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									                 Heating with Biomass

                                                          Automated Boiler Systems

                                                          for Commercial, Industrial,

                                                          Communal, and Residential

                 8 000 kW Mt Lehman Greenhouse Ltd.

        840 kW      200 kW           300 kW           400 kW   500 kW   1 000 kW   1 650 kW   2 200 kW   840 kW Steam
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F u e l s
                      BINDER – Sophisticated Boiler Systems





                                                          Combustion Systems →                                                                    Combustion Systems →

                                             Sander dust                                                                         Bark

                                                                                                                                 Shreds from packing, building or
                                             Sawmill shavings
                                                                                                                                 demolition wood
                                             Shavings from planing and
B i o m a s s

                                                                                                                                 Energy crops, chaffed
                                             milling, briquets
                                             Wood wastes from furniture                                                          Pomace and other residues from
                                             making etc.                                                                         food processing, etc.
                                             Woodchips, forestal                                                                 Wood pellets
                                             Arboricultural wood residues                                                        Industrial wood pellets
                                             Woodchips, cut-offs, industrial                                                     Peat pellets, agro-pellets

                      Upon request, we would be pleased to individually test your fuel at BINDER‘s own firing laboratory.
S y s t e m s

                                  EBF – Injection burner                                     RRF – Solid retort burner                       SRF-S – Moving grate burner
                                      with stoker auger                                      with underfeed stoker auger                        with horizontal stoker auger
                      For dusty kinds of fuel:                                   For low-ash fuels:                                   For wet, high-ash fuels:
                      • up to max. 15 % moisture content                         • up to max. 30 % moisture content                   • up to max. 55 % moisture content
S t o k e r

                      • ash content ≤ 1 %                                        • ash content ≤ 1 %                                  • ash content > 1 %
                      Dependent on the required heat capacity, the cor-          • for granulated fuels up to size class G100*        • for granulated fuels up to size class G100*
                      rect amount of fuel is fed from the dosing silo,           Fuel is metered from beneath into the solid boil-    Fuel is metered into the combustion chamber from
                      swirled into the combustion chamber by means of a          er retort by means of an underfeed stoker auger.     the front by means of a large stoker auger and then
                      high-pressure fan and then lit by the burner nozzle.       Supply may be either from front or from the sides.   distributed along the chamber by the reciprocating
a n d
C o m b u s t i o n

                              SRF-H – Moving grate burner                            PRF – Solid retort burner for pellets                   TSRF – Moving grate burner
                                  with hydraulic stoker ram                                  with underfeed stoker auger                                   for dry fuels
                      For wet, high-ash fuels:                                   • for wood pellets                                   • for pellets made of wood or peat, agro-pellets
                      • up to max. 55 % moisture content                         Pellets are metered from beneath into the solid      • for dry fuels up to max. 25 % moisture content
                      • ash content > 1 %                                        boiler retort by means of an underfeed stoker au-    • ash content > 1 %
                      • for coarse and shredded fuels up to size class           ger. Supply may be either from front or from the     Fuel is metered into the combustion chamber from
                        G150* (with slivers up to 35 cm long)                    sides.                                               the front by means of a stoker auger and then dis-
                      Fuel is metered into the combustion chamber from                                                                tributed along the chamber by the reciprocating
                      the front by means of a horizontal hydraulic ram and                                                            grates.
                      then distributed along the chamber by the recipro-
                      cating grates.

                      *)…Size class specifications depend on the kind of fuel used and are for guidance only.

