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									Artist              CD Title                             CD #
       0.22                     The Worker                7909
         2                           2                    6276
        311                    Soundsystem                4886
        311                 Don't Tread On Me             8958
       1277                    The Beginning              6156
       1997          A Better View of the Rising Moon     9379
       8191                        8191                    306
       U.S.E.                      U.S.E.                 8239
 #1 Family Mover             #1 Family Mover              2815
 10 degrees Below                 Keep On                 1400
  10,000 Maniacs                In My Tribe                 35
  10,000 Maniacs             Our Time In Eden              670
   1000 Clowns            Freelance Bubbleshead           4679
 1000 Mona Lisas             1000 Mona Lisas              2008
 1000 Mona Lisas              New Disease                 2457
   13 and God                  13 and God                 8791
   13 Engines            Perpetual Motion Machine         1526
   13 Engines                  Conquistador               2518
  16 Horsepower              16 Horsepower                2114
  16 Horsepower             Heel on the Shovel            2343
  16 Horsepower                Scret South                5171
  16 Horspower              Sackcloth'n'Ashes             2417
    19Wheels                       Sugareen               6414
    19Wheels                    Jawbreakers               8439
    2 Lost Sons                   2 Lost Sons              768
   2 Skinnee J's                  Volumizer               6698
      22 Jacks                    Uncle Bob               2886
     24-7 Spyz                 Love and Peace             2935
    24-7 Spyz!               This is...24-7 Spyz!          393
     25 Ta Life                 Keepin It Real            2383
     28 North                      28 North               9965
     29 Palms                      No Eden                 783
       2Die4                         2Die4                1481
        2Me               Schizophrenic Love Songs        9428
     2nd Best       Put Your Heart Where Your Mouth Is    6941                         2nu2                 5994
  3 Colours Red                   Pure Single             4018
      3 Kisses                       Wings                8592
    3 lb. Thrill                    Vulture               2354
  3 Mustaphas 3          Friends, Fiends and Fronds        564
      3 Phase                    Schlangfarm              1578
      3 Trees           Lost… But Making Good Time        8534
         34 Below                        Is It You             5559
       35" Mudder                        Stained               5802
       36 Crazyfists               Bitterness the Star         6424
            360's                  Strawberry Stone            1078
         38 Special                     Flashback              160
       383 Stroker                      Kelvinator             2969
            3LW                            3LW                8296
         3rd Strike                    Lost Angel              6465
      4 Non Blondes           Bigger, Better, Faster, More!    1039
      4 Non Blondes           Bigger, Better, Faster, More!   10002
    40 Below Summer               The Mourning After          8522
           40 Grit                      Headlines              5586
           40 Grit               Nothing To Remember           7447
     50 Man Machine                                            7296
        50,000 B.C.                Shudder to Think            3243
         5ive Style                   5ive Style               2127
          60 Cycle                     60 Cycle                2873
          60 Cycle                     60 Cycle                3148
        60 ft Dolls                   The Big 3                3180
        60 ft. Dolls               Supernatural Joy            4456
         7 Walkers                    7 Walkers               10051
        7 year itch                    gata negro             2582
         700 Miles                     Dirt Bomb               1636
         7Seconds              The Music, the Message          2253
       7th Rail Crew                   Sevenation              6733
     8 Story Window                 8 Story Window             2081
   A Balance of Power            Jagermeister Sampler         10023
A Night of Serious Drinking       Never Odd or Even            6534
    A Northern Chorus                  Spirit Flags           7677
     A Static Lullaby         And Don't Forget to Breathe     7697
            A18                 Fromeverafternothing           7394
            A18                       Dear Furious             9034
             A3                Exile on Coldharbor Lane        4629
    Abandoned Pools                    Humanistic              6201
    Abandoned Pools                  The Reverb EP             8889
    Abandoned Pools               Armed to the Teeth           9005
    Abbeygate, Karling                  GloryGirl              5812
            ABC                       Abracadabra              302
       Abdul, Paula               Shut Up and Dance            295
       Abdul, Paula                    Spellbound              427
          Abenaa                    Tuesday's Child            6197
            ABK                       Dirty History           8521
      Absinthe Blind                      Rings                7391
      Absolute Zeros               Dreams Gone Sour            4084
     Abusement Park            Electric Spanking Session       4443
          AC/DC                       Back in Black             13
          AC/DC                       74 Jailbreak             176
              AC/DC                           The Razor's Edge            712
              AC/DC                    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap        1254
              AC/DC                            Stiff Upper Lip            5004
              AC/DC                              High Voltage            8398
              AC/DC                                   Live               8399
Accident That Led Me to the World               Island Gospel             1335
             Accused                                Accused               577
             Acetone                                 Cindy                1050
             Acetone                                Acetone               3603
             Acetone                               York Blvd.             6138
             Acid Test                                Drop                882
          Acorn Project                         We'll Be Fine             1607
          Acorn Project                       Generation Debt            10027
        Acoustic Junction                       Strange Days              5980
            Act of God                              Pro-Pain              4449
              Action                 An Army of Shapes Between Wars       9214
            Actual Size                  Weights and Measures EP          6929
         Acumen Nation                  If You Were/ Bleed For You        4261
              Acute                       Arms Around a Stranger          9882
           Adair, Brent                              Pieces              8549
           Adams, Jenn                            In the Pool             5851
          Adams, Ryan                             Demolition              7006
         Adamson Square                           After Dark              8691
         Adamson, Barry                    Oedipus Schmoedipus            2912
          Adcock, Ryan                      From Silence and Joy          7040
           Add N to (X)                       Loud Like Nature            7245
     Addison Groove Project                       Allophone               6667
        Adegbalola, Gaye                     Bitter Sweet Blues           5092
              Adele                                    19                 1186
       Adjacent to Nothing                  Adjacent to Nothing           1123
             Adorable                        Against Perfection           864
     Adrian and the Sickness                         B.F.D.               9920
        Adventures of Jet                           Muscle                7538
           Aeffect, The                        A Short Dream              6261
          Aereogramme                        Sleep and Release            7393
         Aerial Love Feed                     Aerial Love Feed            5283
            Aerosmith                            Classics Live            238
            Aerosmith                                Gems                 247
            Aerosmith                                Pump                 3442
           Aerosol Halo                 When The Light Has to Fall        7565
            Aesthetics                         Two Bit Tricks             8995
          Afghan Whigs                         What Jail Is Like          1637
         Afghan Whigs                           Black Love               2489
               AFI                            Sing the Sorrow             7559
               AFI                         December Underground           9244
               AFI                  Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes   10045
            Afrocelts                               Seed                  7519
             After Hours               The Trouble With These Guys Is...   1458
             After Them                            After Them              8043
          Afterglow, The                           Bitterwarm              7926
       Against All Authority                  24 Hour Roadside…            5647
Against All Authority- The Criminals                Exchange               5056
             Against Me                            New Wave                1276
              Agatsuma                                  En                 9460
               Agent 99                    Little Pieces: 1993-1995        4242
                Agents                        For all the Massive          4551
      Agents of Good Roots                         One By One              4100
              Agnish, Jai                           Automata               5882
           Agnostic Front                       Riot Riot Upstart          4868
           Agnostic Front                        Dead Yuppies              6323
          Agog and Zapp                            Meltdown                8526
            Agony Scene                           Darkest Red              8842
                Aiden                        Nightmare Anatomy             8999
                Aiden                              Conviction              9400
   Ain't Nothin' but a She Thing         Ain't Nothin' but a She Thing     2163
                  Air                             Moon Safari              3855
                  Air                     Virgin Suicides Soundtrack       5210
                  Air                          10,000 Hz Legend            5347
              Air Miami                                 2083
                 Ajax                               Aphrodite              2270
               Akimbo                       Harshing your Mellow           6412
                 Akir                                 Legacy               9434
               Alabama                             Alabama 3                435
     Alabama Thunder Pussy                        Constellation            6113
      Alan and the Alligators                     Reptile Rock             6440
        Alan Parson Project                          Best Of                285
                Alaska                              Emotions               7389
         Albacore Pageant               The Lung Chinese Grocery Co.       5747
              Alby Good                            Alby Good               5506
               Alchemy                            Cosmic Joke              9366
               Alcohol                                 Grain               5271
            Alex, Velvet                       Not the Only Alien          6059
       Alexei and the Justins                 Inside the Elephant          7376
           Alexi Murdoch                 Time Without Consequence          9273
              Alexis, Jo                           Connection              7282
          Ali Baba's Tahini                       Living Room              9992
               Alice D.                            World Bang              4007
           Alice in Chains                              Sap                 538
              Alice Rose                    Phonographic Memory            1350
          Alien Ant Farm                             truANT                7632
      Alien Crime Syndicate                        Dust to Dirt            5918
        Alien Fashion Show                    Alien Fashion Show           4388
              Alien Zoo                            Zephanom                8979
                 Align                       Some Breaking News            6131
        Alisha's Attic               Alisha Rules the World        3258
        Alkaline Trio                    Agony and Irony           1093
          All About                            Evil                6753
   All Kinds Of Probems                      Turmoil               6140
   All Kinds of Problems               Turmoil (Clean Edit)        5476
    All Mighty Senators               Music Is Big Business        7314
        All Out War              For Those Who Were Crucified      4499
        All Out War                   Condemned to Suffer          7930
        All Out War              Assassins in the House of God     9372
          All Smiles               Ten Readings of a Warning       9630
       All the Villains                       Device               1112
        Allen, Danny                         Howdy                 8748
        Allen, Dave                         Sit Ten                2507
       Allen, Tony                      HomeCooking                7560
    Allen-Zito, Kristin                     Helium                 8853
      Alligator Gun               One Hundred Percent Freak        2166
  Allman Brothers Band                   Eat a Peach               633
      All's Not Well                        Glitter                4110
        Almighty                       Soul Destruction            279
   Almighty Ultrasound                   Sonic Bloom               2498
      Almond, Marc                    12 Years of Tears             962
      Almond, Marc                     Open All Night              4952
      Almost There                      Almost There               6621
           Al-n                  American in the 21st Century      6104
  Aloha Steamtrain, The                Now You Know                6200
          Aloud                         Fan the Fury               1262
          Aloud                     Leave Your Light On            9248
        Alpha Cat                       Pearl Harbor               6451
  Alpha Centauris, The                       Stoic                 8204
      Alpha Charlie                     And I Wait….               7001
       Alter Bridge                       Blackbird                9473
      Altered State                           dos                  1062
      Altered State                       Sex Factor               1236
     Aluminum Suits                   Children Coasting            7042
        Alva Star                          Escalator               8481
    Alvarado, Steven                 The Howl Sessions             8865
  Alvin Youngblood Hart                Big Mama's Door             2632
      Alvin, Dave                          Blue Blvd.               474
      Alvin, Dave                          Ashgrove                8337
Amanda's Dirty Little Secret        Pony Rides and Parties         3285
        Amandla                A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony   7386
  Amazing Interceptors              Blind Leading the Blind        7297
    Amelia's Dream                        Love Tatoo               5823
         Amen                        Death Before Musick           1092
         Amen                   We Have Come for Your Parents      5115
         Amen                                Amen                  5178
        America                              History                362
            American Chills                            Nine Times              7338
            American Girls                   Welcome to Our Lovesick Porch     3198
         American Head Charge                        The War Of Art            6217
            American Hi-Fi                          The Art of Losing          7551
           American Minor                           American Minor             8984
          American Music Club                           Mercury                 836
          American Music Club                    Live at Slim's 6/15/93        1064
          American Music Club                         San Francisco            1925
          American Music Club                      Hello Amsterdam             4283
            American Pearl                                  EP                 5841
            Amiyumi, Puffy                            Love So Pure             6283
               Ammonia                                  Mint 400               2620
                Amor Fati                                Love Fate             9157
                Amos, Lee                         Supply and Demand            9340
                Amos, Tori                                  God                1444
                Amos, Tori                           Under the Pink            1452
                Amos, Tori                         Little Earthquakes          1894
                Amos, Tori                      From the Choirgirl Hotel       4475
                Amos, Tori                         To Venus and Back           4908
                Amos, Tori                            Scarlet's Walk           7363
                Amos, Tori                         Tales of a Librarian        8037
                Amos, Tori                     Welcome to Sunny Florida        8329
                Amos, Tori                        American Doll Posse          9386
                 Ampline                                 The Choir             6840
                  Amps                                     Pacer               2212
        Amsterdam Bach Soloists                 Amsterdam Bach Soloists        1897
                 An Angle                          We Can Breathe…             8857
                   Ana                               Body Language               72
                 Analog In                          Measurable Days            9537
                 Analogue                              Touche God              1536
                Anathema                                  Eternity             3416
                 Anberlin                            New Surrender             1301
                 Anberlin                    Blueprints for the Black Market   7942
And You Will Know Us By Our Trail of Dead               So Divided             1163
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead      The Secret of Elena's Tomb      7953
        And You Will Know Us…                         Worlds Apart             8709
 And You'll Know Us By the Trail Of Dead         Relative Ways/Homage          6324
              Anderson, Jon                                Deseo               4383
             Anderson, Kerri                             Labyrinth              472
             Anderson, Laurie                          In Our Sleep            4071
            Anderson, Nathan                         Long Five Days            6877
     Andre Floyd and Mood Iguana                           Lapis               3569
             Andreone, Leah                                Veiled              2876
               Andrew Bird                          Weather System             7617
    Andrew Bird and the Mysterious…         Andrew Bird and the Mysterious…    8646
               Andrew WK                                 The Wolf              8196
             Andrews, Vince                              Unknown                213
      Andriessen, Hendrik           Netherlands Symphony Conducted by Porcelijn    715
        Androids, The                                The Androids                 7984
            Andy If                           Memories of Connecticut             7913
        Andy, Horace                              Living in the Flood             5223
             Angel                               A Passion for Power               676
          Angelfish                                  Angelfish                    1529
        Angelique Kidjo                                Fifa                       2565
             Angie                                      Angie                      329
        Angry Chiwawah                               Unleashed                    6685
 Angry Johnny and the Killbillies                 What's So Funny?                4340
          Angry Salad                        Bizarre Gardening Accident           3351
             Angus                                  Face the Day                  6089
          Angus, Matt                                Matt Angus                   9160
            Animal                             The Best of the Animals             701
          Animal Bag                                  Stardog                     1494
         Animal Logic                                Animal Logic                  272
          Animatronic                               The Kovenant                  4940
        Ankhelgloknar                               Mortuus Deus                  5864
           Ann, Tina                                   Situations                 1100
          Annihilator                        Criteria for a Black Widow           4987
          Annihilator                              Carvival Diablos               6092
            Annuals                                    Such Fun                   1151
       Annuals-Sunfold                                Wet Zoo EP                  1728
       Anomoanon, The                     Asleep Many Years in the Wood           7180
        Another Engine                              Astromagnetic                 8000
          Another Girl                             In the Universe                3315
      Another Great Day                           Kicked By the Dog               7158
        Another Planet                        Directions to Tomorrow              4911
       Another Society                               Blood Wrong                  3434
           Ant, Adam                       Antics in the Forbidden Zone            607
           Ant, Adam                                  Wonderful                   4563
Anthony Smith's Trunk Fulla Funk                 Life As We Know It               9896
            Anthrax                           We've Come for You All              7633
            Anthrax                             Greater of Two Evils              8622
         Anthrophobia                                 Framework                   9941
      Anthrophobia Pulse                         Anthrophobia Pulse               2780
            Anti-Flag                       The Bright Lights of America          1111
            Anti-Flag                   Benefit for Victims of Violent Crimes     9563
            Antiseen                           Boys from Brutalsville             5405
            Anyone                                      Anyone                    6397
         Anything Box                                    Peace                      74
        Aparicio, Ariel                              All I Wanted                 6723
