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  Our best ho
wis hes from ev
             cal 98!
 at IBEW Lo
                       Labor Day 2009

John J. Dougherty, Jim Huston, Bobby Henon, Bob Boland and Chuck Harvey get
haircuts that prove their hair is worth its weight in gold by raising $12,000 for
charity! Special thanks to Sam Pond, Tom Duffy, Shanin Specter and Tom Kline!
                                                             UP FRONT                3

Although I enjoy the upcoming holiday
season as much as anyone, I am sure
I’m not alone in wanting to put 2009 in
my rear view mirror as soon as humanly
The recession hit American citizens and industries particularly hard and IBEW Local 98,
like so many big businesses, did not emerge unscathed. Our unemployment rolls remain
unacceptably high to me and, as your Business Manager, I want you to know that I and
the entire team are working extremely hard to lower the local’s overhead, protect and
grow our investments, and create jobs whenever and wherever possible.

To that end, I am pleased to apprise you of the strategic moves we have made to ensure
our rightful position at the forefront of emerging, 21st century industries. There is none
more exciting or promising than the solar energy industry. As I’m sure you know, rate
caps on electricity in Pennsylvania will be lifted as of the year 2011 and consumer costs
are expected to double over current rates. At Local 98, we’re not waiting for the great
solar rush of 2011; we’re ramping up right now to meet demand, secure available federal
and state grant monies, and ensure that the lion’s share of solar energy installation work
is done by trained, skilled union electricians.

We’ve led the way in this effort by retrofitting our main union hall on Spring Garden
Street and our South Philadelphia training facilities with solar energy systems, and will
soon be showcasing these systems to captains of industry and using these facilities as
hands-on training grounds for apprentices and journeymen alike. We have also just
launched, a new web site devoted to our rapid expansion into green and
sustainable energy industries and to educating our members on opportunities for solar
energy training, employment, and green living.

Yes, times are still tough, but I see signs of recovery in 2010 and beyond. With a nod to
better days ahead for all of us, I wish you and your family a safe, joyous and blessed
holiday season and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Yours in solidarity,
  4         UP FRONT

The leadership of IBEW Local 98 didn’t
wait for the gut-punch impact of the
recession to hit before reacting. We
saw it coming well in advance and
positioned the local to withstand these
turbulent times through some tough
and strategic decisions. There is some
cause for optimism in 2010 and beyond.

Significant construction work is slated to begin early in 2010 on the SugarHouse Casino
in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. The $310 million, 10-month project will employ
500 members of the Philadelphia Building Trades, including many electricians, and will
also hire 500 full-time employees upon its completion.

You may also have read recently that the long delayed Delaware River Main Channel
Deepening Project finally appears to be at-hand. Dredging will create many long-term,
good paying union jobs for us and other members of the Building Trades, as well as for
our brothers and sisters in the ILA and Teamsters.

Plus, the ongoing construction of the Pennsylvania Convention Center expansion
project will soon be entering a more involved and expedited construction phase with
the promise of more electrical work.

Also of note, we have just instituted special Executive Board meetings on the second
Thursday of each month to provide members with more accessibility to the leadership
team. And to further help our out-of-work members cope with these tough times,
we recently made it possible for members to take out loans against their deferred
profit sharing accounts to pay for their children’s private grade school and high school
education. Previously, this loan program was available only to help parents pay for
their children’s college tuitions.

We are here to serve you. Remember that in solidarity there is strength. By sticking
together, we will get through these rough times and emerge stronger and well-
positioned for future growth and prosperity. I wish you and your family a safe and
wonderful holiday season!
                                                               POLITICS                      5
Local 98 Flexes Political Muscle, Trains For Future
 IBEW Local 98’s outstanding Election Day
 operations were in full force in the most
 recent elections and propelled many of
 our endorsed candidates to victory.