    Josef BINDER Maschinenbau u. Handelsges.m.b.H.                                                                                                           Subject to technical alteration.
    Mitterdorferstr. 5 • 8572 Bärnbach • Austria                                                                                                                Images are indicative only.
    Tel: +43 3142 22544-0 • Fax: +43 3142 22544-16
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Optimised for Your Needs

                                                                                                                                Heat ex-

Type                                    Nominal Capacity in kW



                                                                                                        Combustion Systems →

                    10 kW                    100 kW                  1 000 kW                   10 000 kW                      C…also available as containerised system,
                                                                                                                                 (*) with standard container

                                                                                                                                                                                    S u p p l y
                                                                                                                                                                                    S y s t e m s

    PS – Pellets auger               KA – Sweep arm                SS – Tapered sweep              WS – Horizontal sweep                    SBA – Push floor
                                           agitator                         auger                            auger
• with adjustable pressure re-   • for granulated fuels up to    • for silos accessible from      • for silos accessible from          • for coarse and shredded fuels
  lief device for rectangular      size class G100*                the bottom with a diameter       the bottom with a diameter           up to size class G150*
  bunkers                        • for storage heights* up to      of up to 7 m                     of up to 10 m                        (with slivers up to 35 cm long)
• suitable for the transport       20 m using pressure re-       • for granulated fuels up to     • for granulated fuels up to           upon hydraulic supply
  and bunker discharge of          lief cover                      size class G100*                 size class G100*                   • upon auger supply up to size
  wood pellets                   • also available in FK design   • for storage heights* up        • for storage heights* up              class G100*
                                   for smaller bunkers with        to 20 m                          to 30 m
                                   lower storage heights
*)…Size class specifications and storage heights are for guidance only, as they depend on the actual kind of fuel and design variant.
   Beware of bridging which might occur on a storage height that exceeds twice the silo width.

BINDER – A One-Stop Shop
As a systems supplier, BINDER provides and installs              • fully-fledged containerised boiler systems
complete boiler systems – from the fuel container to             • control systems, from the boiler control downstream
the stainless-steel chimney, from the accumulator                  to network control
tank to the fully-fledged, mobile and containerised               • transport systems for fuels and ash
heating centre – with all the components produced                • fuel storage containers, accumulator tanks, stain-
and tested in-house.                                               less steel chimneys, shredders, etc.
    Start – and Have Heat Generated
    Around the Clock
     The BINDER range of biomass boilers sets a benchmark for                                                          “Ease-of-use and the level of main-
     convenience and comfort in handling:                                                                              tenance are comparable to conven-
                                                                                                                       tional oil fired boiler systems. The
     • automated de-ashing*                                                                                            only difference is an extra two or
                                                                                                                       three fuel deliveries per heating pe-
     • automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger*                                                                       riod, and even those could be trig-
     • computer based capacity/combustion control* and accumulator                                                     gered automatically.”
       tank management*
     Start the boiler and have heat generated around the clock – with                                                  Mayor Franz König,
     only bi-annual servicing for routine inspection and cleaning.                                                     municipal 500 kW pellet boiler

    High Overall Efficiency Across the Output Range Clean Emissions
    BINDER boilers achieve efficiency ratings of over 92 percent1 with             BINDER boilers are ‘carbon-neutral’ systems with low pollution
    woodchips.                                                                    levels for NOx, CO and particulates well within the limits. As a re-
    • The CVP control package* gives fully modulating capacity con-               sult, BINDER boilers are approved for smoke control areas under
      trol from 25 % to 100 %.                                                    the Clean Air Act, due to:
    • Speed-control* on all fans minimises the electric power con-                • low-NOx design*,
      sumption.                                                                   • a superb combustion zone design, allowing sufficient residence
    • The Lambda O2 regulation improves efficiency and brings out                    time to minimise unburnt gases,
      the most of your fuel.                                                      • Lambda O2 regulation to optimise the combustion on varying
    • High quality engineering with a minimum on maintenance re-                    fuel quality,
      quired provides for high availabilty.                                       • excellent exhaust gas cleaning, using mono/multi cyclones, elec-
    1)…Test report A-1211-1/18d-06, NUA-Umweltanalytik GmbH
                                                                                    trostatic or baghouse filters*.