       Apartment Three                           Bruised and Patient              6677
         Ape Hangers                                 Ultrasounds                  2052
      Ape Has Killed Ape                              Acid Reflux                 7738
          Apes of God                       Transpositional Landscapes            6491
         Apex Theory                                 Apex Theory                  5831
         Apex Theory                                 Topsy Turvey                    6498
          Aphex Twin                                  Aphex Twin                     1474
          Aphex Twin                              Richard D. James                   3153
          Aphex Twin                                   Ventolin                      4621
          Aphex Twin                      Selected Ambient Works 85-92               6457
         Apocalyptica                          Inquisition Symphony                  4411
       Apollo Four Forty                       Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub               304
       Apollo Four Forty                        Ain't Talkin Bout Dub                3476
       Apollo Sunshine                                 Katonah                      7841
         Apollo, James                         Pull Down The Curtain                 5804
        Apollofourforty                         Electro Glide in Blue                3508
        Apostle LJ Cash                      I Need to Hear From You                 9885
       Apparitions, The                          Oxygen Think Tank                  7773
             Apples                             Tone Soul Evolution                  4004
     Apples in Stereo, The                        Velocity of Sound                  7038
           Appliance                               Imperial Metric                   5505
           Appliance                              Are You Earthed?                   7546
   Applied Communications                            Uhhh Sort of                    8916
            April 6th                               Manipose Ave                    8106
          April March                                  Triggers                     7638
           Aqualung                                 Memory Man                       9420
           Aran, Josh                   Between Us There Arose Happiness            8295
              Arbo                              Whirlington Sessions                 7285
        Archer, Tasmin                           Great Expectations                  858
        Archers of Loaf                       All the Nations Airports               2877
         Archie Shepp                    The New York Contemporary Five             10004
    Architecture in Helsinki                       In Case We Die                    8780
        Arctic Monkeys                      Favourite Worst Nightmare                9383
         Arhythmatik                                Pre-algebra EP                   9055
              Aria                                       Haze                        6398
              Arid                           At the Close Of Every Day               6084
             Arizing                                    Womb                         6802
            Arkarna                                   Freshmeat                      3805
            Arkarna                                 House on Fire                    4641
              Arlo                              Up High in the Night                 5304
      Armageddon Dildos                            Homicidal Dolls                   956
      Armageddon Dildos                          Come Armageddon                     1564
      Armageddon Dildos                                  Lost                        1899
Armand Van Helden's Sampleslaya                Enter the Meatmarket                  5042
        Armor for Sleep                            Smile for Them                    9407
          Armstrong                            Dick, the Lionhearted                 6735
       Armstrong, Louis                            Greatest Hits                     1531
   Arnaz, Desi & His Orchestra                        Babalu                         5963
             Arnold                                   Hillside                       4310
           Arnold, Jeff                         I Remember a Day                     6949
     Arrested Development         3 Years, 5 Months, and Two Days in the Life Of…    590
     Arrested Development                           Unplugged                        866
         Arrivals, The                   Exsenator Orange                 7355
       Arsenic Addiction                Requim of the Fallen             10000
       Arsenic Addiction          An Undertaker's Amusement Park         10017
       Arsenic Addiction                      EPK 2010                   10024
             Arson                     Words Written in Blood             5107
             Arson                        Lacerate the Sky                6530
        Arthur Nasson                       Echo Garden                  10011
          Arthur, Ben                       Edible Darling               8141
        Arthur, Joseph                     Big City Streets               2775
        Arthur, Joseph                Come to Where I'm From              5666
        Arthur, Joseph              Live At the Gypsy Ten Room            6144
        Arthur, Joseph                   Redemption's Son                 7239
        Arthur, Joseph                Our Shadows Will Remain            8456
        Arthur, Joseph                   Nuclear Daydream                 9246
           As Fast As                Open Letter to the Damned            9429
        As I Lay Dying                  Frail Words Collapse             7679
            Asesino                     Corridos de Muerte                7177
              Ash                               Trailer                   2006
             Ash                                 1977                     2678
              Ash                            Free All Angels              6886
              Ash                              Meltdown                   8755
          Ash, Daniel                     Foolish Thing Desire            780
       Ashcroft, Richard                 Along With Everybody             5776
       Ashcroft, Richard                   Keys to the World              9182
          Ashen, Roy                      Sugar and Gasoline             8463
Asherman and Dub Street Rockers                Zion Ready                 1459
          Ashley, Nate                   Darling, I'm Your Devil          5199
          Ashley, Nate             The Darker Corners of Your Heart       7557
       Ashtray Babyhead                           Radio                   6087
              Asia                           Then and Now                 502
              Asia                                Astra                   638
              Ask                            Nuclear Sound                5452
          Asking Alice                         Self Titled                3650
      Asleep at the Wheel         Live at Arizona Charlie's, Las Vegas    3681
             Aslyn                              Sampler                  8541
         Asphalt Ballet                            Pigs                   854
           Ass Ponys                      Electric Rock Music             1687
          Ass Ponys                      The Known Universe               2636
       Assembly of Dust                   The Honest Hour                8401
        Asteroid No. 4                       Honeyspot                   7616
         Astro Puppies                      Astro Puppies                 3080
          Astroglyde                     Live At the Top Hat              7074
          Astronaut 7                        Big in Japan                 9226
         Astronautalis                 You and Yer Good Ideas             8992
    Astronauts of Antiquity          Rocket Science for Dummies           1229
            At One                             Unison                     7072
        At the Drive-in               Relationship of Command             5112
      At the Spine          The Curriculum is Never Neutral     8696
      At the Spine                  First Day of Spring         8797
      At the Spine                   Sonic Resistance           9597
     Atari Star, The                Shrp Knf Cts Mtns           6048
     Atari Star, The     Dispelling the Myth of Accurate Maps   7438
  Atari Teenage Riot               60 Second Wipeout            4530
    Aterciopelados                    Gozo Poderoso             5467
      Athenaeum                          Radiance               4160
     Atkins, Nicole                    Neptune City             9438
Atlanta Rhythm Section                  The Best of              677
     Atlas, Hatacha                        Halim                4022
     Atlas, Natacha                  Remix Collection           5136
 Atom and His Package               Redefining Music            5443
 Atom and His Package           Attention, Blah Blah Blah       7392
      Atomic Boy                       Sonic Cocktail           2125
    Atomic Fireballs                 Torch This Place           4891
    Atomic Shelter                   EastEuropeMan               862
       Atomsplit                         Microstar              6540
         Atreyu            Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses   6932
         Atreyu                          The Curse              9419
          Atris                             Atris               1251
   Attaway, Murray                        In Thrall              850
     Aubrey, Bryce                   Boom Bang City             1348
     Audio Karate                       Space Camp              6658
        Audition             Controversy Loves Company          8952
     Auf der Maur                      Auf der Maur             8274
       Augustana                  Can't Love, Can't Hurt        1184
          Aum                      CD Sampler/Demo              6171
     Aunt Betty's                     self titled               2707
    Austin, Renee                    Sweet Talk                 7848
      Autechre                       Incunabula                 1517
      Autechre                      Peel Sessions               4678
       Auters                    Now I'm a Cowboy               4316
      Automatic                      Transmitter                3166
     Automatic 7                    Beggar's Life               6049
  Automatic Arms                   Automatic Arms               8927
Automatic Automatic            Not Accepted Anywhere            9355
   Automatic Duo                  Black is Beautiful            8794
Automobile Loveletter                Recover EP                 1705
    Autopilot Off                   Make a Sound                8203
   Autour de Lucie                 Autour de Lucie              2902
   Autour de Lucie                    Immoblile                 3686
  Autumn Offering                Embrace the Gutter             9253
  Autumn Offering             Fear Will Cast No Shadow          9553
        Avail                       One Wrench                  5707
  Avalanches, The                  Since I Left You             6295
   Avalon, Mickey                   Mickey Avalon               1106
     Avant Strangel                    Too Out There?                9931
      Avery, Eric                        Help Wanted                 1181
          Avid                          Downside-Up                  9530
    Avoid One Thing                    Avoid One Thing               6849
         Axiom               Manifestation- Axiom Collection II       824
     Aztec Camera                         Restrospect                 860
     Aztec Camera                         Dreamland                   982
     Aztec Camera                          Frestonia                 2287
        B Tribe                             B Tribe                  4093
       B.r.o.o.m.                    A Girl Called Nature            1162
       B.r.o.o.M.                      The Hunt Promo                8351
       B.r.o.o.m.                    Chapter II- The Hunt            8664
          B-52s                          Time Capsule                4728
         B-52's                              B-52's                   407
         B-52's                           Wild Planet                 408
         B-52's                           Good Stuff                  600
    Baader Meinhof           This is the hate socialist collective   3430
        Babaloo                         Hardcore Juju                5232
         Babble                            The Stone                 1561
         Babble                         Take Me Away                 1562
       Babble                               Ether                    2469
     Babe the Blue                         People                    2649
    Babe the Blue Ox                        Live                     3130
        Baboon                      Secret Robot Control             4597
     Baby Animals                      Baby Animals                  591
       Baby bird                       Ugly Beautiful                3607
      Baby Chaos                          Safe Sex                   2031
      Baby Chaos                    Love Yourself Abuse              2795
       Baby Fox                       A Normal Family                2930
       Baby Fox                       Dum Dum Baby                   4199
      Baby Gobal                        Baby Gobal                   3044
      Babylon Zoo              The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes           2528
       Baca, Susana                   Echo Of Shadows                5962
     Bach, Sebastian           Bring 'Em Bach Alive Sampler          4852
         Bachman                          Any Road                   1764
Back, Sebastian & Friends          Bring 'Em Bach Alive!             5761
         Backslap                       Find Yourself                6709
    Backyard Babes                         Tinnitus                  8749
    Backyard Babies                        Total 13                  5065
           BAD                Big Audio Dynamite II the World         273
      Bad Astronaut         Houston We Have a Drinking Problem       7025
        Bad English                      Bad English                   82
      Bad Plus, The                          Give                    8060
         Bad Think                     Simple Rhymes                 1242
        Bad Wizard                  Sophisticated Mouth              7187
          Badlees                        River Songs                 2097
    Badly Drawn Boy              Hour of the Bewilderbeast           5129
  Badly Drawn Boy            Have You Fed The Fish?          7186
    Badu, Erykah                  Mama's Gun                 5242
      Baez, Joan               Play Me Backwards             789
      Baez, Joan               Gone From Danger              4233
          Bag                          Bag                   8993
       Bag Lady                   Bad Popsicle               5543
    Baier, Robby                    Soul Tube                4819
 Baillie and the Boys             Turn The Tide              343
     Bailterspace                    Capsule                 2797
         Baker                      Bike Ride                1726
  Balance of Power              Ten More Tales…              5002
     Bald Poodle                     No is IV                4441
Baldwin Brothers, The         Cooking with Lasers            6571
   Baldwin, Randy                  Trial By Fire             2936
     Ball, Marcia             Peace Love and BBQ             1134
     Ball, Marcia              Presumed Innocent             5642
     Ball, Marcia             Live- Down the Road            8814
     Ballon Guy              The West Coast Shakes           2426
       Balzac                 Beyond the Darkness            8125
       Band                   The Best of the Band            505
    Band of Life                     selftitled              2732
        Bane                        Give Blood               6274
   Bane Shaman                    Less Than Zero             7308
     Bane, Lazlo                   11 Transistor             3179
     Banged Up                       Pinwheel                5792
    Bangkok Five                 10 the Hard Way             8852
      Bankhead                    Carnal Garage              5592
    Banks, Brian              Crappy Christmas Song          9543
    Banks, Maia                        Down                  6809
    Banton, Buju                      Til Shilo              2307
       Banyan                        Self Titled             3368
Baptist Generals, The           No Silver/No Gold            7371
  Baraeilles, Sara                  Little Voice             9414
    Barbee, Jade                   Colourfinder              5929
  Barber, Patricia                     Verse                 6972
      Barcelona                      Absolutes               1712
       Bare Jr.                    Brainwasher               6095
 Barenaked Ladies                       Stunt                4618
    Bark Market                       gimmick                1383
     Barkmarket                      Lardroom                1919
  Barone, Richard                  Primal Dream                8
    Barraco, Rob            When We All Come Home            1364
      Barrell, J Z             Here's the Surprise…          3795
   Barry, Kristen       The Beginning. The Middle. The End   2859
     Barry, Todd               Falling Off the Bone          8808
    Barter, Frank                   Dreamtown                6871
   Basement Jaxx                      Remedy                 4832
      Basement Jaxx                           Rooty                     5480
           Basia                   London Warsaw New York                63
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash                Walk Alone                   6281
       Bastards, The                  Old, Fat and Sweaty!             8181
         Bat Racers                         Big Cash                   10021
      Bates, Spencer                 The Back to School EP             8006
       Baton Rouge                        Baton Rouge                   291
  Battalion of Saints a.d.                   Cuts...                   2554
       Battery Acid                             Rita                    2948
       Battery Park                     Scattered Pictures              7023
          Baxter                               Baxter                   4309
          Baxter                               Baxter                   4686
     Baynes, Michael                    All Twenty Four EP             7754
         Bayside                        Walking Wounded                 1216
         Bayside                     Sirens and Condolences            8097
         Bayside                              Bayside                   8961
         Bazooka                   Sonic Business Environment           4092
         Bazooka                        Poor Mr. Rockstar               4151
         Be Loud                              Be Loud                   6642
     Be Your Own Pet                       Get Awkward                  1297
     Be Your Own Pet                     Be Your Own Pet                9241
    Beachwood Sparks                  Once We Were Trees                6230
      Beane, Glenn                        Anti-War Songs                9119
        Bear Creek                               XI                    10034
      bear vs. shark          Right now, you're in the best of hands   7808
      Beasley, John                      Change of Heart                979
       Beastie Boys                      Check Your Head                570
       Beastie Boys                     To the 5 Boroughs              8347
       Beastie Boys                       Solid Gold Hits               9098
       Beastie Boys                         The Mix Up                  9440
      Beatifics, The                The Way We Never Were               7004
         Beatles                       Past Masters- Vol. 1             106
         Beatles                       Past Masters- Vol. 2             132
         Beatles                            Abbey Road                  297
         Beatles                          Live at the BBC               2302
         Beatles                  Yellow Submaire Soundtrack            5240
      Beatrice Nine              Little Stars Hung Upside Down         2422
   Beautiful Creatures                 Beautiful Creatures             5702
  Beautiful Mistake, The      Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn     7103
     Beautiful South                    Blue is the Colour             4140
           Beck                          The Information               1139
           Beck                             Mutations                  4816
           Beck                         Midnite Vultures               5117
           Beck                            Sea Change                  7145
           Beck                            Remix EP #2                 9102
           Beck                             Guerolito                  9198
           Beck                           Modern Guilt                 9864
              Beck, Howie                               Hollow                 6586
                Beck, Jeff                      Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop         34
  Becki Sue & her Big Rockin' Daddies!            Big Rockin' Boogie           9967
  Becki Sue and her Big Rockin' Daddies              Big City Blues            1206
             Bee and Flower                      What's Mine is Yours          7920
                Beebe IV                               Beebe IV                5224
               Beenieman                              Art and Life             5784
              Before Braille                     Promotional Advance           6547
              Before Braille                          The Rumor                7002
         Beggars and Thieves                     Beggars and Thieves           1499
            Beggars Banquet                       Love and Rockets              57
             Beggars Group                    Winter Sampler 2001-2002         6362
               Bel Canto                              Magic Box                2466
       Bela Fleck & the Flecktones             Ten From Little Worlds          7624
      Bela Fleck and the Flecktones        Greatest Hits of the 20th Century    5021
                  Belaire                       Exploding, Impacting            9562
              Bell Biv DeVoe                       WBBD - Bootcity              296
               Belladonna                            Spells of Fear             4419
            Belle & Sebastian                 Dear Catastrophe Waitress        7934
          Belle and Sebastian                  If You're Feeling Sinister       2728
               Belles, The                               Omerta                 7121
                   Belly                                   Star                 908
               Belly King                              Belly King               1928
           Belmont Playboys                         Hot Rod Heart               3772
          Beloved Conscience                     Beloved Conscience             828
                 Bemshi                              Womanchild                 797
             Ben Bullington                       Satisfaction Garage          10038
             Ben Folds Five                 Battle of Who Could Care Less       3244
Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama         There Will Be a Light         8555
 Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals                   Lifeline               9575
