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					?Adobe Elements, as the name suggests is in the product line of Adobe and is image
editing software. iPhoto is from Apple Inc. and is for Mac Operating Systems. This
also is an image organizing software.

Elements and iPhoto are not comparable programs though they share some common
features like the photo organizer, basic color correction and image correction features.

iPhoto is basically a photo organizer but Adobe elements is far more advanced and is
an image editing software itself. Moving through the huge album of photos and
making corrections to them is far easier in Adobe Elements than in iPhoto. Using
elements, you can composite the various images you have and combine them to form
one, or transform it to an entirely new one. If you just want to do the basic image
correction tasks, then iPhoto comes in handy. You can even use Adobe elements and
iPhoto together. In this case, using Adobe elements as your editor will be a better
choice. You can import the photos into iPhoto and edit it using Adobe elements. For
this you will have to set the option to ‘Edit' in External Editor in the iPhoto menu.
iPhoto is not that an expert tool for editing your photos. And if you are a professional
working with editing images, Adobe Elements is the right choice.

Adobe Elements has much more editing options that iPhoto as it is an editing software
and iPhoto has more organizing options. The organizing features of iPhoto are
keywords and non destructive editing. It is easy to use books and calendars in iPhoto.
Whereas the benefit of using Adobe Elements is that there are three ways of editing
images. The latest in the line, Adobe Elements 6 for Mac stands up to the expectations
of the users. It is aimed at both professional as well as amateur users. And it is
possible to use iPhoto along with Adobe Elements 6. Nowadays in some packages you
can purchase the iPhoto along with the Elements. In the package charge, you will find
that iPhoto is provided free of cost. This package can include Adobe Bridge and a raw
image converter also.

Apart from editing images, Elements provide lot of options in adding effects to the
images. This is not possible in iPhoto. Along with Elements comes the Bridge that
helps you to assign the metadata keywords to the images. In iPhoto you can add only
the proprietary keywords. Using Elements, apart from organizing your photos, you
can also share it by creating scrapbooks, online albums, and in many more creative
ways. Another drawback of iPhoto is that when you start using it, it sometimes
changes the folder structures you have created.

Also you cannot use Adobe Bridge and iPhoto together on the same images. This is
because the keywords and the metadata of the photos crash the iPhoto when viewing
these images using the program. And when you export the photos from the iPhoto, the
program writes the keywords and titles corresponding to the images in the respective
IPTC fields.
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