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					                                         Harrow and Wembley Progressive Synagogue                                                     July/August 2006
                                         A constituent of Liberal Judaism

 A Rabbi’s Word
     rom 23-28 May, 16 of us travelled to several places along four rivers
 F   in southern Germany on our latest HWPS Jewish heritage trip,
 ‘Main, Lahn, Rhine and Kocher’. For this venture, I was assisted by
 Mrs Evelyn Friedlander who is an expert on Jewish life in the small
 towns of Germany.
      We made (as is usual on my trips!) a very early start on the first
 day and landed in Frankfurt at 10 a.m. We visited both branches of the
 Frankfurt Jewish Museum and then drove in our private coach to
 Friedberg, the site of a medieval mikveh that is the deepest in
 Germany. From there, we carried on to Wetzlar where, during the
 following day, we met with Dr Knut Kühn-Leitz, the grandson of Dr
 Ernst Leitz II who rescued many Jews and other persecuted persons
 during the Shoah. We toured the Leitz family villa, an art nouveau                 Left to right: Gideon Feigel, our bus driver, Hana Schlesinger, Gaby Rosenthal, Stan
 architectural masterpiece, and we also heard from Doris and Walter                 Rosenthal, Evelyn Friedlander, Paul Zatz, Ilan Schindler, Ruth-Eva Feigel, Michael
 Ebertz who have been very involved with researching the Jewish                     Paster, Sue Schindler, Rabbi Frank, Lindsey Cohen, Adrian Cohen, Pat Zatz, Sue
 heritage of Wetzlar. Then we went on a picturesque Rhine cruise and                Sutcliffe and Frances Spiegel.
 then spent time in Worms where the commentator Rashi studied                       stopped in Offenbach and visited a former synagogue where the
 nearly 1000 years ago. Then we travelled to Würzberg after seeing a                grandfather of Ilan Schindler, Rabbi Max Dienemann, was the minister
 charming restored synagogue in Veitshöchheim. We stayed in                         for many years. All in all, a very full 6 days offering us glimpses into
 Würzberg for 3 nights and visited the extraordinary palace known as                the long and varied history of Jewish life in Germany. Stay tuned for
 the Residenz and made an excursion to Schwäbisch Hall where an                     news of future trips: I’m thinking about Alsace-Lorraine plus Trier and
 eighteenth century wooden synagogue interior painted by an itinerant               then, very ambitiously, Jewish India!
 artist, Eliezer Sussman, is on display. On our way back to Frankfurt, we                                                         Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith

T   eams from 15 Liberal
    Judaism            constituent                   We win the trophy!                                                          proficiently answered the
                                                                                                                                 marathon round and those on
Synagogues gathered once                                                                                                         famous people and history,
again on 11 June to contest the                                                                                                  needing little input from Alan
annual Inter-Synagogue Quiz,                                                                                                     and Janet Solomon and Paul
hosted by last year’s winners,                                                                                                   Zatz and the other team
Northwood & Pinner.                                                                                                              members already mentioned.
   We were treated to tea,                                                                                                       Our      lead      was       never
bridge rolls and pastries, and                                                                                                   unassailable, particularly at the
then got down to the serious                                                                                                     stage when Barkingside and LJS
business of the afternoon. The                                                                                                   were 10 points behind having not
marathon round consisted of                                                                                                      yet played their jokers, but it was
putting all the twentieth century                                                                                                apparent going into the final
Prime Ministers in chronological                                                                                                 round that we needed just 6
order,      and      the     other                                                                                               points to be sure of victory. In
rounds       included      history,                                                                                              the end we won (for the second
geography, science, literature,                                                                                                  time in three years), with 124
entertainment and so on.                                                                                                         points out of a possible total of
Beatrice Clarke was most                                                                                                         135. Barkingside were second
indignant that “Literature”               The winning team: Paul Zatz, Susan Boobis, Beatrice Clarke, Danielle Sanderson,        with 118, Elstree third with 117
                                       Stewart Drage, Alan Solomon, Alan Hunt and Janet Solomon. Photo taken by Pat Zatz
included      questions      about                                                                                               and LJS were fourth with 115.
Postman Pat’s wife and Lucy Locket’s pocket,         to score 10 on the Geography round, and                          In his victory speech, after accepting the
and Susan Boobis was unhappy about the               improved our position when we played our                      Geoffrey Davis trophy from the man himself,
answer to a question on Solomon Grundy (we           joker on Science (Stewart Drage, Susan                        Alan Hunt said that we would be delighted to
were expecting something a little more               Boobis and I having scientific backgrounds),                  welcome teams from the other synagogues to
intellectual!). For some reason, I ended up as       managing a perfect 10, which was then                         HWPS next year.
our team’s “runner”!                                 doubled to 20. Alan Hunt, our team captain                                               Danielle Sanderson
   We started brilliantly, being the only team       and resident general knowledge genius,
HAKOL, July 2006                                                                                                                                 Page 2

