This course instructs in the training of developing your magnetism.
Developing magnetism means developing a natural energy residing in man.
The methods we will useare direct and practical. These methods involve simply yourself, and the
use of your natural vitality.

Two basic symbols
Symbols will help us in better understand what we do. Here we will not work with our rational
mind. We will work with our non rational primal mind.
To work with our primal mind we must use symbols.
Symbols are tools through which we can connect to the inner part of us. A symbol becomes in this
way an avenue for the transformation of a person as it will redirect and reshape his energies.
A symbol cannot be rationalized therefore it will have a bigger effect on our non rational mind
effect than using words
The first two symbols will be used to explain how to develop the right attitude and get better
The first symbol was already known to the Romans, and symbolizes the Sun It is a point inside a
circle. We can connect this symbol to the following concepts and ideas:

    This symbol will remember you of calmness, balance, radiance, centering, focus. Another
    important concept is that we must consider two areas of contemporary attention. Also in
 fascination its form remember us of having a total vision, peripheral and central vision we have.
 When we work with these techniques must work with these two levels of vision at once so that
                                 they are present at any time.

This second symbol is the symbol of fire. This symbol represents the energy and vitality. When we
get results we need to put vitality and energy.
A triangle is a symbol of mars, it represents energy, enthusiasm, vitality.
Both these two symbols are also symbols of LIGHT that will be an essential tool in our

Personal Magnetism and Vitality
Developing Magnetism is the same as developing vitality and the true nature of man.
Vitality is not force. An elder peron can have more vitality than a young person.
Vitality is something starting from balance and from energy.
To develop vitality we start from the body and its different parts.

As the embryio develops, initially all cells are the same. But as development progresses, cells
become specialized, and three layers develop, called endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. From
the ectoderm originates the nervous system and the sensory organs, from mesoderm the digestive
system, and from the endoderm the glandular system.

To develop vitality we will work on each one of these three subsystems.

• Breathing and the nervous system
• Muscles and the digestive system
• Glands and in particular the sex glands

We work on all three levels for vitality and we must also take into account the two sides of man.

And finally, a last symbol: the caduceus. A caduceus (kerykeion in Greek) is a staff with two snakes
wrapped around it.
This ancient symbol will remember us
•      of the work on the two parts of us, starting from the two hemispheres and
•      of the work and development of our life force
NOTE: The caduceus was the emblem of mercury (, and the ancient used this name also speaking of the life force to
excite and awaken. When awaken, it was represented with two horns (the horns of the ram, that beging the zodiac) on
the top of him.

The first is the alchemical symbol for the metal mercury that is the same as the astrological symbol for the planet Mer-
cury. The element could be represented by a stylized snake or serpent. The second is the awakened mercury.
The four elementar keys and their use.

Magnetism, and fascination are based both on a specific technique as well on developing an inner
These force is based on vitality. We must start from the ground if we want to develop man.
In order to help the reader to understand which are the key s/he van use we will connect them to
the four elements.
The four basic elements (sometimes called "temperments") are air, earth, fire, and water.
Understanding what each element represents and developing it through its secret key helps us in
developing an enhanced central state very useful for Magnetism.

•       Fire represents energy, personal power, and inner strength. It is analogically connected with
the key of LIGHT.
•       Light can have a quantum effect on our brain and researches show how light, in specific
white light could be connected to consciouness.
•       Water represents emotional release and intuition. It is connected with MOVEMENT and
with polarized MOONLIGHT or reflected light.
•       Air represents intellect, and life force. It is connected to BREATH
•       Earth is connected to the bones. We can touch this force with static tensions.

Element                                            Keys to enhance the element
Fire                                               Light
Water                                              Movement/Polarized Light
Air                                                Specific Breathing
Earth                                              Muscular tension

If we develop the four elements in a balanced way we can go beyond them to a higher level of
« superior quintessence ». This word means a particular enhanced state of being.
"Light is indeed a priceless gift of heaven.
It is the life of every living thing."—Schiller.

"Mehr Licht!"—Goethe.

Light is what fire and sun emit.
From the most immemorial times the power of the light has been recognized, and, as we will see,
this power has also sound physiological basis.

Use of light and reflection are very important also in the mesmerist's path.
Light is a key element. We can use it for enhancing change.
It is used from immemorial times as a tool for bringing our mind to a different level

Ancient alchemists worked on fire.
Alchemical fire shares much with the Tibetan Buddhist notions of Primordial Field and Clear Light.
As Johaness Helmond says: "It is a fire, solar by nature, yet a little coarser than that (the fire) of
the heavenly Sun. This is why it is also called the Son of the Sun. He is the archeus of nature who
moves and digests the matter, when he is given his Freedom; he does all the work in her (nature).
In the interim, the Central-Fire lies hidden under a hard shell, still weak and unable. It is only a Fire
in potentia, that will show its power as soon as it is awakened through the external Fire. The Alc-
hemists call it IGNIS, or at times, call it their red Lion or Gabritius. It is the fire of the gold, the true
goldsulphur, the soul of the elements, the light of nature. Without its influence, the intelligence
would be weak, the power of the imagination would be dead, the spirit would be unfruitful and
the body would be lifeless."

Apollonius of Tyana was born around 4 BC at Tyana, in Cappadocia, and is last heard of in Ephe-
sus, over 100 years later. Philostratus frequently mentions Apollonius' prayers to the sun, some-
thing for which we do not find antecedents in the Pythagorean literature. “For he said that, whe-
reas other men only make conjectures about the divinity and make guesses that contradict one
another concerning it, -- in his own case he said that Apollo had come to him acknowledging that
he was the God in person” (Flavius Philostratus, The Life Of Apollonius Of Tyana) .
Either sunrise or at noon, Apollonius would say the following prayer:
"O thou Sun, send me as far over the earth as is my pleasure and thine,
and may I make the acquaintance of good beings,
but never hear anything of bad ones, nor they of me."
Looking at light

Sungazing is the ancient practice of deriving nutritional energy directly the sun simply by gazing
intently at it within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Objectives vary from person to person but most
sungazers seek better mental and physical health along with a higher level of spiritual awareness.

