
CRXC - continuous receive clock
                                                                                       CSR - commercial security requirements
CRYPTO - cryptographic
                                                                                       CSR - circuit switch routing
Crypto - Synchronizer Circuit - This circuit is used to synchronize external
   equipment. The circuit is pulsed whenever the DS3 signal is out-of-frame.           CSR - communications status report

CS - communications security                                                           CSR - TEP circuit switch routing task execution plan

CS - Communications Server                                                             CSS - card and socket services

CS-ACELP - Conjugate-Structure Algebraic-Code-Excited Linear-Predictive                CSS - cascading style sheets

CS - circuit switch                                                                    CSS - Central Security Service

CS - combat support                                                                    CSS - commercial satellite survivability

CSA - Combat Support Agencies                                                          CSS - common support system

CSA - Computer Security Act                                                            CSS - communications support system (Navy)

CSAP - Computer Security Accreditation Plan                                            CSS - COMSEC subordinate switch

CSAR - Channel System Address Register                                                 CSS - communications subsystem

CSC - common signaling channel                                                         CSS - Circuit Switch Subsystem

CSC - computer software component                                                      CSS - combat service support

CSCE - Communications System Control Element                                           CSSC - Canadian System Security Centre

CSCI - Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative                                  CSSCS - combat service support control system (Army)

CSCI - computer software configuration item                                            CSSE - combat service support element

CSD - cellular security device                                                         CSSI - computer security subsystem interpretation

CSD - Circuit Switched Data- A dial-up data communications channel which,              CSSPAB - Computer System Security and Privacy Advisory Board
  once established, looks like a transparent data pipe. Also, the type of ISDN
                                                                                       CSSTSS - combat service support training simulation system
  service required to utilize this capability of an ISDN circuit. In contrast to
  CSV.                                                                                 CSTC - Computer Security Technology Center
CSDC - circuit-switched digital capability                                             CSTO - Computer Systems Technology Office
CSDS - Packet Switched Data Service                                                    CSU - communications switching unit
CSE - Center for Security Evaluations                                                  CSU - computer software unit

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CSU - customer service unit                                                            CU - Common User
CSU - call service unit                                                                CU - control unit
CSU - (Channel Service Unit) - A device at the customer's site that connects to        CU - common unit
  a public carrier's T1 line at the Central Office. It provides bipolar violation
  correction, assurance of proper ones' density in the transmitted bit stream,         CUBE - command and control unified battlespace environment
  and FCC tariff 68 network protection compliance.                                     CUI - character-oriented user interface
CSU/DSU - A device which incorporates the functions of a CSU (Channel                  CUITN - Common User Installation Transport Network
  Service Unit) and a DSU (Data Service Unit) and interfaces between a
  Switched-56 (or "Dedicated Digital Service") line and a user's data                  CUL - common user language
                                                                                       CUM - cumulative
CSV - Circuit Switched Voice- A dial-up communications circuit for voice grade
                                                                                       CUP - COMSEC utility program
  communication. Also, the type of ISDN service required to use this
  capability of an ISDN circuit. In contrast to CSD.                                   Custom - ISDN - An ISDN protocol which pre-dates National ISDN-1. In most
                                                                                         cases National ISDN-1 is also available. The Northern Telcom DMS-100
CSWG - communications systems working group (NATO)
                                                                                         switch supports "Custom DMS ISDN". The AT&T/Lucent 5ESS switch
CT - cryptologic technician                                                              supports "Custom Point-to-Point" (PTP) and Custom Point-to-MultiPoint
                                                                                         (PMP). The ISDN protocol has no relation to where one may call.
CT - cipher text
                                                                                       CV - continuously variable
CT - communications terminal
                                                                                       CV - community variable
CT - control telemetry
                                                                                       CVAT - Coalition Vulnerability Analysis Team
CTA - common table of allowances
                                                                                       CVBG - carrier battle group
CTAPS - Contingency Tactical Air Control System (TACS) Automated
  Planning System                                                                      CVDOW - combined voice and data orderwire

CTASC-I - Corps/Theater Automatic Data Processing Service Center Phase-I               CVE - common vulnerabilities and exposures

CTCD - cipher text data terminal ready                                                 CVGA - color video graphics array

CTCPEC - Canadian trusted computer product evaluation criteria                         CVS - cargo visibility system

CTCS - cipher text clear to send                                                       CVSD - continuous variable slope delta

CTDM - cipher text data mode                                                           CVSDA - CVSD altered

CTHA - Contra-wound Toroidal Helical Antenna                                           CVSDM - (Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation) - A speech-encoding
                                                                                         technique that encodes the difference between two successive signal
CTI - computer-telephone integration                                                     levels using a 1-bit sample. The sampling rate that is usually used is
CTI - Cryptologic Technician Interpretive                                                32,000 times per second, but lesser rates have been used successfully.

CTI - Control Terminal Interface                                                       CVTS - compressed video transmission service

CTI - Criterion Test Instructions                                                      CVW - collaborative virtual workspace

CTIA - Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association                                CW - continuous wave

CTIC - COMSEC TRANSEC integrated circuit                                               CWAN - coalition wide area network

CTID - communications transmission identifier                                          CWAN - consolidated wide area network (Korea)

CTIS - combat terrain information system                                               CWC - Composite Warfare Commander

CTIS - command tactical information system (Pacific Command)                           CWIN - cockpit weather information system

CTL - Control                                                                          CWSI - Cisco Works Switch Internetworks

CTLL - cipher text local loopback                                                      CX - composite signaling

CTN - CALS test network                                                                CXR - carrier D4 Superframe

CTOC - Corps Tactical Operations Center                                                CYMK - cyan-yellow-magenta-black (color model)

CTOS - convergent technologies operating systems                                       CYPRIS - cryptographic reduced instruction set processor

CTP - Communications Terminal Processor                                                CYW - Cybernetic Warfare

CTP - common tactical picture                                                          CZ - canal zone

CTPA - coax-to-twisted-pair adapter
CTRL - control
CTRR - cipher text receiver ready
CTRS - cipher text request to send
CTS - clear to send
                                                                                       D - data
CTT - Commander’s Tactical Terminal                                                    D - depth
CTT-H/R - commanders tactical terminal-hybrid/receive                                  D - Channel - Data Channel or Delta Channel (depending on who you ask).
CTTA - Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority                                               The channel which handles ISDN network related data between the user's
                                                                                           equipment and the Telco switch. Used to carry data to set up calls and
CTTA - Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority                                               receive calls. Some Telco's also allow users to use the D channel to
                                                                                           access the packet data network, with appropriate terminal equipment.
CTTH - Commander’s Tactical Terminal-Hybrid
                                                                                       D/A - digital-to-analog
CTTM - cipher text test mode
                                                                                       D/C - downconverter
CTTR - cipher text transmit ready
                                                                                       D/L - downlink
CTTT - cipher text terminal timing
                                                                                       D4 - See Superframe. See also Line Format.
CTU - cabin telecommunications unit
                                                                                       D4 - Framing - The framing format used on most existing 1.544 Mbps facilities.
CTX - cipher text transmit
                                                                                          Refers to a particular pattern (100011011100) that appears one bit at a
                                                                                          time in the 193rd bit position of the Superframe. Each D4 Superframe has
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   12 main frames at 192 bits in length. This pattern accounts for 8 Kb out of         DATU - data adapter termination unit
   the 1.544 Mb leaving only 1.536 Mb for information.
                                                                                       DAU - data acquisition unit
DA - data administrator
                                                                                       DAVIC - Digital Audio-Visual Council
DA - Department of the Army
                                                                                       DAWN - defense attache worldwide network
DAA - data access arrangement
                                                                                       DAWS - defense automated warning system
DAA - Designated Approval Authority
                                                                                       DB - data base
DAAS - defense automatic addressing system
                                                                                       DB - data buffer
DAB - digital audio broadcasting
                                                                                       dB - (Decibel) - The standard unit used to express the relative strength of two
DAC - data acquisition and control                                                        signals. When referring to a single signal measured at two places in a
                                                                                          transmission system, it expresses either a gain or a loss in power between
DAC - digital to analog converter                                                         the input and output devices.
DAC - discretionary access control                                                     DBA - data base administration
DACB - data adapter control block                                                      dBA - decibels absolute
DACES - defense automated cost engineering system                                      DBC - digital battlefield communications
DACM - data adapter control mode                                                       DBCS - double-byte character set
DACS - Data and Analysis Center for Software                                           DBD - display bypass and duplication
DACS - (Digital Access Cross-Connect System) - An AT&T service allowing a              DBDD - database design document
  full T1 facility, or one of its channels to be cross-connected to another T1
  facility.                                                                            DBDR - data base design review
DACT - data automated communications terminal (USMC)                                   DBG - data base generation
DADEMS - DA data element management system                                             dBi - decibels above isotropic reference
DAE - Defense Acquisition Executive                                                    DBK - dominant battlefield knowledge
DAG - directed access groups                                                           DBL - double
DAIM - dual ASAS interface module                                                      DBM - Data Base Manager
DAL - disk access lockout                                                              dBm - Decibel referenced to 1 milliwatt. Used in communications circuits as a
                                                                                         measure of signal power. Zero dBm equals one milliwatt into a specified
DAMA - demand assignment (assigned) multiple access                                      impedance, often 600 ohms.
DAME - Division Airspace Management Element                                            dBm0 - noise power in dBm at a point of zero relative transmission level
DAMMS - Department of the Army movement management system                              dBmC - decibels referred to 1 milliwatt, C-message weighted
DAMP - DGM antenna mast program                                                        DBME - data base management environment
DAMPS - digital advanced mobile phone system                                           DBMS - database management system
DAP - data analysis plan                                                               DBOF - defense business operating fund
DAP - design analysis phase                                                            DBPSK - differential binary phase-shift keying
DAP-NAD - deterministic adaptable priority network access delay (protocol)             DBR - display bypass reception
DAP - Directory Access Protocol                                                        DBS - data base server
DAR - defense acquisition radar                                                        DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite
DAR - defense acquisition regulation                                                   DBS - division battle simulation
DAR - distortion adaptive receiver                                                     DBS - data broadcast switch
DARMS - data automation resource management system                                     DBSL - deep battle synchronization line
DARO - Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office                                          dBW - decibels referred to one Watt
DARP - Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program                                         DC - down converter
DARS - digital audio radio service                                                     DC - direct current
DART - dynamic analysis replenishing tool                                              DC - dedicated conventional
DART - dynamic analytical replanning tool                                              DCA - Defense Communications Agency (now DISA)
DAS - data acquisition subsystem                                                       DCA - Defense Courier Agency
DAS - direct access subscriber                                                         DCAM - direct chip attach module
DAS - direct access service                                                            DCBU - digital conference bridge unit
DASA - DSCS automatic spectrum analyzer                                                DCC - digital communications controller
DASC - direct air support center                                                       DCCLR - dc closure
DASD - direct access storage device                                                    DCCS - distributed command & control system
DASH - deployable automation support host (Army)                                       DCCS - digital cross connect switch
DASP - data administration strategic plan (DOD)                                        DCD - data carrier detect
DASS - digital acoustic sensor simulator                                               DCE - data circuit terminating equipment
DAT - digital audio tape                                                               DCE - Distributed Computing Environment
DAT - data analysis tool                                                               DCE - (Data Communication Equipment) - In a communications link,
DAT - data                                                                               equipment that is part of the network, an access point to the network, a
                                                                                         network node, or point at which a network circuit terminates. In an RS-232-
Data - Mode - A DDS circuit is in data mode when the circuit's C bit = 1 (the            C connection, the modem is regarded as DCE and the user device as DTE
   data bits contain customer data).                                                     (data terminal equipment). When using serial communications such RS-
DATINT - data intelligence
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   232, V.35, or X.21, the DCE is the device sending/receiving from the Telco        DDE - dynamic data exchange
   line. ie: a modem or CSU/DSU. In contrast to DTE.
                                                                                     DDI - director defense information
DCE/TT - (Data Communications Equipment/Transmitter Timing) - One of
  three options available in the sync card port configuration timing parameter.      DDL - data definition (design) language

DCF - data communication facility                                                    DDL - data distribution list

DCF - data compression facility                                                      DDM - distributed data management

DCF - document composition facility                                                  DDM - digital data modem

DCI - display control interface                                                      DDMS - defense debt management system

DCI - Director Central Intelligence                                                  DDN - Defense Data Network

DCI - Director Combat Intelligence (Army)                                            DDO - directorate of operations (CIA)

DCID - Director Central Intelligence Directive                                       DDRS - defense data repository system

DCIPS - defense casualty information processing system                               DDS - data distribution system

DCIS - defense commissary information system                                         DDS - defense dissemination system

DCM - data channel multiplexer                                                       DDS - direct digital synthesizer

DCNRI - dismounted combat net radio interface                                        DDS - distributed denial of service (attack)

DCO - dial central office                                                            DDS - digital data service

DCOM - distributed component object model                                            DDS - display directory status

DCOR - division COMSEC office of record                                              DDS - (Dataphone Digital Service) - 1. A private line service offered by AT&T
                                                                                       to transmit data that uses digital signal formats. It is available at rates of
DCP - Defense Cryptological Program                                                    4.8, 9.6, and 56 kbps. DS0A and DS0B are two types of DDS. 2. Digital
                                                                                       Data System- See Dedicated Digital Service.
DCP - digital communications protocol
                                                                                     DDST - Downsized Deployable Satellite Terminal
DCPDS - defense civilian personnel data system
                                                                                     DDW - digital data warfare
DCPG - digital clock pulse generator
                                                                                     DE - data element
DCPS - defense civilian payroll system
                                                                                     DE - directed energy
DCPSK - differentially coherent phase-shift keying
                                                                                     DE - data entry
DCR - direct conversion receiver
                                                                                     DE - delay equalizer
DCS - data collection system
                                                                                     DEA - Data Exchange Annex
DCS - data control system
                                                                                     DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration
DCS - deployable cellular system
                                                                                     DECCO - defense commercial communications office (DISA)
DCS - digital selective calling
                                                                                     DECM - defensive electronic countermeasures
DCS - desk-top color separation
                                                                                     Decoder - Any device that modifies transmitted information to a form that can
DCS - Defense Communications System                                                    be understood by the receiver.
DCS - (Digital Cross-Connect Systems) - A DCS provides electronic                    Decoding - In Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) voice equipment, a process in
  connections between DS0 (64K) time slots of many T1 lines when 234 DS0               which a set of quantized values is generated from the digital representation
  time slots connect or switch between T1 ports, the DCS acts like a T1                of a sample.
                                                                                     DECT - digital European cordless telephony (Europe standard)
DCS - Dual-Channel Switch
                                                                                     DED - data element dictionary
DCSCU - dual capability servo control unit
                                                                                     DED - data encryption device
DCSO - Defense Communications System Organization (DISA)
                                                                                     Dedicated - Circuit - A permanent channel between two locations. As opposed
DCSS - Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem                                      to a Switched Circuit
DCT - digital communication terminal                                                 Dedicated - Digital Service - A "Hardwired" or "Nailed Up" digital circuit which
DCT - discrete cosine transform                                                        is permanently connected between 2 points. Typically 56Kbps or 64Kbps.
                                                                                       Dedicated digital lines are frequently cheaper than ISDN for full time
DCT - dial code table                                                                  service. Also called Digital Data System, or DDS.
DCTL - defense tactical common data link                                             DEFCON - defense condition
DCTN - Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network                                 DEFI - data entry file inquiry
DCU - display control unit                                                           DEIS - defense enterprise integration services (DISA)
DCW - Digital Chart of the World                                                     DEK - data encryption key
DCWS - direction, control and warning system                                         Delay, - Propagation - The time required for a signal to travel from one point to
                                                                                        another in a component, circuit or system.
DD - dedicated DA
                                                                                     Demand - Assigned - A feature that is unique to the node that continually
DD/D - data dictionary/directory
                                                                                       optimizes network bandwidth resources. Network resources including
DD/DS - data dictionary/directory system (DOD)                                         bandwidth, are allocated only to active calls. The node monitors signaling
                                                                                       from each attached voice or data device, and determines when service is
DDA - domain-defined attribute                                                         required; only then is bandwidth allocated. Because bandwidth is not
DDB - device dependent bitmap                                                          wasted on inactive ports, the efficiency of transmission facilities is greatly
                                                                                       increased, while rerouting performance is optimized by reconnecting only
DDBP - dedicated database processor                                                    the active calls.
DDC - Division Data Center                                                           DEMARC - demarcation
DDCMP - digital data communications message protocol                                 DEMOD - demodulator
DDD - direct distance dialing                                                        Demodulation - The process of extracting transmitted information from a
                                                                                       carrier signal.
DDE - direct data entry

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DeMS - deployment management system (USAF)                                              DGSA - DOD goal security architecture
Demultiplexed - Loopback - Loopback of a DS0B subrate channel.                          DHCF - distributed host command facility
Demultiplexor - A circuit that distributes an input signal to a selected output         DHCP - decentralized hospital computer program (VA)
  line (with more than one output line available).
                                                                                        DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DEMUX - demultiplex
                                                                                        DHPCMP - Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Plan
DENIS - defense environmental network information exchange
                                                                                        DHS - Defense HUMINY Service (DIA)
DENS - directed energy neutralization system
                                                                                        DHS - digital hash standard
DEPMEDS - deployable medical systems development system
                                                                                        DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
DEQPSK - differentially encoded quadrature phase shift keying
                                                                                        DIAC - Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DES - data (digital) encryption standard
                                                                                        Dial-Up - Line - A communications circuit that is established by a switched
DES - data entry sheet                                                                     circuit connection using the telephone dial network.
DES - downsized extension switch                                                        DIAM - Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DES - dismounted extension switch                                                       DIANA - descriptive intermediate attributed notation Ada
DES - Digital Encryption Standard                                                       DIAOLS - DIA online system
desig - designator                                                                      DIAP - Defense Information Assurance Program
DET - data entry terminal                                                               DIB - device independent bitmap
DET - device execute trigger                                                            DIB - directory information base
DET - deterministic                                                                     DIBTS - Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling
DET - Detachment                                                                        DICP - Defense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
DEUCE - downsized end user computer equipment                                           DID - data item description
DEVA - document-enabled virtual applications                                            DID - Defense-in-Depth
Device - ID - A term used to indicate objects in a node such as the node, links,        DID - Direct Inward Dialing. The ability for an outside caller to dial to a PBX
  card, and so on.                                                                         extension without going through an attendant or auto-attendant.
Device - SPF shortest path first                                                        DID - Extension or DID Station - A specific phone within a PBX which can be
                                                                                           called from the public telephone network without going through an
DEW - Directed Energy Warfare                                                              attendant or auto-attendant.
DF - data field                                                                         DID - Number - A phone number used to route calls from the telephone
DF - destination field                                                                     network to a specific phone in a PBX (the DID extension). DID requires
                                                                                           special DID trunks or ISDN PRI "two-way DID" trunks. Blocks of DID
DF - device flag                                                                           numbers (typically 10 or 20) are purchased from the LEC or CLEC for use
                                                                                           on the PBX. The number of DID numbers usually substantially exceeds the
DF - direction finding
                                                                                           number of trunks in the system.
DF - don't fragment flag, IP header
                                                                                        DID - Trunk - A Direct Inward Dialing Trunk. A trunk (channel) which can only
DFAD - digital feature attribute (analysis) data                                           receive calls. A group of telephone numbers (DID numbers) are associated
                                                                                           with a given trunk group, however there is no one-to-one correspondence
DFAR - defense federal acquisition regulation                                              between the individual channels and these numbers. The PBX uses the
DFC - data flow control                                                                    DID number given it by the phone company to route the channel to the
                                                                                           correct DID extension within the PBX extension. This allows some or all
DFD - data flow diagrams                                                                   PBX stations to receive calls directly without going through an attendant (or
                                                                                           auto attendant) Note that there are almost always more DID numbers than
DFG - domain FORTEZZA gateway                                                              there are DID trunks. See DID Number and DIDExtension.
DFHSM - data facility hierarchical storage manager                                      DIDHS - deployable intelligence data handling system (Army)
DFI - data field identifier                                                             DIDS - defense integrated data system
DFL - data file line                                                                    DIDS - distributed intrusions detection system
DFM - design for manufacturing                                                          DIEB - Defense Intelligence Executive Board
DFO - Disaster Field Office                                                             DIF - data interchange format
DFS - distributed file system                                                           DIFAX - digital facsimile
DFT - design for test                                                                   DIG - digital
DFT - diagnostic function test                                                          DIGEST - digital geographic information exchange standard
DFT - discrete Fourier transform                                                        Digital - Error - A single-digit inconsistency between the transmitted and
DFT - distributed function terminal                                                        received signals.

DGIAP - Defense General Intelligence and Applications Program                           Digital - Signal - A discrete or continuous signal; one whose various states are
                                                                                           identified with discrete levels or values.
DGIS - defense gateway information system
                                                                                        Digroup - A group of 24 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)-encoded, 64 kbps
DGIS - Direct Graphics Interface Standard                                                  voice channels, or 24 DS0s.
DGM - Digital Group Multiplexer                                                         DII - Defense Information Infrastructure
DGP - (Datagram Packet) - In internet communication using routers, a DGP is             DII - COE DII Common Operating Environment
  independently routed from a node to its destination. Applications for DGPs
  include node-to-network control point communications, address packets                 DIIP - direct interrupt identification port
  that set up a call, and remote messages sent between the command                      DIL - Digital Integrated (Integration) Laboratory
  processor and remote database task. DGPs are divided into distinct
  classes, point-to-point packets, and message packets.                                 DIL - display interswitch link
DGPS - differential global positioning system                                           DIL/T - Digital Integration Laboratory/Test Bed
DGS - deployable ground station (USAF)                                                  DIM - data input message
DGS - display group status                                                              DIMMS - dual inline memory modules
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DIN - defense intelligence network                                                  DLCI - (Data Link Connection Identifier) - A unique number assigned to a PVC
                                                                                      end point in a Frame Relay network. Identifies a particular PVC endpoint
DINAH - desktop interface to AUTODIN host                                             within a user's access channel in a Frame Relay network and has local
DINL - INITIALIZE DISK                                                                significance only to that channel.

DINSUM - Defense Intelligence Notice Summary                                        DLDED - division level data entry device

DIO - data input-output                                                             DLE - data link escape

DIO - defensive information operations                                              DLED - digital loop encryption device

DIO - Division Information Officer                                                  DLG - digital loop group

DIOE - Dual Input/Output Expander                                                   DLL - dynamic link library

DIP - Defense Imagery Program                                                       DLM - dynamic link module

DIP - digital imaging processing                                                    DLOS - dismounted line-of-sight

DIP - (Dual in-line Package) - A set of two or more binary switches mounted on      DLPI - Data Link Provider Interface
   a printed circuit assembly.                                                      DLPMA - diphase loop modem A
dir - directory                                                                     DLS - data link set
DIRCM - directed infrared countermeasures                                           DLS - data link switching
Direct - Inward Dialing - See DID                                                   DLT - digital linear tape
DIRNSA - Director, NSA                                                              DLTM - digital line termination module
DIS - defense information system                                                    DLTM-T - DLTM test DLTU digital line termination unit
DIS - Defense Investigative Service (Now DSS)                                       DLTS - data link test set
DIS - distributed information system                                                DLTU - Digital Line Termination Unit
DIS - draft international standard                                                  DM - data management
DIS - disable                                                                       DM - data mining
DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency (formerly DCA)                            DM - distributed memory
DISAC - DISA Circular                                                               DM - data modem
DISAI - DISA Instruction                                                            DM - data mode
DISC4 - director of information systems for C4 (Army)                               DMA - Defense Mapping Agency
DISCO - Domestic-International Satellite Consideration Order                        DMA - Directory Management Agent
DISCOM - division support command                                                   DMA - (Direct Memory Access) - A method of moving data from a storage
DISE - deployable intelligence support element                                        device to RAM.

DISN - Defense Information Systems Network                                          DMAIN - division main (command post)

DISNET - Defense Integrated Secure Network                                          DMB - DODIIS Management Board

DISOSS - distributed office support system                                          DMC - Defense Megacenter

DISSP - defense information system security program                                 DMC - data mode control

DIST - digital interswitch trunk                                                    DMCA - Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Distortion - Delay - Distortion resulting from non-uniform speed of                 DMCGP - Defense Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Program
   transmission of the various frequency components of a signal through a           DMCL - Device Media Control Language
   transmission medium. Also called group delay.
                                                                                    DMCS - deployable multi-channel SATCOM
DISTP - Defense Intelligence Special Technology Program
                                                                                    DMD - digital message device
DISUM - daily intelligence summary
                                                                                    DMD - (Digital Multidrop Data) Module - This module provides multidrop data
DIT - Directory Information Tree                                                      connections in a computer network. This capability permits a front-end
DIT - display incoming transfer                                                       processor to communicate with several terminals over a single data
DITCO - Defense Information Technology Contracting Office
                                                                                    DMDG - digital message device group
DITSCAP - DOD Information Technology Security Certification and
   Accreditation Program                                                            DMDS - Defense Message Distribution System

DITSO - Defense Information Technology Services Organization                        DME - distance measuring equipment

DIV - division                                                                      DME - distributed management environment

DIVARTY - division artillery                                                        DMF - data management facility

DIVO - digital video option board                                                   DMG - digital map generator

DIW - Defensive Information Warfare                                                 DMHRS - defense medical human resource system

DIWS - Digital Imagery Workstation Suite                                            DMI - desktop management interface

DIWSA - digital imagery work station afloat                                         DMI - digital multiplexer interface

DJMS - defense joint military pay system                                            DMI - Director of Military Intelligence

DLA - Defense Logistics Agency                                                      DMIF - Dynamic Multi-user Information Fustion (DARPA)

DLA - digital line adapter                                                          DMIS - Director of Management information systems

DLC - data link control                                                             DML - data manipulation language

DLC - digital loop carrier                                                          DMM - digital multimeter

DLC - dynamic line circuit                                                          DMMIS - depot maintenance management information system

DLC - digital line concentrator                                                     DMMS - dynamic memory management system
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DMOS - double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor                                       DOJ - Department of Justice
DMP - dot matrix printer                                                               DOJIRS - DOJ Incident Response Service
DMPC - distributed memory parallel computer                                            DOM - data output message
DMPITS - deployable mass population identification and tracking system                 Domain - (Promina 800) - The Promina 800 provides system redundancy
                                                                                         through two domains designated A and B.
DMRD - defense management review decision
                                                                                       Domain - A Promina network consists of up to 250 nodes. A maximum of 4096
DMS - data management software (system)                                                  domains can be connected to each other through gateway nodes to form a
DMS - digital message system                                                             larger network consisting of up to 1,024,000 nodes. Calls originating in one
                                                                                         domain may terminate in another domain (interdomain call). Access to the
DMS - Defense Message System                                                             domain though the gateway node is controlled by the domain permit map.
DMSD - digital multistandard decoding                                                  Domain - ID - Domains are identified through the Operator Interface by a
                                                                                         number from 1 to 4096, preceded by a D (for example, D100). This number
DMSO - Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
                                                                                         is assigned to a node (through the local domain parameters) to indicate
DMSP - defense meteorological satellite program                                          that the node is part of a particular domain.
DMSTTIAC - Defense Modeling, Simulation, and Tactical Technology                       Domain - Route Server Node - The Domain Route Server Node is the
                                                                                         designated node that maintains the database for the IP routing table and
DMT - discrete multitone                                                                 also advertises or broadcasts the IP routes throughout the domain. Any
DMTD - digital message transfer device                                                   Promina 800 series node can be a Domain Route Server Node. There can
                                                                                         be multiple Domain Route Server Nodes within a domain provided they are
DMU - disk memory unit                                                                   configured as server nodes serving different routes.
DMZ - demilitarized zone                                                               DOMF - distributed object management facility
DN - directory names                                                                   DOOSRS - document on-line optical storage and retrieval system
DN - digital nonsecure                                                                 DOP - data object processed
DN - distinguished name                                                                DOR - domain of responsibility
DNA - digital network architecture                                                     DOS - denial of service
DNCC - distributed (deployed) network control center                                   DOS - Department of State
DNGPM - Digital NATO Group Modem                                                       DOS - disk operating system
DNI - Digital NATO Interface                                                           DOSFAN - Department of State Foreign Affairs Network
DNIC - data network identification code                                                DOT - Department of Transportation
DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service- A service, typically offered by a         DOT - display outgoing transfer
  long distance company on 800 lines, that provides the number dialed by
  the caller. This allows a caller to receive specific treatment depending on          DOW - data orderwire
  the number dialed.                                                                   DP - data processing
DNIU - Digital NATO Interface Unit                                                     DP - dial pulse
DNMF - dismountable node management facility                                           DPA - data processing activities
DNPA - data numbering plan area                                                        DPA - delegation of procurement authority
DNS - domain name system (service)                                                     DPA - dual phone adapter
DNS - Doppler navigation sensor                                                        DPAS - defense property accounting system
DNSB - digital NATO signaling buffer                                                   DPBX - digital private branch exchange
DNSIX - defense intelligence security information exchange                             DPC - dual power converter
DNTGM - Digital NATO Transmission Group Module                                         DPCM - differential pulse code modulation
DNTSB - Digital NATO Trunk Signaling Buffer                                            DPI - data processing installation
DNVT - Digital Non-Secure Voice Telephone                                              DPI - dots per inch
DNY - display NYX routing                                                              DPM - Digital Phone Multiplexer
DOAC - Data Operations and Analysis Center                                             DPM - (Domain Permit Map) - A mechanism used to customize the access
DOC - Department of Commerce                                                             level that one domain has to another domain through the gateway node (for
                                                                                         example, whether calls can pass through the domain). Also used to
DOC - data orderwire combiner                                                            customize the access nodes in other domains have to nodes in the domain
                                                                                         (for example whether a node in another domain can display call path
doc - documentation
                                                                                         information for calls).
DOD - Department of Defense                                                            DPMA - Data Processing Management Association
DOD - direct outward dialing                                                           DPNSS - digital private network signaling system
DOD-JIC - DOD Joint Intelligence Center                                                DPP - distributed parallel processing
DODEX - DOD intelligence information system extension                                  DPP - data patch panel
DODI - Department of Defense Instruction                                               DPPS - defense procurement pay system
DODIIMS - DoD intelligence management system                                           DPS - document processing system
DODIIS - Department of Defense Intelligence Information System                         DPS - data processing subsystem
DODIPP - DOD Intelligence Production Program                                           DPSK - differential phase-shift keying
DOE - Department of Energy                                                             DPT - dynamic packet transport
DOENTS - Department of Energy National Telecommunications System                       DPU - data path unit
DOI - domain of interpretation                                                         DQDB - distributed queue dual bus
DOI - DSSCS Operating Instructions                                                     DQI - digital quartz inertial
DOIM - Director of Information Management                                              DQPSK - differential quadrature phase-shift keying

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DR - data requirement                                                                    DSBMSC - DISN Switch/Bandwidth Manager Services-CONUS
DR - disaster recovery                                                                   DSC - Decision Support Center
DR - digital radio                                                                       DSC - digital scan converter
DR - digital receiver                                                                    DSC - digital selective calling
DRA - Defence Research Agency (UK)                                                       DSCNA - Digital Scanner A
DRAM - dynamic random access memory                                                      DSCNB - Digital Scanner B
DRAS - defense retiree and annuitant pay system                                          DSCS - Defense Satellite Communications System
DRASH - Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, Hospital                                      DSCSOC - DSCS operations center
DRAW - direct read-after-write                                                           DSDI - Digital Simple Data Interface
DRDA - distributed relational database architecture                                      DSDN - distributed software development network
DRDW - direct read-during-write                                                          DSE - data storage equipment
DREAR - division rear                                                                    DSE - data switching exchange
DREN - defense research and engineering network                                          DSEA - display station emulation adapter
DRFM - digital radio frequency memories                                                  DSG - Digital Signal Generator
DRM - distributed resource management                                                    DSI - defense simulation internet
DRS - deficiency reporting system                                                        DSI - delivered source instruction(s)
DRS - deployable Red switch, Defense RED Switch                                          DSI - (Digital Speech Interpolation) - A method of compressing speech that
                                                                                            takes advantage of pauses in speech and the half-duplex nature of
DRS - digital red switch                                                                    conversation to provide up to 2:1 compression over ADPCM (Adaptive
DRSI - destination station routing indicator                                                Differential Pulse Code Modulation), for a total of up to 4:1 voice
DRSN - Defense Red Switch Network
                                                                                         DSID - Deployed Security Interdiction Device
DRTC - designated reporting technical control
                                                                                         DSIS - Distributed Support Information Standard
DS - data segment
                                                                                         DSL - dynamic simulation language
DS - digital signal
                                                                                         DSL - Digital Subscriber Line. Typically refers to an ISDN line or a T-1 line,
DS - Digital Switch                                                                        although the term is also frequently used to mean the next generation
                                                                                           beyond ISDN. Sometimes xDSL is used to indicate that the writer is
DS-3 - 90 Mbps
                                                                                           referring to any of a number of emerging DSL technologies.
DS - digital signal
                                                                                         DSLAM - digital subscriber line access multiplexer
DS - direct support
                                                                                         DSM - dedicated security mode
DS/GS - Direct Support/General Support
                                                                                         DSMA - digital sense multiple access
DS0 - (Digital Signal Level 0) - Bell System terminology for the 64 kbps signal
                                                                                         DSMAC - digital scene-matching area correlation
  (1 voice frequency channel).
                                                                                         DSmP - digital signal microprocessor
DS0A - Module - This module connects to equipment that meets EIA or CCITT
  standards for synchronous data transmission.                                           DSN - deep space network (NASA)
DS0B - An AT&T DDS standard that specifies a means of multiplexing several               DSN - Defense Switched Network
  subrate data channels within one DS0. Five 9.6, ten 4.8, or twenty 2.4 kbps
  subrate channels may be multiplexed within one DS0.                                    DSNET - Defense Secure Network

DS0B - Module - A synchronous data server module that converts DS0B                      DSOE - deployment schedule of events
  channels (or DS0 in DS0B format) to CRM-formatted subrate data                         DSOK - DSVT OTAT KEK
                                                                                         DSOM - distributed system object model
DS1 - (Digital Signal Level 1) - When 24 DS0s (a digroup) are combined with
  sync bits, the result is a DS1. Bell System terminology for the 1.544 Mbps             DSOT - DSVT OTAT TEK
  signal carried on a T1 line (24 voice frequency channels/1 T1).
                                                                                         DSP - Defense Support Program
DS2 - (Digital Signal Level 2) - A 6.312 Mbps signal that serves as a data
  source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.            DSP - digital signal processing (processor)

DS3 - (Digital Signal Level 3) - A 44.736 Mbps signal that serves as a data              DSP - digital speech processor
  source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.            DSPL - display system programming language
DS4 - (Digital Signal Level 4) - A 274.176 Mbps signal that serves as a data             DSR - data set ready
  source, destination, or both. An example is a router or a channel extender.
                                                                                         DSR - digital signaling rate
DSA - dial service assistance
                                                                                         DSRP - Defense Space Reconnaissance Program
DSA - digital signature algorithm (NIST)
                                                                                         DSRS - defense software repository system
DSA - directory service agent
                                                                                         DSS - decision support system
DSACS - defense standard ammunition computer system
                                                                                         DSS - Defense Security Service (was DIS)
DSAMS - defense security assistance management system
                                                                                         DSS - digital signature standard (NIST)
DSAO - design structuring and allocation optimization
                                                                                         DSS - digital subscriber service
DSAP - Destination Service Access Point
                                                                                         DSS - distributed standard system
DSB - double sideband
                                                                                         DSS - digital signature standard
DSB-RC - double sideband reduced carrier
                                                                                         DSS - digital small switch
DSB-SC - double sideband suppressed carrier
                                                                                         DSS-1 - digital small switch-1
DSB - 1. Digital In-Band Trunk Signaling Buffer; 2. digital signaling buffer; 3.
  division signal battalion                                                              DSSA - domain specific software architecture

DSBL - disable                                                                           DSSCS - Defense Special Security Communications System
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DSSCS - Defense Special Security Communications System                               DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequency. The standard tone-pairs used on
                                                                                       telephone terminals for dialing using in-band signaling. The standards
DSSE - development system software environment                                         define 16 tone-pairs (0-9, #, * and A-F) although most terminals support
DSSG - DISN Support Services-Global                                                    only 12 of them (0-9, * and #). These are also sometimes referred to as
                                                                                       "Touch Tones" (actually a copyrighted trade name held by AT&T). Note
DSSI - digital storage system interconnect                                             that while digital data terminals have the same symbols, ISDN uses
                                                                                       "common channel signaling" (over the D channel) and therefore does not
DSSS - direct sequence spread spectrum
                                                                                       necessarily generate any tones at all. However many terminals still
DSSSL - document style semantics and specification language                            generate the tones since they will still be used on occasion to access
                                                                                       services (such as voicemail or automated attendant) at the far end using in-
DSSVS - DSS Validation System                                                          band tones.
DSTO - Defense Science and Technology Organization                                   DTMP - data technical management panel
DSTR - destroy                                                                       DTN - data transmission network
DSU - (Data Service Unit) - Equipment at the customer's site that connects to        DTOC - Division Tactical Operations Center
  a terminal or computer via an RS-232C or V.35 interface. It receives the
  digital signals from the interface and converts them to bipolar, balanced          DTP - Defense Technology Plan
  signals, and provides loopback capabilities for network maintenance (DSU
                                                                                     DTR - data terminal ready
  loopback). The DSU and CSU are usually combined in one unit. Also see
  CSU.                                                                               DTR - display trunks addresses
DSVD - digital simultaneous voice and data                                           DTRS - defense transportation payment system
DSVF - Data System Verification Facility                                             DTS - data transfer system
DSVT - Digital Secure Voice Terminal, Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal              DTS - defense transportation system
DSWA - Defense Special Weapons Agency                                                DTS - dedicated transmission service (GSA)
DSX1 - The cross-connect point for DS1 signals.                                      DTS - digital termination service
DSX3 - The cross-connect point for DS3 signals.                                      DTS - Diplomatic Telecommunications Service (DOS)
DT - dial tone                                                                       DTS-W - Defense Telecommunications Service-Washington
DTA - data terminal adapter                                                          DTS - Distributed Time Service
DTA - dual trunk adapter                                                             DTSC - DISN Transmission Services-CONUS
DTA - dual trunk adapters                                                            DTSS - digital topographic support system (Army)
DTA - data terminal adapter                                                          DTSS - digitized terrain support system
DTAC - division tactical (command post)                                              DTTN - distributed tactical test network
DTC - digital television controller                                                  DTTS - defense transportation tracking system
DTC - Digital Technical Control                                                      DTU - data transfer unit
DTD - data transfer device                                                           DTV - desktop video
DTD - document type definition                                                       DTVC - desktop video conferencing
DTDMA - distributed time division multiple access                                    Dual - Agent - An SNMP agent that supports the native Promina node as well
                                                                                       as a configured set of IDNX nodes.
DTE - domain type enforcement
                                                                                     Dual - AMI Interface Card - This card is used with the TMCP (Two-Megabit
DTE - Data Transmit Exchange
                                                                                       Channelized Port) module in a system requiring a bipolar CEPT interface.
DTE - dumb terminal emulator                                                           The interface accepts bipolar CCITT G.703/704-formatted, HDB3-coded
DTE - digital data terminal
                                                                                     DUAT - direct user access terminal
DTE - (Data Terminal Equipment) - In a communications link, equipment where
  a communication path begins or ends. In an RS-232C connection, the user            DUI - data use identifier
  device is regarded as DTE, and the modem as DCE (Data Communication
                                                                                     DUITS - digital, ubiquitous, interoperable, transparent and secure
  Equipment). When using serial communications such RS-232, V.35, or
  X.21, the DTE is the device sending/receiving from a modem or CSU/DSU.             DUSC - directory update service center
  In contrast to DCE.
                                                                                     DVB - digital video broadcast
DTED - Digital Terrain Elevation Data
                                                                                     DVC - digital video cassette
DTEL - digital terrain elevation data
                                                                                     DVD - digital versatile (video) disk
DTF - digital training facility
                                                                                     DVE - distributed virtual environment
DTG - Digital Transmission Group
                                                                                     DVI - digital video interactive
DTG - Date Time Group
                                                                                     DVITS - digital video imagery transmission system
DTG - digital trunk group
                                                                                     DVL - direct voice link
DTGSM - digital trunk group-surface mount
                                                                                     DVMA - direct virtual memory access
DTH - Direct-To-Home
                                                                                     DVMRP - Distance-Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DTH - down-the-hill
                                                                                     DVOW - Digital Voice Orderwire
DTH - DMS transition hub
                                                                                     DVP - digital video processor
DTH - DMSA transition hub
                                                                                     DVS - DISN Video Services
DTHR - down-the-hill radio
                                                                                     DVSG - DISN video services-global
DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center
                                                                                     DVSN - DISN Video Services Network
DTLS - descriptive top level specification
                                                                                     DWDM - dense wavelength division multiplexing
DTM - data transfer module
                                                                                     DWTS - Digital Wideband Transmission System
DTM - Display Traffic Metering
                                                                                     DXF - drawing (digital) exchange format