    Lambda O2 Regulation                                                          Low-NOx Design*
    This sensor system uses the exhaust O2 level as an efficient indi-             For fuels with a high nitrogen content, such as bark or particle boards:
    cator for complete combustion and ensures optimum combustion                  • Controlled flue gas recirculation* regulates combustion tempera-
    at all times.                                                                   ture and fuel-to-air ratio.
    • It reacts to deviations from the average by automatically adjust-           • Regulated air supply allows air staging in the pyrolysis, the gasi-
      ing the air intake and/or fuel supply.                                        fication, and the oxidation stage.
    • It provides for stable combustion without emission peaks even               • The optimum design of the combustion chamber permits a long
      where fuel quality varies.                                                    residence time for the fuel and good mixing of the flue gases.
                                                                                  The net effect is a highly efficient, low-NOx boiler system.
    Secure and Safe Systems
    • The modem interface* with the boiler permits immediate remote               Flue Gas Recirculation*
      support through the internet and will ensure that future software           Depending on the temperature in the combustion chamber, this fea-
      extensions are available promptly.                                          ture adds a regulated amount of flue gas to the combustion air, thus:
    • Using the BINDER Tele-package* you’ll be notified automatically              • preventing over-high temperatures in the combustion chamber,
      about any upcoming message – such as from the silo’s fuel level             • reducing the risk of clinkering and deposit formation,
      control – even during a local power failure.                                • enabling a reduction in the exhaust O2 level which improves the
    • Quadruple safety devices, approved and certified, prevent any                  boiler efficiency.
      fire reaching the fuel silo.                                                 This feature is particularly recommended for fuels with either a high
                                                                                  calorific value, low ash fusion point, or a high nitrogen content.
                                       BINDER systems are built to last.
                                       Robust materials and good design en-                                            Because of the greater volume of flue
                                       sures increased reliability, low mainte-                                        gas in the combustion chamber, more
                                       nance costs, and a long lifespan.                                               heat is dissipated from here towards
                                                                                                                       the heat exchanger. Lower overall tem-
                                                                                                                       peratures also increase the lifespan
                                                                                        Lifespan                       of firebricks and the grate.
                                                                                        compared to 800°C

                                                                                  *…dependent on unit size and system configuration

Josef BINDER Maschinenbau u. Handelsges.m.b.H.
Mitterdorferstr. 5 • 8572 Bärnbach • Austria
Tel: +43 3142 22544-0 • Fax: +43 3142 22544-16
E-mail: office@binder-gmbh.at
                              Tried and Tested Technology
                                        Boiler tubes, best-practise cham-                                             Lining with customary, handy fire-    Boiler tube cleaning
                                        fered and root welded, individually                                           bricks instead of manufacturer-      • unique high-speed fluegas circu-
                                        exchangeable if needed                                                        specific moulded bricks: simple and     lation system
                                                                                                                      cheap to repair                      • avoids emission peaks generated
                                                                                                                                                             by air blasts
                                                                                                                                                           • automatic de-ashing in preset
                                                                                                                                                             intervals, with cleaning effect
                                                                                                                                                             over the entire tube length
Water-bearing boiler jacket                                                                                                                                • no interference with the com-
• absorbs the heat from the firebox                                                                                                                           bustion process
  (heat exchanger’s first pass)
• preheats the return flow via a
  duct along the boiler jacket
                                                                                                                                                           Combustion chamber
Secondary air supply, λ-con-                                                                                                                               • stoichiometrically designed 3-
trolled, with optimally arranged
                                                                                                                                                             zone system
nozzles for excellent mingling
                                                                                                                                                           • “hot” firebox, completey lined
Anti-burnback provisions                                                                                                                                     with brickwork
• controlled negative pressure in-
  side the firebox
• thermostatic sensor affecting
  PLC routine
• direct acting thermostatic water                                                                                                                        Radiation arch, with opti-
                                                                                                                                                           mised air flow, made of custom-

  dousing system                                                                                                                                           ary arch firebricks
• approved spring-loaded hopper
  damper or rotary air valve
• monitored fuel barrier or 2-fold                                                                                                                         Grate screen, prevents dam-
  mechanical separation                                                                                                                                    age from debris to the ash auger