Use of artificial light
Following the reserches of dr. Lefebure we also recognise the incredible power of light in increas-
ing psychic gifts. But we don't advise to look at the soon as his light is to strong.
In our school we utilize light to create the same type of stimulation, and we recommend using ar-
tificial light in order to avoid eye damages.
Follow these specifics:
      max 75 watt
      Stay at least at 2 m of distance
      no more than 30 seconds of observations
      Do not use it in case of maculopaty or other problems (check with your physician)
Remember: most important to get cerebral effects is not the direct light, but the paraluminous
trace that you will see with closed eyes (the light in the darkness)

Why is light so important?
In order to understand the power of light it is necessary to know something about the physics of
light. If we cause the white light of the sun or of the electric arc-light to fall through a prism, the
result is a splitting up of the light into its component rays. Technically the arrangement of the
component rays of white light is known as the solar spectrum. It has been shown that the spec-
trum of the arc-light is practically identical with that of the sun, the difference in the light being
one of intensity and not of kind, the physical and therapeutic attributes of the solar and arc-light
can reasonably be supposed to be the same. Clinical and spectroscopic observations have con-
firmed the correctness of the supposition.

The seven different colors or rays of light are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
These rays are known as the visible rays in contradistinction to numerous forms of invisible light-
energy situated beyond either end of the spectrum (infra-red and ultra-violet rays). Some of the
rays, notably those emanating from the red and more especially from the infra-red fields of the
spectrum, produce heat and are, therefore, known as thermic ray.

Light has striking effect on the mind

Quantum Physics
Light is a superposition of different colors.
A white photon doesn't exist.
According to Heisenburg, when a quantum particle is not observed it exists as an ensemble of
``possibilities'' (in physics called a virtual state) in which it has a likelihood of existing simulta-
neously at all points of space; however, when an observation is performed the quantum particle
makes a discontinuous jump (called a quantum transition) to a state with some definite position
and is said to be in a condition of``actuality'' (in physics called a physical state). The transition from
the possible to the actual takes place the moment the quantum particle comes into contact with a
measuring device.
This "superposition" arrives until to the brain
Quantum models of the mind associate consciousness with coherent superposition of states in the
brain. Different works on the brain and mind problems have
used quantum theory to explain the emergence of consciousness. There are, in quantum theory as
well as in statistical physics, collective phenomena irreducible to individual components of the
system. The conjecture is that collective quantum phenomena produce coherent states in the
Some authors consider consciousness to be the result of a kind of internal quantum measurement
process in the brain.

Also Fire show this process of quantum superposition in differnt way.
Colors of fire go from white to blue.
Waves, unlike most particles, can be in the same place at the same time, a phenomena called su-
perposition. What's happening in fire isn't that the colors are going from blue to red, but rather
that they're going from blue to white as more and more waves are emitted with slightly lower and
lower frequencies, all being superposed on top of each other.

We can therefore think that light has to do with consciousness. More light bring the visual cortex
to its highest level.

Quantum Mind effects of light
If a person observe a light and after closes his eyes, he will observe a trace of light. This trace will
modify itself due to psychological predispositions and will correspond to different degree of acti-
vation of the visual cortex.

What are other effects of light?
In considering light as a health-preserving and healthrestoring factor, it behooves us to, in a gen-
eral way, try to understand its enormous importance in conjunction with different phases of phys-
ical life, and more especially to appreciate its influence upon those changes in the animal economy
which are included under the head of "Metabolism." If the absence of light is capable of causing
disease, it is not unreasonable to assume that the presence of light will prevent disease. We may
begin our reasoning by stating that the human body requires light for its sustenance. The most
vital of all physiological processes, namely respiration, both cutaneous and pulmonary, is directly
affected by the presence or absence of light. The quantity of oxygen which is taken up by the tis-
sues is directly dependent upon, the relative amount of light to which the body surface is exposed.
When the sun, the great source of light, approaches the horizon and leaves the world to darkness
and to the analyzing physicist, it seems as though all nature were lulled to sleep. Its voices are
hushed, and man and beast are slowly rocked to rest in the cradle of universal silence. The evi-
dences of activity gradually disappear. Darkness supervenes, and with it a desire to rest becomes
manifest throughout the living creation. The human organism, which is a part of the living crea-
tion, shares in this general depression of vitality. Its machinery works under lower pressure. Physi-
ological respiration becomes more superficial, assimilation less active and excretion more sluggish.
The more finely organized the structure, the more characteristic the change which comes over it in
the absence of light. Only the lower form of life, the fungi and other forms of micro-organisms,
thrive, their greatest antagonist, light, having temporarily withdrawn from the field of contest.

Light Therapy
Light therapy can treat more than just winter depression, though that's the main use. Here's why:
the amount of light reaching your eyeball from interior lighting is far less than the amount from
the real thing. So unless you are outside much of the day in the winter, you are relying on electric
light for your photons (in summer, there is so much light, most people get enough, even if they are
indoors during their work hours). The following graph shows you just how much less light you re-
ceive, indoors versus outdoors (Lux is a standard unit of light flow):

Brightness Values:
Candle light at 20 cm 10-15 Lux
Street light 10-20 Lux
Normal living room lighting 100 Lux
Office fluorescent light 300-500 Lux
Halogen lamp 750 Lux
Sunlight, 1 hour before sunset 1000 Lux
Daylight, cloudy sky 5000 Lux
Daylight, clear sky 10,000 Lux
Bright sunlight > 20,000 Lux

Light Therapy in Bipolar Disorder
Light therapy is probably one of the safer antidepressant treatments for bipolar depression. Low
"doses" can be safe for many people. But too big a dose can cause manic symptoms, just like any
other antidepressant. So you have to be careful. Have your doctor help you find a safe dose -- one
which does not produce any "manic side" symptoms or interfere with sleep.