 Incumbent City Controller Alan
 Butkovitz, a great friend of labor, cruised
 to an easy re-election. Democratic
 District Attorney candidate Seth Williams
 and all local judges easily won their
 elections. We also were pleased with
 the success of our endorsed, pro-labor
 Republican and Democratic candidates
 in the suburbs.                                 Councilman Bill Green and his
                                               father, former Philadelphia Mayor
 Congratulations to Judge Anne Lazarus,
 who won a statewide recount to earn             William Green, with Local 98
 a seat on Commonwealth Superior                Political Director Bobby Henon
 Court. Despite our Herculean efforts
 in Philadelphia, with which he carried with 80% of the vote, Supreme Court candidate
 Jack Panella narrowly lost. He ran an honorable race and we were proud to have
 supported his candidacy. One thing’s for sure: Jack will be back!

 This past election demonstrated why we need to remain engaged in politics and how
 you, your family, and your friends can make a difference in the outcomes, especially
 in low-turnout elections. The better we perform for candidates who support working
 families, the better off our families and neighborhoods will be.

 Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and talent over the
 past several weeks and on Election Day. You did yourselves and your union proud!
 Thanks for your unwavering support.

                                                   Our friend State Representative Nick Miccarelli,
                                                   who was called up from the reserves and is
                                                   currently serving in Iraq, sent back this picture
                                                   showing that he takes his pro-union values
                                                   with him everywhere! You can send him a
                                                           letter of support at this address:

                                                                   Nick Miccarelli
                                                                  B1-150 Unit 072
                                                                 Camp Basrah, Iraq
                                                                   APO AE 09374

                                                   From everyone at Local 98, thank you Nick for
                                                           your service to our country!
  6      INDUSTRY Web Site Is Officially Launched
                                         The expression “going
                                         green” is one of the
                                         hot buzz phrases of the

                                         At IBEW Local 98, we’ve
                                         already “gone green”
                                         and our new web site
                                         demonstrates how and
                                         why Local 98 long ago
                                         embraced the green
                                         and sustainable energy

                                        We recognized many
years ago the need for a change in our work habits and energy
consumption. We were among the very first industries in the
Philadelphia region to incorporate photovoltaic solar energy
equipment into our building designs.

Our Apprentice Training facility in South Philadelphia has, for the
past several years, been powered by a photovoltaic power station
on the roof of the building. Our main union hall at 1719 Spring
Garden and the additional training facility at Third and Jackson
Streets also have been recently retro-fitted with rooftop solar

Our solar energy buildings will be showcases for contractors and
commercial builders, and promote the use of a clean, renewable
source of electric power. Photovoltaic power is environmentally
friendly and helps reduce power consumption, resulting in lower
power costs for rate-payers.

We will keep you informed of the success of these and future green
efforts through Check in often for news and
continuous upgrades to the content and capabilities of the site.
                                                 INDUSTRY           7
Here Comes The Sun: Local 98’s Solar Training
The Beatles were right: “Here comes the sun and it’s alright.”

The Solar Energy Training class, which has been offered for the past
three years at 98’s Apprentice Training Center in South Philadelphia, is
the most popular course offering in the entire curriculum, according to
Apprentice Training Director Mike Neill.

Apprentice Training students attend four consecutive four-hour
courses. Out-of-work journeymen are also offered the solar energy
training free of charge. To meet the increased interest from members
in solar energy and the increased demand from businesses and
consumers alike, Local 98 just purchased two new photovoltaic
training panels for its 3rd and Jackson Street training facility.

In addition, photovoltaic energy panels were installed on all of the
roof surfaces of the various South Philly training buildings, providing
apprentices with direct interaction with working solar energy panels.

The solar energy course is offered to fourth-year apprentices and 80
aspiring union electricians are currently enrolled in the course.