                                                                                                                                                           Industrial quality
                                                                                                                                                           • Wall thickness (standard):
                                                                                                                                                             Boiler vessel:             6 mm
                                                                                                                                                             Boiler base:      10 resp. 5 mm
                                                                                                                                                           • sturdy cleaning doors and in-
Moving grate boiler from                                                                                                                                     spection apertures, functionally
> 150 kW                                                                                                                                                     arranged
• large-scale technique now avail-
  able for commercial applications
• fuel is evenly distributed and pre-
  dried                                 Grate element, made of spe-            Primary air supply, λ-con-             Ash scraper, for de-ashing of        Ash auger, for removing of the
• comfortable and automatic de-         cial alloy, individually replaceable   trolled, with load-dependent dis-      the whole boiler base                ash into the detached container
  ashing into a single ash container                                           tribution to combustion and burn-
• powered by means of a heavy-                                                 out zone
  duty hydraulic unit

Ideal Combustion Zoning                                                                                               Combustion Chamber
The flue gas flow complies with the TTT-principle – time, tem-                                                          At temperatures up to and exceeding 1000°C, materials are
perature, turbulence. It generates stable combustion resulting                                                        exposed to hostile conditions that have to be compensated
in low pollution and maximum efficiency under all load condi-                                                          for:
tions.                                                                                                                • “hot firebox” for wet fuels: the combustion chamber is com-
• Rotation zone – permits the optimal mingling of the unburnt                                                          pletely lined with superior refractory brickwork and cooled
  flue gases                                                                    Years of experience in material se-      by the boiler’s water jacket.
• Turbulation zone – the hottest section of the combustion                    lection and in designing the com-      • “cool firebox”, semi-lined with brickwork, avoids clinkering
                                                                               bustion chamber safeguard the
  chamber provides for the complete oxidation of CO into CO2                   boiler’s longevity, even if operated     on dry fuels with low ash melting point
• Expansion zone – the turbulent flue gases calm down, and                     with troublesome fuels.                • High-grade anti-scale/heat-resistant chromium cast steel
  most of the fly ash descends and settles.                                                                              alloy is used for grates and the boiler retort, which are aired
                                                                                                                        from below with primary combustion air.
                                       Know-how and Reliability
Well Designed Heat Exchangers                                                                                        Fully Automatic Tube Cleaning System*
• BINDER fire tube heat exchangers are highly efficient and                                                            This feature provides high-speed de-ashing of the heat ex-
  are made to match your heating needs.                                                                              changer’s fire tubes in frequent and preset intervals without
• Manual maintenance is minimised through a fully automatic                                                          interfering with normal operation:
  high-speed cleaning system*.                                                                                       • prevents the formation of deposits, thus maintaining a con-
• Sturdy tubing with 4.5 mm walls and optimum welding guar-                                                            stant and efficient heat transfer,
  antees a long lifespan.                                                                                            • reduces the de-ashing maintenance to 1-2 basic procedures
                                                                                                                       per year,
                                                                               Tube cleaning: part of the ex-        • protects against boiler corrosion.
                                                                               haust gas is returned to the heat
                                                                               exchanger and blown through the
                                                                               fire tubes at such a velocity that
                                                                               particles already deposited are re-   Capacity Control (Standard)
                                                                               moved and then collected in the       • Air supply and fuel inputs are coordinated to attain the ac-
                                                                               cyclone.                                tual heat demand using PLC control and Lambda O2 regula-
                                                                                                                     • When heat demand drops, the unit is operated in part-load
Boilers up to 150 kW are equipped      Biomass-fuelled fluegas-to-air heat                                              mode or is shut down.
with vertical fire tubes. Spring tur-   exchangers are available from 200
bulators provide for optimum heat      to 1 200 kW for drying plants or
transfer as well as automatic tube     for the production of thermowood.
cleaning.                              Typically such warm-air systems                                               Capacity and Combustion Control
                                       are also applied for factory or ware-
                                       house heating                                                                 (CVP Control Package*)
                                                                                                                     Features a fully modulating computer control with 3 interlink-
                                                                                                                     ing loops that permanently assess the actual requirement of
                                                                                                                     heat, adjust the fuel feed accordingly, and match it with the
                                                                               With the BINDER graphics pack-        continuously variable air supply.
                                                                               age*, a computer terminal serves      • Reacts dynamically to changes in the combustion process
Warm water boilers are designed                                                for the data input and display. The     through the Lambda O2 control which immediately adjusts
for operation at 3 bar with 95°C flow                                           plant’s parameters are monitored,       the secondary air supply.
temperature. Boilers up to 10 bar                                              displayed, and trend data may be
are available for the generation of                                            sampled and evaluated for long-       • Variable air volumes are automatically compensated by the
hot water or steam.                                                            er periods of time. The system can      integrated negative pressure control.
                                                                               be linked via a modem to allow re-    • Speed-controlled fans minimise electric power consump-
                                                                               mote monitoring of the unit.
                                                                                                                     • Renders an optimal efficiency over the entire output range
Automatic De-Ashing                                                                                                    of 25 % to 100 %.
• Fly ash and bottom ash are automatically conveyed into a
  detached ash container, using screw augers* or drag con-
  veyors*, or
• Ash is collected in integrated containers. Depending on the                                                        Accumulator Tank Management*
  fuel ash content, these containers can be kept for weeks or                                                        The use of hot-water accumulator tank systems works well
  months before further disposal.                                                                                    with BINDER biomass boilers:
                                       Detachable ash-container* with a                                              • Daily peak demands during full load periods are met through
                                       capacity of 0.15-1.5 m³ depending                                               the accumulator tank.
                                       on the boiler size, on request even
                                       up to 3 m³
                                                                                                                     • Heat demands during part-load periods are met through the
                                                                               The integration of an accumula-         boiler using modulating capacity control.
                                                                               tor tank – which may also be com-     • Should the heat demand decreases further, the accumulator
                                                                               bined with solar heating – is per-
                                                                               haps the utmost efficient heating        tank – now serving as the sole heat source – is loaded and
                                                                               concept, ideal for district heating     then the boiler will be shut down.
                                                                               systems. It also allows a smaller     Repeated starts and shut-downs are substantially reduced,
                                                                               capacity boiler unit to be used for
                                                                               the same peak load.
                                                                                                                     which increases the boiler’s lifetime and minimises air pol-
                                                                                                                     lution as well.