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DXI - data exchange interface                                                          EBPP - electronic bill presentment and payment
Dynamic - Adaptive Routing - Dynamic adaptive (or alternate) routing allows            EBS - emergency broadcast system
  each call to be set up dynamically across any available route. Every call is
  routed across its optimal path and avoids congestion or failures in the              EBT - electronic benefits transfer
  network.                                                                             EBX - electronic branch exchange
Dynamic - Bandwidth Allocation - This feature allows the total bit rate of the         EC - earth coverage
  multiplexer tail circuits to exceed the bandwidth of the network trunk. This is
  allowable since the multiplexer only assigns channels on the network trunk           EC - electronic combat
  to tail circuits that are transmitting.
                                                                                       EC - electronic commerce
                                                                                       EC - error control
                                                                                       EC&D - electromagnetic cover and deception
                                                                                       EC/EDI - electronic commerce/electronic data interchange

                                    E                                                  ECA - External Certificate Authorities
                                                                                       ECAC - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Analysis Center

E-FOG-M - enhanced fiber-optic guided missile                                          ECAT - Electronic Commerce Acquisition Teams

E-O - electro-optic                                                                    ECB - echelons corps and below

E-E - end-to-end (encryption required)                                                 ECC - elliptic curve cryptography

E-TGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire                                 ECC - electronically controlled coupling

E-3 - end-to-end encryption                                                            ECC - Elliptic Curve Cryptography

E - end-to-end                                                                         ECC - error correcting code

E-EUL - KY-67 control logic PWA                                                        ECCIS - engineer command and control information system

E-GFV - RED I/O PCB in KG-94()/-194()                                                  ECCM - electronic counter countermeasures

E-mail - electronic mail                                                               ECCRN - emergency command control radio network

E-TGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire                                 ECF - engineering computer facility

E&M - ear and mouth (receive and transmit leads of a signaling system)                 Echo - Cancellers - Cancels a discernible echo that occurs in networks where
                                                                                          there is a delay of 10 ms or greater and there is a 4-wire to 2-wire
E&M - Signaling - A signaling method in which communication between a                     conversion.
  portion of a circuit and a separate signaling unit is accomplished using E
  and M leads. The E lead receives open or ground signals from the                     Echo - Suppressor - A device that allows transmission in only one direction at
  signaling unit and the M lead transmits battery or ground signals to the                a time. They are inserted in telephone circuits to attenuate echoes on long
  signaling unit.                                                                         distance circuits. They are not desirable in data communications circuits
                                                                                          because they increase the turnaround time.
E1 - 2.048 Mbps
                                                                                       ECHOX - Module - An echo canceller server module, with channel support for
E1 - A common type of digital telephone trunk widely deployed outside the US             up to 32 IDNX or Promina digital voice ports, that eliminates the need for
   and Canada. Has 30 available 64Kbps channels (called DS0’s) plus a B                  an external echo-canceling device.
   channel and a sync/control channel.
                                                                                       ECIC - Electronic Communications Implementation Committee
E2PROM - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
                                                                                       ECL - (Emitter-Coupled Logic) - A type of microelectronic circuit design that is
E3 - end-to-end encryption                                                               noted for its extremely fast switching speeds. ECL is a variety of bipolar
E3 - CEPT signal that carries 16 CEPT E1s and overhead. Effective data rate
   is 34.368 Mbps.                                                                     ECM - electronic countermeasure
E3 - Trunk Module - This module consists of hardware, firmware, and software           ECMA - European Computer Manufacturers Association
   required to connect to and control a nonsubrated E3 line.
                                                                                       ECMC - emergency crisis management system
EA - electronic attack
                                                                                       ECP - emergency command precedence
EA - evolutionary acquisition
                                                                                       ECPA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act
EA - each
                                                                                       ECPI - Electronic College of Process Innovation
EA-TJTN - Executive Agent for Theater Joint Tactical Networks
                                                                                       ECPM - electronic commerce processing node
EA - East Atlantic
                                                                                       ECRC - Electronic Commerce Resource Center
EABI - embedded-applications binary interface
                                                                                       ECS - electronic customer service
EAC - Echelons Above Corps
                                                                                       ECSA - Exchange Carriers Standards Association
EAD - end-around delay
                                                                                       ECSR - enhanced commercial security requirements
EADSIM - extended air defense simulation
                                                                                       ECU - environmental control unit
EAF - effort adjustment factor
                                                                                       ECU - end cryptographic unit
EAR - engineering action request
                                                                                       ECV - expanded capacity vehicle
EAROM - electrically alterable read-only memory
                                                                                       ECWG - emergency communications working group
EAS - emergency alert system
                                                                                       ED - error density
EAS - extended area service
                                                                                       EDA - electronic design automation
EAX - electronic automatic exchange
                                                                                       EDA - electronic document access (DOD)
Eb/No - energy per bit/noise spectral density
                                                                                       EDAC - error detection and correction
EBB - Electronic Bulletin Board
                                                                                       EDACS - enhanced digital access communications system
EBC - Executive Business Center
                                                                                       EDC - enhanced data correction
EBCDIC - extended binary coded decimal interchange code
                                                                                       EDGAR - electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval
EBONE - European IP backbone

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EDI - electronic data interchange                                                   EIM - electronic imaging management
EDICT - electronic data interchange catalog transactions                            EIM - enterprise information management
EDIF - electronic data (design) interchange format                                  EINET - enterprise integration network
EDIFACT - electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and              EIRP - effective isotropic radiated power (satcom)
                                                                                    EIS - executive information system
EDIINT - electronic data interchange internet integration
                                                                                    EISA - extended industry standard architecture
EDM - enterprise distribution manager
                                                                                    EISS - EUCOM intelligence support system
EDMICS - engineering data management information & control system
                                                                                    EKMS - Electronic Key Management System
EDO - extended data out
                                                                                    EKTS - electronic key telephone system
EDODRAM - extended-data-out DRAM
                                                                                    EL - east Atlantic
EDP - electronic data processing
                                                                                    ELAWS - engineering logistics automated workflow system
EDRAM - enhanced (extended) DRAM
                                                                                    ELF - extremely low frequency
EDTV - extended definition television
                                                                                    ELINT - electronic intelligence
EEC - extended error correction
                                                                                    ELIST - enhanced logistics intra-theater support tool
EEFI - essential elements of friendly information
                                                                                    ELMR - enhanced land mobile radio
EEI - essential elements of information
                                                                                    ELPP - equal level patch panel
EEM - extended memory management
                                                                                    ELS - emitter location system
EENET - emergency education network
                                                                                    ELSEC - electronic security
EEPROM - electrically erasable programmable read-only memory
                                                                                    ELVIS - enhanced link visual information system
EES - Escrow Encryption Standard
                                                                                    EM - electromagnetic
EETF - Electronic Equipment Test Facility
                                                                                    EM - Encryption Module
EFA - extended file attribute
                                                                                    EM - element management system
EFCS - electronic filmless camera system
                                                                                    EM - encryption manager
EFDD - external floppy disk drive
                                                                                    EMA - Electronic Messaging Association
EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation
                                                                                    EMAP - electronic map
EFI - electromechanical frequency interference
                                                                                    EMC - (Electromagnetic Compatibility) - The ability of electronic equipment or
EFIS - electronic flight information system (FAA)                                     systems to operate in their intended operational environments without
                                                                                      causing or suffering unacceptable degradation because of unintentional
EFL - emitter follower logic                                                          electromagnetic radiation or response.
EFMC - electronic field medical card                                                EMCAP - electromagnetic capability analysis program
EFMS - (Expert Fault Management Service) - This service uses expert                 EMCON - emission control
  systems based technology to automate the node, CSU, and T-span fault
  identification, diagnosis, and repair recommendation. This powerful network       EMD - electronic map display
  management service provides clients with unparalleled application
  availability, while it significantly lowers network operations costs.             EMF - electromagnetic field

EFOIA - Electronic Freedom of Information Act (amendments 1996)                     EMFCS - enhanced mortar fire control system

EFP - exponential floating point                                                    EMI - electronic imaging management

EFT - electronic funds transfer                                                     EMI - (Electromagnetic Interference) - Any electromagnetic interference,
                                                                                      periodic or random, narrow or broadband that may have a disturbing
EFTO - encrypt for transmission only                                                  influence on devices exposed to it.
EFTS - electronic funds transfer system                                             EMIC - Electronic Multi-Media Image Center (Army)
EFVS - electronic fighting vehicle system                                           EMLTU - E&M line termination unit
EGA - enhanced graphics adapter                                                     EMM - expanded memory manager
EGIS - embedded GPS navigation system (Army)                                        EMP - (Electromagnetic Pulse) - Broadband, high-intensity, transient
                                                                                      electromagnetic fields such as those produced by lightning and nuclear
EGP - enhanced graphics processor                                                     explosions.
EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol                                                     EMPI - enterprise master person index
EGRU - EPLRS ground radio unit                                                      EMR - electromagnetic radiation
EGRU - EPLRS grid reference unit                                                    EMS - electronic mail system
EHDM - enhanced hierarchical development methodology                                EMSEC - emission (emanations) security
EHF - extremely high frequency                                                      EMT - emergency management team
EHLLAPI - extended high-level language application programming interface            EMTI - enhanced moving target indicator
EHMD - expanded helmet mounted display                                              Emulation - The imitation of one device by another.
EI - enterprise integration                                                         EMUT - enhanced manpack (miniaturized) UHF terminal
EIA - Electronic Industries Association                                             EMV - electromagnetic vulnerability
EIAJ - Electronic Industries Association Japan                                      EMW - electromagnetic warfare
EIC - Electronic Imaging Center (USAF)                                              EN - electronic notebook
EIDE - Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics                                        ENA - enhanced neighbor acquisition
EIDS - electronic information delivery system                                       ENA - enable
EIGRP - enhanced interior gateway routing protocol                                  ENCATT - Engineering Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
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Encoder - Any device that modifies information into the desired pattern of form        EPROM - and EEPROM (Erasable and Electrically Erasable Programmable
  for a specific method of transmission.                                                 Read-Only Memory) - The former is erased by ultraviolet light, and the
                                                                                         latter is erased by electricity.
Encryption - In security, the ciphering of data by applying an algorithm to plain
   text in order to convert it to cipher text.                                         EPS - Electronic Posting System
End-to-End - Connectivity - The ability of one node to communicate to another          EPSCS - enhanced private switched communications service
  by means of shared standards or, in more complex networks, by
  interpreting different standards.                                                    EPSS - electronic performance support system

ENEWS - effectiveness of naval electronic warfare systems                              EQ - equate

engr - engineer                                                                        Equalization - The process of reducing the effects of amplitude, frequency,
                                                                                         and/or phase distortion of a circuit by inserting networks to compensate for
ENIU - enhanced network interface unit                                                   the difference in attenuation and/or time delay at various frequencies in the
                                                                                         transmission band.
ENQ - inquiry
                                                                                       equip - equipment
ENR - engineer
                                                                                       ERA - entity-relationship-attribute
ENS - emergency notification system
                                                                                       EREC - error resilient entropy coding
ENSCE - enemy situation correlation element
                                                                                       ERF - electronic remote fill
ENT - enter
                                                                                       ERFAK - emergency response fly-away kit (NCS)
ENWGS - enhanced naval warfare gaming system
                                                                                       ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center [Internet]
EO - electro-optics
                                                                                       ERLink - emergency response link (NCS)
EO - end office
                                                                                       ERLL - enhanced run length limited
EO/FLIR - electro-optic/forward looking infrared
                                                                                       ERM - electronic records management
EO/IR - electro-optic/infrared
                                                                                       EROM - erasable read-only memory
EOA - end of address
                                                                                       EROS - earth resources observations systems
EOB - electronic order of battle
                                                                                       ERP - effective radiated power
EOB - end of block
                                                                                       ERP - enterprise resource planning
EOF - end of file
                                                                                       Error-Free - Seconds - Error performance of the T1 service expressed in
EOL - end of link                                                                         terms of the percentage of seconds in a day in which there are no errors.
EOL - end of option list                                                               ERS - external reference specification
EOM - end of message                                                                   ERT - Emergency Response Team
EOS - earth observing system (NASA)                                                    ES - electronic support (see ESM)
EOSDIS - earth observing system data information system (NASA)                         ESA - enterprise systems architecture
EOT - end of transmission                                                              ESA - Electrical Surge Arrestor
EOTADS - electro-optical target acquisition & display system                           ESAI - expanded situational awareness insertion
EOW - Engineering Orderwire                                                            ESAR - electromagnetic spectrum allocation request
EOWSP - EOW signal processor                                                           ESD - electronic software distribution
EP - electronic protect (protection)                                                   ESD - Electrostatic-Sensitive Device
EP - electronic publishing                                                             ESDA - electronic system design automation
EP - East Pacific                                                                      ESDI - enhanced small device interface
EPA - enhanced performance architecture                                                ESDIS - earth science and distributed information system
EPABX - electronic private automatic branch exchange                                   ESEP - enhanced service engineering plan (NCS)
EPCA - Electronic Communications Privacy Act                                           ESF - (Extended Super Frame) Registers - ESF allow bit error detection. The
EPDS - electronic processing and dissemination system                                    card stores bit error information for a digroup or bundle that is configured
                                                                                         for ESF framing, including failed second statistics, errored second
EPDS - electrical power and distribution system                                          statistics, and the total of the error events.
EPG - electronics proving ground                                                       ESF - Extended Superframe - A type of Line format supported on T1 circuits.
                                                                                         The Telco determines the line format and line encoding of your line. See
EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center
                                                                                         Line Format
EPIC - El Paso Intelligence Center (DEA)
                                                                                       ESI - extremely sensitive information
EPL - effective privilege level
                                                                                       ESIP - enhanced system improvement program
EPL - evaluated products list
                                                                                       ESIS - equipment string information system
EPLD - electrically programmable logic device
                                                                                       ESM - electronic support measures
EPLD - erasable programmable logic device
                                                                                       ESMR - expert systems message router
EPLRS - Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
                                                                                       ESN - electronic serial number
EPM - Electronic Protection Measure
                                                                                       ESN - electronic switched network
EPMIS - emergency preparedness management information system
                                                                                       ESO - extended security option
EPOS - electronic point of sale
                                                                                       ESOP - enhanced switch operations program
EPOSE - electronic point of sale enhanced
                                                                                       ESOP - enhanced switch operator position
EPP - enhanced parallel port
                                                                                       ESP - encapsulation security protocol
EPROM - erasable programmable read-only memory
                                                                                       ESP - enhanced services providers
                                                                                       ESP - enterprise server platform

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ESP - enterprise service provider                                                     EVGA - extended video graphics array
ESP - essential service protection                                                    EW - early warning
ESP - external service provider                                                       EW - electronic warfare
ESS - electronic switching system                                                     EW-OPSEC - electronic warfare-operations security
ESS - enterprise scheduling system                                                    EW/I - electronic warfare intelligence
ESS - escrow encryption standard                                                      EW/RSTA - Electronic Warfare-Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target
ESSA - Electronic System Security Assessment (USAF)
                                                                                      EWBMA - electronic warfare battle management aids
ESTEC - European Space Research and Technology Center
                                                                                      EWCC - electronic warfare coordination center
ESTIC - enhanced standard interface controller
                                                                                      EWCM - electronic warfare coordination module
ET - earth terminal
                                                                                      EWO - Electronic Warfare Officer
ET - embedded trainer
                                                                                      EWPE - electronic warfare preprocessing elements
ETA - electronic test automation
                                                                                      EWRL - Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library (Navy)
ETACS - extended total access for communications
                                                                                      EWVA - electronic warfare vulnerability
ETCT - external transmit cipher text
                                                                                      EWW - enterprisewide web
ETD - electronic transfer device
                                                                                      EX - expansion shelf
ETDMA - extended time division multiple access
                                                                                      Exchange - Another name for a Central Office. See CO
ETF - electronic test facility
                                                                                      EXJAM - expendable jammer
ETGMOW - enhanced transmission group module orderwire
                                                                                      EXORD - JTF Execute Order
ETICS - embedded tactical information control system
                                                                                      Expansion - Unit - On the Promina 400, upgrades a 12-slot version to a 24-
ETL - endorsed tools list                                                                slot version.
ETL - enhanced transceiver logic                                                      Expert - Command Mode - Used to bypass the Functional, Action, and Object
ETM - Electronic Technical Manual                                                        Operator Interface menus and enter commands directly.

ETMS - enhanced traffic management system (FAA)                                       EXPLAN - exercise plan

ETN - electronic tandem network                                                       EXS - (Expansion Shelf) - A 16-slot shelf containing the feature and common
                                                                                        equipment modules and BX cards mounted in a Promina 800 cabinet only.
ETOM - electron-trapping optical memory                                                 Requires external power supplies and tray.
ETPL - endorsed TEMPEST products list                                                 EXT - external
ETRAC - Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator                                            ext - extension
ETS - 300 - The pan European ISDN protocol standardized by ETSI. This                 Extended - Superframe - See ESF
  protocol is used throughout Europe and has been adopted in many other
  countries outside the USA & Canada. See MSN                                         External - Alarm Threshold - Alarm level required to generate an audible alarm
                                                                                         on the optional alarm panel.
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute
                                                                                      External - IP Entity - An external IP entity is any network component that is
ETSI - expanded time slot interchange                                                    connected directly or indirectly to the PSM's external interface. It is capable
                                                                                         of transmitting IP routing packets to or from any Promina node in the
ETSSP - enhanced tactical satellite signal processor
                                                                                         Promina network. An external IP entity can therefore be a device such as a
ETUT - Enhanced Tactical User’s Terminal                                                 router or workstation/PC/Mac that is connected via an external Ethernet
ETXC - external transmit clock
                                                                                      External - Timing - A node accepting clock from a source that is external to the
EU - end user                                                                            node (for example, DACS Telco-provided clock).
EUAAV - endurance unmanned aerial vehicle
EUATMS - european unified air traffic management system
EUB - Essential User Bypass
EUCOM - US European Command
EULA - end-user license agreement
                                                                                      F - Flash
EUMETSAT - European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological
  Satellites                                                                          F - fahrenheit
EUR - Europe                                                                          FA - field artillery
EUR - Europe                                                                          FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
Euro - ISDN - See ETS 300                                                             FAADC2 - forward area air defense command and control (Army)
EUROBIT - European Association of Manufacturers of Business Machines and              FAADC3I - Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications,
  Information Technology Industry                                                       and Intelligence
EUV - extreme ultra violet                                                            FAADS - forward area air defense system
Event - An informational message from the node that is stored in an Event log.        FAAR - forward area alerting radar
   Events are identified by a type and subtype (e.g., 1.3).
                                                                                      FAATSAT - FAA telecommunications satellite
Event - Log - Provides a log of activities on the node such as alarms, operator
   actions, call detail records, diagnostic reports, and other events affecting       FAC - File Access Code
   operations, analysis, and maintenance. Each node has its own Event log             FACNET - federal acquisition computer network
   and one or two nodes may also be designated to hold the Network Event
   log, which logs events of network significance that occur on all nodes within      FACP - forward air control party
   a domain.
                                                                                      FADAC - field artillery digital automated computer
Event - Parameter - Used to tailor the logging of events to suit network
                                                                                      FADC2I - forward air defense command, control, and intelligence
                                                                                      FAEWS - fleet airborne electronic warfare system
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FAISS - FORSCOM automated intelligence support system                                  FDC - First Digital Corps
FALCON - frequency agile low coverage netted                                           FDCC - Fleet Deployable Communications Center
FAMSIM - family of simulations (simulators)                                            FDD - frequency division duplex
Fan - Unit - Cooling device for the node.                                              FDD - first digital division
FANS - future air navigation system                                                    FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FANS2 - future air navigation systems Phase 2 (FAA)                                    FDDM - Fire Direction Data Manager
FAP - file access protocol                                                             FDDS - flag display distribution system
FAPES - force augmentation planning and execution system (JCS)                         FDI - fault detection isolation
FAPM - functional activity program manager (DOD)                                       FDL - facility data link
FAQ - frequently asked questions (Internet)                                            FDM - formal development methodology
FAR - federal acquisition regulation                                                   FDM - Functional Data Manager
FARA - Federal Acquisition Reform Act                                                  FDM - (Frequency Division Multiplexing) - The transmission of two or more
                                                                                         signals over a common path by using a different frequency band for each
FASA - Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act                                              signal.
FASC - Fire and Air Support Center                                                     FDMA - frequency division multiple access
FASC - Forward Area Signal Center                                                      FDMIS - force development management information system
FASIC - function-and algorithm-specific IC                                             FDMP - Full Duplex Message Protocol
FAST - federal acquisition services for technology (GSA/FTS)                           FDO - flexible deterrent option
FAST - flow analysis system for TRANSCOM                                               FDR - future data radio
FAST - forward area secondary imagery dissemination and tactical related               FDRR - flexible disc recorder reproducer
  applications (Army)
                                                                                       FDS - fire direction system
FASTC - Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center (USAF)
                                                                                       FDS - fault detection system
Fastload - A new type of neighbor load process that makes use of more trunk
   bandwidth than is normally available for intertask message exchanging.              FDSE - full duplex switched Ethernet
FAT - file allocation tables                                                           FDSL - fixed directory subscriber list
FATE - federated assessment and targeting enhancement (USAF)                           FDUL - fixed directory unit list
FATT - Forward Area Teletype                                                           FDX - full duplex
Fault - Tolerant - A CPU or network that is resistant to software errors, power        FEA - functional economic analysis
   failures, and disk crashes.
                                                                                       Feature - Modules - These modules (such as trunk, voice, and data) add
FAX - facsimile                                                                           capabilities to nodes and tailor nodes to meet customers' specific
                                                                                          requirements. All nodes have common equipment, but they do not
FBCB2 - Force XXI Battle Command Battalion/Brigade and Below                              necessarily have feature modules.
FBD - functional binary decomposition                                                  FEBA - forward edge of the battle area
FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service                                           FEBE - (Far End Block Error) - An error indication that is provided for in the C-
FBL - Federated Battle Labs                                                              bit parity format.

FBS - finance battlefield system                                                       FEC - Forward Error Correction

FC - fiber channel                                                                     FECAT - Federal Electronic Commerce Acquisition Team

FC-AL - fiber channel-arbitrated loop                                                  FECC - Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator

FC-EL - fiber channel-enhanced loop                                                    FECTA - forward error correction transmission adapter

FC2S - FORSCOM C2 system                                                               FED - field emission display (device)

FCA - functional configuration audit                                                   FED-STD - Federal Standard

FCB - file control block                                                               FEDCAC - Federal Computer Acquisition Center (GSA/FTS)

FCC - Federal Communications Commission                                                FEDCIRC - Federal Computer Incident Response Capability

FCC - Flight Control Center (computer)                                                 FEDD - family of electronic deceptive devices

FCC - Federal Communications Commission                                                Fedsim - Federal Systems Integration and Management Center

FCFS - first come first serve                                                          FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FCI - Foreign Counterintelligence (FBI)                                                FEN - field engineering notice

FCLC - fiber channel loop community                                                    FEP - front end processor

FCOM - Joint Forces Command                                                            FEPI - front-end programming interface

FCRB - future change review board                                                      FER - final evaluation report

FCS - (Frame Check Sequence) - In bit-oriented protocols, a 16-bit field that          FES - force entry switch
  contains transmission error-checking information, usually appended at the            FET - field effect transistor
  end of a frame. Also used in conjunction with First Customer Ship; the date
  that a new product is first shipped to a customer.                                   FEWS - follow-on early warning system
fctn - function                                                                        FEWS - future early warning system
FD - failure density                                                                   FEX - federal internet exchange
FD - floppy disk                                                                       FFD - frequency fill device
FDC - Fire Direction Center                                                            FFT - fast Fourier transform
FDC - floppy disk controller                                                           FG - frame grabber

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FGDC - Federal Geographic Data Committee                                                 FLEWUG - Federal Law Enforcement Wireless Users Group
FGIPC - Federation of Government Information Processing Councils                         FLIR - forward looking infrared
FGRT - Fixed Ground Receive Terminal                                                     FLIS - federal logistics information system
FH - frequency hopping                                                                   FLOPS - floating point operations per second
FHMA - frequency hop multiple access                                                     FLOT - forward line of own troops
FHMX - frequency hopping multiplexer                                                     Flow - Control - The capability of network nodes to manage buffering schemes
                                                                                            in order to allow devices of differing data transmission speeds to
FHSS - frequency hopped spread spectrum                                                     communicate with each other.
FIA - future imagery architecture                                                        FLT - fleet
FIABS - financial inventory accounting and billing system                                FLTBCST - fleet broadcast
Fiber - Optic Cable - A data transmission medium consisting of glass fibers. It          FLTCINC - Fleet Commander In Chief
   offers increased bandwidth. LEDs send light to a receiver that converts the
   light into electrical signals.                                                        FLTSAT - fleet satellite
FIC - Federal Information Center (GSA/FTS)                                               FLTSATCOM - fleet satellite communications
FIC - fleet intelligence center                                                          FM - frequency modulation
FICCS - First in Command and Control System                                              FM - field manual (when followed by a number)
FICO - Fingerprint Image Conversion Operation (FBI)                                      FMEA - failure modes and effects analysis
FICS - FAA Integrated Communications System                                              FMECA - failure mode effects and critical analysis
FICS - fingerprint image capture system (FBI)                                            FMF - fleet marine force
FIDNET - Federal Intrusion Detection Network (see AIDC)                                  FMM - frequency management module
Field - Trial Site - The location of the tests performed on product prototypes           FMO - Frequency Management Office
   (usually in-house and select client locations). These early releases are for
   test purposes and are performed prior to any first customer shipment.                 FMP - Frequency Management Plan

FIF - fractal image format                                                               FMS - Financial Management Service (Treasury)

FIFO - first-in first-out                                                                FMS - Forms Management System

FII - Federal information infrastructure                                                 FMV - full motion video

File - Server - A CPU containing files shared by everyone connected to a                 FN - feeder node
    network.                                                                             FNARS - FEMA national radio system
FILO - first-in, last-out                                                                FNATS - FEMA national teletype system
Filtering - Allows an operator to search for events of a particular kind or object       FNAVS - FEMA national voice system
    such as a class of card rather than scanning through all of them.
                                                                                         FNBDT - future narrowband digital terminal
FIM - functional information manager (CIM)
                                                                                         FO - fiber optic
FIN - finish flag, TCP header
                                                                                         FO - Flash Override
FINL - initialize floppy disk
                                                                                         FOA - fiber optic applique
FIPS - Federal Information Processing Standard
                                                                                         FOBC - fiber optic bulkhead connector
FIR - finite impulse response
                                                                                         FOC - fiber optic cable
FIR - functional intelligence ratio
                                                                                         FOCA - font object content architecture
FIREFLEX - flexible fire support system
                                                                                         FOCA - fiber optic cable assembly
FIRMR - Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
                                                                                         FOCI - foreign ownership, control or influence
FIRP - Federal Internetworking Requirements Panel
                                                                                         FOCS - fiber optic cable system
FIRS - Federal Information Relay Service (GSA/FTS)
                                                                                         FOCSI - fiber-optic control system integration
FIRST - Forum of Incident Response (and) Security Teams
                                                                                         FOHMD - fiber-optic helmet-mounted display/device
FIS - foreign intelligence service
                                                                                         FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
FISINT - Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
                                                                                         FOIPA - Freedom of Information/Privacy Act
FISS - foreign intelligence and security service
                                                                                         FOIRL - fiber optic inter repeater link
FISSP - Federal Information Systems Support Program (GSA/FTS)
                                                                                         FOIU - fiber optic interface unit
FIST - fleet imagery support terminal
                                                                                         FOL - forward operating location
FIST - full-crew integrated trainer
                                                                                         FOM - fiber optic modem
FITL - fiber in the loop
                                                                                         FOMAU - Fiber Optic Media Access Unit
FIWC - Fleet Information Warfare Center
                                                                                         FOPEN - foliage penetration radar
FLAN - flying local area network
                                                                                         FORGN - foreign
FLAPS - force level automated planning system
                                                                                         FORSCOM - US Army Forces Command
Flash - Memory - An in-circuit programmable non-volatile semiconductor
   technology applied to memory components. Flash memory is similar in                   FORTAS - forward observer remote target acquisition system
   application to EPROMs or what are commonly referred to as boot Proms,
                                                                                         FORTE - fast on-orbit recording of transient events
   but flash memory has the advantage of being on-board programmable
   rather than being a plug-in component. Promina controller cards (PPM,                 FORTRAN - formula translator
   PLM, and PSM) use flash memory for storing system software and
   configuration database data.                                                          FOSIC - Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center

FLC - Federal Laboratory Consortium                                                      FOT - frequency of optimum transmission

FLC - foreign language committee                                                         FOTLAN - fiber optic tactical LAN

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FOTS - fiber optic transmission system                                                 FRPI - flux reversals per inch
FOUO - For Official Use Only                                                           Fs - signal framing
Four - Wire - A circuit path using separate pairs for send and receive. This           FSAN - full service access network
   term is also used when referring to digital channels that inherently have
   discrete send and receive paths, regardless of the number of pairs (or other        FSATS - fire support automated test system
   media) used.                                                                        FSB - fire support battalion
FPA - focal plane array                                                                FSC - fire support coordinator
FPCB - field-programmable circuit board                                                FSCATT - fire support combined arms tactical trainers
FPD - flat panel display                                                               FSCS - fire support control system
FPF - final protective fire                                                            FSDPSK - filtered symmetric differential phase-shift keying
FPGA - field programmable gate array                                                   FSE - full screen editor
FPI - functional process improvement                                                   FSE - fire support element
FPIC - field-programmable interconnect chip                                            FSEN - future small extension node
FPID - field-programmable interconnect device                                          FSF - Free Software Foundation
FPIS - forward propagation ionospheric scatter                                         FSFM - full-screen full-motion
FPKI - Federal Public Key Infrastructure                                               FSIC - forward sensor interface and control
FPL - final protective line                                                            FSK - Frequency Shift Keying
FPLA - field programmable logic-array                                                  FSN - FEMA switched network
FPLMTS - future public land mobile telephone services                                  FSN - full service network
FPP - fixed path protocol                                                              FSO - field security operations
FPP - floating point processor                                                         FSO - fire support officer
FPS - frames per second                                                                FSP - functionality, security and performance
FPU - floating-point unit                                                              FSPM - formal security policy model
FQDN - fully qualified domain name                                                     FSRF - flood search routing function
FR - frequency response                                                                FSSG - force service support group
Fractional - T1/E1 - A fractional line is subchannel of a full T1/E1 line. There       FSTC - Financial Services Technology Consortium
   are 24/31 fractional T1/E1 lines, each with a bandwidth of 64 kbps. This is
   an economical measure to fit the requirements where the full DS1 is not             FSTS - federal secure telephone service
   needed. Individual DS0 slots may be switched to different services or
                                                                                       FT - fault tolerance
   locations. The user may provide a full DS1 from each end of the circuit, but
   the central office extracts only those DS0s that are paid for and routes            Ft - terminal framing
   them to the required service or location.
                                                                                       ft - foot, feet
FRAD - frame relay assembler/dissembler
                                                                                       FT1 - fractional T1
FRAGO - fragmentary order
                                                                                       FTAM - file transfer, access and management
FRAM - ferro-electric random-access memory
                                                                                       FTDMA - frequency time-division multiple-access
Frame - (Data) - In bit-oriented protocols, data is formatted in frames for
   transmission. Each frame consists of a start flag followed by an address            FTEWA - force threat evaluation and weapon assignment
   field, data field, frame check sequence, and a stop flag.                           FTIR - Fourier transform infrared
Frame - (DS1/T1) - A 193-bit entity, consisting of 192 information bits (24            FTLS - formal top level specification
   channels, 8 bits each) plus one framing bit. T-1 frames occur at the rate of
   8000 per second. Twelve frames make a standard DS1/D4 format                        FTM - File Transfer Manager
   superframe. On modern ESF T-1 facilities, 24 frames are used to make an
                                                                                       FTN - fiber transmission network
   Extended superframe, wherein the 193rd bit in the frames is used for
   various functions in addition to framing.                                           FTP - fiber termination panel
Frame Alignment Signal - The frame alignment signal (F1, F0) identifies the            FTP - File Transfer Protocol
   subframe and, accordingly, all the control-bit time slots.
                                                                                       FTS - Federal Technology Service (GSA/FTS)
Frame Slip - A controlled frame slip occurs on a trunk that is not
   synchronously timed. When sufficient clock drift has accumulated, frame-            FTS - Federal Telecommunications System
   alignment buffers on the trunk are reset.
                                                                                       FTS2000 - Federal Telecommunications System 2000 (GSA/FTS)
FRC - frame recovery circuit
                                                                                       FTS2001 - Federal Telecommunications System 2001 (GSA/FTS)
FRCS - Federal Reserve communications system
                                                                                       FTSAT - Flyaway Tri-band Satellite Terminal
freq - frequency
                                                                                       FTSC - Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee
Frequency Response - The change in attenuation with frequency relative to
                                                                                       FTSP - Federal Telecommunication Standards Program
   the attenuation at a reference frequency. Also called attenuation distortion.
                                                                                       FTTC - fiber to the curb
FRERP - federal radiological emergency response plan
                                                                                       FTTH - fiber to the home
Friendload - The process of loading code from a friend node (a node
   containing the desirable software that is not directly connected to the node        FTX - Field Training Exercise
   being loaded). Contrast with neighbor node.
                                                                                       FUD - fire unit display
FRMA - functional requirements management agency (CALS)
                                                                                       FUI - file update information
FRO - frequency reference oscillator
                                                                                       Full Duplex - Transmission occurs simultaneously in two directions.
FRP - Federal Radionavigation Plan
                                                                                       Functional Area Menu - A menu in the Operator Interface where most
FRP - Federal Response Plan                                                               operator commands are initiated such as installing or modifying cards,
                                                                                          ports, and links; querying the system and the Event log; monitoring alarms;
FRPA - fixed reception pattern antenna
                                                                                          reserving bandwidth; and performing diagnostics.

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Fuse Disconnect Barrier - Used for some CEPT trunk applications in the                   Gateway Link - A logical connection between two gateway nodes consisting of
   United Kingdom when the equipment connected to the node is not certified                 one or more trunk modules.
   to BS 6301.
                                                                                         Gateway Link ID - Gateway links are identified through the Operator Interface
FUWG - Fleet Users Working Group                                                            by indicating the gateway nodes connected by a link. For example, the link
                                                                                            between Gateway Node 5 in Domain 30 and Gateway Node 7 in Domain
FVS - foreign visits system                                                                 100 is referred to as D30N5D100N7 (the local gateway node must be listed
FVT - full video translation                                                                first).

fwd - forward                                                                            Gateway Node - A node that connects to a neighbor gateway node through a
                                                                                            gateway link to provide connectivity between domains.
FWPC - Federal Wireless Policy Committee
                                                                                         GATM - global air traffic management environment
FWRO - Federal Wireless Review Office
                                                                                         Gb - gigabit
FWTS - Federal Wireless Telecommunications Services (GSA/FTS)
                                                                                         GB - gigabyte
FWUF - Federal Wireless Users’ Forum
                                                                                         GB - group buffer
FX - (Foreign Exchange) - Usually seen in the context of FXS (foreign
   exchange subscriber) and FXO (foreign exchange office) and available                  GBCS - ground based common sensor
   through the DS1 port Signalling Protocol parameter.                                   GBL - ground based laser
FXO - Foreign Exchange Office                                                            GBN - global block numbering
FXO GDSTRT (Foreign Exchange Office Ground Start) - Differs from the FXO                 GBNP - Global Block Numbering Plan
  LPSTRT in the following manner: request for service (off-hook) is
  accomplished by asserting a ground on the ring lead, and then applying a               Gbps - gigabits per second
  loop closure. Disconnect (on-hook) is accomplished by an open loop.
                                                                                         GBps - gigabytes per second
FXS - Foreign Exchange Service
                                                                                         GBR - ground based radar
FXS - Foreign Exchange Station
                                                                                         GBS - ground based sensor
FXS LPSTRT (Foreign Exchange Station Loop Start) - This signaling protocol
  is used (at the station end) on facilities interfacing a 2-wire station to a           GBS - Global Broadcast Service
  foreign (distant) PBX or C.O. and combines transmission and signaling                  GBS - global broadcast system
  functions on a single pair of wires. On- and off-hook supervision is
  accomplished by an open loop and loop closure respectively.                            GCA - ground control approach

FYDP - Future Years Defense (Program) Plan                                               GCC - global control center

FYP - five year plan                                                                     GCCS - Global Command and Control System
                                                                                         GCCS-A - Global Command and Control System-Army
                                                                                         GCCS-M - Global Command and Control System-Maritime

                                                                                         GCE - ground combat element
                                                                                         GCHQ - Government Communication Headquarters (UK)
                                                                                         GCI - ground controlled intercept
G-6 - communications directorate of an Army staff
                                                                                         GCOS - general comprehensive operating system
G/LSRD - Ground/Loop Start Ringdown Trunk
                                                                                         GCR - group coded recording
G/T - antenna gain-to-noise temperature
                                                                                         GCRA - (Generic Cell Rate Algorithm) - Used to define conformance with
G1 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)                                              respect to the traffic contract of the connection. For each cell arrival, the
                                                                                           GCRA determines whether the cell conforms to the traffic contract. The
G2 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)
                                                                                           UPC function may implement the GCRA, or one or more equivalent
G3 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)                                   algorithms to enforce conformance. The GCRA is defined with two
                                                                                           parameters: the Increment (I) and the Limit (L).
G6 - Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 (Communications-ElectronicsPrincipal Staff
   Officer)                                                                              GCRI - general collective routing indicator

GAA - gateway access authorization                                                       GCS - Ground Control Station

GaAs - gallium arsenide                                                                  GCSS-A - Global Command and Control System-Army

GACC - Ground Attack Control Center                                                      GCSS - global combat support system

GACIAC - Guidance and Control Information Analysis Center                                GCSS-AF - Global Combat Support System Air Force component (Was BLSM-
GAL - generic array logic
                                                                                         GCU - guidance and control unit
GAL - Global Access List
                                                                                         GD - General Datacomm
gal - gallon(s)
                                                                                         GD - graphic display
GAM - GPS-aided munition
                                                                                         GDA - gimballed dish antenna
GAMS - Guide to Available Mathematical Software (NIST)
                                                                                         GDA - global data area
GAO - General Accounting Office
                                                                                         GDB - global database
GAPI - gateway application programming interface
                                                                                         GDB - MGR - global database manager
Gapped Clock - A clock stream at a nominal bit rate that may be missing clock
  pulses at arbitrary intervals for arbitrary lengths of time. A gapped clock is         GDDM - graphical data display manager
  different from a synchronous clock.
                                                                                         GDF - group distribution frame
GAR - gateway access request
                                                                                         GDI - graphics device interface
GAT - government acceptance test
                                                                                         GDI - Global Domain Identifier
GAT - guidance, apportionment and target (cell)
                                                                                         GDI - Global Domain Identifier
Gate - A digital circuit with one output and one or more inputs. The output
                                                                                         GDIP - General Defense Intelligence Program
   value is determined by specific criteria (for example, truth table).
                                                                                         GDMO - guidelines for the definition of managed objects
GATEC - government acquisition through electronic commerce
                                                                                         GDMS - global database management system
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GDS - global directory service                                                         GLPAL - global preaffiliation list
GDSS - global decision support system                                                  GLU - Group Logic Unit
GDU - graphic display unit                                                             GM - group modem
GE - Germany                                                                           GMAP - general macro assembler program
GEDAE - graphical entry distributed application environment                            GMD - global missile defense
GEM - Grey Extension Module                                                            GMDSS - global maritime distress and safety system
GEM - General Dynamics Encryption Manager                                              GMF - ground mobile forces
GEMINI - Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative (G-7)              GMF - ground mobile forces
GEMS - GPS engineering management system                                               GMFSC - ground mobile forces satellite communications
GEMSS - GITS Electronic Mail Steering Subcommittee                                     GMITS - Guidelines for the Management of IT Security
GEN - generation                                                                       GMPCS - global mobile personal communications systems
gen - generator(s)                                                                     GMR - giant magnetoresistive
GENE - GPS enhanced navigation system                                                  GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GENSER - general service                                                               GND - ground
GEO - geostationary orbit                                                              GNDCP - ground command post
GEOREF - geographical reference                                                        GNDFE - ground force element
GES - government electronic systems                                                    GNIE - Global Networked Information Enterprise
GET - get execute trigger                                                              GNMP - government network management profile
GETS - Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (NCS)                           GNOSC - Global Network Operations and Security Center
GFCI - ground fault circuit interrupt                                                  GNSS - global navigational satellite system
GFE - government furnished equipment                                                   GOCA - graphics object content architecture
GFI - government furnished information                                                 GOES - Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
GFLOPS - billion floating-point operations per second                                  GOLDS - general online display system
GFSK - Gaussian frequency shift keying                                                 GOS - grade of service
GGI - global geospatial information                                                    GOSC - Global Operations and Security Center (DISA)
GGI - global grid initiative                                                           GOSIP - government open system interconnection profile (protocol)
GGI&S - global geospatial Information and Services                                     GOTS - government off-the-shelf
GHz - gigaHertz                                                                        GP - group
GIDEP - government-industry data exchange program                                      GPALS - global positioning and location system
GIE - global information environment (Army)                                            GPALS - global protection against limited strikes
GIF - graphics interchange format                                                      GPC - general purpose computer
GIG - Global Information Grid                                                          GPCSC - general purpose computer support center
GIGO - garbage-in/garbage-out                                                          GPEE - general purpose encryption equipment
GII - global (Government) information infrastructure                                   GPI - graphics programming interface
GILS - government information locator system (Service)                                 GPIB - general purpose interface bus
GIPS - billion instructions per second                                                 GPMDM - Group Modem
GIPSY - graphic information presentation system                                        GPRS - general packet radio service
GIS - geographic information systems                                                   GPS - Global Positioning System
GIS - Global Information Society                                                       GPSR - Global Positioning System receiver
GISA - German Information Security Agency                                              GPSS - general purpose simulation system
GITEC - Government Information Technology Executive Council                            GRACE - generic reusable Ada components for engineering
GITS - Government Information Technology Services                                      Grade Of Service - This is simply the ratio of calls blocked to total calls in a
                                                                                          decimal form. So a grade of service of P.08 would represent 8% blocking.
GIV - geological information visualization                                                Telephone tariffs regulate the acceptable average grade of service which
GIX - Global Information Exchange                                                         must be provided on public networks.