     Local 98 Apprentices stand
  proudly in front of the new solar
  installation at 2150 South 3rd St.
   8       INDUSTRY
Local 98 Hitches A Ride With PhillyCarShare
In keeping with IBEW Local 98’s commitment to “Going Green,” we
have struck an arrangement with PhillyCarShare, the local non-profit
organization founded specifically to reduce auto emissions and the
number of cars on Philadelphia’s streets.
                                                Launched in 2002,
                                                PhillyCarShare operates
                                                a fleet of 400 new model
                                                fuel-efficient vehicles
                                                that are available by the
                                                hour from more than
                                                150 conveniently located
                                                neighborhood locations
                                                (known as “pods”),
                                                serving both business and
                                                residential customers in
                                                the city. PhillyCarShare
                                                officials estimate that
                                                its service has resulted
                                                in 20,000 fewer cars in
                                                the city, which has saved
                                                their former car-owning
                                                customers as much as
      Sticking with tradition, PhillyCarShare   $4,000 annually per
    agreed to only put American made vehicles
             in the spaces we donated.          person.

Joining is easy - go to their website at Members
receive a personal key and 24-hour access to the entire fleet of
vehicles. Cars may be reserved online or via phone up to three
months in advance or moments from the actual usage. The fleet of
cars includes hybrids, pick-ups, vans, SUVs, and luxury vehicles.

In addition to conveniently located pods all around Philadelphia, IBEW
Local 98 has donated three parking spots at 1719 Spring Garden Street
to house PhillyCarShare vehicles.
                                                INDUSTRY           9
Green Seminar and Trade Show
As the “Going Green” movement continues to grow in popularity and
importance, Local 98 made the changes felt at home by hosting our
inaugural “Green Seminar and Trade Show” on Saturday, May 16th, at
our 1719 Spring Garden Street union hall in Philadelphia.

The seminar began at 8am with “Maximizing Your Savings,” an energy
efficiency presentation led by Attorney and Certified Public Accountant
Charles Goudling and Bill McShane of Crescent Stonco, a major
manufacturer of interior and exterior lighting supplies.

John Moon of CREE – a market innovator in LED lighting and
semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications – led an
enlightening conversation on LED technology. Efficient LED lights are a
rapidly growing segment of our industry.

Veolia, the world leader in environmental services that meet the
needs of municipal and industrial customers, hosted a seminar on
recycling that featured its positive impact on the environment and
how it leads to cost-savings for industries and consumers alike.

Also, our good friends at Colonial Electric finished the show with a
“Green Team” seminar on energy-efficient lighting.

Thank you to all of the vendors for participating and 98 members for
making the event a big sucess!
  10       INDUSTRY
Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter High
School Continues to Make High Marks
Founded by Business Manager John J. Dougerty and IBEW Local 98
back in 2002, the Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter High
School has grown and collected an impressive number of awards and
successes along the way.

o Two Time Recipient of Best
  Practices School Award
o 2005-2006 School District
  of Philadelphia award for
  significant growth in academic
  achievement over four years
o Met AYP in 2007 and 2009
  in all targeted areas
o Ranked #1 in 2009 PSSA reading
  improvement for Philadelphia
o Over 45% of students achieve two
  grade levels each year at PE&T      Our Charter School located
                                      at 1420-22 Chestnut Street
We are particularly proud of our Co-op program, which allows
our 12th grade students to apply the skills and knowledge gained
at PE&T to an authentic workplace environment with over 40
participating employers.

Coursework in electrical theory and telecommunications expose
students to a wealth of highly technical information. Partnerships
with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Lincoln Interactive
and others along with dual enrollment programs with Drexel
University and Community College of Philadelphia enable PE&T to
deliver a comprehensive, focused, and enhanced program within a
professional learning community.
                                                       INDUSTRY                 11
Verizon Holds
Fios Classes at
Local 98
On Thursday June 25,
2009, 60 members
of the Sound and
Division received
a certification to
install Micro-Duct
Systems for Verizon
Fios. Duraline was
present to issue the
They are the exclusive vendor for all of the Verizon Fios Micro-
Duct Systems. We are currently doing Verizon Fios work but at the
recommendation of upper level Verizon executives, they suggested
getting 50-75 members trained instantly for their ever growing needs.
This potential for growth is extremely needed and allows Sound and
Communication members to enter into a new work environment.

