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UK/documentary/ 1984/ 60 min.
director Dick Fontaine

The groundbreaking documentary from 1984 that switched
a generation of UK youth on to hip hop! Originally shown
as part of the BBC's 'Arena' series in 1984, 'Beat This: a
Hip Hop History' is one of the first glimpses into the
nascent hip hop culture of the Bronx. Looking at all of the
arts of hip hop as practised by such legends as The Cold
Crush Brothers, Jazzy Jay, Brim and The Dynamic
Rockers, as well as the musical and social revolutionary
Afrika Bambaata and hip hop's godfather DJ Kool Herc.
Dick Fontaine's seminal film captures the main progenitors
of the scene as it evolves from a tiny street movement into
an internationally disseminated culture. 'Beat This: A Hip
Hop History' features in-depth interviews as well as footage
from Kool Herc's original block parties. This is unmissable
breaking, graffiti, rapping and DJing from back in the day,
in all its crazy-costumed glory!

Dick Fontaine was a founder member of Granada
Television's groundbreaking 'World in Action' series and
has made two films on early hip hop culture as well as
many films on black music and musicians including Sonny
Rollins, Marvin Gaye and Art Blakey. He is currently Head
of Documentary Direction at the National Film and
Television School.
Print source:
National fim and television school (NFTS)
Beaconsfield studios
Station Road
Bucks County HP91LG
United Kingdom
P: 00 44 1 49 46 71 234
F: 00 44 1 49 46 74 942

BELLEK hiphop in Marokko
Belgie/2003/ documentaire/ 55 min.
regisseur: Bart Van Dijck & Patrik Oosterlynck

De titel verwijst naar de straatverkopers die in de nauwe
steegjes van de medina de weg vrijmaken om door te
kunnen met hun karren. Bellek is een Belgische
documentaire over de levendige hiphopscene in de
Marokkaanse stad Salé, vlakbij de hoofdstad Rabat. Deze
sferige en soms middeleeuws aandoende locatie waar ook
een deel van ―Black Hawk Down‖ werd gefilmd blijkt een
broeinest van Amerikaans geïnspireerde hiphopfans,
breakdancers, rappers en DJ‘s. De charismatische
hoofdfiguren van deze franjeloze documentaire nemen de
kijker mee op een trip door de souks, clubs, eettenten en
theehuizen waardoor ook de stad Salé wordt
geportretteerd. Het enthoesiasme van de lokale hiphoppers
en hun liefde voor ―the hood‖ doen soms denken aan de
beginjaren van de hiphop in de VS.

print source
Bart van Dijck
Brederodestraat 88
2018 Antwerpen
P: +32 486-837998

USA/2006./63 min./documentary
director: Byron Hurt

Beyond Beats and Rhymes: A Hip Hop Head weighs in on
Manhood in hip-hop culture, is a riveting documentary that
examines representations of gender roles in Hip Hop and
rap music through the lens of filmmaker Byron hurt, a
former ollege quarterback turned activist. Conceived as
aloving critique from a self proclaimed Hip Hop Head, Hurt
tackles issues of masculinity, sexism, violence and
homophobia in todays Hip Hop culture (official sundance
selection 2006)

Byron Hurt (35) is a former Northeastern University football
star and long time gender violence prevention educator.
For more then five years, he was the associate director and
founding member of the Mentors in Violence Prevention
(VMP) program, the leading college based rrape and
domestic violence prevention initiative for professional
athletics. Over the past decade, Hurt has lectured at more
then 100 college campuses and trained thousands of
young men and women on issues related to gender, r ace,
sex, violence, music and visual media.

