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      Trapunto                                                                         8
J udy Beers from Sudberry Designs
  and representing Havels and Kandi
Corp. joined Sue with wonderful
                                        the eighties. In 2000, they saw an em-
                                        broidery machine sew cross stitch for
                                        the first time and they really took off!
cross stitch projects and a beautiful   The hand cross stitch designs that         Husqvarna Viking Sewing and
beaded trapunto technique! She be-      they produce were then digitized for       Embroidery Machine
gan by showing a number of different    machine embroidery as well.                Sudberry Holiday Watch Kit
projects from watches to purses!                                                   #1400002334
                                        The watches are special collections        Sudberry Bird Palaces #140002312
Judy shared how she got started in      designed to make reversible watch-
                                                                                   Sudberry Around the world in
the sewing industry. Her husband        bands. The new style includes a            Eight Balloons #140002507
was a frustrated corporate executive    slider watch that is included in the
                                                                                   Sudberry Animal Babies Spring
and wanted to start a business. She     Holiday Reversible Watchband Kit
                                                                                   Collection #140002509
loved needlework and he loved           Embroidery Design Collection.
woodworking so they began in their                                                 Beaded Trapunto Kit #140002510
basement making accessories for                                                    L’orna Decorative Touch Wand
needlework projects out of wood.                                                   #140001271
                                                                                   L’orna Crystals
They outgrew the basement and
                                                                                   Narrow Zipper Foot #412565745
moved to the garage, then progressed
to building a factory. Their business                                              Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Embroidery
included hand cross stitch designs in
                                                                                   Sulky Monofiliment Smoke Thread
                                                                                   Havels Scissors:
                                                                                   • Machine Embroidery Scissors
                                                                                   • Double Curved Embroidery
                                                                                     (small) #140000637
                                                                                   • Machine Embroidery Scissors
                                                                                     w/Large Loops #140000750
                                                                                   • Double Curved 3 1/2” w/Large
                                                                                     Loops #140000751
                                                                                   • Applique Scissors w/Large
                                                                                     Loops #140000752
                                                                                   • Ultra Pro Seam Ripper
                                                                                   • Ultra Pro Seam Ripper
                                                                                     Replacement Blades (6)

program 2208                                                                                                        45
Supply List (continued)
• Lace Trimming Scissors
• Lace Trimming Scissors Curved
• Stitch Cutting Scissors
• 6” Blunt Tip Ultimate Squeeze
  Scissors #140000882
• 6” Pointed Tip Ultimate Squeeze
  Scissors #140000884
                                      Several quilts on the wall showed
• Buttonhole Cutter #140000166        “Bird Palaces” and for the year of the
• Snip-eze 140000638                  dog, a collections with many of the
• Arrow Pointed 3-1/2” Curved Tip     different breeds. A series of belt kit
  Scissors #140000988                 collections can also be stitched on
                                      cuffs, collars and “sew” much more.
• Arrow Pointed 3-1/2” Straight Tip
  Scissors #140000989
• Small Multi-Angled Lace
  Trimming Scissors #140001012
• Double Curved Fine Tip Scissors
• Ultra Pro II (1 handle, 2 seam
  ripper blades, 2 buttonhole                                                  Another cute collection is Yummy
  knife blades) #140001338
                                                                               Bunnies! They are bunnies made
• Snip-a-stitch Snip Eze                                                       from fruit!
Sulky Metallic Thread
Hoop Ease
Appliqué Press Sheet #140000970
Watercolor or other decorative
fabric (see step # 1 following)
Organza                               Another new collection that was
Black tulle                           very popular was “Around the
                                      World in Eight Balloons”. Hot air
Sulky rayon variegated thread
                                      balloons from around the world
                                      featuring designs for eight different    Judy showed the beaded window
Sudberry design kit # K5030           countries. They can be stitched on       collection with samples stitched by
includes bead gravy
                                      garments or made into a mobile.          machine and by hand. Next she
Wright’s 4”decorative tassel pkg.     Judy had a great tip.                    showed a fun technique called
of 2 in black or navy                                                          beaded trapunto. Trapunto is em-
4mm and 5mm jet black hot fix         If you wind bobbins to match the top     broidery or quilting with a raised
crystals                              thread, and cut your jump stitches       surface. Usually it is done with
                                      carefully, you will have reversible      batting, but in this case, Judy is
                                      embroidery for the mobile.               using beads! But, the best part is
                                                                               they don’t have to be sewn on.

46                                                                                  America Sews with Sue Hausman
The special embroidery designs           Also purchase enough black tulle to
stitch an outline design leaving         fit your embroidery hoop. The size
several openings strategically           of the large butterfly is 138 x 234mm.
placed to insert the beads. Hoop         You will need “Hoop-ease” to fit
two layers of tulle. If you stitch the   your hoop.
design on the two layers of tulle
only, and insert it into a scarf or
garment, you have a beaded
window. If you place it onto a
garment or shawl, of a different
                                                                                             Judy Beers
fabric, you have beaded trapunto.
                                                                                  J  udy Beers is the co-founder of Sud-
                                                                                     berry House, a manufacturer and
                                                                                  distributor of unique accessories and
After the design is stitched onto the
fabric, you can trim away the tulle.                                              needlework designs. A love of
                                                                                  sewing from childhood led to a
Several types of Havels quality
                                                                                  degree from Syracuse University in
trimming scissors were demons-                                                    home economics/education and a
trated. The ones with the blunt tips     Square up the shawl fabrics.             teaching career. She has taught
were perfect for Sue because as she                                               classes to the needle arts and quilt-
said, this keeps her from poking a       If using contrasting fabrics, fold       ing industries at the National Needle
hole in the fabric. They also have       fabric in half diagonally and cut into   Arts     Association,    International
                                                                                  Needlework Retailer’s Guild, and the
large finger holes for Sue’s large       two pieces, and do the same for the
                                                                                  Spring and Fall Quilt Markets.
fingers.                                 other fabric (organza). In this case,
                                         you have enough fabric for two           She is enthusiastic about the art of
                                                                                  machine embroidery which has
Small trimming scissors with smaller     shawls. Cut one layer of tulle the
                                                                                  expanded the world of cross stitch
finger holes were Judy’s favorite.       size of your embroidery hoop.            embroidery. After the success of last
Havels makes a number of different                                                year’s “Beaded Window” combining
types of trimming scissors so there is   If using one fabric, roll in half        beads with embroidery, she is happy
sure to be one perfect for your          diagonally and roll up to hoop area      to introduce another new technique -
fingers, trimming style and project.     and pin to eliminate bulk.               beads and embroidery trapunto style
                                                                                  for the magical embroidery machines!

