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					?Acronis, Inc. is an international computer software company that specializes in
dealing in the area of computer backup, disaster recovery, bare metal restore, system
deployment and storage management in both Windows and Linux systems.

Acronis, the company, was founded at the end of 2000, and it is a privately held

Acronis originally focused on disk partitioning and boot loader software, and they
later moved towards backup and disaster recovery by utilizing disk imaging

Their flagship product line was Acronis True Image until 2009, at which time it was
replaced in the corporate environment by Acronis Backup & Recovery 10.

Acronis provides backup, disaster recovery, and partitioning software for both the
home, and small and medium enterprises. The core focus of Acronis software is
working with disk blocks, which provides the technology for additional products such
as system deployment and disk partitioning.

Consumer product technologies

* PC data backup and restore
* Disk cloning and data migration
* Disk imaging software
* Partitioning software
* Hard drive recovery and disk booting

Corporate products solutions

* System deployment
* Database backup and restore
* Disaster recovery
* Data center migrations
* Bare metal recovery
* Reducing storage space
* Virtualization
* Continuity planning

Enterprise products overview

In early 2010, Acronis released Backup & Recovery 10 program (ABR), which
replaced their previous flagship product, True Image Echo. ABR provides disaster
recovery, backup and storage management solutions, and covers the following range
of products:
* Server versions: Advanced Server, Virtual Edition, SBS Edition, Server for
Windows, Server for Linux
* Acronis Backup & Recovery for Workstations

Disk management and other specialty products:

* Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange,
* Acronis Recovery for MS SQL Server
* Acronis Disk Director 10.0
* Acronis Drive Cleanser 6.0*
* Acronis Snap Deploy 3

Acronis backup software is without a doubt the fastest way to backup your entire hard
drive which can literally be done in just minutes.

Even a hard drive with hundreds of gigabytes of information can be backed up on a
single disk and used to completely restore the hard drive or a new hard drive in case
of a crash or complete meltdown.

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