     All of the attending class members along with Assistant Business Manager
                  Chris Owens and Business Agent Bobby Thompson
  12      INDUSTRY
IBEW Local 98 Volunteers For Two Features on
the HGTV Network           Broadcast on November 11th at
When it comes to volunteer work          8pm, this show featured 2700  m
Local 98’s members stand behind          hours of volunteer labor fro s!
                                        the Philadelphia Building Trade
no one. When HGTV along with
Rebuilding Together wanted
to renovate a Veterans Group
Home, the first place they turned
was Local 98.

Local 98 members did not
hesitate. Local 98 Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans Jack
Prichard, Chris Wray, and Adam
Norbutas led the charge by
totally rewiring the entire house.     From left to right: Tom Christy,
The entire project was filmed for      Joe Van Osten, Rich Brennan, Bob
national television and was be             Grous and Tom Donahue
aired on Veterans Day.

Our guys did the Local proud, not only serving our Country, but our
community and their fellow veterans. Part of the filming took Jack,
                                   Chris and Adam to Father Judge
                                   High School for interviews about
                                   their experiences.

                                     At Father Judge, Local 98 Vietnam
                                     veterans Joe Van Olston and Rich
                                     Brennon along with other veterans
                                     and Father Judge alumni joined in.

                                     On behalf of all the members and
                                     officers of Local 98, we would like
From left to right: Business Agent
                                     to thank all who served our country,
  Ray Della Vella, Jack Pritchard,   our communities and our Local
 Chris Wrey, Carter Oosterhouse,     Union. Thank you!
 Dennis Hickey and Adam Norbutas
                                                           INDUSTRY               13

The Local 98 HGTV Volunteers/Stars from left to right, front row first: Leonard Robinson,
 Tom Gallagher, Kevin Hanraty, Albert Micali, Shawn Bennerman, Monica Peterson, Jim
 Bertolet, Robert Allen, Albert Lucia, Matt Coyle, John Bernard, Sean Gallagher, Robert
 Miller. Back row, left to right: Nicholas Cassetti, Adam Norbutas, Joe Schlemback, Tom
          Burns, Martin Wojcik, Dennis Hickey, Chris Hagan and Shea O’Donnell

Local 98’s Broadcast Division Contracts Update
 Being a member of the Local 98 Broadcast division has been very
 rewarding this year! The union played a big role in the production
 of the 2009 NLCS and the 2009 World Series. There were talented
 union members working in positions like camera operators, video
 engineers and utilities maintenance, just to name a few.

 The 2009 Comcast SportsNet contract was ratified on July 20,
 2009. The first Quarterly Union/Management meeting took place
 on November 20th. There were only minor issues that were
 discussed and quickly resolved. Thanks to the efforts of Comcast
 Management, Local 98’s Larry Delspechio, Pete Mickelson and Barry
 Sell we are very satisfied with the process and the outcome.

 Also, our Technicians at WHYY have ratified a
 new contract. After a four month extension, we
 have made an agreement for 3 and a half years.
 This new agreement guarantees our members
 numbers and no layoffs for current techs.

 Thanks to the dedication and diligent work of
 shop stewards Thad Kirk and Charles O’Neill for
 getting the new contract signed!
  14      INDUSTRY
Pickets and Handbilling Move All of Us Forward!

   Dan Flemming and his daughter        Local Union 98 Rally at Frankford
 at our latest rally at Red Lion and   and Linden in the North East against
the Boulevard against Planet Fitness              Dollar General

Board adopts contractor resolution in Bensalem
The Bensalem school board enacted a “responsible contractor”
resolution that is designed to ensure quality
work is performed on capital projects.
This resolution, thanks to the efforts of
Business Agent Jim Huston, applies to
contractors and subcontractors who work
on projects costing $250,000 or more.

To be considered for projects of that magnitude,
contractors will have to submit a responsibility certification
along with a bid for the work. The document examines
several areas, including past criminal history, if warranted,
and the citizenship of workers involved in the project.