Print source:
Byron Hurt
58 Acorn Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722
P: 1 516 909 60 63
PBS Independent Lends
501 York Street
San Francisco CA 94110
P: 1 415 356 8383 ext. 235
W: www.pbls/

Black and Blue: Legends Of The Hip Hop Cop
Narrated by: Saul Williams
US/2006/86 min./documentary
director: Peter Spier

It had Fat Joe and Russell Simmons complaining to press.
It keeps tab on beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent. And it‘s
been accused of racial profiling. But whatever you do, don‘t
call it the New York Police Department‘s ―hip-hop patrol.‖
Why? Because the NYPD denies that such a unit exists,
acknowledging only a group from the intelligence unit that
specializes in music industry-related crimes.One man,
however, insists that an NYPD rap unit did--and does--
exist. He ought to know, because he's the man who
created it: Retired first-grade detective Derrick Parker
established a so-called "Rap Intel" unit following the murder
of Notorious B.I.G in 1997, then saw his unit become
officially sanctioned in 2000. In 2004, word of Parker's
secret unit was leaked to the press, unleashing a firestorm
of controversy. Members of the hip-hop community—
undergirded by media outlets ranging from the Village
Voice and Newsweek to the Miami Herald—argued that the
NYPD's rap unit blurred the line between monitoring and
profiling. The ACLU launched a crusade against "hip-hop
surveillance," which they deemed "the new Cointelpro."

"Black & Blue" is the story of Parker, the unit he created,
and the controversy it has spawned. Via exclusive, in-depth
interviews with Parker--as well as with rappers, security
guards, civil rights activists and other members of the hip-
hop community--the film takes viewers inside the so-called
―hip-hop patrol‖ in New York City and Miami. The film is
Parker‘s story: How did a detective from Queens, New
York, end up putting himself on the line for high-profile hip-
hop acts? Is the entity he fashioned a necessary
component of law enforcement, or a blatant violation of civil

Print source:
Alisha Takahashi
QD3 Entertainment
15221 La Maida St
Sherman Oaks CA. 91403
Phone (818) 752-2500
Fax (818) 752-2700
director: Ulrike Helmer

In zwart-wit en kleur en in een observerende, dicht op de
huid zittende camerastijl worden de paden van de diverse
hoofdpersonen gevolgd. Via optredens, battles, studio‘s,
huiskamersessies, freestyles, workshops en
archiefmateriaal en ontmoetingen met binnen- en
buitenlandse MC‘s en persoonlijke gesprekken schetst
DutchTouch een beeld van de Nederlandse hiphopcultuur
anno nu en poogt de aantrekkingskracht van het genre te
doorgronden. Grote sterren, opkomend talent en helden uit
de underground krijgen een plaats in deze eerste échte film
over Nederlandse hiphop

Print source:
Egmond Films
Janneke Doolaard

director: Scot Rosenberg & Matt Ruskin

The Hip Hop Project is the dynamic and inspirational story
of a group of New York City teenagers who transform their
life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as a
vehicle for self-development and personal discovery. The
film traces the evolution of this award-winning outreach
program developed by Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager
turned youth mentor. After four years of collaboration, the
group produced a powerful and thought-provoking album
that provides a revealing look at their lives. In contrast to all
the negative attention focused on hip hop and rap music,
this is a story of hope, healing and the realization of

Print source:
Pressure Point Films
Matt Ruskin
333 E43 Street 801
NY NY 10017
T: 212 557 24 50
F: 212 557 24 51

director: Eric Smeele

Kroonjuwelen is a film about the leading characters from
the Amsterdam graffiti scene from early ―Pun: 70‘s till
―Subway Bombed‖ 90‘s. In almost 3 years Stunnedfilm
collected information, pictures, acchive materials and most
important, many stories. ZAP, SHOE and HIGH, to name a
few, tell their story about the pioneering days. We also
visited poet Diana Ozon and ‗cutting-out‘ artist Hugo
Kaagman, who where there in the late 70‘s and early 80‘s
when Punk was roaring. The story pictures and unlikely
graffitti point of view and shows a closer side of the graffiti
arist. Not the average graffiti film you might expect.
Sunnedfilm bundels a remain of effort and ambition and
various disciplines to produce their authentic film products.
Originality and an own trademark is of great importance.
Stunnedfilm thinks hey can live up to that, becasue within
this group of 6, lays a varied combination of professionals
who all have their own specialty and experiences.