GK - gate keeper                                                                       GRASP - graphical system for presentation

GKS - graphical kernel system                                                          GRCS - guardrail common sensor

Glare - On a POTS line an incoming call is signaled by periodically applying an        GRE - graphics engine
   AC ring voltage to the line. Since there is a semi random period before the         GRNN - general regression neural network
   ring, and pauses between rings, it is possible to seize a line which is "about
   to ring" (and answer a call) when attempting to place an outgoing call.             Ground Start - A method of signaling between two machines, where one
   When this scenario happens it is called glare. Glare is much less likely if            machine grounds one side of the line and the other machine detects the
   Ground Start trunks are used. See Ground Start Trunk.                                  presence of the ground.
Glass - TTY - A dumb terminal used to accept keyed data and transmit that              Ground Start Trunk - A type of telephone trunk where the request to make an
   data to a computer. This terminal has no other processing capabilities. The            outgoing call (i.e. request for dial tone) is made by briefly grounding the Tip
   term glass refers to the TTY with a CRT screen.                                        conductor. Many PBX systems use ground start trunks as they are less
                                                                                          prone to glare than Loop start trunks. See Loop Start Trunk. See also Glare
GLIS - global land information system
                                                                                       GRT - ground receive terminal
GLLD - ground laser locator/designator
                                                                                       GRWSIM - ground warfare simulation
GLOBIXS - global information exchange systems (Navy)
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GS - general support                                                                 HARM - high speed anti-radiation missile
GSA - General Services Administration                                                HBA - host bus adapter
GSA - global security architecture                                                   HCI - human/computer interface
GSB - gateway signaling buffer                                                       HCJ - heliborne common jammer
GSE - ground support equipment                                                       HCLOS - high capacity line of sight
GSII - Government Services Information Infrastructure                                HCP - hardcopy printer
GSM - global system mobile (Europe)                                                  HCTR - High-Capacity Trunk Radio
GSM - ground station module                                                          HCU - high capacity computer unit
GSM - groupe speciale mobile                                                         HCU-2 - high capacity unit-2
GSORTS - global status of resources and training system                              HD - hard disk
GSPM - Global Standard Profile Matrix                                                HD - harmonic distortion
GSR - ground surveillance radar                                                      HDA - head disk assembly
GSRD - Ground Start Ringdown                                                         HDA - host data adapter
GSS - general security support (DOD)                                                 HDB3 (High Density Bipolar, 3 Zero) - A CCITT recommended BNZS coding
                                                                                       format. This commonly used version of high-density bipolar (HDB) line
GSSAP - generic security service applications programming                              coding replaces strings of four zeroes with sequences containing a bipolar
GSSP - Generally Accepted System Security Principles                                   violation in the fourth-bit position. Since this coding format precludes strings
                                                                                       of zeroes greater than three, it is referred to as HDB3. The encoding
GSTS - Ground-based surveillance and tracking system                                   algorithm is basically the same as B3ZS. HDB3 line coding is used in
                                                                                       CEPT Level-1 digital transmission (2.048 Mbps); thus HDB3 is used with
GSVS - global secure voice system
                                                                                       the CEPT Trunk module. Also see zero suppression.
GT - Guard Time
                                                                                     HDB3 - High Density Bipolar 3. An E1 line coding method. This is the more
GTA - graphic training aid                                                             modern line coding method of the two commonly available. See Line
                                                                                       Coding, T1. See also AMI and B8ZS
GTACS - ground theater air control system
                                                                                     HDCD - high definition compatible digital
GTE - General Telephone and Electric
                                                                                     HDD - hard disk drive
GTEAM - Global Team Labeling
                                                                                     HDDI - host document data interchange
GTFM - generalized tamed frequency modulation
                                                                                     HDF - hierarchical data format
GTIS - Government Telecommunications and Information Services (Canada)
                                                                                     HDGH - high definition graphic display
GTL - gunning transceiver logic
                                                                                     HDI - head to disk interference
GTLD - Generic Top Level Domains
                                                                                     HDI - high density interconnect
GTN - Global Transportation Network (DOD)
                                                                                     HDL - hardware description language
GTS - government telecommunications system
                                                                                     HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control) - A link level, bit-oriented full-duplex
GUI - graphical user interface                                                         protocol defined by ISO (International Standards Organization). A
GVM - global virtual manufacturing                                                     somewhat universal protocol, it is used in the SCLP channel, and in the
                                                                                       ESF data link.
GW - gateway
                                                                                     HDM - hardware device module
GWC - global weather central
                                                                                     HDM - hierarchical development methodology
GWIP - global weather intercept program
                                                                                     HDSL - high data-rate digital subscriber line (loop) (link)
GWS - groupware server
                                                                                     HDT - high density tape
GWS - GroupWare Server
                                                                                     HDTV - high definition television
GXX - format for a user's telephone number, 4/3 numbering plan
                                                                                     HDU - hard disk unit
GXXX - format for a user's telephone number, 3/4 numbering plan
                                                                                     HDU - helmet display unit
                                                                                     HDUX - half duplex transmission
                                                                                     HDVC - (High Density Voice Compression) Module - This module can receive

                                     H                                                 input from voice modules in 64 kbps PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format.
                                                                                       The HDVC uses Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding (VAPC) at either 16
                                                                                       kbps for a compression ratio of 4:1 or alternatively at 8 kbps for a
                                                                                       compression ratio of 8:1.
H-HMMWV - high variant HMMWV
                                                                                     HDVD - high definition volumetric display
H - height
                                                                                     HDX - half duplex
H.gcp - gateway control protocol
                                                                                     Header - Control information and codes that are appended to the front of a
HACMP - high availability clustered multiprocessing                                    block of user data for control, synchronization, routing, and sequencing of a
                                                                                       transmitted data frame or packet.
HAEMP - High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
                                                                                     HEC - header error control
HAG - high assurance guard
                                                                                     HEL - high energy laser
HAIDE - hostile aircraft identification equipment
                                                                                     HELLO - routing protocol
HAL - hard array logic
                                                                                     HEMP - high altitude electromagnetic pulse
HAL - hardware adaptation (abstraction) layer
                                                                                     HEO - highly elliptical orbit
HAL - house programmed array logic
                                                                                     HERF - hazard from electromagnetic radiation to fuel
Half-Duplex - Transmission occurs in two directions, but not simultaneously.
                                                                                     HERO - hazard from electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
Handshake - Exchange of predetermined signals occurring when the
  connection between two data sets is first established.                             Hertz - (Hz) - A measure of frequency equal to one cycle per second.

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HF - high frequency                                                                 HOPSEC - hopping security
HF/DF - high frequency direction finding                                            HOST - Hybrid Open Systems Technology
HF/SSB - high frequency/single-sideband                                             HOT - health-oriented telecommunications
HFAARS - high frequency adaptive antenna receiving system (Canada)                  HP - Hewlett Packard
HFB - high-frequency channel B                                                      HPA - high power amplifier
HFC - hybrid fiber-coaxial                                                          HPC - high performance computing
HFCP - high frequency communications planner                                        HPCC - high performance computing (computer) and communications
HFEN - high frequency emergency network                                             HPFS - high-performance file system
HFM - high frequency prediction module                                              HPM - high powered microwave
HFPLAN - high frequency planner                                                     HPOV - Hewlett Packard OpenView
HFR - high frequency radio                                                          HPPI - high performance parallel interface
HHC - handheld computer                                                             HPPP - high performance parallel processor
HHC - Headquarters and Headquarters Company                                         HPSS - high performance storage system
HHMMWV - heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle                           HPT - high priority target
HHMMWV - heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle                           HQ - headquarters
HHVIT - handheld video imagery terminal                                             HRCD - handheld remote controlled device
HI - high                                                                           HRG - high resolution graphics
HIC - human interaction capability                                                  HRMS - human resource management system
HICC - hostile intelligence collection capabilities                                 HRR - high resolution radar
HIDAD - high density array development                                              HRV - Home Rekey Variable
HIDS - headquarters information distribution system (Canadian army)                 HS - high-speed
HIMAD - high to medium altitude air defense                                         HSBIC - high-speed balanced interface card
HIMS - human information management system                                          HSC - high speed channel
HIPERLAN - high performance local area network (European)                           HSCDM - High-Speed Cable Driver Modem
HIPO - hierarchy of input, processing, and output                                   HSD (High-Speed Data) Module - This module provides two independent
                                                                                      data ports with V.35 or RS-449/422 interfaces at rates from 9.6 kbps to
HIPPI - high performance parallel interface                                           1.344 Mbps and RS-232 DCE/DTE interfaces at rates from 9.6 kbps to 19.2
HIRF - high intensity radiated fields                                                 kbps.

HIS - Hypermedia Indexing Schema                                                    HSE - high speed encryption

HISS - Horizon Infrared Surveillance Sensor                                         HSFEC - high speed forward error correction

HIT - high interest telecommunication                                               HSI - hue saturation intensity

HITS - Hawaiian information transfer system                                         HSI - human systems integration

HJ - crypto key change                                                              HSI - hyper-spectral imagery

HLA - high level architecture                                                       HSIF - hardware/software integration facility

HLI - high-speed LAN interface                                                      HSLAN - high-speed local area network

HLL - high level language                                                           HSM - hierarchical storage management

HLLAPI - high level language application programming interface                      HSM - host security module

HLOS - horizontal line-of-sight                                                     HSMUX - high speed multiplexer

HLQ - high level qualifier                                                          HSMUX2 - high speed multiplexer-2

HMA - hub management architecture                                                   HSPR - high-speed pulse-form restorer

HMD - head (helmet) mounted display                                                 HSS - high-speed shelf

HMI - host message interface                                                        HSS-2 (High-Speed Shelf) - A mechanical assembly (chassis) that contains
                                                                                      the SX, T3, and PPM modules in a Promina 800.
HMMP - HyperMedia Management Protocol
                                                                                    HSSDB - high-speed serial data buffer
HMMS - HyperMedia Management Schema
                                                                                    HSSI - high speed serial interface
HMMWV - high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
                                                                                    HSU - High Speed User
HMOM - HyperMedia Object Manager
                                                                                    HSV - hue saturation value
HMOS - high density metal oxide semiconductor
                                                                                    HT - heavy terminal
HMX - home exchange
                                                                                    HT/MT - heavy terminal/medium terminal
HN - Home Net
                                                                                    HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigative Association
HNSC - House National Security Committee
                                                                                    HTI - horizontal technology integration
HOC - cable connector
                                                                                    HTML - HyperText Markup Language
HOCNET - HUMINT Operational Communications Network
                                                                                    HTTP - HyperText Transport Protocol
HOIS - hostile intelligence service
                                                                                    HTU - handheld terminal unit
HOL - high order language
                                                                                    HUD - heads-up display
Hops - The number of nodes through which a call passes before reaching its
  destination. (Includes only the pass-through and destination nodes, not the       HUDCLIPS - HUD client information and policy system
  origination node).                                                                HUMINT - human intelligence
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Hunt - Group - A group of telephone channels configured so that if the first is         IAG - Information Assurance Group
  busy (engaged) the call goes to the next channel, if that channel is busy it
  goes to the next channel, etc. Hunt groups may hunt from the highest to the           IAL - incoming async link
  lowest, the lowest to the highest, or on some other arbitrary pattern. But the        IALEIA - International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts
  order of hunting will usually be fixed, beginning with one channel and
  working through ("hunting") until an unused channel is found. The term may            IAMC - information assurance management cell
  have originated back in the old manual switchboard days when the
                                                                                        IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  operator literally hunted for an unused jack to plug a cord into. This
  arrangement is very common in business scenarios where a single                       IAP - Information Architecture Plan
  incoming number (the Listed Directory Number) is given to the public, but
  multiple incoming channels are supported. See LDN                                     IAP - Information Assurance Posture

HUS - Hardened Unique Storage                                                           IAP - Internet Access Provider

HVA - high voltage assembly                                                             IAP - interactive asset placement

HVPS - high-voltage power supply                                                        IAR - Interoperability Assessment Report

HVT - high value target                                                                 IARRCIS - Interim Allied Command Europe Information System

HWCI - hardware configuration item                                                      IAS - intelligence analysis system

HWIL - hardware-in-the-loop                                                             IAS - intelligence analysis system

HWS - host workstation                                                                  IAT - import address table

HXTS - external traffic service                                                         IATAC - Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center

Hybrid - 1. A device which converts from a two-wire signal such as POTS lines           IATACS - Improved Army Tactical Communications System
  to a four-wire system (separate send and receive paths) such as used in               IATF - Information Assurance Technology (Technical) Framework
  the pro-audio world. While this task is theoretically quite simple, the fact the
  impedance of most phone lines varies widely across frequency complicates              IATO - interim approval to operate
  matters. 2. Mixed data and voice applications.
                                                                                        IAUP - internet user account provider
Hybrid Network - A network that can handle protocols in both public and
                                                                                        IAVA - Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert
  private network communications. Most private networks today are hybrid
  networks.                                                                             IAVB - Information Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin
HYDRA - hierarchical yet dynamically reprogrammable architecture                        IAW - in accordance with
HYTIME - hypermedia/time-based structuring language                                     IAWGDEC - Interagency Working Group on Drug Enforcement
Hz - Hertz                                                                                 Communications

HZG - Hertz generator                                                                   IB/OOB - in-band/out-of-band
                                                                                        IBAC - identity based access control
                                                                                        IBAG - INFOSEC Business Advisory Group
                                                                                        IBC - instrument bus computer

                                      I                                                 IBC - in-band control
                                                                                        IBCS - integrated battlefield control system
I-CASE - integrated computer-aided software (systems) engineering
                                                                                        IBCT - Initial/Interim Brigade Combat Team
I-MAC - isynchronous media access controller                                            IBIS - interactive battlespace intelligence system
I&A - identification and authentication
                                                                                        IBIS - interagency border inspection system
I&RTS - Integration and Runtime Specifications                                          IBS - integrated booking system
I/O - input/output
                                                                                        IBS - Integrated Broadcast Service
I2 - image intensifying                                                                 IBW - information-based warfare
I3MP - Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (Army)
                                                                                        IC - information center (DOD)
I3P - Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection                               IC - integrated circuit
I4 - International Information Integrity Institute
                                                                                        IC - integration contractor
I422 - Trunk Module - A low bandwidth trunk module to connect sites in                  IC - intelligence community
   different countries.
                                                                                        IC - interrupt controller
IA - Imagery Analyst
                                                                                        IC - intercept
IA - Information Assurance (DOD)
                                                                                        IC - interface control
IA - internet access
                                                                                        IC/CIO - Intelligence Community/Chief Information Officer
IA - issuing authority
                                                                                        IC4I - Integration for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and
IA/M - information assurance monitoring
IAB - Internet Architecture (Activities) Board
                                                                                        ICA - intra-application communications area
IAC - Image Analysis Center
                                                                                        ICADS - integrated correlation and display system
IAC - Information Analysis Center                                                       ICAM - integrated computer-aided manufacturing
IAC - interapplication communication
                                                                                        ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
IAC - International Access Code
                                                                                        ICAO - International Civil Aviation Organization
IAC - International Area Code
                                                                                        ICAP - Integrated Communications Access Package
IAD - Information Assurance Document                                                    ICAP - Intelligence Community Assignment Program
IAD - integrated antenna detectors
                                                                                        ICAP - Integrated Communications Access Package
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency                                               ICARIS - intelligence communications and requirements information system
IAFIS - integrated automated fingerprint identification system (FBI)
                                                                                        ICASC - Improved Direct Air Support Central

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ICATS - interactive computer aided training system                                    IDA - integrated digital access
ICC - Information and Coordination Central                                            IDA - intelligent disk (drive) array
ICC - intelligence coordination center (Coast Guard)                                  IDAPI - integrated database application programming interface
ICCCM - inter-client communications conventions manual                                IDARS - integrated document archive and retrieval system
ICCIP - Inter-Center Council on Information Processing                                IDB - integrated database
ICCITS - Inter-Center Council on Information Technology Security                      IDCU - integrated data communications utility
ICCN - Inter-Center Council on Networking                                             IDD - interface design document
ICCP - Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals                      IDDD - international direct distance dialing
ICD - imitative communications deception                                              IDDF - intermediate data distribution facility
ICD - Interface Control Document                                                      IDE - integrated data environment
ICDL - Integrated Circuit Design Language                                             IDE - integrated device (drive) electronics
ICE - information and content exchange                                                IDE - interactive design and engineering
ICE - integrated collaborative engineering                                            IDE - interface design enhancement
ICE - International Cryptography Experiment                                           IDEA - International Data Encryption Algorithm
ICE - intrusion countermeasures equipment                                             IDEAS - intelligence data element and authorization system
ICEMAN - Integrated Computing Environment-Mainframe and Networking                    IDEAS - interior department electronic acquisition system
                                                                                      IDECM - integrated defensive electronic countermeasure
ICF - interconnect facility
                                                                                      IDEF - Integrated Definition Language
ICI - image component information
                                                                                      IDEX - image data exploitation system
ICI - incoming call identification
                                                                                      IDF - intermediate distribution frame
ICIT - Industry Coalition on Information Technology
                                                                                      IDH - Interface Design Handbook
ICL - interface clear
                                                                                      IDHS - intelligence data handling system
ICLID - incomming-call line identification
                                                                                      IDIP - intrusion detection interactive protocol
ICM - Intelligence Collection Management
                                                                                      IDIQ - indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity
ICM - Intelligence Correlation Module
                                                                                      IDIV - integer divide
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
                                                                                      IDL - interactive distance learning
ICN - idle channel noise
                                                                                      IDL - Interface Definition Language
ICNIA - integrated communication, navigation and identification avionics
                                                                                      IDL - interoperable data link
ICO - Intelligence Community Officers
                                                                                      IDL - interim data link
ICO - intermediate circular orbit
                                                                                      IDM - improved data modem
ICODES - integrated computerized deployment system
                                                                                      IDM - information dissemination management
ICOE - Intelligence Center of Excellence
                                                                                      IDM - intelligent database machine
ICOM - integrated communication security
                                                                                      IDM-T - information dissemination management-tactical
ICON - Imagery Communications and Operations Node
                                                                                      IDM - information dissemination management
ICP - integrated channel processor
                                                                                      IDMP - intelligence digital message processor
ICP - interface change proposal
                                                                                      IDMS - integrated data base management system
ICP - internal communications processor
                                                                                      IDMT - Intelligence Digital Message Terminal
ICP - Intertheater COMSEC package
                                                                                      IDN - integrated digital network
ICP - intertheater communications security package
                                                                                      IDNX - (Integrated Digital Network Exchange) - Refers to components of the
ICQC - Intelligence Community Quality Council                                            N.E.T. IDNX network: an IDNX/90, IDNX/70, IDNX/20, and IDNX/Micro 20.
ICR - in-circuit reconfigurable                                                       IDO - Integrated Deterrent Option
ICR - Intelligence Collection Requirements                                            IDOCS - intrusion detection optical communication system
ICR - intelligent character recognition                                               IDOM - integrated document and output management
ICRI - interswitch collective RI                                                      IDP - integrated data processing
ICS - intelligence community staff (now intelligence management staff)                IDP - intelligence data processor
ICS - interagency communications system                                               IDRC - improved data recording capability
ICS - intuitive command structure                                                     IDRP - Interdomain Routing Protocol
ICSC - Interior Communications Switching Center                                       IDS - intrusion detection system
ICSI - Interdepartmental Committee on Security and Intelligence (Canada)              IDT - integrated device technology
ICU - interface control unit                                                          IDT - interrupt descriptor table
ICW - interactive courseware                                                          IDTS - integrated data transport (telecommunications) system (Army)
ICW - interrupted continuous wave                                                     IDTS - Integrated Digital Telecommunications Switch (USAF)
ICWG - interface control working group                                                IDTV - improved definition television
ID - identification                                                                   IDX - index
ID3 - international direct distance dialing (GSA/FTS)                                 IE - information engineering

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IEB - Intelink Engineering Board                                                     IIOP - intra/Internet object protocol
IEC - interexchange carriers                                                         IIR - infinite impulse response
IEC - InterExchange Carrier. "Long Distance" carrier. Handles Interlata and          IIR - imaging infrared
   interstate calls. Also referred to as IXC.
                                                                                     IIR - immediate impulse response
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
                                                                                     IIS - industry information security
IEF - Information Engineering Facility
                                                                                     IITA - information infrastructure technology applications
IEMATS - Improved Emergency Actions Automatic Transmission System
                                                                                     IITF - Information Infrastructure Task Force
IEMS - integrated emergency management system
                                                                                     IIW - information in war (USAF)
IEMSI - interactive electronic mail standard identification
                                                                                     IJC3S - integrated joint command and control communications system
IEN - Internet Experiment Notes
                                                                                     IKE - Internet key exchange
IEP - Intergovernmental Enterprise Panel
                                                                                     ILC - interlink module
IER - information exchange requirement
                                                                                     ILEC - Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. A local Exchange Carrier which
IES - imagery exploitation system                                                       entered the marketplace before the enactment of the 1996 Telecom act;.
                                                                                        i.e. a telephone company which is neither an Indie nor an RBOC. See LEC
IESG - Internet Engineering Steering Group                                              and CLEC.
IESS - imagery exploitation support system                                           ILECS - Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers
IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force                                               ILI - intelligent line interface
IETM - interactive electronic technical manual                                       ILMI - (Integrated Local Management Interface) - An ATM Forum-defined
IEW - intelligence and electronic warfare                                               interim specification for network management functions between an end
                                                                                        user and a public or private network and between a public network and a
IEWCS - intelligence and electronic warfare common sensor                               private network. This is based on a limited subset of SNMP capabilities.
IF - intermediate frequency                                                          ILSC - Industrial Logistics Systems Center (Army)
IFA - interagency funding agreement                                                  IM - information management
IFAS - industrial fund accounting system                                             IM - intensity modulation
IFD - image file directory                                                           IM - Interface Manager
IFF - identification friend or foe                                                   IMA - information (management) mission area
IFF/NCTR - identification friend or foe/non-cooperative target                       IMA - Interactive Multimedia Association
IFFN - identification friend or foe/neutral                                          IMA - Inverse Multiplexing over ATM
IFG - incoming fax gateway                                                           IMA - Information Mission Area
IFMA - Information Functional Mission Area                                           IMACS - interservice materiel and accounting control system
IFOV - instantaneous field of view                                                   IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol
IFR - Identify For Rekeying                                                          IMCT - intermodule compatibility testing
IFS - ionospheric forward scatter                                                    IMDS - integrated maintenance data system
IFS - installable file system                                                        IME - input method editor
IFSM - information systems management                                                IMETS - integrated meteorological system
IG - interagency group                                                               IMEWS - integrated missile warning system
IGA - integrated graphics array                                                      IMG - imagery
IGC - integrated graphics controller                                                 IMINT - imagery intelligence
IGES - initial graphics exchange specification (standard)                            Immediate - IADS integrated audio distribution system
IGMP - Internet Group Management Protocol                                            IMP - information/interface message processor
IGOSS - industry-government open system specification                                IMP - Information Management Plan
IGP - intelligent gateway processor                                                  IMP - intelligence message processor
IGP - interior gateway protocol                                                      IMP - interface message processor
IGRP - interior gateway routing protocol                                             IMPE - information management processing equipment
IGS - Internet go server                                                             Impedance - The resistance to the flow of alternating current in a circuit.
IGSM - interim ground station module                                                 IMPEG - Information Management Program Evaluation Group
IGW - integral gateway                                                               IMPWG - Information Policy Working Group
IGX - integrated gateway exchange                                                    IMS - Integrated Management System
IGX - ISDN gateway exchange                                                          IMSI - intelligent multi-sensor integration
IGX.C - IGX Command Control Exchange                                                 IMTA - intermediate transfer agent
IHC - Information Handling Committee                                                 IMTV - interactive multimedia television
IHF - improved high frequency                                                        IMU - inertial measurement unit
IHFR - improved high frequency radio                                                 IMU - intermatrix unit
II - imagery interpretation                                                          IMUX - inverse multiplexer
IIA - Information Industry Association                                               IN - intelligent network
III - Interstate Identification Index (FBI)                                          IN - impulse noise
IIMS - integrated image management system                                            IN-ADDR - inverse address

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In Band Signaling - A signaling system where network information such as                 Intermediate Rate - A subrate data rate formed by combining two or more
    address and routing information are handled over the communications                      adjacent 9.6 DS0B subrate channels to form a 19.-, 28.8-, or 38.4 kbps
    (voice) path itself. Usually the information is represented in the form of               circuit.
    tones, however DC loop current signaling also qualifies as In Band
    Signaling. See also CCIS.                                                            Internal Timing - When the node is the clock source.

IN-ADDR - inverse address                                                                InterNIC - Internet Network Information Center

In-band - Using or involving the information digit time slots of a DS1 frame             Interrupt - A means of gaining access in a CPU or network to get a desired
    (that is, bit assignments of a frame exclusive of the framing or 193rd bit).             service.

INC - Internet controller                                                                Intradomain Call - A call that originates and terminates within the same
Incumbent - Local Exchange Carrier - See ILEC. See also CLEC & LEC
                                                                                         Inverse Multiplexing - A method of combining and later separating 2 data
IND - independent                                                                           streams that does not involve the telephone network. Inverse multiplexing
                                                                                            is the most common way of achieving this function in Codecs operating at
INDD - intra-nodal data distribution                                                        128kbps or less over ISDN.
Independent - Any of the phone companies in existence at the time of                     INX - information exchange
   divestiture that were not affiliated with the Bell System. See RBOC, LEC,
   and CLEC                                                                              IO - Information Operations (DOD)
INE - in-line network encryptors                                                         IO - input only
info - information                                                                       IO - information operations
INFOCON - information operations condition                                               IOC - interoffice channel
INFOSEC - information security                                                           IOC - input/output controller
INID - Intercept Network In Dialing                                                      IOC Capability Packages - ISDN Ordering Code system. This system was
                                                                                            devised by the National ISDN User’s Forum and Bellcore to simplify
INIT - initialization                                                                       ordering new ISDN lines in the USA and Canada. Using a single code
INM - integrated network management                                                         specifies all line specifications.

INMARSAT - International Maritime Satellite                                              IOCA - image object content architecture

INMS - Integrated Network Management System                                              IOCS - input/output control system

INPHO - Information Network for Public Health Officials                                  IOCTL - input/output control

INS - inertial navigation system                                                         IOE - Input/Output Expander

INS - integrated network server                                                          IOF - Intermediate Operations Facilities

INSA - integrated network services architecture                                          IOP - input/output processor

INSC - interoperable networks for secure communications                                  IOPL - input/output privilege level

INSCOM - Intelligence and Security Command                                               IOPS - Internet Operators

INSM - integrated network and systems management                                         IOS - Internet operating system

INT - integer (internal) (interrupt)                                                     IOSGA - input/output support gate array

INT - internal                                                                           IOSL - input/output expander to SCSI line circuit card

INT - (International) 422 Trunk Module - This module is used as a low-                   IOTC - Information Operations Technical Center
   bandwidth trunk (for example, 128 kbps) to connect sites in different                 IOU - Input/Output Unit
   countries. The module is designed so that it will operate in conjunction with
   an RS-422 trunk module as long as both trunk modules are properly                     IOX - Input/Output Exchange
   configured and the data rate is one that both cards support.
                                                                                         IP - image processing
INTA - interrupt acknowledge
                                                                                         IP - intelligent peripheral
INTEL - intelligence
                                                                                         IP (Internet Protocol) - The network layer for the TCP/IP protocol suite used
Intelligent Switching - A feature of multiplexers that enables every call to be              in Ethernet networks. It provides packet routing, fragmentation, and re-
    routed through the shortest distance, and one that takes into account traffic            assembly through the date link layer.
    at any given time to avoid congestion or network failures.
                                                                                         IP Access List - Also known as the IP Routing Table. The IP Route Server
Intelligent Terminal - A data terminal that contains a processing element. It               Node is the designated node that maintains the database for the IP routing
    can perform local data processing and storage activities.                               table, and also advertises or floods the IP routes throughout the domain.
                                                                                            Any Promina 800 series node can be the IP Route Server Node. There can
INTELSAT - International Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)                        be multiple IP Route Server Nodes within a domain providing they are
Interconnect Company - A vendor of telecommunications Customer Premise                      configured as server nodes serving different routes. Each IP Route Server
    Equipment (CPE) other than a Bell Operating Company (RBOC) or AT&T.                     node can have 16 entries in the IP access list.
    This term was originated by AT&T and was meant to be derisive towards                IP Gateway Node - The IP Gateway Node is the designated Promina node
    the fledgling industry when the courts said it was OK for end users to buy              that is connected to the external Network Management System (NMS) or
    equipment from someone other than the Bell System. This industry                        PanaVue. This node broadcasts the IP access tables to all the network
    flourished, in spite of AT&T°Øs disdain, and ironically the RBOCs were                nodes and routers within the domain.
    not allowed to sell CPE under the terms of the break up of AT&T. With the
    current state of deregulation, the RBOCs are slowly re-entering this                 IP Routing - IP packets are routed over the Promina network to enable
    business.                                                                               applications running on the attached workstations to communicate with the
                                                                                            Promina processor cards using the Internet Protocol. Designed for internal
Interdomain Call - A call that originates in one domain, possibly passes                    N.E.T. IP traffic only.
    through a transit domain, and terminates in another domain.
                                                                                         IPA - imagery product archive
Interdomain Call ID - See virtual call ID.
                                                                                         IPA - intermediate power amplifier
Interexchange Carrier - See IEC.
                                                                                         IPB - Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
Interface - A point between two devices where electrical signals, connectors,
    timing, and handshaking meet.                                                        IPC - Information Policy Committee
Interface Signal - A method of physical signaling defined by various                     IPC - information processing center
    specifications such as V.24, V.35, V.36, RS-232, and RS-449.
                                                                                         IPC - Infrastructure Protection Center (FBI)
                                                                                         IPC - instructions per clock

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IPC - Intelligence Producers Council                                     IRQ - (Interrupt Request) - A hardware signal sent to the CPU's interrupt
                                                                            handler, which diverts the attention of the computer, causing it to save the
IPC - interprocess communications                                           contents of the CPU registers, take action to satisfy the interrupting device,
IPC - information protection cell                                           restores the registers contents, and resumes processing.

IPDS - imagery processing and dissemination system                       IRS - interface requirements specification

IPDS - intelligent printer data stream                                   IRST - infrared search and tracking

IPDU - Internetworking protocol data unit                                IRT - Incident Response Team

IPF - information presentation facility                                  IRTF - Internet Research Task Force

IPF - integrated processing facility                                     IRV - interswitch rekeying variable

IPI - intelligent peripheral interface                                   IRVAT - infrared video automatic tracker

IPL - image product library                                              IS - intelligence specialist

IPL - interprocessor link                                                IS - international standard

IPLI - Internet private line interface                                   IS - information systems

IPM - impulses per minute                                                IS - interswitch

IPM - interference prediction model                                      IS - information system

IPM - internal polarization modulation                                   IS-IS - Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol

IPMO - INFOSEC Program Management Office                                 IS/AEF - Information Superiority/Air Expeditionary Force (USAF)

IPN - Intelligence Processing Network                                    ISA - industry standard architecture

IPN - packet network                                                     ISA - information system architecture

IPOWS - Intelligence Processing Operator Workstation Model               ISA - instruction set architecture

IPPD - integrated product and process development                        ISA - integrated service adapter

IPR - Internet Protocol Router                                           ISAAC - Irreducible Semi-Autonomous Adaptive Combat (model)

IPRA - Internet policy registration authority                            ISAC - Information Sharing and Analysis Center

IPRWG - Intellectual Property Rights Working Group                       ISAD - Information Society and Development (conference)

IPS - Internet Protocol Suite                                            ISAM - indexed sequential-access management/method

IPSE - integrated project support environment                            ISAR - inverse sidelooking airborne radar

IPSEC - Internet protocol security                                       ISAR - inverse synthetic aperture radar

IPSO - Internet protocol security option                                 ISAT - Information Science and Technology

IPTF - Infrastructure Protection Task Force (DOJ)                        ISB - independent sideband

IPX/SPX - Internet packet exchange/sequence packet exchange              ISB - Intelligence Systems Board

IQL - interactive query language                                         ISB - Intelink Security Board

IR - information retrieval                                               ISB - initial staging base

IR - infrared                                                            ISC - instruction set computer

IR&D - independent research and development                              ISC/R - individual soldier’s computer/radio

IRAC - Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee                          ISC2 - Integrated Space Command & Control

IRC - INFOSEC Research Council                                           ISD - image section descriptor

IRC - international record carrier                                       ISD - instructional systems design

IRC - Interagency Radio Committee                                        ISDB - integrated satcom data base

IRC - Internet relay chat                                                ISDB - integrated services digital broadcasting (Japan)

IRCM - Infrared Countermeasures                                          ISDN-BRI - Integrated Services Digital Network-Basic Rate Interface

IRD - integrated receiver/descrambler                                    ISDN-PRI - Integrated Services Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface

IrDA - Infrared Data Association                                         ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) - An emerging international
                                                                            standard for public and private networks that aims to standardize protocols
IRDC - Intelligence Research and Development Council                        and interfaces for communications networks, and accommodate mixed
                                                                            transmission services. The service allows dialing on digital lines with
IRDS - information resource dictionary system
                                                                            multiple bi-directional "Bearer" channels each with a capacity of 56 or 64
IREO - infrared electro-optical                                             Kbps and a single bi-directional "D channel". See BRI and PRI.
IRIA - Infrared Information Analysis Center                              ISDN 2 - A term used in Europe for ISDN BRI. See BRI.
IRIG-B - type of global positioning system time code                     ISDN 30 - A term used in Europe for ISDN PRI. See PRI.
IRIS - imagery receiver and intelligence system                          ISDN Protocol - The "language" used for communication between the Telco’s
                                                                            switch and the customer’s Terminal Adapter. Each ISDN circuit has one
IRIS - intelligence resources information system                            protocol, and the protocol has no effect on where or whom one may call.
IRIS - Internal Revenue Information Service                                 See ETS 300, National ISDN, and Custom ISDN.