Light as antidepressant
Evidence (source : )

What about a head-to-head competition between light therapy and a typical antidepressant;
wouldn't that be one of the better ways to demonstrate that light really works to treat depres-
sion? Just such a study was recently published: about 100 patients in Canada, with depression in
the winter, randomly assigned to either fluoxetine (formerly Prozac, now generic) or a standard
light box.
What happened?
Equal improvement in both groups, with light a slight bit faster in lowering depression scores
(lower is better) at week one

Patients with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a regular recurrence of depression during the fall
and winter, caused by a drop in serotonin levels in the brains, often improve after basking under
bright light, a technique known as phototherapy. Little is known about why phototherapy works,
but Dr. Gavin Lambert of the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and his team
discovered that serotonin levels rise in the brain on days with longer periods of sunlight, regard-
less of the season.
The Australian researchers took blood samples from the jugular veins of 101 healthy men and
compared serotonin levels based on weather conditions and seasons. They found the turnover of
serotonin was lowest in the winter and the amount of serotonin produced by the brain was direct-
ly linked to prevailing sunlight duration. (Lancet , news release, Dec. 5, 2002)
The symptoms of SAD and the “winter blues” can include fatigue, craving carbohydrates, irritabili-
ty, sleeping more and a change of personality from your summer self to your winter self. Four
times as many women as men suffer from SAD. There is little motivation to get up in the morning
or even to live at all. Low sex drive, overeating to compensate and the inevitable weight gain add
to the misery. Most people with SAD symptoms, show changes in their sleep/wake patterns and
melatonin levels.
A recent study at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City found that people who
got a burst of artificial light in the morning were twice as likely to overcome their seasonal depres-
sion as were those who received the light in the evening. About 80% of sufferers show the sleep
delayed pattern. Their melatonin production and sleep periods begin later at night, and creep into
the normal AM waking hours. These people have trouble waking up in the morning, and often
never feel fully awake, even if they have slept longer than usual. This group should do sun gazing
early in the morning. The other 20% who feel best in the morning, then fade steadily by afternoon,
often going to sleep hours earlier than normal, should do sun gazing late afternoon. These people
feel better when treated with bright light, of over 2500 lux. The average person responds to light
therapy in 2 weeks, but some people take up to a month. However, they get worse again when
given melatonin capsules. (Rosenthal, N.E, et al., 'Seasonal Affective Disorder and Phototherapy',
Ann. New York Acad. Sci: 435; 260-267, 1985)
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that conveys the positive sensations of satiety, satisfaction and
relaxation. It regulates appetite and when converted to melatonin helps us to sleep.
A deficiency of Serotonin in the brain can cause endogenous depression, upsets the appetite me-
chanism and may lead to obesity or other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
Sugar consumption stimulates the body to produce insulin, a hormone which transports glucose,
fatty acids and amino acids (except tryptophan) into body cells. Thus insulin speeds up the absorp-
tion of amino acids other than tryptophan. Normally, tryptophan must compete with other amino
acids for entry into the brain, but insulin eliminates the competition, allowing tryptophan levels to
rise in the brain. This leaves tryptophan available for absorption and conversion to Serotonin (via
5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-HTP) in the presence of vitamin B6 and magnesium, and presto we feel
In a study on rats, insulin enhanced Serotonin (5-HT) release (+81%), but only 45 min after the be-
ginning of its infusion.
A person low in Serotonin will be inclined to consume greater amounts of sugar in an attempt to
increase Serotonin production and this may lead to sugar addiction.
High levels of insulin - hyperinsulinism - blocks the utilization of fat cells (adipocytes) as a source of
energy, thus causing obesity.
Estrogen might inhibit vitamin B6 status and decrease brain serotonin levels. That's why SAD is
more common in women.
Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil and flax-seed oil raise serotonin levels, although how they do this is

Other effects of light
« Light is established on the principle of fire. Light without fire is unconceivable and for this particu-
lar reason it is an aspect of the fire. Each fiery element can be converted into light and the other
way around. Therefore light involves all the specific qualities such as shining, penetrating, and ex-
panding. » (Franz Bardon – Initiation into hermetics)

Doing exercises with light for at least 20 days will result in a permanent increase of will-power,
capacity to take decisions, and energy as you will absorb the qualities of light.
Some of our techniques using light
As light is so important, we have studied a lot his effects and its uses in connection with the tech-
niques we teach in our school, as coaching and counseling.
Light can greatly improve the effectiveness of each technique where we will use it.
Following are two exemples of using light to increase mind power.


We can use light with very good results in coaching.

Here is a mixed techniques where we will wreate focus of attention with your words.
For getting the most of results we must create a criticity, give a direction and after introduce light
and other quantum elements to increase creativity


Step 1                    Step 2                    Step 3                    Step 4

Activate the Logical      Break and eyes closure Think again to the           Feed your new ideas
Mind                                             problem

Through words, discus- Just observe the trace       See which new ideas       Put them in action!
sion etc.              of the light. As you         are arising
                       close the eyes put a
                       desire of finding new
Mixed coaching technique using light to enhance mental power

What you want to achieve
Why you didn't get it until now
Which road you already tried?

What you want to get after?
Redefine your goal
When were you very good in achieving goals?
What you could do practically?


Which new ideas do you have?

Set your goals
Self Hypnosis using light
Note, this kind of self hypnosis is very powerful for MENTAL concepts. If you want instead work on
the physical part of the body use physical techniques.

Step 1                  Step 2                                       Step 3

Look at the light and  Break and eyes closure                        Open your eyes
repeat what you desire

Repeat a single word, Just observe the trace of the light.           You will find a new sensa-
as « energy », « sereni-                                             tion has arised in you
ty ».
In Magnetism secundary gains are addressed slightly differently as with verbal techniques. Our
goal is to bring the person to a central state where s/he is already balanced and can redefine
her/his life.

This states are achieved mainly with general magnetizing as well with light.

