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  Man has been indulging in construction activities ever since evolution and the latest
offspring of the human mind are pre engineered steel buildings.These buildings are
constructed keeping in mind the aesthetic value, cost effectiveness, durability and fast
construction. This method has been successfully implemented in countries like
Europe, Australia, North America, among others. Now it is India's turn to benefit from
this innovation.

Parts of pre engineered buildings are manufactured in the factory and brought to the
construction site in a knock down form. These parts are then assembled together by
the steel building supplier to take the shape of a building. These parts, when put
together, become a complete building envelop system which is light in weight, air
tight, cost effective and totally efficient. These buildings can be fitted with different
building accessories like partitions, false ceilings, canopies, etc and it is made
watertight using the best quality materials.

Generally, the pre engineered steel buildings are low rise buildings with a maximum
height of 25-30 meters. Therefore they are best suited for use as residential homes,
offices, showrooms, etc since they offer speedy construction and at the lowest cost.

Following are the main parts of a pre engineered steel building:
Main Framing - this includes the steel frames of the building. This frame is specially
fabricated by the metal building supplier according to the requirements of the client.
Panels and insulation - these fittings ensure that the building is properly insulated and
effective in all kinds of weather conditions.
  Doors & windows - these are properly attached to the main frame by welding or any
other effective method.
False ceilings - this is especially necessary for residential buildings and offices. A
false ceiling of rigid boards is placed on a metal frame, which is hung from the roof.
Partitions - partitions are generally necessary in case of offices and residential houses.
These partitions are fixed to the metal frame and properly insulated to maintain the
efficiency of the building.
Flooring - floors in a pre engineered building are made up of normal materials like
concrete or cement.

In India, generally the production of steel is more than its consumption. So this
concept of pre engineered steel buildings has a lot of potential to succeed here. It can
solve a major chunk of India's infrastructural related problems along with being a
profitable prospect for the steel building supplier. Even today there is a large list of
schools, hospitals, churches airports, etc who are benefiting from the use of these
buildings, so the future definitely looks positive.

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