                 Ben Lee                           Hey You, Yes You            7625
              Benatar, Pat                             Best Shots               531
            Beneath the Sky                  What Demons Do to Saints           1083
              Benediction                           Grind Bastards              4253
                  Benet                                   Benet                 799
                  Benna                     Greetings from Port Authority       2958
                 Bennet                              Supernatural               3316
                Bens, the                               The Bens               8231
            Benson, Brendan                    The Alternative to Love          8747
                   Bent                              Unbreakable                6183
                   Bent                         Brotherhood of Want             6678
             Bent Scepters                     Blind Date with Destiny          3635
          Bentley Rhythm Ace                     Bentley Rhythm Ace             4684
                 Benzos                            Morning Stanzas              8840
           Bercrombie, Travis                              Spin                7876
             Berg, Krysten                            New Moon                  7133
               Bern, Dan                                Dan Bern                3282
          Bern, Dan                            Fifty Eggs                  4132
       Bernhard, Pete                        Straight Line                 9927
         Berry, Chuck                        The Great 28                   10
         Berry, Heidi                         Heidi Berry                  875
     Bessie Mae's Dream                   Blind Man Sunset                7927
    Best Kiss in the World                    UNKNOWN                      1440
    Best of the 80's Dance             Best of the 80's Dance             10025
          Beta Band                           Beta Band                    5211
          Beta Band                           Hot Shots II                 5500
    Beta Minus Mechanic                 Disassembly Required               3485
      Better Than Ezra               How Does Your Garden Grow             4465
      Better Than Ezra                           Closer                    5637
             Betty                              Helmet                     1698
       Betty Blowtorch                 Are You Man Enough?                 5392
         Betty Dylan                           Heartland                  7778
         Betty Ford                       Beyond Recognition              2418
          Bettysoo                          Little Tiny Secrets            9579
  Between the Buried and Me                        Alaska                  8974
  Between the Buried and Me                  The Anatomy Of                9296
  Between the Buried and Me                        Colors                  9447
           Beulah                       The Coast Is Never Clear           6220
           Beulah                                   Yoko                  7627
        Bevis Frond                Live at Great American Music Hall       5590
           Beyond                     Buddist and Christian Prayers       10039
      Beyond and Back                         The Anthology                3771
          Biastfear                         All Angels Scream              5820
         Bibi Farber             Does it Have to Be Christmas This Year    9916
        Bicycle Thief              You Come and Go Like a Pop Song         5874
            Bien                                   Eleven                 7892
             Bif                                Naked                      2631
            Bif Naked                             I Bificus                4903
            Big Attack                           Big Attack                9331
      Big Audio Dynamite              This is...Big Audio Dynamite         406
      Big Audio Dynamite                           F-Punk                  2341
     Big Bad Voodoo Daddy               Big Bad Voodoo Daddy               4471
      Big Bill Morganfield                 Blues in the Blood             7846
          Big City Rock                        Big City Rock               9166
           Big Country                         The Crossing                1958
           Big Dipper                               Slam                    67
            Big Earth                              Bearth                  7414
             Big Hate                             Big Hate                 2409
Big Head Todd and the Monsters                Sister Sweetly               1672
Big Head Todd and the Monsters               Beautiful World               3216
            Big Kenny                           Live A Little              5971
          Big Mountain                           Wake Up                   738
          Big Mountain                              Unity                  1671
          Big Rude Jake                        Big Rude Jake               4674
      Big Top Vertigo                         Balancing Act                 8272
         Big Wreck                         In Loving Memory                 3773
          Big Wu                 Tracking Buffalo Through the Bathtub       4921
  Big Yes and a Small No           Jesus That Looks Terrible on You         1504
           Bigga                           Riding The Waves                  260
            Bilal                           1st Born Second                 5709
            Bilal                            Instrumentals                  6254
           Bile                              Tekno Whore                    2626
             Bile                          Biledegradable                   3181
        Billions, The                Never Felt This Way Before             7951
        Billy and Liza                     It's About Time                  5636
    Billy Boy on Poison                 Drama Junkie Queen                  1074
        Billy Pilgrim                         Billy Pilgrim                 1462
     Billy White Acre                     Billy's Not Bitter                2880
       Bim Skala Bim                        Eyes and Ears                   1929
       Bim Skala Bim                           Universal                    3260
         Bingoboys                       Best of Bingoboys                   483
          Bio Ritmo                     Rumba Baby Rumba                    4191
         Biohazard                        Biohazard- Clean                  1632
         Biohazard                            Mata Leao                     2657
         Biohazard                        No Holds Barred                   3833
         Biohazard                          Uncivilization                  5741
         Bionic Jive              Armageddon Through Your Speaker           6355
            Bird^3                               Bird^3                     5916
          Birdbrain                          Buffalo Tom                     156
          Birdbrain                          Let's Be Nice                  3253
           Birddog                     Songs From Willipa Bay               7493
           Birdland                             Birdland                     209
   Birdmen of Alcatraz                           Focus                      2572
       Birdmonster                   From the Mountain to the Sea           1345
          Birdsaw                          Power On Control                 6644
             Bis                          This is Teen-c Power              3870
             Bis                             Social Dancing                 4836
   Bishop Keith C. Smith       Going to Church with Bishop Keith C. Smith   9982
     Bitch and Animal                        Eternally Hard                 5832
     Bitch and Animal                    Sour Juice and Rhyme               7626
        Bitsu, Yame                        Auspicious Winds                 5470
          Bivouac                             Full Size Boy                 2282
            Bixby                                  Bixby                    9184
         Bizarre Inc                            Energique                    800
            Bjork                                 Debut                     1043
           Bjork                               Telegram                     2730
           Bjork                           Livebox Sampler                  7620
           Bjork                                 Volta                      9884
Black & the Catholics, Frank               Black Letter Days                6794
          Black 47                         Fire of Freedom                   865
          Black 47                        Home of the Brave                 1676
       Black Cat Bone                        Truth               506
          Black Cell                    What You Hold           6982
        Black Cowboy                     Black Cowboy           4690
         Black Cross                     Art Offensive          7978
        Black Crowes              Shake Your Money Maker         139
        Black Crowes                      By Your Side          4701
        Black Crowes                           Lion             5583
 Black Dahlia Murder, The                 Unhallowed            7908
       Black Eyed Peas                 Bridging the Gap         5110
       Black Eyes Peas                     Elephunk             7709
         Black Grape          It's Great When You're Straight   2084
         Black Halos                     Violent Years          5562
          Black Keys                     Magic Potion           9307
       Black Keys, The                  Thickfreakness          7529
          Black Kids                   Partie Traumatic         9871
     Black Label Society                  Shot to Hell          1145
     Black Label Society      Alcohol Fueled Brewtality- Live   5496
     Black Label Society                 Born to Lose           5983
     Black Label Society                      1919              6453
     Black Label Society             The Blessed Hellride       7523
     Black Label Society           Hangover Music vol. VI       8238
     Black Label Society                Ozzfest Sampler         8524
        Black League                          Ichor             5988
         Black Maria                  Lead Us to Reason         8628
         Black Maria            A Shared History of Tragedy     9250
   Black Ocean Drowning                  Negative Life          4497
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club     Black Rebel Motorcycle Club     8902
         Black Watch                       Flowering             374
         Black Watch                Icing the Snow Queen        1515
         Black Watch                 Seven Rollercoasters       2788
         Black, Frank                     Black, Frank           891
         Black, Frank                Teenager of the Year       1629
        Black, Sandra                    Sandra Black           5449
        Blackalicious                    Blazing Arrow          6661
        Blackalicious                      The Craft            9004
         Blackgrape                 Stupid, Stupid, Stupid      4244
    Blackmarket Flowers                     Thicket             2044
     Blackmore's Night               Under a Violet Moon        4945
            Blade                            Blade              1052
      Blame Game, The                  Dominion Status          7366
        Blameless                 The Signs are all there       2444
        Blane, Tim                      Clockwork               9559
       Blank Tapes                     Daydreams                9423
    Blank Theory, The                  Choice Cuts              6990
       Blaqk Audio                       Cexcells               9469
          Blaze II                   The Boiling Point          9186
       Bleecker St.              I Need a Gun and a Drink       1976
   Bleeding Through             Portrait of the Goddess           6868
          Blend                        Self Titled                3675
     Blessed Ethel              Welcome to the Rodeo              3060
     Blessed Light               Love Lights the Way              8342
           Bleu                        Redhead                    7190
Blind Boys of Alabama                Atom Bomb                    8746
Blind Boys of Alabama                 Go Tell It…                 9074
    Blind Guardian                         Live                   8703
      Blind Melon                    Blind Melon                  1909
       Blindside             A Thought Crushed My Mind            5869
       Blindside                         Silence                  6915
       Blindside                 About a Burning Fire             8077
          B-line                        Eightball                 7370
          Blink                     The End is High               3970
    Blinker the Star             A Bourgeouis Kitten              2903
    Blinker the Star              August Everywhere               5982
      Blitz, Danny                    Hollywood                   7191
       Blitzspeer                  Blitzspeer Saves                478
       Bloc Party                    Silent Alarm                 8765
          Block                  Timing is Everything             4574
       Blockk 16                 Too Brutal for Radio             6532
        Blondie             Greatest Hits: Sound and Vision       9171
          Blonz                           Blonz                   1480
 Blood Brothers, The           Burn, Piano Island, Burn           7497
    Blood for Blood              Revenge on Society               4315
    Blood for Blood                  Livin in Exile               4873
   Blood Red Velvet             Born Among the Ruins              8079
   Blood Red Velvet                 Romeo's Bones                 8080
Blood Sweat and Tears                Greatest Hits                 466
      Bloodlet                        Entheogen                   2561
      Bloodlet          Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees   6928
      Bloodloss                     Live My Way                   2170
       Bloom                           Big Block                  2516
 Blow Up Hollywood                      Fake                      8701
   Blue Aeroplanes                    Beatsongs                    389
    Blue Canoe II                                                 4745
     Blue Ceiling       Tales from the Spiritual Lost and Found   8252
Blue Eyed Devils, The        The Legend of Shorty Brown           7530
   Blue Hawaiians               Live at the Lava Lounge           9060
    Blue Meanies                Kiss Your Ass Goodbye             2433
    Blue Meanies                      Pose Wave                   5708
     Blue Merle                   Burning in the Sun              8723
    Blue Moutain                     Homegrown                    3520
    Blue Moutain                  Tales of a Traveler             4922
    Blue October                 Approaching Normal               1087
    Blue October                Consent to Treatment              5948
     Blue Onion                    Blues With a Bite              8094
       Blue Rags                 Rag-n-Roll          4157
      Blue Rodeo                   Casino             172
 Blue Spot Lobotomy               Occupant           7178
      Blue States             Man Mountain           7057
       Blue Van              The Art of Rolling      8713
       Bluemuse                Will I Be Free        5550
    Blues Brothers      Best of the Blues Brothers    137
   Blues Explosion                Damage             8418
    Blues Traveler        Travelers and Theives       349
    Blues Traveler             Blues Traveler        1972
       Blueskins             Change My Mind          9105
      Bluetones               Expecting to Fly       2832
     Bluhm, Tim             The Soft Adventure       7973
          Blur              Music is My Radar        1187
          Blur                     Parklife          1937
          Blur               The Great Escape        2109
          Blur                      Blur             3252
          Blur                   Think Tank          7606
      Bly, Missy                 Clean Bee           8222
     BMX Bandits                Theme Park           3763
      Boa Drape                  Boa Drape           6163
  Boards of Canada                Geogaddi           6437
       Bobaflex                   Bobaflex           7349
      Bobgoblin       The Twelve Point Masterplan    4374
         Bobs               Sing the songs of…        486
       Bodeans                Go Slow Down            493
       Bodeans                  Joe Dirt Car         2353
     Body Count                 Clean Mixes          3240
        Bodyjar                   Rimshot            2914
        Bodyjar                How it Works          5463
      Boggia, Jim              Safe in Sound         8798
         Boggs                      Forts            9365
        Bogmen           Life Begins at 40 Million   2143
        Bogmen           Closed Captioned Radio      4126
        Bogmen                       Live            4188
        Bogues                Good Clean Fun         3600
    Boiled in Lead             Boiled in Lead         563
     Boiler Room               Can't Breathe         5182
     Boiler Room               Can't Breathe         6052
     Bolland, C.J.        The Analogue Theatre       4612
     Bolt Upright         Red Carpet Sindrome        4514
   Bolton, Michael     Time, Love, and Tenderness     461
  Bomb the Bass                  Clear               2592
BomberMan Awesome             Fantastica             8375
     Bombshells            Audio Wasteland           9097
   Bonamassa, Joe        A New Day Yesterday         6306
    Bonar, Haley          The Size of Planets        7576
                   Bond                                Self Titled            3684
                   Bond                            Bang Out of Order          4189
               Bone Daddy                         Everybody's Got One         6693
               Bone Daddy                         Everybody's Got One         8286
               Bone Nation                               C' Mo                5226
                 Boneclub                              Beautiflu               757
                Boneheads                               Donkey                2290
                  Boner                          Cow Tipping in C Sharp       6582
                Bonerama                             Hard Times EP            1239
                 Bongzilla                               Stash                4518
              Bonham, Tracy                   The Burdens of Being Upright    2564
               Boo Radleys                     Everything's Alright Forever    661
               Boo Radleys                             Giant Steps             985
               Boo Radleys                              Wake Up!              2082
               Boo Radleys                             C'mon Kids             3272
             Boogiemonsters                        Riders of the Storm        1953
               Booginz, The                         Aftermath of I-79         6595
               Book of Love                            Lovebubble              931
               Book of Love                      I Touch Roses- Best of       5425
              Books on Tape                         The Business End          8539
               Boom Band                          Three Worlds Collide        2118
                Boom Bip                               Seed to Sun            7005
         Booth and the Bad Angel                        self titled           2675
Bootsy Collins and Bootsy's New Rubber Band   Keepin Dah Funk Alive 4-1995    1906
                   Boredoms                            Super Roots            1655
                   Boredoms                           Super Roots 6           2842
                 Borgia, Mike                    You Are, What You Hate       8606
            Boris and the Salt Licks          Cactusman vs. the Blue Demon    9195
    Boris McCutecheon and the Saltlicks          Bad Road, Good People        1361
                 Born for Bliss                   Flowing with the Flue       4281
                     Bosch                      Havin' Fun, Soundin' Good     8448
                 Boss Gremlin                         Beat Up Henry           6577
                   Boss Hog                               Boss Hog            2138
                     Boston                             Third Stage            488
                 Boswell, John                        Kindred Spirits           19
                Bottle Rockets                            Blue Sky            8028
                    Bottlefly                     Bottlefly Advance CD        5760
                    Bottlefly                             Bottlefly           5862
               Bottlehouse, The                          Joy of Life          7495
                  Bottom 12                             Balderdash            3891
            Bottom of the Hudson                   The Omaha Record           7985
          Boulder Acoustic Society                   The Caged Bird           1478
                Bouncing Souls                       Anchors Aweigh           8192
          Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag                BYO Split Series Vol IV     7044
                 Bowie, David                          Hunky Dory              193
                 Bowie, David                             Outside             2137
               Bowie, David                             Earthling             2723
    Bowie, David                 I'm Afraid of Americans           3767
    Bowie, David                 I'm Afraid of Americans           4681
    Bowie, David                           Hours                   4878
    Bowie, David                         Heathen                   6688
    Bowie, David                          Reality                  7706
    Bowie, David                         Earthling                 8199
    Bowie, David                           hours                   8200
    Bowie, David                          Outside                  8201
  Bowling For Soup               Drunk Enough to Dance             6622
   Bowling Green                    One Pound Note                 4654
      Bowman                         Living to Dream               8472
   Boxing Gandhis                         Howard                   2999
     Boy Genius                  Last Grand Experiment             4241
     Boy Kill Boy                         Civilian                 1354
    Boy Sets Fire                     Live For Today               6983
    Boy Sets Fire               Tommorrow Come Today               7422
    Boy Wonder                        Wonder Wear                  3638
      Boyracer                         in full color               2536
Boys' Star Library, The                Sugar and Water             6780
      Boysetfire                        After the Eulogy           5700
     Boyz II Men                    Cooleyhighharmony               482
        Bracket                         Novelty Forever            3892
         Brad                  Welcome to Discovery Park           6797
   Bradbury Press                          Hanscom                 8648
Brady- Danzig, Patricia                   Ojos Verdes              8697
   Braganca, Paulo                            Amai                 4355
     Bragg, Billy                        William Bloke             2843
  Brahms, Johannes                     Symphony No. 3              5153
      Braintree                             Fabricate              6771
        Brakes                             Give Blood              8957