Light will be a key element for bringing the mind of our subject to new heights.
1Source :

Personal magnetism is based on a specific type of breathing.
This breathing is centered in the upper chest and based on filling completely the lungs.
Breathing is energizing. When the air is clean, the lungs strong, and the body relaxed, the body can
develop to its peak potential, acquiring a greater sense of power and balance, awareness and
mental sharpness. Under these conditions, proper breathing bestows many benefits: stamina and
energy, confidence and a zest for life, a centering of body, mind and spirit, reduced stress and
heightened focus; improved skin tone, quicker healing and relief from many aches and pains.      1

Oxygen taken in by the lungs has been called the life force by the Hindu (prana), the Chinese (qi or
chi) and the Japanese (ki). In fact, the words spirit and breath are the same or have common roots
in many languages.
When we breath in, we take in spirit (inspire).
Breath is the essence of being, the movement of spirit in the body. How we breathe both reflects
the state of our emotions and mind and influences the state of our emotions and mind.

Breath is one of the basic key for developing the force.

Breath is life.
Learn to breathe and put some time each day in doing breathing exercises. Few people know how
to breathe, fewer still put their knowledge to daily practice. And yet on breathing depends, in
large measure, the health, strength and purity of the whole man, body, soul and spirit. Length of
days, freedom from disease, and spiritual inspiration are the rewards of the practice of right
breathing. Breathing exercises are necessary to develop personal magnetism.

How to breathe
Excepted for some specific exercises, inhale the air through the nostrils only. Inhale as long as you
possibly can, but without effort, or any strain on any part of the body. When feeling any distress in
the sides or the chest, itself, remember that it is the result of insufficient relaxation. Just correct
the position of your chest and set the spinal column more erect, its weight resting on the end of
the column, with knees a trifle bent.
The importance of Upper Chest Breathing
While many people do abdominal breathing, few breathe in the upper chest.
The upper chest is also the seat of the heart. The key is inhaling fully filling firstly the upper part,
and after completely the bottom part of the lungs. Pay specific attention to the upper part. There
is a connection to the development of the force.

Breath and Light
Another basic key is using Breath and Light together.
Breath can also appear as light ("The life was the light of men"; John 1:4).
In Animal Magnetism, We breathe health, and the breath of life means that we inhale God's fos-
tering care. We are not sorry to be obliged to bring this idea before you, because it is something
unusual for you to reflect upon. This concept will help you to find connection with the universe
and this is a basic tenet of Mesmerism.
Also we can say that the breath of life is compounded of oxygen, and a force that has some inti-
mate relation to light. This force is consciousness.
The more you are aware of your breathing, the better results you will achieve.
If when breathing, you penetrate with breath the "frozen" petrified sensation of the form of the
structure of your body, what will emerge is the perception of a luminous mobility.

The Chest, the Heart and the thymus
Breathing fully, you are also developing your chest.
What you are you indicate by your chest. If you would fight, your chest is advanced; if you dare
not fight, your chest retires first. In every noble emotion your chest depicts its nature by the posi-
tion and shape it assumes; it is elevated in pride, it swells with grandeur, thrusts itself out with
haughtiness, is solid and symmetrical in courage, and moves its wall in harmony with the degree of
feeling displayed. In ignoble emotions, all these evidences are in opposites. No other part of the
body is capable of so much exhibition of the condition of the soul-force.
In Greek philosophy, the spirit or soul were one and the same as the breath. When a man dies his
spirit takes its departure in the last breath. Spiritus in more than twelve centuries of Latin stood as
the word representing the soul and the breath. We inhale air by inspiring, or inspiration; when we
breathe out we expire; this we do many times a day; and with the last breath of life we expire as
we finally expire.
While the breath and the soul are not identical (except in so far as stated Behind Closed Doors), it
is true that the breath is essential to life, and becomes life in the chest! (Shaftesbury)

If your breathing capacity is very small and your ailments many, you must remember that it will be
necessary for you to pay more attention to fuller breathing until you will able to do fully.. When it
pains you to take long, full breaths, you prove thereby the lack of lung development, and you will
have to make it a point to breath more fully oftener during the day.
If you want to extend your breathing capacity, after having filled the lungs to their utmost capaci-
ty, raise up your arms in a circular motion, and as high up as you can with ease, at the same time
move your tongue as if masticating, smack your lips, and swallow the saliva which has accumu-
lated in the mouth. Just before exhaling, bring your arms down and, throwing them behind, begin
to exhale slowly. Empty your lungs as much as possible and repeat this exercise seven or more
times. Once having gone through this exercise perfectly, you will gladly make it a point to follow it
regularly, for the benefits derived from it will be beyond even your most sanguine expectations.

Remember also that physical breathing cannot be done properly unless you allow your body to be
perfectly free from all pressure. The garments must be loose, very loose, so that the chest and
diaphragm can expand easily to their utmost, while the abdomen inflates of its own accord. Use
no effort, no strain. Breathe out first, then breathe in fully and regularly as you feel able to do so.
Breathe when walking or sitting, when you eat or drink, when you work or play --- breathe,
breathe, breathe. The more you breathe, the better for your physical conditions, the sooner you
will normalize the circulation of the blood, and the more thorough will be its oxygenation. You will
purify the blood and give the system an opportunity of bringing into action, organs with farther
reaching powers, thus removing effete matter and sluggish conditions, and the continuation of a
proper and deeper breathing will remove all distressing feelings. Be persistent; take a few minutes
of ordinary breathing at least every hour of the day and thus gradually accustom your system to
deeper inhalations. Muscular chest expansion alone does not prove large Breath capacity. The
freedom and ease with which Breath is taken insures its depth. (Hanish)

Types of breathing
As different types of breathing will bring different results, these different types of breathing will be
examined as we will treat the different types of magnetism.
Mesmerism works on energy and life force
Movements and convulsion are one of the methods we could use to untie the force of life.
A contemporary of Mesmer said: The method of solving problems through mesmerism is to help
Nature going beyond blockages . Problems create symptoms that are blocked energy.

To solve a problem, you increase the symptom until it becomes critical, because in this way you
help the efforts of Nature, and you bring it to a healing crise. The crise is the a way to solve.
For Mesmer the cause of all sicknesses is a blockage, that blocks the flow.

