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									Why choose
AXA’s Elevate?

                 Issue date – March 2011
AXA’s Elevate

Better protection through
award-winning insurance
         At AXA, we take protecting your clients seriously, and we know you do too.
         That’s why we listen to advisers, identify ways to support your business and
         work towards making it easier for you and your clients to do business with us.
         Key features of AXA’s Elevate insurance include:
         ∙ instant quotes and automated underwriting and submission through
           AXA’s Elevate Online
         ∙ the Premium Quoting Tool on your desktop
         ∙ choice of premiums – level, stepped or blended
         ∙ flexible products with various levels of cover
         ∙ professional development through insurance programmes, such as the Risk
           Learning Programme
         ∙ comprehensive sales and marketing support.
         AXA’s Elevate – helping your clients build a successful and secure future.
AXA’s Elevate

Flexible plans

AXA’s Elevate is a flexible range of financial protection solutions
that we have built with your clients in mind.*

Why choose            Included benefits                                                         The TPD component can be split so that the any
                                                                                                occupation component can be owned by the
AXA’s Elevate?        Future insurability                                                       super fund and the own occupation component
Life                  Clients can purchase additional life cover on an
                                                                                                can be owned by the individual. The sum of both
                                                                                                components cannot exceed the total life insurance
insurance             annual basis without medical underwriting, on the                         sum insured amount.
                      occurrence of certain major life events.

AXA offers two life   Accommodation
insurance plans       We will pay a daily benefit of up to $150 for                                               Policy owner 1    Policy owner 2
                                                                                                                Super                       Individual
Life Insurance        a maximum of 14 days, to cover the costs of
                                                                                                              SMSF                            Business
Plan                  immediate family members who need to travel more                                       Platform
                      than 100km to stay with clients who are confined to                                   Trust          Life    Trauma
Life Insurance        bed and receiving a terminal illness benefit.                                         Business
Superannuation                                                                                              Individual
Plan                  Terminal illness
                      Clients diagnosed with a terminal illness who have
                      12 months or less to live will receive an advance
                      payment of their full life insurance benefit.

                      Advancement of funeral expenses
                      We will pay up to $20,000 in advance to cover                             Optional benefits
                      funeral expenses.
                                                                                                Premium waiver
                      Financial plan
                                                                                                After 90 days of continual total disability, clients
                      We will reimburse up to $2,000 to a licensed adviser                      will not be required to pay premiums during the
                      who has provided a financial plan for clients or their                    period they are totally disabled (up to age 65).
                      dependants within six months of a total benefit                           Also included as part of this option – clients who
                      being paid for death or terminal illness. We will pay                     become involuntarily unemployed do not have to pay
                      the financial plan benefit once only, regardless of                       premiums for up to a maximum of three months.
                      how many plans or options the client holds with us.
                                                                                                Business solutions
                      Insurance solutions                                                       Business Insurance clients can increase their life,
                                                                                                trauma and TPD cover based on the valuation
                      SuperLink plans                                                           of their businesses without providing further
                      SuperLink provides you with the ability to structure                      medical evidence.
                      your clients’ insurance policies in an effective and
                      affordable way. You have the flexibility to link non-                     Premium options
                      superannuation trauma and or TPD plans to AXA’s
                      Life Insurance Superannuation Plan.                                       Level premium to age 70
                      SuperLink offers more affordable pricing than                             AXA provides stepped, level and blended premium
                      stand-alone offers and the ability to hold trauma                         options for clients. Level and blended options are
                      and TPD outside superannuation, bypassing the                             for clients wanting to maintain their insurance for
                      restrictive condition of release rules.                                   the long term. See page 8 for more information on
                                                                                                blended premiums.
                      SuperLink Trauma and TPD plans can be linked
                      to superannuation plans as well as plans owned                            Clients can access affordable insurance for longer
                      by individuals and non-superannuation entities.                           with a level premium cease age up to age 70.

