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									The journey of the cancer
                                     Patients with cancer face many obstacles in addition to
                                     their direct medical care needs. Addressing the needs of         We'll help you
                                                                                                       enjoy life's
                                     the whole patient experience happens within a "circle
experience is not one that people    of caring" model inclusive of board certified physicians,
                                     oncology certified nurses and in-house laboratory services.
ever plan on taking. However, as
long as cancer remains a major
                                     We offer care close to home, with locations in York, Kittery,
                                     Wells and South Berwick. We also offer special programs,
health concern, there will be
journeyers and pathfinders.
                                     including Art H.O.P.E. - a monthly creative gathering to
                                     bring together individuals affected by a cancer experience;       moments.
                                     a breast cancer survivor support group; and support
                                     services for breast cancer patients through our affiliation
                                     with the "Fill the Gap" program.
Our mission is to provide
                                     Your exploration of this information may come from being
extraordinary cancer care within     a journeyer or pathfinder, through a cancer experience,
caring partnerships that strive to   or by your need to learn more about community health
reduce the burden of cancer for      resources. Please know we would welcome your call or
                                     visit to any of our locations listed below.
you and your family.
                                                  York Hospital
The team at York Hospital's            Oncology & Infusion Care
                                              YORK . WELLS . SOUTH BERWICK . KITTERY
Oncology and Infusion Care
                                         York Hospital Oncology & Infusion Care
collaboratively provides care                 127 Long Sands Road, York, ME 03909
in an environment that is                               (207) 351-3777
                                                                       York Hospital
                                                               Care at
                                                     Oncology Physical Therapy
warm, comfortable, honest,                    Wells Regional Medical Services . KITTERY
                                                              YORK . WELLS . SOUTH BERWICK

safe & secure, friendly, caring,          114 Sanford Road, Route 109, Wells, ME 04090
                                                        (207) 641-8010
respectful and helpful.                              Oncology Care at
                                              South Berwick Medical Services                               York Hospital
                                          57 Portland Street, South Berwick, ME 03908
                                                         (207) 384-7220                              Oncology & Infusion Care
                                                                                                       YORK . WELLS . SOUTH BERWICK . KITTERY
                                                     Oncology Care at
                                              York Hospital Services in Kittery
                                             75 US Route 1 Bypass, Kittery, ME 03904                        www.yorkhospital.com
                                                                                                              (207) 351-3777
                                                        (207) 439-1880
                                                                                                                                York Hospital
Stellar Cancer Care                                     Partnerships
When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis,              Our team works with specialists at many
we know you want answers and you want the                cancer centers throughout New England and
best treatment possible.                                 beyond to manage your treatment plan. That
York Hospital’s Oncology Care Service is                 way, patients can receive the same caliber
one of only approximately 25% of cancer                  treatment options available in many tertiary
programs around the country to be                        care centers, but in a comfortable, private and
accredited by the American College of                    familiar setting much closer to home.
Surgeons Commission on Cancer. Our team is
committed to the coordination of all aspects
of specialized cancer care for patients and
families.                                                 Meet the Staff
State-of-the-Art drugs and protocols used
for the treatment of cancer are administered
under optimum quality conditions and                     The clinical expertise and experience of the oncology staff is outstanding. It includes our oncology certified
in private, comfortable treatment rooms.                 physicians, advanced oncology clinical nurse specialist, certified oncology nurses, certified medical
Under the direction of one of our four board             assistants, social service resources and other support staff. Our caring energies are focused on empowering
certified medical oncologists, drug treatment            our patients to be active participants in their recovery while also recognizing our very privileged role of
is used in combination with radiation and/or             helping others discover and explore places of wellness and hope, even in the face of their illness.
surgery for certain types of cancer.                                                    Robert Horowitz, M.D.                                                        Jonathan D. Eneman, M.D.
                                                                                        Academic Degrees: B.A. , Columbia University, New York, NY;                  Academic Degrees: B.S. - Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; M.D.
Clinical Trials                                                                         M.D., New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY Postdoctoral Training:
                                                                                        Internship & Residency - Internal Medicine, North Shore University
                                                                                                                                                                     - University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT. Postdoctoral
                                                                                                                                                                     Training: Internship & Residency - Internal Medicine, Beth Israel
At York Hospital's Oncology & Infusion                                                  Hospital, Manhasset, NY; Fellowship - Medical Oncology, Montefiore           Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA; Fellowship - Hematology/
Care, we offer access to hundreds of clinical                                           Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY. Board        Oncology - University of Vermont College of Medicine, Fletcher Allen
                                                                                        Certification: Internal Medicine; Medical Oncology                           Health Care, Burlington, VT. Board Certification: Internal Medicine;
trials for cancer patients through our             Dr. Horowitz       Dr. Eneman                                                                                     Hematology, Medical Oncology
affiliation with the Eastern Cooperative                                                Maged S. Khoory, M.D.
Oncology Group (ECOG) and Beth Israel                                                   Academic Degrees: M.B.ch.B. - College and Medical School, University of      Barrett Newsome, D.O.
                                                                                        Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq. Postdoctoral Training: Internship - Medicine,        Academic Degrees: B.S. - Northeastern University, Boston, MA; D.O.
Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and                                                  University Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq; Internship - Rotating, Atlantic City     - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Biddeford,
our membership in the National Cancer                                                   Hospital, Atlantic City, NJ; Residency - Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI;   ME. Postdoctoral Training: Residency - Internal Medicine, Baystate
Institute’s Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU).                                        Fellow & Research - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Residency         Medical Center, Springfield, MA; Fellowship - Hematology/Oncology
                                                                                        - Clinical Pathology - Atlantic City Hospital, Atlantic City, NJ. Board      - Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH. Board Certification:
Infusion Therapy                                   Dr. Khoory         Dr. Newsome       Certification: Internal Medicine; Medical Oncology; Hematology               Internal Medicine; Medical Oncology

We also offer a variety of individualized
infusion therapy services, including a range                      Michelle Boldiga, RN, OCN, Leader of Oncology Care                                       Mary McDonald, CNA, Medical Assistant
of IV treatments such as IV antibiotic therapy,                         Carol Graham Belliveau, RN, MS, AOCN                                               Kacie Hussey, CNA, MA & Linda Wagner,
anticoagulant injections, blood transfusions                         Julie Davis, RN, BSN, OCN, Clinical Trial Nurse                                        Clinical Trial Administrative Assistants
and treatments for a variety of conditions                                     Nancy Douglas, RN, OCN                                                      Rose Shields, MA & Marilyn Crocker, MA,
including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s                                        Karen Lancaster, RN, OCN                                                            Medical/ Lab Assistants
Disease and Osteoporosis.                                              Alan Bowen, RN, Chemotherapy Provider                                         Kim Robertson & Cindy Pool, Administrative Assistants

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