IRJ - intrared jammer                                                    ISDNX - Integrated Services Digital Network Exchange

IRL - interactive reader language                                        ISEC - Information Systems Engineering Command (Army)

IRM - information resources manager (management)                         ISEE - integrated software engineering environment

IRMA - Information Resources Management Association                      ISEP - interconnect signal entry panel

IRMAC - Information Resource Management Advisory Committee               ISEW - Intelligence, Security, & Electronics Warfare

IRMC - Information Resources Management College                          ISG - Incoming Service Grouping. See Hunt Group

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ISH - integrated service hub                                                         IST - integrated services telephone
ISHM - International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics                             IST - Integrated Systems Technology
ISI - Internet service infrastructure                                                ISTA - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
ISIS - individual soldier imaging subcomponent                                       ISTE - integrated services terminal equipment
ISIS - integrated signals intelligence system                                        ISU - integrated switching unit
ISIS - Integrated Systems and Information Services                                   ISV - independent software vendor
ISL - Interactive System Language                                                    ISVS - International Switched Voice Service
ISL - interswitch link                                                               ISWG - Information Systems Working Group (NATO)
ISMA - Information Systems Management Agency (Army)                                  ISX - Information Superiority experiment
ISMC - Intelink Service Management Center                                            ISYSCON - integrated systems control
ISMF - interactive storage management facility                                       IT - information technology
ISMI - Interim Soldier Machine Interface                                             ITA - Integrated Theater Architectures
ISN - initial sequence number                                                        ITA - International Telegraph Alphabet
ISO - isochronous                                                                    ITA - intruder alert
ISO - (International Standards Organization) - An organization that promotes         ITAA - Information Technology Association of America
   the development of worldwide communications standards.
                                                                                     ITABBS - Information Technology Acquisition Bulletin Board System
ISOC - Internet Society
                                                                                     ITAC - Information Technology industry Association of Canada
ISOO - Information Security Oversight Office
                                                                                     ITAC - Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center
ISP - information services provider
                                                                                     ITACEN - Information Technology Acquisition Center
ISP - Information Survivability Program (DARPA)
                                                                                     ITACS - Improved Army Tactical Communications System
ISP - in-system programmable
                                                                                     ITAS - improved target acquisition system
ISP - integrated service panel
                                                                                     ITAWDS - integrated tactical amphibious warfare data system
ISP - Internet Service Provider
                                                                                     ITD - input transition detection
ISP - interrupt stack pointer
                                                                                     ITDS - International Trade Data System (Treasury)
ISP - interrupt status port
                                                                                     ITEP - Interim Tactical Elint Processor
ISPBX - integrated services private branch exchange
                                                                                     ITG - interswitch trunk group
ISPF - Interactive System Programming Facility
                                                                                     ITI - Information Technology Industry Council
ISPM - informal security policy model
                                                                                     ITI - information technology infrastructure (Navy)
ISQP - Information Systems Quality Program
                                                                                     ITI - Information Technology Integration (GSA/FTS)
ISR - information storage and retrieval
                                                                                     ITINT - Information Technology Intelligence
ISR - intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
                                                                                     ITMRA - Information Technology Management Reform Act
ISR - interrupt service routine
                                                                                     ITMSC - Information Technology Management Council
ISR - initial service request
                                                                                     ITN - Identification Tasking and Networking (FBI)
ISRC - International Standard Recording Code
                                                                                     ITO - information technology outsourcing
ISS - information system security
                                                                                     ITO - Integrated Tasking Order
ISS - Intelligence Systems Secretariat
                                                                                     ITOP - Information Technology Omnibus Procurement
ISS - information systems security
                                                                                     ITPB - Information Technology Policy Board (DOD)
ISSA - Information System Security Association
                                                                                     ITRUS - information technology reuse & software reuse program (service)
ISSAA - Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Activity
                                                                                     ITS - Information Technology Service (GSA) (was IRMS)
ISSB - Information Systems Security Board
                                                                                     ITS - Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
ISSC - information service support center
                                                                                     ITS - intelligent transportation system
ISSC - Information Systems Security Committee
                                                                                     ITS - Internet telephony server
ISSC - Information Systems Software Center
                                                                                     ITSDN - Integrated Tactical and Strategic Digital Network
ISSE - information system security engineering
                                                                                     ITSEC - information technology security evaluation criteria
ISSES - imagery scientist softcopy exploitation system
                                                                                     ITSEF - information technology security evaluation facility
ISSM - Information Systems Security Manager
                                                                                     ITSEM - information technology security evaluation methodology
ISSO - Information Services Support Office
                                                                                     ITSG - Information Technology Standards Guidance
ISSO - Information Systems Security Officer
                                                                                     ITSND - Integrated Tactical-to-Strategic Data Networking
ISSP - Information System Security Policy
                                                                                     ITSO - International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ISSR - Internal Software Specification Review
                                                                                     ITST - Interim Thermal Signature Target
ISSRS - ISS Real Secure
                                                                                     ITU-TSS - International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunications
ISSS - Initial Sector Suite System (FAA)                                                Standardization Section
ISSSB - Information Systems Software Support Bulletin                                ITU - (International Telecommunications Union) - The umbrella organization
                                                                                        that recommends international standards. CCITT and CCIR both belong to
ISST - infrared surveillance of surface targets                                         the ITU.
IST - interswitch trunk                                                              ITV - interactive television

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ITW&A - integrated tactical warning and attack                                            JANAP - Joint Army, Navy, and Air Force Publication
ITW/AA - integrated tactical warning/attack assessment                                    JANOP - Joint Automatic Network Operating Procedure
IUAP - Internet User Account Provider                                                     JAOC - Joint Air Operations Center
IUDT - interface unit data terminal                                                       JASORS - joint advanced special operations radio system
IUSS - integrated undersea surveillance system                                            JASPP - Joint Acquisition Systems Protection Program
IV - initialization vector                                                                JBC - Joint Battle Center
IV&V - independent verification & validation                                              JBI - joint battlespace infosphere
IVCS - interior voice communications system                                               JBS - joint broadcast system
IVD - integrated voice & data                                                             JC2A - Joint Command and Control Augmentation Architecture
IVDT - integrated voice data terminal                                                     JC2WC - Joint Command and Control Warfare Center
IVHS - intelligent vehicle highways system                                                JC3S - Joint C3 Simulation
IVHSA - Intelligent Vehicle-Highway System Act                                            JCALS - joint computer-aided acquisition logistics system
IVIS - interactive video information system                                               JCATS - joint cartographic analysis tool set
IVIS - intervehicular information system                                                  JCCC - joint combat camera center
IVR - integrated voice response                                                           JCCC - Joint Communications Control Center
IVS - interactive videodisk system                                                        JCCT - joint combat camera team
IVSN - Initial Voice Switched Network                                                     JCCT - Joint Command and Control Tactical Operations Center
IW - information warfare                                                                  JCD - joint CERT database
IW-D - Information Warfare-Defensive                                                      JCEOI - Joint Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions
IWEB - Information Warfare Executive Board                                                JCEWS - Joint Commanders Electronic Warfare Staff
IWF - internetworking function                                                            JCF - joint control facility
IWF - information warfare flight                                                          JCIP - Joint/Combined interface procedure
IWF (Interworking Function) - A function that translates one protocol to                  JCL - job control language
   another, or encapsulates one protocol in another. The CX module is an
   IWF that can handle Frame Relay-to-ATM traffic.                                        JCMA - Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity

IWF - information warfare flight                                                          JCME - Joint Collection Management Element

IWO - information warfare officer (Navy)                                                  JCMO - Joint COMSEC Management Office

IWS - Information Warfare Squadron                                                        JCMOICP - Joint COMSEC Management Office intertheater and intra theater
                                                                                            COMSEC package
IWS - intelligent workstation
                                                                                          JCMT - joint collection management tools
IWS - Interoperable Waveform Standard
                                                                                          JCON - Justice Consolidated Office Network
IWSC - Information Warfare Security Center
                                                                                          JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff
IWSDB - integrated weapon system data base
                                                                                          JCSAN - Joint Chiefs of Staff Alerting Network
IXC - interexchange carrier
                                                                                          JCSC - Joint Communications Support Command
                                                                                          JCSI - Joint Command System Integration
                                                                                          JCSS - Joint Communications Support Squadron

                                      J                                                   JCTN - Joint Composite Tracking Network
                                                                                          JDBC - Java database connectivity

J-1 - personnel directorate of a Joint Staff                                              JDC - Java Development Kit

J-2 - intelligence directorate of a Joint Staff                                           JDIICS - Joint Deployable Information Inftrastructure Control System

J-3 - operations directorate of a Joint Staff                                             JDIICS-D - Joint Defense Information Infrastructure Control System-Deployed

J-4 - logistics directorate of a Joint Staff                                              JDISS - Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

J-5 - plans directorate of a Joint Staff                                                  JDOL - Joint Doctrine Operations Laboratory

J-6 - communications directorate of a Joint Staff                                         JDSS - joint decision support system

J-7 - operational plans and interoperability directorate of a Joint Staff                 JDSSC - Joint Data Systems Support Center

J-8 - force structure, resources, and assessment directorateof a Joint Staff              JECCS - Joint Enhanced Core Communications System

JACS - joint automated CEOI system                                                        JECEWS - Joint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulation

JACTS - joint air combat training system                                                  JECG - joint exercise control group

JAD - joint application design                                                            JEDEC - Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council

JAIC - Joint Air Intelligence Center                                                      JEDI - joint expeditionary digital information system

JALADV - Joint Airlift Mission Advisory Message                                           JEDMICS - joint engineering drawing (Data) management information and
                                                                                            control system
JALARR - Joint Airlift Mission Arrival Message
                                                                                          JEIDA - Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association
JALIS - joint air logistics information system
                                                                                          JESS - joint exercise support system
JALSCD - Joint Airlift All Schedule Message
                                                                                          JETDS - joint electronics/designator systems
JAMPS - JINTACCS automated message preparation system
                                                                                          JETS - joint emitter targeting system
JANAP - Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Protocol
                                                                                          JEWC - Joint Electronic Warfare Center

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JEZ - Joint Engagement Zone                                                                 JMH - JSSIS message handler
JFACC - Joint Force Air Component Commander                                                 JMIC - Joint Military Intelligence College
JFC - Joint Force Commanders                                                                JMICS - joint maritime command and information system
JFCOM - Joint Forces Command                                                                JMICS - JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System
JFET - junction field effect transistor                                                     JMIP - Joint Military Intelligence Program
JFIF - JPEG file interchange format                                                         JMISE - Joint Military Intelligence Support Element
JFMO - joint frequency management office                                                    JMITC - Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
JFRDT - Joint Functional Requirements Development Team                                      JMS - Java messaging service
JFSOCC - joint force special operations component commander                                 JMTK - Joint Mapping Tool Kit
JIBSG - Joint Integrated Broadcast Steering Group                                           JNDI - Java naming and directory interface
JIC - Joint Intelligence Center                                                             JNIDS - Joint National Intelligence Development Staff
JIDAP - Joint Intel Dissemination Architecture Panel                                        JNMS - Joint Network Management System
JIDL - Java interface definition language                                                   JOA - joint operations area
JIDRP - Joint Intel Dissemination Requirements Panel                                        JOC - Joint Operations Center
JIDS - Joint Information Defense System                                                     JOCS - Joint Operations Command System (UK)
JIDS - Joint Intrusion Detection System                                                     JODI - joint operational data base
JIEB - Joint Intelligence Executive Board                                                   JOG-A - Joint Operations Graphics-Air
JIEO - Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization                                      JOG-G - Joint Operations Graphics-Ground
JIEO - Joint Information and Engineering Orgaization                                        JOIN - Joint Operations Intelligence Network
JIEP - Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning                                             JointSTARS - joint surveillance target attack radar system (JSTARS)
JIES - joint interoperability evaluation system                                             JOPES - Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
JIIIC - Joint Initial Imagery Interpretation Center                                         JOPS - joint operational planning system
JILE - Joint Intelligence Liaison Element                                                   JOPSREP - joint operational planning system reporting system
JIMC - Joint Information Management Center                                                  JOSS - JTF operations support system
JINTACCS - joint interoperability of tactical command and control systems                   JOTS - joint operational tactical system
JIOC - Joint Information Operations Center                                                  JOVIAL - Jules’ Own Version of International Algebraic Language
JIOS - joint interoperability system                                                        JPAV - joint personnel asset visibility
JIPC - joint intelligence production complex                                                JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JIPTL - joint integrated prioritized target list                                            JPNIC - Japan Network Information Center
JISE - joint intelligence support element                                                   JPO-STC - Joint Program Officer for Special Technical Countermeasures
JITC - Joint Interoperability Test Command                                                  JPOTF - Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
JITF - Joint Integration Test Facility                                                      JRB - JROC Review Board
JITF - joint interface test force                                                           JRE - Java Runtime Environment
JITI - Joint in-Theater Injection Terminal                                                  JRFL - Joint Radio (restricted) Frequency List
Jitter - Short-term variation of the significant instants of a digital signal from          JRIC - Joint Reserve Intelligence Center
    their ideal positions in time. Short-term implies that these variations are
    high frequency (greater than 10 Hz).                                                    JRIP - Joint Reserve Intelligence Program

JIVA - Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture                                              JROP - Java remote object protocol

JIVE - joint information viewing environment                                                JRSC - jam-resistant secure communications

JIWG - Joint IA Operations Working Group                                                    JRVIO - Joint Reserve Virtual Information Organizations

JIWG - Joint Intelink Working Group                                                         JS - Joint Staff

JKMP - joint key management plan                                                            JSAN - joint staff automation for the nineties

JKMS - Joint Key Management System                                                          JSAS - Joint Force Air Component Commander Situational Awareness System

JLMIS - joint logistics management information system                                       JSC - Joint Spectrum Center

JLSC - Joint Logistics Systems Center                                                       JSEAD - joint suppression of enemy air defense

JLTC - Joint Language Training Center                                                       JSECTS - joint service electronic combat test system

JMAPI - Java Management Application Programming Interface                                   JSICP - Joint Staff intertheater COMSEC package

JMAPS - joint message analysis and processing system                                        JSIMS - joint simulation system

JMAS - joint mission application software                                                   JSIPS - joint service imagery processing system

JMASS - joint modeling and simulation system                                                JSIPS-N - joint service imagery processing system-Navy

JMAST - Joint Mobile Ashore Support Terminal                                                JSMB - Joint Space Management Board

JMC - joint military command                                                                JSMS - joint spectrum management system

JMCIS - joint maritime command information system                                           JSOACC - Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander

JMCIS - joint military command information system                                           JSOACC - Joint Special Operations Air ComponentCommander

JMCOMS - Joint Maritime Communications                                                      JSOTF - joint special operations task force

JMETL - Joint Mission-Essential Task List                                                   JSS - joint surveillance system

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JSSIS - joint staff support information system
JSTARS - joint surveillance target attack radar system (JointSTARS)
JSWS - Joint services workstation
JSYSCON - joint systems control                                                  K - Kelvin
JTACS - joint tactical area communications system                                KA - Keep-Alive
JTAGS - Joint Tactical Air-Ground Station                                        KAD - Kuwait Air Defense
JTAO - joint tactical air operations                                             KAE - Key Agile Encryption
JTAP - joint terrain analysis program                                            KAM - Cryptographic Army Operational Maintenance Manual
JTASC - Joint Training, Analysis, and Simulation Center                          KAO - cryptographic operating manual
JTAV - Joint Total Asset Visibility                                              KAPP - Key Asset Protection Program
JTC - Joint Technical Committee                                                  KAWS - Korean analysis work station
JTC3A - Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency               KB - kilobyte
JTCB - Joint Targeting Control Board                                             Kb - kilobit
JTCF - joint TCF                                                                 KBE - knowledge-based engineering
JTCMO - Joint Theater COMSEC Management Office                                   Kbps - Kilobits per second
JTCS - joint tactical combat training system                                     KBPS - kilobytes per second
JTCTS - joint tactical combat training system                                    KBS - knowledge-based systems
JTD - Joint Technology Demonstration                                             KBSA - knowledge-based software assistant
JTDSDA - Joint Tactical Directory System Design Architecture                     KBW - knowledge-based warfare
JTF - Joint Task Force                                                           KCPT - kinematic carrier phase tracking
JTF-CND - Joint Task Force-Computer Network Defense                              KDC - key distribution center
JTF - joint task force                                                           KDD - key distribution device
JTFE - joint task force enabler                                                  KDT - key definition table
JTFP - Joint Tactical Fusion Program                                             KE - kinetic energy
JTG - Joint Technical Group                                                      KEA - Key Exchange Algorithm
JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System                           KEK - key encryption key
JTLS - Joint Theater Level Simulation                                            Key Telephone System - A system that allows multiple telephones to share
                                                                                   multiple pre-determined telephone lines. The system provides indicators to
JTM - job transfer manipulation
                                                                                   allow the users to understand the status of each line available on a given
JTMD - Joint Theater Missile Defense                                               phone. It is up to the user to provide the intelligence to select an unused
                                                                                   line, or answer a ringing line, for example. See also PBX.
JTRB - Joint Telecommunications Resources Board
                                                                                 keymat - keying material
JTRS - joint tactical radio system
                                                                                 KG - key generator
JTRS - joint tactical radio system
                                                                                 KHz - The abbreviation for kilohertz or 1,000 cycles per second.
JTS - Java transaction service
                                                                                 KIF - Knowledge Interchange Format
JTS - Justice Telecommunications Service
                                                                                 KLOC - thousand lines of code
JTSA - Joint Tactical SIGINT Architecture
                                                                                 KM - knowledge management
JTSDA - Joint Tactical System Design Architecture
                                                                                 km - kilometer
JTT - Joint Tactical Terminal
                                                                                 Km/h - kilometers per hour
JUDI - joint universal data interpreter
                                                                                 KMC - key management center
JUSE - joint user switch exercise
                                                                                 KMI - Key Management Infrastructure
JUST - Justice Network
                                                                                 KMP - key management plan
JUSTIS - joint uniform service technical information system
                                                                                 KOK - key operating key
JVDN - joint voice and data networks
                                                                                 KPC - Kernal Platform Compliance (DOD)
JVIDS - joint visually integrated display system
                                                                                 KPI - kernel programming interface
JVIS - Joint Visual Information Services
                                                                                 KPTC - KG patch
JVM - Java Virtual Machine
                                                                                 KQML - Knowledge Query and Manipulation
JWAC - Joint Warfare Analysis Center
                                                                                 KRA - Key Recovery Alliance
JWARS - joint warfare system
                                                                                 KRC - Key Recovery Center
JWCA - Joint Warfighting Capability Assessment
                                                                                 KRF - Key Recovery Field
JWFC - Joint Warfighting Center
                                                                                 KRS - knowledge retrieval system
JWG - Joint Working Group
                                                                                 KSD - Key Storage Device
JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
                                                                                 KTS - key telephone system
JWID - Joint Warfare Interoperability Demonstration
                                                                                 KU - commercial SHF frequency band
JWRAC - Joint Web Risk Assessment (Analysis) Cell
                                                                                 kVA - kilovolt ampere
                                                                                 KVG - key variable generators
                                                                                 KVM - keyboard/video/mouse
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KVM - key variable management                                                           LCC - local control center
kW - kilowatt                                                                           LCC - logic control cell
KY - voice encryption/decryption device                                                 LCC - amphibious command ship
                                                                                        LCC - link communications circuit
                                                                                        LCCES - light contingency communications extension switch

                                    L                                                   LCCP - light contingency communications package
                                                                                        LCCPS - light contingency communications parent switch
                                                                                        LCCS - Life Cycle Contractor Support (For C4I)
L - length
                                                                                        LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
L/L - long local
                                                                                        LCDL - low cost data link
L2F - Layer Two Forwarding
                                                                                        LCES - line conditioning equipment scanner
L2TP - Layer Two Tunneling Protocol
                                                                                        LCMS - Local COMSEC Management System
LA - line amplifier
                                                                                        LCP - link control protocol
LAB - logic array block
                                                                                        LCR - least-cost routing
LAD-GNSS - local area differential global navigation satellite system
                                                                                        LCS - large complex systems
LAN (Local Area Network) - A type of high-speed data communications
  arrangement wherein all segments of the transmission medium (typically                LCSE - life cycle software engineering
  coaxial cable, twisted-pair wire or optical fiber) are in an office or campus
                                                                                        LCSEC - Life Cycle Software Engineering Center
  environment under the control of the network operator.
                                                                                        LCSS - land combat support system
LANACS - local area network asynchronous connection server
                                                                                        LCSS - life cycle software support
LANE - local area network emulation
                                                                                        LCT - low cost terminal
LANET - Lucent Limitless ATM Network
                                                                                        LCU - lightweight computer unit
LANTDIS - Atlantic Command deployable intelligence terminal
                                                                                        LD - load
LAPB - link access procedure balanced (protocol)
                                                                                        LD-CELP - (Low Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction) - A voice compression
LAPD - link access procedure direct (protocol)
                                                                                           module which uses a backward-adaptive analysis-by-synthesis algorithm.
LAPM - link access procedure for modems                                                    This voice module offers the advantages of toll quality voice compression
                                                                                           while maintaining the ability to transmit group III FAX.
LAS - local area system
                                                                                        LD-CELP Post-Filter - The Post-Filter is used to add additional voice quality to
LASINT - Laser Intelligence                                                                the decompressed voice signal at end-points in the network.
LAT - local access terminal                                                             LDA - logical device address
LATA - Local Access and Transport Area. The area within which calls are                 LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  routed by your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). Under the divestiture of the
  Bell System calls going outside of this area must be handled by an                    LDC - lightweight deployable communications
  Interexchange carrier (IEC). With the latest round of de-regulation the usual         LDF - lightweight digital facsimile
  IEC companies are being allowed to compete in the IntraLATA long
  distance market and LECs are beginning to be permitted to handle                      LDGPS - local area differential global positioning system
  InterLATA calls.
                                                                                        LDI - long dwell imagery
Latching Loopback - A (more) complex method of implementing network
   loop-in. A complex sequence of NCCs and specific data patterns controls              LDI - line driver interface
   implementation and release of a latching loopback. Latching loopback                 LDM - limited distance modem
   requires a specific NCC to release or "unlatch" the loop-in, whereas
   "nonlatching" loopback is released when the network side stops                       LDMX - Local Digital Message Exchange
   transmitting the loopback code. A latching loopback provides a means to
                                                                                        LDN - Listed Directory Number. When a number of Telco channels share the
   perform more thorough testing because any data pattern can be
                                                                                          same hunt group it is customary to give out only one phonenumber for the
   transmitted between the time the loop-in is "latched" and "unlatched,"
                                                                                          group, although generally each channel will have its own number. The
   whereas nonlatching loopback requires that loopback code be transmitted
   every other byte. Also see nonlatching loopback.                                       number given out is the "Listed Directory Number" since that is the number
                                                                                          that would be listed in the Telephone Directory and given to customers.
LAW - local authority workstation                                                         See also Hunt Group.
LAW - light antitank weapon                                                             LDO - limited duty officer
LAWN - local area wireless network                                                      LDR - low data rate
lb - pound                                                                              LDR - leader
LB - local battery                                                                      LDRM - low data rate multiplexer
LBA - logical block addressing                                                          LDS - long distance service
LBO - line built out                                                                    LDU - local distribution unit
LBS - local base station                                                                LDV - lock data views
lbs - pounds                                                                            LDVM - legacy PPT/Voice Module
LBSS - lightweight battlefield surveillance system                                      LEA - Law Enforcement Agency
LBT - listen before talk                                                                LEAF - law enforcement access field
LBT1 - limited bandwidth T1                                                             LEAP - leading edge advanced packages
LBX - low bandwidth X                                                                   LEASAT - leased satellite
LC - line concentrator                                                                  Leased Line - A dedicated circuit, typically supplied by the telephone
                                                                                           company, that permanently interconnects two or more user locations;
LCB - line circuit board                                                                   generally voice-grade in capacity and range of frequencies supported. It is
LCC - Land Component Commander                                                             typically analog, though sometimes it refers to DDS subrate digital
                                                                                           channels (2.4 to 9.6 kbps); could be point-to-point or multipoint.

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Least-Cost Routing - The capability of a switch, either a node or a PBX, to            LINT - line interface number
   automatically determine an optimal route establishing a circuit; also called
   automatic route selection.                                                          LIP - large internet packet

LEC - Local Exchange Carrier. Your local telephone service provider which is           LIPS - logistics information processing system
  either an RBOC or an Independent. In other words, a traditional phone                LIRCM - large (aircraft) infrared countermeasures
  company. In contrast to CLEC or IEC.
                                                                                       Listed Directory Number - See LDN
LECP - line ECP
                                                                                       LITE - Lightweight Integrated Telecommunications Equipment
LED - light emitting diode
                                                                                       LITINT - literature intelligence
LEM - language extension module
                                                                                       LIU - LAN interface unit
LEN - low entry networking
                                                                                       LIU - line interface unit
LEN - Large Extension Node
                                                                                       LIWA - land information warfare activity
LENS - large extension node switch
                                                                                       LKG - Loop Key Generator
LEO - Law Enforcement On-Line (FBI)
                                                                                       LKGI - loop key generator interfaces
LEO - low Earth orbit
                                                                                       LKM - local key manager
LES - Leading Edge Services (DISA)
                                                                                       ll - numbers
LES - Litton Emulation Software
                                                                                       LLC - logical link control
LF - low frequency
                                                                                       LLCSC - lower level computer software component
LFB - look ahead for busy
                                                                                       LLDT - load local descriptor table
LFI - last file indicator
                                                                                       LLLTV - low light level television
LFN - long fat network
                                                                                       LLP - lower layer protocol
LFSR - linear-feedback shift-register
                                                                                       LM - loop modem
LG - loop group
                                                                                       LMD - loop group multiplexer and demultiplexer
LGDT - load global descriptor table
                                                                                       LMDS - Local Multi-point Distribution Service
LGM - Loop Group Multiplexer
                                                                                       LMF - language media format
LGSM - light ground station module
                                                                                       LMI - (Local Management Interface) - A protocol used for controlling the
LH - left hand                                                                           connection between the User and the Network.
LHA - general purpose amphibious assault ship                                          LMR - land mobile radio
LHD - general purpose amphibious assault ship (with internal dock)                     LMRDFS - lightweight man-transportable radio direction finding system
LIA - Legacy Interface Adapter                                                         LMS - lightweight modular shelter
LIDT - load interrupt descriptor table                                                 LMSS - land mobile satellite system
LIFO - last in, first out                                                              LMST - lightweight multiband satellite terminal
LIM - Litton Interface Manager                                                         LMSW - load machine status word
LIMS - laboratory information management system                                        LMU - local management unit
LINCS - Leased Interfacility National Airspace Communications System                   LN - link node
Line - An electrical connection between a telephone service provider’s switch          LNA - local network attachment
   (LEC or CLEC) and a telephone terminal or Key system. An electrical
   connection between a telephone service provider’s switch and another                LNA - low noise amplifier
   switch is called a trunk. Note that some type of physical lines offer more
                                                                                       LNE - Late Net Entry
   than one channel. I.E. a BRI circuit has 2 channels, called B channels. This
   term is a confusing one. See Channel. See also Station Line                         LNO - Liaison Officer
Line Card - The circuit in the Telco switch to which your line is connected. On        LNP - Local Number Portability
   an ISDN circuit the line card performs a role analogous to the NT1 in
   adapting and equalizing the circuit.                                                LNS - leader node switch

Line Coding, T1 - The clock signal for T1 is derived at the far end from the           LNX - flood search numbering plan prefix
   data bits themselves. Therefore T1 lines have certain restrictions as to the        LNX+XXXX - format for a MSE user's telephone number
   data allowed. No more than 15 zeros shall be sent in a row; and average
   density of 12.5% ones must be maintained. The CSU is responsible to                 LO - low
   ensure that these requirements are met. The line encoding method, AMI or
                                                                                       LOAC - Laws of Armed Conflict
   B8ZS determines exactly how these requirements are met while still
   allowing recovery of the original data at the far end. Your Telco will              Load - Unit - A measure of the processing capability of each processor (PPM
   determine the method used on a specific circuit. B8ZS is preferred. E1                 and PLM) module.
   circuits have similar restrictions. HDB3 is preferred for E1 circuits.
                                                                                       LOC - lines of code
Line Format, T1 - Modern T1 circuits usually use either Superframe
   (sometimes called SF or D4) or Extended Superframe (sometimes called                LOC - local
   ESF) line formatting. The type of framing used is determined by your Telco.
                                                                                       Local Access and Transport Area - See LATA.
   ESF is preferred. See ESF and SF
                                                                                       Local Exchange Carrier - See LEC and CLEC.
Line Hit - An incident of electrical interference causing unwanted signals to be
   introduced onto a transmission circuit.                                             Local Loop - A diagnostic technique that loops data out to local cable and
                                                                                          terminal equipment to isolate failures.
Link - A circuit or transmission path, including all equipment, between a
   sender and a receiver. A logical connection between two nodes consisting            Local UI - A user Interface application resident on the same machine as
   of one or more T1/T3 trunks.                                                           SSIMP-LR Main.
Link Cost - See routing cost.                                                          LOCE - Linked Operations Intelligence Capability-Europe
Link ID - Links are identified through the Operator Interface by indicating the        LOCIS - Library of Congress Information System
   nodes connected by a link. For example, the link between Nodes 5 and 7 is
   referred to as N5N7 or N7N5.                                                        LOCK - logical coprocessor kernel
                                                                                       LOF - lowest operating frequency
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log - logistics                                                                           LPD - Line Printer Daemon (protocol)
LOGAIS - logistics automated information system                                           LPD - amphibious transport dock
Logical Slots - A measure of the bandwidth amount required for the operation              LPE - low probability of exploitation
   of a specific module. Each shelf in a node can support a specific number of
   logical slots.                                                                         LPI - low probability of interference (intercept)

LOI - loss-of-input                                                                       LPP - line printer/plotter

LOICE - Link Operations Intelligence Center-Europe                                        LPU - line printer unit

Long Distance - 1. If your local Telco is a former Bell Operating Company                 LPVM - legacy PTT voice module
   then any call outside of your LATA or any Interstate call is considered long           LQA - link quality analysis
   distance and is handled by an IEC 2. If your local phone company is an
   independent then only interstate and inter-phone company calls are                     LRAU - local radio access unit
   considered long distance. The above is true regardless of whether you are
                                                                                          LRC - longitudinal redundancy check
   referring to a dedicated line or a dial up call 3. However, under the current
   state of deregulation, toll calls within a LATA may now be covered by the              LRDM - low rate data multiplexer
   IEC, and in some cases RBOCs are being permitted to handle InterLATA
   calls.                                                                                 LRF - laser rangefinder

LOOP - MUX loop multiplexer                                                               LRI - limited range of intercept

Loop - 1. A diagnostic technique that loops data out or in to the equipment to            LRM - language reference manual
   isolate failures. 2. The telephone circuit from the CO to the customer's               LRM - low rate multiplexer
   premises. Generally refers to a copper cable circuit.
                                                                                          LRM - low rate modem
Loop Qualification - Process of actually measuring the loss on a prospective
   ISDN line to see if it can be used for ISDN service . The actual loss on the           LRSU - Long Range Surveillance Unit
   line determines whether ISDN service can be offered without a repeater.
                                                                                          LRU - line replaceable unit
   Generally ISDN is available up to 18,000 feet from the serving Central
   Office. It may not be available within this range, or may be available further         LS - LKG selector
   from the CO. Only a loop qualification can tell for sure. Not all Telcos will
   extend ISDN lines with Repeaters.                                                      LS - light stream

Loop Start Line - A plain old telephone line. The telephone terminal signals              LS (Low Speed) Trunk Module - A bandwidth efficient trunk module primarily
   the "off hook" condition by allowing DC current to flow. See Ground Start                 used as a low bandwidth trunk.
   Trunk. See also Glare.
                                                                                          LS - low speed
Loop Start Trunk - A plain old telephone line connected to a PBX switch. See
                                                                                          LSB - least significant bit
   Loop Start Line. The PBX signals the "off hook" condition by allowing DC
   current to flow. Ground Start Trunks are generally preferred for use on                LSB - lower sideband
   PBXs to prevent glare. See Ground Start Trunk. See also Glare.
                                                                                          LSC - least significant character
Loop Timing - Loop timing indicates that the transmit and receive frame bits
   are synchronized. When the operator selects the Loop Timing parameter,                 LSCDM - Low-Speed Cable Driver Modem
   the voice card obtains it’s transmit and receive clock from the incoming             LSD - large screen display
   bit stream.
                                                                                          LSD - least significant digit
Loop-in - A transmission capability in which the received signal is returned
   (looped in) to the network.                                                            LSD - large screen display
Loop-out - A transmission capability in which the received signal is returned             LSD - landing ship, dock
   (looped out) to the physical interface. In the SDMS port 0 bundle context,
                                                                                          LSDIS - light & special division interim sensor
   the meaning of loop-out is straightforward. In the subrate port context, it is
   confusing because DSMS ports have no physical interface; data is looped                LSE - local subscriber environment
   back towards the remote data port. To the remote QSD port, this looks like
   a loop-in.                                                                             LSI - Large-Scale Integration

Loopback - A transmission capability in which the received signal is returned             LSL - link support layer
   (looped back) to the sender.                                                           LSMS - local service management system
LORAN-C - Long-Range Aid to Navigation                                                    LSP - Logistics Support Package
LOS - line of sight                                                                       LSPR - Low-Speed Pulseform Restorer
LOS - loss of signal
                                                                                          LSRD - Loop Start Ringdown
LOSH - line of sight (high capacity)                                                      LSRR - loose source and record route
LOSL - line-of-sight link                                                                 LSSC - Logistics Systems Software Center (Army)
LOSM - line of sight (Marine Corps)
                                                                                          LSTDM - low-speed time division multiplexers
LOW - link orderwire
                                                                                          LT - laser transmitter
LOW - link orderwire                                                                      LT - local terminal
LP - linearly polarized (mode)                                                            LTBF - Local Timing Buffer
LP - linear programming                                                                   LTC - line traffic coordinator
LP - linking protection
                                                                                          LTE - Late Traffic Entry
LP - log periodic (antenna)                                                               LTG - Local Timing Generator
LP - BK loop back                                                                         LTM - Line Termination Module
LP - listening point
                                                                                          LTOIV - latest time of intelligence value
LPA - linear power amplifier
                                                                                          LTU - Line Termination Unit
LPC - linear predictive coding                                                            LTU - TCTC transmit cipher text clock, transit case technical control
LPC - longitudinal parity check                                                           LU - logical unit
LPCK - Loop Clock
                                                                                          LUA - logical unit application
LPCS - lateral parent COMSEC switch
                                                                                          Lucent Technologies - Company which now makes the former AT&T 5ESS
LPD - low probability of detection                                                           switch, as well as various other pieces of Telco gear and semiconductors.

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   Lucent was split off from AT&T in 1996 and owns Bell Labs. As of                      MANTIS - manpack tactical intelligence system
   approximately 1999 Lucent sold their telephone set manufacturing
   business (and the right to use the AT&T name on telephone sets) to V-                 MAP - manufacturing automation (applications) protocols
   Tech. V-Tech is using the AT&T name and line as their high-end line.                  MAP-D - multi-application processor for DEFINITY
LUF - lowest usable frequency                                                            MAPI - messaging application programming interface
LUT - look up table                                                                      Mapping - In network operations, the logical association of one set of values,
LVDTC - local video display terminal controller                                            such as addresses on one network, with quantities or values of another set,
                                                                                           such as devices on another network (for example, name-address mapping,
LVM - large voice module                                                                   internetwork-route mapping, protocol-to-protocol mapping).
LWIR - long wave infrared                                                                MAPSE - Minimal Ada Programming Support Environment
LWIRJ - long wavelength infrared jammer                                                  MARC - multitechnology automated reader card
LWSD - large wall screen display                                                         MARCEMP - manual relay center modernization program
LWX (LAN/WAN Exchange) Module - This module provides an                                  MARFOR - Marine Forces
  internetworking connection between geographically separated LANs (local
  area networks) to connect to a WAN (wide area network).                                MARFORPAC - MARFOR Pacific

LZ - landing zone                                                                        MARIS - Maritime Information Systems Project
                                                                                         MARKS - The Modern Army Recordkeeping System
                                                                                         MARS - military affiliated (amateur) radio system
                                                                                         MARTI - microprocessor and radio telephone interconnection

                                  M                                                      MAS - multiple award schedule
                                                                                         MASC - Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Center
m - meters
                                                                                         MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence
M-Frame - Basic frame structure in DS3 datastream. Every M-Frame is divided
                                                                                         MAST - Mobile Ashore Support Terminal
   into seven subframes of 680 timeslots. Each subframe is then divided into
   eight blocks of 85 time slots, the first of which is a control bit. The               MAST CENT MAST central
   remaining bits are available for information bits. The control bits include X-
   bits, F-bits, M-bits, P-bits, and C-bits. The total number of time slots is 4760      MAST EUR MAST Europe
   with 4704 time slots reserved for data.                                               MAST PAC MAST Pacific
M&FI - Maintenance and Fault Isolation                                                   Master Clock - The source of time signals (or the signals themselves) that all
M/C - multichannel                                                                         nodes use for synchronization.

M/S - maintenance/supervisor                                                             Master/Slave Glare Resolution - Provides a single path of continuity for data
                                                                                           and signaling between end points in a glare situation, where the node with
M13 - Multiplexer for T1 to subrated asynchronous T3 datastreams.                          the lower node number is termed the "master" and its call goes through.
                                                                                           The node with the higher number is termed the "slave" and its call fails. The
MA - master
                                                                                           slave drops its call and hooks up the incoming call in a glare situation, and
mA - milliamperes                                                                          the master refuses the incoming call. Also see glare.

MA - master                                                                              Matrix Switch - A device that allows a number of channels, connected via
                                                                                           serial interfaces (typically RS-232C), to connect, under operator control, to
MAA - Metropolitan Area Acquisition (GSA/FTS)                                              designated remote or local analog circuits, as well as to other serial
MAC - mandatory access control                                                             interfaces.

MAC - message authentication code                                                        MATT - multi-mission advanced tactical terminal

MAC - (Media Access Control) - MAC is a 6-byte hardware address (set when                MATTS - Mobile Air Transportable Telecommunications System
  manufactured) that is unique to each PSM.                                              MAU - media (medium) access unit
MACA - multiple access collision avoidance (protocol)                                    MAU - multistation access unit
MACCS - Marine air command and control system                                            MAWS - missile approach warning system
MACG - marine air control group                                                          MAX - maximum
MACSAT - multiple access commercial satellite                                            MAXI - Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information (Intelligence)
MAE - Metropolitan Area Exchanges (Internet)                                             MB - megabyte
MAFET - microwave and analog front end technology                                        Mb - megabit
MAGIC - multidimensional application and gigabit internetwork consortium                 MBA - multibeam antenna
MAGIIC - Mobile Ground Imagery Interpretation Center                                     MBB - multiband beacon
MAGIS - Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System                                            MBC - memory bus controller
MAGR - miniaturized airborne GPS receiver                                                MBC - mortar ballistics computer
MAGTF - Marine Air Ground Task Force                                                     MBDL - missile battery data link
MAIS - major automated information systems                                               MBMR - multiband multimode radio
MAISRC - Major Automated Information Systems Review Council                              MBONE - multicast backbone
MAJCOM - major command                                                                   Mbps - megabits per second
MaJIWC - Maritime Joint Information Warfare Center                                       MBps - megabytes per second
MALD - miniature air-launched decoy                                                      MBR - master boot record
MAMA - man-machine                                                                       MBRR - magnetic bubble recorder-reproducer
MAMS - Military Airspace Management Systems                                              MC-TDMA - multiple carrier TDMA
MAN - Metropolitan Area Network                                                          MC - media converter
man - manual                                                                             MC - Marine Corps
MANT - maintenance                                                                       MC&G - mapping, charting, and geodesy
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MC2 - measurement communications and computing                                    MCW - modulated continuous wave
MCA - Maritime Cryptologic Architecture                                           MD - message digest
MCA - micro channel architecture                                                  MDA - monochrome display adapter
MCAD - mechanical computer aided design                                           MDA - miniaturized dual function adapter
MCB - memory control block                                                        MDAC - multi-channel data acquisition computer
MCB - message control block                                                       MDAS - multiple data base access system
MCC - master control center                                                       MDCI - Multi-Discipline Counter Intelligence
MCC - Mobile Command Center                                                       MDDB - multidimensional database
MCC - movement control center                                                     MDE - mission development element
MCCC - Marine Communications Control Center                                       MDF - main distribution frame
MCCR - mission critical computer resources                                        MDI - multiple document interface
MCD - manipulative communications deception                                       MDID - MSE data interface device
MCD - missile countermeasure device                                               MDIS - medical diagnostic imaging support
MCDES - Malicious Code Detection and Eradication System                           MDITS - migration defense intelligence threat data system
MCDN - Marine Corps Data Network                                                  MDR - medium data rate
MCE - modular control equipment                                                   MDS - meteorological data system
MCE - mission control element                                                     MDS - modular dissemination system
MCEB - Military Communications-Electronics Board                                  MDT - medical detachment telemedicine
MCEN - Marine Corps Enterprise Network                                            MDT - message distribution terminal
MCG&I - mapping, charting, geopositioning, & imagery                              MDTG - multiplex digital transmission group
MCGA - multicolor graphics array                                                  MDZ - maritime defense zone
MCHS - Marine Common Hardware Suite                                               MEADS - Medium Extended Range Air Defense System (European)
MCI - media control interface                                                     MEB - memory expansion board
MCIA - Marine Corps Intelligence Activity                                         MEB - Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MCIC - Marine Corps Intelligence Center                                           Mech - mechanized
MCIS - management control information system                                      MED - Mediterranean
MCIS - Maritime Command Information System                                        MEDINT - Medical Intelligence
MCM - multicarrier modulation                                                     MEDLL - multi-path estimation delay lock loop
MCM - multichip module                                                            MEF - Marine Expeditionary Force
MCP - massively concurrent processing                                             MEL - monitor equipment line
MCP - monitor and control protocol                                                MELIOS - Mini Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set
MCP - MCEB Military Communications Procedures and Publications Panel              MELP - Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction
MCPC - multiple channels per carrier                                              MEM - memory
McPIM - Media Converter Port Interface Module                                     MEMS - micro-electro-mechanical systems
MCPP - multicircuit patch panel                                                   MEO - middle Earth orbit
MCPS - modular command post system                                                MEOV - MERS Emergency Operations Vehicle
MCPS - Modular Command Post System                                                MERF - mobile enroute radar facility
MCPU - maintenance control processor unit                                         MERS - Mobile Emergency Response Support
MCR - minimum cell rate                                                           MES - Mobile Earth Station
MCRC - Master Control and Reporting Center                                        MESAR - microwave electronically scanned adaptive radar (UK)
MCS - mission control segment                                                     MESAR - multifunction electronically scanned adaptive radar
MCS - Maneuver Control System                                                     MET - metafile
MCS - message conversion center                                                   MET - meteorology/meteorological
MCSF - mobile cryptologic support facility                                        MET - Multi-image Exploitation Tool
MCSF - mobile cryptologic support facility                                        METS - mobile electronic threat simulator
MCSR - minimum commercial security requirements                                   METT-T - mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time
MCSSC2 - Marine Combat Service Support Command and Control System                 MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit
MCTCA - Marine Corps Tactical Communications Architecture                         MEWSS - mobile electronic warfare support system
MCTL - Military Critical Technologies List                                        MF - multiple (medium) frequency
MCTSSA - Marine Corps systems support activity                                    MF - management facility
MCU - mobile control unit                                                         MF - multifrequency
MCU - multipoint control unit                                                     MFA - maneuver functional area
MCU - maintenance communications unit, multipoint control unit                    MFBIT - Multi-Feature Bayesian Intelligent Tracker
MCU - master control units, multiple conference units                             MFC - multinational force commander
MCU - mobile COMSEC unit                                                          MFCS - material finance control system

