170110-210110+7C by niusheng11


									                               “Week-At-A-Glance” Lesson Plan

Name: Mrs. McILroy          Subject: Drama           Week of 17.01.10-21.01.10
Grade: 7C

            Major           Outline of Instructional              Assessment             Homework
            Theme           Activities                            Activities /
            Topic or                                              Instruments
  Sunday    Mime (fear)         1.    Circle – what are you                              Collect
 Lesson 8                            most afraid of and why?                             previous week’s
                                     (share) or wink murder or                           homework
                                     keeper of the keys.
                                2.   Group divided into two
                                     (A’s and B’s). All A’s in
                                     line of one side of space.
                                     B’s sit and watch. A’s
                                     mime whilst walking
                                     towards B’s, carrying
                                     various objects – a full
                                     glass of water; hot cup of
                                     tea; dead mouse; etc.
                                     Swap with B’s repeating
                                     the task.
                                3.   Whole class mime seated
                                     around the room. Contact
                                     lenses; waiting at the
                                     dentist/doctor; trying to
                                     get rid of an insect; etc.   Some scenes
                                4.   Individual improvisation     performed: feedback
                                     following teacher’s          from teacher and
                                     instructions (horror film)   class
                                5.   Pair work. Improvise a
                                     scene where you explore
                                     a deserted house (not
Wednesday   Mime                1.   Warm up game for
Lesson 6    (painters and            concentration and focus.
            decorators)         2.   Discuss of what we           Questioning in order
                                     learned last lesson.         to access overall
                                3.   Improvisation in groups      understanding
                                     of four. One boss and
                                     three workers (one not
                                     very bright; one very
                                     conscientious; one afraid
                                     of the boss). The boss is
                                     lazy. Teacher explains
                                     what actions to express.
                                4.   Same groups, slightly        Some scenes
                                     different characters (rich   performed: feedback
                                     couple and a painter and     from teacher and
                                     decorator). Teacher          class
                                     explains a possible
                                     scenario to create.
                                5.   Reactions.
Thursday   Mime   1.   Warm up.
Lesson 6          2.   Show some scenes from
                       the previous lesson.
                  3.   Mime instructional video
                       and discussion.
                  4.   Writing notes on mime.     To be marked for   Complete mime
                       What is mime? What         folders            questions
                       must an actor pay
                       particular attention to
                       whilst performing mime?

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