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									Led to what the causes of myopia?

Cause the formation of myopia which of a number of reasons reason?

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one factor causing myopia wisdom for it? Genetic factors

is a kind of myopia on eye disease and genetic. myopic Genetic need someone to
answer on the topic of suffering from very early beginning, saying it
resembles. such as recessive inheritance, multifactorial inheritance; low
myopia as more genetic factors, height myopia as a single genetic factor; pure
myopia and pathological myopia is a small amount of autosomal dominant
inheritance, most of the number of recessive genetic pathological myopia.

Duke-Elder has long proposed role of heredity. 1. refractive errors can be
inherited; 2. the genetic characteristics of the decision passed by a number
of factors; 3. low and high refractive errors in the genetic different; 4.
refractive properties primarily by genetic rather than environmental factors;
5 . twins as research subjects are very important; 6. different types of
refraction have different genetic types; 7.

color autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive some people think. myopia twin
study found that heritability 0.58-0.91. Zadnik, etc. The results show that
the elucidation of the history of the parents and children myopic refractive
error than the relevance of the work of children over the interval with
refractive errors are closely related to feeling good. need someone to answer
the questions that children inherited the eye in great detail and form, while
other genetic factors may also be bent along their parents habits.

II, resulting in myopia factor is the wisdom for it? environmental factors

1. Near interval work, a lot of popular illness studies show that as the load
is nearly pure sake of the most important reason myopia. as the recent
negative pregnancy too close to the use of purse prolonged eye and near vision.
near the interval of work and the incidence of myopia and the development of
dose gradient effect. study found that students who read for a long time
reflects the prevalence of myopia than the students read a short time. read
and the more recent interval of working hours , the faster progression of
myopia (P
viewing posture will cause vision loss. read more recent interval, the neck
tilt greater. this position so that the reader closer to the view from the
surface by the head of the masking and dark, causing ipsilateral pupil
dilation, eye. little research in this regard, poor posture is not bound to
read the reason or reasons of myopia results.

three factors that cause myopia wisdom for it? eye factors

1. visual deprivation, the nature of the first cataract, ptosis, corneal
lesions, after crystal fiber hyperplasia optic neuropathy, etc., can induce
myopia, known as the “visual deprivation myopia.” inference of the eyelids
cover infant axial myopia caused by a mechanical effect or the result of
thermal effects, and not the result of abnormal visual input. 2. cornea
strange , strange and myopic corneal obvious connection. corneal opacity
associated with myopia is a widespread signs of the disease are mainly seen in
the early years, and more reflected a high degree of myopia. corneal
astigmatism on the incidence of myopia, the development of meaning is also
very definitely. 3. Retinopathy , retinitis pigmentosa, what was the majority
of myopia, reason unknown reason.

generally agree that the current ratio of forces: the main reason lead to
myopia reason there are two:

of the environmental theory: the same recent interval with excessive load on
the eye.

Second, genetics, said: multifactorial inheritance with a certain association.

It was also thought that the incidence of myopia is above two factors with the
result, both level set out the proportion of 6:4 or 4:6.

present, there are witnesses out, the incidence of myopia, and also on such
factors: visual deprivation, too little protein intake, nutrition quality,
lack of certain trace elements, environmental pollution (such as phosphorus),
eye congestion is not a long time (as the recent work of the first bit too
forward) and so on.

However, these factors may lead to short-sighted reasons attributable to why,
can be both a work alone, it could be integrated work. However, myopia is
simply not clear cut reason reason until now. So, in today

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