The Bensalem and Bristol Township councils, the Lower Makefield and
Middletown supervisors, and the Bristol Township School District are
among the other local governing bodies that have adopted a similar
responsible contractor resolution.

And finally, Local 98 extends it’s thanks to Bensalem Mayor Joseph
DiGirolamo for his assistance in seeing his effort pass the finish line!
                                             INDUSTRY           15
“Planet Fitness” Not A Good Fit For Union Families
 The newly opened Planet Fitness at Red Lion Road and Roosevelt
 Boulevard is a terrible fit for working families.

 Unlike their competitor L.A.
 Fitness, which builds 100%
 union, Planet Fitness doesn’t.
 They have steadfastly refused
 to use the services of qualified,
 skilled union employees in
 construction of its facilities.
 Accordingly, IBEW Local 98
 has been engaging in a lawful
 protest outside the Northeast
 Philadelphia Planet Fitness
 location. To educate Planet
 Fitness customers on the
 company’s policies, Local 98
 members have been distributing
 free bottles of water with
 customized labels that read “Compliments of IBEW Local 98.
 Build Union, Buy American.”
                                      The health club’s ownership
                                      claims that it had to cut
                                      corners and employ non-
                                      union contractors during its
                                      construction phase because
                                      it only makes money on
                                      selling peripherals to its
                                      members (such as snacks and
                                      beverages) and not on actual
                                      health club membership fees.

                                      Especially in these difficult
                                      times, it’s important that
                                      we support companies that
                                      support us!
  16       MEMBERS
Softball Championship!!!
                                                                      Kevin Doris
  The Electricians Softball team                                        and his
  won big this year after taking                                       daughter
   the Building Trades Softball
    Championship with a final
   score of 7-6. The action was                Dave
 tense until Electricians Team 98            Kosinski
 came from behind with a 2 run              winding up
                                             for the
  homer by Kevein Doris at the                pitch
       bottom of the 6th!
    Congratulations to                                                    Dan
   Head Coach Mike Kane                                                Szychulski
  and all of the Local 98                                              standing at
  Softball Team. Let’s do
                                                                      the ready on
                                                                      second base
     it again next year!

    The Local 98 2009 Softball Champions! Front row left to right: Dave Udowenko,
    Tony Sabo, Ryan Gerald, Tom Hayes, Tom Hannan and Larry Crossin. Back row
       from left to right: Matt Julious, Nick Gummel, Dan Szychulski, Paul Diaz,
           Dave Kosinski, Mike Kane, Kyle Lynch, Kevin Doris, Chuck Gerber,
                            Mike Gummel and Jim McCreesh
                                               MEMBERS            17
Apprentice Training 2009 Banquet
The Penns Landing Hyatt Regency was the setting for this years Local
98 Apprentice Training Graduation dinner. The banquet honored 71
Inside Wireman and 14 Sound and Communication Apprentices. The
2009 apprentice class was congratulated for their accomplishments
by Mayor Michael Nutter, IBEW 3rd District Vice President Don
Siegal, PA Supreme Court Candidate Jack Panella, Local 98 President
Brian Burrows and Business Manager John J. Dougherty. They all
congratulated and wished the class well and encouraged them to set
goals which will enrich the Union during these trying times.

 Congratulations             Apprentice Awards
                                Kelleher Award - Ignatius Fletcher
   to the 2009              Highest Average Electrical - Gregory Way
    graduates!             Highest Average Telecom - Christopher Dous
  Remember you                   Most Improved - Patrick Schenk
  represent the               Colonial Electric Award - Mark Miller
                              Milwaukee Tool - Dean Paul Crocetto
next generation of
                                      Ideal Tool - John Lyons
 IBEW Local 98.                  Greenlee Award - Thomas Nolen
 Make us proud!                Perfect Attendance - Keith Knowles,
                                Richard Dempsey and John Lyons
  18       MEMBERS
Important S&C Division Reminder!
 At the end of the current S&C Contract in 2009, there will no longer
 be a B Tech certification. This means that ALL B TECHNICIANS MUST

   Now is the perfect time to get started on your upgrade courses.
           Please call 215-339-8316 for more information.