       Bran Van                               3000                 3691
     Brand New            The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me   1472
     Brand New                           Deja Entendu              7618
 Brand New Heavies                       Brother Sister            1573
    Brand New Sin                        Brand New Sin             6851
      Brandtson                         Send Us a Signal           8498
     Brandy Rich                    I'll Take My Chances           7931
    Brash, Shanda                         Good to Go               4556
  Brautigam, Ronald                  Chopin on an Erard             561
    Brave Combo                      Mood Swing Music              3020
       Bravery                            The Bravery              8767
    Bravo, Johnny                            Joyride                759
   Bravo, Johnny                Then Again, Maybe I won't          2658
     Break, The                       Let It Burn                  7669
    Breakdown               Battle Hymns For an Angry Planet       6067
 Breaking Benjamin                     Saturate                    6909
 Breaking Pangaea                      Phoenix                     7921
       Breathless                    Blue Moon              5966
       Breathless               After All These Years       7543
      Brebner, Asa           Best No Money Can Buy          5487
        Breeders                     Last Splash            1009
   Brennan, Dennis               Iodine in the Wind         3126
      Brennan, Ian                       Stuff               648
      Brennan, Ian                  Teacher's Pet           5039
      Brennan, Ian                Mail-order Brides         5465
    Breuer, Carolyn                   Seranade              8292
          Brice                          Brice              7335
          Brice           What Happens in Spacecamp         9093
        Bricqmen                      Radioman              4633
 Brides of Destruction         Here Come the Brides         8082
         Briggs                   Leaving the Ways          8467
       Bright Eyes                10 Song Sampler           8587
   Bright, Johnathn                  Instrument             7854
        Brill, Paul                Halve the Light          6357
        Brill, Paul                   Sisters LP            7433
     Brimer, Chuck           I'm Gonna Be Your Hero         1372
     Brite Phoenix                      Visions             9136
   British Sea Power     The Decline of British Sea Power   7635
   British Sea Power                Open Season             8761
          Brizz                          Brizz              6256
       Broadcast              Noise Made By People          5580
       Broadcast                      Pendulum              7998
       Broadcast                 Extended Play Two          5850
   Brodsky, Stephen                  Ole Sunday             6427
          Broke           A Clear Perspective of Nothing    6944
   Broke Americans                Broke Americans           5508
     Broken Homes                Wing and a Prayer            96
      Broken Hope                      Loathing             2801
          Bronx                       The Bronx             9260
       Bronx, The                   White Drugs             7668
      Brook, Holly             Like Blood Like Honey        9305
    Brook, Michael             Live at the Aquarium         1385
    Brooke, Jonatha                      Live               5024
Brooklyn Cowboys, The       Doin Time On Planet Earth       6036
Brooklyn Cowboys, The         The Other Man in Black        6740
   Brookmeyer, Bob               Waltzing with Zoe          7758
       Brookville              Wonderfully Nothing          7660
         Broom                Chapter Two- The Hunt         1313
         Broom               Earthworm's Final Quest        4797
      Brother Cane                      Seeds               2059
      Brother Cane                    Wishpool              3983
     Brother Music                  PowerHouse              6133
   BrotherManDude                 BrotherManDude            9353
 Brothers and Systems       Transcontinental Weekend         760
        Brothers Past               This Feelins Called Goodbye           9066
          Brougham                         Le Cock Sportif                5899
         Brown Shoe                         Wheat Patch                   1237
       Brown, Bobby                        Don't Be Cruel                  54
         Brown, Ian                Unfinished Monkey Business             4592
         Brown, Ian                        Golden Greats                  6164
        Brown, James                   Can't Get Any Harder               917
        Brown, Junior                        Mixed Bag                    5736
        Brown, Savoy                      Strange Dreams                  7311
Bruce Hornsby and the Range                 The Way It Is                 240
           Brujeria                          Brujerizmo                   5193
       Bruno, Franklin              A Cat May Look At a Queen             7058
        Brutal Comp                         Volume One                    7281
         Brutal Juice         Mutilation Makes Identification Difficult   2351
        Bryan Adams                       Cuts Like a Knife                24
             BT                             Ima Sampler                   3023
             BT                       Love Peace and Grease               3459
             BT                                ESCM                       4624
             BT                                  Ima                      4625
       Buck o Nine                       Water in my Head                 2557
       Buck O Nine                     Twenty Eight Teeth                  3309
       Buckcherry                                15                        1157
       Buckcherry                          All Night Long                 10016
       Buckethead                              Colma                       3826
         Buckfast                             Buckfast                    8431
       Buckley, Jeff          Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk         4246
    Buckwheat Zydeco                 Lay Your Burden Down                  1622
         Budapest                       Too Blind to Hear                  7452
     Buffalo Daughter               Captain Vapour Athletes                2927
     Buffalo Daughter                        New Rock                      3792
     Buffalo Daughter             Socks Drugs and Rock and Roll            3831
     Buffalo Daughter                          WXBD                        4888
       Buffalo Tom                      Buffalo Tom Single                 986
       Buffalo Tom                       Big red letter day                1041
       Buffalo Tom                          Sleepy Eyed                    2291
      Buffett, Jimmy                         Evangeline                    574
      Buffett, Jimmy                            Bars                       639
      Buffett, Jimmy                           Ballads                     640
      Buffett, Jimmy                          Beaches                      641
      Buffett, Jimmy                            Boats                      642
        Buffseeds                           Sparkle Me                     8695
        Bughouse                        The Bulging Laugh                  5041
          Bugsy                             Black Sheep                    1272
       Built to Spill                       Untrustable                    3156
       Built to Spill                 Perfect From Now On                  3277
       Built to Spill                     Sabonis Tracks                   5357
       Built to Spill                        Time Trap                     9218
   Built to Spill            You in Reverse            9219
     Bukimi 3                  Wonderful               1595
Bullet and Shaolin   Small Town Livin, Big City Game   6452
  Bullet Lavolta                Swandive               1484
Bullets and Octane               The Revelry           8601
Bullets and Octane      In the Mouth of the Young      9169
 Bullets of Orange           Bullets of Orange         6841
  Bullock, Mickey             Mickey Bullock           3814
    Bunnygrunt                      Jen-Fi             4101
     Burd Early                   Burd Early           7439
  Burgess, Sonny             Tennessee Border           609
    Buried Life                   Medicine             1390
   Buriend Alive     The Death of Your Perfect World   4895
  Burke, Solomon           Don't Give Up On Me         6692
  Burks, Michael                Make It Rain           5448
  Burks, Michael               I Smell Smoke           7690
  Burks, Michael                  Iron Man             9846
Burlap to Cashmire         Live at the Bitter End      3695
 Burn Whats left                 Sidewalk              2577
  Burning Brides        Fall of the Plastic Empire     7037
  Burning Heads                    Dive                3842
  Burning Heads                   Escape               5128
 Burning Orange                    Taar                2630
  Burning Paris              Coral City Ruin           6413
  Burning Tree                Burning Tree               66
   Burns, Steve           Songs for Dust Mites         7802
  Burnside, R.L.               Come on In              4326
 Burnt By the Sun      The Perfect is the Enemy…       7840
 Bury Your Dead            Cover Your Tracks           8489
 Bury Your Dead        Beauty and the Breakdown        9316
       Bush                   6teen stone              1688
       Bush               Razorblade Suitcase          3120
       Bush                  Deconstructed             3549
    Bush, Kate        Aspects of the Sensual World      117
    Business                 Death II Dance            2553
 Butchers, Candy           Play With Your Head          6634
 Butler, Bernard             People Move On             4032
 Butler, Bernard            Friends and Lovers          5007
 Butler, Bernard         I'd Do It Again If I Could     6075
  Butler, Chris                  Easy Life              6339
     Butter                          8                  2659
   Butterflies                Butterflies               4139
 Butthole Surfers      Independent Worm Saloon          884
    Buttsteak                Men who Pause              2648
  Buxter Hootin              In Another Life           10015
   Buzz Poets                  Pretzel Sex              5010
   Buzz Poets                  Buzz Poets               5522
       Buzz Tonic                 Prime Time People           3109
       Buzzcocks                          French              2393
       Buzzcocks                          All Set             3175
       Buzzcocks                         Modern               5759
       Buzzlighter                   Various Artists          7553
        Buzztonic                 Prime Time People           4381
       Buzzz, The                 Bikers, Babes, Beer         6023
  By the Grace of God         For the Love of Indie Rock      2829
  By the Grace of God                 Perspective             3899
          Byrds                       Greatest Hits            452
      Byrne, David              Back in the Box Singles       1630
      Byrne, David                    David Byrne             1865
            C2                     Cooky Conspiracy           6523
     Cactus Motel                         Home                3050
      Cadaver Inc                       Discipline            5348
     Cadell, Meryn                     Bombazine              1002
   Cadillac Blindside             These Liquid Lungs          6870
    Cadillac Tramps                 Cadillac Tramps            183
    Cadillac Tramps                Tombstone Radio             758
    Cadillac Tramps                    It's Allright          1650
      Café Tacuba           Selections from Reves/Yosoy       5026
      Café Tacuba                   Cuatro Caminos            7684
      Café Tacvba                         Reves               6124
      Caffeinated            It Came From the Basement        4995
          Cages                        Hometown                796
     Caillat, Colbie                       Coco               9634
       Cain, Chris                   Hall of Shame            7847
           Cake                     Fashion Nugget            1208
           Cake                Motorcade of Generosity        1902
        Cake Like                 Goodbye, So What            4817
        Cale, J.J.                     Guitar Man             2916
           Caleb                    Fear Of Success           6130
           Calla                         Televise             7286
         Calliope               Sounds Like Circles Feel      8223
          Calpop               Best Record in the World       1234
         Camber                   Beautiful Charade           3236
      Camp, Jesse        Jesse Camp and the 8th Street Kids   5464
Campaign for Real Time                  Let It Rise           9393
Camper Van Beethoven                       Tusk               7137
     Campfire Girls               Mood Enhancer EP            2042
     Campfire Girls                    Delongere              7120
          Camus                    sins of the father         3332
         Candira                   the Coma Imprint           6726
       Candlebox                           Lucy               8986
    Candy Butchers                          Live              3063
    Candy Butchers                   Hang on Mike             8023
    Candy Machine                 A Modest Proposal           1983
     Candy Planet                 Deeper than Fluff              1471
      Candy Skins                         Fun?                    814
     Candy, Kirstin                     Glimpse                  6719
     Candy, Kristin             Another Sweet Mess               7097
       Candyskins          Death of a Minor TV Celebrity         4324
         Canine                Treacherous Turn One              5411
         Cannae               Troubleshooting Death              6099
     Cantrell, Jerry                  Cut You In                 3875
     Cantrell, Jerry                 Boggy Depot                 4070
        Cantrells                The New Language                 497
        Capitol K                     Island Row                 6891
        Capleton                       Still Blazin              6422
        Captain T                      US Aliens                 6836
    Capture the Flag               Time and Again                5560
        Cari Clara       Miniature American Model Society        8466
     Carlile, Brandi                   The Story                 9505
     Carlton, Larry                   Kid Gloves                  906
     Carlton, Larry               No Substitutions               5551
    Carmody, Seana                Struts and Shocks              6768
   Carnival Strippers                    Reveal                  1979
    Caroline's Spine                   Monsoon                   3802
   Carpenter, Kevin                Kevin Carpenter               3006
Carpenter, Mary Chapin     Shooting Straight in the Dark          116
       Carpenters                  Singles 1969-73               1933
           Cars                     Greatest Hits                 442
          Cartel                 Safety in Numbers               8727
          Cartel                         Cartel                  9582
     Carter, Daniel                     Avenuea                  3495
      Carthy, Eliza             Angels & Cigarettes              5803
           Carv                       Anesthetic                 6272
       Case, Neko             The Tigers Have Spoken             8565
       Case, Neko         Fox Confessor Brings the Flood         9178
      Cassius 1999                                               5212
        Cast                         All Change                  2608
       Castle                         Hopkins                    2563
   Castro, Tommy                     Hard Believer               1073
        Cat 2                      Have a Nice Day               5519
      Cat Power                      You Are Free                7375
       Catalytic                     Capo a Baby                 7408
     Catastrophic                   The Cleansing                6039
       Catch 22                       Washed Up                  4902
       Catch 22                    Alone in a Crowd              5140
  Catch Twenty Two                 Dinosaur Sounds               8705
  Catch Twenty Two              Permanent Revolution             9295
      Cathedral              Supernatural Birth Machine          3073
      Catherine             Hot Sake and Bedtime Stories         3012
      Catheters          Static Delusions and Stone Still Days   6417
          Caulfields                          Whirligig          1900
          Caulfields                              L              2791
      Cause and Effect                           Trip            1651
       Cause for Alarm                        Warzone            2215
       Cause for Alarm             Cheaters and the Cheated      3135
       Cause for Alarm                 Beneath the Wheel         4493
         Causey Way                          Testimony           5978
      Causey Way, The             With Loving and Open Arms      6068
        Caustic Resin                     Trick Question         5516
           Cave In                    Tides of Tommorrow         7094
           Cave In                            Antenna            7491
Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds                Nocturama            7358
            Caviar                        Laurel Metallic        7545
            Caviar                  The Thin Mercury Sound       8499
             Cecil                       Bombar Diddlah          2761
             Cell                              Slo Blo            737
             Cell                          Living Room           1755
         CellDweller                        Cell Dweller         7348
         Cellophane                          Self Titled         3453
          Cells, The                  We Can Replace You         6935
      Centimeters, The         The Lifetime Achievement Awards   6275
  Central Nervous System                   Reality Check         2088
        Centro-matic                     Redo the Stacks         3647
    Cephas and Wiggins             Somebody Told the Truth       6955
        Cerbone, Lisa                          Mercy             3134
    Certain Distant Suns              Happy on the Inside        1765
       Certain General              Signals from the Source      4588
       Chagall Guevera                   Chagall Guevera          149
      Chainsaw Kittens                   Pop Heiress             1545
      Chainsaw Kittens                 Chainsaw Kittens          2977
          Chainsuck                        Angelscore            2887
          Chainsuck                   Kindly Stop For Me         5796
      Chambers, Kasey             Barricades and Brickwalls      6476
       Chambers, Ken                       Above You             1808
       Champion, Sam                      Slow Rewind            8972
        Chandler, Jon               Keepers of the Flame         8675
      Channeling Owen           Small Minded Voodoo Theories     4931
     Chantal Kreviazuk          What If It All Means Something   7950
       Chapman, Travy                   New Beginning            2276
  Chappaquiddick Skyline           Chappaquiddick Skyline        5484
     Chappel, Michelle                    Infinity Man           4462
      Chapter in Verse                        Moxie              8926
      Charismatics, The                The Charismatics          6289
          Charlatans                   U.K. Over Rising           734
          Charlatans                       Charlatans            1516
          Charlatans                    Up to Our Hips           1613
          Charlatans                            UK               2124
      Charlatans                   Tellin' Stories           4088
      Charlatans                      Forever                5954
    Charlatans UK                 Us and Only Us             4919
    Charlatans UK                  Wonderland                5809
    Charlatans UK                   Simpatico                9288
Charles Law and Jagged       Corrupter Sophistication        9411
   Charles, Harvey            Only Thing I'll Ever Miss      9921
     Charles, Ray             Genius Loves Company          8588
    Charlie Cristos                Widow's Gun               9966
 Charlie Daniels Band             Decade of Hits             410
  Charlie in the Box     Please Don't Pet Me, I'm Working    5097
 Charlie Musselwhite                 The Well               10006
 Charlie Sexton Sextet        Under the Wishing Tree         2237
 Charlotte Sometimes         Waves and the Both of Us        1303
     Charm Farm                      Pervert                 2610
        Charthogs                  Do Your Mind              1837
   Chase Scene, The            The Great Divide EP           7260
      Chasing Jane                   Unravelled              9926
          Chazz!               The Passing the Bar           880
      Cheating Kay                     Concept               7590
      Cheating Kay                     Concept              7694
    Cheeky Monkey             Four arms to hold you          3670
          Cheese                    Flip Your Lid            3053
     Chelsea on Fire             Middlesex County            6443
  Chemical Brothers             Dig your own hole            3387
  Chemical Brothers      Brother's Gonna Work It Out- Mix    4707
  Chemical Brothers                  Star Guitar             6358
  Chemical Brothers               Push the Button            8682
    Chemical People            Arpeggio Motorcade            4606
        Chemistry                  The Chemistry             8809
         Chemlab                      Play 4 Us              1381
       Chenier, CJ                    Step It Up             5758
Cherry Poppin' Daddies             Zoot Suit Riot            3873
     Cherry, Neneh                   Homebrew                739
      Chesnutt, Vic               About to Choke             3051
   Chesterfield Kings          Let's Go Get Stoned           1601
         Chevelle                      Sampler               6921
         Chevelle              Wonder What's Next            7111
         Chicago              Chicago's Greatest Hits        689
 Chicano Soul N Power           Chicano 2 Da Bone            3881
      Chilton, Alex                      Set                 6005
        Chimaira            The Impossibility of Reason     7971
        Chimaira                      Chimaira               9208
     Chin, Meg Lee                Piece and Love             5047
       China Drum                Self-Made Maniac            3853
        Chinchilla                101 Italian Hits           2915
        Chixdiggit                    Chixdiggit             3195
          Choir                       Circle Slide            320
     Choir of Angels                   I Cantori              2194
          Choke                        Forward                5353
        Chomsky                  Let's Get to Second         8261
     Choo Choo Pye              Bark For Your Supper          863
       Chris Calleja                   Life Itself           10012
  Chris Duarte Group                 Texas Sugar              2328
        Chris Rea                 Espresso Logic              1544
Chris Stamey Experience       A Question of Temperature       8667
        Christiana               Hydrofield Of Myth           6010
       Christianity                Deep Hard Rush             5878
