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Additional Services Offered By Oakland Self Storage Companies


									?Apart from the regular storage facilities that Oakland self storage companies
typically offer, they also have a wide range of additional services like organizing the
shipping of your belongings, insuring them, helping you with moving and packing
supplies, and truck rental facilities. This not only makes the process of moving items
to your store unit easier but also ensures that you have professional help all the way.
And these facilities are even available independently to those who are not using the
Oakland self storage units. Read on to find out more about these services.


 If you have items that you want to be shipped to a different part of the country or
elsewhere in the world, you can bring them along to the storage facility so as to have
them packed and shipped. If the items are within your store unit then the facility will
help you locate and remove them to the packing center as well. All the material you
need for the packing as well as getting the shipping organized through DHL or FedEx
will be taken care off along with the follow up needed to ensure that your shipment
has been delivered. This service thus ensures that you do not need to worry about
anything once you have outsourced it to the Oakland self storage company.


 Insurance is mandatory for everyone using the storage facilities on site. And in case
you do not have an insurance policy in place, you can make use of the one offered by
the store company that comes with a whole lot of benefits. If you obtain your
insurance via the storage company then they will take full responsibility for your
belongings during the time they are stored on the premises. You might also be able to
get some discounts on the rent and a reduction in the premium you pay in some cases.
Therefore ask your store manager for more details about this to ensure that you do not
miss out on a good opportunity.

 *Moving Supplies

 From shipping boxes, bubble wrap, foam sheets, peanuts to packing paper, you can
get all the material you need to pack and move your belongings right at the very
Oakland self storage facility itself. This helps in saving time and the effort of having
to organize it separately as well as ensures that you get it at the best quality needed to
protect your belongings. Many facilities also offer discounts so you can be sure that
what you are buying is at a very good rate.
 *Rental Trucks

 If you need to move large items to and from your store unit, then the store company
can help you organize this by providing you with a large truck and assistants. And
these assistants can help you not only with the moving but also with the packing of
the items safely to ensure that they do not get damaged.

 Thus, with all these extra services that most Oakland self storage companies offer, it
comes as no surprise that there is so much demand for them. All this therefore brings
us to the point that you should make an immediate booking if you are interested in
any of these. You do not want to be disappointed if they are already all booked up.

Oakland self storage comprises traditional storehouses, climate-controlled storerooms,
and vehicle storing units that are available in a range of sizes to meet the varying
customer requirements.

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