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Actuated Valves


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									?Valves are used in a huge number and range of different items to control the flow of
liquid or air. The most common way for the flow to be controlled is through the use of
a disc with a hole in it which can either be manually turned or operated or automated
using an actuator which forces the valve to open or close. Actuated valves may be run
pneumatically, using an electric motor, or using hydraulic pressure. What's more, you
can also choose from a range of different actuated vale types such as stainless steel or
PVC while some valves are designed to operate a single pipe and others include
several holes to control multiple pipes.

How Actuated Valves Work

Typically, actuated valves work in a similar manner. A disc inside the valve has one or
more holes in it and when the disc is in such a position that the hole allows fluid or air
to run through it then it is considered open. Once the disc is turned or moved the valve
is closed. Multiple holes may be used to control multiple pipes so that a different pipe
or pipes can be left open while others are closed. How the actuated valves will be
used will determine the most appropriate valve disc design.

Automated Operation

Manual valves require manual operation. Somebody must turn or operate the valve in
order to change it from open to closed or vice versa. However, actuated valves are far
more common. Actuated valves rely on an actuator to automatically open or close the
valve in question. Actuators may be hydraulic, pneumatic, or controlled by an electric
motor. The type of system in which the actuated valve will be used is likely to
determine the type of actuator that is employed.

Actuated Valves

Actuated valves are used in everything from home toilets to industrial machinery and
systems. This wide variation in their potential use is the reason for so many options in
terms of valve design and actuator style. It is also the reason for valves being made
from so many different materials and in various different

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