       Christiansen         Forensics Brothers and Sisters    6857
  Christopher O'Riley        True Love Waits (Radiohead)     7658
     Chrome Locust                  Chrome Locust             4772
Chrome Yellow Co., The           Gathered Far Distant         6838
        Chthonic                    9th Empyrean              6822
         Chubby                       Is It Time?            7935
      Chubby, Popa        The Good the Bad and the Chubby     6745
    Chuckanut Drive                Chuckanut Drive           8108
        Chum                     Dead to the World            2607
    Chumbawamba                      Tubthumper               3552
    Chumbawamba                       WYSIWYG                 5060
          Church                       Starfish                36
          Church                Golden Afternoon Fix           43
          Church                     Priest=Aura              494
          Church                  Somewhere Else              1668
    Church of Betty               Fruit on the Vine           5155
    Church of Rust                 Church of Rust             4367
        Churchills                  You Are Here              5410
      Churchtown                    Into Paradise             390
      Cibo Matto                  Viva! LA Woman              2379
      Cibo Matto                     Super Relax              4288
      Cibo Matto                   Stereo Type A              4813
 Cinematic Orchestra                   Ma Fleur               9626
 Cipes and the People           Conscious Revolution          1076
       Circle Jerks            Oddities, Abnormalities        2012
      Circus Mind                    Circus Mind              7486
      Circus Mind                   Silver Flower             9185
    Circus of Power              Magic and Madness            827
         Citigrass                     Citigrass              6234
      Citizen Cope        Clarence Greenwood Recordings       8742
      Citizen Cope             Every Waking Moment            9269
      Citizen Fish                      Thirst                2934
         Citizens                Are We There Yet?           8406
    Citizen's Utility            Northern Lights EP           3482
           CKY                        Carver City             1290
           CKY                An Answer Can Be Found          8929
       Claasen, Fay            With a Song in My Heart      6202
          Clanad                        Fualm               818
         Clannad                       Bamba                939
         Clannad                         Lore               2474
         Clannad                      Landmarks             4106
      Clapton, Eric                  Journeyman             129
      Clapton, Eric             Rush Movie Soundtrack       510
Clapton, Erin and B.B. King      Riding with the King       5091
      Clapton, Erip                   Timepieces             51
          Clarias                        Lines              9145
         Clarissa                       Silver              2542
       Clarke, Gilby                The Hangover            3812
     Clarke, Stanley                 Toys of Men            9523
           Clash                    Combat Rock              194
           Clash              Clash on Broadway- Disc 1      400
           Clash              Clash on Broadway- Disc 2      401
           Clash              Clash on Broadway- Disc 3      402
           Clash              From Here to Eternity- Live   4939
   Class Assassins, The          State of Emergency         6793
 Classics and Composers              Sampler NM             6378
       Claw Finger                   Claw Finger            4515
      Claw Hammer                  Hold Your Tongue         2740
         Clawfinger                     Two Sides           6154
         Clay Idols             Falling Down Backwards      1904
        Clay People                    Clay People          4043
Clearwater, Eddy the Chief            Westside Strut        9853
        Clem Snide                      Soft Spot           7907
         Cleopatra                    Enchantments          1965
     Cleveland, Barry             Voluntary Dreaming          86
            Click                    Re-contruktion         5482
           Client                         Client            7713
         Clinic, The                      Cycles            6148
      Clinton, George         How Late Do You Have 2B…      9020
         Clockwise               Healthy Manipulation       7028
        Clones, The                  Get a Clone Life       6637
           Closer                      Don't Walk           4203
     Cloud, Abraham           The Children of the Milkman   7516
           Clouds                        Collage            3102
            Clovis                  Minneapolis Baby        7323
         Club d'Elf              Tracks from As Above       8262
          Club Epic                     Club Epic             71
       Clumsy Lovers                       Live!            5083
    Clumsy Lovers, The                 Barnburner           6161
   Clumsy Lovers, The                After the Flood        7960
           Clutch                        Wicker             1421
           Clutch                The Wishbone Mini EP       4128
           Clutch                    Pure Rock Fury         5478
                     Clutch                           Live at the Googolplex          7940
                      Clyde                                    Clyde                  5535
       Clyne, Robert and the Peacemakers           Sonoran Hope and Madness           6408
                 CNS Syndicate                            Industry Hijack             8803
                 Coal Chamber                                Dark Days                6631
                 Coast of Mercy                           Coast of Mercy              1555
                      Coax                             Fear of Standing Still         4097
                      Cober                                  Crashpilot               6224
                      Cober                                 The Breaker               7030
                       COC                          America's Volume Dealer           5088
                  Cocker, Jarvis                       Jarvis Cocker Record           9633
                   Cocker, Joe                      Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits         747
                Cockeyed Ghost                                Neverest                3786
                Cockeyed Ghost                        The Scapegoat Factory           4829
                 Cocteau Twins                         Four Cornered Café             1548
                 Cocteau Twins                              Twinlights                2146
                Cocteau Twins                            Milk and Kisses              2715
                   Cocteau Twins                              Otherness               4613
                 Coheed & Cambria                        Live at La Zona Rosa         8353
                Coheed and Cambria                   No World for Tomorrow            9455
                   Cohen, Adam                               Adam Cohen               4693
                  Cohen, Leonard                              The Future               795
Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Un        Mirrors of Embarassment           959
                         Cola                            All This Rock N' Roll        6252
                         Cold                                     Give                3536
                    Cold as Life                     Decline of Independence          5279
           Cold Mountain Rhythm Band               Cold Mountain Rhythm Band          9043
                   Cold War Kids                       Robbers and Cowards            9351
                      Coldplay                     A Rush of Blood to the Head        7596
                      Coldplay                                  X and Y               8873
                    Coldsnap-9                       Victims Of A Small Town          6168
                     Cole, Lloyd                  Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe          388
                     Cole, Lloyd                              Love Story              2122
                    Cole, Paula                                This Fire              3013
                 Coleman, Deborah                              Soul Be It             7127
        Colin James and the Little Big Band     Colin James and the Little Big Band   4649
                      Collapsis                               Dirty Wake              5048
                    Collie Buddz                          College Exclusives          9333
                    Collie Buddz                             Collie Buddz             9602
                   Collier, Gerald                              Sampler               3665
                   Collier, Gerald                           Gerald Collier           4164
                   Collins, Edwyn                          The Magic Piper            4278
                   Collins, Edwyn                      I'm Not Following You          4743
                    Collins, Phil                        No Jacket Required            360
                    Collins, Phil                                12" ers               509
                  Collins, Richard                           A Single Rose              9
                  Collins, Richard                        Finding Your Heart           203
              Colony                               Siren                    3505
         Color Me Badd                         Color Me Badd                 459
            Color Red                         Below the Under               5220
        Colorado Colossus                    Colorado Colossus              6108
             Colossal                             Colossal                  8132
             Colossal                               Take                    8662
              Colour                      Devil's Got a Holda Me            1300
            Colt, Ikara                      Chat and Business              7219
           Colville, Eric                      X-Ray Glasses                1649
          Colvin, Shawn                     A Few Small Repairs             3001
            Comadose                               Re-up                    5362
Combattimento Consort Amsterdam          Conducted by de Vriem               716
Combattimento Consort Amsterdam   Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer (Classical)    987
      Combustible Edison                      Schizophonic!                 2463
         Comeback Kid                          Broadcasting                 1263
         Comeback Kid                         Wake the Dead                 8679
         Comeback Kid                          Broadcasting                 9618
          Comet Gain                              Sneaky                    4014
         Comfort, Mike                              Free                    8586
         Commitments                               Vol. 2                    615
         Commodores                              Rock Solid                   61
           Common                         Universal Mind Control            1192
           Common                        Like Water for Chocolate           5236
           Common                        Like Water for Chocolate           5897
           Common                              Electric Circus              7361
           Common                             Finding Forever               9531
       Common Children                           Skywire                    2465
          Common Rider                      This Is Unity Music             6952
          Common Sense                   Psychedelic Surf Groove            4090
         Common Thread                   The songs of the Eagles            1048
             Comotion                           Head West                   5783
         Company Jones                        Company Jones                 8827
            Complaints                    Sunday Morning Radio              1612
            Complaints                              Fear                    5859
           Compulsion                         Boogie Woogie                 1591
           Compulsion                            Comforter                  1665
           Compulsion                           Compulsion                  1861
         Concrete Blonde                        Bloodletting                 439
         Concrete Blonde                     Concrete Blonde                 454
         Concrete Blonde                    Walking in London                499
         Concrete Blonde                          Mojave                    8343
            Conditionz                King of the Whole Wide World           742
        Conehead Buddha                           Rockets                   5013
     Confectionary Infections             A Low Watt Document               6638
         Confront James                   Black Bomb Mountain               4349
       Confrontation Camp                 Objects in the Mirror…            5595
              Connells                              Ring                    1408
                 Connells                                         New Boy                                 1777
                 Connells                                Weird Food and Devastation                       2867
                 Connells                                         Still Life                              4664
             Connelly, Chris                                     Shipwreck                                1822
              Connelly, Ted                                                      5795
            Connick Jr., Harry                                                                            1832
            Connick Jr., Harry                                    Blue Light                              1932
            Connick Jr., Harry                                 We Are in Love                             1946
              Consolidated                                        Dropped                                 4277
           Continuous Peasant                                 Exile in Babyville                          7859
           Continuous Peasant                              Intentional Grounding                          8793
               Conveniens                                            Clear                                1178
               Conveniens                                       Conveniens                                1744
               Cool Beans                                       Pablo Fiasco                              6146
             Cool for August                                    Grand World                               2816
        Cooper Temple Clause, The             Kick Up the Fire and Let the Flames Break Loose             8053
              Cooper, Alice                              The Eyes of Alice Cooper                         8003
             Cop Shoot Cop                                         Release                                1804
               Cope, Julian                                     Autogeddon                                1677
               Cope, Julian                                                                               2183
                Copeland                                    Beneath Medicine Tree                         7435
           Copeland, Shemekia                                  Turn the Heat Up                           4748
           Copeland, Shemekia                                       Wicked                                5090
           Copeland, Shemekia                                   The Soul Truth                            8908
           Copeland, Shemikia                                Talking to Strangers                         6954
               Copernicus                                       No Borderline                             1061
               Copernicus                                       Disappearance                             1120
               Copernicus                                     Immediate Eternity                          6326
                Coral, The                                         The Coral                              7407
                Coral, The                    Magic and Medicine and Nightfreak and the Songs of Becker   8085
                  Cords                                     Hear! See! Feel! Taste!                       2767
                   Core                                               Revival                             2664
                 Corgan, Billy                                 Future Embrace                             8900
Corky Siegel's Traveling Chamber Blues Show                           Live!                               8626
                 Cornell, Chris                               Euphoria Morning                            4539
                  Cornershop                               Woman's Gotta Have It                          2193
                  Cornershop                          When I Was Born for the 7th Time                    4683
          Corrosion of Conformity                            In the Arms of God                           8771
                Coryell, Julian                                Bitter to Sweet                            5852
                Cosmic Killjoy                                      Catalyst                              6271
                  Costa, Matt                                   Songs We Sing                             9155
                 Costa, Nikka                          Everybody Got Their Something                      5544
                Costello, Elvis                            Girls, Girls, Girls- Disc 1                     545
                Costello, Elvis                            Girls, Girls, Girls- Disc 2                     546
                Costello, Elvis                                  Brutal Youth                             1579
                Costello, Elvis                                  Kojak Variety                            2331
                Costello, Elvis                                  An Overview                              4395
           Costello, Elvis                         When I Was Cruel                     6748
           Costello, Elvis                            Cruel Smile                       7026
  Costello, Elvis with Attractions                Blood and Choclate                    4379
Costello, Elvis with Burt Bacharach             Painted from Memory                     4322
            Count Basie                     Complete Decca Recordings Disc 1            692
            Count Basie                     Complete Decca Recordings Disc 2            693
            Count Basie                     Complete Decca Recordings Disc 3            694
          Count The Stars                        Never Be Taken Alive                   7416
             Counterfit               Super Amusement Machine For Your Exciting Heart   6789
          Counting Crows                  Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings           1349
          Counting Crows                        Recoverign the Satellites               3034
          Counting Crows                           Across a Wire- Live                  4467
                Coup                             Pick a Bigger Weapon                   9193
         Course of Empire                               Infested!                       1058
         Course of Empire                        Telepathic Last Words                  3868
           Cousins, Hilary                         Continents Collide                   5974
           Cousins, Hilary                         Continents Collide                   6112
               Coward                                    Coward                         2811
          Cowboy Junkies                           The Trinity Session                  1827
          Cowboy Junkies                            200 More Miles                      2197
        Cowboy Junkies                                 Lay it Down                      2475
        Cowboy Junkies                             Miles from Our Home                  5460
     Cowboys International                     The Backwards Life of Romeo              8604
        Coxon, Graham                          Love Travels at Illegal Speeds           1552
        Coyote Shivers                                Coyote Shivers                    3182
          Crabby Lady                                       Raw                         5997
         Crack Sabbath                      Live From West Yellowstone 2002             8349
            Cracker                                        Brand                        1706
             Cracker                                 The Golden Age                     2579
             Cracker                                 Gentleman's Blues                  4358
             Cracker                                      Forever                       6396
             Cracker                                   Countrysides                     7936
         Cracknell, Sarah                                 Lipslide                      6090
          Cradle of Filth                  Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder              1248
          Cradle of Filth                                Sampler                        6757
          Cradle of Filth                          Damnation and a Day                  7582
            Craig, Carl                  More Songs About Food and Revolution           2798
           Craig, Jamie                               The Lost Dream                    1221
             Cramps                         Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits              120
           Cranberries                      I Still Do Dreams Sunday Pretty             1437
              Cranes                                       Loved                        1761
         Crash Into June                            Another Vivid Scene                 8514
           Crash Kings                                    Custard                       1743
       Crash Test Dummies                              A Worm's life                    2950
       Crash Test Dummies                              Puss n Boots                     9078
       Crashtest Dummies                           God Shuffled His Feet                1581
          Craving Theo                                 Craving Theo                     6165
        Craving Theo                            Craving Theo                 6482
         Crazy Horse                            Left for Dead                146
         Crazy Mary                              Knucklehead                 7346
 Creame Cheese and Bagels                    Jazzed to the Max               8619
     Cree Confederation                         Pakosiyimitan               10035
Creedence Clearwater Revival                   Chronicle Vol.2               1023
       Creeper Lagoon                     I Become Small and Go              3993
       Creeper Lagoon                     Watering Ghost Garden              5126
       Creeper Lagoon                    Take Back the Universe…             5337
       Creeper Lagoon                      Remember the Future               7263
        Creeping Eye                            Creeping Eye                 6742
            Crelm                             Say Your Prayers               4977
    Crenshaw, Marshall                           A Collection                187
    Crenshaw, Marshall                         Life's Too Short              214
           Crimea                        Lottery Winners on Acid            8445
