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					Jinan University has no professional acne Zhangqiu shop

Similar to the University City store to open a professional acne, do not know
whether the risk of this university town close to shops? Business how?
Otherwise rent it expensive?

Fanghua pox, medically known as “acne” is a common chronic Fanghua hair
follicles of the sebaceous glands inflammation, but this common skin disease
is not everyone has a good familiarity.

treatment Fanghua pox misunderstanding, she explains that after a period of
naturally good, do not ignore it. This is a very wrong view. count data show
that only 12% of patients can self-healing Fanghua pox, delaying treatment
make the disease worse, for future treatment difficult, and even skin will
leave a scar shame.

Fanghua pox treatment errors II pox hand kept squeezing, squeezing that
finished just fine. hands of bacteria very easy to make inflammatory deepen
the pit into a large bag, worse, increased levels of skin damage, leaving a
shameful pigmentation and scars.

treatment Fanghua pox three errors every day for more than face able to oil
decontamination. wash your face too many times will make the skin more oil,
more coarse pores. face twice daily with warm water can help the sebum out of
the body.

Fanghua pox treatment errors 4, palate, urge sympathy not festival, eating
spicy spicy food, drinking, smoking cigarettes, eating high-fat high-sugar
foods such as fresh poultry meat; do not like to eat vegetables and fruit,
drink less, poor drainage. adjust living habits and palate, urge sympathy
habits, can effectively control Fanghua pox, is conducive to the treatment of
acne Fanghua.

treatment Fanghua pox Myth 5, long Fanghua pox is a problem of skin appearance,
just from the appearance processed. as can only be a temporary solution,
leading to another attack as anti-Fanghua pox. Fanghua to completely cure acne,
it must be treated with cream drugs in the same time, oral drugs, modulating
the secretion of human body in order to reach the bay for just boiling,
treating the symptoms of purpose.

recommended Rita acne tea, made from natural green plant, acne does not bounce
back into music, no side effects, easy to use, like every day with boiled
water. I used it back, not only acne is gone, not long back, that is, like
human skin all have a lot of red and smooth it.

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