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Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials Comment On An Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Review


									?Consumer video editing with amazing automated assists, and advanced features...

Will consumers still need a video editing software in this age of "everything is free",
and when we can take short clips of our camera phones to post on YouTube? Well, yes,
there is still a place for photographing important events such as concerts and sports,
birthdays, and after spending some time creating fun movies to share with others.

So we need a video editing tool again? After all, the software has been updated with
the latest innovations in recent years, with support for HD video cameras (AVCHD,
HDV), the burning of Blu-ray Disc, and online distribution and portable devices.
What more do you need? Why do video editing with Adobe Elements?

Adobe's answer comes with the launch of the latest versions of its line of editing tools,
consumable items, 8 Premiere Elements (Windows only) and Photoshop Elements 8
(for Windows and Mac). They develop and expand the themes that Adobe have
developed in their organization from earlier on, more unified for editing photos and
video, enhanced automated tools for analysis and editing of multimedia clips, and a
greater connection to online resources - Online archive and share your creations

The price is unchanged: Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements August 8,
individually, are $ 100 or $ 150 in package. In addition, the update adds more online
storage (20-20 GB) and the constant supply of new tutorials, themes and works of art
for $ 150 each or package of $ 180. Getting organized with Adobe Elements

The biggest change in the eight elements is the promotion of elements of organizing
in a full stand-alone application that handles both photos and video. You can import
the media, make a simple adjustment of the photo and then share their material
directly from the organizer. Then switch to the full Premiere Elements or Photoshop
Elements, to the extent necessary for further editing.

The main objective of the Organization is to help organize your media to help find the
items you want to work. You can get articles about albums (albums and smart clips
that match the properties defined), a clip of the brand with the tag attributes of
keywords (people, places, events), and remembers well with clips rating stars.

Even better, Elements now make a lot of legwork for you with Auto-Scan. It
processes video clips and automatically applies smart tags to indicate characteristics
and quality, and that includes video focus, shake, contrast, motion, objects and faces,
and audio volume, music, and dialog. Similarly, People Recognition for photographs
not just finds faces in images, but prompts to learn their names, and then
auto-recognizes people in new images. The analysis can be confusing, for instance,
with some faces or moving objects, but on the whole it's very handy, and a lot quicker
than doing all of the work on your own.

By default, all Elements automatically analyzes your files and imports them into the
catalog, however, including performance, video analytics can have processing power,
so time to run. Self-analysis, therefore, works in the background from the Organizer
(and continues even if you close the application), but through analysis of specific clips
Premiere Elements takes care of the application until it is completed.

Did you enjoy this article? Need More Adobe Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials?
You Can Master Elements In 2 Hours! See For Yourself - - Take a Free Lesson!!!

Did you enjoy this article? Need More Adobe Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials ?
You Can Master Elements In 2 Hours! See For Yourself -
Take a Free Lesson!!!

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