      Food for Fun                                        Oral history                                  About our Members
                                               When many people think about history, they
                                               think of dusty books and documents, of wars
                                                                                                    To Teresa and Ron Kosmin on the birth of
                                               and treaties or kings and queens and bloody
                                                                                                    their grandson, Daniel Louis
                                               coups. In fact history is all around us, in our      To Jacqui Gellman and Bret Kean on the
                                               own families and communities, in our                 birth of their daughter, Eliza Grace, a
                                               memories and experiences.                            third grand-daughter for Vera and Robert
 The May meeting of Food for fun was held
 in the home of Anne Steiner, and the             Everyone has a story to tell about their life
                                                                                                    To Richard and Beryl Sontag on the birth
 theme for our cooking was “Let’s go nuts      which is unique to them, but which casts a
                                                                                                    of their first grandchild, Jonah
 in May”. Forget soggy, heavy nut rissoles     light on the times through which they lived.
                                               Some people have been involved in                    Get Well
 of the past! Our nut dishes ranged from
                                                                                                    Avril Leon, Hettie Pepper, Michael
 two amazing nut rissoles, a silky smooth      momentous events like World War 2 and the
                                                                                                    Bramson, Eve Kushin, Sue Schindler, Jack
 hazel nut soup, two chocolate                 Shoah, but many others haven't. Regardless           Singer, Eddie Woolf
 concoctions to die for and an almond nut      of age or importance, we all have interesting
 cake. We welcomed Sue Shindler as a           experiences to share. All our lives have been
                                                                                                    To Ashley Gordon, on the death of his
 new member of FFF.                            affected by the tremendous social and
                                                                                                    father, Louis
    Food was provided by Adrian, Cindy,        technological changes of the twentieth
                                               century. Perhaps you grew up in the East End         Cheder birthdays
 Hana, Margie, Sue and Anne. Because                                                                Congratulations to Joseph Solomon, who
 space is in short supply in Hakol’s new       and would like to reflect upon how you
                                                                                                    celebrates his birthday in July, and to
 format, I have not included any recipes for   progressed to the leafy suburbs. Did you             Alexandra Bach, Hannah Gerstein, Jasmine
 our dishes. However, if you are interested    come to this country as a refugee or were            Kranat, Hannah and Miriam Sanderson
 in having the recipes of any dish             your parents immigrants? What adjustments            and Jacob Wren, who celebrate birthdays
 mentioned above please let Anne know.         did you have to make? Perhaps you were a             in August.
                                                                                                                     * * * * *
    Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4     member of our synagogue in its early days            Special congratulations to our organist,
 July     2006    -    theme    “American      and have memories of its founders. Were you          John Warrell, who has been awarded a
 Independence”. If you would like more         a pupil in the first religion school with stories    Lambeth Degree for his services to
 information, please phone Anne Steiner on     to tell of our first 60 years? Who was Marjorie      religious music.
 020 8205 8639.                                Moos? Did you baby sit for the building fund?
                              Anne Steiner        In the autumn, we would like to start an oral
                                                                                                        An invitation to members of HWPS
                                               history group where we can explore together                 from Michael, Diane, Steven
                                               our life experiences and try to understand                       and Laurie Bramson
                                               their significance both within our synagogue
                                               and in the wider community. Meetings will be         Remembering Sheila
                                               timed to suit the majority of participants. If you   On Sunday 10 September 2006 we will be
                                               would like to be in at the beginning and help to     remembering Sheila Bramson – we hope
                                               set the agenda, please contact Mary Vulkan           that those who knew Sheila will join us on
                                               on 020 8907 3951.                                    this special day. The stonesetting will be at
                                                                                                    2.45 pm at Edgwarebury Jewish Cemetery,
                                                                                                    Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware, Middlesex
                                                                                                    HA8 8LW. This will be followed at 3.45 pm
                                                      MURDER, MYSTERY                               by tea at Harrow & Wembley Progressive
                                                        AND MAYHEM!
                                                                                                    Synagogue, with a celebration of Sheila’s
                                                                                                    life at 4.30 pm.
                                                  Saturday 21st October, Murder Mystery             If you would like to attend, please contact
                                                  Evening, in aid of HWPS. Keep the date            Diane Bramson by 1 September:
                                                  free for this exciting mysterious event!
                                                                                                                telephone 020 8905 9093
                                                    More details from Maureen Adams,
                                                                0208 954 1400.                              or email diane@major7th.com.

