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									?If you require quality accommodation modules for offshore, shipboard or any marine
installation, there are a few select manufacturers with a background in marine
engineering and the provision of marine doors, who also manufacture high tech and
high tech bespoke accommodation modules. You should ensure that modules feature
fully watertight doors and are compliant with all relevant health and safety statutes
and are constructed to the highest industry standards. A reputable firm will construct
modules in various sizes, typically from 20ft to 40 ft for the comfortable
accommodation of between one and eight workers. Furthermore, they are often
available in modular form: so that they can be linked together in different levels and
specifications in order to be completely fit for purpose.

Versatile accommodation modules are a functional home from home for workers, so
always includes wet rooms with shower and toilet facilities, bedrooms and even
canteens. They can also be adapted to include meeting rooms and offices, galleys,
locker rooms and laundries. Furthermore ensure that essential safety features and
communication features are fitted as standard, including an HVAC system, fire and
gas detection, emergency lighting, sprinkler system, full automatic shutdown, fire
dampeners, and PA/TV/telephone sockets.

Waterproof marine doors are of course, an invaluable feature and all modules should
be SOLAS certificated. If you are searching online for these facilities, look for a firm
which is happy to advise you thoroughly before you buy and can provide examples of
their modules whilst they are fully operational in situ, as well as reviews and
testimonials from customers. Safety, functionality and comfort always come before
price, but that does not mean that you cannot discuss possible discounts or wisely
compare the deals offered by competitor companies. Finally, seek out a firm which
offers a variety of marine products and has a record for innovation, versatility and
customer satisfaction in your particular niche of the marine industry.

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