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					?Within the Microsoft Office application family (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Access, Outlook etc), VBA or Visual Basic for Application projects are used
extensively. These projects are also used in other applications also that use VBA
macros. These scripting programs facilitate and allow automating most of the routine
office tasks and thus make your office a better workplace.

Locking VBA Projects and Preventing Access to Undesired Viewers: For maintaining
the integrity of original VBA code and for protecting the data used in that code, you
can protect your VBA projects and macros from being viewers and modified by
undesired users by applying passwords to them. This way, you will be able to ensure
that only the desired users can access that code, and thereby ensuring that all your
applications using that VBA macro function in a proper way.

Forgetting the VBA Project File Password: The importance of passwords if such that
you must not forget your VBA project password; as it is hard to say what will happen
if you lose your VBA project file password. Essentially, this might be something from
not being able to edit the VBA code though being able to run it. You might even have
to re-write the entire application from scratch again and then paralyze your operations
of the department relying on that re-written code, which is something very difficult
and uneasy. Doesnt this sound tedious and time-wasting?

Unlock Password Protected VBA Project Files: You dont need to panic! This is
because VBA password recovery is possible! Not only is

VBA Password Recovery: SysTools VBA Password Remover software is a third-party
VBA project password remover that supports all applications within the Microsoft
Office suite (Access, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and others). VBA passwords
to documents created in MS Office can be recovered instantly with the help of this
VBA password recovery software. For documents created in Microsoft Office; VBA
passwords can be removed and replaced with new ones. For Excel VBA password
recovery also, you can use this software as it is efficient in performing the process to
recover Excel VBA password. While the process to unlock Excel VBA password, the
software will actually reset Excel VBA password and provide you a new one in its
place. You can quickly and very easily recover VBA password using this useful tool.

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