                                                                                                           ADRIAN COHEN
                                                                                                                    Antique Silver
                                                  RONALD SPIEGEL                                                     Silver Plate
                                                                                                                     Objets d’Art
                                                     CHARTERED                                            Gifts for all occasions from £50+
                                                                                                                Antique Kiddush cups
                                                     ACCOUNTANT                                                  Shabbat candlesticks
                                                                                                                  Havdalah boxes etc
                                                                                                         + an enormous variety of silver and
                                                      5 Ledway Drive, Wembley                              silver plate items always in stock
                                                          Middx HA9 9TH                              FREE verbal valuations to HWPS members
                                                                                                     Shop A18/19, Antiquarius, 135 Kings Road, SW3 4PW
                                                         Tel/Fax 020 8930 2485                        Tel/Fax: +44 (0)20 7352 7155 Mobile: 07973 222 520
                                                                                                               Email: silver@adrian-cohen.co.uk
                                                 Email: fran75.spiegel@tiscali.co.uk                               www.adrian-cohen.co.uk
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              Blackberry Fields Forever
    rances Spiegel’s fond memories of picking                       apartments look very attractive.”
F   blackberries in the grounds of the Harrow
and Wembley Progressive Synagogue has won
                                                                       Set back from the road. Blackberry
                                                                    Court will have 20 one-bedroom and
her £100 in a competition run by developer                          6 two-bedroom apartments, all
McCarthy & Stone.                                                   tailored to the needs of older people
   The retirement builder had asked readers of                      and served by facilities on site, such
the Harrow and Wembley Progressive                                  as a laundry room and central
Synagogue newsletter readers to come up with                        lounge for resident’s social events.
a name for its new retirement development in                        Local shops are about 300 yards
Preston Road, on the site of the old synagogue                      away from the development, which
building, which has now been demolished and                         is also within easy reach of Preston
replaced with a new one adjacent to where                           Road underground station on the
McCarthy & Stone are building.                                      Metropolitan line.
   Mrs Spiegel, 58, who is a singer and                                “We chose this location as being
freelance journalist, said: “The land around the                    particularly suitable for people who
old synagogue used to be very wild and                              have given up driving,” said Mike
overgrown, with lots of blackberry bushes.                          French, Managing Director of
There was a group of us who used to go and                          McCarthy & Stone South East.
pick them to make jams and crumbles. We’d                              Like all McCarthy & Stone
take our children and sometimes go after                            developments, Blackberry Court has
services. The bushes extended all round to                          advanced security systems, including
where the new retirement flats are, so I                            TV surveillance, fire and intruder
thought the name would be appropriate.                              alarms, and a 24-hour personal emergency               general housekeeping.
   “It’s sad that the blackberry bushes have                        system linked to each apartment. By the time             The development is scheduled to open for
gone but we have a lovely new synagogue and                         the first residents arrive in October, there will      public viewing in August 2006.
community centre and the new retirement                             be a permanent day manager to look after the