                      * Not all benefits are available under super and some benefits are subject to limitations and/or exclusions. Please refer to AXA’s
                        Elevate Insurance solutions Product Disclosure Statement for full details on all plans.                                            1
Why choose              Included benefits                                       Options
AXA’s Elevate?          Heart attack (other) partial payment                    Trauma reinstatement
Trauma                  If a client does not meet the criteria under the        If your client has been paid a full trauma benefit,
insurance               full trauma heart attack definition, provided they
                        fulfil subsequent criteria, they may be eligible for
                                                                                12 months after we receive the trauma insurance
                                                                                claim, they will be able to repurchase up to 100 per
                        a partial payment. Where a heart attack occurs          cent of their previous trauma insurance amount
AXA offers two trauma   and cardiac enzyme changes exist but there is no        under a new plan. Plus our industry leading trauma
insurance plans         change to the ECG, AXA will pay a partial payment       reinstatement option allows the client to claim
                        of 20 per cent of the sum insured amount up to a        on heart attack and cancer events related to the
Trauma Insurance        maximum of $100,000.                                    original trauma claim.
                        Future insurability                                     Double trauma insurance
Trauma Insurance
Plus Plan               Clients can purchase additional trauma cover on         If your client makes a trauma claim before age 70,
                        an annual basis without medical underwriting on         their life insurance amount will not be reduced by
                        the occurrence of certain major life events.            any benefit paid. We will also waive all future life
                                                                                insurance premiums (excluding TPD options) to age
                        Fifty-four trauma events                                99, up to the amount of the trauma benefit.
                        AXA’s Trauma Insurance Plan covers 44 separate
                        trauma events. An additional ten conditions are
                                                                                Children’s trauma
                        covered in AXA’s Trauma Insurance Plus Plan,            AXA offers a comprehensive children’s trauma
                        giving your clients comprehensive cover for cancer.     benefit, which covers death, terminal illness and 40
                                                                                trauma events. When the nominated child turns 16,
                        Financial plan                                          they can purchase a new trauma insurance plan
                        We will reimburse up to $2,000 to a licensed            or life insurance plan without the need to provide
                        adviser who provides a financial plan for clients       health evidence, up to the age of 21.
                        or their dependants within six months of a total
                        benefit being paid for a trauma. We will pay the
                                                                                Premium options
                        financial plan benefit once only, regardless of how
                                                                                Level premium to age 70
                        many plans or options the client holds with us.
                                                                                AXA provides stepped, level and blended premium
                        Cancer early payment – Trauma Insurance                 options for clients. Level and blended options are
                        Plus only                                               for clients wanting to maintain their insurance for
                                                                                the long term. See page 8 for more information on
                        Covers early partial payments of 20 per cent
                                                                                blended premiums.
                        of the sum insured amount to a maximum of
                        $100,000 for a range of pre and early cancerous         Clients can access affordable insurance for longer
                        conditions:                                             with a level premium cease age up to age 70.
                        For women Carcinoma in situ of the breast, vulva,
                        vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovary, uterus,
                        perineum and melanomas.
                        For men Carcinoma in situ of the prostate, penis
                        and testes, perineum and melanomas.
                        Note: A full benefit is payable for carcinoma in situ
                        of the prostate requiring major intervention therapy
                        and for carcinoma in situ of the testicle where one
                        or both testes are removed by radical orchidectomy.

Why choose             Included benefits                                         or less of their pre-TPD income. The definitions of
                                                                                 total and permanent disablement will depend on
AXA’s Elevate?         Future insurability
                                                                                 whether your client has the ‘any occupation’ or
                       Clients can purchase additional TPD cover on an
Total and              annual basis without medical underwriting, on the
                                                                                 ‘own occupation’ version.

permanent              occurrence of certain major life events.                  Stand-alone Activities of Daily Living TPD

disability             Loss of the use of one hand or one foot or the            We will pay a lump sum if illness or injury leaves
                                                                                 your client totally and permanently unable to
                       entire sight in one eye
(TPD)                  Clients will receive a partial payment of 25 per cent,
                                                                                 perform at least two of these five specified
                                                                                 activities without assistance:
insurance              up to $500,000, for the loss of the use of one hand
                       or one foot or the entire sight in one eye.               ∙ bathing/showering
AXA offers two TPD
insurance plans
                                                                                 ∙ dressing/undressing
                       Up to $5 million in TPD cover
                                                                                 ∙ eating/drinking
Total and              For high net worth or business insurance                  ∙ using the toilet to maintain personal hygiene
Permanent Disability   clients up to $5 million cover can be purchased.
                       The cover can be any occupation TPD or own
                                                                                 ∙ getting in and out of bed, a chair, a wheelchair
Insurance Plan                                                                     or moving from place to place by walking, using
                       occupation TPD or a combination of both.
Activities of                                                                      a wheelchair or with a walking aid.
Daily Living Total     Day one TPD
and Permanent          We will waive the waiting period for TPD clients
Disability (ADL TPD)   who develop any of the 18 specified medical               Double TPD insurance
Insurance Plan         conditions and are totally disabled.                      If your client makes a TPD claim before age 65,
                                                                                 their life insurance amount will not be reduced by
                                                                                 any benefit paid. We will also waive all future life
                       We will pay a daily benefit of up to $150 for             insurance premiums to age 99, up to the amount of
                       a maximum of 14 days, to cover the costs of               the TPD benefit.
                       immediate family members who need to travel
                       more than 100km to stay with clients who are              Life Buy Back TPD
                       confined to bed and receiving a TPD benefit.              Allows the insured to buy back life cover
                                                                                 immediately after a TPD claim.
                       Financial plan
                       We will reimburse up to $2,000 to a licensed adviser      Premium options
                       who has provided a financial plan for clients or their    Level premium to age 70
                       dependants within six months of a total benefit being
                       paid for total and permanent disablement. We will         AXA provides stepped, level and blended premium
                       pay the financial plan benefit once only, regardless of   options for clients. Level and blended options are
                       how many plans or options the client holds with us.       for clients wanting to maintain their insurance for
                                                                                 the long term. See page 8 for more information on
                       Twenty-five per cent earnings criteria for any            blended premiums.
                       occupation TPD
                                                                                 Clients can access affordable insurance for longer
                       Provides a benefit if your client becomes totally         with a level premium cease age up to age 70.
                       and permanently disabled and their earning
                       capacity is permanently reduced to 25 per cent