Similitude with other traditions
There are similar conceptions in India. An awakening dance can remove the barriers of the energy:
somehow, the passageways for the energy got blocked, with years of sleep and regular bad habits.
As dense energies got to you, barriers formed into the energy channels. If we remove these blocks
of density in quick blow, it might damage the channels, so we must slowly work on them to open
the channels again so that the vapors of the kundalini may rise again without causing pain. Never
rush into activating your kundalini, never be too anxious to get there. It is preferable to receive an
authentic initiation with a master or a good teacher, one that will explain to you every detail of the
process. Until then, you can practice Kundalini awakening dance, and the removing of the bar-
riers .

The concept that there is a basis energy in man that must be make free from his "petrified" state is
This basis energy could be called "lifeforce", or the kundalini of indians, or chi in china.
We could call it also "living force" as its dimension is pervadent.
These lifeforce has a sexual aspect, but not only. We could call it as it directs itself in the world
This desire becomes for many become a "craving" when this desire will "condense" itself on dif-
ferent objects.
The condensation of the sexual force and its desire will create the sentimental/affective part in
The condensation of the desire to have things is the possessive part in man.
How this condensation occur?
The primal mind and the civilized mind can also be thought the former as not bound and justly
expressive, and the latter as categorizing.
So we could call them also the non rational animal mind and the rational mind.
Firstly we have the manifestation of the basis energy.
When the animal mind is excitated, it tries to go in one direction and become monoideistic.
For exemple, in sex, it concentrates on the partner and on the sexual act.
In the case of fear, it concentrates on the person or the thing creating the fear.
As it concentrates in one direction, it creates a trance, where reality get distorted and fixed.
We call this phenomenon "fascination". an automatic fascination is the basis of the construction of
the conscious mind, the crystallized "exterior I".
For this process to occur completely and give raise to the rational conscious mind as we know it, as
something separate and autonomous, it is necessary a dissociation from the body, in order that
most of these processes happen subconsciously.
Our emotions, for exemple, happen in our body, but as we stay external to it, we have very little
control to them, and they seem to live a life of their own.
The fact, is that as consciousness concentrates in the ego, it sees the body as something separate,
and rather to feel a sense of oneness with the body, we feel as "inhabiting" it.
The "body", and all its processes and instincts - are perceived as "other" to us. (the fall)
As the Katha Upanishad states "Where there is other, there is fear" . 3

There is a parallelism between the hierarchies we create in the world (men on other men, men on
women) and the hiercarcy we create inside us (ego on body).
The hierarchy of the rational mind on the non rational mind is similar.
The rational mind can be thought as a construct, a byproduct of our consciousness fixed and fasci-
nated by events and things until the moment in which create a "model of the world" based on our
The technique of hypnosis is a "transformational system", whose purpose is to heal psychological
and civilized mind discord, in order to trascend our actual state and reach a more unite and whole
state. It can teach us how to overcome our sense of separation, how to be free of psychic entropy,
and how to reconnect to our spiritual force. The technique of mesmerism does it in an even more
direct way unblocking the force of life through movement.

To better understand this concept in another way is good to understand what this blocked force is
and we will use some of the words of an italian writer, Ercole Quadrelli :4

The life of all beings, without exception, is ruled by a primordial Force deep inside them.

The nature of this force is craving: an appetite that is never satisfied, an endless restlessness, an
irresistible need, and a blind wild yearning.

A person want to become, to get results, to procede in life.

The essence of this primordial cosmic nature is: becoming; but sometimes also chaotic and disor-
derly transformation; in any case it is an incoercible flux.

Is this force that bring yourself in the river of life. In the river of evenement. Sometimes you think
this force doesn't exist because you just go pulled by the equal flow of life.
When you experience hunger, terror, sensual thirst, panic, and spasm---- there you will encounter
this force again, as something violent, dark, and untamed.
And if such intimations allow you to feel it, you will gradually be able to experience it as the invisi-
ble background of your whole waking life. Your energy flows through you. The deep roots of incli-
nations, faiths, atavisms, invincible and irrational convictions; habits, character, everything that
lives in you as animal instinct or as biological legacy; all the body’s will; the blind thirst for life,
yearning to generate, to preserve, and to continue itself--- all this reconnects and merges into the
same principle.

In relation to it, you usually have the same freedom of a chained dog: you may not feel the chain,
and think you are free until you try to go beyond a certain limit. But when you do that, the chain
tautens and stops you. Otherwise it deceives you: you move in a circle, without realizing it.

Be aware that this Being that merges with the emotional and irrational powers travels deeper with
you, until it identifies itself with the same force in charge of the deep functions of physical life.

You think to will, but in reality you stay in habits, pulled by this force. Dig, without fear, with a
sharp tool. Ask yourself: “What elements of my body can I justify with my will? Do I will my own
breathing, or the inner combustion through which food is digested? Do I want my own form, my
own flesh, this particular person, who lives in this fashion, happy or unhappy, noble or vulgar?”

But since I ask these questions, should I not press further on? Do I really will “my” will, “my” con-
science, “my” Self, or are they just there?

That which I claim is caused by my will, I should also be able not to will it, and thus I should be able
to live without it.

Going beyond I and My
To go and not being pulled by this force you must go beyond I and mine.
As far as “my” empirical Self is concerned, do I own it or does it own me?
There is nothing you can call “mine.” You do not own Life: it is Life that owns you.

Learn to go inside.
Now, detach yourself form your own self and cross the threshold, as you feel the rhythmic sensa-
tion of analogy, deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of the force that sustains your body.
Here it looses name and individuation.

The sensation of this force will expand to encompass the notions of “me” and “not-me,” pervading
all nature, substantiating time, carrying myriads of beings along as if they were drunk or hypno-
tized, reaffirming itself in a thousand forms, irresistible, wild, limitless, burning with an eternal
insufficiency and privation.

Think to yourself: “This is.”
If this knowledge leads you back to yourself, and, as you experience a sense of deadly cold, you
feel an abyss yawning beneath you: “I exist in this”---then you’ve achieved the KNOWLEDGE OF

Since everything is at the mercy of this force and exists through this force, know that he who
learns to master it completely will be able to dominate through all of nature: fire, earth, air, and
water, life and death, the powers of heaven and hell, because this force encompasses them all.