A Day with Team IBEW
                                               On Sunday September 13th,
                                               Business Representatives
                                               Chris Owens and Jim
                                               Huston along with Local 98
                                               members and their families
                                               had the opportunity to
                                               participate in a professional
                                               racing event with a behind
                                               the scenes look at the racing
  Allie Owens (with the Betteridge girls
from left to right) Lilian, Faith, Jenna and
                                               team sponsored by the
  Grace behind the scenes on Race Day.         IBEW International.
 Through a collaboration of Local 98 and Local 351, member families
 were treated to a fantastic day of racing with Allie Owens (no
 relation to Chris) as our gracious host. Allie Owens in started out in
 35th position and worked hard to finish at a respectable 17th.

 After the race, Allie invited attending IBEW families behind the
 scenes to see her IBEW sponsored car and meet her team. She was
 very informative about her profession and let everyone get some
 actual hands on experience with team IBEW and team Owens. A
 great day was had by all.
                                              MEMBERS           19
98 Has Another Great Health Fair
Staying true to our tradition of holding our
members and their families health and
welfare above all else, Local 98 held a free
health fair on October 24th. This year, the
hot topic was flu vaccine, and we had plenty
                               on hand for
                               the over 1200
                               members who
                               attended this
                               year’s fair. If
                               you haven’t
                               attended, be
                               sure to come out next year and take
   Bill Carberry gets great    advantage of the services Local 98
 results from blood tests.     provides to all 98 members.
2009 Saint Patricks Day Parade

            Our Irish eyes were smiling!!!
  20       MEMBERS
Updated War Memorial at 1719
                                         Somewhere between 1942-45,
                                         as a tribute to IBEW Local 98
                                         members who served in World
                                         War II, an unknown member
                                         of Local 98 created a plaque
                                         listing the names of veterans
                                         who served our country in that

                                          Unfortunately, it was lost to
                                          time until it was uncovered by
                                          our Financial Secretary Fran
  The newly created memorial              Walsh as an old dusty relic in
  honoring Local 98 mem         bers      the boiler room of our Hall.
Recognizing it’s significance, Fran took the plaque and restored it by
re-framing the original and covering it in Plexiglas before hanging it
outside of his office.

Then Tom Langan, who was president of the retirees at the time, saw
the plaque and took it upon himself to update it and expand it to
include all Local 98 Members who served in World War II, Korea and

This new, more complete and completely redecorated list of veterans
now hangs in the basement hallway of our meeting hall with our
veteran members names prominently listed.

However, the list only is complete to 1960. The current display has 3
empty cases and it is our intention to extend this list further to include
veterans who served in more recent conflicts up to the current day.

If you have any information about a 98 member who is a veteran,
please provide this information to Fran Walsh at the Financial Office so
that we can properly honor our members who sacrificed and served
our country to protect our freedoms.
                                                                           MEMBERS           21
Scholarship Diner
          From all of us at Local 98, a big
         congratulations to all of our 2009
             Scholarship Winners and
               IBEW Pin recipients!
                       Scholarship Winners
  Jessica Carter, Angel Michelle Ebert, Stephanie Fichter, Jenna
 Kathleen Lindsay, Alissa Lowrey, Jeffery Patrick Nelson, Michael              NECA Director Jeff
Penrose, Kayleigh Rowan, Jacquelyn A. Smith, Leigh Ann Sulzbach,
           Jakub Susul and Stephanie Lynn Ursomarso                          Scarpello, our own Bob
                                                                            Poston with his 55 year
                                                                           pin and Assistant Business
                       50 Year Pin Recipients
  George Dale, Thomas F. Flynn, James H. Foy, Gerald Goldstein,
  Raymond G. Heffner, Charles Heller, Howard U. Heppler, John               Manager Mike Hnatkowsky
   J. Kennealy, Jr., John P. Killoran, Gordon S. King, George W.
                Robertson and Robert E. Troemel

