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					?Joe W.Forehand is the chairman and CEO of Accenture. Known for his collaborative,
inclusive management style, Mr. Forehand has led Accenture through a period of
significant change and growth, including a redefinition of The company's strategy, an
initial public offering (IPO) and a global re-branding campaign.

On September 1,2004, Mr. Forehand will step down6as CEO while retainingthe
position of chairman.
In August,"Shortly thereafter, the company changed its name to Accenture and
undertook the largest global rebranding campaign of its kind in record time.
In July 2001, Mr. Forehand led the company in its IPO, one of the largest in U. S.
history. Mr. Forehand has also overseen the company's strategic change, transitioning
Accenture from a conventional consulting model to focus on business consulting,
technology leadership and outsourcing. Since the IPO,Accenture's share price has
grown 73 percent (as of market close on April 6, 2004), outperforming the S &P 500
Index and Accenture's major publicly traded competitors.

Mr.Forehand, 56, joined the company in 1972 in the Atlanta office and be-came a
partner 10 years later. He was named Accenture's CEO in November 1999 and
chairman of the board of directors in February 2001. As CEO, He serves as chairman
of the company's Management Committee, Executive Committee and Global
Leadership Council. During his 32-year career, Mr. Forehand led 11 of Accenture's 18
industry groups. Immediately prior to be-coming CEO, he led Accenture's global
Communications &High Tech group.

Mr.Forehand represents Accenture in a number of external venues. He is a member of
the Business Roundtable9 , a public policy organization of CEOs from leading U. S.
companies, and the G10010, a group of chairmen and CEOs from the world's leading
public companies. He is also a frequent speaker at international business and
technology conferences, including the World Economic Forum."

Mr.Forehand has received many honors for his visionary leadership. In November
2003, he was awarded the Carl S. Sloane Award for Excellence in Management
Consulting, and in June 2003 he was awarded The Morgan Stanley Leadership Award
for Global Commerce, sponsored by the Computer-world Honors Program . In 2001 ,
Consulting" magazine named Mr. Fore-hand the most influential consultant and
credited him with leading Accenture "to the outer edges of consulting's frontier.
"14That same year he was named one of the 15 most inspirational figures in the
information technology industry by Information Week15 magazine, VARBusiness"
magazine chose him as one of its top visionaries, and CRN 17 magazine named him
one of its top 25 executives.

Raised in Alabama, Mr.Forehand graduated from Auburn University in 1971 with a
Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering. He received a Master of Science
degree in industrial administration from the Krannert School of Management at
Purdue University in 1972.
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