Subject to technical alteration.
Images are indicative only.
                                                     4 Good Reasons to
                                                Choose Biomass Heating
Industrial Large-Scale Systems                                                     Cost-effective Heating for the 21st Century
BINDER systems are available for the generation of process heat                    State-of-the-art biomass systems are more capital intensive
or for co-generation in CHP plants.                                                than conventional oil or gas fired equipment, though many
• Among other options, push floors , drag conveyors  and/or                       countries now offer capital grants and other incentives.
  hydraulic ram feeders  with integrated cutting edges are on-                    However, because of lower fuel costs, this investment is usu-
  hand, which can accept even the coarsest of fuels.                               ally recovered in a short period of time – the higher your heat-
• Even high-moisture fuels can be sufficiently pre-dried in a mov-                  ing requirements, the quicker the payback period.
  ing grate system.                                                                  Energy Cost in €cent/10kWh      Whether your project is a district heat-
BINDER systems are therefore suitable for a wide range of low-                                                       ing network, a hotel, or a residential
cost fuels.                                                                                                          care home: you are going to profit from
                                                                                            Fuel oil                 low and predictable heating bills, that
                                                                                                                     are 30 to 50 % lower than those for oil
                                                                                                                     heating. Independent from price in-
                                                                                    Ind. pellets                     creases and crises in other regions of
                                                                                                                     the world.
                                                                                                                     Indicative for Central Europe,
                                                                                                                     excl. VAT

Installation of an 8,000 kW boiler                                                 Widespread Availability of Fuels
                                                                                  Sander dust, forest wood waste, bark or other biomass fuels
                                                                                   – the by-products of your enterprise will contribute in reducing
                                                                                   your heating bills as well as your disposal costs.
                                                                                  Even wet materials, stored in the open, can be used by BINDER
                                                                                  Climate Protection Campaigns
Steam dome of an 840 kW boiler                                                     As a local authority you may have committed yourself to imple-
                                                                                   ment the ideas and goals of Sustainable Development, deriv-
                                                                                   ing from ‘Local Agenda 21’ or ‘Climate Targets’.
                                                                                   Biomass boilers are ‘carbon-neutral’ systems, which reduce
                                                                                   global warming and replace fossil fuels with a truly renewable
                                                                                   source. Plus, they could make use of your waste from land-
                                                                                   scape management too.

