ACN - Success Tips To Reach TC In 6 Months by iupon13


So, you are now officially a ACN Distributor and your doors are now open for
Business. Congratulations on the decision to take your financial future into your own
hands. You have just separated yourself from the hundreds of millions of others
around the world that only talk about starting their own Home Based Business. You
are obviously a person of action, ready to create a new future for yourself and your

To archieve success with ACN you will have to master those 3 steps :

#1 - Learn a System
#2 - Teach the System
#3 - Teach how to teach the System.

When you commit to these three equations in the Formula for ACN Success, you will
be well on your way to success.

To complete this step, you must fix yourself the goal of becoming an ETT in the first
month. To do so, you must Believe in Network Marketing (MLM), Believe in ACN
and Believe in Yourself.

You must take action.
If Motivation > Fear = Action
IF Motivation

Alright, now that you understand the system teach by your mentor and that you have
reach some lebel of success with it, it is time to teach to your new propect so they can
duplicate what you did. Take time to teach, teach the system, teach what allows you to
move over. And remember that from a leadership prospective: This is a teaching and
training business; therefore, to become a successful leader, you must learn how to
teach and train. If a leader gives 110% he can expect 110% from his members, lead by
exemple, not by fancy words. If you can understand and master this step in your first
3 months in the ACN business you will reach the ETL position.


Now to get your financial independance, you must move to Team Coordinator(TC).
To do so, you will need to teach to your propect how to teach the system to their new
prospect. By doing this, you are going to convert your propect into leader that can
duplicate exactly what you did.

Remember that whatever happen throught your ACN Success trip, you be stay
focused and consistent. Let's take a hockey player as an exemple. Every hockey
players goal is to reach the NHL, and to archieve this goal they must pratice everyday
until the get call from their farm team. But if they get injury, they must start all over to
get back at the top. It is the same thing with ACN. If you stop for 1 month, your team
momentum will drop and you will have to start your business all over.

Now you are probably telling yourself : Alright all this stuff is right but what is the
best system that I should learn and teach ? Well I asked myself the same question
when I started with ACN and I got 3 months of frustation before I found the best
duplicable system. The system that I putted in place will train your new prospect on
the auto-pilot so you can build trust with your prospect without spending hours with
them. Your prospect will learn how to successfully market ACN, attrack people to
them, make good follow up and sponsor new reps. This simple duplicable system will
dramatically increase your ACN Success. It is very important that you have a team
system in place, otherwise all your new reps will quit the business in the first 3
months and you won't be able to grow quickly.

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