Print source
Stunnedfilm B.V.
Erik Smeele
Van Ostadestraat 87
1072 SR Amsterdam
M: 06 – 42 24 27 33
W: /

director: Andreas Johnsen

With just one spot of red paint between the eyes the
Parisian artist ZEVS, executes the advertising industry's
images of perfect humans. ―People don't think about the
force of advertising,‖ says ZEVS and continues, ―But with
just one psst I remove the force. No one wants to be
identified with a dead person so advertising looses its
effect‖. ZEVS calls his action 'Visual Attack', and he has
executed billboards worth millions around Paris. At the
same time, ZEVS is a respected artist who exhibits all
around the world. "Inside Outside" follows ZEVS and other
so-called street artists from New York, Stockholm,
Copenhagen and São Paulo. They all make a living off
their art, but they also have an urge to exhibit their work
illegally in the streets. The film is about the energy artists
get when working in the street. An energy they're missing
when exhibiting in galleries and museums, an energy that
brings life to their art and to their own lives. These artists
all face some kind of dilemma with the restrictions and
norms of the society they live in, the forces of the
commercial art world and the advertising industry who want
to have their bite of the energy and coolness that the street
art scene is brimming with. The director will be present in
the viewing.

Print source:
Andreas Johnsen
Amagertorv 27
DK-1160 Copenhagen K

director: Michael Skolnik & Rebecca Chaiklin

Russell Simmons, oprichter van het Amerikaanse
hiphopplatenlabel Def Jam, besluit een coalitie te vormen
om te strijden tegen de nieuwe Rockefeller Drugs Laws,
die ingesteld zijn om de enorme drugs- en criminaliteitsgolf
in New York tegen te gaan. Aanleiding vormt de zaak van
Darryl Best, die in een drugsveroordeling geluisd is en
tegen een hoge gevangenisstraf aankijkt. Simmons
gebruikt deze zaak om aanpassingen in de wet erdoor te
krijgen, maar wordt in de politieke slangenkuil van New
York enorm tegengewerkt. Simmons toont, onder andere
met de organisatie van een groot evenement met
medewerking van o.a. Busta Rhymes & Puff Daddy, zijn
doorzettingsvermogen en persoonlijke betrokkenheid bij
het lot van de slachtoffers van de wet. (official selection
Tribeca Film Festival)

Print source:
Article 19 films
Roslyn Waldron Harding
380 Lafayette Street Ste 303
NY NY 10003
P: 212 777 1987
F: 212 777 25 85

Josh Green
Emerging Pictures
245 West 55th Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10019

director: Henry Chalfante

From Mambo to Hip Hop: A Bronx Tale presents a
panoramic view of the music that blossomed in the latino
community of the South Bronx from the late 1940‘s, when
mambo burst onto the New York cultural scene, through
the birth of hip hop in the 1970s. The film chronicles two
generations who grew up literally on the same streets, and
both used rhythm as their form of rebellion - for the older
generation it was the pulsating rhythms of Cuba; for their
children it was the rhythms of rap. In the post war years
hundreds of Latino musicians lived in the Longwood/Hunts
Point section of the Bronx, including Ray Baretto, Tito
Rodriguez, the Palmieri brothers, Johnny Pacheco and
many more. They rehearsed, jammed and played in
apartments and courtyards, on rooftops and street corners,
in social clubs and dance halls and in so doing,
transformed Afro-Cuban rhythms and styles like son,
charanga, cha-cha-cha and mambo into the uniquely New
York Latin sound that was later called salsa. Hip hop is
commonly thought to be an African-american cultural form.
Often overlooked in this view is the contribution that Puerto
Rican and other latin youth have made to the development
and continuing evolution of hip hop in all its forms. From
Mambo to Hip Hop celebrates how the people of the South
Bronx, working with so little in the way of material
resources contributed so much to the world's popular
culture. Instead of passively assimilating the mainstream
culture these young people became Americans by re-
inventing America.