                                                                                                                   HWPS Summer Quiz
                          /(2 %$(&. &2//(*(
                      KHOG WR FHOHEUDWH WKH WK DQQLYHUVDU\                                  The great HWPS Summer Quiz will be held at the
                                                                                                     Three Crowns Pub, 1 High Road,
                           0RQGD\  -XO\   SP
                                  7KH 6WHUQEHUJ &HQWUH                                                        Bushey, Herts
        5DEEL 'U /HR %DHFN DQG KLV OHJDF\  D SHUVRQDO SHUVSHFWLYH                                         (not the Synagogue!)
                               5DEEL 'U 'DYLG (OOHQVRQ
                             3UHVLGHQW +HEUHZ 8QLRQ &ROOHJH

                    5DEEL 0DUN :LQHU :HVW /RQGRQ 6\QDJRJXH &KDLU
                                                                                                                         Sunday 16th July
                             7LFNHWV … … FRQFHVVLRQV                                                         7 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.
                            7XHVGD\  -XO\   SP
                                   7KH 6WHUQEHUJ &HQWUH                                                   Cost £10 per head (no concessions)
                              .DUHQ $UPVWURQJ $XWKRU
                                                                                                                to include refreshments
                       'U 0DOHLKD 0DOLN .LQJ·V &ROOHJH /RQGRQ
                          5DEEL 8UL 5HJHY 3UHVLGHQW :83-
                       5DEEL %DURQHVV -XOLD 1HXEHUJHU &KDLU                                   For further information, contact: Maureen Adams
                             7LFNHWV … … FRQFHVVLRQV
                                                                                                                 (0208 954 1400)
                        :HGQHVGD\  -XO\   SP
                     7KH /LEHUDO -HZLVK 6\QDJRJXH 6W -RKQ·V :RRG
                                                                                                 or SAE with cheque payable to HWPS to Janet
                                        &RQFHUW                                                                 Solomon at HWPS
                        0HPEHUV RI WKH &KLOLQJLULDQ 4XDUWHW
                       &KRLU RI WKH /LEHUDO -HZLVK 6\QDJRJXH
                            'LUHFWRU &DWK\ +HOOHU -RQHV
                                                                                                   We will be holding a raffle on the night, with
                                     Including works by
                                                                                                                wonderful prizes!
                            7LFNHWV … … FRQFHVVLRQV

                  )RU HQTXLULHV RU WR UHVHUYH \RXU SODFH FRQWDFW -DFN\ *XWHU                     The pub does have a car park and there is public
                       RQ    RU MDFN\JXWHU#OEFFMHDFXN
                                                                                                                parking nearby
                               (DVW (QG 5RDG /RQGRQ 1 6<

                                                                                                               All proceeds in aid of HWPS
HAKOL, July 2006                                                                                                                                                                        Page 4

                                                  superb guitar playing by John Williams, then
                                                  the Miller’s Dance from de Falla’s Three                                      All about Debbie
                  Music                           Cornered Hat (invoking personal memories of
                                                                                                                                B    efore introducing myself, I’d like to begin