                        55 Year Pin Recipients
    Harry J. Becker, Fred J. Compton, Hugh M. Deans, Robert J.
 Dixey, Edward J. English, Jr., Albert J. Fichter, Richard J. Gallagher,
 Stanley H. Goldsmith, John V. Gottschall, Jr., Charles E. Hammer,
 William R. Kilburn, Jr., John B. Kirk, Frank R. Kirsche, Peter Linski,
  Donald J. Lynch, William J. Meagher, Robert N. Poston, David F.
         Queroli, James W. Smith and Richard G. Vantrieste

                      60 Year Pin Recipients
 Victor Katzer, Joseph F. McHugh, Anthony F. O’Malley, Joseph F.
        Schultz, Vladimir W. Shmihluk and Joseph J. Sparks

                    70 Year Pin Recipients
           Raymond L. Sanders and Charles H. Sulzbach
 22         MEMBERS
Clementon Park 2009

      Local 98 donated $25,000 to our
      friends from the Susan G. Komen
        Foundation in the fight against
                                          Team 98!
                breast cancer.
                                                          MEMBERS                   23

   Dues Protection Reminder
Any Journeyman or Apprentice member
of the Construction or Sound and
Communications divisions of the Local
Union who meet the conditions below
are entitled to have dues payments made
from the Dues and Welfare Protection
• You are totally unemployed for a full
quarter due to illness and have had your
condition recorded with the Financial
Secretary                                          Bill Markle keeping the
• You are unable to obtain employment               lid on Liberty One...
through your own efforts or the Local
Union Office                                      New branch
If you meet either of these conditions,            with great
present your case to the Executive Board
(which meets on the second and fourth              convenient
Thursday of every month at 4pm) prior to         hours is now
the start of the quarter in which you need
dues protection.                                open at Broad
                                                and McKean to
The first quarter of eligibility will require
you to pay $30 for your dues. Eligibility for     serve all of
the second and subsequent quarters will          your banking
require payment of no charges.
          Notice of Dues Increase for All IBEW “A” Members
 This serves as notice that effective January 1, 2010, the quarterly union
 “A” member will increase by $3.00. Dues for Construction members will dues for all
 from $91.65 to $94.65 per quarter and for Sound and Communication mem se  increa
 from $87.15 to $90.15 per quarter with dues payable by January 1, for         bers
 quarter of 2010.                                                         the first

 These increases were approved by the delegates to the 37th IBEW Intern
 Convention and are an increase in the IBEW Pension Benefit contributio ational
 members. This is not an increase imposed by Local 98 and does not affect for “A”
 weekly working dues.                                                      your
24        GIVING BACK

      At left: Political Director Bobby Henon, Carl Cherkin, Scott Palmer
   and Business Manager John J. Dougherty. This year the race was renamed
     to the “Gary Papa Father’s Day Prostate Run”, in honor of Gary Papa
      and his many contributions to the fight against Prostate Cancer and
               Philadelphia during his many years with Channel 6.

                                 Local 98 Business Manager John J. Dougherty,
                                 Ed McBride and Brian Stevenson were recently
                                 honored for the unions generous contribution to
                                 Operation Liberty Welcomes Wounded Warriors.

                                 Navy League Philadelphia Council President
                                 Fran O’Brien made the presentation on behalf of
                                 the many wounded military from Walter Reed,
                                 Bethesda Naval and Ft. Meade Military hospitals.

  This year the All Star Labor Classic raised $135,000 for Cerebral Palsy with
    a final score of 52 to 51 with Labor as the winner. Pictured from left to
    right: AFL-CIO President Pat Eiding, Business Manager John J. Dougherty,
Sprinklerfitters Business Manager Wayne Miller, UCP CEO Steve Sheridan, Building
Trades Business Manager Pat Gillespie and Plumbers Business Manager John Kane
                 present the money raised at the end of the game.
                                             GIVING BACK           25
2005 Waterfront “2015” Symposium
Periodically it’s useful to look
back to see if seeds we’ve
planted bore fruit.