Why choose             Included benefits
AXA’s Elevate?         Partial disability                                        Locum cover for medical practitioners
Business               We will pay a portion of the benefit if your client can   Medical practitioners who are unable to work due to
expenses               only work in a reduced capacity due to sickness or
                       injury, after a specified period of total disablement.
                                                                                 sickness or injury can claim the net cost of a locum
                                                                                 as an allowable business expense.
                       Flexible benefit period
                       The benefit period can be extended beyond a year,
                       until 12 times the monthly benefit amount is paid.

Why choose         Income Insurance Premier Plan (available to                Income Insurance Senior Plan
AXA’s Elevate?     occupations MP, AA, A, B, C)                               Clients in professional or sedentary occupations
                   Three-tier Total Disability definition                     (occupations MP, AA and A) at the expiry (age 65)
Income                                                                        of their AXA income insurance may be eligible
                   A three-tier total disability definition is the major
insurance          feature for our flagship Income Insurance Premier
                                                                              to extend their cover via our Income Insurance
                                                                              Senior Plan. These clients may convert to the
                   Plan. This definition will provide clients with            Income Insurance Senior Plan without medical
                   the ability to be assessed on a duties, hours or           underwriting (subject to certain criteria being met).
AXA offers the     income basis, allowing more flexibility when it
following income                                                              Cover can continue until the client turns 70.
                   comes to claim time.
insurance plans
                   Partial Disability definition                              Benefit period up to age 70
Income Insurance                                                              All current, on-sale income insurance plans have
Plan               As long as the client is totally or partially disabled
                   throughout the waiting period, they may be eligible        an additional benefit period option up to age 70
Income Insurance   for partial disablement benefits if they are still         to meet the changing needs of clients who may
Plus Plan          not able to work at full capacity after the waiting        still be working later in life. This extended benefit
                   period. Also, if the client is able to do all the duties   period gives clients up to age 60 the flexibility
Income Insurance   of their job, but not in a full-time capacity, they        to plan ahead. Applies to MP, AA and A rated
Premier Plan       may receive a partial disability benefit.                  occupations only.
Income Insurance   As further protection for clients, a full monthly          Monthly benefit up to $60,000
Senior Plan        benefit will continue to be paid if they are unable to:
                                                                              Clients can receive a maximum monthly benefit
Income Insurance   ∙ work more than 10 hours per week, and                    of up to $60,000 if they are unable to work due
Superannuation     ∙ earn less than their pre-disability income.              to illness or injury. Applies to MP, AA and A rated
Plan                                                                          occupations only.
                   Income Insurance Plus, Income Insurance,
                                                                              Please contact your underwriter for medical
                   Income Insurance Superannuation Plans
                                                                              and financial requirements on applications
                   Total Disability definition                                above $30,000.
                   Clients will be eligible for a total disability benefit
                                                                              Protection for above and underground miners
                   if they are unable to do one or more important
                   income producing duties of their job.                      Miners (classified occupation C) can protect
                                                                              75 per cent of their income for an agreed value or
                   Partial Disability definition                              indemnity-based monthly benefit of up to $10,000
                   To be eligible for partial disability benefits clients     if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.
                   must be totally disabled for 7 of 12 consecutive
                   days during the waiting period for occupations MP,         Medical and dental graduates offer
                   AA and A and 14 consecutive days for occupations           This offer allows recent medical and dental
                   B, C and D.                                                graduates the ability to purchase an agreed value
                                                                              income insurance plan of up to $6,250 per month,
                   Income Insurance Superannuation Plan                       without the need to provide financial evidence at
                   We offer income insurance through                          underwriting, or at claim stage for total disability.
                   superannuation for benefit periods of one, two             When a partial disability claim is lodged, proof
                   and five years, to ages 60 and 65. The plan is             of pre-disability income must be provided. We
                   also available via AXA’s superannuation platforms          understand that the income of these graduates
                   (Summit, Generations, iAccess and North).                  increases quickly once they are in the workforce,
                                                                              so we are flexible in providing them with the
                                                                              protection they will need upfront. This will make
                                                                              it easier for you to target this segment, offering
                                                                              these clients more cover and security than would
                                                                              normally be available to them.