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MFD - multi-functional display                                                   MIJI - meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference
MFI - multifunction interpreter                                                  MIL-SPEC - military specification
MFJ - modification of final judgment                                             MIL-STD - military standard
MFLOPS - million floating point operations per second                            MIL - military
MFLT - modified fast lapped transform                                            MILDEP - Military Department
MFLTU - Multifrequency Line Termination Unit                                     MILDEPS - Military departments Milstar Military Strategic and Tactical Relay
MFM - modified frequency modulation                                              MILES - multiple integrated laser engagement system
MFOTS - military fiber optic transmission system                                 MILNET - Military Network
MFP - multifunction peripheral                                                   MILOGS - Marine integrated logistic system
MFPL - message format processing language                                        MILSATCOM - military satellite communications
MFS - multifunction service                                                      MILSTAR - military strategic tactical and relay satellite communication
MFSK - multiple frequency-shift keying                                           MIMD - multiple instruction multiple data
MFTDMA - multiple frequency time division, multiple access                       MIME - multipurpose Internet mail extensions
MFVRP - Mission Familiarization Virtual Reality Project                          MIN - mobile identification number
MG - master group                                                                min - minute(s)
MGA - monochrome graphics adapter                                                MINS - multisource integrated notification system
MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol                                            MINTERM - miniaturized terminal
MGE - modular GIS environment                                                    MINX - multimedia information network exchange
MGM - Master Group Multiplexer                                                   MIP - medium interface point
mgmt - management                                                                MIPE - mobile intelligence processing element
MGRS - military grid reference system                                            MIPS - Marine integrated personnel system
MGS - mobile ground system                                                       MIPS - million instructions per second
MGS - medium grade security                                                      MIQ - machine intelligence quotient
mgt - management                                                                 MIRACL - mid-infrared advanced chemical laser
MGV - mobile gateway van (Army)                                                  MIRFS - multifunction integrated radio frequency system
MGW - multimedia gateway                                                         MIRMO - Medical Information Resources Management Office (VA)
MH - message handler                                                             MIRS - miniaturized imagery receive system
MHF - medium high frequency                                                      MIS - management information systems
MHS - message handling system                                                    misc - miscellaneous
MHz - MegaHertz                                                                  MISSI - Multilevel Information System Security Initiative
MI - Message Indicator                                                           MIST - modular interoperable surface terminal
MI - military intelligence                                                       MITLA - microcircuit technology in logistics applications
MI2S - Military Intelligence Investment Strategy                                 MITT - Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal
MIB - Military Intelligence Board                                                MK - manual key(ing)
MIB - (Management Information Base) - The set of network elements, such as       MK - mark
   a nodes, cards, and links that can be managed by an SNMP manager.
   Each agent maintains a MIB that represents the manageable network             MK/RV - manual key receive variable
   elements at that node.                                                        MKV - Mobile Ku Band Vehicle
MIC - medium interface connector                                                 ML - machine language
MIC - microwave integrated circuit                                               ML - mail list
MIC - monolithic integrated circuit                                              MLA - mail list agent
MIC - mutual interface chart                                                     MLAPI - multilingual application programming interface
MICFAC - Mobile Integrated Command Facility                                      MLID - multi-link interface driver
MIDAS - military intelligence decision aid system                                MLM - Mail List Manager
MIDAS - Multiplexer Integration and DCSS Automation System                       MLPC - multiple linear predictive coding
MIDB - Modernized Integrated (Intelligence) Data Base                            MLPP - multilevel precedence and preemption
MIDI - musical instrument digital interface                                      MLS - microwave landing system
MIDS - military information distribution system                                  MLS - multilevel security
MIDS - miniaturized interoperable data system                                    MLSWG - Multilevel Security Working Group
MIDS - multifunctional information distribution system                           MLTM - Maneuver Control System Layered Telecommunications Model
MIE - Military Information Environment                                           MMC - matched memory cycle
MIES - modernized imagery exploitation system                                    MMC - modular mission computer
MIF - management information format                                              MMC - Microsoft Management Console
MII - military information infrastructure (Army)                                 MMC - Materiel Management Center
MII - media interdependent interface                                             MMCF - multimedia communications forum
MIIDS - military integrated intelligence data system                             MMDS - multipoint multimedia distribution system

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MMEM - Micromemory                                                                    MPN - multiprotocol network
MMI - man/machine interface                                                           MPOA - MultiProtocol Over ATM
MMIC - monolithic microwave integrated circuit                                        MPP - massively parallel processing
MMIS - materials manager information system                                           MPPC - multipurpose parallel computing
MML - mathematical markup language                                                    MPPE - Microsoft point-to-point encryption
MMLS - mobile microwave landing system                                                MPQS - multiple polynomial quadratic sieve
MMPM - multi media presentation manager                                               MPR - multiport repeater
MMS - maintenance mentoring system                                                    MPRS - mission planning rehearsal systems
MMS - meteorological measuring system                                                 MPS - mapping, chart and graphics production system
MMS - multimode seeker                                                                MPS - multiprocessor specification
MMSA - multimission surveillance aircraft                                             MPS - Modular Power Supply
MMT - multimedia terminal                                                             MPT - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Europe and China)
MMTA - Multimedia Telecommunications Industry Association                             MPU - multiprocessor unit
MMU - memory management unit                                                          MPU/VDU - modem-only plug-in unit/voice processor-only unit
MMW - millimeter wavelength                                                           MR - magneto-resistive
MNP - master navigation plan                                                          MRAM - magnetic random access memory
MO - magneto optical                                                                  MRC - mobile radio communications
MOA - memorandum of agreement                                                         MRC - major regional conflict
MOC - Milstar operations center                                                       MRCI - Modular Reconfigurable C4I Interface
MOCC - Mobile Operations Control Center                                               MRDBS - MASINT requirements data base system
MOD - modulator                                                                       MRIM - Marine Rapid Information Management System
Modem (modulator demodulator) - A type of DCE that converts digital data to           MRM - magneto-resistive microscopy
  an analog signal for transmission on telephone circuits. A modem at the
  receiving end converts the analog signal to digital form.                           MROC - multicommand required operational capability

MODIS - moderate resolution imaging spectro-radiometer                                MRT - mobile radio telephone

Modulation - The process of varying some characteristics of the carrier wave          MRTBF - master range and test facility
  in accordance with the instantaneous value or samples of the intelligence           MRV - Machine Readable Visa
  to be transmitted. Amplitude, frequency, and phase are the characteristics
  commonly varied.                                                                    MRV - multi-radio vehicle

Module - A set of one or more cards that performs a single, logical function. A       MRVC - multirate voice card
  module usually consists of the front card and interface card (printed-circuit
                                                                                      MS - multispectral sensor
  board assembly) that connect through the backplane on the shelf in a
  Promina 800, 400, and 200.                                                          MS - message switch
Module Power Consumption - The total wattage (power) used by a module                 ms - milliseconds
  (combined front and rear interface card).
                                                                                      MSAT - mobile satellite
MOE - measure of effectiveness
                                                                                      MSAU - multi-station access unit
MOE - mission operations element
                                                                                      MSB - most significant bit
MOF - maximum observed frequency
                                                                                      MSC - mobile switching center
MOHLL - machine oriented high level language
                                                                                      MSC - major subordinate command
MOISE - Mission-Oriented Information System Engineering
                                                                                      MSCA - Military Support for Civil Authorities
MOM - message-oriented middleware
                                                                                      MSCS - multi-service communications systems
MOOTW - military operations other than war
                                                                                      MSD - mass storage device
MOP - maintenance operations protocol
                                                                                      MSD - medium screen display
MOPX - mobility planning and execution system
                                                                                      MSDR - multiplexed streaming data request
MOS - military occupational specialty
                                                                                      MSE - mobile subscriber equipment
MOS - mean opinion score
                                                                                      MSE-NPT - mobile subscriber equipment nodal planning terminal
MOSPF - multicast open shortest path first
                                                                                      Msec - milliseconds
MOSS - MIME object security services
                                                                                      MSEP - multi-sensor electronic package
MOW - maintenance orderwire
                                                                                      MSEQ - Microsequencer
MP-MLQ - multipurpose-multilevel quantization
                                                                                      MSEU - mass storage expansion unit
MP - Military Police
                                                                                      MSF - multiplex signal format
MPARES - Mission Planning and Rehearsal System
                                                                                      MSG - multifunction secure gateway
MPAS - Measurement and Signature Intelligence Analysis
                                                                                      MSG - message
MPE - multiprogramming executive
                                                                                      MSG - multifunction secure gateway
MPE - mission planning element
                                                                                      MSGS - Multilevel Secure Gateway System
MPEG - Motion Pictures Experts Group
                                                                                      MSI - multi-sensor integration
MPH - miles per hour
                                                                                      MSIAC - Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center (DOD)
MPM - mission plan management
                                                                                      MSIC - Missile and Space Intelligence Center

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MSIS - marine safety information system                                               MTT - magnetic tape transport
MSK - minimum-shift keying                                                            MTTF - mean-time-to-failure
MSK - Message Signature Key                                                           MTTR - mean-time-to-repair
MSL - master station log                                                              MTU - (Maximum Transfer Unit) - An MTU is the largest frame length which
                                                                                        may be sent on a physical medium.
MSL - master support list
                                                                                      MTW - Major Theater War
MSL - maximum segment lifetime
                                                                                      MTWS - Marine Tactical Warfare Simulation
MSN Multiple Subscriber Number. This is a telephone number associated
  with an ETS 300 BRI line. Providers of ETS 300 often give you three MSNs            MTWSS - MAGTF tactical warfare simulation system
  with a BRI, although additional MSNs can be purchased. An ISDN terminal
  will "ring" (provide an alerting signal) only when calls are made to the MSN        Mu-Law - Mu-law is the companding standard used in the analog-to-digital
  (or MSNs) entered in that terminal. If a terminal has no MSNs entered it will         conversion process (and vice-versa) in PCM systems, North American
  "ring" wheneverthere is a call to any of the MSN’s on that BRI. See ETS               telephone networks.
  300 and Directory Number.                                                           MUF - maximum usable frequency
MSNF - multisystem networking facility                                                MUF - military unique features
MSNK - message switch net key                                                         MUI - multimedia user interface
MSNV - message switch net variable                                                    Multidrop - A communications arrangement where multiple devices share a
MSP - Message Security Protocol                                                         common transmission channel, although only one device may transmit at a
MSR - minimum security requirements
                                                                                      Multijunction Unit (MJU) - Equipment at the customer's site that connect to a
MSR - main supply route                                                                 DSU to multipoint operation.
MSRC - Modular Software-programmable Radio Consortium                                 Multiplexer - A device, also called a MUX that can transmit several messages
                                                                                        or signals in a high-speed data stream on a single channel.
MSRK - message switch rekey key
                                                                                      Multiplexing Format - The N.E.T. multiplexing format used on the sync card
MSRS - multi-role survivable radar                                                      to multiplex subrate data ports into the sync trunk DS0 channels.
MSRT - Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal                                               Multiservice Access Platform - Intelligent T3/T1 multiplexers capable of
MSRV - message switch rekey variable                                                    complex switching and routing needed for backbone T3/T1 networks. A
                                                                                        network system facility that connects with customer devices and T1/T3/E3
MSS - metropolitan switching system                                                     trunks. Physically, it may consist of several shelves. Logically, it is
                                                                                        controlled by a single software supervisor, which may be distributed among
MSS - mobile satellite services
                                                                                        several processors.
MSS - multiprotocol switched services
                                                                                      MULTS - Mobile Universal Link Translator System (Navy)
MSS - mission support system
                                                                                      MUSE - multidimensional user-oriented synthetic environment
MSS-IIE - Mission Support System II Enhanced
                                                                                      MUSE - Multiple Sub-Nyquist Encoding
MSS - maximum segment size
                                                                                      MUSIC - multiple signal classification
MST - master
                                                                                      MUSTRS - multi-sensor target recognition system
MSU - Modular Switching Unit
                                                                                      MUTES - multiple threat emitter simulator
MT - medium terminal
                                                                                      MUX - multiplexer
MTA - message transfer agent
                                                                                      mV - millivolts
MTACCS - Marine tactical automated command and control system
                                                                                      MVDM - multiple virtual DOS machines
MTBF - (Mean Time Between Failures) - A stated or published period of time
                                                                                      MVGA - monochrome video graphics array
  for which a user may reasonably expect a device to operate before an
  incapacitating failure occurs.                                                      MVIP - Multivendor Integration Protocol
MTBO - mean time between outages                                                      MVP - multimedia video processor
MTCC - modular tactical communications center                                         mvr - maneuver
MTD - marketing transaction database                                                  MVS - message validation system
MTD - moving target detection                                                         MVS - multiple virtual storage
MTDBU - mean time between data unavailability                                         MVS - modular video studio
MTDN - Marine Corps Tactical Data Network                                             MW - microwave
MTDS - Marine tactical data system                                                    mw - milliwatt
MTF - message text format                                                             MW - morale and welfare
MTF - modulation transfer function                                                    MWCS - Marine wing communications squadron
MTG - Master Timing Generator                                                         MWI - message waiting indicator
MTI - moving target indicator                                                         MWIS - Marine WWMCCS information system
MTI - Message Transfer Interface                                                      MWP - microwave processor
MTM - McLintock theater model                                                         MWS - missile warning set
MTMP - MACOM Telephone Modernization Program                                          MWS - management workstation
MTOPS - million composite theoretical operations per second                           MWS-R - management workstation replacement
MTRACS - multiple input tracking control system                                       MX/DMX - multiplexer/demultiplexer
MTS - Marine tactical system                                                          MYX - tactical area code
MTS - message transfer system
MTSO - mobile telephone switching office
MTSR - mean-time-to-service-restoral

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                                                                                    NASNET - National Airspace System Network

                                   N                                                NAT - Network Address Translation
                                                                                    National ISDN - The first US "standardized" multi-platform ISDN protocol. The
                                                                                       first version is National ISDN-1. As of mid 1996 National ISDN-2 has been
N - not classified but sensitive                                                       implemented in some areas and is fully backward compatible with National
N-ISDN - narrowband ISDN                                                               ISDN-1.Ä

N - nonsecure, negative, no                                                         Native Agent - An SNMP agent that resides on a Promina node and responds
                                                                                       to requests from an SNMP manager, such as the PanaVue Management
N/A - not applicable                                                                   Platform.
N6 - Space and Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems                NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
   Requirements (Navy)
                                                                                    NATS - North American terrestrial system
NAC - network adapter card
                                                                                    NAU - network addressable unit
NAC - NATO area code
                                                                                    NAVCAMS - naval modular automated communications system
NAC - National Area Code
                                                                                    NAVCIRP - Navy Computer Incident Response Team
NACD - National Association of Computer Dealers
                                                                                    NAVCIRT - Navy Security Incident Response Team
NACIC - National Counterintelligence Center
                                                                                    NAVCOMPARS - Navy Communications Processing and Routing System
NACISA - NATO Communications and Information Systems Agency
                                                                                    NAVFOR - Navy forces
NACISC - NATO Communications and Information Systems Committee
                                                                                    NAVGUARD - Navigation by GPS Utility with Anti-jam and RFI Direction
NACK - Non-acknowledge                                                                Finding
NACMA - NATO Air Command and Control Management Agency                              NAVMACS - Naval Modular Automated Communications System
NACMO - NATO Air Command and Control Management Organization                        NAVMIC - Naval Maritime Intelligence Center
NACOSA - NATO CIS Operating Systems Agency (was NICS COA)                           NAVSATCOMFAC - Naval Satellite Communications Facility
NACS - National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors                                NAVSOF - Naval Special Operation Forces
NACSAM - National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum                                        NAVSPEC - Naval Special
NACSEM - National COMSEC Emanations Memorandum                                      NAVSTAR - navigational system timing and range
NACSI - National Communications Security Instruction                                NAVTACNET - Naval Tactical Network
NACSIM - National COMSEC Information Memorandum                                     NAVTEX - worldwide navigational warning service
NADC - NATO air defence committee                                                   NAVWAR - Navigation Warfare
NADDIS - narcotics and dangerous drugs information system                           NAWAS - national warning system
NADF - North American Directory Forum                                               NB - narrowband
NADIN - National Airspace Data Interchange Network                                  NBC - nuclear, biological, chemical
NADIR - Network Anomaly Detection Intrusion Reporter                                NBFM - narrow band frequency modulation
NAF - Numbered Air Force                                                            NBRVF - narrowband radio voice frequency
NAG - Network Address Group                                                         NBS - National Bureau of Standards
NAI - NATO Analog Interface                                                         NBSV - narrowband secure voice
NAIC - National Air Intelligence Center                                             NC - Node Center
NAK - negative acknowledgment                                                       NC - network computer
NALCOMIS - Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management System                       NC3A - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency
NALLA - NATO Allied Long-Lines Agency                                               NCA - National Command Authorities
NAM - Network Assessment Model                                                      NCA - network computing architecture
NAMPS - Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service                                    NCA - network communications adapter
NANOG - North American Network Operators Group (Internet)                           NCC - National Coordinating Center
NANP - North American Numbering Plan                                                NCC - network control circuit
NAOC - National Airborne Operations Center                                          NCC-D - network control center-deployed
NAP - network access protocol (point)                                               NCC - (Network Control Center) - 1. Any centralized network diagnostic and
                                                                                      management station or site, such as that of a packet-switching network. 2.
NARA - National Archives and Records Administration
                                                                                      (Network Control Code) - DDS-defined byte codes that are used to initiate
NARACS - national radio communications system                                         loops and convey status information.

NARSAP - National Advanced Remote Sensing Application Program                       NCCOSC - Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center

NAS - Network Access System                                                         NCCS - Naval Command and Control System-Ashore

NAS - National Airspace System (FAA)                                                NCCS-A - Navy Command and Control System-Afloat

NAS - network attached storage                                                      NCCS - National Computer Crime Squad (FBI)

NAS - Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NASA)                                       NCCS - nodal control CS

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration                                NCCS - Nodal Command and Control System

NASCOM - NASA Operational Communications System                                     NCD - net control device

NASD - network attached storage device                                              NCE - network control element

NASIRE - National Association of State Information Resource Executives              NCF - network computing framework

NASM - National Air and Space Model (USAF)                                          NCF - net control facility

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NCGA - National Computer Graphics Association                                        NEP - noise equivalent power
NCI - network computing infrastructures                                              NES - network encryption system
NCIC - National Crime Information Center                                             NES - noise equivalent signal
NCIC - Network Centric Innovation Center (Navy)                                      NES - Network Encryption System
NCIPB - National Counter Intelligence Policy Board                                   NESDIS - national environmental satellite data and information service
NCMD - Nine-Channel Multiplexer/Demultiplexer                                        NESEA - Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity
NCMSACS - Nodal Control Mobile Subscriber Access CS                                  NESP - Navy Extremely high frequency Satellite Program
NCO - noncommissioned officer                                                        NET - subnetwork
NCOIC - Noncommissioned Officer in Charge                                            NetBIOS - network Basic Input/Output System
NCP - not copy protected                                                             NETOPS - Network Operations
NCP - Network Control Protocol                                                       NETPLAN - network planning
NCP - (Network Control Point) - Network Control Point: A routing optimizer and       NETS - Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service
  network synchronization software process. Any node is a potential NCP,
  but the network can run without one.                                               Netview - An IBM mainframe network management product that integrated the
                                                                                        functions of several earlier IBM network management products.
NCS - National Communications System
                                                                                     NETWARS - network warfare simulation
NCS - National Cryptologic System
                                                                                     Network - A circuit configuration of two or more nodes that interconnects links.
NCS - net control station                                                               A network can have up to 16,000 domains each consisting of up to 250
                                                                                        nodes connected in any topology (such as star, ring, and full-mesh).
NCS - node center switch
                                                                                     Network - Channel Terminating Equipment - See NCTE.
NCSA - National Center for Supercomputing Applications
                                                                                     Network Event Log - Contains events from nodes in the network that are
NCSA - National Computer Security Association                                           tagged as being network significant, also contains all cleared alarms.
NCSC - National Computer Security Center (Committee)                                 Network Gateway Feature - A licensed feature that allows a node to be
NCSD - National Communications System Directive                                         configured as a gateway node to gain access to other domains.

NCSL - National Computer Systems Laboratory                                          Network Management - A systematic approach to planning, organizing, and
                                                                                        controlling a communications network.
NCT - network control terminal
                                                                                     Network Topology - The physical and logical relationship of nodes in a
NCTA - National Cable Television Association                                            network; the schematic arrangement of the links and nodes of a network.
                                                                                        Networks are typically of either a star, ring, tree, or bus topology, or some
NCTAMS - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
                                                                                        hybrid combination thereof.
NCTE - Network Channel Terminating Equipment. NCTE is a general term that
                                                                                     NEXRAD - next generation weather radar
  can be applied to a CSU or NT1 or other equipment terminating a digital
  line at the customer°Øs premises. In many countries the NCTE is                  NEXT - near-end crosstalk
  provided by the Telco. The USA is not one of those countries.
                                                                                     NFC - Numbered Fleet Commander
NCTR - non-cooperative target recognition
                                                                                     NFD - nodal fault diagnostics
NCTSI - Naval Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability
                                                                                     NFIB - National Foreign Intelligence Board
NCVT - noncooperative variable transfer
                                                                                     NFIP - National Foreign Intelligence Program
NDAC - Network Design and Analysis Center (NCS)
                                                                                     NFS - number field sieve
NDCS - network data control system
                                                                                     NFS - (Network File System) - NFS is a networking protocol that allows a
NDF - network dynamic functionality                                                    computer system to access files over a network as if they were on its local
NDI - non-developmental item(s)
                                                                                     NG - National Guard
NDI - NATO digital interface
                                                                                     NGCR - next generation computer resources
NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center
                                                                                     NGI - Next Generation Internet
NDIS - Network Device Interface Specification
                                                                                     NGIC - National Ground Intelligence Center
NDIS - network driver interface standard
                                                                                     NGSO - Nongeosynchronous orbit
NDN - non-delivery notice
                                                                                     NGW - (Neighbor Gateway) - A gateway node in another domain that
NDP - National Defense Panel
                                                                                       physically connects to the gateway node in this domain.
NDP - numeric data processor
                                                                                     NI - national identifier
NDPS - national disclosure policy system
                                                                                     NI - NATO interface
NDR - negative differential resistance
                                                                                     NI - (Network Interface) - The point between the carrier's network and the
NEACP - National Emergency Airborne Command Post (See NAOC)                              customer's installation.
NEF - Naval Expeditionary Forces                                                     NIAC - national identifier-area code
neg - negative                                                                       NIAG - National Infrastructure Assurance Council

Neighbor Load - The process of loading code from a neighbor node (a node             NIAP - National Information Assurance Partnership
   that is physically connected to the node).
                                                                                     NIBRS - National Incident Based Reporting System
Neighbor Node - A node that is physically connected to another node.
                                                                                     NIC - National Intelligence Council
NEMIS - national emergency management information system (FEMA)
                                                                                     NIC - network interface card
NeMISIS - New Mexico intelligence sharing information system
                                                                                     NIC - Network Information Center
NEMS - national emergency management system
                                                                                     NICS - NATO integrated communications system
NEO - noncombatant evacuation operation
                                                                                     NID - network interface (intrusion) device
NEP - Network Entry Point
                                                                                     NID - network inward dialing

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NIDL - National Information Display Laboratory                                    NMF - Network Management Forum
NIDR - networked information discovery and retrieval                              NMF - network management facility
NIDS - network intrusion detection system                                         NMF - node management facility
NIE - National Intelligence Estimate                                              NMIA - National Military Intelligence Association
NII - National Information Infrastructure                                         NMICC - National Military Intelligence Collection Center
NIIMS - Nuclear Integration Information Management System                         NMIPC - National Military Intelligence Production Center
NIIRS - National Imagery Information Resolution Standards                         NMISC - National Military Intelligence Support Center
NIIT - National Information Infrastructure Testbed                                NMIST - National Military Intelligence Support Team
NILTU - NATO Interface Line Termination Unit                                      NMJIC - National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency                                        NMOC - Network Management Operations Center
NIMS - National Airspace System Infrastructure Management System                  NMS - nodal management server
NINEWS - Navy Integrated Electronic Warfare System                                NMS - (Network Management System) - 1. Network system applications that
                                                                                    support real-time, ongoing monitoring of network performance, problem
NIO - National Intelligence Officers                                                isolation, and network maintenance and administration. 2. nodal
NIOD - network inward/outward dialing                                               management server

NIP - Network Implementation Plan                                                 NMT - network management terminal

NIPC - National Infrastructure Protection Center                                  NMT - nodal mesh terminal

NIPR - Sensitive but Unclassified Internet Protocol Router                        NMVT - network management vector tables

NIPRNET - Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network                              NNI - network to network interface

NIPS - Naval intelligence processing system                                       NNI - network mode interface

NIR - network information retrieval                                               NNM - nodal network manager

NIS - NMCS information system                                                     NNT - nonnodal terminal

NIS - non-imaging sensor                                                          NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol

NISMC - Naval Information Systems Management Center                               NNX - format for a switch code, 3/4 numbering plan

NISO - National Information Standards Organization                                NNX+XXXX - NOSC Network Operations Security Center

NIST - National Institute for Standards and Technology                            NNXX - format for a switch code, 4/3 numbering plan

NIT - network interface tap                                                       NO - number

NITAAC - National Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment               NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
   Center                                                                         NOAO - National Optical Astronomy Observatories
NITB - National INFOSEC Technical Baseline                                        NOAVA - Nationwide Office Automation for the VA
NITC - National Information Technology Center                                     NOC-V - Network Operations Center Vehicular
NITF - national imagery transmission format                                       NOC-C - Network Operations Center-CONUS
NITFS - national imagery transmission format standard                             NOC - Network Operations Center
NIU - network interface unit                                                      NOD - network outward dialing
NIU - NATO interface unit                                                         NODC - National Oceanographic Data Center (NOAA)
NIUF - National ISDN User’s Forum. A user’s group formed under the National       Node - A Promina or an IDNX system that connects with customer devices
   Institute of Technology (NIST) in the USA. The NIUF is a neutral forum           and T1/T3/E3 trunks. Nodes are configured to meet individual network
   where the switch manufacturers and Telcos can get input from users and           requirements.
   CPE manufacturers regarding the implementation of National ISDN. Among
   NIUF’s successful projects have been the IOC ordering codes. Their web         Node ID - Nodes are identified through the Operator Interface by a number
   page is at . See National ISDN.                        from 1 to 250 preceded by an N (for example, N5). Node IDs are assigned
                                                                                    during the node installation process.
NIWA - Naval Information Warfare Activity
                                                                                  Node Name - An alphanumeric name of up to eight characters.
NLA - non-linear amplifier
                                                                                  Node Parameters - See parameters.
NLECTC - National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
                                                                                  NOFORN - Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NLETS - National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
                                                                                  NOIC - naval operational intelligence center
NLM - network loadable module
                                                                                  Noise - Random electrical signals, introduced by circuit components or natural
NLOC - noncommented lines of code                                                    disturbances, which tend to generate errors.
NLP - national level NSEP telecommunications program                              non-ICOM - non-integrated COMSEC
NLS - national language support                                                   Non-subrated - See subrated.
NLSP - network layer security protocol                                            Nonlatching Loopback - A (relatively) simple method of implementing
NLU - natural language understanding                                                network loop-in. A nonlatching loopback is initiated when four consecutive
                                                                                    bytes of the specified loopback code are received, remains in place as long
nm - nautical mile                                                                  as every other byte contains the loopback code, and continues for a
                                                                                    minimum of four bytes after receipt of the last loopback code. Also see
NM - Network Module
                                                                                    latching loopback.
NMAC - Network Management Analysis Center
                                                                                  NOP - no operation
NMC - network management center
                                                                                  NORAD - North American Aerospace Defense Command
NMCC - National Military Command Center
                                                                                  NORM - normal
NMCS - National Military Command System
                                                                                  Nortel - Northern Telecom (previously Northern Electric). The Canadian
NMD - national missile defense                                                       company which was once the manufacturing arm of Bell Canada.

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   Manufacturer of the DMS-100 switch as well as many other pieces of                NSG - Naval Security Group
   telecom equipment.
                                                                                     NSG - node switching group
Northern Telecom - See Nortel.
                                                                                     NSI - national security information
NOS - network operating system
                                                                                     NSI - NASA Science Internet
NOSC - Naval Ocean Systems (Surveillance) Center
                                                                                     NSIE - Network Security Information Exchange
NOSC - Network Operations and Security Center (USAF)
                                                                                     NSIPS - Naval standard integrated personnel system
NOSC-D - Network Operations and Security Center-Deployed
                                                                                     NSIRC - National Security Incident Response Center
NPA - numbering plan area
                                                                                     NSISIP - National Security Information Systems Incident Program
NPA - numbering plan access
                                                                                     NSLDS - National Student Loan Data System
NPACI - National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
                                                                                     NSM - network and systems management
NPCS - narrowband PCS
                                                                                     NSM - network security management
NPDB - National Practitioner Data Bank
                                                                                     NSN - national stock number
NPDS - NMCC processing and display system
                                                                                     NSO - network security officer
NPE - network planning engineering
                                                                                     NSOC - National Security Operations Center (NSA)
NPI - network printer interface
                                                                                     NSP - network service provider
NPIC - National Photographic Interpretation Center
                                                                                     NSSOG - National Security Standards Oversight Group
NPOESS - National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System
                                                                                     NST - Navy standard teleprinter
NPS - NES product server
                                                                                     NSTAC - National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NPT - Non-Proliferation Treaty
                                                                                     NSTISSAM - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
NPT - network planning tool                                                            Security Advisory Memorandum
NPTN - National Public Telecomputing Network                                         NSTISSC - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
                                                                                       Security Committee
NPU - natural processing unit
                                                                                     NSTISSI - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
NPX - numeric processor extension                                                      Security Instruction
NR/C - nonredundant-communications security capable                                  NSTISSP - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
NR/NC - nonredundant-not communications security capable                               Security Policy

NRC - Network Reliability Council (FCC)                                              NSTL - National Software Testing Labs

NREN - National Research and Educational (education) Network                         NSW - nonsecure warning

NRI - net radio interface                                                            NSWS - naval special warfare system

NRIC - Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (FCC)                        NSWT - nonsecure warning tone

NRIS - network resource information system                                           NSWTG - Naval special warfare task group

NRM - network resource manager                                                       NT - network termination (terminal)

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office                                                 NT - network terminal

NRP - Net Radio Protocol                                                             NT - network technology

NRSC - Network Reliability Steering Committee                                        NT - new technology (Microsoft)

NRZ - Non-Return to Zero                                                             NT - nodal terminal

NS - nanosecond                                                                      NT1 - "Network Termination Type 1". The termination at the customer
                                                                                       premises of an ISDN BRI circuit. The NT1 performs the role of line
NS - Network Server                                                                    termination of the "U" interface and Code/Decodes from the line's 2B1Q
                                                                                       coding scheme. The customer end of the NT1 interfaces using the "S" or
NS - name server
                                                                                       "T" interface. The NT1 is frequently part of the "Terminal Adapter".
NS - nonsecure
                                                                                     NTC - network terminal computer
NS - node switch
                                                                                     NTCB - network trusted computing base
NS/EP/PS - national security, emergency preparedness, and public safety
                                                                                     NTCN - National Telecommunications Coordinating Network
NS3 - NATO supplement-3
                                                                                     NTCS-A - Naval Tactical Command System-Afloat
NSA - National Security Agency
                                                                                     NTCSS - Naval Tactical Command Support System
NSAD - network security architecture and design
                                                                                     NTDR - Near Term Digital Radio
NSAP - network service access point
                                                                                     NTDS - Navy tactical data system
NSAS - noncommunications signals exploration system
                                                                                     NTF - National Test Facility
NSB - NATO signaling buffer
                                                                                     NTIA - National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NSCF - Naval satellite communications facility
                                                                                     NTIS - National Technical Information Service
NSD - network security directive
                                                                                     NTISA - Naval Tactical Interoperability Support Agency
NSDD - National Security Decision Directive
                                                                                     NTISSAM - National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security
NSDI - National Spatial Data Infrastructure                                             Advisory Memorandum
NSDU - network service data unit                                                     NTISSC - National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security
NSF - National Science Foundation
                                                                                     NTMA - national telecommunications management architecture
NSF - national standard format
                                                                                     NTMS - National Telecommunications Management System
NSFNET - National Science Foundation Network
                                                                                     NTON - National Transparent Optical Network

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NTOPS - New Technology for Open and Portable Systems (Navy)                            OCI - offensive counterinformation (USAF)
NTP - Network Time Protocol                                                            OCL - operation (operator) control language
NTP - Naval Telecommunications publication                                             OCONUS - outside continental United States
NTR - net time reference                                                               OCP - operational configuration processing
NTSC - National Television Standards Committee                                         OCR - optical character recognition (reader)
NTSDS - National Target/Threat Signatures Data System                                  OCS - open control system
NTTC - National Technology Transfer Center                                             OCSP - Online Certificate Status Protocol
NTTN - national technical transfer network                                             OCU - Orderwire Control Unit
NUCINT - Nuclear Intelligence                                                          OCU-I - Orderwire Control Unit I
NUI - network user identification (interface)                                          OCU-II - Orderwire Control Unit II
NVIS - near vertical incidence sky wave                                                ODA - office document architecture
NVM - non-volatile memory                                                              ODAPS - oceanic display and planning system (FAA)
NVOD - near video on demand                                                            ODBC - open database connectivity
NVS - Non-Volatile Storage                                                             ODBMS - object-oriented database management system
NVT - network virtual terminal                                                         ODI - open data-link interface
NWARS - national wargaming system                                                      ODIF - office (open) document interchange format
NWCW - Network Centric Warfare (Navy)                                                  ODIN - operational digital network
NWDC - Naval Warfare Development Command                                               ODIT - optical digital imaging technology
NWI - Navy Worldwide Intranet                                                          ODL - Oceanic Data Link (FAA)
NWIS - Navy WWMCCS Information System                                                  ODL - office document language
NWR - NOAA weather radio                                                               ODM - On Demand Mode
NWS - national weather service                                                         ODMA - open document management
NWT - Normal wideband terminal                                                         ODMG - open document management group
NWTDB - Naval Warfare Tactical Data Base                                               ODS - ODS Networks Incorporated
NXTK Trunk Module - This module uses the X.21 standard for its interface               OEM - (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - The maker of equipment that is
  and operates at 1.92 Mbps data rate.                                                   marketed by another vendor, usually under the name of the reseller. The
                                                                                         OEM may manufacture certain components, or complete devices, which
NXX - switch code (commercial plan)                                                      are then often configured with software and/or other hardware by the
NYX - area code (commercial and DCS)                                                     reseller.
                                                                                       OEMI - original equipment manufacturer interface
                                                                                       OFC - optical fiber, conductive
                                                                                       Off-net Calls - All calls that are not destined for the backbone network. On

                                    O                                                     standard trunks (other than 56K/64K trunks), calls take up only the
                                                                                          bandwidth required for the call itself. These features allow the HDVC to
                                                                                          increase the number of voice calls that can be sent and received on trunks
O&M - Operations and maintenance                                                          by compressing bandwidth. The HDVC module can be used for
                                                                                          international applications, because it can convert between Mu-Law and A-
O&P - Outsourcing and Privitization                                                       Law standards.
O/R - originator/recipient                                                             Office Channel Unit (OCU) - The DDS module in the Central Office that
                                                                                          connects with customer equipment (CSU). It formats customer data into
O/W - orderwire
                                                                                          synchronous DS0B-formatted 8-bit bytes and multiplexes them into a 64
OAA - Open Agent Architecture                                                             kbps signal. This DS0 is then multiplexed into the DS1 signal. The OCU
                                                                                          provides test access to the bipolar 64 kbps-formatted signal and responds
OAI - Open Applications Interface                                                         to OCU loopback requests.
OAN - Operational Area Network                                                         Officer - ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal
OAS - other automatic switch                                                           OFN - optical fiber, nonconductive
OASD - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense                                    OFS - output field separator
OATS - Office Automation Technology and Services                                       OGIS - Open Geodata Interoperability Specification
OATV - open architecture television                                                    OH - overhead
OBATS - off-board augmented theater surveillance                                       OIC - Officer in Charge
OBEWS - On Board Electronic Warfare Simulator                                          OICC - Operations Intelligence Crisis Center
obj - object                                                                           OIDL - object interface definition language
Object Menu - The Operator Interface Object Menu contains the available                OIS - office information systems
   items on which actions are performed such as ports, cards, nodes, call
   summary, network, etc.                                                              OIS - Office of Information Security (GSA/FTS)

Objects - Refers to items in the Operator Interface such as nodes, links, cards,       OIU - operation interface unit
   ports, and so on.
                                                                                       OIW - Offensive Information Warfare
OC - optical carrier
                                                                                       OLAP - on-line analytical processing
OCA - object content architecture
                                                                                       OLCP - online complex processing
OCC - other common carrier
                                                                                       OLD - online tests and diagnostics
OCD - orderwire clock distributor
                                                                                       OLE - object linking and embedding
OCE - open collaboration environment
                                                                                       OLED - Organic Light-emitting Diode

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OLMC - output logic macrocell                                                        Operator Interface - A menu/query system consisting of four levels: (1) Prolog
                                                                                       Procedure menu, (2) Functional Area menu, (3) Action menus, and (4)
OLS - optical line system                                                              Object menus.
OLTP - on-line transaction processing                                                Operator Profile - A file containing the default session parameters associated
OM - object manager                                                                    with a specific Operator ID and stored in the configuration database. If an
                                                                                       operator profile is not updated, changes to the session parameters will be
OMF - open message format                                                              in effect only during the current session. Upon updating an operator profile,
                                                                                       the session parameters will be in effect during subsequent sessions under
OMFTS - Operational Maneuver from the sea
                                                                                       the same operator name.
OMG - Object Management Group
                                                                                     OPG - operator equipment group
OMNCS - Office of the Manager, National Communications System
                                                                                     OPINTEL - Operational Intelligence
OMNIP - open management interoperability points
                                                                                     OPLAN - operation plan
OMNS - open network management system
                                                                                     OPNET - Operational Network Evaluation Tool
OMO - other military operations (was OOTW)
                                                                                     OPORD - operation order
OMPS - outboard mission planning system
                                                                                     OPP - orderwire patch panel
OMR - optical mark recognition
                                                                                     OPR - office of primary responsibility
OMT - orthogonal mode transducer
                                                                                     OPREP - operations status report
On-net - Calls - All calls that are destined for the backbone network.
                                                                                     OPS - operations
ONA - open network architecture
                                                                                     OPSCOMM - operations communications
ONC - open network computing
                                                                                     OPSEC - operations security
ONC - Operational Navigation Charts
                                                                                     OPT - Office of Priority Telecommunications (NCS)
Ones - Density - See pulse density and zero suppression.
                                                                                     OPT - open protocol technology
ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence
                                                                                     OPTADS - operations tactical data systems
ONRAMP - Optical Networking for Regional Access with
                                                                                     Optimal Path - The route between origination and destination ports that meets
ONU - optical network unit                                                              routing requirements and has the least link cost.
OO - object oriented                                                                 OPTINT - optical intelligence

OO - output only                                                                     OPU - outstation processing unit
OOA - object oriented analysis                                                       OPX - off-premises extension

OOB - out of band                                                                    OQPSK - offset quadriphase shift keying
OOD - object orientated design                                                       ORA - Organization Registration Authorities

OODA - observe, orient, decide and act                                               ORAR - originator requested alternate recipient
OODB - object-oriented database                                                      ORASIS - optical real-time adaptive signature identification system

OODMS - object-oriented database management system                                   ORB - object request broker

OOL - object-oriented language                                                       ORD - operational requirements document
OOP - object oriented programming                                                    ORR - operational readiness report

OOPL - object-oriented programming language                                          ORS - output record separator
OOS - object-oriented systems                                                        OS - operating system
OOS - Out of Service                                                                 OSA - open system architecture

OOS - out of sync                                                                    OSAR - originator specified alternate recipient

OOT - object-oriented technology                                                     OSAT - out-of-service analog test

OOTW - operations other than war                                                     OSC - operating system control
OOTW - operations other than war                                                     Oscillator - An electronic device used to produce repeating signals of a given
                                                                                       frequency and amplitude.
OOUI - object oriented user interface
                                                                                     OSD - Ofiice of the Secretary of Defense
OP - operations post
                                                                                     OSDS - Oceanic Systems Development and Support
OP - operate
                                                                                     OSE - open system environment
OPC - optical photoconductor
                                                                                     OSF - Open Software Foundation
OPC - optical proximity correction
                                                                                     OSI-RM - opn system interconnection-reference model
OPCON - operational control
                                                                                     OSI - (Open System Interconnect) Model - A 7-layer reference model jointly
OPE - operational planning element                                                     developed by ISO and CCITT and designed to standardize procedures and
Operator - The person who uses the Operator Interface to manage the                    protocols for data communication exchanges between computers,
  network. There are six levels of operators, each with different levels of            networks, and applications that are open to other systems, networks, and
  access to the Operator Interface. The operator is identified by an operator          devices by means of their mutual use of the appropriate OSI procedures
  ID of up to eight alphanumeric characters.                                           and protocols.