                                                  seeing Margot Fonteyn and Robert Helpman                                           by thanking the community for their warm
                                                  dancing it some 60 years ago!).                                               welcome when I have attended and led
                                                     It was all 20th century music afterwards,                                  services in the last few months. In particular
                                                  with Bernstein’s ballet from On the Town,                                     I’d like to extend my thanks to the Rites and
                                                  Zorba the Greek by Theodorakis, and a                                         Practices committee who all took me under
                                                  selection of mid-century Big Band dances by                                   their wings, along with all the Dabba-Smiths,
                                                  Mantovani, Mauriat, Mancini and Cugat.                                        not just Frank who I am shadowing. I have
                                                                                                                                been very touched by the warmth, support and
                                                     Hearty thanks were given to Danny and Eve
                                                                                                                                openness of HWPS, which are traits as a
                                                  for a fine evening’s entertainment. We hope
                                                                                                                                community I think you should feel very proud
                                                  that another member or friend will volunteer
     “baker’s dozen” were treated to a                                                                                          of.
A    musical evening at the home of Eve
Porath, by Danny Green. Danny called it “A
                                                  to do a musical evening for us; please contact
                                                  either myself or Stuart Geneen if you are
                                                                                                                                   I grew up in Radlett, under the tutelage and
                                                                                                                                guidance of Rabbi Alex Wright, who suggested
                                                  interested.                                                                   to me when I was 16 that I should think about
Celebration of Dance”, and began the
                                                                                     Rhoda Kohn                                 becoming a Rabbi. I rejected the idea so
programme with two 16th century masques
by Byrd and Morley, followed by a 17th                                                                                          strongly that she dared not mention it again. So
century dance by Playford. He then skipped                                                                                      she was quite taken aback when at the age of
                                                                  www.kipmcgrath.com                                            20 I reconsidered and announced it probably
100 years and played a polonaise and
                                                                                                                                would be something I’d like to pursue.
mazurka by Chopin. He remained in the 19th
                                                                                                                                Between then and now I have completed a
century with the ballet music from the opera                                   EDUCATION
                                                                                CENTRES                                         degree in Religious Studies at Lancaster,
Samson and Delilah, by Saint-Saens,
                                                                    Give your child a brighter future
                                                                                                                                worked for Reform Students as Education
followed by two polkas by J. Strauss. The first                                                                                 officer for a year, went to Stockholm for a year
half ended with two of Dvorak’s Slavonic                           HELP YOUR CHILD SUCCEED                                      at the European Centre for Jewish Studies,
Dances.                                                                                                                         and worked for the Council of Christians and
                                                        Professional tutoring for children aged 6-16
   On entering Eve’s dining room, we were              ✔ English                         ✔ Spelling                             Jews in Youth and PR. Now in my second year
met with the colourful sight of Eve’s home-            ✔ Maths                           ✔ Handwriting                          at Leo Baeck College, I feel very honoured to
baked cakes, which tasted every bit as good            ✔ Reading                         ✔ Exam preparation                     be allowed to follow this (slightly mad) dream,
as they looked. These, plus teas and coffees,                                                                                   and have so far felt privileged to be shadowing
made it difficult for us to resume our seats!                                                                                   Rabbi Dabba-Smith and enjoying my time with
   Danny played the pad de deux from                  Call Bernadine now for a FREE assessment                                  you all at Harrow and Wembley. Thank you all
Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, followed by                  Harrow: 8427 2656 Hendon: 8201 5300                                      for your support.
Spanish Dance no. 5 by Granados, with                                                                                                                     Debbie Young-Somers

 Take your waste to the right place!                                                                 Special events for July & August
                                                                                                                      Saturday 8th July:
  Recycle for the benefit of the                                                                  Shabbat Breakfast, 10 a.m., sponsored by the Adams Family.
  environment, AND your Shul!                                                                                        Saturday 15th July:
                                                                                                  The Kabbalat Torah service will take place on Saturday 15th
    Laser cartridges                                                                                   July. Please come and support our KT students,
    worth up to                                     Inkjet cartridges
                                                                                                    who are now completing their formal cheder education.
    £7.50                                         worth up to £1.60
                                                                                                                Friday 28th July and 26th August:
                                                                                                     The Shabbat Eve service will be followed by a Chavurah
                                                                                                       Supper, to which you are invited to bring a savoury
                                                                                                            (fish or vegetarian) and/or sweet dish to
     Mobile phones                                  Inkjet cartridges                                            share with fellow congregants.
     worth up to £65
                                                      and mobile
                                                    phones go here                                                 Saturday 29th July and 27th August:
                                                                                                                 Birthday blessings for those born in July
   Take them to HWPS!                                                                                                   and August, respectively.
   Put laser cartridges here
                                                                                            Harrow & Wembley Progressive Synagogue, 326 Preston Road, Harrow, Middx HA3 0QH
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