       Crimmen, Dave                            Big Daddy "D"                6228
            Crisis                       Deathshead Extermination            2599
              Crisis                           The Hollowing                 3447
          Croce, A.J.                             Seedling                  8552
          Croce, Jim              Photographs and Memories- Greatest Hits    709
           Cro-mags                               Revenge                    5890
          Cropduster                             Cropduster                  4565
     Crosby, Stills, Nash                    CSN Box-set Disc 1              381
     Crosby, Stills, Nash                    CSN Box-set Disc 2              382
     Crosby, Stills, Nash                    CSN Box-set Disc 3              383
     Crosby, Stills, Nash                    CSN Box-set Disc 4              384
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young               American Dream                  6
        Cross, Alberta                 The Thief and the Heartbreaker        9525
          Crossbreed                         Synthetic Division              5632
          Crossbreed                         Synthetic Division              6117
            Crowbar                           Odd Fellows Rest               4254
       Crowded House                          Together Alone                 1547
       Crowded House                          The Very best of               2689
       Crowell, Rodney                       Diamonds and Dirt                39
       Crowell, Rodney                          Life is Messy                575
        Crown Heights                      More Pricks than Kicks            2793
         Crown, The                             Possessed 13                8293
          Cruel Sea                       The Honeymoon is Over              1888
         Cruel Shoes                             Cruel Shoes                 583
        Cruel Timothy                 Rules of Thumb for the Molested        3999
         Cruise, Julee                        The Voice of Love              1049
           Crumb                         Romance is a Slowdance              2639
           Crumb                          Seconds Minutes Hours              4391
    Crush Molly Sunshine                  Store in a Cool Dry Place          3971
           Crushed                                selftitled                 2739
       Crystal Method                           Tweekend                     5624
     Crystal Method, The                      Legion of Boom                8035
    Cub Country                      High Uinta High                  6493
     Cubic Feet                    Passeneger in Time                 1560
     Cubic Feet                      Superconnector                   5629
Cubop City Big Band                       Arsenio                     8462
        Cult                            Ceremony                       307
        Cult                              Electric                    1040
        Cult                           Sire/Reprise                   1805
        Cult                          Born Into This                  9526
 Cunningham, Wes      12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking   4397
   Cuomo, Rivers                          Alone II                    1191
   Cuomo, Rivers                Alone- Home Recordings                9888
       Cure                         Staring at the Sea                  2
       Cure                                 Wish                       599
       Cure                            4:13 Dream                     1293
       Cure                                Galore                     4619
  Curiously Strong                      This Is Life                  5996
    Curran, Nick                      Doctor Velvet                   7310
    Curry, Mark                       It's Only Time                   794
       Curve                           Come Clean                     3794
 Custar, Matthew               Lullabies in the Key of Blue           5518
 Custar, Matthew               Lullabies In The Key of Blue           6102
   Custard Wally                       Call Me Walt                     32
   Custard Wally                 Estrogennia Dementia                 9613
    Customers                    Green Bottle Thursday                2462
 Cutrufello, Mary              When the Night is Through              4453
  Cutting Edge                   Humongously Yours                    6186
      CX-NN                               Lifted                      2602
 Cyanide Valentine                     Let it Rot                     8750
    Cybertribe                        Immortality                     6298
     Cyclefly                        Generation Sap                   4916
     Cyclefly                           Cyclefly                      6079
    Cyco Miko                         Lost My Brain!                  2486
    Cypress Hill                            IV                        4398
    Cypress Hill                     Stoned Raiders                   6472
      Cyrus                               Cyrus                       6705
         D                              Volume 3                      5330
   D Generation                       D Generation                    1859
   D Generation                         No Lunch                      2885
   D Generation                   Through the Darkness                4512
   D.C. and Co.                  Somethin's Happenin'                 3884
      D.O.A.                         The Black Spot                   2223
      D.O.P.                     Musicians of the Mind                788
        d4                              6Twenty                       7302
       D-9                       160 Blows Per Second                 6093
   Da Bay Boys                   Wanted Dead or Alive                 9117
      Daath                          The Hinderers                    1306
       DAD                     No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims          457
        Dada                             Puzzle                  698
     Dada, Sonia                 A Day at the Beach              2205
     Dada, Sonia             Lay Down and Love It Live           5028
       Dadawa                    Voices from the Sky             4021
  Daddy Longhead                    Supermasonic                 3249
        DAG                        Apartment #635                4198
      Dag Nasty                    Minority of One               6736
        Daisy                       Dog's Eye View               3494
Dale and the Dragons            Dale and the Dragons             8931
    Dali Gaggers                  Just Ad Nauseum                4348
      Damaged                       Purified in Pain             5124
      Damaged                         Do Not Spit                6307
    Damageplan                   New Found Power                8104
    Dambuilders                      Jailbreak 94'               1772
  Damn Personals                     Driver/Driver               5925
     Damnation                 In This Life or the Next          9475
       Damned                     Not of This Earth              3040
  Damon & Naomi                       With Ghost                 5813
 Damon and Naomi                   Playback Singers              4060
       Damone                       From the Attic               7262
       Damone                     Out Here All Night             9239
    Dan Hubbard                     See You Again               10037
     Dandelion               I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick           1491
     Dandelion                       Dyslexicon                  2040
    Dando, Wes                       Tired Hours                 5366
  Dandy Warhols           The Dandy Warhols Come Down            436
  Dandy Warhols           Odditorium of Warlords of Mars         8973
Dandy Warhols, The        Welcome to the Monkey House           7628
      D'Angelo                         Voodoo                    4980
   Danger Doom                The Mouse and the Mask             9009
   Danger Mouse                 Take Care of Business            7054
   Daniel, Jeffrey                   Skinny Boy                   84
  Daniels, Jennifer                 Dive and Fly                 6325
    Danko Jones                      Born a Lion                7659
    Danko Jones                   We Sweat Blood                 8758
    Danko, Rick                   Times Like These               5631
       Danzig                              4                     1945
       Danzig                          I Luciferi                6882
   Daou, Vanessa                Near the Black Forest            4291
   Daou, Vanessa                   Make You Love                 5509
   Dappled Cities                   Granddance                   9502
      Dara, Olu                     In the World                 3878
     Darediablo                    Feeding Frenzy               7716
    Darin, Bobby       Splish Splash- The Best of Bobby Darin    523
        Dario                             Lies                   8913
 Dark Day Dawning           Nothing That I Wouldn't Give         6508
  Darker My Love                   Darker My Love                9313
    Darker My Love                           2                  9880
     Darkest Hour         Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation       7995
     Darkest Hour                    Undoing Rain               8886
     Darkest Hour                      Deliver Us               9538
     Darkness, The                Permission to Land            7720
      Darling Buds                    Darling Buds               325
     Darling, Jason             Night Like My Head…             7796
     Darling, Julia                   Julia Darling             7821
       Darlingd                      The Fallout EP             6296
        Darwa                 More Life, More Trouble           6083
Darwin's Waiting Room                    Orphan                 5396
         Daryl                             Daryl                6662
   Daryl Braithwaite              Higher Than Hope               330
        Das Efx                      Dead Serious                653
     Dasa, Mayesa                  Ocean of Dreams              1747
     Dash Rip Rock                     Tiger Town               4380
Dashboard Confessional          The Places You Have…            5621
Dashboard Confessional    A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar       7707
Dashboard Confessional            Dusk and Summer               9255
     Datsuns, The                     The Datsuns               7367
 Dave Matthews Band        Under the Table and Dreaming         1752
 Dave Matthews Band      Live at Red Rocks- Disc 2 is Missing   3622
   Dave Stahl Band                   Live at Nights               22
   Dave's True Story             Sex Without Bodies             4122
   Dave's True Story               Dave's True Story            6889
   Dave's True Story                 Project Remix              9006
   Dave's True Story             Simple Twist of Fate           9107
        David J.                     Urban Urbane                798
Davidson, Ethan Daniel              Ring Them Bells              340
        Davina                            Davina                4263
      Davis, John                      John Davis               8726
      Davis, Miles             Seven Steps to Heaven             624
      Davis, Miles               Bitches Brew Disc 1             681
      Davis, Miles               Bitches Brew Disc 2             682
        Davis?                            Davis?                6292
      Dawn, Laura                        Believer               6462
    Dawson, Mark                          Breach                8356
          Day                            The And                4028
    Day at the Fair            The Rocking Chair Years          8849
      Day, Howie                        Australia               6695
      Day, Howie               Stop All the World Now           7834
      Day, Howie                          Extras                8216
   Days of the New                      Self Titled             3451
   Days of the New                 Days of the New              4783
       Dbc, The                           Listen                6125
        DC Talk                         NU Thang                 724
    DC to Daylight                 Xmas Murder '74              7421
   De Grassi, Alex             The World's Getting Loud              978
      De La Soul                        Aoi: Bionix                  6402
     Dead by 28                       The Spawning                   7350
   Dead Can Dance                    Dead Can Dance                  1583
   Dead Can Dance                   Toward the Within                1954
   Dead Can Dance                       Spiritchase                  2866
     Dead Cities              The Future Sound of London             4682
      Dead Left                        Up and Atom                   6754
    Dead Meadow                       Dead Meadow                    1077
    Dead or Alive                         Rip it Up                  1831
    Dead or Alive                        Evolution                  7785
      Dead Prez                for the hood: rbg sampler            8167
      Dead Prez                             RBG                     8217
     Dead Susan                         Dead Susan                   5691
     Dead to Fall                    Villainy & Virtue              8502
     Dead to Fall                  The Phoenix Throne                9192
      Deadgun                    Fixation on a Coworker              2397
      Deadguy                            Screamin'                   3141
     Deadlights                          Deadlights                  4984
       Deadsun                     Degenerate Matter                 8685
       Deadsy                             Deadsy                     3314
       Deadsy                        Commencement                    6514
     Deadweight                      Half-wit Anthems                7161
   Deal's Gone Bad      Guide to Boat Drinks and Cruise Cocktails    1356
   Deal's Gone Bad                 Large and In Charge               5558
     Dear Janes                           No Skin                    4352
   Dearly & Denny                    Love Hurts, Dude               10041
       Death                       is just the begining              2747
  Death Cab for Cutie            We Have the Facts…                  5296
  Death Cab For Cutie                     Plans                      8949
Death From Above 1979      You're a Woman, I'm a Machine            8567
    Death in Vegas                     Dead Elvis                    4103
    Death in Vegas                 Contino Sessions                  5157
    Death in Vegas                   Scorpio Rising                 7678
 Death on Wednesday                Songs to ____ to                 7763
       Deathray                         Deathray                     5599
 Deathray Davies, The   Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory   7946
     Decemberists                      Picaresque                    8743
     Decemberists                     Crane Wife                     9474
        Decide                      Insineratehymn                   5826
       Deckard                    Stereodreamscene                   5910
    Deconstruction                     Unknown                       1774
      Dedicated                        Dedicated                     348
       Deee-Lite                      World Clique                   234
       Deee-Lite               Dewdrops in the Garden                1863
   Dee-Jay Punk Roc                   ChickenEye                     4578
         Deep                      Pieces of Nothing                 5891
   Deep Blue Something                          Home                           2327
   Deep Blue Something                   Deep Blue Something                   5779
       Deep Forest                           Deep Forest                       1697
       Deep Forest                          Made in Japan                      4944
      Deep Forest III                         Comparsa                         4150
       Deep Purple           When We Rock, We Rock and When We Roll, We Roll    507
       Deep Purple                    The Very Best of Deep Purple             1604
       Def Leppard                              Hysteria                        432
       Def Leppard                       On Through the Night                   578
   Definition of Sound                         Experience                      2611
          Deftones                               Deftones                      7779
        deGraff, Dick                           Fo4r winds                     8591
       Dehaan, Kristen                           Conform                       8403
           Deicide                         In Torment In Hell                  6169
          Del Amitri                             Twisted                       1994
Del the Funkee Homo Sapien        I Wish My Brother George Was Here             735
           Delays                       Faded Seaside Glamour                  8306
          Delerium                          Semantic Spaces                    1868
        Delgados, The                      The Great Eastern                   5992
          Delirious                           Mezzamorphis                     5402
         Deliverance                        Stay of Execution                   726
        Delta Haymax                          Delta Haymax                     3279
        Delta Haymax                          Delta Haymax                     3514
           Deluge                              The Deluge                      5728
         Dement, Iris                        Infamous Angel                     963
     Demons & Wizards                     Demons & Wizards                     5806
            Denali                                Denali                       6676
        Denis, Bodie                              Often                        8207
      Denson, Brendan                        One Mississippi                   2898
          Dent, The                              Farewell                      7484
           Dentists               Behind the Door I Keep the Universe          1454
            Denzil                                 Pub                         1721
      Departure Lounge                   Too Late To Die Young                 6418
       Depeche Mode                          Depeche Mode                       637
       Depeche Mode                   Songs of Faith and Devotion               840
       Depeche Mode                           condemnation                     1010
       Depeche Mode                               Best of                      1260
       Depeche Mode                 Songs of Faith and devotion Live!          1417
       Depeche Mode                                Ultra                       4604
       Depeche Mode                         Playing the Angel                  9061
          Derailers                           Reverb Deluxe                    3668
  Derek and the Dominos                    The Layla Sessions                   191
  Derek Trucks Band, The                      Soul Serenade                    7717
            Deride                       First Round Knockout                  7095
         Derry, Dick                              Moon                         5900
       Des Incurables                            Disque 9                      3811
        Descendants                              Merican                       8059
       Descendents                     Everything Sucks            2835
       Descendents                      Cool to be You             8157
     Desert Sessions                  Volumes V and VI             4542
   Desert Sessions, The                    9 and 10                7788
       Desert Wind          Christmas: Rhythms of the HOLY LAND    9904
    Desmond, Casey                     Casey Desmond               9025
    Destroy Babylon                Culture Pirates- Promo          1116
        Destroyed                      Russian Roulette            9149
     Destroyed, The                     Outta Control              7813
     Destructor 666                  Many Were Killed…             9611
    Devaney, Martin                       September                7284
         Deviate                       Darkened World              4482
        Devildriver                    Pray for Villains           1214
        Devildriver               Fury of Our Maker's hand         8892
      Devine, Kevin                Circle Gets the Square          5566
      Devine, Kevin                Put Your Ghost to Rest          9341
          Devo                           Greatest Hits              847
          Devo                           We Are Not                3641
      DeVoe, Jennie                         Ta Da                  7064
Devon Allman's Honeytribe                   Torch                  9639
      Dexter Danger                       Hellafornia              8925
      Dharma Bums                          Welcome                  558
          Dial-7                     Never Enough Time             4421
     Diamond Nights               Once We Were Diamonds            8860
       Diamond Rio                       Diamond Rio                412
   Diamond, Benjamin                    Out of Myself              8933
      Diamond, Neil                  Home Before Dark              9872
      Diane, Sheryl                    Blackberry Love             9232
       Dianno, Paul                       The Beast                6034
    Dickinson, Bruce                    Skunkworks                 2481
    Dickinson, Bruce                 Chemical Wedding              4428
       Die Krupps                   Odyssey the Mind III           2478
    Die Toten Hosen            Learning English, Lesson One…       1824
    Die Toten Hosen                      Crash Landing             5431
      Die Warzau                             Engine                1939
      Died Pretty                      Doughboy Hollow              477
      Dieng, Aiyb                        Rhythmagick               3275
    Diesel Machine                        Torture Test             6115
        Diffuser                      Making the Grade             7768
     Difranco, Ani                           Canon                 1642
     Difranco, Ani                           Dilate                3125
     Difranco, Ani                          Sampler                3263
     Difranco, Ani                   Up Up Up Up Up Up             4738
     Difranco, Ani                     Heartbreak Even             5340
     Difranco, Ani          Revelling Reckoning Ten Song Sampler   6193
     Difranco, Ani                      Educated Guess             8133
          Dig                    Defenders of the Universe         2690
             Dig                             Life Like             4571
      Digable Planets                    Blowout Comb              1675
            Digby                            Go Digby              7896
            Digger           The Promise of an Uncertain Future    4685
            Digger                        Monte Carlo              5999
            Digger                           Keystone              7107
           Diggers                       Mount Everest             3997
       Diggins, Alkai                        Dialectic             8025
          Diginova                    A Taste of Diginova          7052
Dillinger Escape Plan, The              Panasonic Youth            8357
       Dillinger Four        Midwestern Songs of the Americas      4328
       Dillinger Four                      Versus God              5258
