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Vivaldi worksheet


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4th Grade Music The Great Composers – Antonio Vivaldi Over the next several weeks, we will be studying and listening to the music of the great composers. I want you to be able to think about what it was like to be a composer back in the time of these great musicians, and listen to the music they wrote. Without their music, we would not have the muasic that we have today. As we go through this study of Vivaldi, fill out the answers to the questions below. This will be collected at the end of class. 1. Where was the city that Vivaldi spent most of his time? What is famous about that city?

QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompress or are needed to see this picture.

2. What did Antonio Vivaldi’s father want Antonio to do?

3. What was Vivaldi’s first job?

4. What did Vivaldi teach at his first job?

5. What were some of the strange things about Vivaldi’s performances with his orchestra?

6. What was Vivaldi’s nickname?

7. What was one sin that Vivaldi definitely struggled with?

8. Listen to Vivaldi’s most famous piece The Four Seasons and see if you can see which season is which by describing how each one sounds in the circles below. Feel free to also draw pictures if they help you in listening to the music.

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