Henry continues to make documentary films about urban
popular culture. Co-produced Style Wars, a PBS
documentary film with Tony Silver, New York, 1984;
produced with Rita Fecher and directed the documentary
on South Bronx gangs, Flyin' Cut Sleeves, 1993. Produced
and directed Visit Palestine: Ten Days on the West Bank.
2002. Current projects are a documentary film, working
title, "Grand Tour", based on film footage his father shot in
1931 while on a trip around the world; From Mambo to Hip
Hop, a documentary produced by City Lore Inc. 2006
Print source:
Henry Chalfant
Sleeping dog film
282 W4th Street
NY NY 10014
P: (212) 675-1294

NL/2006/4 min./animation
director Danny Hoonaard.

Monsterjam is an animation about monsters who enjoy Hip
Hop. It‘s also a love story between tow monsters and that‘s
where Hip Hip is aout. Not about money etc. Hip Hop is fun
to me and all the monsters are representing all the 4
elements of Hip Hop, thta‘s important

Ready2rumbl was born in 1981, as a child he watched a lot
of artoons. That‘s his biggest inspiration. Now he‘s working
as a freelance illustrator and he also makes animations.
He‘s living with his girlfriend and daughter next to the sea.

Print source:
Danny van den Hoonaard

Z.Afrika/2006/documentaire/48 min.
diretor: John Fredericks
The uplifting sotry of a talented son of Mitchell‘s Plain,
South Arica. Maria van Rooy a.k.a. Mr Devious who used
his gift for music to inspire young people to rise above the
stigma of poverty & gangsterism. The film tracks his
journey from his humble beginnins as a kid in the Cape
Flats to his rise to fame as a musician and Hip Hop artist,
and later as he grows into the roles of dedicated father of
two daughters, and educator and facilitator of youth at risk.
After Mario is vilently killed, out of the darkness, a strong
voice emerges, as Natalie van Rooy, his wife and mother
of his children picks up his spear, and makes meaning of
his legacy.

Thomas Gesthuizen

directors: Remon de Jong en Tikoi Kuitenbrouwer

Remon en Tikoi werken bijna altijd samen aan filmpjes. Ze
willen het publiek een andere kijk bieden op alledaagse
zaken. Dit doen ze door absurde filmpjes vol humor te
maken, omdat humor communiceert. Ze werken veel vanuit
friensland en van daaruit nemen ze diverse culturen op de
hak, waaronder de friese. Hun ambitie is om in de nabije
toekomst een lange humoristische film te maken. En om
natuurlijk door te gaan met wat ze nu doen. Zichzelf op
vele gebieden creatief uiten in multimedia producties. De
platformen die ze daarvoor zoeken zijn naast de filmhuizen
en festivals ook op de tv. Het lijkt ze supertof om met een
zekere regelmaat filmpjes te maken voor
jongerenprogramma‘s of jonge omroepen.

Tikoi Kuitenbrouwer en Remon de Jong

director: Maori Karmael Holmes

Through rare performance footage, music and interviews
with artists such as Floetry, Bahamadia and Lady B, this
documentary looks at the role of women in Philadelphia's
underground hip-hop scene as they struggle to make their
way in an industry known for its lack of opportunities for
wamn in a city often overlooked for its contributions.

Maori Karmael Holmes is a professor of Television
Production and the Recording Industry at Temple
University. She produces music video's and EPK's for
independent artists like Fertile Grounds.