Flexible income insurance for farmers                   Available options
Many farmers have irregular annual incomes,
                                                        Occupationally acquired HIV, hepatitis B and C
making it difficult to verify their chosen monthly
benefit when underwriting the application.              We will pay a lump sum of up to $500,000 if
We allow farmers to use a proportion of their           doctors, dentists or surgeons become infected
gross farm turnover as a basis for determining          with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C as a result of an
their monthly benefit. We also offer flexible waiting   occupational incident.
periods (14, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days) and benefit
periods (two or five years or to age 60 or 65).         Accident lump sum
                                                        If your client is involved in an accident that causes
Temporary business working visa holders                 a specific injury or death within one year from the
Income insurance cover is available for some            date of the accident, we will pay them a lump sum.
temporary business working visa holders, whose
occupations are classified MP, AA and A.                Cover boost
                                                        For MP, AA and A occupations your client can
Offsets                                                 increase their total disability benefit by up to
We will not reduce a total or partial disability        20 per cent every three years without having
benefit by sick leave for all occupations or            to provide medical evidence or evidence about
by any amount received under legislation                their occupations, pursuits, pastimes or place
(for occupations classified MP, AA or A only).          of residence.
Regardless of occupation, we will not reduce
total disability benefits if your client receives a     Accelerated accident
lump-sum TPD benefit, superannuation benefit            If an injury causes your client to be totally disabled
or any disability insurance indemnifying against        for more than three days in a row, we will pay them a
business expenses.                                      benefit from day one of the waiting period.

Included benefits (all products)                        Increasing claim benefit
Waiver of premium                                       If we are paying your client for a claim, we will
                                                        increase their benefit by the increase in the CPI on
If we are paying a total or partial benefit (except     each renewal date while they are on claim.
nursing care benefit), the client does not have
to pay the premium for this or any other plans
(Life, TPD, Trauma) for the person we are paying
the benefit to. We will continue to pay the
trail commission.

Income insurance benefits
AXA’s income insurance plans provide you with the following benefits:

                                                                                                                   Income        Income
                                                                                    Income     Income   Income    Insurance     Insurance
                                                                                  Insurance Insurance Insurance     Senior    Superannuation
Benefit                   Benefit description                                    Premier Plan Plus Plan   Plan       Plan          Plan
Total disability
∙ 3 tier definition       Provides a total disability benefit if you have
                          a reduction in duties, hours or income due to
                          sickness or accident.
∙ Duties based            Provides a total disability benefit if you cannot do
    only definition       one or more important duties of your occupation.
Partial disability
∙ benefit payable if      Full monthly benefit payable if you are not able
  you are able to work    to work for more than 10 hours per week and
  to a limited extent     earning less than your pre-disability income.
∙ where you have          To receive a benefit you do not need to be totally
    not been totally      disabled during the waiting period.
    disabled during the
    waiting period
∙ where you have          Pays a benefit if you can only work in a reduced
    been totally          capacity due to sickness or injury, after a
    disabled during the   specified period of total disablement.1
    waiting period
Attempted return          Allows you to return to work for up to five
to work during the        consecutive days or less during the waiting
waiting period            period, without the waiting period starting again.
Specific injuries         Pays you a benefit for a specified period of time,
and sickness              if you suffer a specific injury or sickness, even if
                          you are able to work.
Nursing care benefit      Pays you a benefit if you require the continuous
                          full-time care of a registered nurse during the
                          waiting period.
Rehabilitation            A benefit that reimburses you for the costs
expenses benefit          of rehabilitation programme expenses and
                          equipment costs.2
Rehabilitation            Provides you with an additional benefit if you
programme benefit         are participating in an approved rehabilitation
Death benefit             A benefit that pays you six times your benefit
                          amount upon death to a maximum of $60,000.
Recurrent disability      Allows you to recommence an earlier claim, if you
                          suffer a relapse within 6 or 12 months2, without
                          the waiting period applying again.
Right to convert          2 year waiting period may be reduced to 90 days
2 year waiting            on cancellation of person insured’s group
period to 90 day          insurance policy.
waiting period
24 hour                   You are covered 24 hours a day anywhere in
worldwide cover           the world.