                                                                                   Biomass = the energy source of the future
                                                                                   • In the near future, carbon will have a value and will be traded
                                       What You Should                               on commodity markets.
                                       Consider When                               • Biomass is a renewable source of energy that virtually grows
                                       Selecting a Biomass                           just around the corner. It is energy crisis-proof, is locally avail-
                                       Heating System                                able, and doesn’t cause ecological disasters.
                                                                                   • Biomass supports and creates domestic job opportunities, in-
• Make sure you size the boiler system to your needs. Oversized or under-            creases buying power in your region and lessens our depend-
  sized boilers are less efficient and have a shorter lifespan.                       ency on fuel imports.
• To which extent can you be guaranteed a constant fuel quality? Make sure
  that the boiler is capable of consuming a wide range of fuels and that it                                          Biomass is “carbon-neutral”, i.e. its
  comes with a compensating control such as Lambda regulation.                                                       combustion emits just that amount of
• Check that the boiler system complies with local and national pollution lim-                                       CO2 which has been previously ab-
  its. Eventually check your own fuel through laboratory sample firing.                                               sorbed from the atmosphere by pho-
• The materials in the hot sections of the boiler are exposed to severe                                              tosynthesis under the influence of
  stress. Therefore, scrutinise the quality and temperature limits of the re-                                        light – in exchange for mankind’s in-
  fractory lining, the wall thicknesses, as well as the serviceability of parts.                                     dispensable oxygen.
  Complex solutions aren’t necessarily the most durable ones.                                                        Biomass therefor is pure, stored so-
• Insist on visiting some reference units and talk to their owners. Check your                                       lar energy.
  supplier’s experience in the field of biomass combustion.
       25 Years of Experience

                                                                   Made in Austria
       Josef jun., Stefanie, Josef sen. and Johannes Binder        On its two premises spread over 11 hectares and with 6.200 m²
                                                                   of shop-floor area, BINDER manufactures more than 200 boiler
       The products we develop make sense from both an eco-        systems per year.
       nomic as well as ecological point of view. They are truly   The cooperation with nearby university research facilities and re-
       a technology that meets all the criteria for successful     lated organizations – with Austria being recognised for her exper-
                                                                   tise in wood heating with stringent pollution limits – as well as the
       Sustainable Development. This is a principle we also fol-   know-how of its high-skilled 100-plus employees secure the high
       low in all our business activities:                         technological standard of BINDER boilers.
       • through honest, fair, and long-term partnerships with
         our customers and suppliers
       • through constant improvements in the systems we offer
       • through the appreciation of staff initiative, teamwork,
         and self-motivated employees
       • through the resource-efficient manufacturing of prod-
         ucts that have been designed for durability
       • in the long tradition of a family firm with solid growth
         and sound foundation. We don’t aim at short-term prof-
         it, but long-term growth and sustained development.
       We look forward to working with you and your organisa-
                                                                   Worldwide Service
                                                                   With more than 3.000 boilers installed all over the world – from
                                                                   Canada to Japan – BINDER has become a major player in this
                                                                   field. Reliable service and maintenance is provided through our
                                                                   own service team headquartered in Bärnbach, Austria, and sup-
       Josef Binder sen., Managing Director                        ported by 13 sales and service organizations in 11 countries.

       Our sales partner nearest to you:

Josef BINDER Maschinenbau u. Handelsges.m.b.H.
Mitterdorferstr. 5 • 8572 Bärnbach • Austria
Tel: +43 3142 22544-0 • Fax: +43 3142 22544-16
E-mail: office@binder-gmbh.at

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