ADO and ADO.Net In Dot Net by iupon13


									?Past is ADO and now in present is day of ADO.Net so it is true that there may be
some advance features that are disadvantages in past. Because it is as usual that new
version must have some features that are not in past one.

Now comes on the topic ado and there is difference in architecture and some
method of data sharing and also in representation of data in application. ADO uses
recordset to present data that retrieved from tables on the This work is done
through Dataset. Ado Contains data from single table. And to get data from more then
one table is done through the help of join. Join query helps in getting data from more
then one table. Where dataset contains data from more then one table means we can
put more then one table in dataset. Dataset is just like a basket. One additional feature
of dataset is it has ability to contain relationship between tables and also take
constraints on a table.

Another difference is that ADO is read only and it does allow data sequentially row
by row. But in data can be taken from any row. We can access records by
using primary key index we can also filter and sort results. In ADO.Net we connect to
database retrieve and update data retrieve records from a database and then copy them
into a dataset and after this disconnect from database. ADO is designed for connected
security. In ADO.Net we can communicate with database using Data Adapter or a
Data reader.

We use COM marshaling in ADO to transfer from recordset from one component to
another. But in ADO.Net we transfer

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