                                                                                                                                            Income            Income
                                                                                              Income     Income   Income                   Insurance         Insurance
                                                                                            Insurance Insurance Insurance                    Senior        Superannuation
Benefit                        Benefit description                                         Premier Plan Plus Plan   Plan                      Plan              Plan
Unemployment                   If you become involuntarily unemployed we will
premium waiver                 waive your premium for up to three months.
Elective or                    We will pay you the Total Disability Benefit
cosmetic surgery               if you are totally disabled due to elective or
                               cosmetic surgery.
Waiver of premium              Waives your premiums for this plan and any other
                               plans that are listed on your insurance schedule
                               where you are the life insured, when you are
                               being paid a benefit.
Unemployment                   Your cover remains if you are unemployed. Your
continuation benefit           benefit entitlements may change.1
Leave without pay              Your cover remains if you are on leave without
continuation benefit           pay. Your benefit entitlements may change.1
Indexation benefit             Your benefit automatically increases with the
                               Consumer Price Index.
Family member’s                We will reimburse accommodation expenses if an
accommodation                  immediate family member has to stay more than
benefit                        100kms away from home to be with you because
                               of your total disablement.
Family carer’s                 We will pay a benefit if an immediate family
income benefit                 member ceases employment because of your
                               total disability.
Home coming                    We will pay your transportation costs if you are
costs benefit                  more than 100kms away from home and have to
                               return to your place of residence because you are
                               totally disabled.
Special care benefit           Pays you a benefit if you require the continuous
                               full-time care of a registered nurse when being
                               paid total disability benefits.
Upgrade of benefits            Future improvements to your specific Income
                               Insurance plan will be passed on to you.
Right to take out an           If you are classified as a ‘MP’, ‘AA’, or ‘A’
Income Insurance               occupation, you may be entitled to take out an
Senior Plan                    Income Insurance Senior Plan.
Interim cover                  While we are assessing your application you
                               will be covered for total disability caused by
                               accidental injury.
1 Depends on your benefit period.
2 For the full terms and conditions of the benefits listed above, ask your adviser for a copy of the current AXA’s Elevate Insurance solutions Product Disclosure Statement.

AXA’s Elevate

Value for money

Attractive pricing opportunities
for you and value for money
for your clients.

                Competitive premiums                               Large case discounts
                AXA has competitive premiums for stepped,          AXA offers attractive large case discounts,
                level and blended premiums. We are                 so the more insurance your clients place with
                particularly competitive for Life, TPD and         us the more affordable the cover becomes.
                Trauma Insurance between the age of 35 and         Consolidating your clients’ insurance with AXA
                50, still being reasonably competitive just        can save them money and reduce paperwork.
                outside these ages.                                For more information on our large case
                Blended premiums                                   discounts refer to AXA’s Elevate Adviser Easy
                                                                   Reference Guide.
                Level rates are generally higher than stepped
                rates initially but represent a significant        AXA’s Workplace Rewards and
                saving over the lifetime of the plan. Stepped      Family programme
                rates offer attractive initial savings but         When at least five employees and/or
                increase annually, becoming less affordable        family members take out any AXA’s Elevate
                and more likely to lapse.                          insurance plan, they will receive a 10 per cent
                AXA’s Elevate offers your clients another choice   discount on their premiums.
                to pay for their insurance – blended premiums.
                                                                   Plan fee waiver
                Blended premiums increase for the first
                10 years of the policy. After 10 years, the        Clients who purchase more than one
                premium is then fixed and remains constant         insurance plan from AXA may have the plan
                until age 60. At age 60 the policy reverts to a    fee waived for the second and subsequent
                stepped premium policy.                            plans. The plan fee waiver is also available to
                                                                   spouses and business partners. This means
                Blended premiums can help your clients             spouses may only ever pay a single plan fee,
                maintain their cover at a time when they are       saving them money when they take out their
                more likely to claim.                              insurance with AXA.

                  Commission flexibility
                  AXA allows you to choose different rates of dial down for all commission
                  structures, giving you the option to improve the premium pricing for
                  your clients. You can dial down your up-front commission, while maintaining
                  100 per cent of the trail commission or vice versa.
                  We allow different commission structures for each plan a client has with us
                  under one policy number.