Operator Console - The terminal used to communicate with the Operator                OSI - operational subsystem interface
  Interface on the node. Physically connected to the RS-232C interface of the        OSINT - open source intelligence (also OSCINT)
  processor module.
                                                                                     OSIS - open source information system
Operator ID - Operators are identified in the Operator Interface by a name up
  to eight alphanumeric characters. The operator name is used to log into the        OSIS - operating system independent server
  Operator Interface and has session parameters associated with it through
                                                                                     OSM - operating-system service module
  the operator profile.
                                                                                     OSP - optical storage processor

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OSPF - open shortest path first                                                 PACAF - Pacific Air Forces
OSPG - operation support group prototype                                        PACCS - post-attack command and control system
OSQL - object structured query language                                         PACI - partnership for advanced computational infrastructure
OSRI - originating stations routing indicator                                   Packet - A sequence of data, with associated control information, that is
                                                                                   switched and transmitted as a whole; refers mainly to the field structure and
OSS - on-line schedule system                                                      format defined within the CCITT X.25 recommendation. A short block of
OSS - operational (operations) support system                                      data prefixed with addressing and other control information and carried
                                                                                   between nodes. There are two general packet categories: datagram
OSSN - originating stations serial number                                          packets (DGP) and virtual circuit packets.
OSTP - Office of Science Technology and Policy                                  Packet Switching - A data transmission technique whereby user information
                                                                                   is segmented and routed in discrete data envelopes called packets, each
OT - object technology
                                                                                   with its own appended control information for routing, sequencing, and
OTA - Office of Technology Assessment                                              error checking.
OTA - operational test agent                                                    Packetized - Voice - Digitized voice technology that lends itself to T1 and
                                                                                   ISDN applications.
OTAD - over-the-air-key distribution
                                                                                PACMERS - Pacific mobile emergency radio system
OTAM - over-the-air-management
                                                                                PACS - picture archiving and communication system
OTAR - over the air rekeying
                                                                                PAD - packet assembler disassembler
OTAT - over-the-air key transfer
                                                                                PAIDS - Pacific area imagery distribution system
OTAU - over-the-air-update
                                                                                PAL - phase-alternation line
OTC - Officer in Tactical Command
                                                                                PAL - process asset library
OTCIXS - Officer in Tactical Command information exchange system
                                                                                PAL - programmable array logic
OTH-B - over-the-horizon backscatter
                                                                                PAL - Preaffiliation List
OTI - Office of Technical Integration
                                                                                PAM - (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) - A modulation scheme wherein the
OTM - object transaction monitor                                                  modulating waveshape is caused to modulate the amplitude of a pulse
OTM - Office of Telecommunication Management                                      stream.

OTP - one-time programmable                                                     PAMA - pulse-address multiple access

OW - Orderwire                                                                  PAMS - patent automated management system

OWC - Operational Watch Commander                                               PAN - personal area network
                                                                                PanaVue - The PanaVue Management Platform is a set of SNMP-based
                                                                                   network management tools that monitor and manage networks composed
                                                                                   of N.E.T. equipment including Promina 800 Series and IDNX nodes,
                                                                                   Promina 2000 ATM Network Multiplexers, and Promina 4000 ATM

                                    P                                              Switches.
                                                                                PanaVue NMS - See PanaVue.
                                                                                PAP - passwork authentication protocol
P-SRAM - pseudo-static random access memory
P-MUX - Promina multiplexer                                                     para - paragraph

P-Bus - On a Promina 800, handles module and system control and provides        Parallel - Data - The transfer of data simultaneously over two or more wires or
   for communication between cards (similar to the CBus).                          transmission links.

P-MUX - Promina multiplexer                                                     Parameters - Any of the allowable, programmable states that can be
                                                                                   configured by the user are defined through the software on a per node,
P - Priority                                                                       card, or port basis. These states consist of fields that are selectable during
                                                                                   configuration and are usually described within an online menu.
p-p - peak-to-peak
                                                                                Partition - A feature used to group nodes and limit the access operators have
P - positive                                                                       to the group of nodes.
P - DN page down                                                                PAS - Priority Access Service
P - UP page up                                                                  PASCAL - programming language named for Blaise Pascal
P/N - part number                                                               Pass-through - In this mode, a data circuit is clocked at the frequency of the
P/O - part of                                                                      connected device, timing while the node operates at a different frequency.
                                                                                   The circuit is passed through the node without data loss due to frequency
P/P - patch panel                                                                  slippage. This mode is useful when a node is connected to two different
                                                                                   carrier services, for example Dataphone Digital Services (DDS) and MCI.
P3 - preplanning package
                                                                                   Pass-through timing is available on the USD module.
P3I - preplanned product improvement
                                                                                PAT - process action team
PA - Privacy Act/power amplifier when used in radio configurations
                                                                                PAT - Patriot
PA - public announce
                                                                                Path - Path is the route a call takes through the nodes to reach its destination.
PA - parent relay                                                                  Also see optimal path.
PAA - policy approving authorities                                              PATRIOT - Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target
PAB - personal address book                                                     PAVE - PAWS submarine launched ballistic missile phased array radar system
PABX - private area branch exchange                                             PAWS - protection against wrapped sequence numbers
PABX - private automatic branch exchange                                        Payload - The 192 bits of information in a DS1 frame.

PAC - privilege attribute certificate                                           PBOOK - phone book
PAC - Pacific                                                                   PBX - Private Branch Exchange: A privately owned switch. Basically a PBX is
                                                                                  a private "business" telephone system which also interfaces to the
PAC - Personnel and Administrative Center                                         telephone network. Many PBX's can now offer ISDN BRI service, usually
PACA - Priority Access and Channel Assignment                                     over the S Interface. A few vendors are now offering BRI over the U

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   interface as well. Be wary of these ISDN protocols since they have not          PDMSS - programmed depot maintenance scheduling system
   been as well tested. They may or may not work with a given piece of CPE.
                                                                                   PDN - public data net (network)
PBX/Channel Bank Interface Module - This module links a node and a
  channel bank or a PBX. It accepts two T1 lines, each containing 24 voice         PDS - packet driver specification
  channels in the standard D3 frame format.                                        PDS - partitioned data set
PBXM - Private Branch Exchange Module                                              PDS - processor-direct slot
PBXM - Private Branch Exchange Module                                              PDS - processing and display system
PC - personal computer                                                             PDS - program data source
PC - printed circuit                                                               PDS - protected distribution system
PC - program counter                                                               PDSN - public data switched network
PCA - policy certification authority                                               PDSO - packet data security overlay
PCA - policy creation authority                                                    PDSS - post deployment software support
PCA - printed card assembly                                                        PDT - programmable data terminal
PCB - program control block                                                        PDU - protocol data unit
PCB - printed circuit board                                                        PDU - power distribution unit
PCCIP - President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Projection               PE - phase encoded
PCE - Programmable Crypto Engine                                                   PE - peripheral equipment
PCERT - Purdue Computer Emergency Response Team                                    PEA - pocket Ethernet adapter
PCI - peripheral component interconnect                                            PEBES - Personal Earnings and Benefits Statement (SSA)
PCIS - portable common interface set                                               PECL - positive emitter-coupled-logic
PCL - process control language                                                     PEEL - programmable electrically erasable logic
PCL - preprogrammed conference list                                                PEIP - Programmable Embedded INFOSEC Product (NRL)
PCM - plug compatible module                                                       PEM - privacy enhanced mail
PCM - (Pulse Code Modulation) - The process of converting an analog signal         PEO - program executive officer
  to a digital signal or a digital signal to an analog signal.
                                                                                   PEP - peak envelope power
PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association
                                                                                   Per-Channel Signaling - Transmission of signaling information in binary
PCMCIA - People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms                             codes for each channel.
PCMIM - personal computer media interface module                                   Permanent Virtual Circuit - A virtual circuit resembling a leased line in that
PCMM - People Capability Maturity Model                                               invariant logical channel numbers allow it to be dedicated to a single user.

PCN - personal communications network                                              PERMS - personnel electronic records management system

PCN - personal computer network                                                    Personality Module - Plug-in modules on the quad analog voice port 4-wire
                                                                                      analog interface card that support E&M 4-wire signaling types I through V.
PCNFS - personal computer network file system
                                                                                   PEX - PHIGS extension to X Windows
PCR - peak cell rate
                                                                                   PFIAB - President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PCS - personal communications systems (services)
                                                                                   PFM - passport files miniaturization
PCS - process control systems
                                                                                   PFM - pulse-phase modulation
PCS - personal conferencing specification
                                                                                   PGA - pin grid array
PCS - Program Counter Store
                                                                                   PGE - power generation equipment
PCS - Processor-Controlled Strapping
                                                                                   PGWS - primary groupware server
PCSR - parallel channels signaling rate
                                                                                   ph - telephone
PCT - picture (file name extension)
                                                                                   Phase - The time or angle that a signal is delayed with respect to some
PCTE - portable common tool(s) environment                                            reference position.
PCTSS - provisioning, cataloging, and technical support system                     PHIC - Portable Human Computer Interface (DARPA)
PCU - portable computer unit                                                       PHID - positive hostile identification
PCX - picture image (file name extension)                                          PHIGS - programmer’s hierarchical interactive graphics system
PD - public domain                                                                 PHILLS - Portable Hyperspectral Images for Low Light Spectroscopy
PDA - personal digital assistant                                                   PHOTINT - Photographic Intelligence
PDC - primary domain controller                                                    PHP - personal handy phone (Japan)
PDC - program designator code                                                      PHS - primary HMMWV Shelter
PDD - physical device driver                                                       Physical Slots - The actual slot on a card shelf that a module occupies. Also
                                                                                     see card shelf and logical slots.
PDENS - projected energy neutralization system
                                                                                   PIA - peripheral interface adapter
PDES - product data exchange (using STEP)
                                                                                   PIC - personal information carrier (Army)
PDF - portable document format
                                                                                   PIC - Personal Intelligent Communicator
PDIA - process-driven information automation
                                                                                   PIC - priority interrupt controller
PDL - page description language
                                                                                   PIC - programmable interconnect component
PDL - program design language
                                                                                   PIC - Primary Interexchange Carrier. This is your default "1+" carrier used for
PDM - product data management                                                         interLATA calls. In some areas you may have two PICs, one for interLATA
PDM - pulse delta (duration) modulation                                               calls, and one for intraLATA long distance calls (in which case it stands for
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   Primary Intraexchange Carrier). In some areas intraLATA long distance               PMD - physical-layer media-dependent
   calls are still handled by your RBOC, in others you now have a choice.
                                                                                       PMM - Power Management Module
PIC - peripheral interface controller
                                                                                       PMMU - paged memory management unit
PICS - platform for internet content selection
                                                                                       PMO - program management office
PICS - protocol implementation conformance statement
                                                                                       PMO - Project Management Officer
PIDP - programmable indicator data processor
                                                                                       PMP - AT&T "Custom Point to Point" Custom ISDN Protocol. See Custom
PIE - protected information environment (Navy)                                           ISDN and ISDN Protocol.
PIF - picture interchange format file                                                  PMSP - pre message security protocol
PIM - personal information manager                                                     PN - processing node
PIM - processor-in-memory                                                              PN - pseudo noise
PIM - protocol independent multicast                                                   PN - public network
PIN - personal identification number                                                   PN - pseudorandom noise
PIN - processor independent netware                                                    PNCS - primary net control station
PING - (Packet Internet Groper) - A program in the Internet used to test the           PNG - Portable Network Graphics
   ability to reach destinations by sending them an ICMP echo request.
                                                                                       PNI - primary network interface
PIP - Primary Injection Point
                                                                                       PNID - Precedence Network In Dialing
PIR - priority information requirements (Army)
                                                                                       PNID - precedence network inward dial
PIR - personnel information roster
                                                                                       PNL - panel
PIU - path information units
                                                                                       PNMC - Packet Network Management Center
PIX - private Internet exchange
                                                                                       PNNI - Private Network to Network Interface
PIXEL - picture element
                                                                                       PNS - primary node switch
PKAF - Public Key Authentication Framework
                                                                                       POC - point of contact
PKC - public key cryptography
                                                                                       POCSAG - Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group
PKCS - public key cryptography standards
                                                                                       POES - Polar-Operational Environmental Satellite
PKE - public key encryption
                                                                                       Point-to-Point Networks - Simple networks that interconnect two points
PKI - public key infrastructure                                                           directly with no intermediate processing nodes, computers, or branched
pkt - packet
                                                                                       pol - polarization
PLA - programmable logic-array
                                                                                       POL - petroleum, oil, and lubricants
PLA - plain language address
                                                                                       Polarity - Any condition in which there are two opposing voltage levels or
PLAD - plain language address directory                                                   charges, such as positive and negative.
PLAID - Precision Location and Identification system (USAF)                            Polling - The individual selection of multiple terminals by a controller to allow
PLC - programmable logic controller                                                       transmission of traffic to/from all terminals on a multidrop line in an orderly
PLC - power line conditioner
                                                                                       POP - Point Of Presence. The local facility where your IEC maintains a switch.
PLCP - physical layer and convergence protocol                                           This is where your long distance calls get routed so that your IEC can
                                                                                         handle them.
PLD - programmable logic device
                                                                                       POP - Post Office Protocol
Plesiochronous - A condition in a synchronized digital network where
   communicating devices are each synchronized to a different timing source            Port - A physical interface between the node and customer equipment. Each
   of the same accuracy and stability. Two signals are plesiochronous if their            call has an origination and destination port. Port also refers to a user-
   corresponding significant instants occur at nominally the same rate, but not           configured port on an SDMS card, which can be the bundle port 0 or a
   necessarily in the same phase, with any variation in rate constrained within           subrate port. Also see channel.
   specified limits.
                                                                                       Port ID - Ports are identified through the Operator Interface by a one- or two-
PLGR - precision lightweight GPS receiver                                                 digit number preceded by a P, the card ID, and an optional node ID (for
                                                                                          example, N50C10P0). Some port IDs also have an optional digroup ID (for
PLI - private line interface
                                                                                          example, N2C26.1P0). To specify all ports, enter a card ID only. Also see
PLI - position location information                                                       virtual call ID.
PLL - phase locked loop                                                                Port Parameters - See parameters.

PLL - prescribed load list                                                             Port Routing Requirements - Port routing requirements bias calls toward or
                                                                                          away from trunks configured with specific trunk attributes (Required,
PLN - private line network                                                                Preferred, Prefer Not, and Don't Care). Trunk attributes are Terrestrial,
PLR - pulse link repeater                                                                 Satellite, Encrypted, and DSI.

PLRS - position location and reporting system                                          PORTS - portable receiver/transmit system

PLRSMAN - PLRS manager                                                                 POS - point of sale

PLS - physical layer signaling                                                         POS - packet over SONET

plt - platoon                                                                          POS/NAV - position location/navigation

PLT - program library tape                                                             POSIX - portable operating system interface exchange

PM - phase modulation                                                                  POSNAV - position navigation

PM - program manager                                                                   POST - passive optical seeker technology

PM - pulse modulation                                                                  POT - point of termination

PMAC - packet media access controller                                                  POT - Plain Old Telephone. A black, rotary-dial desk phone. Usually a Western
                                                                                         Electric model 500 set. Outdated term.
PMCS - Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
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POTS - plain old telephone service                                                        PRIME - Precision Range Integrated Maneuver Exercise Laser Range
POTS - Purchase of Telecommunications Services (GSA/FTS)                                  PRISM - portable, reusable, integrated software modules
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service. Regular old-fashioned analog loop start               Private Network - A network established and operated by a private
  phone service.                                                                             organization or corporation for users within that organization or corporation.
                                                                                             Can be operated in concert with a public network. Also see public network.
Power Requirements - The power requirements of each module must be
  considered when configuring a shelf.                                                    PRM - protocol reference model
Power Supplies - The power source on the node.                                            PRM - pulse rate modulation
PP - patch panel                                                                          PRML - partial-response maximum-likelihood
PPBES - programming, planning, budgeting and execution system                             PROC - processor
PPBS - planning, programming and budgeting system                                         Processor - Module - See PPM and PLM modules.
PPI - plan position indicator                                                             Prolog Procedure Menu - This menu of the Operator Interface lets you
                                                                                             manage operators, set up terminal options, send messages to other
PPI - Processor-to-Processor Interface                                                       operators, and move to the Functional Area menu.
PPK - preplaced keys                                                                      PROM - programmable read-only memory
PPL - preferred products list                                                             Promina 200 - Small multiservice access platform, supporting internodal T3/T1
PPM - pages per minute                                                                       trunks and CellXpress ATM trunks. It is compatible with and offers the
                                                                                             same functionality as larger Promina multiservice access platforms. It is
PPM - pulse position modulation                                                              used by users who require smaller networks that do not need high
                                                                                             bandwidth capacity, or who require remote, low traffic sites found in large
ppm - pulses per minute
                                                                                             networks. Available in an 8-slot configuration. Also see node.
PPO - preferred provider organization
                                                                                          Promina 400 - Medium size high performance multiservice access platform,
PPP - Program Protection Planning (Navy)                                                     supporting internodal T3/T1 trunks and CellXpress ATM trunks. It is
                                                                                             compatible with and offers the same functionality as larger Promina
PPP - primary patch panel                                                                    multiservice access platforms. Available in 12-slot and 24-slot
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol                                                                configurations. Also see node.

PPPoE - Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet                                             Promina 800 - N.E.T's largest high performance multiservice access platform,
                                                                                             supporting internodal T3/T1 trunks and CellXpress ATM trunks. Comprised
PPS - packets per second                                                                     of one high speed shelf and one standard or expansion shelf with a
                                                                                             combination of additional STS or EXS shelves for a maximum of up to eight
pps - pulses per second                                                                      shelves. Also see node.
PPSN - public packet switched network                                                     Promina Logic Module (PLM) - This module consists of a PLM front card and
PPTP - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol                                                     an interface (PLMI) and provides the processor control, clock, and switch
                                                                                             matrix functionality for Promina 400 and 200 nodes. It uses a Motorola
PQS - parellel query server                                                                  68LC040 microprocessor operating at 25 MHz. The PLM's flash memory
PR - Premise Router                                                                          provides data storage of the boot code, system runtime code, and
                                                                                             configuration database. The PLM's DRAM memory provides all normal run-
pr - pair                                                                                    time code execution space, stack space, and scratch pad storage. The
                                                                                             PLMI has two serial ports for modem and console connectivity and one
PR - pulse repeater                                                                          internal Ethernet port for intranodal communication when an optional PSM
PR/SL - Primary Regional Switch Location                                                     is installed.

PRA - Paperwork Reduction Act                                                             Promina Processor Module (PPM) - This module consists of a PPM front
                                                                                             card and an interface card (PPMI) and serves as the controller module for
PRA - primary rate access                                                                    Promina 800 nodes. It uses a Motorola 68LC060 microprocessor operating
                                                                                             at 50 MHz and contains sufficient flash and DRAM memory to load all
PRACSA - Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association
                                                                                             system software, including the configuration database. This module resides
PRAM - Parallel Random-Access Machine                                                        on the HSS and provides an internal Ethernet port for intranodal
                                                                                             communication and a console port for connection to a console.
PRAM - Parameter Random Access Memory
                                                                                          Promina Server Module (PSM) - This module consists of a PSM front card
PRAM - Programmable Random Access Memory                                                     and an interface (PSMI) and serves as the node file system manager and
PRAMS - Passenger Reservation and Manifesting System                                         the focal point for local network management and remote access
                                                                                             administrative and service communications for Promina 800, 400, and 200
PRBG - pseudo-random bit generator                                                           nodes. It uses a Motorola 68LC040 microprocessor operating at 25 MHz
                                                                                             and includes a hard disk drive for storage of system code, configuration
PRBS - pseudo random binary sequence                                                         database, event logs, and feature module code. The PSMI has two serial
PRC - (Primary Rate Card) Module - This module can be used as a two-                         ports for modem and console connectivity, one internal Ethernet port for
  digroup clear-channel interface in Native mode or as a DS1 front card                      intranodal communication, and one external Ethernet port for connection to
  replacement in Emulation mode. (In its PRC INTL software configuration,                    a NMS workstation or an LAN.
  the module cannot be used as a DS1 replacement).                                        Proprietary Bundle - A group of one or more DS0s installed on a TRK-3
PRC/TMCP Proprietary Bundle - A group of one or more DS0s installed on a                     span-mode card. Proprietary bundles provide fractional service between
  TRK-3 tandem-mode card. PRC/TMCP proprietary bundles provide                               TRK-3 cards within the Promina or IDNX network.
  connectivity between the IDNX node and off-net PRC/TMCP ports.                          Protocol - A formal set of communications conventions and rules setting the
Preempt Priority - A number from 0 through 15 that is assigned to each port.                 format and control of inputs and outputs between two communicating
   Calls with a lower priority are disconnected to fulfill a call request with the           devices or processes.
   higher priority. The default is 0.                                                     Protocol Converter - A device for translating the data transmission code of
PREP - programmable electronics performance                                                  one computer or peripheral to the data transmission code of another
                                                                                             computer or peripheral, thus enabling equipment with different data formats
PRF - Pulse Repetition Frequency                                                             to communicate with one another.
PRI - Primary Rate Interface. A form of ISDN with 23 "B Channels" and one "D              Provisioning - The act of configuring an ISDN line. Also refers to the complete
   channel." All 24 channels are on a single cable. Functionally related to T1               line configuration information.
   telephone circuits. In Europe PRI has 30 "B Channels" and one "D
   Channel".                                                                              PRR - pulse repetition rate

PRI - progressive RI                                                                      PRS - primary reference source

Primary Channel - A name for the T1 line that is formatted in the ISDN                    PRSL - primary region switch location
   method of 23B or information (64 kbps) time slots plus one D or signaling              PRSL - primary zone switch location
                                                                                          PRSW - Promina Switching Card

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PS - packet switch                                                                  PTX - Practical Training Exercise
PS - processing subsystem                                                           PU - Participating Unit
PS2 Power - Power provided on pins 7 and 8 of the "S" interface cable. This         PU - physical unit
  power is used so that an NT-1 can provide power to a terminal (usually a
  phone). In some cases it is used to allow a terminal to power an NT1.             PU - purpose and use

PSAP - public safety answering points                                               PUA - profiling user agent

PSC - print server command                                                          PUB - Publication

PSC - (Primary Signaling Channel) - PSC is associated with the Signaling            Public Network - A network operated by common carriers or
  Channel Link Protocol (SCLP) channels. The PSC/SCLP designation                     telecommunications administrations for the provision of circuit-switched,
  emphasizes that this is the primary channel for transmitting signaling and          packet-switched, and leased-line circuits to the public. Also see private
  control information between nodes for Promina and IDNX nodes. See also              network.
  SCLP and SSC.                                                                     Pulse Density - A measure of the ones (marks, pulses) in relation to the total
PSC - Power Supply Cabinet                                                             number of digit time slots transmitted. Current Bell specifications require no
                                                                                       more than 15 consecutive zeros, with an average of 12.5 percent pulse
PSDD - Preliminary Software Design Document                                            density on T-1 facilities. Also see zero suppression.
PSDN - packet-switched data network                                                 PUS - processor upgrade socket
PSDN - public switched data network                                                 PVA - prime voice analog
PSDS - packet-switched data service                                                 PVC - permanent virtual circuit
PSEP - protected signal entry panel                                                 PVM - parallel virtual machine
PSH - push flag, TCP header                                                         PVSEC - prime voice secure card
PSHTI - Packet Switch Host Trunk Interface                                          PVT - private
PSI - process to support interoperability (NATO)                                    PWA - printed wiring assembly
PSID - PostScript image data                                                        PWB - printed wiring board
PSK - phase-shift keying                                                            PWDS - protected wireline distribution system
PSN - public switched network                                                       PWG - permanent working group
PSN - packet switch network, packet switch node                                     PWM - pulse width modulation
PSPDN - Packet-Switched Public Data Network                                         PWR - power
PSS - portable security system                                                      PX - private exchange
PSTAR - portable search and tracking acquisition radar                              PX Platform Module - This module provides packet-switched services over a
                                                                                       wide-area-network and supports these networking applications: LWX, FRX,
PSTN - public switched telephone network                                               and ISDNX.
PSWN - Public Safety Wireless Network
PSYOP - psychological operations
PT - plain text
PTADSS - portable tactical automated dependent surveillance system
PTC - patch
                                                                                    QA - quality assurance
PTCS - plain text clear to send
                                                                                    QAE - quality assurance evaluator
PTD - parallel transfer disk drive
                                                                                    QAM - quadrature amplitude modulation
PTDM - plain text data mode
                                                                                    QASD - (Quad Asynchronous/Synchronous Data) Module - This module
PTF - patch and test facility
                                                                                      provides four ports that can be independently programmed to operate in
PTLL - plain text local loopback                                                      either the asynchronous or synchronous mode, at various speeds, for data
                                                                                      transmission in a network.
PTM - Point-To-Multipoint
                                                                                    QAVP - (Quad Analog Voice Port) Module - This module provides support for
PTM - pulse-time modulation                                                           up to four 4-wire full duplex ports that can be interfaced to either the
PTMON - plain text monitor                                                            signaling or trunking end of PBXs, central offices or channel banks. This
                                                                                      module converts 3 kHz bandwidth analog signals to 64 kbps PCM (pulse
PTOCA - presentation text object content architecture                                 code modulation) and vice versa.
PTP - Point-To-Point                                                                QBRI - quad basic rate interface
PTP - AT&T "Custom Point to Point" Custom ISDN Protocol. Point-to-Point             QCMBR - quality of service capable multicast bi-level router
  lines have only one incoming phone number which must be dialed twice to
  connect to both lines. See Custom ISDN and ISDN Protocol.                         QCP - quick-connect panel

PTR - preliminary technical review                                                  QDISPL - Queue Display

PTRL - plain text remote loopback                                                   QE - quantum efficiency

PTRR - plain text receiver ready                                                    QEAM - quick erect antenna mast

PTRS - plain text request to send                                                   QED - quantum effect design

PTS - parellel transaction server                                                   QEEM - quick erect expandable mast

PTT - push-to-talk, postal telephone and telegraph                                  QFA - quick file access

PTTI - precise time and time interface (interval)                                   QIP - quality improvement prototype

PTTM - plain text test mode                                                         QIP - quadritech Internet protocol

PTTR - plain text terminal ready                                                    QIP - Quadritech IP Management

PTTT - plain text terminal timing                                                   QMF - query management facility

PTW - precision targeting work station                                              QML - qualified manufacturing line

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QOS - quality of service                                                              RAIDS - rapid anti-ship missile integrated defense system
QPSK - quadrature phase shift keying                                                  RALU - register arithmetic logic unit
QRA - quick reaction antenna                                                          RAM - random access memory
QRMP - quick reaction multicolor printer                                              RAM - reliability, availability and maintainability
QRSA - quick-reaction satellite antenna                                               RAMTEC - rapid modular technical control
QRSAG - quick reaction satellite antenna group                                        RAMTIP - reliability and maintainability technology insertion program
QRSS - Quasi-Random Signal Source                                                     RAP - radio access point
QSAM - queued sequential access method                                                RAP - rapid application prototyping
QSC - quad synchronous module                                                         RAP - recognized air picture (NATO)
QSD Module - This module supplies up to four data ports with an RS-232                RARP - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
  interface at rates from 1.2 kbps to 19.2 kbps. The QSD-2 supports V.35
  interfaces for speeds up to 56 kbps.                                                RAS - random access storage

QSP - quad synchronous processor module                                               RAS - remote access server

QTGM - Quad Transmission Group Multiplexer                                            RASP - remote access security program

QTY - quantity                                                                        RASP - reusable avionics software project

quan - quantity                                                                       RASSP - rapid prototyping of application-specific signal processing

Quantizing - See companding.                                                          RASU - random access storage unit

Quasi-Random Signal - A signal consisting of a bit sequence which                     RAT - Registration Assistance Tool
  approximates a random signal.                                                       RAU - Radio Access Unit
QXP - (Quad X.21 Port) Module - This module supplies up to four independent           RAVN - Regimental aviation
  X.21 interfaces for data communications, supporting speeds from 1200 bps
  to 64 kbps. It is used to interface to a leased X.21 circuit, or to provide a       RB-STD - rubidium standard
  gateway to public X.21 networks.
                                                                                      RBBS - remote bulletin board system
                                                                                      RBC - (Relative Bus Cycle) - Unit of interface relative to the module's window
                                                                                        on the TBus. Contrast with Absolute Bus Cycle (ABC).

                                                                                      RBCS - remote bar coding system
                                                                                      RBECS - Revised Battlefield Electronic Communications-Electronics Operation
                                                                                        Instruction System
R - required, AN/TTC-42 reentry key                                                   RBECS - Revised Battlefield Electronic Communications- Electronics
                                                                                        Operation Instruction System
R - Routine
                                                                                      RBES - rule-based expert system
R - restricted
                                                                                      RBI - RED/BLACK isolator
R&S - reconnaissance and surveillance
                                                                                      RBI - RED-BLACK interface
R/C - redundant-communications security capable
                                                                                      RBM - Receive Broadcast Manager
R/C - Redundant capable
                                                                                      RBOC - Regional Bell Operating Company. One of the regional companies
R/NC - redundant-not communications security capable
                                                                                        formed when AT&T got out of the local telephone business. Each RBOC
R/T - receive/transmit                                                                  (or "baby bell") owns a number of the former "Bell Operating Companies".
                                                                                        The Bell Operating Companies are the traditional local phone companies
R/Y - GENSER or SCI                                                                     (pre-1984), except where one’s service is from an "Independent" (non bell)
R1 - Switch Traffic Report                                                              telephone company or a CLEC. Due to their former association with the
                                                                                        Bell System RBOCs are regulated by the FCC differently than are
R2 - Node Pair Traffic Report                                                           independent Telcos. In many cases the Bell Operating Company structure
                                                                                        is no longer used. For instance, here in Ohio we now deal directly with the
R3 - Summary Report for TGCS                                                            RBOC, Ameritech, while the old Bell Operating Company, Ohio Bell
R4 - Precedence Report for TGCS                                                         Telephone, no longer exists. Another trend is mergers among the RBOCs
                                                                                        (and in some cases the independents as well). See CLEC and LEC.
R5 - Loop Traffic Report
                                                                                      RBS - remote base station
R6 - DTG BER Report
                                                                                      RC - receive clock
RA - Remote Authentication
                                                                                      RCA - Radio Coverage Analysis
RA - resync achieved
                                                                                      RCAS - reserve component automation system
RA - registration authority
                                                                                      RCC - radio-common carrier
RACE - Research into Advanced Communications in Europe (see ACTS)
                                                                                      RCC - Rekey Cycle Complete
RACF - resource access control facility
                                                                                      RCC - Regional Control Center
Rack-Mounting Space - All telephone equipment and racks are designed so
  that their height is evenly divided by 1.75 inches (4.45 cm); 1.75 inches           RCCS - radiological controls computer system
  (4.45 cm) is the vertical dimension of one rack-mounting space in a telco           RCERT - Regional Computer Emergency Response Team
  rack. The dimensions of a single rack-mounting space in a cabinet are set
  so that any given piece of equipment will occupy one or more of these               RCI - resource critical item
                                                                                      RCL - radio communications/control link
RAD - rapid application development (tool)
                                                                                      RCL - received carrier level
RADAR - radio detection and ranging
                                                                                      RCM - resync control module
RADAY - radio day
                                                                                      RCMC - Regional COMSEC Monitoring Center
RADINT - radar intelligence
                                                                                      RCS - radar cross section
RADSL - rate adaptive DSL
                                                                                      RCS - requirements computation system
RAID - redundant arrays of independent (inexpensive) disks (drives)

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RCSP - remote call service position                                                  Remote Loop - The local port requests that the remote port implement a loop-
RCTC - receive cipher text clock
                                                                                     Remote UI - A User Interface application not resident on the same machine as
RCU - remote control unit                                                              SSIMP-LR Main.
RCU - rekeying control unit                                                          REn - relay type code
RCU - rate changer unit                                                              REOS - real-time electronic online system
RCV - receive                                                                        Repeater - A communications systems component that amplifies or
RCVD - Received                                                                        regenerates signals to compensate for losses in the system.

RCVR - Receiver                                                                      Reserved Slots - A slots on the cards shelf that is required for a specific card
RD - Receive Data. Data coming from the network, or DCE towards the DTE.
  Also, a light on a modem or CSU/DSU which lights to indicate presence of           RESYNC - resynchronization
  this signal.                                                                       RETRANS - retransmission
RD - ringdown                                                                        REXEC - remote execution
RD&J - radar deception and jamming                                                   RF - radio frequency
RDA - remote data (base) access                                                      RFAM - radio frequency attack munition
RDB - receive data buffer                                                            RFC - request for comments
RDB - requirements data bank                                                         RFI - radio frequency interference
RDBMS - relational database management system                                        RFIC - radio frequency integrated circuit
RDCO - research development coordination office                                      RFID - radio frequency identification
RDEC - Research Development and Engineering Center                                   RFM - radio frequency module
RDEL - RI delete                                                                     RFO - request for outage
RDF - radio direction finding                                                        RFP - Request For Programming
RDG - random data generator                                                          RFQ - radio frequency quadrupole
RDJTF - rapid deployment joint task force                                            RFS - radioelectronic fire strike (Russia)
RDLAP - radio data link access protocol                                              RFS - remote file sharing (system)
RDM - remote data management                                                         RFS - request for service
RDM - RED data module                                                                RFSM - Radio Frequency Spectrum Management
RDN - relative distinguished name                                                    RFT - revisable form text
RDS - report distribution system                                                     RGB - red-green-blue
RDSS - radio determination and satellite system                                      RH - right hand
RE - relay                                                                           RH - reentry home
REACT - rapid execution and combat targeting system                                  RHDD - Radiation Hardened Disk Drive
REC - radio electronic combat                                                        RHDD - removable hard disk drives
RECAP - recapitulation                                                               RHM - RED hub module
RECIPe - Remote Encryptor Configuration Information Protocol                         RHP - reconfigurable hardware product
RECON - reconnaissance                                                               RHR - radio horizon range
RECP - Regional Emergency Communications Planner (NCS)                               RI - Ring Indicator
RECP - RI ECP                                                                        RI - routing indicator
Red Alarm - A Red Alarm means that an out of frame or carrier loss condition         RII - Relevant Information and Intelligence
  has been detected at the local receiver. This causes a yellow alarm to be
  transmitted to the far end.                                                        RIM - rapid information management
RED - classified                                                                     RINT - Radiation Intelligence
RED - collateral                                                                     RIO - Regional Information Officer
Redundancy - Refers to backup hardware, software, and transmission circuits          RIP - raster image processor
  that protect against network failure.
                                                                                     RIP - remote imaging protocol
ref - reference
                                                                                     RIP - Routing Information Protocol
Regenerator - Equipment that reconstruct and retransmits a pulse train.
                                                                                     RIPSO - revised interconnection protocol security option
Regional - Bell Operating Company - See RBOC.
                                                                                     RIS - Rekey Initiate Sent
REIN - reintroduction
                                                                                     RISC - Reduced Instruction Set Computer
REL - recovered energy logic
                                                                                     RISTA - reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance and target acquisition
REL - release
                                                                                     RIU - remote interface unit
RELP - residual excited linear prediction
                                                                                     RJ-45 - A serial connector which looks like a standard telephone connector,
REMBASS - remotely monitored battlefield sensor system                                  except it houses eight wires instead of four. Often used on devices such as
                                                                                        terminal servers that have many ports.
REMFM - Remote Fault Multiplexer
                                                                                     RJE - remote job entry
Remote Debugger - Used by N.E.T. personnel to troubleshoot problems on
  the node.                                                                          RK - rekey
Remote Login (rlogin) - Allows you to gain access to the full Operator               RKA - rekey agent
  Interface on a remote node while in the node from which you are working.
                                                                                     RKID - rekey ID

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RKV - VINSON rekey variable                                                               RP - restoration priority (now TSP)
RKVD - VINSON rekey variable duplicate                                                    RP - release point
RLE - run length encoded                                                                  RPC - remote procedure call
RLGM - Remote Loop Group Multiplexer                                                      RPG - report program generator
RLGM/CD - Remote Loop Group Multiplexer/Cable Driver                                      RPL - resident programming language
RLL - run length limited                                                                  RPM - revolutions per minute
RLOS - remote line-of-sight                                                               RPOA - recognized private operating agency (CCITT)
RLSD - received line signal detected                                                      RPPROM - reprogrammable PROM
RM - reference monitor                                                                    RPTC - receive plain text clock
RM - reprogrammable microprocessor                                                        RR - repetition rate
RM - radio modem                                                                          RR - radio relay
RMA - Revolution in Military Affairs                                                      RR - receiver ready
RMAST - Reserve Mobile Ashore Support Terminal                                            RR-MO - Response and Recovery Directorate's Mobile Operations Division
RMC - Remote Multiplexer Combiner                                                         RR - receiver-ready
RMC - Raptor management console                                                           RR - resource record
RME - resource manager essentials                                                         RRAU - remote radio access unit
RMI - remote message interface                                                            RRM - RED router module
RMM - RED Multiplexer Module                                                              RRR - Rekey Request Received
RMNCS - Regional Manager, National Communications System                                  RRS - remote relay system
RMO - Resource Management Offices                                                         RS-232C - Industry standard specifications for mechanical and electrical
                                                                                            interfacing of DTE with DCE; a 25-pin physical interface.
RMON - remote monitoring
                                                                                          RS-422 - Trunk Module - This module provides an RS-449/422-compatible
RMP - reprogrammable microprocessor                                                         interface that operates at speeds ranging from 256 kbps to 2048 kbps. It
RMS - requirements management system                                                        offers the same functionality as the T1 trunk module, including multiplexing
                                                                                            internodal signaling and support for all voice compression methods.
RMTOPER - remote operate
                                                                                          RS-423 - An unbalanced electrical implementation of RS-449 for RS-232C
RMTZERO - remote zero                                                                       compatibility.
RN - regional nodes                                                                       RS - request to send
RN/C - redundant-not COMSEC capable                                                       RS - rate synthesizer
RNA - rapid needs assessment                                                              RS - router subsystem
RNG - random number generator                                                             RSA - Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
RNOSC - Regional Network Operations and Security Center                                   RSAR - recipient specified alternate recipient
RNTDS - Restructured Navy Tactical Data System                                            RSB - Routing Subsystem Buffer
RO - read only                                                                            RSB - routing signaling buffer
Robbed Bit Signaling - A signaling scheme that "borrows" bits on each T1                  RSB/DA - Routing Subsystem Buffer/Data Adapter
  channel for use as signaling channels. On SF T1's there are two bits, the A
  bit and the B bit in each direction. On ESF T1's there is also a C and D bit            RSBC - Routing Subsystem Buffer Controller
  in each direction, although they are rarely used. Using these bits, various             RSBC - routing signaling buffer controller
  older analog trunk interfaces can be emulated over a T1. For instance,
  address signaling using 10 pulse per second (rotary style) digit groups over            RSBIN - Remote Signaling Buffer Interface
  these bits. Since robbed bit signaling interferes with the least significant bit,
  only 7 bits can be used for sensitive data applications, leaving only a                 RSC - remote switching center
  56kbps channel for data applications.                                                   RSC - RED station clock
ROC - Regional Operation Center                                                           RSCD - RS-423 to CDlp card
ROCE - rules of coordination and engagement                                               RSCS - remote spooling communications system
ROCU - Remote Orderwire Control Unit                                                      RSDC - reconnaissance-strike-defense complex
ROI - return on investment                                                                RSH - REDCOM Shell
Rollover - See Hunt Group                                                                 rsh - remote shell
ROM - read-only memory                                                                    RSL - received signal level
ROOM - real-time object-oriented modeling                                                 RSMI - remote soldier machine interface
ROP - raster operation                                                                    RSNOC - RES switch operations center
ROSC - Regional Operations and Security Center                                            RSOC - Regional Signals Intelligence Operations Center
Router - Interconnects geographically dispersed networks.                                 RSP - radio switch panel
Routing Cost - The value or cost that has been assigned to each link in a                 RSP - readiness spare packet
  network. In configuring a route for a call, the total value or cost for each
  possible route is determined and the route with the least cost is chosen.               RSS - Routing Subsystem

Routing Requirements - Determines the path a call takes to reach its                      RSS-D - downsize routing subsystem
                                                                                          RSS - radio subsystem
Routing Table - Each network node has a copy of the network routing table,
                                                                                          RSSC - Regional Space Support Center
  which tracks link topology even when a link has more than one trunk. It also
  tracks trunk characteristics. For example, if the table indicates a link is both        RSSC - Regional Satellite Support Center
  satellite and terrestrial, it is understood that the link has multiple trunks.
                                                                                          RSSD - routing subsystem downsized