Four years ago IBEW Local 98
sponsored The Philadelphia
Waterfront 2015 Symposium,
a 2 day forum on planning and
infrastructure issues affecting
waterfront development.

Issues at question were the
placement of casinos
on the waterfront, the expansion
of cargo facilities into the Navy
                                     At the symposium from left to right:
Yard, and the condition of              State Rep. Bill Keller, Business
highways and necessary sewer          Manager John J. Dougherty, former
and infrastruture services.                State Rep. Marie Lederer
                                          and State Rep. John Taylor
It was this thinking that lead to:

      Penn Praxis and their
      vision for waterfront
      Job creation with the
      Southport project
      Casino construction
      that includes concerns
      of neighborhoods
      Delaware River
      dredging project
  26        Code Corner

IBEW Local 98 and NECA are pleased to inform
you that our new Incident Reporting system that     Call 1-800-707-3615
we implemented on September 1st of this year
has been a huge sucess!
                                                     to report accidents
                                                     or safety concerns.
This system, built to solve problems presented
by using outside systems, is the sole property
of IBEW Local 98/NECA and is maintained and monitored by Local 98 and
                                                                         is the ONLY
There will no longer be paper “accident reports” for IBEW Local 98. This
incident reporting system for submission to Local 98.
Individual contractors may still continue to use their own paper accident
However, Local 98 members should disregard all other reporting syste
                                                                            ate reporting.
This system is completely electronic, allowing for faster and more accur
All incident reports will be done over the phone. The benefits of this system
                                                                            also allows us
real time reporting of incidents to Local 98, the employer, and NECA. It
                                                                            trends and
to electronically store copies of incident reports and the ability to track
take corrective action.
Your cooperation with this new reporting system is needed and appreciated

                      New Benefits Reminder!
   In these tough economic times, Local 98 members
   should take advantage of the union-friendly services
   and benefits of Union Services Access. Local 98 joined
   this program as part of our commitment to make
   health, educational and legal services accessible and                    USA

                                                                                    c e ss

   affordable to 98 members and their families.
                                                                 n io n S

   Some of the exclusive benefits members, their
   spouses and dependents enjoy with the network of

   USA companies are discounted fees and rates, access
   to educational resources, health fairs and more.
              All you need to do to use these         
              services is call 1-877-91UNION!
  David M. Logan        William A. Thompson    Richard A. Spirawk      Paul K. Moser
   12/18/2008                 3/29/2009            7/24/2009            9/21/2009

  Thomas J. Sparks       Val P. DeCristofano    John D. Queroli        Frank D. Rees
    12/23/2008                4/9/2009            7/27/2009              9/26/2009

    John F. Smith        Steve D. McManus      Vincent Cacciatore   Joseph H. Casparro
     12/24/2008              4/23/2009             8/22/2009            11/7/2009

   Daniel D. Pote       Andrew J. Rockwell      Paul F. Donahue      Michael T. Francis
     1/2/2009              5/19/2009              8/30/2009            11/10/2009

  Geremia F. Ricci        Milton Robinson      Joseph A. Conover       Robert E. Ford
    1/17/2009               6/14/2009              9/4/2009             11/23/2009

  James McGrenra         Robert E. Kingrea     Richard W. Dickey
                                                                     Thomas H. Tetley
     2/8/2009               7/17/2009              9/7/2009
  Shea P. Haggerty       Marvin H. Brown       George R. Heeneke
                                                                    Melvin H. Greenwalt
     2/15/2009             7/14/2009              9/17/2009
 Joseph J. Calhoun         Edwin J. Bialy      Daniel P. McCarty
     3/1/2009               7/29/2009             9/19/2009

Donald C. Van Trieste   Jerome E. Donerkeil
     3/1/2009               6/11/2009

Andrew M. Weaver

 Christopher D. Kirk

  George F. Fiocca
                                                    Remember - this
                                                     is YOUR Union
                                                     Hall! We work
                                                        for you!
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