The three         Up-front commission (GST inclusive)
commission                                                         New         Renewal     Responsibility
structures are:   Plan type                                  business %    commission %          period
1 Up-front        Life/TPD/trauma insurance                     123.75            10.12        12 months
2 Hybrid          Income insurance/business expenses            115.50            12.10        12 months
3 Flat
                  Hybrid commission (GST inclusive)
                                                                   New         Renewal     Responsibility
                  Plan type                                  business %    commission %          period
                  Life/TPD/trauma insurance                      77.00            20.13        12 months
                  Income insurance/business expenses             72.93            21.23        12 months

                  Flat commission (GST inclusive)
                                                                   New         Renewal     Responsibility
                  Plan type                                  business %    commission %          period
                  Life/TPD/trauma insurance                      30.25            30.25        12 months
                  Income insurance/business expenses             30.25            30.25        12 months

                  You can find more detailed commission tables in AXA’s Elevate Adviser Easy
                  Reference Guide.

AXA’s Elevate

Consistent service delivery

AXA believes         AXA’s Elevate is a complete financial          AXA’s Elevate Online not only gives an
                     protection solution. We support                immediate underwriting decision but,
that delivering a    you with consistent, efficient and             where available, will also provide an
consistent service   transparent service through the entire         alternative underwriting assessment.
                     insurance lifecycle: quoting, application,     This may include a higher sum insured
throughout the       submission, underwriting and claims.           for term, trauma and TPD insurance or
                                                                    alternative revised terms, such as a longer
insurance life       New business administration                    waiting period instead of a premium
cycle is critical.   We appreciate that a smooth application        loading for income insurance.
                     process helps advisers set up a positive       AXA’s Elevate Online also allows advisers
                     long-term relationship with clients.           to complete External takeovers and
                     AXA gives you choice and flexibility in        Continuation options online, providing
                     how you do business with us and how            instant decisions for your clients.
                     you service your clients. We offer AXA’s
                     Elevate Online for instant quotes and          Servicing existing clients
                     automated online underwriting and              Calls you and your clients make to the AXA
                     submission, as well as a host of other         call centre are managed professionally
                     electronic and paper resources.                and with stringent quality checks in place.
                     ∙   Under our commitment to same-day           We aim to resolve any issues on the first
                         processing, we aim to respond to new       call to AXA without the need for follow up.
                         business applications within 24 hours.     A specialist call centre team will also
                     ∙   We have experienced teams of               work with you to retain and reinstate
                         underwriters, available to be contacted    business that may otherwise lapse. We
                         directly, in five major cities.            provide you with online alerts for policies
                                                                    due to lapses and your clients receive
                     ∙   A dedicated underwriter will personally
                                                                    communications to reinforce their need
                         contact you for each case and keep you
                         posted on its progress.                    for insurance.

                     ∙   You can also track your applications       AXA’s claims process
                         using the Application Status Report tool
                                                                    Our business is to pay genuine claims
                         and submit your clients’ confidential
                                                                    in a prompt manner. We believe in
                         information and applications via our
                                                                    treating our claimants with compassion
                         secure upload facility.
                                                                    and empathy. We also believe in
                     We aim to provide your clients with            regular communication with you during
                     cover wherever possible, whatever their        the course of a client’s claim.

                     AXA’s Elevate Online – a complete
                     electronic solution
                     AXA’s Elevate Online allows you to quote
                     and apply online, providing you with an
                     instant underwriting decision and a fast
                     and efficient submission process. All your
                     quotes and applications in progress are
                     saved within a work queue, allowing easy
                     follow up.

Same-day processing

Within 24 hours of receiving the new
business application we provide same-
day processing on more than 85 per
cent of applications each month.*
The AXA underwriter will come to an
initial decision, make first telephone
contact and start the administration
process within this timeframe,
whenever possible.
* As of July 2009.

End-to-end cycle time

We’ve reduced the median cycle time
(from receipt of application at AXA to
completion) from 29 days in June 2007
to the current time of just 15 days.

Faster protection for your clients

We make final assessments on
over 45 per cent of new business
applications within three days.

AXA digital service support team

Support available when you need it for
your Elevate Online queries.

Telephone 1800 101 280
Email          elevate@axa.com.au
Operating      8.30 am – 6.00 pm
hours          Monday to Friday AEST

     A complete financial protection solution

     Obtain a quote                 Desktop Premium Quote Tool (PQT)

                                    Online PQT

     Complete an application        Eform

                                    Paper-based application form

                                    Data capture form

                                    AXA’s Elevate Online

     Submit an application          Secure electronic submission

                                    AXA’s Elevate Online

     Underwriting evaluation        Same-day processing
     and decision
                                    Dedicated case management

                                    Telephone underwriting

                                    Regional and field underwriters

                                    Alternative Offer Forum

                                    AXA’s Elevate Online

     Submit extra information       Application status report
     and track applications
                                    Event notification

                                    Enhanced secure submissions facility
                                    and financial information

     Issue insurance plan           Auto-generated plan documentation
                                    and communications

     Claim submission,              Individual case management
     assessment, decision
     and payment

Enables you to obtain quotes offline.

