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					Captivate 201: HotShot
Level:      Advanced
Duration:   2 Days
Time:       10 AM - 5 PM
Cost:       £497 ex VAT

  Question Pools
  Widgets, buttons & preloader
  Advanced interaction
  Advanced interaction with Flash
  Image editing with Photoshop

  Imagine how understanding how to use Captivate’s advanced features will revolutionise
  the way you work. Take your Captivate skills to the next level.

  Adobe Captivate hands-on training provides students with the knowledge and hands-on
  practice they need to develop and build software demonstrations and interactive
  simulations with Captivate. In addition to learning key concepts, students also learn best
  practices for creating and publishing Captivate projects.

Who is this course for?
  This course is for intermediate Captivate users who would like to create software
  demonstrations and interactive simulations. Captivate appeals to a wide variety of
  audiences, typically grouped in training and education, sales and marketing, or technical
  support and documentation.

Assumed Knowledge
  It is assumed you have already taken the Adobe Captivate 101 Rookie class with Academy
  Class or have the equivalent experience. Please check the course content from the 101
  class to make sure you are fully prepared. While we will make every reasonable effort to
  help, students with insufficient skills may be required to observe the class lessons or do
  their best to keep up without slowing down the rest of the class.

What you will learn
  * importing & Branching
  * advanced Actions
  * question Pools
  * learning Management Systems
  * accessible Projects
  * project and Design Templates
  * variables, widgets & buttons

  Question Pools

  •   create a question pool
  •   add questions to a question pool
  •   insert random question slides
  •   use the question pool manager

  Widgets, buttons and preloader

  • insert widgets to enhance the project
  • create custom buttons using Photoshop and Captivate
  • insert a preloader into the project

  Advanced interaction

  •   add document information for use with system variables
  •   create & insert system variables
  •   create & user system variables
  •   using variables to gather data
  •   create advanced Interactions
  •   create multiple interactions
  •   object Visibility
  •   named items
  •   text entry boxes for user input
  •   create project navigational buttons
  •   writing scripts
  •   attach a Script to a Slide

  Advanced interaction with Flash

  •   customise Captivate widgets
  •   create interactive navigational buttons
  •   create advance image map navigation
  •   inserting a Flash animation that contains ActionScript 3
  •   create Flash animations for inclusion into Captivate

  Image editing with Photoshop

  •   create importable slide layouts with Photoshop
  •   edit slide backgrounds
  •   create custom buttons using correct naming conventions
  •   adding Alpha channels

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