       Dillinger Four                 Situationist Comedy          6729
       Dillinger, Troy           Troy Dillinger and A Guitar       6094
     Dimitri from Paris        A Night at the Playboy Mansion      5338
         Din Pedals                         Din Pedals             3856
          Ding, Bill         Trust in God, But Tie Up Your Camel   4647
        Dinosaur Jr.                       Dinosaur Jr.             769
        Dinosaur Jr.                    Without a Sound            1641
        Dinosaur Jr.                      Hand it Over             3229
        Dinosaur Jr.                       Green Mind               200
             Dio                       Killing the Dragon          6596
        Dire Straits                  Money for Nothing             153
        Dire Straits                     On Every Street            528
        Dire Straits                  Brothers in Arms             1551
             Dirt                           Dirt                   5234
     Dirt Merchants                       Scarified                2506
        Dirt Nap                 Below the Speed of Sound          4572
      Dirty Deeds                         Real World               5868
       Dirty Halo                       Think Dirty EP             8698
  Dirty Old Man River                      Unknown                 3326
  Dirty Pretty Things              Waterloo to Anywhere            9258
      Dirty Vegas                        Dirty Vegas               7033
        Disarray                  In the Face of the Enemy         6821
       Discharge                          Discharge                6744
       Discipline                     Saints and Sinners           1343
       Discontent                       society did it             2573
      Disembodied                           Heretic                5919
        Dishwalla                     Pet Your Friends             2115
    Dislocated Styles            Pin the Tail on the Honkey        5685
         Dismay                            In Doubt                2255
  Dismemberment Plan                  Ice of Boston + 3            5688
      Dissociatives                   The Dissociatives            8774
     Distillers, The                      Coral Fang               8116
     Distortion Felix                   I'm An Athlete             6141
        District 7                  Another Last Chance            6872
         Distrust                  No Good Deed Shall…             5578
        Disturbance                We Come Out at Night        1501
          Disturbed                          Believe           7220
        Ditch Croaker                Secrets of the Mule       2940
          Ditty Bops                     The Ditty Bops        8562
        Diva Machina                      The Final Girl       5952
        Divine Chaos                      Divine Chaos         5865
       Divine Comedy             Victory for the Comic Muse    9855
           Divinyls                        Self Titled          189
           Divinyls                         Essential           275
         Divorce, The           There Will Be Blood Tonight    7783
           Divorcee                         Lovesick           6175
    Dixon Band, The Gabe                On a Rolling Ball      7125
         Dixon, Peter                     Shady Planet         9507
           DJ Krush                          Meiso             4628
           DJ Krush                          Milight           4637
           DJ Krush                        Code 4109           5081
           DJ Krush                            Zen             6244
DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo                 Ki-oku            5208
        DJ Me DJ You               Can You See The Music       7342
            DJ Rap                      Learning Curve         4789
          DJ Shadow                Endtroducin DJ Shadow       4636
          DJ Shadow                    The Private Press       6774
          DJ Smash                      Phonography 2          7419
       Django, Danny                     Cosmic Wheel          9387
       Django, Danny                     Touch the Sky         9445
          Djur Djura               Best of:Voice of Silence    1057
       DM and Jemini                    Ghetto Pop Life        7724
       Dobb, Cameron                        The Ride           1124
       Doble Impacto                    Doble Impacto          5945
          Doc Tahri               Eington was a Bullfighter    3186
            Dodgy                      Free Peace Sweet        4607
          Doe, John                  Dim Stars, Bright Sky     6854
      Doelenensemble           Between Night Bar and Factory   8461
      Dog Fashion Disco           Anarchists of Good Taste     5300
      Dog Fashion Disco             Mutilated Genitals EP      5807
      Dog Fashion Disco         committed to a bright future   7657
      Dog Fashion Disco         committed to a bright future   8287
         Dog Society                 Test Your Own Eyes         916
            Dogma                     Feeding the Future       3207
         Doktor, Ray                    Social Lubricant       7189
       Dolby, Thomas             The Gate to the Mind's Eye    1737
        Dollar Cannon                     Are You Here         5884
      Dollar Canon, The             Future Apartments EP       6778
          Dollshead                    Frozen Charlotte        3987
        Dollyrots, The                East My Heart Out        8614
          Dolorean                         Not Exotic          8010
       Dominique, Lisa                  Lisa Dominique         1453
     Domino Kings                      Life and 20                 5575
   Don Piper Situation             Don Piper Situation             3553
   Donald Baker Band           Counting Down to Christmas          9910
    Donmoyer, Adam                    Naughty Bits                 8263
        Donnas                           Turn 21                   5250
        Donnas                         Gold Medal                  8575
    Donnay, Roberta                  Catch the Wave                 900
       Donovan                            Sutras                   3029
    Don't Look Down                  Start the Show                7091
    Don't Look Down                 The Fear in Love               8452
    Doobie Brothers                       Cycles                     53
    Doobie Brothers                    The Best Of                  274
    Doobie Brothers        What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits     1541
    Doobies Brothers              Takin' it to the Streets          533
      Dooley, Tom                           Haze                   2226
         Doors                        Morrison Hotel               1527
           Doors                        L.A. Woman                 1567
           Dope                 Felons and Revolutionaries         4540
           Dope                              Life                  6310
      Dope Smoothie                      for milking               8139
      Dope Smoothie                       Go Strike                8656
      Dope Stars Inc.       10,000 Watts of Artificial Pleasures   8558
          Dorado                            Sound                  9384
Dorman, Dom & The Icemen       Dom Dorman & The Icemen             6238
          Dormer                        Trampoline                 1862
         Dorothy                  The Garden…the Smile             1890
   Dos Dedos Mis Amigo               Pop Will Eat Itself           1800
        Dot Allison                       Afterglow                4870
        Doublewide                      Doublewide                 7703
       Dougan, Rob                    Furious Angels               7651
        Doughboys                           Crush                   990
        Doughnuts                  The Age of the Circle           2051
        Doughnuts                     Feel Me Bleed                2861
           Doves                         Lost Souls                5133
           Doves                    The Last Broadcast             7100
           Doves                        Some Cities                8711
           Doves                        Live at Eden               8861
       Dovetail Joint                         1                    4660
     Down and Above          Hold Your Breath for a Rising Tide    1328
       Down By Law                      Fly the Flag               6172
       Down Factor                           Pure                  7550
    Down Home Souls                 Down Home Souls                4962
          Down II               A Bustle in your Hedgerow          6515
       Down the Sun                   Down the Sun                 7086
         Downer                            Downer                  5280
    Downlo and Deploi                  In Our World                1244
         Downset              Do We Speak a Dead Language?         2968
                     Downset                            Pocket Full of Fatcaps          3161
                   Downy Mildew                                 Slow Sky                1621
               Dr. Bunsen Honeydew                      A Little Bit Bigger Than        3101
Dr. Charles G. Hayes & The Cosmopolitan Warrior            Rise Sing Forever            9978
                      Dr. Didg                                 Dust Devils              7003
                     Dr. Gravy                                   Shoust                 4479
                      Dr. Ill                                 Self Titled               2429
                     Dr. John                               Anutha Zone                 4317
                     Dr. John                        N'Awlinz Dis Dat or D'Udda         8364
                   Dr. Neptune                            4-Song Sampler                7075
            Dr. Neptune / Chesterfield                      Tuggin Junk                 7693
                   Dr. Octagon                         Dr. Octagonecologyst             2759
      Dr. Ring-Ding and the Senior All-Stars               Ram Di Dance                 4077
                   Dr. Robert                              Realms of Gold               2751
                     Dr. Rod                                 A Classic Case!            7791
                   Dragmules                                         2A                 2121
                   Dragonflies                              The Dragonflies             7156
                    Dragonfly                          The Edge of the World            8105
                  Dragonforce                             Inhuman Rampage               9427
                    Dragpipe                      Music For the Last Day of Your Life   6968
                      Drain                                Horror Wrestling             3353
                   Drain S.T.H.                            Horror Wrestling             4226
                    Drain sth                              Freaks of Nature             4774
                 Drake, Gaither                         Mariposa,County Line            6027
                 Drayton, Leslie                         Until Further Notice           1556
                Dread Flimstone                            From the Ghetto               849
                 Dread Zeppelin                                 Un-led-ed                467
                 Dread Zeppelin                             It's Not Unusual             756
                  Dream ~ Aria                                  Transcend               9952
                 Dream Theater                            Images and Words               707
                 Dream Theater                             Systematic Chaos             1141
                 Dream Theater                     Black Clouds and Silver Linings      1210
                 Dream Theater                             Train of Thought             9085
                 Dream Theater                                   Forsaken               9849
                      Dredg                              Live at the Fillmore           1442
                      Dredg                                      Leitmotif              6241
                      Dredg                                       El Cielo              7169
                      Dredg                              Catch Without Arms             8877
                 Dresden Dolls                                Dresden Dolls             9073
                  Dressy Bessy                                 Little Music             7492
                  Drexlers, The                               Social honey              8048
                    Drill Team                                    In Block              2987
                    Drill Team                      Hope and Dream Explosion            3973
                 Dripping Goss                         Blue Collar Black Future         4587
                Drive By Truckers                       Southern Rock Opera             6728
                 Drive Like Jehu                               Yank Crime               1593
                 Drive Like Jehu                                   Crime                1926
 Driver Side Impact         The Very Air We Breathe        9485
     Drivesafe                For Sure….Hopefully          9955
 Drivin' and Cryin'             Wrapped in Sky             2325
   Drivin-n-Cryin                    Smoke                 1496
    Droge, Pete                 Spacey and Shaking         4078
    Droo Church            In a Pasture Built for Lovers   5727
     Drop Logic                  Fear and Sunlight         6864
 Dropkick Murphys            Singles Collection- Vol. 2    8728
 Dropkick Murphys               The Warriors Code          8884
 Dropping Daylight               Dropping Daylight         9083
 Dropping Daylight                Brace Yourself           9279
       Drown                  Hold on to the Hollow        1683
       Drown              Product of a Two Faced World     4347
  Drug Test Three                     Invisible            3858
       Drugs                           Drugs               4611
   Drum Brothers                 Power of Rhythm           3874
   Drum Brothers                 Power of Rhythm           5084
Drum'n'Bass for Papa                    Plug               3465
  Drums and Tuba                    Vinyl Killer           6105
  Drums and Tuba                    Mostly Ape             6984
  Drunk Stuntmen                  More Bad News            5235
  Drunk Stuntmen                    Trailer Life           9156
    Dry Kill Logic           Darker Side of Nonsense       5397
    Dry Kill Logic                       Rot               6333
     Drysdales                     The Drysdales           5909
      Dryspell                       Kitty Porn            5798
      Drywall                 Work the Dumb Oracle         4275
     Dub Pistols             Six Million Ways to Live      5706
     Dub War                      Enemy Maker              2681
      Dub War                          Pain                3343
   Dubnicks, the            Rejection Builds Character     7136
      Dubstar                       Goodbye                4610
   Duby, Heather                   Post to Wire            6003
    Dude of Life           Under the Sound Umbrella        4803
        Duke                   My Kung Fu is Good          9047
     Dum Dums                It Goes Without Saying        5800
      Dune.tx                     Machowagon               6011
  Duplaix, Vikter           International Affairs V2.0     7426
    Duran Duran                     Notorious                38
    Duran Duran                    Duran Duran              813
    Duran Duran        Do They Really Know What's Wrong?   4217
     Dureforsog                  Engine Machine            6708
    Dury, Baxter            Len Parrot's Memorial Lift     7315
    Dust to Dust                       Sick                7980
 Dutch Dance 2003                 Various Artists          7328
     Dutch Jazz                  Dutch Jazz 2003           1539
Dutch Jazz Orchestra       The Music of Billy Strayhorn    8150
       Dutch Pop 2003                  Various Artists           7327
       Dutch Rock 2003                 Various Artists           7329
      Dutch World 2003                 Various Artists           7326
     Dwight Richter Band             Drive Around Town           7887
            Dwole              A Requiem for Euphoric Nihilism   4492
      Dying Midwestern               Dying Midwestern            8374
         Dylan, Betty                       Flame                6556
          Dylan, Bob              Good As I've Been to you         1
          Dylan, Bob                    Greatest Hits             518
          Dylan, Bob                      Oh Mercy                755
          Dylan, Bob                                             6188
            Dylans                       Spirit Finger           1756
        Dynamite Boy              Somewhere in America           5495
        Dynamite Hack                      Superfast             5699
        Dynamite High                   Rock Island EP           4694
         Dynamo Hum                   Long Story Short           3103
       Dynasty Electric                    Black Box             9159
         Dysrhythmia                        Pretest              7974
             E pop                        Version 01             6969
      E. Town Concrete               The Second Coming           5972
      E. Town Concrete                 The Renaissance           7537
             Eagles                     Greatest Hits             130
             Eagles                  Greatest Hits Vol. 2         346
            Eamon                  I Don't Want You Back         8153
          Earle, Steve                  The Hard Way              269
            Earshot                        Sampler               6475
            Earshot                       Letting Go             6896
          Earth Crisis             Destroy the Machines          2047
          Earth Crisis            Gomorrah's Season Ends         2954
          Earth Crisis          The Oath that Keeps Me Free      4304
          Earth Crisis                 Last of the Sane          5293
          Earth Crisis                      Slither              5333
        Earth Eighteen                     Butterfly             2076
        Earth Eighteen                Earth Eighteen EP          3888
           Earthling                         Sister              6327
           Earthling             Care of Magical Creatures       7235
          Earthlings?                    Earthlings?             6143
           Earthmen                    Teen Sensations           1423
       East Bay Chasers               East Bay Chasers           5488
        Easterly, Emily                       Cole               7340
Eastern Conference Champions             Ameritown               9448
          Easton, Tim                The Truth About Us          5573
              Eat                           Epicure              1589
          Eaton, Inda                  Why the Desert            6570
            EC8OR                   All of Us Can Be Rich        4630
      Ecelectic Nobody's             Ecelectic Nobody's          5408
     Echo and Bunnymen                    Evergreen              3776
      Echo Revolution                          Aura                 7820
            Echo7                        One Step Away              7759
          Echobelly                             On                  2247
          Echoboy                            Giraffe                7411
          Echolalia                     Solid State Alone           7085
           Eclectic                      Tables Turned              8497
    Eclectics and Friends               The Look Ahead              5641
      Econoline Crush                       Affliction              2517
         Ed Hines Band                      Danger Love             10046
               Edan                        Dead Flowers              1479
        Edelman, Judith                       Only Sun               6126
           Eder, Linda                       Linda Eder              158
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians   Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars    289
             Edison                      Picture Postcard            3283
          Edison Glass                  A Burn or a Shiver           9238
             Editors                      The Back Room              9129
             Editors                    An End Has a Start           9462
                EDL                     Moment of Clarity            4548
              Edsel               Techniques of Speed Hypnosis       2227
            Educators             Christmas Comes Once a Year        1099
              Edwin               Another Spin Around the Sun        5547
                 EE                  For 100 We Try Harder           7067
               Eels                     Electroshock Blues           4557
               Eels                          Souljacker              6474
               Eels                        Shootenanny!             7923
        Effinger, Billy Q.                 Blue Boy Billy           8529
         Eggleton, Katy                   A Hand to Hold             9120
            Eggstone                        Somersault               1812
               EGO                              ego                  1685
           Egypt                 Drowning in the Promised Land      2449
       Eighteen Visions                    Obsession                8495
      Eighteen Visions                      Vanity                  6624
      Eighth Day Nation                 Bangkok Basket              9324
          Eisenvater                           III                  2315
             Eisley                     Marvelous Things            8135
             Eisley                          Eisley                 8618
             Eisley                      Combinations               9349
      Eisley, David Glen                   War Dogs                 4904
         Eitzel, Mark                 60 Watt Silver Lining         2523
        Eitzel, Mark                                                2760
      Ekoostik Hookah                      Ohio Grown               7257
           El Bad                         Trick or Treat            3779
          El Dopa                  United States of Narcalepsy      3206
          El Flaco                            Thub                  2103
           El Hula                        Violent Love              9415
           El Pus                      Suburb Thuggin' EP           8710
           El Pus                     Hoodlum Rock Vol 1            8754
                 El Sage                         Chandelier              9883
                  Elada                    Happy Pencil, Sad Eraser      7862
                 Elbow                       Asleep in the Back          6442
                 Elbow                       Cast of Thousands           8115
                 Elbow                        Seldom Seen Kid            9898
             Electrafixion                         Burned                2080
        Electric Big Band Crazy             Swinging party Album         4089
            Electric Boys                     Groovus Maximus            1489
        Electric Frankenstein                   Annie's Grave            5675
        Electric Hellfire Club                  Unholy Roller            4303
        Electric Hellfire Club              Witness the Millenium        5254
        Electric Laser People            Straight Talk on Raising Kids   9627
       Electric Light Orchestra           Limited Collectors Edition       80
              Electronic                     Raise the Pressure          2680
                   Elefant                         Gallery Girl          7442
