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									                         Live in Sixteenth Century by Choosing Medieval Clothing

It is a universal fact that fashion always repeats itself. The fashion that used to be there in the old days is
coming back and people also take interest to wear this style. Further, people are also involved in
bringing old traditions and fashions in the present. This is the reason renaissance festival is celebrated
till date with great passion. People dress themselves in traditional styles and in numerous characters
from the past. Those who want to attend the fair must know certain things in advance. Talking about
women pirate shirts, costumes, dresses and medieval clothing fashion is unlimited and it never ends.

If a woman needs to characterize as a royal princess then, she can go for a satin dress with drooping
sleeves and satin lining inside. In the front there will be square neckline and gold trim. Footwear can be
golden or black in color. Besides this, one can also choose to be female pirate that includes skull like
looks with embellishments, a sword and belt buckle. Another alternative is to choose a peasant
costume. It can be green bodice with laces in front and black strings. For this the lady can purchase a
peasant skirt separately. Footwear that will go with this can be black shoes that are closed or have a lace
and eyelets in the front for greater impact. Ladies can also choose to wear wings to represent a fairy,
angel or bats.

The choices for renaissance costumes for renaissance festival celebration are endless. Men can wear a
collared shirt with long black sleeves and silver buttons in the front. It will definitely stop the heartbeat
of many ladies out there in the festival. Pair it with black cotton pants having matching drawstrings. Now
for the footwear go for flap folds over the ankles. Footwear is the most viewed part of the dressing style.
If everything is perfect but footwear is not adding luster then the look of renaissance fest would not be
complete. To add hot appeal, one can choose to wear high leather boots.

Renaissance clothing for male and female comes in huge variety at most reasonable prices. No matter
whatever is the style one has chosen for the festival, renaissance outfits always showcase a person as
attractive and somewhat different from the crowd. Renaissance festival is best source to live in the
sixteenth century and by dressing just like people of that era. One can shop from the numerous online
shopping sites that bring renaissance medieval costumes latest design and style.

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