Enables you to generate quick quotes online and continue your insurance application using AXA’s Elevate Online.

Increases the accuracy of an application and less likely to require revision. Internet access not essential.

Can be submitted by mail, fax or uploaded via the secure AXA’s Elevate Online document submission page at axa.com.au/adviser.

Allows you to collect your client’s information on paper and later transpose it into AXA’s Elevate Online. This is a great tool to use when you are visiting
clients and don’t have access to the internet.

Convert a quote instantly into an application and receive an immediate underwriting decision online.

An easier and safer way to submit your client’s personal information, via AXA’s Elevate Online secure insurance submissions page at
axa.com.au/adviser. You can also log into the ‘My Profile’ section to change the default preference for submissions from fax to email.

Complete your client’s application online and receive an immediate underwriting decision before submitting.

You will receive a phone call from an underwriter within 24 hours of submitting your client’s application.

An underwriter will be assigned to your client’s application, providing a single point of contact. Our underwriters are committed to gathering only the
information they need, ensuring an efficient process.

Clarification of information to help reach a decision faster.

Explores ways to cover your clients wherever possible.

A secure service that enables you to track the progress of an application online.

Regular email updates on your client’s plans. You can select to receive alerts for events, such as underwriting completed or claim received,
setting priority rankings for each event. You can also log into the Application status report and check for yourself.

Simplified for greater clarity and understanding by you and your client.

A dedicated claims assessor assigned to each case.

AXA’s Elevate

Supporting your business

We offer a range     When developing our tools we took into                Managing Life’s Risks
                     consideration what you do, how you do it and how
of practical tools                                                         Managing Life’s Risks is a client-facing brochure
                     we can help make this easier and more efficient.
that can help you                                                          that helps you guide your clients through the
                     Useful and practical tools                            major landmarks and potential roadblocks on their
with business                                                              journey through life.
development,         Adviser website                                       The brochure features detailed sections on
sales support and    As well as the latest insurance news,                 financial risks, raising children, unemployment,
administration.      our dedicated adviser website features a              marriage, relationship breakdown, caring for
                     comprehensive archive of financial protection         others, illness and injury, business protection,
                     articles, links to other AXA risk-related sites and   debt, financial planning, budgeting and the value of
                     a library of current sales tools and marketing        financial advice.
                     material to download or order in hard copy.           Managing Life’s Risks is also available in a scripted
                     We continually update the portal with insightful      PowerPoint presentation and workbook format.
                     articles that add real value to your sales and
                     business processes across the entire risk             Adviser Easy Reference Guide
                     spectrum: product, underwriting, service and          This is a useful reference for our individual
                     administration, claims and technical.                 insurance business.
                     Download these tools via the insurance web page       It comprises information on underwriting (life,
                     at axa.com.au/adviserinsurance.                       total and permanent disability, trauma, income
                                                                           and business expenses insurance), products,
                     Insurance Definitions Library (IDL)                   occupation classifications and claims processes.
                     AXA’s IDL is a fully automated online content
                     management tool that produces a comprehensive         Technical Insurance Guide
                     list of a client’s policy benefits and applicable     AXA’s Technical Insurance Guide covers the
                     definitions at the click of a button.                 practical issues and tax implications of using
                      A first in Australia, AXA’s IDL is a self-           insurance as part of an overall financial
                     service tool that enables advisers to:                planning strategy.

                     ∙ review a client’s policy and compare definitions    It contains technical articles and case studies on:
                        with others currently available in the market      ∙ life and TPD cover within super
                     ∙ view any upgrades we have made to benefits          ∙ the tax treatment of lump-sum death benefits
                        and definitions                                    ∙ terminal illness benefits within super
                     ∙ access accurate and comprehensive                   ∙ insurance-only super products
                        policy information in an easy-to-use and
                        efficient manner.
                                                                           ∙ salary continuance insurance within super
                                                                           ∙ key person insurance
                     The IDL is available through the secure
                     section of the adviser website.
                                                                           ∙ business succession planning
                                                                           ∙ transferring business ownership.
                                                                           The Technical Insurance Guide is also a useful tool
                                                                           to help you prepare the insurance component of a
                                                                           statement of advice.