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RSSMOP - Routing Subsystem Maintenance and Operation Program                          RWR - radar warning receiver
RST - reset flag, TCP header                                                          RWS - remote workstation
RSTA - Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition                            RX - receive
RSTC - reconnaissance-strike-target complex                                           RXCLK - receive clock
RSTER - radar surveillance technology experimental radar                              RXCLKIN - receive clock in RXREF receive reference
RSU - Routing Signaling Unit                                                          RXDCT - receive digital cipher text
RSU - remote switch unit                                                              RXDPT - receive digital plain text
RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol                                                  RZ - (Return to Zero) - See unipolar.
RSVP - Resource Reserve Protocol
RSX - real time resource sharing executive
RT - receiver-transmitter
Rt - route
RT - radio transmitter
                                                                                      S - secret
RT - remote terminal
                                                                                      S-HTTP - Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
RTA - remote trunk arrangement
                                                                                      S - Interface - The electrical interface between the NT-1 and the Terminal
RTAM - remote terminal access method                                                      Adapter or other ISDN equipment. ISDN equipment with built-in NT1’s do
                                                                                          not necessarily provide access to the S interface. Multiple devices can
RTC - (Real Time Clock) - In Promina systems RTC is used as a relative
                                                                                          share an NT-1 by connecting on the S interface. Also known as the S
  measurement of real time processing for indicating when a processor is
                                                                                          passive bus.
                                                                                      S-A - satellite access
RTCA - Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
                                                                                      S - compartmented key
RTCP - Real Time Transport Control Protocol
                                                                                      S&F - store and forward
RTCU - remote terminal control unit
                                                                                      S/EWCC - signals intelligence/electronic warfare coordination center
RTDI - responsive theater defense interceptors
                                                                                      S/N - signal to noise ratio
RTE - run time environment
                                                                                      S1 - Adjutant (US Army)
RTE - receive timing error
                                                                                      S2 - Intelligence Officer (US Army)
RTF - rich text format
                                                                                      S2M - European term for ISDN PRI. See PRI and ISDN 30.
RTIC - real time information in cockpit
                                                                                      S3 - stand-alone shared storage
RTL - register-transfer level (language)
                                                                                      S3 - Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
RTLP - receiver test level point
                                                                                      S4 - Supply Officer (US Army)
RTM - response time monitor
                                                                                      S6 - Communications Officer (US Army)
RTM - real-time mode
                                                                                      SA - selective availability (GPS)
RTO - recovery time objective
                                                                                      SA - situational awareness
RTO - retransmission time out
                                                                                      SA - system administrator
RTOS - real-time operating system
                                                                                      SA Trunk Module - This module provides symmetric and asymmetric trunking
RTP - real-time protocol
                                                                                         capabilities (asymmetric means that the transmit and receive rates do not
RTP - Real Time Transport Protocol                                                       have to be the same on the trunk).
RTR - router                                                                          SA - symmetric/asymmetric
RTS - rapid targeting system (Navy)                                                   SA - standalone
RTS - (Request To Send) - An Electronics Industry Association (EIA) signal            SA-TRK - symmetric/asymmetric trunk
  that may be passed end-to-end using the transparent signaling feature.
                                                                                      SA - Security Administrator
RTS - remote transfer switch
                                                                                      SAA - satellite access authorization
RTT - round-trip time
                                                                                      SAA - SIPRNET Access Authorization
RTTC - Regional Technical Transfer Center
                                                                                      SAAS - standard ammunition automated system
RTTY - Remote Teletype
                                                                                      SABER - situational awareness beacon with reply
RTTY - radio teletypewriter
                                                                                      SABI - secret and below interoperability
RTU - remote terminal unit
                                                                                      SABM - set asynchronous balanced mode
RTV - real time video
                                                                                      SAC - service access code
RU - Routing Unit
                                                                                      SACCS - strategic automated command and control systems (Navy)
RV - receive variable
                                                                                      SACK - selective acknowledgement
RVA - relative virtual address
                                                                                      SACS - secure access control system
RVDT - Remote Video Display Terminal
                                                                                      SACS - satellite mission control subsystem
RVDTC - Remote Video Display Terminal Controller
                                                                                      SADL - situational awareness data link
RVI - reverse interrupt
                                                                                      SADT - structured analysis and design technique
RVM - reference validation mechanism
                                                                                      SAG - SQL access group
RVWG - Reliability and Vulnerability Working Group
                                                                                      SAILS - standard Army installation logistics system
RWI - radio wire integration
                                                                                      SAIRS - standardized advanced infrared system

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SAISS - Subcommittee on Automated Information Systems Security                          SC - switched connected
SAL - security access level                                                             SC - station clock
SALTS - streamlined alternative logistic transmission system                            SCADA - supervisory control and data acquisition
SAM - self-assembled monolayers                                                         SCAMP - Single Channel Antijam ManPortable Terminal
SAM - software asset management                                                         SCAMPI - single channel anti-jam manportable interface
SAM - SPEED Application Manager                                                         SCC - serial communications controllers
SAME - SQL Ada module extension                                                         SCC - specialized common carrier
SAMEDL - SQL Ada module extension description language                                  SCC - standards coordinating committee
SAMMS - standard automation material management system                                  SCC - system control center
SAMP - Security/Accreditation Management Plan                                           SCC-2 - system control center-2
SAMP - Security Association Management Protocol                                         SCCB - software configuration control board
Sampling Rate - The rate per unit of time at which samples are taken of a               SCCS - source code control system
  particular waveshape's amplitude.
                                                                                        SCD - standard color display
SAN - storage area network
                                                                                        SCDL - surveillance control (common) data link
SAP - survivable adaptive planning
                                                                                        SCDU - signal conditioning and display unit
SAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar
                                                                                        SCE - service control environment (AIN)
SAR - (Segmentation and Reassembly) - A method of breaking up arbitrarily
  sized packets. Source: ATM Forum.                                                     SCE - service creation environment

SAR - satellite access request                                                          SCE - service cryptologic element

SAR/MTI - Synthetic Aperture Radar and Moving Target Indicator                          SCE - software capability evaluation

SARK - Saville Advanced Remote Keying                                                   SCF - service control facility

SAS - survivable adaptive systems                                                       SCG - switching control group

SAS - second antenna system                                                             SCI - scaleable coherent interface

SASD - server-attached storage device                                                   SCI - sensitive compartmented information

SASS - SIGINT analysis and simulation system                                            SCIF - sensitive compartmented information facility

SASS - Systems Acquisition Support Services (DIA)                                       SCIP - Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

SAT - security audit trail                                                              SCLP - (Signaling Channel Link Protocol) - The SCLP (also known as the
                                                                                          Signal Unit) provides a common channel signaling system that allows each
SAT - satellite                                                                           node to communicate control and signal information with other nodes in a
                                                                                          network. An SCLP channel is associated with every trunk in the network. In
SAT-R - standard AUTODIN terminal-GENSER                                                  Promina networks SCLP is also used to transport IP Packets.
SAT-Y - standard AUTODIN terminal-DSSCS                                                 SCLP Task - All signaling and control information is transmitted between
SATAN - Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks                                nodes on pre-defined trunk signaling channels called Signaling Channel
                                                                                          Link Protocol (SCLP) channels. SCLP refers to the Layer 2 point-to-point
SATCOM - satellite communication                                                          protocol. An SCLP task exists for each trunk on a node to manage the
                                                                                          Layer 2 protocol. This SCLP task also performs some Layer 3 routing
Satellite Communications - The use of geostationary orbiting satellites to
   relay transmission from one earth station to others.
                                                                                        SCM - software configuration management
                                                                                        SCM - spectrum certification module
SATPLAN - Satellite Planner
                                                                                        SCM - Security Configuration Manager
SATR - Synthetic Aperture Targeting Radar
                                                                                        SCMP - software configuration management plan
SAU - servo amplifier unit
                                                                                        SCN - switched circuit network
SAW - surface acoustic wave
                                                                                        SCO - Santa Cruz Operation
SB - switchboard
                                                                                        SCOMP - secure communications processor
SB - small board
                                                                                        SCOPS - security concept of operations
SBC - single board computer
                                                                                        SCOTT - Single Channel Objective Tactical Terminal
SBC - Signaling Buffer Controller
                                                                                        SCP - service control point (AIN)
SBCC - Signaling Buffer Controller Card
                                                                                        SCP - system control program
SBI - (Shelf Bus Interface) Card - This card on the Promina HSS-2 shelf is the
   interface between the SX-2 module and the other modules in the shelf.                SCPC - single channel per carrier
   There is an SBI A card and an SBI B card for redundancy.
                                                                                        SCPU - switch control processor unit
SBIRS - Space-Base infrared system
                                                                                        SCR - Silicon-Controlled Rectifier
SBIS - Sustaining Base Information Services
                                                                                        SCRF - subchannel reassignment function
SBLC - standard base-level computer
                                                                                        SCRIPS - Service Center Recognition Image Processing System (IRS)
SBM - Satellite Broadcast Manager
                                                                                        SCS - survivable control system
SBM - Satellite Broadcast Manager
                                                                                        SCS - stabilization and control subsystem
SBPSK - shaped beam phase shift keying
                                                                                        SCSI - small computer systems interface
SBU - sensitive but unclassified
                                                                                        SCSR - single channel signaling rate
SC - single channel
                                                                                        SCSS - Service Center support system
SC - system controller
                                                                                        SCTE - Source Clock Terminal Element
SC - Signal Corps

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SD - send data                                                                     SECOM - Software Engineering Cost Model
SD - switched DA                                                                   SEE - software engineering environment
SDA - software disk array                                                          SEE - softcopy exploitation system
SDA - system design architecture                                                   SEGAT - secure gateway
SDC - signal data connector                                                        SEI - Software Engineering Institute
SDC - signal data converter                                                        SEI - specific emitter identification
SDD - Secure Data Device                                                           SEL - secure electronic transactions
SDD - software design document                                                     SEL - select
SDE - Shared Data Environment                                                      SELCALL - selective call
SDF - software development file                                                    Selected Path - User-specified path for a call.
SDF - standard delay file                                                          SEM - standard electronic module
SDH - synchronous digital hierarchy                                                SEM - Service Extension Module
SDI - single document interface                                                    SEMA - special electronic mission aircraft
SDK - software development kit                                                     SEN - Small Extension Node
SDL - Software Development Library                                                 SENS - small extension node switch
SDLC - (Synchronous Data Link Control) - A bit-oriented, layer 2 protocol          SEOC - systems engineering operations center
  developed by IBM that is essentially the same as the ISO HDLC and the
  CCITT LAP-B, among others.                                                       SEP - Signal Entry Panel

SDM - space-division multiplexing                                                  SEPG - Software Engineering Process Group

SDM - sync detection module                                                        Serial Port - A device that converts parallel input to serial form, which is used
                                                                                      in data transmission.
SDMO - Specifications & Data Management Officer
                                                                                   Serial Transmission - A method of information transfer in which the bits
SDMX - space division matrix                                                          comprising a character are sent in sequence, one at a time.
SDN - software defined network                                                     SES - sales emulation system
SDN - SOF Deployable Node                                                          Session Parameters - Specifies the Operator Interface environment for a
                                                                                      particular operator ID.
SDNRI - secure digital net radio interface
                                                                                   SET - secure electronic transaction (protocol)
SDNRIU - secure digital net radio interface unit
                                                                                   SET - Secure Encrypted Transaction
SDNS - secure data networking system
                                                                                   SET - software engineering technology
SDP - software development plan
                                                                                   SETA - systems engineering and technical assistance
SDP - service delivery plan
                                                                                   SETAMS - systems engineering, technical assistance, and management
SDR - service denial records                                                         services
SDRA - satellite digital radio service                                             SEVAS - secure voice access system
SDRAM - synchronous DRAM                                                           SEVMS - security enhanced virtual memory system
SDS - small digital switch                                                         SEW - scientific engineering workstation
SDS - software development system                                                  SEW - Space, Electronic Warfare
SDS - strategic data system                                                        SF - single frequency
SDS - sysops distribution system                                                   SF - Superframe. A type of Line format supported on T1 circuits. The Telco
SDS - space division subscriber                                                       determines the line format and line encoding of your line. ESF is the
                                                                                      preferred Line Format on T1 circuits. See Line Format.
SDSG - space division switching group
                                                                                   SF - store and forward or primary/connected RI
SDSL - Single-line, hi-bit-rate DSL
                                                                                   SFAF - standard frequency action format
SDSL - symmetric digital subscriber line
                                                                                   SFi - spectral composition
SDSM - space division switching matrix
                                                                                   SFOB - special forces operating base
SDTS - spatial data transfer standard
                                                                                   SFQL - structured full-text query language
SDU - storage device unit
                                                                                   SFT - system fault tolerance
SDVS - state delta verification system
                                                                                   SFUG - security features user’s guide
SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
                                                                                   SFW - sensor fuzed weapons
SEAL - segmentation and reassembly layer (protocol)
                                                                                   SG - supergroup
Sealing Current - Unlike telegraphy, teletypewriter and POTS lines, most
   digital lines (such as ISDN) use a voltage rather than current mode of          SGDF - supergroup distribution frame
   operation. Sealing Current allows a controlled amount of current to be          SGDSA - Shadow Global Directory System Agent
   passed through a telecom circuit for purposes of "healing" damage caused
   by corrosion. Bellcore specifies sealing current on the ISDN U interface.       SGEN - signal (system) generator
SEASTRAT - sealift strategic contingency planning system                           SGL - single
SEAT - Seat Management (GSA/FTS)                                                   SGLS - space-ground link subsystem
sec - section                                                                      SGML - Standard Generalized (general) Markup Language
SEC - Software Engineering Center at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.                    SGT - Sergeant
Secam - System Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire                                   SHA - secure hash algorithm
SECDEF - Secretary of Defense                                                      SHADE - shared data environment

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SHARES - Shared Resources for High Frequency Radio Program                            SIOP - Single Integrated Operational Plan
SHD - special handling designator                                                     SIOP-ESI - Single Integrated Operational Plan-extremely sensitive information
Shelf - A shelf is a mechanical assembly that houses cards and a backplane.           SIP - system improvement plan
SHF - super high frequency                                                            SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
Shielding - A means of controlling EMI from electronic components.                    SIPR - Secret Internet Protocol Router
Shockwatch Indicators - Devices used during shipping to indicate whether              SIPRNET - Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
  the rated G-force (25-50 Gs) was exceeded during shipping.
                                                                                      SIR-C - space imaging radar C
SHS - secure hash standard
                                                                                      SIRC - security incident response capability
SHTU - simplified handheld terminal unit
                                                                                      SIRFC - suite of integrated radar frequency countermeasures
SI - service interval
                                                                                      SIRST - Shipboard Infra-Red Search and Track
SI - special intelligence
                                                                                      SISS - Subcommittee on Information Systems Security
SIA - Semiconductor Industry Association
                                                                                      SITTEMPS - situation templates
SIB - system interface bus
                                                                                      SIVVR - Software Independent Verification and Validation Report
SIC - standard industrial code
                                                                                      SL - subscriber line
SICPS - Standard Integrated Command Post System
                                                                                      SLA - service level agreement
SICPS - Standardized Integrated Command Post Shelter
                                                                                      SLAR - side-looking airborne radar
SID - secondary imagery dissemination
                                                                                      Slash Commands - Expert mode commands that perform Operator Interface
SID - semantic identifiers                                                               commands more quickly.
SID - serial input data                                                               SLC - submarine laser communications
SID - station ID                                                                      SLC - subscriber line charge
SIDF - System Independent Data Format (Association)                                   SLC - subscriber loop carrier
SIDR - Secure Intelligence Data Repository                                            SLC-96 - A Subscriber Loop Carrier Circuit system manufactured by AT&T
                                                                                        (now Lucent). SLC-96 has its own version of T1 framing between it and the
SIDS - secondary imagery dissemination system                                           CO. This interface is the Bellcore TR-008 or the newer GR-303 interface
SIDT - store interrupt descriptor table                                                 which are specialized versions of T1 intended to allow transparent transport
                                                                                        of analog features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, etc.
SIE - Standards Improvement Executives
                                                                                      SLCM - sea launched cruise missile
SIE - systems integration environment
                                                                                      SLCSE - software life cycle support environment
SIF - software integration facility
                                                                                      SLCT - similar line control terminal
SIG - special interest group
                                                                                      SLD - system link designator
SIG - signal
                                                                                      SLES - single line entry system
SIGC2 - signal command and control
                                                                                      SLGR - small, lightweight global positioning system receiver (GPS)
SIGCEN - signal Center
                                                                                      SLIC - system-licensed internal code
SIGINT - signal intelligence
                                                                                      SLIC - 1. Subscriber Line Interface Circuit, see Line Card. 2. The equipment
Signal Trace - This command is used to record all the signaling information (in          used with the AT&T (Lucent) SLCC Subscriber Loop Carrier Circuit, a
   a trace buffer) carried by the A-B bits relative to a specified port.                 system used to multiplex a number of subscriber loops onto a single circuit
                                                                                         to reduce fixed costs.
Signaling System Number 7 - Refers to the set of CCITT recommendations
   Q.701 through Q.741. Signaling System Number 7 is generally recognized             SLIP - (Serial Line Interface Protocol) - SLIP software allows Internet Protocol,
   as the common-channel signaling method used in an Integrated Services                 normally used on Ethernet, to be used over a serial line (e.g., an RS-232
   Digital Network (ISDN).                                                               serial port connected to a remote access modem).
SIGO - signal officer                                                                 SLM - subscriber list management
SIGSEC - signals security                                                             SLOC - software lines of code
SII - system internal interface                                                       SLP - Service Logic Program
SIJ - signal initiated jamming                                                        SLP - Service Location Protocol
Silence - Suppression - See Statistical Multiplexing                                  SLSI - super large-scale integration
SILO - signal intercept from low orbit                                                SLV - slave
SILS - standard for interoperable LAN security                                        SM - service message
SIM - sensor interaction model                                                        SM - system management
SIM - subscriber identity modules                                                     SMART-T - Secure Mobile Antijam Reliable Terminal - Tactical
SIMD - single instruction, multiple data                                              SMB - server message block
SIMLM - Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager                                   SMCS - satellite mission control subsystem
SIMMS - single inline memory modules                                                  SMD - standard microcircuit drawing
SIMNET - simulation network                                                           SMD - surface mounted device
SIMO - Systeme Integration Management Office                                          SMD - switch mux/demux
SINAD - signal+noise+distortion noise+distortion                                      SMDPS - strategic mission data preparation system
SINCGARS - Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System                            SMDS - (Switched Megabit Data Service) - A connectionless high-speed data
                                                                                        transmission service that provides wide area LAN connectivity through the
SINS - state-wide integrated narcotics system
                                                                                        public telephone network.
SIO - serial input/output
                                                                                      SMF - system management function
SIO - Special Information Operations (DOD)
                                                                                      SMG - secure mail guard
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SMI - Soldier Machine Interface                                                     SOFTACS - special operations forces tactical assured connectivity system
SMI - structure of management information                                           SOFTECS - SOF technical control system
SMIB - security management information base                                         SOI - Signal operating instructions
SMIF - standard mechanical interface                                                SOIC - small outline integrated circuits
SMM - system management mode                                                        SOICS - special operations improved cryptographic system
SMP - symmetric multiprocessing                                                     SOIS - Special Operations Intelligence System
SMPC - shared memory parallel computer                                              SOJ - stand-off jammer
SMR - specialized mobile radio                                                      SOL - simulation oriented language
SMRAM - system management random access memory                                      SOM - system object model
SMRI - service message RI                                                           SOM - Start of Message
SMRS - specialized mobile radio system                                              SONET - (Synchronous Optical Network) - A fiber optic standard. The basic
                                                                                      signal operates at 51.840 Mbps. The information payload can be one DS3
SMS - system-managed storage                                                          datastream.
SMS - simple (short) message service                                                SONOS - silicon oxide nitride oxide semiconductor
SMS - service management station                                                    SOP - standing operating procedure
SMT - surface mount technology                                                      SORDAC - Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition
SMTP - Simple Mail Transport Protocol                                                 Center

SMTS - space and missile tracking system                                            SOSC - Systems Operational Support Center

SMU - system management utility                                                     SOSUS - sound surveillance system

SMU - Switch Multiplex Unit                                                         SOT - start of text

SMUX - smart multiplexer                                                            SOTA - Signals Intelligence Operational Tasking Authority

SMX - satellite multiplexer                                                         SOTAS - Stand-off target acquisition system

SN - secondary-nonconnected                                                         SOTVS - special operations tactical video system

SN - SEN net variable                                                               SOUTH - US Southern Command

SNA - (System Network Architecture) - An IBM communications architecture            SOUTHAF - Air Force component, US Southern Command
  that describes the logical structure, formats, protocols, and operational         SOUTHCOM - US Southern Command
  sequences to transmit information units through a communications
  network.                                                                          SP - search pattern
SNAP - Shipboard Non-tactical Automated Program                                     SP - security protocol
SNAP - subnetwork access point                                                      SP - signal processor
SNAP - switched network automated planner                                           SP - start point
SNCS - secondary net control station                                                SP - security preferred, sound power
SNI - subscriber network interface                                                  SP - space
SNIU - secure network interface unit                                                SP/WP - smart push/warrior pull
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol                                           SP4 - security protocol layer 4
SNOS - silicon nitride oxide semiconductor                                          SPA - software process assessment
SNPA - subnetwork point of attachment                                               Space - A logical 0 condition on a data circuit.
SNR - signal to noise ratio                                                         SPADATS - space tracking detection system
SNS - secure network server                                                         SPAG - Standards Promotion and Application Group (EC)
SNS - secondary node switch                                                         Span - (Spanline) - A full duplex digital transmission line between two digital
                                                                                      facilities, such as between a carrier facility and the customer installation.
SOA - Start of Authority
                                                                                    Span-Mode - TRK-3 - A TRK-3 module installed in span-mode connects
SOAC - Signal Officer Advanced Course                                                 directly to the transmission line or span (consists of a front card and an
SOAP - simple object access protocol                                                  interface card). Proprietary and clear channel bundles are installed on
                                                                                      span-mode cards. Also see Tandem-Mode TRK-3.
SOBC - Signal Officer Basic Course
                                                                                    SPARC - scalable processor architecture
SOC - Special Operations Command
                                                                                    SPB - Security Policy Board
SOCCE - special operations command and control element
                                                                                    SPC - small peripheral controller
SOCEUR - Special Operations Command Europe
                                                                                    SPC - statistical process control
SOCOM - special operations command
                                                                                    SPD - speed
SOCPAC - Special Operations Command Pacific
                                                                                    SPDVB - Special Device Controller B
SOCRATES - Special Operations Command Research, Analysis, and Threat
  Evaluation System                                                                 SPDVC - Special Device Controller C

SOCS - Subcommittee on Computer Security                                            SPDVD - remote special devices demultiplexer

SOE - standard operating environment                                                SPE - software product evaluation

SOF - special operations forces                                                     SPEC - system performance evaluation cooperative

SOF-IV - Special Operations Forces-Intelligence Vehicle                             SPECAT - special category

SOF - Special Operations Forces                                                     SPEDE - system procurement by electronic data exchange

SOFAMPS - SOF advanced mission planning system                                      SPEED - Systems Planning, Engineering, and Evaluation Device

SOFPARS - SOF operations force planning and rehearsal system                        SPF - shortest path first
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SPI - service provider interface                                                      SRWBR - short range wideband radio
SPI - software process improvement                                                    SS - signaling system
SPICE - software rrocess improvement and capability determination                     SS - spread spectrum
SPID - Service Profile IDentifier- On the "National ISDN", "AT&T Custom PMP"          SS-4 - selective signaling voice conference system
   and "Custom DMS" ISDN protocols, the Telco switch must receive correct
   SPID(s) from the CPE before it will allow access to ISDN service. Intended         SS - Switch Supervisor
   to allow multiple configurations on ISDN lines shared among different types        SSA - serial storage architecture
   of CPE equipment. While your SPID may include your area code and
   telephone number, the SPID is distinct from the telephone number. Custom           SSA - servicing security agency
   PTP and ETS 300 protocols do not require a SPID.
                                                                                      SSA - software support activity
SPIF - Security Policy Information File
                                                                                      SSA - System Security Administrator
SPIRE - spatial paradigm for information retrieval and exploration
                                                                                      SSA - system security analysis
SPIRIT - Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal
                                                                                      SSAA - system security authorization agreement
SPIRITS - special in-band radiance imaging of targets and scenes
                                                                                      SSAP - source service access point
SPLX2W - simplex 2-wire
                                                                                      SSB - single sideband
SPM - security policy model
                                                                                      SSC - (Secondary Signaling Channel) - 1. SSC is a user-configurable
SPOOL - simultaneous peripheral operations on line                                      alternative to Signaling Channel Link Protocol (SCLP) for carrying
                                                                                        traditional internodal signaling and IP Packets. Because SSC can carry
SPP - scaleable parallel processor                                                      internodal traffic, it can be used to replace or supplement SCLP
SPP - sequenced packet protocol                                                         functionality. SSC can be used on an as needed basis to provide extra
                                                                                        bandwidth for increased internodal traffic. See also SCLP. 2. SIPRNET
SPP - SPEED path profiler                                                               support center
SPRITE - signal processing in the element                                             SSC - SIPRNET support center
SPS - software product specification                                                  SSCOP - service specific connection-oriented protocol
SPS - standard procurement system                                                     SSCS - standard satellite control systems
SPSC - system planning and system control                                             SSDS - ship self-defense system
SPT - sectors per track                                                               SSE - system security engineering
spt - support                                                                         SSEE - ship’s signals exploitation equipment
SPW - signal processing workstation                                                   SSEM - system and server evaluation model
SPX - sequenced packer exchange                                                       SSF - software support facility
SPX Network Processor - A high-end statistical multiplexer using packet               SSGA - system support gate array
  technology to establish virtual circuits connecting data devices in a wide-
  area network.                                                                       SSH - secure shell

SQA - software quality assurance                                                      SSI - small scale integration

SQAP - software quality assurance plan                                                SSI - synchronous service window

SQC - statistical quality control                                                     SSI - standing signal instructions

SQE - signal quality error                                                            SSIMP-LR - Soldier/Sailor Interface Management Program - Local/Remote

SQL - structured query language                                                       SSL - secure sockets layer

SQP - Software Quality Program                                                        SSL - standard security label

SQPP - Software Quality Program Plan                                                  SSM - System/Security Manager

SR - security required                                                                SSMA - spread spectrum multiple access

SR - secondary-remote                                                                 SSME - spread spectrum modulation equipment

SRA - subregistration authority                                                       SSMI - simplified soldier-machine interface

SRAM - static random access memory                                                    SSMP - System Safety Management Plan

SRB - Software Review Board                                                           SSMS - Signal intelligence manpack system

SRC - standard requirements code                                                      SSMS - single shelter message switch

SRCU - securable remote control unit                                                  SSN - switched service network

SRDM - (Subrate Data Multiplexing) - A subrate data multiplexer divides a DS0         SSO - Special Security Officer
  (64 kbps) into a number of subrate (64 kbps) channels.                              SSP - single source processor
SRI - surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence                                   SSR - software specification review
SRM - security reference monitor                                                      SSRA - system safety risk assessment
SRM - system resource manager                                                         SSRP - simple server redundancy protocol
SRN - software release notice                                                         SSRR - strict source and record route
SRN - single row nest                                                                 SSRT - Sub Surface Receive Terminal
SRO - sharable and read only                                                          SSS - system segment specification
SRPI - server-requester programming interface                                         SSS - Single Shelter Switch
SRS - software requirements specification                                             SSSA - software systems support activity
SRT - source routing transparent                                                      SST - spread-spectrum technology
SRT - Shipboard Receive Terminal                                                      ST - synchronous transport
SRV - SEN rekey variable                                                              ST - student text

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ST - reference points in ISDN interface                                                 STIISP - Scientific and Technical Intelligence Information Services Program
ST - send timing                                                                        STK - strategic-to-tactical KEK
ST&E - security test and evaluation                                                     STM - synchronous transfer mode
STA - system tape A                                                                     STN - software transfer notice
STA - CLK station clock                                                                 STO - science and technology objectives
STA - ID station identification number                                                  STO - special technical operations
STACCS - Standard Theater Army Command and Control System                               STO - store
STAIRS - storage and information retrieval system                                       Stop Bit - The last element of a character in asynchronous transmission.
STAMIS - Standard Army Management Information System                                    STOW - Synthetic Theater of War
STAMPS - stand-alone message processing system                                          STP - shielded twisted pair
STANAG - Standardization Agreement                                                      STP - signal transfer point
STAR - satellite tracking using ambient radio frequency                                 STP - software test plan
STAR - System Threat Analysis Report                                                    STP - step
Star Topology - The point-to-point wiring of network elements to a central              STR - software test report
                                                                                        STRADIS - structured analysis, design and implementation of information
STAR-T - Super (High Frequency Tri-band) Advanced Range Extension                         system (NATO)
                                                                                        STRADS - strategic deployment system
STAR-T - SHF Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Terminal
                                                                                        STRATCERT - Strategic Command computer emergency response team
STARS - software technology for adaptable, reliable systems
                                                                                        STRED - Standard Tactical Receive Equipment Display
Start Bit - The first element in each character in asynchronous transmission.
                                                                                        STS - Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security
STARTEX - start of exercise
                                                                                        STS - (Standard Shelf) - A mechanical assembly (chassis) containing the
Station - NDI nondevelopmental item                                                       feature and common equipment modules plus the Bus Terminator Interface
                                                                                          in a Promina 800. This shelf consists of 12 card slots and power supplies.
Station Clock - An external device that receives a timing signal from an
   external source and passes it through the USD to the node. It provides a 4           STS - SSIMP-LR Trainer Software
   kHz reference frequency to the node and an external frequency reference.
                                                                                        STS-3c - synchronous transport signal 3 concatenated
Station Line - A telephone circuit from a PBX to a telephone on that PBX.
   Since this is a telephone-to-switch connection it is considered to be a"line".       STSVT - strategic/tactical secure voice terminal
   See Line and Trunk.                                                                  STU - secure telephone unit
Statistical Multiplexer - Dynamically allocates trunk capacity to active input          STU - secure terminal unit
   channels only, allowing the connection of more devices than with traditional
   multiplexers.                                                                        STU-III - Secure Telephone Unit III

Statistical Multiplexing - A method of improving effective bandwidth of a               STX - strategic-to-tactical TEK
   Telco channel. Statistical Multiplexing takes advantage that there are
                                                                                        SUB - subscriber
   typically many pauses in a conversation. By taking advantage of this fact,
   and not sending the pauses, improvements in efficiency can be made. Also             Subrate - Any data port speed that is less the 64 kbps.
   referred to as silence suppression. See Circuit Switched.
                                                                                        Subrated - Analogous to DS0 channels on a DS1 data stream. A DS3 data
STATS - statistics                                                                        stream can be subrated into DS1 data streams using M13. The Promina
                                                                                          uses a non-subrated (or proprietary format) downstream for T3. Third-party
Status Level - Restricts the amount of access that an operator has to the
                                                                                          equipment will not be able to separate circuit information out of the data
   network and the tasks on the network that the operator can perform. The
                                                                                          stream payload.
   Operator Interface has four status levels or levels of security.
                                                                                        SUBS - subscriber(s)
STAWRS - simplified tax and wage reporting system (Treasury)
                                                                                        Subscriber - The customer of a Telecommunications company. This term
STC - SHAPE Technical Centre
                                                                                          dates back to when a local Telephone Company was formed at the specific
STC - Software Technology Center                                                          request of a group of customers who agreed in advance to "subscribe" to
                                                                                          the service.
STC - Secondary Traffic Channel
                                                                                        SUM - software user’s manual
STD - subscriber trunk dialing
                                                                                        SUPCOM - support command
STD - standard
                                                                                        SUPE - supervisory commands program
STDIS - space division timing distributor
                                                                                        Superframe - See SF
STDM - statistical time division multiplexer
                                                                                        Supervisor - Software - Software in the processor module that controls and
STDMA - self-organizing time division multiple access                                     manages the node.
STDN - secure tactical data network                                                     SUPP - supplement
STE - secure telephone equipment                                                        supv - supervisor
STE - secure terminal equipment                                                         SUR - small unit radio
STE-R - remote controllable secure terminal equipment                                   SURTASS - surveillance towed array sensor system
STEL - secure telephone                                                                 SURVIAC - Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center
STEP - standard for the exchange of product                                             SVAR - S variable
STEP - Standardized Tactical Entry Point                                                SVC - switched virtual circuit
STGEN - space division matrix timing generator                                          SVD - simultaneous voice and data processor
STI - summing telephone interface                                                       SVGA - super video graphics array
STIC - Standard Interface Controller                                                    SVI - standardized virtual interface
STIG - Security Technical Implementation Guide                                          SVLTU - service line termination unit

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SVM - secure voice module                                                             SYSCON - system control
SVP - software validation plan                                                        SYSGEN - system generator
SVS - secure voice system                                                             SYSLOG - system log
SVT - secure voice terminal                                                           SYSOP - system operator
SVTC - secure video teleconferencing
SW - software
SW - switch
SWA - Southwest Asia
SWAN - satellite wide area network
                                                                                      T-Link - A proprietary Telos 2.048mbps channelized link. This link uses the
SWAN - shipwide area network                                                             DSX-1 electrical protocol and has 30 channels at 64kbps each.
SWBD - switchboard                                                                    T-Span - A telephone circuit or cable through which a T-carrier runs.
SWC - strike warfare coordinator                                                      T - trunk key
SWDMX - Switch DEMUX, Switch Demultiplexer                                            T - terminated
SWF - Software FORTEZZA                                                               T1 - A common type of digital telephone carrier widely deployed within the US,
SWIT - software integration and test                                                     Canada, and Japan. Has 24 64Kbps channels (called DS0’s). The most
                                                                                         common framing scheme for T1 "robs" bits for signaling leaving 56kbps per
Switch - Telephone company switching device which "makes the connection"                 channel available.
  when you place a call. Modern switches are specialized computers. ISDN
                                                                                      T1 Facility - Bell System terminology for the 1.544 Mbps digital signal. Usually
  service is provided from a "Digital" switch, most commonly an AT&T model
                                                                                         refers to a transmission facility that carries a DS1 signal. A T1 line is a
  "5ESS", Northern Telcom model "DMS-100", or Siemens model "EWSD".
                                                                                         digital pipeline that carries the T1 signal.
  The switch, and related software running on it, will determine which ISDN
  protocol(s) will be available to customers connected to it. See also PBX.           T1 Jackfield - The interface between the T1 facility and the trunk modules.
Switched Circuit - A channel which is not permanent in nature, but is                 T1 Network - A telecommunications network that includes T1 circuits, T1
  connected through a switching device of some kind. The switching device                multiplexers or communications resource managers, and network
  allows a switched circuit to access many other switched circuits (the usual            management equipment.
  "dial up" type of telephone channels). Once the connection is made
  however, the complete capacity of the channel is available for use. As              T1 Trunk Module - This module allows a single T1 trunk in DS1 format to
  opposed to a Dedicated Circuit.                                                        connect to the node.

Switched-56 - A type of digital telephone service developed in the mid-1980's         T1 Carrier - A time-division multiplexed transmission method that usually
  which allows dialing on a single 56Kbps line. Each Switched-56 circuit has             refers to a line or cable carrying a DS1 signal. The T1-Carrier permits
  1 or 2 copper wire-pairs associated with it. Switched-56 is being rapidly              simultaneously transmission of 24 voice calls at 64 kbps each.
  replaced with ISDN, which is cheaper and more flexible. See also                    T1 - 1.544 Mbps
                                                                                      T1CEPT - commercial standard T1 or E1 groups
Switching - The ability to create or change the path of a transmission.
                                                                                      T1LTU - T1 line termination unit
SWL - short wavelength
                                                                                      T3 - Refers to a trunk that carries a DS3 signal.
SWMUX - Switch MUX/DEMUX, Switch MUX, Switch Multiplexer
                                                                                      T3 Trunk Module - This module consists of the hardware, firmware, and
SWOLOP - Sun Workstation On-line Operational Program                                     software required to connect to and control an internodal DS3 span or
SWPS - strategic war planning system                                                     facility.

SWS - silly window syndrome                                                           T3 - tactical tri-band terminal

SX - (Switching Exchange) Module - In a Promina 800, this module provides             TA - target acquisition
   the switch matrix and clocking for the node. It connects to the SBI, BXI, and      TA - Terminal Adapter. The electronic interface between an ISDN device and
   T3I cards.                                                                            the NT1. The terminal adaptor handles the dialing functions and interfaces
SYN - synchronous idle                                                                   to the user's data equipment as well as to the NT1 on the "S" or "T"
SYN - synchronization character
                                                                                      TAACOM - Theater Army Area Command
SYN - synchronize sequence numbers flag, TCP header
                                                                                      TAAD - Theater Air Defense System
SYNBAD - synthetic battlefield development
                                                                                      TAADS - The Army Authorization Documents System
SYNC - synchronization
                                                                                      TAB - theater air base
SYNCH - synchronize/synchronization
                                                                                      TAC - terminal access controller
Synchronous Data - A form of serial data which uses a clock signal to
   synchronize the bit stream. SInce, unlike Asynchronous Data, no start and          tac - tactical
   stop bits are use, data throughput is higher than with asynchronous data.          TAC - CP - tactical command post
   ISDN uses Synchronous data.
                                                                                      TACACCIS - Transportation Coordinator automated command and control
Synchronous Transmission - Data transmission in which synchronization is                information system
   controlled by timing signals which are independent of the data signals on
   the DTE/DCE interface, and which are synchronized to a common, or                  TACAN - tactical control and navigation
   network, reference. A constant clock speed is maintained between end
   terminals during (and between) the characters (or groups of characters)            TACC - tactical air control center
   being transmitted; transmission in which the sending and receiving                 TACCIMS - theater automated command and control information management
   instruments are operating continuously at substantially the same frequency           system
   and in which the desired phase relationship may be maintained by means
   of correction.                                                                     TACCS - Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System

SYNCRX - sync command receive                                                         TACFAM - tactical frequency assignment model
SYNCTX - sync command transmit                                                        TACFAST - Tactical Forward Analyst Support System

SYNTRAN - T3 datastream format with synchronous, subrated T1 data. This is            TACFEP - tactical front end processor
  not compatible with the Promina 800.
                                                                                      TACFIRE - Tactical Fire Direction System
SYS - system
                                                                                      TACINTEL - tactical intelligence
SYSADMIN - system administration

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TACLAN - tactical local area network                                                    TASDAC - Tactical Secure Data Communications
TACLAN/WAN - tactical local area network/wide area network                              TASI - time-assignment speech interpolation
TACLS - tactical loop signaling                                                         Tasks - The system software functions as a group of tasks. All tasks execute
                                                                                           independently of one another. In general, a task controls a single external
TACO - tactical communications protocol                                                    object (for example, a port or card) or performs a single function (for
TACP - tactical air control party                                                          example, Network Manager Task). Tasks communicate with each other via
TACREF - tactical reference
                                                                                        TASO - terminal area security officer
TACS - Tactical Air Control System
                                                                                        TASR - tactical automated situation receiver
TACSAT - Tactical Satellite
                                                                                        TASS - tactical automated security system (USAF)
TACSATCOM - tactical satellite communication
                                                                                        TAU - Tactical Access Unit
TACSSCS - tactical Army combat service support computer system
                                                                                        TAWDS - transportable automated weather distribution system
TACTERM - tactical terminal
                                                                                        TAXI - transparent asynchronous transceiver/receiver interface
TACTS - tactical trunk signaling
                                                                                        TB - terabyte
TAD - telephone answering device
                                                                                        TBD - to be determined
TADIL - tactical data information link
                                                                                        TBM - tactical battle management
TADIL - tactical digital information link
                                                                                        TBM - theater battle management
TADIXS-B - Tactical Data Information Exchange System-B
                                                                                        TBMCS - Theater Battle Management Core Systems
TADIXS - tactical digital information exchange system
                                                                                        TBSL - to be supplied later
TADL - tactical data link
                                                                                        TBus - Transport bus used to carry real-time user data.
TADS - tactical air defense system
                                                                                        TBus1 - The TBus connection provided by the primary (main) PICA ASIC. This
TADSS - training aids, devices, simulators and simulations                                is the TBus/PBus on the shelf on which the T3 module resides.
TAFIM - Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management                     TBus2 - The TBus connection provided by the secondary (cascade) PICA
                                                                                          ASIC. This is the direct connection with the SX module.
TAG - TEMPEST advisory group
                                                                                        TC - transmission control
TAGS - theater air ground system
                                                                                        TC - technical control
TAI - targeted area of interest
                                                                                        TC - telemetry combiner
TAIS - tactical airspace integration system
                                                                                        TCAC - Tactical Control and Analysis Center
TAIS - telecommunications & automated information system
                                                                                        TCAIMS - transportation coordinators AI movement system
TAIS - target architecture and implementation strategy
                                                                                        TCAS - traffic alert collision avoidance system
TAM - telephone access module
                                                                                        TCB - trusted computing base
TAMPS - tactical automated mission planning system
                                                                                        TCBL - tactical cell bearing link
TAMSS - target area meteorological sensor system
                                                                                        TCC - Tactical Command Center
Tandem Switch - A switch which is between two others. It connects two trunks
   together. Long distance calls on a LEC line go through a long distance               TCC - transmission control code
   tandem that passes them through to the long distance provider’s switch.
                                                                                        TCCC - Theater C4 Coordination Center
Tandem Tie Trunk Switching - When a PBX switch allows a Tie Line call to
   dial out of the switch. For example, if switch "A" in Arkansas has a tie line        TCCC - terrestrial critical control circuits
   to switch "B" in Boise, Boise could use the tie line to make calls from switch       TCCC - Theater Communication Coordination Center
                                                                                        TCCS - theater command and control system
Tandem-Mode - TRK-3 - A TRK-3 module installed in tandem-mode consists
   of a front card only. PRC/TMCP bundles are installed on tandem-mode                  TCCS - transit case circuit switch
   cards. Tandem-mode cards also process proprietary bundles when the
   capacity of the span-mode card is exceeded. Also see Span-Mode TRK-3.                TCDN - tactical communications distribution node

TAO - Tactical Action Officer                                                           TCF - technical control facility

TAOC - Tactical Air Operations Center                                                   TCG - Telemetry Combiner/Generator

TAOM - tactical air operations module                                                   TCIM - tactical communications interface module

TAP - telephone application processing                                                  TCIN - tactical communications information network

TAP - the Army plan                                                                     TCIS - Tactical Communications Interface Software

TAPI - telephony applications programming (program) interface                           TCL - tool command language

TAPP - Transportable Assemblage Perimeter Protection                                    TCLTU - twenty hertz line termination unit

TAPS - theater automated planning system                                                TCLTU - twenty Hertz/contact closure

TARE - telegraph automatic relay equipment (NATO)                                       TCM - trellis-coded modulation

TARGET - Theater-level analysis replanning graphical execution toolkit                  TCMO - Theater COMSEC Management Office

TARPS - tactical air reconnaissance pod system                                          TCOS - tactical combat operations system

TARS - theater airborne reconnaissance system                                           TCP - tactical computer processor

TAS - target acquisition system                                                         TCP - Tactical Cryptologic Program

TAS - telephone access server                                                           TCP - terminal control processor

TAS - timeline analysis system                                                          TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TASCID - tactical AUTODIN satellite compensation interface device                       TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TASCO - Tactical Automatic Switch Control Officer                                       TCS - treasury communications system (Was CDN)

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TCS - trusted computer system                                                         Te - TED extension key
TCS - Transportable Communications System                                             TEAM - threat engagement analysis model
TCS - thermal control subsystem                                                       TECH - technical
TCSEC - trusted computer system evaluation criteria                                   TECHCON - technical control
TCSN - tactical circuit switch network                                                TECHEVAL - technical evaluation
TCT - tactical computer (commander’s) terminal                                        TECNET - technical network
TCT - tactical communications terminal                                                TECS - treasury enforcement communications system
TCTC - transmit cipher text clock                                                     TED - trunk encryption device
TCTS - tactical combat training system                                                TEDS - tactical environmental data server
TCU - transportable computer unit                                                     TEED - tactical end-to-end encryption device
TCU - terminal control unit                                                           TEI - TED extension initialization
TD - Transmit Data. Data coming from the DTE towards the DCE or network.              TEK - trunk encryption key
   Also, a light on a modem or CSU/DSU which lights to indicate presence of
   this signal.                                                                       Telco - (Telephone Company) Rack - A standard shelf-mounting rack provided
                                                                                         with the 24-slot Promina 400.
TD - timing distributor
                                                                                      Telco - Telephone Company. Your local telephone service provider. In the
TD - telemetry decombiner                                                                21st century you generally have a choice of Telcos if you are a business in
                                                                                         a major metropolitan area in the USA. Competition is coming to the
TDA - tactical decision aid                                                              Telecom industry around the world.
TDAC - tactical data acquisition and correlation                                      TELCO - telephone company
TDC - tactical display console                                                        Telecommunications - A term encompassing both voice and data
TDC - tactical document copier                                                           communications in the form of coded signals over media.