The “Matter of the Great Work” is here, inside your craving, in your deepest will, closer to you
than you are yourself. Arouse it, excite it. Resist it.

Then you will experience in yourself its wild power, in proportion to how far you can go beyond
your daring. And if you can conceive an even greater strength, what can you still conceive that can
resist it or would not be bent or broken by it?

You have now known the possibility of the Work, whether or not you are equal to it.

The Sun rises over the Waters and controls them with its reflection. Desire the unleashed center-
less lunar force (O = Moon, the symbol of Materia prima or of Humidum Radicale, the radical Hu-
midity) finds here a center ( = Symbol of the Sun).

The positive ascendance (§ , symbol of UR, the initiatic Fire) that has asserted itself over the humid
womb of the descendent balances it. This conjunction is known as the symbol of Conquerors--
Solomon’s seal, which consists of two combined triangles (7) .

If you want to approach our Art, be aware that this is a painful struggle and somewhat like walking
on a razor’s edge. You may win or loose, and two things lead to certain disaster: to be afraid and
to interrupt the operation, Once you have begun, you must go all of the way, since an interruption
leads to a dreadful reaction, with the opposite result. You can easily understand why: at every step
you take, an increasingly higher quantity of swirling energy is arrested and pushed upstream; hav-
ing been excited and provoked, it is filled with tension.
As soon as you give up, it will come crashing down and sweep you away.

What is mobile obeys what is immobile, and the powers of nature become subjected to him who
can resist them.

Having reached a point when you desire nothing and fear nothing, there will be few things over
which you will not rule. However, enjoy nothing until you have first vanquished it within yourself.

The Force does not give itself up. Take it. Dare. Being free, well-balanced, strong, calm, and pure,
and having slain desire, say: “I Want.” This is the first teaching.
The door has been opened to you. THE FORCE IS IN YOU.

In our Tradition, these “waters” or Humidum Radicale (“radical Humidity”), have been symbolized
as (downward direction, precipitation). They have also been referred to as the “earthly Venus,” as
female and cosmic matrix (in Hinduism is the symbol of Shakti and of the yoni), or as “Original
Snake” (because of the serpentine path + which is the astrological equivalent of ). It is the elemen-
tary demiurgic power, God’s “Magic,” the primordial substance that was precipitated when God
said “Let there be Light!”

In Buddhism, this “knowledge of the Waters” corresponds to the realization of so called “samsaric
consciousness” and of the truth of anatta (no-soul). Beyond the awareness of the unique life of a
given individual, there is the awareness of the trunk, of which this life is only a branch: the pri-
mordial force of this trunk is experienced. Moreover, what is also experienced is the unreality of
the “Self” and of everything that resembles the “Self” (this is the doctrine of anatta). To feel sam-
sara and to feel oneself in samsara is the presupposition, also in Buddhism, for the realization of
that which is truly spiritual and transcendent.

1Bombay: Procèdes du Magnètisme animal
3Cited in « The Fall » pag. 221
4Abraxa, in Ur and Krur
4 The Key of muscular tension

Every physical movement begins as electricity in our brains, i.e., neurons firing in the sensorymotor
As we do fascination or magnetism there are moments where we must activate our body to an
higher level. Muscular tensions can increase our mind power. If we increase the tension until we
begin to vibrate we will also create a specific rhythm (one sixth of second) that will stimulate some
quantum reactions in our mind, that we could call of “coherence”. It is as a large numbers of
neurons begin to work s together in synergy.

Simple exercise to see how tensions can increase our mind strenght
•      Think to an image
•      Stiffen both arms
•      Relax both arms. You will see your mental image more clear, or with more depth

Using tensions to achieve strenght in fascination
The stiffening of the muscles is a basis to achieve more strenght in fascination
The brain can in fact be stimulated by the following process, as taught by the mesmerists who used
it to expel the magnetic fluid and to increase volition: Stiffen the muscles of the arm, shoulders
and neck. Those of the face are less important.
A phisiological interpretation is that this stiffening, by its effect upon the circulation, compressing
the jugular veins, will retard the return of blood from the brain and increase cerebral congestion
and mental activity. The condition appears involuntarily when a man becomes enthusiastic, and in
all magnetic speakers. It can be used at will by any man who wishes to increase his personal power
and will aid much in the development of personal magnetism.
Another interpretation is that this static stiffening will accumulate nerve force, that will than be
released at a further moment of relaxing.
Finally a quantum explanation would be of developing “quantum coherence” in the brain.

Tensions to develop well being
This simple exercise use tension and press also the breath in the upper chest.
1st. In the morning sit down quietly facing the east. Rest your hands quietly on your knee, close
the lips, and through the nostrils draw in the breath slowly until the lungs are well inflated. Hold it
there for a short time and then slowly exhale. At one sitting do this say a dozen times.
2nd. When through with this exercise stiffen each muscle of your body as you see a cat do when
she stretches herself.
3rd. Take a full breath and hold it, then by rapid contraction of the abdominal muscles, force this
compressed air into all the interior organs. You thus strengthen and purify all the organs in the
abdominal and pelvic cavities and they will last and perform their duties many years longer than if
you neglect these exercises.

In the course of this work you will find many useful exercises to develop and understand better
how to use this key
To understand Magnetism, you must understand that it is the unfolding of natural capacities of

“The power of Animal Magnetizing, is in our opinion, a very remarkable and important discovery,
on account of the light which it throws upon the whole nature of man—his physical, mental, and
spiritual condition.

In its application to the cure of nervous complaints, and the relief of pain; in the examination of
internal diseases; and in surgical operations, its value has been tested and proved by abundant
experiments, which must be familiar to the reader. There is yet a vast field to be explored in this
direction, and incalculable, we believe, will be the amount of knowledge which will be gained by
future experiments.

As a remedial agent in cases of head-ache, tooth ache, tic-dolereau, paralysis, chronic pains, con-
vulsions, nervous debility, and other diseases of a similar character, it has been in the highest de-
gree successful. In cases of violent nervous affections, such as shaking palsy, nervous irritation,
titanic convulsions, great wakefulness, Sic, it is the only power that can afford immediate and per-
manent relief.

