Accumulate Billions of ISK - Eve Online Mining Guide by iupon13


									?If you would like to upgrade your weaponry and ships quickly then the best way is to
look into Eve online mining as a method of financing purchases of these things. In
order to amass these things like ships or weapons its vital to master the craft of mining
to get the jump on your competitors online . There are other techniques of gathering
funds like being a messenger or bounty hunter but these methods are slow and time
consuming and will obstruct your progress in the game.

  Your mining career should begin with hunting for the most popular ore that's
available, one example in Eve online is low grade asterioids. There are always plenty
of these to mine and exploit, mining is a numbers game and the more asteroids you
mine the more credits you can gather to buy better ships, mining tools and weapons.
One of the things that you will encounter while doing Eve online mining i unpleasant
prirates that will raid you for your precious ore, harvesting low grade ore will lesson
the possibilities of being robbed just you will have to mine larger quantitys to get your
moneys worth. Besides when you start out you can only have cheap lasers that are
unable to get to the more expensive vaulable ores.

 When you're getting started, remember the systems you look for should range from a
1.0 to 0.8 when it comes to security and that it should have less than 30 pilots in it.

 There are a few things you should buy on your first mission - Miner 1, survery
scanner and survey ability, these items are crucial in helping you find ore more
accurately. A good rule of thumb when starting out is trying to find systems in the
range of 0.8 to 1.0,

 Due to your limited budget you'll also have to control the distance of travel so be
sure to keep the expenditions to 4 or five jumps away from your base.

  The better you are with you mining techniques the more you will be abeto amass
wealth, this is achieved with using the hotkeys, for instance if you find an asteroid
with lots of potential instead of leaving and fool around searching for it on your return
you can simply bokmark it so you warp straight back to the hotspot and start mining
from the word go!

 While there are lots of career pats that you might choose, EVE Online mining can be
quite rewarding and can be a great way for you to build up some cash!

 There method mentioned above are only a few things you can do to boost your
mining and gathering Billions of ISK.

  To get the edge over your pals yu actually need a Eve online mining which will teach
you all the tips and tricks on a way to amass billions of ISK thru mining and other

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