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                 Greek and Roman Mythology Review
1.    A daughter of Zeus, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is half mortal.
2.    Alcmene’s son.
3.    All the gods of a people or religion
4.    Although he initially tried to seduce her, Zeus ultimately tricked this mortal into sleeping with him
      by arriving in the guise of her husband.
5.    Although her son turned out to be a thief, he won his mother immortality. What is the mother’s
6.    Although it was a strange request, he obliged split his father’s plea and split his head open in an
      attempt to alleviate a headache of epic proportions.
7.    Aphrodite’s low blow to her husband: an affair with his brother, __________.
8.    Aphrodite’s Roman name.
9.    Aphrodite’s son.
10.   Apollo sent a __________ to fight Orion.
11.   Apollo’s son who was killed as a result of having been an unsafe driver.
12.   Ares’ Roman name.
13.   Artemis’s only boyfriend, whom she was tricked into killing on a bet.
14.   Artemis’s Roman name.
15.   Athena’s Roman name.
16.   Besides goat milk, what did baby Zeus eat?
17.   Callisto and Arcas are known today as . . .
18.   Cloth with pictures woven into it or embroidered onto it
19.   Cronos’s wife and sister.
20.   Danae and her baby were locked into a __________ and thrown into the ocean.
21.   Demeter ate his shoulder.
22.   Demeter took on this name and the form of an old woman when she went out into the world to
      search for her daughter.
23.   Demeter’s Roman name.
24.   Deucalion’s wife who threw her mother’s bones over her shoulder to repopulate the world.
25.   Emerging fully grown and ready for love, she was a mix of sea foam and her father’s severed
26.   Endures a daily pecking-out of his liver by a giant eagle as a result of his theft of fire.
27.   Everything began with one thing only: __________.
28.   Excessive pride, a major sin for the Greeks.
29.   Explaining the origin of things
30.   Fancy term for killing your parents.
31.   Fancy word for treating guests well; an important concept for the Greeks.
32.   Fireplace (another word for it)
33.   Founder of Rome
34.   God of the forge.
35.   God of the sea.
36.   Hades’ Roman name.
37.   He abducted his niece to be his bride.
38.   Hephaestus’s foster mother.
39.   Her name means “all-gifts”.
40.   Hera created this to torture Io.
41.   Hera tricked her into asking to see Zeus in his full glory.
42.   Hera turned this woman into a bear.
43.   Hera’s Roman name.
44.   Hermes is responsible for inventing the __________.
45.   Hermes stole these when he was just a day old.
46.   Hermes’s Roman name.
47.   Hestia’s Roman name.
48.   How did Aphrodite end up with her husband?
49.   How did we get the Milky Way?
50.   How did werewolves come into being?
51.   Ignored his brother’s warning and took his wife, a gift from the gods. He is blessed with hindsight.
52.   Killed Medusa using a mirror.
53.   Knowing before things happen what is likely to occur
54.   Lost an important contest with Athena and committed suicide.
55.   Mother to the beloved Olympian twins.
56.   Name of the main character in Judaism and Christianity’s flood myth
57.   Name of the three-headed hound of hell
58.   Name three etiological myths and tell what they explain.
59.   Name three myths that involve cows.
60.   Name three myths that involve suicide.
61.   Name two myths in which nine days and nine nights figure as an important number.
62.   Name two myths that demonstrate the dangers of bragging.
63.   Name two myths that involve bears.
64.   Name two myths that involve cannibalism.
65.   Name two myths that involve pigs.
66.   Name two myths that stress the importance of hospitality.
67.   Not understanding a situation until after it occurs
68.   One of only two flood survivors, he figured out how to make new human beings.
69.   One-eyed monsters whose childhood was less than idyllic.
70.   Orpheus’s beloved bride.
71.   Perfect example of brotherhood
72.   Poseidon’s Roman name.
73.   Root word meaning “eye” in Greek
74.   Served his son for dinner in an attempt to make up for stealing from Zeus’s table.
75.   She sprang fully grown from Zeus’s head.
76.   She thought she was just going for a little walk with Artemis, but Zeus raped her.
77.   She tried to cover for Zeus during his rendezvous with a nymph, but Hera found out and punished
78.   She was born painlessly and helped deliver her own twin brother.
79.   Son of Callisto and Zeus.
80.   The floating island on which Leto circumvented Hera’s curse and gave birth.
81.   The god with a roving eye; he gets around!
82.   The goddess of the hearth
83.   The goddess of virginity and the hunt.
84.   The master musician who almost brought back his wife from the Underworld.
85.   The name of the forty-year-old virgin sculptor.
86.   The Olympian twin who was god of the sun, of music, and of truth
87.   The original Mother earth
88.   The perfect watchdog: a man with a hundred eyes. He guarded Io.
89.   The product of an incestuous mother-son coupling, he married his sister and castrated his father.
90.   The river of hate; the Greek gods respected this river and held any oaths sworn on it to be binding.
91.    The Roman name of the only ugly, lame god.
92.    The rustic creature that is half-man, half-goat; symbolizes lust.
93.    The statue who came to life.
94.    There were 12 of them.
95.    This animal was sacred to Athena.
96.    This animal was sacred to Hera; she decorated it herself.
97.    This animal was sacred to Zeus.
98.    Three children, each with 100 hands and 50 heads.
99.    To cut off the visible male organ. Figuratively, to take away a man’s power
100.   Virginity (another word for it)
101.   Weapon Gaia makes out of flint; a curved blade
102.   What are the properties of Chaos?
103.   What Atlas held up.
104.   What did Cronos do with his children?
105.   What did Eurydice die of?
106.   What did Rhea feed her husband to save Zeus?
107.   What did the “cles” in Heracles’s name mean?
108.   What is a myth, anyway?
109.   What is an oral tradition? What problems are inherent in oral traditions? What oral tradition
       remains to this day?
110.   What kind of tree was sacred to Apollo?
111.   What Persephone ate in the Underworld.
112.   What Poseidon holds (his symbol).
113.   What the gods ate.
114.   What was Apollo’s Roman name?
115.   What was Athena the goddess of?
116.   What was left after Pandora opened the box?
117.   What was Tantalus’s punishment?
118.   What was the war between the Titan and Olympian gods called?
119.   What were the names of the magical beings who fed baby Zeus?
120.   Where Io fled in an attempt to escape Hera’s torture.
121.   Which mythological character was left on a mountain to die as a baby because her father wanted a
       son instead of a daughter?
122.   Who bored Argus to death . . . literally?
123.   Who steals Pelops to be his lover?
124.   Who tricked Zeus into accepting lousy sacrifices from human beings?
125.   Zeus came to her as a big white bull.
126.   Zeus came to her as a swan.
127.   Zeus punished him with a heavy load for having fought on the wrong side of the war against the
       Titans; Perseus put him out of his misery, though.
128.   Zeus turned Metis into a __________.
129.   Zeus visited her as a cloud.
130.   Zeus visited her in a shower of golden light.
131.   Zeus’s first wife.
132.   Zeus’s Roman name.
133.   Zeus’s signature weapon was the __________.
134.   Zeus’s sister and jealous second wife.

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