The shawl was the project that Judy      Place the outer hoop on a hard
shared with the viewers. Purchase        surface with the clamp side at the
1-1/4 yards of two different fabrics,    top as you are facing it. Place the
or one sheer fabric folded diagonally.   bottom pointed end of the organza
Judy used organza and a beautiful        as low as possible on the hoop, with
hand dyed rayon.                         the widest part of the fabric triangle
                                         so your butterfly design will em-
Instructions for Beaded                  broider right side up on the shawl.
Trapunto Shawl                           Place the tulle on top.

Purchase the same yardage as the         Center this “sandwich” (one fabric
width of the fabric you have             and tulle) by folding up the bottom
selected. (i.e. 45 inches of 45” width   corner to meet the center marks of
fabric) The smaller the width, the       the hoop. Next place “hoop ease”
smaller the shawl. You may use two       over all, (stabilizer is not needed)
layers of the fabric or one layer of a   then the top of the hoop, and tighten.
print and one of a solid organza as      Save the other piece of the cut fabric
we have done.                            for final assembly.

program 2208                                                                                                         47
     Roll and pin all excess fabric before   You can choose to insert the beads
     attaching hoop to machine.              directly from the tube or pour a
                                             small amount into a trimmed flexible
     Load design into machine. Make          straw and insert from there.
     sure the top of the design is on the
     correct side of the hoop! Turn off      Work the beads into the openings
     Selective Thread Cutter! Wind           with your fingers, until all areas are
     bobbin same color as top thread,        filled. The beads slide into place
     and thread machine.                     easier on a silky fabric. Some illus-
                                             trated samples had ultra suede as
     Stitch design, remove from hoop,        the base fabric, which made bead
     and then trim jump stitches on both     insertion a little slower.
     sides as this is translucent. (Do not
     trim tulle yet!)                        Do not use the cube beads in the
                                             trapunto designs. Save for another
     Note the two openings on the top        use later. If you do tear a hole in the
     sides of the butterfly. Insert black    tulle, repair with fray-check.
     beads into this area and blue beads
     into the opening on the bottom side     After beads are inserted, pin opening
     of the butterfly. Follow directions     and transfer to sewing mode. Attach
     below for bead insertion.               Narrow Zipper foot #412565745.
                                             Select a left needle position small
     Step-by-Step Instructions for           zig zag 2 width 3 length. Stitch the
     Insertion of Beads                      openings closed.

                                             Final Assembly
                                             After the bead openings are stitched
                                             closed, trim the tulle to within 3/8”
                                             of the design. The beads will stay in
                                             place. Use Havels curved scissors for
                                             best results.

     If your design does not have a
     digitized basting border around it,
     machine baste one inch out from the
     design on all four sides, leaving
     openings near the open areas for the
     beads. This is to prevent the beads
     from falling out onto the table and
     rolling to the floor.
                                             Crystals added the perfect finishing
     As a second tip, work over a piece of   touch. The Lorna Touch tool makes it
     paper folded in half to scoop up any    very easy to do. Work on a Teflon
     loose beads.                            Press sheet so that the glue doesn’t
                                             go through the tulle onto the table or

48                                               America Sews with Sue Hausmann
surface underneath. Sue likes to use
a mirror to pick up the crystals
because she can see the glue bubble
indicating that it is ready to be
placed on the garment.

Place the crystal right side up on
the mirror and pick up the crystal.
When the grey glue bubbles, place
on the embroidery with a quick
“tap” of the wand. Apply black
crystals in two sizes to the wings
of the butterfly design.

Press the layers of fabric smooth,
being careful of the bead, crystal &
tulle areas.

Place right sides together and pin all
three sides leaving an opening for
turning to right side. Stitch around
the raw edges with a 3/8” seam.

At the corners, stop, raise the presser
foot and turn bringing the thread
across, leaving an opening for the
tassels. Turn and press carefully. Stitch
the opening with a topstitch. Fold
back 3-1/2” of the print fabric on the
longest edge to form a pretty detail
around your shoulders, and tack.

Knot string ends of tassels and slide
into front corners and hand sew in
place. Hand sew bead cube to each
of the butterfly’s antennae.

Enjoy your beautiful shawl!

Sue made a pin our of one of her
embroidered butterfly designs by
snapping on her Narrow Zipper
Foot, choosing left needle position
zig zag at a narrow width. The
Narrow Zipper Foot allows you to
do a small zig zag right up close to
the beads! She then trimmed away
the organza and sewed a pin back
onto the butterfly.

program 2208                                49