                                                                           Trauma Information Guide
                                                                           This easy-to-read guide to trauma insurance will
                                                                           help you better understand the listed traumas
                                                                           via simple explanations of each event. Where
                                                                           appropriate, we have also included symptoms,
                                                                           causes, risk factors, treatments and statistics.

Insurance learning programmes                         The right people to help you
Risk Learning Programme                               Business development managers (BDMS)/
In response to increasing demand for insurance        business development consultants (BDCS)
advice, we have developed a Risk Learning             Our business development team can help you:
Programme to equip advisers with the specialist       ∙ build business revenue using the range of
skills and knowledge necessary to be successful         AXA solutions
in the insurance market segment.
                                                      ∙ learn more about AXA’s entire range of
Participants in the free programme will also earn       investment and financial protection products
Continuing Professional Development points.             and services
Core modules on client engagement and                 ∙ establish and maintain an effective working
behavioural research help you understand how            relationship with AXA.
your clients are feeling and discuss risk insurance
with compassion and sensitivity.                      Financial protection development
Key topics in the 10-module course include:           managers (FPDMS)
∙ engaging and building rapport with the client       Our FPDMs are:
∙ making the claims process simple and efficient      ∙ your specialist insurance resource to provide
∙ understanding underwriting                            your business with product sales and
                                                        technical support
∙ knowing the product
∙ learning trauma definitions and                     ∙ dedicated to supporting you and the insurance
                                                        needs of your business
  medical terminology.
                                                      ∙ a regionally based service (Victoria, New South
Risk 101 workshop: Why choose AXA?                      Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland,
                                                        Western Australia and South Australia).
Our introductory Risk 101 workshop outlines how
AXA can meet the insurance needs of your valued       FPDMs can be accessed through your business
clients. Risk 101 features presentations by our       development representatives.
underwriting and claims teams, who give valuable
insight into their processes and philosophies.        Technical support team
This workshop helps you understand AXA’s              Our technical support team can provide you with
business insurance and how you can get the most       information on:
out of your relationship with us.                     ∙ legislative and regulatory changes
                                                      ∙ effective financial advice strategies for
Business insurance                                       your clients
We can help you identify opportunities in this        ∙ superannuation, retirement income, insurance
crucial market segment and successfully grow             and managed investments
your practice by meeting the insurance needs of       ∙ taxation, social security and estate planning.
business owners.
Our regular business insurance seminars and
learning programmes keep you up to date
with industry news, consumer trends and
client research.
Our business insurance package features:
∙ a broad range of flexible products and options
  to meet business needs for key people,
  business succession, loan protection and
  business expenses insurance
∙ a specialist and experienced business
  insurance underwriting service, dedicated
  technical and sales support, and
∙ informative marketing material to help you
  discuss business insurance with your clients.

Contact AXA

AXA business development representative
If you have not sold AXA products before or you are unsure
of your AXA identity number, please call an AXA business
                                                             Dial    1800 655 655
development representative on 1800 655 655.

AXA underwriting and new business                            For information on:                       Press
Online             axa.com.au/adviser                        ∙ AXA products                               1
Telephone          1800 655 655
                                                             ∙ Summit                                     2
Mail address          AXA Australia
(for completed forms) Customer Service Centre                ∙   AXA Adviser Support Technology           4
                      PO Box 14330                           ∙   Technical assistance
                      Melbourne VIC 8001                     ∙   Marketing queries
Operating hours    8.30 am – 8.00 pm                         ∙   Business development representative
                   Monday to Friday
                                                             Enter your identity number
AXA Adviser Support                                          or hold the line for assistance
Online             axa.com.au/adviser
Telephone          1800 644 644
Operating hours    9.00 am – 5.30 pm
                   Monday to Friday

AXA digital service support team
Telephone          1800 101 280
Email              elevate@axa.com.au
Operating hours    8.30 am – 6.00 pm
                   Monday to Friday


               Important information
               This publication has been prepared for distribution to professional
               financial advisers only and is intended to provide factual information. It is
               not intended to be distributed or made available to existing or potential
               product holders. AXA Australia does not authorise the distribution of this
               publication to, or use by, existing or potential product holders. Existing
               or potential product holders should base their decision on the detailed
               information contained in the current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
               and should consult their financial adviser. Applications for purchase of
               AXA Australia products will only be accepted on receipt of an application
               form. The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited and its
               associates derive income from issuing interests in the products, full details
               of which are contained in the PDSs. This information is provided for persons
               in Australia only and is not being provided for the use of any person who is
               in any other country.

                                                                                           The National Mutual Life Association of Australasia Limited

                                                                                                        ABN 72 004 020 437 AFS Licence No. 234649
                                                                                         Registered Office: 750 Collins Street Docklands Victoria 3008

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