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									What are the treatment of acne?

Acne treatment What?

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What are the treatment of acne?

really matter what type of acne , as long as the election of the acne products,
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acne, medicine is called “acne” is a common form of adolescent chronic
inflammation of skin and hair follicle sebaceous glands, a common dermatitis
but this is not everyone has a good understanding.

acne misunderstanding,

that after puberty naturally good, do not ignore it. It often bing length
indecent point. count data show that only 12% acne patients can self-healing,
delayed treatment make the disease worse, as the subsequent treatment
difficult, or even the skin will leave ugly scars.

acne errors 2,

hand constantly squeeze acne, squeeze that finished just fine. the hands of
the bacteria is very easy to make inflammatory deepen the pit into a large bag,
worse, increased levels of skin damage, leaving ugly scars and pigmentation .

acne errors 3,

face more than a day to be able to oil decontamination. face back a few too
many will make the skin more oil, more coarse pores. every day face twice with
warm water, can help the sebum secretion from the body.

acne Misunderstanding four,

palate, urge sympathy not festival, eating spicy spicy food, alcohol and
tobacco eating high-fat high-sugar foods such as fresh poultry meat; do not
like to eat vegetables and fruit, drink less, secretion is not smooth.
mediation subsistence habits and palate, urge sympathy habits, which can
effectively control acne, acne treatment benefit.

acne Myth,

adult acne is a skin surface of the difficult subject, just from the surface
solution. it looks like only a temporary solution, acne caused by repeated
seizures. To completely cure acne cream to be treated with drugs at the same
time, internal medicine, endocrine regulation of the human body in order to
achieve pumping Pay only boil the purpose of tackling the problem.

friendship and recommended treatment of acne recipe :

Gourmet Chinese Church homemade mask acne facial mask powder, medicine,
natural herbs, not add any other ingredients of chemical and hormonal status,
security, no side effects, no dependence. and cured with a variety of blood
spot, beauty skin care ingredients of Chinese medicine, not only for smallpox,
but also with beauty beauty, health, the function of the skin, suitable for
long-term application!

Gourmet Chinese Church acne mask powder with heat detoxification, and reducing
swelling, Blood Circulation Po Yu effect, to remove facial comprehensive
toxins, blood circulation, improve skin blood circulation, eliminate facial
black spots, which can effectively get rid of acne and pock. you can plunder
in Taobao about.

adolescent stage of rapid metabolism of spring comes the people, endocrine
strong, positive Piansheng heat, blood heat outside Yong, Yu body surface and
hair, the hot blood of the social dilemma of the so-called intrinsic. again
section and blood stasis with no difficulties palate, urge sympathy resistance.
This tool is not just acne when puberty only, there are many more than 30
years, more than 40 years of age and long this acne. but mostly the young Bale
Zhangdou Life Zhangdou pox after the invention of the idea of ??matter can not
be squeezed by hand, so much longer. can not always make up, because it looks
like the pores will be congestion. To avoid a tool can not eat spicy food,
seafood a pigment also try to eat less.

many young people, after eliminating inflammation in acne is still left many
dark brown or black prints, intractable diseases, and to the face and mental
patients have brought great harm to many young Young couples worry about this
and feel, depressed.
Why use so many drugs and methods, that annoying, unsightly acne lingering
impression is that it?

youth pox, acne, acne, blackheads medical name called acne. The fundamental
reason reason the incidence of acne is a skin metabolic activity of the
landing, accumulation of toxins in the blood, raising blood oxygen carrying
capacity of land, blood circulation is not smooth skin cells resulting in
patients not all right on the metabolism of oxygen and nutrients needed,
nothing damaged skin cells metabolic environment, coupled with facial skin
exposed, and a variety of bacteria, living material most likely to grow in the
damaged area, resulting in bacterial In addition to can not afford, do not net
off dead skin, toxins, bacteria are not ranked no such addition to Chen, the
vicious cycle of new drugs have added! table the combined effect of the facial
skin metabolic activity was landing, lost her self-purification function of
the self-cleaning , the skin is bound to surface irritation, acne [acne,
pimples, acne, blackheads] and a series of symptoms of loss of the United

Cystic acne is acne not suffering to the effective treatment of real-time
obvious symptoms, Since metabolic activity did not suffer from the skin to
improve the real-time, so that inflammation is increasing. At this stage, the
skin can accumulate within the sebaceous follicle a lot of pus, both pus,
bacteria, debris, sebum, and keratosis, have inflammatory infiltration.

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