In surgical operations its great usefulness in producing an entire insensibilty of the system, has
been tested and proved by abundant experiments which must be familiar to the Teader. Several
cases are particularly noticed in the other parts of this treatise. In extracting teeth it has also been
used to produce insensibility to pain, with entire success, and several experiments of this sort have
been tried, by different lecturers, in the presence of large assemblies, to their entire satisfaction.

The power of seeing and describing internal diseases, has also been fulley tested. We believe the
magnetic patient has the power of investigating the condition of his whole body,—head, lungs,
stomach, intestines, and even the interior of his bones, muscles, and arteries, whenever requested
to do so by the magnetizer; and that he can also look into the bodies of other persons, and describe
his own or other diseases, although himself entirely ignorant of the science of medicine, and the ills
of the person examined. We believe he can dcthis either by taking the hands of persons, or by look-
ing at them, (if clairvoyant) at the distance of many miles.

We find that the magnetic subjects will describe an individual, and his diseases, in the same way, if
directed to do so half a dozen times, at intervals of several days, although the person examined
may be a perfect stranger. Two subjects also agree very nearly, in their descriptions.” 1

1       The history and philosophy of animal magnetism

Animal magnetism is a key to going back to nature, to our original reality. It is there that are our
inborn potentials.
These pages are for bringing your attention to the frame of mind to adopt to get the best results.
This frame of mind is a very natural one and we must learn it again in order to get the most strik-
ing effects. These pages have also the goal to permit also to your rational mind to accept magnet-
ism without blocking it.
Magnetism is from the point of view of the everyday's person a “shared trance” where two people
feel an energetic reality.
But in reality who is in a trance is the person that call it “trance”.


Many people believe that their only reality is only the ego-chattering that goes inside their heads.
how many thoughts we have each day? Some people say 50000 OR 60000; are they all useful?
Thinking that ego chattering is the basis of existence is a distort idea of reality. When we have this
continous chattering we dissociate from the world and we reduce
Many times this thought chattering is even destructive and in this case people go to therapy.
There are in fact paths to come back to a well being before words, a well being that is our natural
state. These paths are represented both by simple techniques, as
hypnosis, where momentarily we enter in a state of non duality. Also what we call in our courses
"presence" has a same goal. And, returning on therapy, hypnotism without word: magnetism and
fascination that even more connect to the basis state of man as they are without words.
Most of the people feel separated from what is around him.
The aim of all these techniques is reconnecting our internal view of the mind to the externality of
the world.
From a quantum perspective as well from a traditional perspective we are interconnected to the
world around us. Mesmer said that we are as fishes in the water that don't know the water exist.
In a quantum view the part cannot be separated from the whole without loosing his qualities.
There is a split in our culture, and this split is between what happens inside us and what happens
outside us.
But both these two realities are connected. Many authors have pointed it out: for exemple, Ken
Wilber pointed out as the ecological crisis can be seen as a giant neurosis. As he writes: "Every a miniature ecological crisis (repression of the biosphere by the noosphere) and the
worldwide ecological crisis is in fact a worldwide psychoneurosis".
And the same split exist inside us.
Man in his deepest self has a basis primal or animal mind and only on the surface his civilized or
rational mind.
The civilized mind, is the tool that we use for taking decisions in everyday society.
While it should be just a tool, and we could call it also "external I", many times we identify so
much with it that we forget our "internal I".
For most of the persons this external I creates a hierarchy in which it is at the top while at the bot-
tom we have our primal, animal mind and our body.
The external I is created through interaction with the environment. The more the interaction is
difficult, the more this external I will become stronger, as it will
act as a defence mechanism. We could call this external I also "civilized mind".
But the civilized mind doesn't rule the whole of the man, for exemple many times while we sleep
or when we have sex, for exemple, it is absent.
We could think of it as a product, a cristallization or condensation of some basic fonction of the
We spoke of our external mins as a defence mechanism.
Mesmer noted that the more an animal has fear, the more he develop a sense. For exemple if we
are in our home in the night and we hear a sound when we expect nobody to be there, we make
our sense of hearing stronger and we bring there our attention.
External mind is a tool, and it is made of senses, each one activated on a different level and is goal
is to choose.
And the more we have fears the more we enter in this mechanism.
The mechanism of our civilized mind is in fact dualistic, and it is based on choice, and choice is
based on two basic forces: active/fighting, and therefore
aggressivity, and passive/flight, and therefore submission.
The primal mind is instead different. Its goal instead is expressing itself in a complete way and on
different planes.
Its nature is more fluid, and expression of a basic energy.
FIRST RULE IN MAGNETISM: we must overcome the artificial split from inner and outer reality.
Energy is in us and around us.
As Deleuze said: As we cannot comprehend how a body can act upon another at a distance, with-
out there being something to establish a communication between them,we suppose that a sub-
stance emanates from him who magnetizes, and is conveyed to the person magnetized, in the di-
rection given it by the will. This substance, which sustains life in us, we call the magnetic fluid, The
nature of this fluid is unknown; even its existence has not been demonstrated ; but every thing oc-
curs as if it did exist, and that warrants us in admitting it, while we are indicating the means of
employing magnetism.

2 Primal States and connection

Our idea is that there is a state in man that we can call "primal state" or "primality". This is an un-
born state and it is the state that man had before civilization.
For 90 000 years of human evolution human existed but they had no civilization as we intend to-
Is civilization and the civilized mind something that block us from understanding magnetism?
Even without civilization, human have always existed in groups.
The primal state where the civilized mind is not present is as a particular state caracterized by
group and interpersonal relationship more than by personal relationship.
There is consciousness, but its manifestation are connected to the manifestation of the group.
There is also an inner state of peace and well being. Man feels himself well and in contact with his
true nature.
It is what is caleed the "green lion" by the alchemist, a state of connection with Nature (hence the
colour green) and strenght (the lion).
There is no "ego" and therefore some ancient alchemist depicted the "green lion" devouring the
"sun" (that in this case was the symbol of the limited ego).
Why go away from this natural state? Because of fear: fear bring us in disconnecting from reality,
on concentrationg only on some aspect and loosing the real perception of the others
SECOND RULE IN MAGNETISM: connect to the others. "Feel" them
As Deleuze said: In order that one individual may act upon another, there must exist between them
a moral and physical sympathy ; as there is between all the members of an animated body2. Physi-
cal sympathy is established by means which we shall indicate: moral sympathy by the desire of
doing good to one who desires to receive it; or by ideas and wishes which, occupying them both
equally, forms between them a communication of sentiments. When this sympathy is well estab-
lished between two individuals, we say, they are in communication.

