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					About Us
                                                                                       Bostik is a worldwide company with over 4,000

                                                                                       employees, 48 production facilities and sales

                                                                                       operations in 45 countries across 5 continents.

                                                                                       Bostik’s parent company is Total, a 246

                                                                                       billion dollar multi-national company.

            A world leader
Construction & Industrial Business Unit                                 Nonwovens/Tape & Label Division

The Construction & Industrial Business Unit serves the following        Bostik, Inc’s Nonwoven and Tape & Label Division offers best-
marketplaces: Flooring Installation Systems, Construction               in-class formulation expertise to bring continual innovation to
Sealants and Adhesives, Rigid Packaging, Insulated Glass and            the Baby Care, Adult Care, Feminine Hygiene, Tape, and Label
Industrial Distribution.                                                markets. As a global division, the Nonwovens area focuses on
                                                                        leveraging global experience and learnings to bring superior
We are America’s most experienced manufacturer of flooring               elastic attachment, construction, pad attachment, and wetness
installation products for tile, stone, hardwood, carpet and vinyl.      indicator technologies to both global and local Nonwoven
Our expertise, customer service and technical support ensure prompt     clients. Serving North, Central, and South America, the Tape
delivery of the right products for the job. Product categories within   & Label Division continues to build on growth by innovation
this area include: ceramic tile grouts, mortars, waterproofing/anti-     in key market segments. The Nonwoven/Tape & Label Division
fracture membranes and mastics, hardwood adhesives, moisture va-        brings years of marketplace experience with expert sales and
por membranes, underlayments, and patches, as well as adhesives         support staff providing Value Beyond the Product.
for floor covering such as carpet, vinyl, resilient, rubber, VCT and
laminate flooring.

We have engineered products for specific construction applications
for both the commercial and residential markets. Our adhesives and
sealants consist of unique, construction, architectural grade and
hybrid formulas that offer strength, durability and long-lasting

Bostik’s Industrial adhesive market, which includes Window
and Door, Rigid Packaging, Insulated Glass and MRO Products,
focuses on a regionally appropriate core product line while
offering superior technical service and support to bring Value
Beyond the Product.
in adhesives
Transportation Global Division                                           Flexible Laminating

Bostik has a long-standing partnership with the Automotive and           The Flexible Lamination Global Business Unit com-
Transportation sectors, offering a complete range of adhesives and       bines the well-known and established technology
sealants for all stages of vehicle production, component manufac-        of Herberts Adhesives in polyurethane and polyes-
ture, assembly and aftercare. Bostik adhesive systems are engi-          ter systems with the highly recognized expertise in
neered for strength, durability, and styling aesthetics – all critical   TURBO-SEAL and NIP-WELD cold seal adhesives and the excep-
requirements in contemporary vehicle design and assembly.                tional value of Vitel copolyester resins. Bostik offers its know-
                                                                         how to the Flexible Lamination industry with the widest range
Our adhesives satisfy the demands of automotive manufacturers for        of products.
elasticity, tortional stiffness, temperature and weather resistance,
adhesion to dissimilar materials, and minimal surface preparation.       For Flexible Packaging, we offer solventless 100% solids and
                                                                         solvent-based laminating adhesives for simple snack food pack-
We provide a full range of products designed for the production          aging to high performance systems for retortable and chemical
of trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, trains and     resistant applications. We offer heat seal coatings for PET film
tramways, coaches and buses.                                             for ovenable and microwavable trays; we offer heat seal sys-
                                                                         tems for lid stock for a variety of applications; and we offer cold
Applications include side panel bonding, roof bow construction,          seal adhesives for high speed packaging machines.
windshield and side glass installation, luggage compartment and
door assembly, as well as interior trim.                                 In industrial converting, our adhesives systems are used in
                                                                         demanding applications such as bonding film to fiber and film
                                                                         to cloth of sail cloth; bonding film to film for window film or
                                                                         photovoltaic films; or bonding film to foils in a variety of elec-
                                                                         tronic applications.

                                                                         Our philosophy is to establish a partnership with our customer’s
                                                                         technical team.
              BOSTIK USA

BOSTIK UNITED STATES                               BOSTIK AMERICAS                                          BOSTIK INTERNATIONAL

C&I BUSINESS UNIT HEADQUARTERS                     BOSTIK CANADA                                            BOSTIK NETHERLANDS B.V.
211 Boston Street | Middleton, MA 01949            4565 Boulevard Metropolitain East                        5201 AH’s-Hertogenbosch
P: 978.777.0100 | F: 978.750.7802                  Montreal, Quebec | CANADA H1R 1Z4                        P: (31) 73 6 244 244 | F: (31) 73 6 244 344
E: contactus@bostik-us.com                         P: 514.593.0418 | F: 514.593.0413
                                                                                                            BOSTIK AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.
BOSTIK AMERICA HEADQUARTERS                        BOSTIK MEXICO                                            51-71 High Street | Thomastown, Victoria 3074 Australia
11320 Watertown Plank Road | Wauwatosa, WI 53226   Esfuerzo Nacional 2 | Fracc Alce Blanco                  P: 61(3)9279.9207 | F: 61(3)9279.9240
P: 414.774.2250 | F: 414.479.0645                  Naucalpan de Juarez | Edo de Mexico CP 53370
                                                   P: 011 +52 55 2122 7250 | F: 011 +52 55 5358 2215        BOSTIK FRANCE: WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT                                                                                      Immeuble Iris - La Defense 2 | 92062 Paris La Defense
701 Veterans Circle | Warminster, PA 18974         BOSTIK BRASIL                                            Cedex, FRANCE
P: 215.957.0690 | F: 215.957.0716                  Rua Wilhelm Winter, 80 Distrito Ind |13213-000 Jundiai   P: (33) 1 47 96 94 65 | F: (33) 1 47 96 96 90 11320
                                                   São Paulo, Brasil
MANUFACTURING LOCATIONS                            P: 011 55 11 3622-1999 | F: 011 55 11 3621-4455
 Calhoun, GA
 Conyers, GA                                       BOSTIK ARGENTINA
 Greenville, SC                                    Mayor V. Bergamini 1545 | B1686H11 Hurlingham
 Louisville, KY                                    Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Middleton, MA                                     P: 011 54 11 4662 2374 | F: 011 54 11 4662 2378
 Paulsboro, NJ
 Temecula, CA
 Wauwatosa, WI

C300 102109

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