Maori Karmael Holmes
Karmalux Productions
1730 N 5th Street #101
Philadelphia, PA 19122
P: 215 313 28 90

US/2006/documentaire/90 min.
director: Rotimi Rainwater

Bare your soul Sp!t explores the entire world of spoken
word, while focusing on four poets from Los Angeles and
New York. Sp!t traverses the history of spoken word
through interviews with Nikki Giovanni, The Last Poets and
Miguel Algarin. We meet Miguel, the co-founder of the
Neyorican Poetry Cafe, hanging out in the Lower Eastside
of New York. The connection between spoken word and
the world of Hip Hop is also explored, showing how both
are strongly interwoven and connected.

Brandon Evans
President of Media Makers
3130 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90403
wk: (310) 998-5731 ext244
Fax; (310) 264-0435
E-mail: (Rotimi)

director: Fikret Koc

Een film met vershillende stijlen namelijk, deels
documentaire en deels fictie en clip. Een reis in Turkije laat
zien dat hiphop overal wordt geleefd, op verschillende
manieren maar wel met overeenkomsten en dezelfde
intensies. In deze lange korte film wordt de ware definitie
van hiphop onthuld.. (Director at festival)

Fikret Koc
C: 06-12195326
tel: 0341-421203
Kievietmeen 135
2844 XE Harderwijk

directors: Raymond Verhoef & Bram Vergeer

Korte film over de Oost Afrikaanse hiphopcultuur gemaakt
op het Tanzaniase eiland Zanzibar tijdens een

Raymond Verhoef & Bram Vergeer

director: Spike Lee

This intimate, heart-rending portrait of New Orleans in the
wake of the destruction tells the heartbreaking personal
stories of those who endured this harrowing ordeal and
survived to tell the tale of misery, despair and triumph. The
film also looks at a community that has been through hell
and back, surviving death, devastation and disease at
every turn. Yet, somehow, amidst the ruins, the people of
New Orleans are finding new hope and strength as the city
rises from the ashes, buoyed by their own resilience and a
rich cultural legacy.

Marketing and Festivals:
Heather McVicar -
Vice President of Marketing
Phone: 212 / 512-7112

director: Florian Gaag

Wholetrain tells the story of four young graffiti artists,
fighting for fame and respect at any price. They are always
looking for the next big thing and defending their status.
When another crew injures their honor it leads to a heated
creative conflict. The KSB-crew sets off to spray an entire
commuter train, a ―Wholetrain‖, unleashing a chain of
events that will change their lives forever.

Florian Gaag was born in 1971 in Waldsassen/Bavaria and
studied Film at the Tisch School of Arts/New York
University. He has worked on numerous productions as a
director‘s assistant and production manager and
established the production company Aerodynamic Films in
1998. A selection of his films includes: the shorts As You
Bike It (1995), Fuckin´ Neighbors (1996), Walt Hitler
(1997), Little America (1998), Jack and Sterling (1999),
Prelude (2000), and his feature debut Wholetrain (2005).

Florian Gaag
Sedanstrasse 39, Rambergotr. T5
81667 Muich Germany
P: +49 89 360 49 120

Silke Bacher, producer
Goldkind Film
P: 08944449644

directors: Raymond Verhoef & Bram Vergeer

Deze film laat zien dat rapmuziek meer s dan alleen de
westers bling bling cultuur. Via muziek proberen
rapartiesten een boodschap aan de jeugd over te brengen
in de vorm van rapteksten over bijvoorbeeld Aids en
armoede bestrijding. Hiphop hier is meer als kunst, het is
een manier van (over)leven.

Bram heeft onlangs zijn master Creative Developmnet
(dramaturgie) afgerond en Raymond heeft vorig jaar zijn
master Film behaald. Begin 2006 heeft de vriendschap
geleid tot een samenwerkingsverband op het gebied van
audiovisuele producties waar de zelf gefinancierde en
geschreven fictie film Destiny uit resulteerd. De twee
filmmakers keren binnenkort terug naar Afrika om
onderbelichte afrikaanse artiesten een kans te geven om
hun stem te laten horen.

Raymond Verhoef & Bram Vergeer

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