3 Use of Eggregores and symbols
How a group where individualistic egos plays little or no role can rule itself? Jaynes, in "the birth of
the bicameral mind" suppose that the ancient went through life like listening to their right emys-
phere. In dealing with ancient poems as the Odissey, he sees that the protagonist are ruled by "the
voices of the Gods".
The interpretation of Jaynes is that is the left hemysphere speaking to the right. But Gods are for
te civilized mind symbols. So the symbol is the key to understand how our primality works.

If we see the life of some primal cultures still existing today we can observe as everything is sa-
cred. Rituals mark the most important moments. Our idea is that
rituals and sacre are the way through which the primal mind give rise to a new entity, that we can
call "the symbol" that in turn will help to rule the everyday life.
We see a similar principles also in today's reality. Ideas become political parties that in turn rule
the same people that created them.
In war, the soldier participate in sharing ideals, and these ideals rule them.
But in today society the process is hierarchical, and political parties are no more just ideas, are
people, that rule and command. In primal society, instead, the symbol most of the times is not
immediately identified in a person. It is more similar to the force that a today's cultural institution
or religion can have on its members.

Symbols in primal societies are created and "charged" with the energy of the members, and they
become realities that in turn get to influence the everyday beahaviour of their members, that
make in turn the symbol their own, wearing it on themselves, and transforming and ruling their
lifes according to it. In this way the symbol become a way of living and of improving, something
that takes the place of the ego and help the right hemysphere to find solutions for everyday's ne-
cessities. As symbol is felt "outside" the person, there is a sense of harmony and peace with the
The same mechanism is at work in modern societies in so called “spiritualistic” gatherings. They
are the modern correspondence of the God's evocations and theurgic works of many ancient
people, only that in this case all happens on a more mundane plane, evoking instead of a primal
force an ego. Hence the problems that sometimes happen in such type of gatherings where the
evoked entities seems to "infest" the participants.
The symbol become powerful through the acts of the participants in such gathering.
Also in our society symbols are elements of force, as we can see from advertising.
Each time we see something, there is a double dimension in it: firstly the physical an after the var-
ious levels of the psychological dimension. Also our modern society

2      Note this passage: people must feel part of a whole
is ruled by elements that we call "status symbols", "principles", that have a life of their own and
that are so strong that people is ready to die for them.
We have therefore a double way: from us to the object in percieving it, and from the object to us.
THIRD RULE IN MAGNETISM: think to forces as something external and feel the force of your
gestures and movements. Feel as you were doing something sacred
As Deleuze said: if the will is necessary to direct the fluid, belief is necessary to induce one to make
a firm and steady use of the faculties he possesses. Confidence in the power we possess, makes us
act without effort and without distraction. As to the rest, confidence is only the consequence of
belief: it differs in this only—one believes himself to be endowed with a power, whose reality he
does not doubt.

For the primal people the fact that everything has a life on his own and a force permeates the
whole universe is symbolised through the belief in an universal fluid or force. This force is also in
us, as there is something that guides our body in restoring itself.
FOURTH RULE IN MAGNETISM: vital force is the basis
Deleuze: Of physical qualifications, the first is good health, the next a peculiar power, different
from that which raises burthens or moves heavy bodies, and of which we recognize the existence
and the degree of energy in ourselves, only by the trial we make of it.

How the actual terminology most people use should be corrected.
The primality of man is its basic state not the civilized mind. Hence going in hypnosis, doing ma-
gick, meditation etc... are all "going back" to the true reality of man.
Why we shouldn't normally increase our force at will, feel anesthesia when needed and go nor-
mally in the direction of well being?
People often that for people to respond to hypnotic suggestion there must already be the possibil-
ity in our mind somewhere. And if this possibility is there is because that is ours.
What we call "response to a suggestion", is the "normal answer" a person in this basic state will
give to an affermation as in this state there is no split between mind and body.
So a person acceeding to his basic state can heal himself naturally, because it is normally for the
organism to heal itself.
A person acceeding to his basic state will be stronger and happier than a person outside the basic
A person in his basic state will have also a natural harmonic perception of the world and some
psychic gifts as thepaty etc... will be spontaneously manifested.
All the work we do is recovering energy otherwise burn by the ego and the internalk chattering..
We could say that meditation, hypnosis, are all ways in which we
recover energy.
The human ego normally monopolises our psychic energy - gobbling away energy that could be
"manifested as the delight of the open, receptive and present centered
awareness" (Philip Novak - the Fall 265).
With meditation and hypnosis we reverse the process. The normal structures of consciousness
need to be constantly fed with attention. But when we focus our attention on the present, as we
do when meditate, they begin to weaken and fade away.
There are two levels in which we can recover this energy: extravertive and intravertive or global,
corresponding to the ancient paths of external alchemy and internal alchemy.
In external alchemy we work on man and his perception, until we recover the "way of the sage",
where all moral values are manifested.
There is a sense of rightness, of interconnetdness with the world.
In internal alchemy there is the final path, a new experience of the globality. It is the concept of
"Satori". As the Zen Buddhist D.T. Suzuki says: "the individual shell in which my personality is so
solidly encased explodes at the moment of satori. Not necessarily that I get united with a greater
being that myself or absorbed in it, but my individuality which I found rigidly held together and
definitely separte from other individual existence...melt away into something indescribable, some-
which is of a quite different order from what I am accostumed to. (The fall 267)
FIFTH RULE IN MAGNETISM: when we magnetise we are bringing a person to what is his natural

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