TDC - Theater Deployable Communications                                               Telephony - Generic term describing voice communications.

TDD - tactical display device                                                         TELINT - Telemetry Intelligence

TDD - Telecommunications device for the deaf                                          TELNET - Telnet Protocol

TDD - time division duplex                                                            Telnet - This command establishes a user interface with a remote system
                                                                                         using the Telnet protocol.
TDDS - trap data dissemination system
                                                                                      TEM - Trunk Encryption Module
TDE - terminal display editor
                                                                                      TEM - trunk encryption module
TDF - tactical digital facsimile
                                                                                      TEMP - Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TDFLC - Time-Division Fault Collector
                                                                                      temp - temporary
TDI - trusted database interpretation
                                                                                      TEMPEST - telecommunications and electrical machinery protected from
TDIG - time division interface group                                                    emissions and spurious transmissions
TDIGM - time division interface group modified                                        TEMPEST - technical electro-magnetic pulse emanation suppression
TDIM - time division interface module
                                                                                      TEMPEST - transient electro-magnetic pulse emanation standards techniques
TDIST - tactical digital interswitch trunk
                                                                                      TEMPO - telecommunications modernization project (DOD)
TDLS - time division loop speed
                                                                                      TENCAP - Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
TDM - (Time Division Multiplexing) - The second basic method of multiplexing.
  Unlike frequency division multiplexing, time division multiplexing works only       TEP - tactical electronic processor
  with digital signals.
                                                                                      TEP - task execution plan
TDMA - time division (domain) multiple access
                                                                                      TERCOM - terrain contour matching
TDMF - Time Division Memory Function
                                                                                      TERM - terminal
TDMF - time division matrix function
                                                                                      Terminal - Adapter - See TA
TDMM - Time-Division Memory Module
                                                                                      TERN - subscriber net variable
TDMS - terminal display management system
                                                                                      TERPES - tactical electronic reconnaissance processing and evaluation
TDMX - time division matrix                                                             system
TDMX - time division multiplexer                                                      TERS - tactical event reporting system
TDN - tactical data network                                                           TERV - subscriber rekey variable
TDN - tactical data network tech technical                                            TES - tactical engagement simulator
TDP - tactical data processor                                                         TESS - tactical environmental support system
TDPI - Treasury Distributed Processing Infrastructure                                 TETRA - trans-European trunked radio
TDPPM - time dithered pulse position modulation                                       TEWS - tactical electronic warfare system
TDR - time domain reflectometry                                                       TFA - transparent file access
TDRSS - tracking and data relay satellite system                                      TFCC - tactical flag command center
TDS - tactical data system                                                            TFDD - text file device driver
TDS - time division subscriber                                                        TFG - telecommunications functional group
TDSG - Time-Division Switching Group                                                  TFM - trusted facility manual
TDSGM - Time-Division Switching Group, Modified                                       TFOCA - thin fiber optic cable assembly
TDSR - transmitter data service request                                               TFOPS - trillion floating-point operations per second
TDSSCS - Tactical Defense Special Security Communications System
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TFS - technical foundation server                                                     TIMS - transmission impairment measurement set
TFT - thin-film transistor                                                            TIMS - tactical Internet
TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol                                                 TIMTG - timing generator
TG - trunk group                                                                      TINA-C - Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture
Tg - TED gateway key
                                                                                      TINA - tactical Internet network agent
TGASC - timing generator automatic signaling card
                                                                                      TINS - thermal imaging navigation set
TGBR - theater ground based radar
                                                                                      TIP - Tactical Intelligence Program
TGC - Trunk Group Cluster
                                                                                      TIP - Telecommunications Improvement Program
TGC - test generator controller
                                                                                      TIP - terminal interface processor
TGEN - table generate
                                                                                      TIP - theater injection point
TGI - transaction generated information
                                                                                      TIPHON - telecommunications and Internet protocol harmonization over
TGI - TED gateway initialization                                                         networks
TGM - Trunk Group Multiplexer                                                         TIREM - terrain-integrated rough-earth model
TGM - transmission group module                                                       TISD - tactical Internet system description
TGMOW - transmission group module/orderwire                                           TISS - thermal imaging sensor system
TGRT - Transportable Ground Receive Terminal                                          TIU - (trunk) trusted interface unit
THAAD - Theater High Altitude Air Defense                                             TIU - TSSR Interface Unit
THD - total harmonic distortion                                                       TIW - Transnational Infrastructure Warfare
THF - time horizon to failure                                                         TJTN-CCB - Theater Joint Tactical Networks Configuration Control Board
THHR - tactical handheld radio                                                        TLC - traffic load control
THMT - tactical high mobility terminal                                                TLD - top level domain (Internet)
THR - transmit holding register                                                       TLDF - team label data file
Throughput - The speed at which data is output from a multiplexer.                    TLDHS - Target Location, Designation and Hand-off System
thru - through                                                                        TLI - Transport Layer Interface
THSDN - Tactical High Speed Data Network                                              TLM - topographic line maps
THz - teraHertz                                                                       TLM - telemetry module
TI - technical intelligence                                                           TLP - transmission level point
TI - Tactical Internet                                                                TLP - (Test Level Point) - Used in setting the dB level in analog circuits over a
TI - tactical Internet management system                                                 23dB range.

Ti - TED initialization key                                                           TLS - top level specification

TI - trunk interface                                                                  TLS - TOC LAN server

TIA - Telecommunications Industry Association                                         TLSP - transport layer security protocol

TIA - Tactical Interface Adapter                                                      TM - technical manual

TIARA - tactical intelligence & related activities                                    TM - traffic management

TIB - tactical information base (bulletin)                                            TM - TROPO modem

TIBS - tactical information broadcast system (Service)                                TMAC - Treasury multiuser acquisition contract

TIC - Technology Integration Center                                                   TMAP - Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program (USAF)

TIDP - Technical Interface Design Plan                                                TMCP - (Two Megabit Channelized Port) Module - This module supports
                                                                                        CCITT 2.048 Mbps CEPT transmission equipment and facilities and serves
TIE - time interval error                                                               as a digroup interface for European voice calls.
Tie Line - See Tie Trunk                                                              TMD - tactical (theater) missile defense
Tie Trunk - A Trunk between two PBXs. Note, a tie line is a dedicated circuit,        TMDPS - tactical mission data planning system
   not a switched circuit. See Trunk
                                                                                      TMG - Tactical Multi-Net Gateway
TIF - tagged image file
                                                                                      TMG - tactical messaging gateway
TIFF - tagged image file format
                                                                                      TMG - timing
TIGER - topographically integrated geographic encoding and referencing
                                                                                      TMIF - tactical MSE interface family
TIGRTP - tactical intelligence guide to regional threat platforms
                                                                                      TMN - Telecommunications Management Network
TIIAP - Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance
    Program                                                                           TMPS - theater mission planning system

TIM - telecommunications industry mobilization                                        TMRC - teletype modulaltion rate converter

TIM - technical integration manager                                                   TMS - tactical message system

TIM - transmission interface module                                                   TMS - tax modernization system

TIM - trunk interface multiplexer                                                     TMS - technical and management support (DSA/FTS)

TIMA - tool inventory management application                                          TMS - trouble management system

TIMBT - Built In Test Control Card                                                    TMS - tactical message switch

TIMS - tactical internet modeling and simulation                                      TMSO - Telecommunications Management Service Office

TIMS - theater information management system                                          TMTA - tactical message transfer agent

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TMWS - Target Material Work Station                                                    TRAC - tactical radar correlator
Tn - TED network key                                                                   TRADOC - United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TN - T nodal                                                                           Traffic Shaping - A mechanism that alters the traffic characteristics of a
                                                                                          stream of cells on a connection to achieve better network efficiency, while
TNAPS+ - Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System Plus                               meeting the QoS objectives, or to ensure conformance at a subsequent
TNC - Threaded Nut Connector                                                              interface. Traffic shaping must maintain cell sequence integrity on a
TNC - terminal node controller
                                                                                       Transcoder - A device to encode and decode. Encoding is the generation of
TNCC - TROJAN Network Control Center                                                      digital signals in PCM voice equipment to represent quantized samples.
                                                                                          Decoding is a set of quantized values generated from digital
TNI - trusted network interpretation
TNM - telecommunications network management (standard)
                                                                                       TRANSEC - transmission security
TNS - tactical name server
                                                                                       Transit Domain - A call can only pass-through at most one domain, called the
TO - technical order                                                                      transit domain, to reach its destination. The transit domain is a "route
                                                                                          server domain."
TOC - Tactical Operations Center
                                                                                       Transmission - The dispatching of a signal, message, or other form of
TOCU - tropo orderwire control unit                                                       intelligence by wire, radio, telegraphy, telephony, facsimile, or other means
TOD - time of day                                                                         (ISO); a series of characters, messages, or blocks including control
                                                                                          information and user data.
TOE - table(s) of organization and equipment
                                                                                       Transmission Link - The information path between sender and receiver.
TOES - telephone order entry system
                                                                                       TRAP - Tactical Related Application
TOH - top of hill
                                                                                       Trap - An asynchronous message from the SNMP agent to the SNMP
Token - Pertains to LAN systems. It is a unique combination of bits that grants           manager notifying the manager of events or alarms that have occurred at
   permission to a LAN workstation to transmit.                                           the node.
Token Bus - A LAN with a bus structure that uses token passing for access.             TRAP - terrain resources analysis program
TOP - technical (and) office protocol                                                  TRC - technical reference codes
Top Cable Entry Kit - Allows customers to drop cables into the node from an            TRC - transverse redundancy check
   overhead, vertical ladder instead of bringing them up from the raised floor.
                                                                                       TRC - transmission release code
Topology - A description of the physical connections of a network.
                                                                                       TRC - Transmission Resource Controller
TOPOMAN - topographic manager
                                                                                       TRCS - tactical radio communications system
TOPS - total object programming system
                                                                                       TRE - tactical receive equipment
TOPS - transition of optical processing to systems
                                                                                       Trendiest - The portion of the central office that connects to trunks going to
TOS - terms of service                                                                    other switching offices.
TOS - trusted operating system                                                         TRG - Threshold Reporting Group
TOS - type-of-service                                                                  TRI-TAC - Tri-Service Tactical Communications
TOT - time on task                                                                     TRIB - transfer rate of information bits
TP - transaction processing                                                            TRILS - tactical radar identification and location system (Canada)
TP - telephone                                                                         TRIMS - targets and ranges information/management system
TP - transport protocol                                                                TRK-2 Module - This module supports standard North American D4 framed,
                                                                                         DS1 rate (1.544 Mbps) transmission facilities.
TPA - tactical packet adapter
                                                                                       TRK-3 Module - This module supports subrated facilities at 1.544 Mbps DS1
TPA - terminal privilege authority                                                       or FT1 (T1-DSX interface card), 2.048 Mbps E1 of FE1 (E1 interface card),
TPC - Telecommunications Policy Committee                                                or Nx64 kbps (64-2048 kbps) RS-530/RS-449/ V.36/X.21/V.35 (STI
                                                                                         interface card). Proprietary, clear channel, and PRC/ TMCP bundles are
TPC - tactical pilotage charts                                                           installed on the card to allocate the DS0s.
TPDU - transport protocol data unit                                                    TRK - trunk
TPEP - Trusted Product Evaluation Program                                              TRL - tropospheric link
TPF - transaction processing facility                                                  TRLP - transmission reference level point
TPFDD - Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data                                          TRM - Team Risk Management
TPFDL - Time-Phased Force and Deployment List                                          TRM - technical reference model
TPI - tracks per inch                                                                  TRN - token ring network
TPI - two-person integrity                                                             TRO - transparent remote operation
TPL - table producing language                                                         TROJAN - SPIRIT special purpose integrated remote intelligence terminal
TPM - transient protection module                                                      TROPO - tropospheric scatter radio
TPN - Tactical Packet Network                                                          Trouble Ticket - A telco "work order" used to track Customer Repairs within
TPS - technology protection system                                                        the Telco. If you call someone "inside" the telco's repair department they
                                                                                          will need this number to proceed. It will also be needed whenever you call
TPS - tactical packet switch                                                              to check on the status of a repair. Always ask for this number when
                                                                                          initiating a repair request.
TPSN - tactical packet switch network
                                                                                       TRP - technology reinvestment project
TQDM - total quality data management
                                                                                       TRP - target reference point
TQM - total quality management
                                                                                       TRPI - telecommunications-related personal information
TR - token ring
                                                                                       TRSS - tactical remote sensor system
TR - GNDCP transportable ground command post
                                                                                       TRT - tropospheric terminal
TR - terminal ready

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Trunk - A single physical bandwidth resource connecting two nodes (such as a             TSS - traffic service station
   T1 or T3 trunk) and is used to build a transmission network. A network may
   include fiber optic, copper wire, coaxial cable, microwave, or satellite. Also        TSS - tactical switching system
   see link.                                                                             TSSP - tactical satellite signal processor
Trunk Group - A number of telephone channels which are functionally related.             TSSR - tropo-satellite support radio
   Most common is the Hunt Group. Other common types include Incoming
   Trunk Groups and Outgoing Trunk Groups. See also Combination Trunks                   TST - tactical satellite terminal
   and Two-way DID Trunks.
                                                                                         TSTS - transaction switching and transport service
Trunk Routing Attributes - Parameters defining the level of preference for
                                                                                         TT - terminal timing
   three types of trunk characteristics: Terrestrial or Satellite, Encrypted or Not
   Encrypted, or Fiber.                                                                  TT&C - telemetry, tracking & command
TRUSIX - trusted UNIX working group                                                      TTA - tactical terminal adapter
TS - time slot                                                                           TTA - trusted transfer agent
TS - tandem switches                                                                     TTA - tactical terminal adapter
TS - Top Secret                                                                          TTAP - Trusted Technology Assessment Program (NSA-NIST)
TS/C - TOP SECRET/Collateral                                                             TTCS - tactical terminal control system
TS/SCI - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information                                  TTD - temporary text delay
TS/SI - top secret/sensitive information                                                 TTDS - theater tactical display system
TS3 - TOP SECRET Support System                                                          TTL - (Transistor to Transistor Logic) - A digital circuit in which the output is
                                                                                            derived from two transistors. The term also refers generically to digital
TSABI - top secret and below interoperability
                                                                                            connections in contrast with analog connections.
TSAD - Theater Strategic Air Defense
                                                                                         TTL - time-to-live
TSAP - transport service access point
                                                                                         TTMS - TROJAN Transportable Mini Switch
TSAPI - telephony services application program interface
                                                                                         TTP - trusted third party (parties)
TSARS - tactical situation awareness response system
                                                                                         TTS - text-to-speech
TSAS - tactical switching afloat system
                                                                                         TTS - trouble ticketing system
TSB - trunk signaling buffer
                                                                                         TTY - teletype
TSC - Tactical Support Center
                                                                                         TTY - teletypewriter
TSC - Modernization System
                                                                                         TU - timing unit
TSC(A) - Theater Signal Command (Army)
                                                                                         TU/FA - transition unit frame assembly
TSC2 - Telecommunications Support Contract 2 (GSA/FTS)
                                                                                         TUBA - transition unit box assembly
TSCM - technical surveillance countermeasures program
                                                                                         TUBA - TCP and UDP with bigger addresses
TSD - tactical situation display
                                                                                         TUNA - transition unit nest assembly
TSE - terminal server edition
                                                                                         TVI - television interference
TSEC - telecommunications security
                                                                                         TVP - topological vector profile
TSES - tactical signals exploitation system
                                                                                         TVRS - tactical voice recognition system
TSG - test signal generator
                                                                                         TW/AA - tactical warning and attack assessment
TSGCEE - tri-service group on communications-electronics equipment (NATO)
                                                                                         TWA - two-way alternate
TSIG - trusted systems interoperability group
                                                                                         TWASI - 2-wire analog subscriber interface
TSK - transmission security key
                                                                                         TWG - telecommunications working group
TSL - tactical satellite link
                                                                                         Two Wire - A circuit path where only a single pair of wires is used. A Hybrid is
TSM - tax system modernization                                                             used to convert from two wire to Four Wire circuits. No hybrid is perfect,
                                                                                           and those used by the phone company can be pretty bad. But the Telos
TSM - trusted software methodology                                                         TWO family is approaching perfection!
TSM - trunk signaling message                                                            Two-way DID Trunk - An ISDN PRI (or T1) line equipped for direct inward
TSO - time sharing option                                                                  dialing. Most trunks are related to a given phone number, either alone or as
                                                                                           part of a hunt group. In the case of a "normal" (ie analog) DID Trunk a
TSO - telecommunications service order                                                     group of phone numbers are associated with that DID trunk (or group of
                                                                                           trunks) and incoming calls include the DID Number, so the PBX can route
TSOP - thin small-outline package                                                          that call to the correct DID Extension. This is exactly how ISDN PRI
TSOP - tactical standing operating procedure                                               functions, with the DID information coming in over the D Channel. There is
                                                                                           a big difference between a normal DID Trunk and a Two-way DID trunk
TSP - telecommunications service priority                                                  over ISDN PRI. For one thing, ISDN PRI is digital. More importantly, you
                                                                                           cannot dial out over a true DID trunk and you can dial out over a PRI. See
TSP - PO TSP Program Office
TSP - (Time Space Processor) ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) -
                                                                                         TWS - two-way simultaneous
  Each SX module has four TSPs, each capable of performing time-space-
  time switching on IC residing on the switchboard. Facilitates bi-directional           TWTA - traveling wave tube amplifier
  transmission of call data between more than one TBus. The TSP has two
  major functions: Time Slot Interchange, and PBus arbitration and control.              TWX - teletypewriter exchange service

TSP - telecommunication service priority                                                 TX - transmit

TSPI - time space position information                                                   TxClkIn - transmit clock in

TSR - telecommunications service request                                                 TXCLKIN - transmit clock in

TSR - terminate and stay resident                                                        TxClkSrc - transmit clock source

TSRD - Telecommunications Security Requirements Document                                 TXD - transmitted data

TSS - Telecommunications Standardization Sector                                          TxIn - transmit in

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TxRef - transmit reference                                                                  present, not returning to zero until a zero state occurs (unipolar NRZ).
                                                                                            Contrast with bipolar.
TXREF - transmit reference
                                                                                       UNO - universal networked object
                                                                                       UOES - user operational evaluation system
                                                                                       UPS - uninterruptible power supply

                                   U                                                   UPT - universal personal telecommunications
                                                                                       URAV - uninhabited reconnaissance aerial vehicles
U - unclassified                                                                       URG - urgent pointer flag, TCP header
U - Interface - The interface between the ISDN BRI line and the NT1. This can          URL - uniform (universal) resource locator
    be considered the ISDN "phone jack" in the USA & Canada and is
    frequently in the form of a RJ-11 or RJ-45 type telephone jack.                    US - ultraspectral sensor

U/C - upconverter                                                                      US - user

U/L - uplink                                                                           US - United States

UA - user agent                                                                        USA - United States Army

UAN - universal area network                                                           USACC - U.S. Army Communications Command

UART - universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter                                     USAF - United States Air Force

UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle                                                          USAFE - United States Air Forces in Europe

UBR - unspecified bit rate                                                             USAISC - US Army Information Systems Command

UBS - unclassified but sensitive                                                       USAISSAA - US Army Information Systems Selection and Acquisition Agency

UCAV - uninhabited combat aerial vehicles                                              USAR - United States Army Reserve

UCCS - (EUCOM) command and control system                                              USARPAC - US Army Pacific

UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice                                                USARSO - United States Army Forces Southern Command

UCNI - unclassified controlled nuclear information                                     USASOC - United States Army Special Operations Command

UCSB - Universal Clock Synchronizer Board                                              USAT - ultra small aperture terminal

UDDI - universal description discovery and integration                                 USB - universal serial bus

UDF - user defined functions                                                           USB - upper sideband

UDP - User Datagram Protocol                                                           USCENTCOM - United States Central Command

UFC - universal feature card                                                           USCG - United States Coast Guard

UFO - ultra-high frequency follow-on satellite                                         USCINCCENT - Commander in Chief, US Central Command

UHF - ultra high frequency                                                             USCINCEUR - US Commander in Chief, Europe

UI - user interface                                                                    USCINCJFCOM - Commander in Chief, US Joint Forces Command

UIDL - user interface definition language                                              USCINCPAC - Commander in Chief, US Pacific Command

UIMS - user interface management system                                                USCINCSO - Commander in Chief, US Southern Command

UIRV - Unique Interswitch Rekey Variable                                               USCINCSOC - Commander in Chief, US Special Operations Command

UISRM - user interface system reference model                                          USCINCSPACE - Commander in Chief, US Space Command

UITC - user interface transit case                                                     USD - (Universal Synchronous Data) Module - This module provides two
                                                                                         independent synchronous data ports with V.35 or RS-449/422 DCE/DTE
UJTL - Uniform Joint Task List                                                           interfaces at rates from 1.2 kbps to 1.344 Mbps and RS-232 DCE/DTE
ULANA - unified local area network architecture                                          interfaces at rates from 1.2 kbps to 19.2 kbps. Also supported is a RS-530
                                                                                         DCE interface at rates of 1.2 kbps to 1.344 Mbps.
ULCS - Unit Level Circuit Switch
                                                                                       USDC - U.S. Display Consortium
ULF - ultra low frequency
                                                                                       USE/DA - Users Society for Electronic Design Automation
ULMS - unit level message switch
                                                                                       USEP - unprotected signal entry panel
ULP - ultra low power
                                                                                       USERID - user identification
ULP - upper layer protocol
                                                                                       USEUCOM - United States European Command
ULS - user location server
                                                                                       USFK - United States Forces Korea
ULSI - ultra-large-scale integration
                                                                                       USIA - United States Information Agency
UM - universal modem
                                                                                       USIGS - United States Imagery and Geospatial Information System
UMC - (Unassigned Multiplex Channel Code) - This NCC is transmitted for a
  DS0B channel that is not active.                                                     USIS - United States Imagery System

UML - universal modeling language                                                      USJFCOM - United States Joint Forces Command

UMS - universal modem system                                                           USLI - ultra-large-scale integration

UMTS - universal mobile telecommunications system (Europe)                             USMC - United States Marine Corps

UNE - unbundled number elements                                                        USMCEB - United States Military Communications-Electronics Board

UNI - user-network interface                                                           USMTF - US message text format

Unipolar - Unipolar (of one polarity) is the fundamental characteristic of             USMTF - United States MTF
   internal signals in digital communications equipment. A unipolar signal             USN - United States Navy
   represents simply, one of two states: on or off; 1 or 0. A unipolar signal may
   either: go on for the portion of the bit time, and then return to zero state        USPACOM - United States Pacific Command
   (unipolar RZ); or, go on (and stay on) as long as consecutive one bits are          USSOCOM - United Stated Special Operations Command

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USSOUTHCOM - United States Southern Command                                           VCFAX - (Voice Compression Facsimile) Server Module - This module
                                                                                        provides 4:1, 6.67:1, and 8:1 bandwidth reduction for voice transmission. It
USSPACECOM - United states Space command                                                does this by compressing 24 channels of 64 kbps PCM data into an equal
UT - universal time                                                                     number of channels at 16 kbps, 9.6 kbps, or 8 kbps. The VCFAX supports
                                                                                        compressed group III Fax at 9.6K fax on 16K circuits, 9.6K fax on 9.6K
UTC - unit type code                                                                    circuits, and 7.2K fax and 8K circuits.
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time                                                      VCI - virtual circuit identifier
UTM - universal transverse mercator                                                   VCM - virtual call manager
UTP - unshielded twisted pair                                                         VCN - voice communications network
UUCP - Unix-to-Unix Copy                                                              VCO - voltage controlled oscillator
UVS - U variable storage                                                              VCP - virtual channel processor
                                                                                      VCP - communication server
                                                                                      VCS - virtual circuit switch

                                        V                                             VCSEL - Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
                                                                                      VCU - versatile computer unit
                                                                                      VCXO - Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
V - volts
                                                                                      VDC - volts direct current
V - per-call key
                                                                                      VDE - vertical doping engineering
V p-p - volts peak-to-peak
                                                                                      VDIN - Voice-Data-Image-Navigation
V&V - verification & validation
                                                                                      VDLS - vaults, depots and logistics systems
V.35 - A high-speed modem standard and physical interface standard (CCITT).
   V.35 uses a 34-pin, Winchester-type connector. It provides balanced data           VDP - video decompression processor
   and clock leads, and employs bipolar current for signaling.
                                                                                      VDR - voice digitization rate
V1 - Version 1 (Commercial)
                                                                                      VDS - voice data switch
V2 - Version 2 (Ruggedized)
                                                                                      VDSL - very high data rate DSL
V2DA - Version 2 Data Adapter
                                                                                      VDT - Video Display Terminal
V3 - Version 3 (Militarized)
                                                                                      VDT - visual display terminal
VA - value added (network)
                                                                                      VDTC - visual display terminal controller
VA - volt-ampere
                                                                                      VDU - Video Display Unit
VAAP - Vulnerability Analysis and Assistance Program (Navy)
                                                                                      VDU - visual display unit
VAC - volts alternating current
                                                                                      VDU - video docking unit
VAD - value added distributor
                                                                                      VDUC - visual display unit controller
VADATS - Veterans Administration data transmission system
                                                                                      VECP - value engineering change proposal
VADER - video analysis, digitization, enhancement and re-transmission (DIA)
                                                                                      veh - vehicle
VAN - value-added network
                                                                                      VERTS - virtual emergency response training system
VAPC - (Vector Adaptive Predictive Coding) - Compresses PCM samples for
                                                                                      VESA - Video Electronics Standards Association
  transmission at either 8 kbps or 16 kbps. The algorithm uses a block coding
  process that combines vector quantization with linear prediction in an              VF - voice frequency
  adaptive structure. The vector quantizer uses an optimized code book to
  code the difference between an input vector and a predicted vector.                 VFC - Voice frequency channel

VAR - value-added reseller                                                            VFCT - voice frequency carrier telegraph

VAR - variable                                                                        VFTG - voice frequency telegraph

Variant - The particular protocol (i.e National ISDN-1 or ETS 300) running on a       VFTK - voice frequency telegraph keyer/converter
   specific switch. Not all variants are valid for a specific switch. The switch      VG - variable generate
   brand and model plus the variant defines the ISDN protocol. See ISDN
   Protocol.                                                                          VGA - video graphics array
VAS - value added services                                                            VHDL - very high speed integrated hardware description language
VAS - vulnerability assessment system                                                 VHF - very high frequency
VAX - virtual address extension                                                       VHF-FM - very high frequency-frequency modulated
VBA - variable balance architecture                                                   VHF - very high frequency
VBA - Veterans Benefit Administration                                                 VHPBNS - Very-High-Performance Backbone Network Service
vBNS - very high-speed backbone network service                                       VHSIC - very high speed integrated circuit
VBR - variable bit rate                                                               VI - visual information
VC - virtual channel (call) (circuit)                                                 VIA - vendor independent ASIS
VC - voice compressor                                                                 VIC - vehicular intercommunication
VC31 - and VC62 (Voice Compression) Server Modules - These modules                    VICS - VME Integrated Communications System
  encode and decode full duplex PCM voice circuits into 32 or 24 kbps
  ADPCM on a per channel basis. Used for international voice circuits, these          VIE - virtually integrated enterprise
  modules increase the voice-call capacity of trunks by compressing and               VIEWS - virtual interactive environment work space
  decompressing both Mu-Law and A-Law companded PCM voice circuits.
                                                                                      VIM - vendor independent messaging
VCC - virtual channel connection
                                                                                      VIM - versatile backplane bus INFOSEC module
VCC - voice communications circuit
                                                                                      VINCE - vendor independent network control entity

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VINSON - KY-57/-58                                                                       VR - virtual reality
VIP - very important person                                                              VRAM - video random access memory
VIP - visual information processor                                                       VRC - vertical redundancy check
VIPR - Virtual IP Routing                                                                VRD - virtual retinal display
Virtual Call ID - Device ID used to query interdomain calls after they leave the         VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling (Markup) Language
    origination domain and enter a transit domain or the destination domain.
    The virtual call ID consists of the node ID and a random card and port ID            Vrms - voltage root mean square
    The virtual call ID is assigned by the inbound gateway node in the domain.           VRU - voice response unit
    The call is assigned a virtual call ID for each domain it goes through.
                                                                                         vs - versus
Virtual Circuit - A virtual circuit is a communications link that appears to be a
    dedicated point-to-point link but is not. It delivers data packets in                VSA - vendor security analyst
    guaranteed sequential order just as they would be received over a point-to-
                                                                                         VSAL - very small aperture laser
    point circuit. The applications for virtual circuit packets include DS1 dialed
    digit packets and EIA signal information packets for synchronous data                VSAM - virtual storage access method
                                                                                         VSAT - Very Small Aperture Terminal
Virtual ISDN - An alternative to repeaters which uses a local Telco Switch to
    act as a repeater and which then sends the signal onto another switch                VSB - vestigial side band
    which supports ISDN. See also Repeater.                                              VSCS - voice switching and control system
VISN - Veterans Integrated Service Networks                                              VSE - virtual storage extended
VITS - video image tracking system                                                       VSEC - voice secure card
VIU - voice interface unit                                                               VSM - vestigial sideband modulation
VIXS - video information transfer system                                                 VSP - voice selection panel
VLAN - virtual local area network                                                        VSWR - voltage standing wave ratio
VLDB - very large database                                                               VT - virtual terminal
VLES - variable length execution sets                                                    VTAM - virtual telecommunications access method
VLF - very low frequency                                                                 VTC - Variable Transfer Complete
VLIW - very long instruction word                                                        VTC - video teleconferencing
VLM - very large memory                                                                  VTCM - Video Teleconferencing Module
VLM - virtual loadable modules                                                           VTF - video teleconference facility
VLSI - very large-scale integration                                                      VTGC - virtual trunk group clusters
VLSIC - very large-scale integrated circuit                                              VTI - Variable Transfer Initiate
VLWI - very long word instruction                                                        VTOA - Voice Telephony Over ATM
VM - virtual (machine) manufacturing                                                     VTP - Virtual Terminal Protocol
VME - versa module European                                                              VTR - video tape recording
VME - virtual memory extension                                                           VTS - vessel traffic system
VME - Versa Module Eurobus                                                               VTS - virtual terminal service
VMF - variable message format                                                            VTTYC - VDT Teletype Controller
VMLI - line interface card                                                               VTU - video teleconferencing unit
VMLI - VME DTA interface card                                                            VU - variable update
VMS - virtual memory system                                                              VUX - variable update X
VNMC - Video Network Management Center                                                   VV&A - verification, validation and accreditation
VOA - Voice of America                                                                   VxWorks - Realtime OS running on a Promina node.
VOCU - voice orderwire control unit
VOD - video on demand
VOFR - voice over frame relay
VOIP - voice over IP
VOX - voice operated transmission
                                                                                         W - watts
VOX - (Voice Operated Relay Circuit) Module - This module performs voice
  activity detection on 24 voice channels input through a DSP module when                W - weekly
  DSI compression is used. This module, along with the N.E.T. ADPCM and
  DSI modules, provides a speech compression method to increase the                      W - wire
  capacity of a multichannel trunk to transmit voice.                                    w/ - with
VOX - voice actuation, voice-operated transmission                                       W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
VP - virtual path                                                                        W4GL - workgroup 4GL
VPF - vector product format                                                              WA - West Atlantic
VPI - virtual path identifier                                                            WAAS - wide area augmentation system
VPN - Virtual Private Network                                                            WAATS - wide area assured transport service
VPRN - Virtual Private Remote Networking                                                 WABI - Windows application binary interface
VPT - Virtual Private Trunking                                                           WACK - wait acknowledgment
VQ - (Vector Quantization) - This is the voice compression algorithm for the             WACS - Wire and Cable Services (GSA/FTS)
  VCFAX module.
                                                                                         WAD-GNSS - wide area differential global navigation satellite system
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WADS - wide area data service                                                       WMS - workload management system
WAIS - Wide Area Information Server                                                 WOC - wing operations center
WAM - WWMCCS automation modernization                                               WOD - word of day
WAN - wide area network                                                             WODVD - word of day validity date
WAP - wireless application protocol                                                 Work Order - See Trouble Ticket.
WARC - World Administrative Radio Conference (Consortium)                           WORM - write once, read many
WARCOM - Warfare Command                                                            WOSA - Windows open services architecture
WARNORD - warning order                                                             WOTL - worldwide topographic loader
WARP - weight associate rule processor                                              WP - word processing
WARSIM - Warfighters Simulation                                                     WP - west Pacific
WATM - Wireless Asynchronous Transfer Mode                                          WPS - worldwide port system
WATS - wide-area telecommunications services                                        WRAP - Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Process (Army)
WAVE - wide-area voice exchange                                                     WS - workstation
Waveform Coding - Refers to the electrical techniques used to convey binary         WSP - workstation security package
  signals. In digital communication equipment, internal signals are typically
  bipolar, with either 100 percent (NRZ) or a 50 percent (RZ) duty cycle. On        WSP - workstation software package
  the external interface, digital waveform coding (line coding) must be             WSTI - Wide Area Surveillance Thermal Imagers (USAF)
  suitable for the application and the distance to be traveled.
                                                                                    WVS - World Vector Shoreline
WAVES - Waveform and Vector Exchange Specification
                                                                                    WW - worldwide
WAWS - Washington-area wideband system
                                                                                    WWAS - Wide-area Augmentation System
WB - wideband
                                                                                    WWMCCS - worldwide military command and control system
WBEM - Web-based Enterprise Management
                                                                                    WWW - World Wide Web
WBII - wide bandwidth information infrastructure
                                                                                    WX - weather
WCC - weapons control computer
                                                                                    WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
WCCS - Wing Command and Control System
WCG - workstation, computer graphics
WDL - waveform description language
WDM - wavelength division multiplexing
WE - write-enable
WECO - Western Electric Company                                                     X-INSUM - Executive Intelligence Summary
WEDI - workgroup for electronic data exchange                                       X-Bus - Used to connect the shelves on a Promina 800 node.
WF - waveform                                                                       X - subscriber or net traffic key
WGET - working group on encryption and telecommunications                           X.21 - A serial data interface for synchronous data popular in Europe. X.21
                                                                                       uses balanced data and unbalanced signal lines.
WHCA - White House Communications Agency
                                                                                    X.25 - A CCITT recommendation that specifies the interface between user data
WIC - workstation interface card
                                                                                       terminal equipment (DTE) and packet switching data circuit-terminating
WICP - Wing Initial Communications Package                                             equipment (DCE).

Wideband Circuit - A transmission facility having a bandwidth greater than          X/L - cross link
   that of a voice-grade line.                                                      XA - extended architecture
WIMPS - windows, icons, menus, printers, scroll bars                                xcvr - receiver
WIN - Warfighter Information Network                                                XCVR - tranceiver
WIN - wireless in building                                                          XDDCMP - External Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
WIN - WWMCCS intercomputer network                                                  XDR - extended data representation
WIN-T - Warfighter Information Network-Terrestrial/Tactical                         xDSL - generic (specialized) digital subscriber line
WIN - windows                                                                       XHMTL - extensible HTML
WINGS - Web Interactive Network of Government Services                              XID - transaction ID
WINS - windows Internet naming service                                              XIDB - Extended Intelligence Data Base
WIS - WWMCCS information system                                                     XMIT - transmit
WISP - Workstation Integrated Security Program                                      XML - Extensible Markup Language
WITS - Washington interagency telecommunications system (GSA/FTS)                   XMP - cross-management platform
WITS - wireless information transfer system                                         XMSN - transmission
WITS2001 - Washington interagency telecommunications system 2001                    XMT - transmit
                                                                                    XMTD - transmitted
WL - west Atlantic
                                                                                    XO - executive officer
WLA - wireline adapters
                                                                                    XPE - cross-platform environment
WLAN - wireless local-area network
                                                                                    XPG - X/Open Portability Guide
WLTU - wire line termination unit
                                                                                    Xport - External port on a DMD module.
WML - wireless markup language
                                                                                    XRF - extended recovery facility
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XSL - extensible stylesheet language
XT - crosstalk
XTACACS - Extended Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
XTC - external transmit clock
XTI - X/open transport interface
XTRA - extra
XVAR - X variable

Y/N - yes/no
Y2K - Year Two Thousand
Yellow Alarm - A yellow alarm indicates that the neighbor node has detected
   a red alarm condition.

Z - zulu time
Z - AKDC KEK, zeroize
Z - ALL zeroize all
Z - SEL selective zeroize
ZAK - zero administration kit
ZAW - zero administration windows
ZBTSI - (Zero Byte Time Slot Interchange) - A zero-suppression technique that
  involves buffering and addressing. The buffer holds 96 bytes (four D4
  frames). As the bytes enter the buffer, they are scanned. Any zero code
  detected is removed from the buffer and nonzero bytes fill the vacated
Zero Suppression - The elimination of insignificant zeroes to control the ones'
   density on a T1 line or T3 line.
ZFX - channel sequence number out of sequence
ZIF - zero insertion force
ZISC - zero-instruction-set computer
ZKG - Z-key generator
ZNP - Zero Knowledge Proof (security protocol)
ZR - zone restriction
ZRL - zone restriction list
ZSI - Zentralstelle fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Germany)
ZULU - Time Zone indicator for Coordinated Universal Time

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