                   Elefant               Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid      7585
                   Elefant                  The Black Magic Show         9124
                Element 57                           Ripcord             1363
             Element Eighty                      Element Eighty          7817
              Elephant Ride                           Forget             3674
              Elevator Drops                     People Mover            4732
                    Eleven                            Thunk              2015
                    Eleven                      Avantgardedog            6040
                Eleventeen                          In the Air           7396
          Eleventh Day Dream                        El Moodio             913
          Eleventh Day Dream               After This Time is Gone        993
                 Elf Power                Nothing's Going to Happen      7135
           Eliminate Freedom                       Rip Smops             8206
                 Elliot, Jen                    The Secret's Out         7578
                    Elliott                     False Cathedrals         5225
                    Elliott                      Song in the Air         7911
                Elliott, John                  American in Love          1190
                Ellis, Tinsley                    Speak No Evil          1238
                Ellis, Tinsley                Live- Highwayman           8864
                     EL-P                      Fantastic Damage          6933
                     Elsa                              Mira              6512
                 Elscorcho                         Elsewhere             3787
              Elskes, Tommy                       King of Dixie           835
Elvin Bishop and Little Smoky Smothers         That's My Partner         5524
                   Ely, Joe                  Live at Liberty Lunch        115
               Elysian Fields                  Bleed Your Cedar          2978
                  Emanuel                 Soundtrack to a Headrush       8772
              Embarassment                          Help God              113
               Embodyment                      Hold Your Breath          6251
                  Embrace                     The Good Will Out          4240
                  Embrace                        Out of Nothing          9041
                Emeral Web               Manatee Dreams of Neptune         85
Emerson Lake and Palmer     The Best of Emerson Lake and Palmer    530
    Emerson, Chris                          Tourist               6947
          EMF                            Schubert Dip              271
          EMF                               Stigma                 702
        Emmet                             Swimming                4247
   Emmet Swimming                            Wake                 2156
       Emmure                     Goodbye to the Gallows          9489
         Emok                              Crumbs                 7424
     Emotional Fish                        Sloper                 2585
       Emperor X                         Central Hug              8762
       En Vogue                          Funky Divas               649
     End of Fashion                    End of Fashion             9215
        Endever               Beautiful Music for Ugly Children   1188
        Endicott                 The Words In Ink Don't Lie       8444
         Endo                              Evolve                 5320
         Endo                      Songs for the Restless         7696
        Endwell                     Homeland Insecurity           9337
    Energy Orchard                    Energy Orchard                27
  Engelhardt, Cheryl T.              Shoes Off and Run            9162
       Engine 88                          Snowman                 3144
     England, Stace              Lovey Dovey All the Time         7325
     Enigk, Jeremy                      Jeremy Enigk              3273
       Enormous                      Busman's Holiday             2656
       Enormous                            Pieces                 3142
   Ensemble Abstract               Stendhal's Syndrome            6303
         Ensign                    Price of Progression           5620
         Ensign                Love the Music, Hate the Kids      9082
      Enter Shikari                  Take to the Skies            9439
       Entombed                           Uprising                5257
       Entombed                           Inferno                 7766
   Entourage Garage                    Missing Link               3774
        Entrain                           All One                 5975
        Entrain                     Live: Vol 1 Rise Up           6435
      Enuff-Z-nuff                                                1503
            Enya                     Shepherd Moons                678
         Enzymes                       Groundwork                 1298
            Eon                        Void Dweller                663
          Epagee                           Demo                   6170
          Epagee                 Or The Girl Dies…..(Clean)       6375
         Epidemic                        Epidemic                 6875
          Epigene                     One Bright Sign             6485
           EPMD                  Business Never Personal           679
Equipto and Mike Marshall                  K.I.M.                 8738
      Erase the Grey                      27 Days                 7240
          Erasure                      Abba-esque                 1834
          Erasure                         Say Say                 1959
          Erasure                         Erasure                 2169
                   Erasure                                Cowboy                   3357
             Eric B. and Rakim                   Don't Sweat the Technique         680
Eric Ericson and Netherlands Youth Choir               Hjartans Frojd              1288
                 Eric's Trip                            Purple Blue                2374
                    Ernies                              Meson Ray                  4487
                Erosion                                  Self Titled               2560
            Erquiaga, Steve                                 Erkiology               387
                  Error                                       Error                8020
                  Erwin                                       Erwin                8428
              Escape Club                              Wild Wild West                41
          Escape Engine, The                         Celebrity Role Model          7988
                  Esem                                   Serial Human               7434
           Eshelman, Dave                                   Mystique                6025
             Eskimos, The                  Something Must Be Transmitted Somehow    7344
                Esquivel                               Cabaret Manana               2240
    Esse and the Brave New Sounds                       Destiny's Child             4915
              Ester Drang                                 Infinite Keys             7531
                 Esthero                               Wikked Lil Grrrls            8909
               Estun-Bah                          From Where The Sun Rises         10036
                  Ether                               Great Ocean Road              7217
                  Ethos                                  I'm a No One               7090
                  Ethos                                 Hearing Things              7567
             Etiquette, The                                  Ages….                 6898
                Eugenius                            Mary Queen of Scots             1542
                Eulogies                                  Eulogies                  9375
                Eunuch                                   Self Titled               2431
             Eureka Farm                                   Analog                   4570
                Europe                              Prisoners in Paradise           351
              Eurythmics                                Greatest Hits               550
          Evan Goodrow Band                                 Say It                 10040
                 Eve 6                                      Eve 6                   4068
                 Event                            Scratching at the Surface        7961
            Ever Ever Band                              Big Umbrella                2613
               Everclear                         So Much For the Afterglow           25
               Everclear                              Sparkle and Fade              2267
               Everclear                         So Much for the Afterglow          3488
               Everclear                         Welcome to the Drama Club          9431
             Everett, Jace                            Red Revelations               9924
           Everett, Wayne                               kingsqueens                7924
                Evereve                                  Stormbirds                 4296
                Everlast                               Eat at Whitey's              5183
               Everville                                    Faith                   6470
              Everyones                                The Everyones               8454
              Everything                                Supernatural                4163
        Everything but the Girl                            Missing                  1942
         Everything Must Go                             Apocalipstick               6615
              Eve's Plum                                Cherry Alive                2000
     Evil Jake                  Be My Ex-Girlfriend            7692
      Evil Stig                        Evil Stig               4361
        EWI                               EP                   8550
        Excel                      Seeking Refuge              2046
         Exit                    Home for an Island            9062
     Exit, The                        New Beat                 6894
   Exploited, The          Fuck The System (Radio Edit)        7499
     Explosion                    Flash, Flash, Flash          5276
     Explosion                          Demo                   5634
     Explosion                       Red Tape EP               8415
     Explosion                        Black Tape               8451
       Extinct                           Ouch                  2198
      Extreme                 III Sides to Every Story          654
    Eye Hate God                     Dopesick                  2562
      EyeHateGod                       EyeHateGod              5358
         F44 876                    New York, Illinois         6926
           Fabu                        Perfect You             6795
Fabulous Thunderbirds          The Essential Collection         219
       Face Down             The Twisted Rule the Wicked       3583
   Faction of the Fox              Faction of the Fox          8694
       Factory 81                        Mankind               5186
           Fade                       A New Design             9216
     Fagen, Donald                      Kamakiriad              944
        Fags, The                         The Fags             7008
      Failed Saints                    Empty Chair             6085
         Failure                        Magnified              1553
     Fairchild, Amy                      Mr. Heart             6478
        Fairgrove          In Defense of the Inexperienced     5297
      Fairweather              If They Move, Kill Them         5445
      Fairweather                        Lusitania             7645
      Fairweather                          Alaska              6779
  Faithfull, Marianne              Before the Poison           8633
        Faithless                       Reverence              3223
        Faithless               Outrospective Sampler          5367
        Faithless                      Sunday 8PM              5373
        Faithless                        No Roots              8410
     Falcon, Adam       I, Too, Am Colored, In Black & White   5772
     Falkner, Jason                 Author Unknown             2865
     Falkner, Jason                     Follow Me              3342
            Fall                   Infotainment Scan            995
    Fall from Grace                      Self Titled           3402
      Fall Out Boy            From Under the Cork Tree         8836
        Fall Silent                Drunken Violence            6565
      Fall With Me                  Rise Phoenix Rise          7230
       Falling Joys                    Psychohum               1482
    Falling Sickness                    Dysentery              4935
   Falling Walendas                 Falling Walendas           2809
   Falling Walls                    Falling Walls              2419
     Family Cat                   Magic Happens                1955
   Family Force 5       Business Up Front, Party in the Back   9183
      Famous                        Social Hero                1353
      Famous                           Used                    1693
      Famous                         Famous                    6389
      Fan Club                   Respect the Beat               81
  Fantastic Planet                    Failure                  2918
       FA-Q                           Each Hit                 2501
        Far                  tin cans with strings to you      2576
          Far                           Soon                   3550
          Far                      Mother Mary                 3816
          Far                   Water and Solutions            3957
   Far From Even                   Far From Even               6431
         Farm                        Hullabaloo                1713
        Farrah                      Moustache                  6940
    Farrell, Perry                       Rev                   5022
     Farris, Mike                Salvation in Lights           9860
       Farside                         Farside                 2319
       Fashion                      The Fashion                 961
      Fastball                Make Your Mama Proud             2683
      Fastball              All the Pain Money Can Buy         3837
  Faster Pussycat                    Whipped!                  1502
          Fat                             Fat                  3864
     Fat Tuesday                      Califuneral               821
     Fatboy Slim          Better Living Through Chemistry      3512
     Fatboy Slim           On the Floor of the Boutique        5230
     Fatboy Slim               Live on Brighton Beach          6775
     Fatboy Slim                     Palookaville              8469
  Fatima Mansions                 Viva Dead Ponies              225
  Fatima Mansions      The Only Solution: Another Revolution    323
  Fatima Mansions                    Popemobile                1628
  Fatima Mansions             Lost in the Former West          1739
     Fatso Jetson                      Toasted                 4520
   Faulkner, Jason                Can You Still Feel?          4768
  Faulkner, Newton              Hand Built By Robots           1518
       Faux Jean                     Dead Lover                7917
Favorite Atomic Hero         Who Will Save You Now?            7292
     Faze Action                    Moving Cities              5237
      FC/Kahuna                   Machine Says Yes             7222
    Feable Weiner                  Dear Hot Chick              6752
         Fear                      American Beer               5690
     Fear Factory                      Hatefiles               7510
     Fear of Fred                    Fear of Fred              6945
 Feathermerchants           Unarmed Against the Dark           7775
       Features                        Exhibit A               8476
        Feeder                      Stereo World               3525
           Feeder                            Polythene                  3825
           Feeder                        Comfort in Sound               7502
           Feeder                        Comfort in Sound               7941
           Feelies                         Crazy Rhythms                  98
           Feeling                   Twelve Stops and Home              9395
             Feist                            Let it Die                8815
             Feist                    Open Season- Remixes              9242
             Feist                         The Reminder                 9482
      Feral Children               Second to the Last Frontier          9901
     Ferrick, Melissa                       Massive Blur                1005
     Ferrick, Melissa                    Girls with Guitars             1416
            Ferron                        Phantom Center                 123
        Ferry, Bryan                             Taxi                    897
        Ferry, Bryan                         Mamouna                    1795
         Ferry, Joe                          Skallelujah                4003
          Few, The                            The Few                   7938
       Fiction Plane               Everything Will Never Be Ok          7431
             Fidel                          Cartoon Life                7918
            Fields                    Everything Last Winter            9347
            Fiendz                               Cole                   4372
      Fiery Furnaces                   Rehearsing My Choir              1730
      Fiery Furnaces                              EP                    8631
      Fiery Furnaces                         Bitter Tea                 9146
   Fiery Furnaces, The                  Gallowsbird's Park              7858
          Fifth Sun                      Moment of Truth                9072
Fifty Tons of Black terror                    Demeter                   4655
Fifty Tons of Black Terror                 My Idle Hands                5866
           Fig Dish             That's What Love Songs Often Do         2217
         Fig, Anton                           Figments                  7083
          Filibuster                        Deadly Hi-fi                6000
         Filmmaker                  An Invitation to Accident           7102
             Filter                          Short Bus                  2330
             Filter                         Amalgalmut                  6966
          Final Cut                         Atonement                   4330
             Finch                       What It Is to Burn             6561
             Fine                        Against the View               4715
         Fine China                 You Make Me Hate Music              6519
        Fine Frenzy                     One Cell in the Sea             9555
        Finger, The          We Are F**k You / Punk's Dead Let's F**k   7798
        Fingerprints                       Ralph van Raat               8460
        Fingertight                  In the Name of Progress            8109
       Fink, Orenda                        Invisible Ones               8922
       Finley Quaye               Much More Than Much Love              8202
          Finn, Neil                     Try Whistling This             4243
          Finn, Neil                      7 Worlds Collide              6428
  Fire In The Boathouse               Fire In The Boathouse             5778
  Fire In the Boathouse               Fire In The Boathouse             6038
      Fire Theft                           Fire Theft                          7879
     Fire Woman                     A Tribute to the Cult                      5364
  Fireball Ministry                    Ou Est La Rock?                         4875
  Fireball Ministry              Their Rock is Not Our Rock                    9053
        Firebug                          On the Move                           1258
       Firehose                    Mr. Machinery Operator                       815
      Firehouse                         Hold Your Fire                          592
        Fireside                       Do Not Tailgate                         2849
       Fireside                             Get Shot                           7666
       Firetrucs                        Hovercraft LP                          6629
      Firewalker                       Girls Under Glass                       4081
      Fireworks                              Lit Up                            3889
  First Contact 001                        The Opus                            7339
  First Grade Crush                 Our Time Down Here                         7110
   Fischerspooner                              #1                              7456
   Fischerspooner                           Odyssey                            8729
       Fishbone                 Chim Chim's Badass Revenge                     2856
       Fishbone               Live At the Temple Bar and More                  7360
    Fisher, Dallas                       In the Jungle                         5479
      Fisk, Steve                    999 Levels of Undo                        6064
      Fitehouse                              Open                               594
Five Deadly Venoms                         Shapeshift                          5827
 Five Iron Frenzy                  Upbeats and beatdowns                       2758
Five O'Clock Shadow                      Misfit Toys                           5930
    Five Pointe O                         Untitled                             6459
      Five-Eight                          Gasolina                             4162
      Five-Eight                         Gasolina!                             4609
         Fiver                         Here It Comes                           6630
          Fixx                               Ink                                165
         Flake                        Wild Cool Anger                          1170
     Flaming Lips          Transmissions from the Satellite Heart               969
     Flaming Lips                  Clouds Taste Metallic                       2111
     Flaming Lips             Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell                9091
     Flaming Lips                At War With the Mystics                       9199
     Flaming Lips                With the Flick of a Switch                    9430
  Flaming Lips, The           Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots                  6603
  Flaming Lips, The   The Shambolic Birth and Early Life of the Flaming Lips   7032
  Flaming Lips, The                    Yoshimi Wins                            7165
  Flaming Lips, The                      Fight Test                            7612
      Flamingos                        Plastic Jewels                          3041
  Flashlight Brown                   My Degeneration                           7563
      Flashpoint                       On the Verge                            5677
         Flaw                       Endangered Species                         8259
       Fledgling                         Fledgling                             2079
   Fleetwood Mac                     Tango in the Night                          58
   Fleetwood Mac                       Greatest Hits                            181
      Fleshtones                    More Than Skin Deep                        3609
  Fleshtones, The                 Do You Swing?              7939
        Flexie                        Takeout                 6404
         Flick                          Flick                 3556
         Flick                The Perfect Kellulight          4211
         Flick                    There You Go                4708
     Flickerstick      Welcoming Home the Astronauts          6349
         Flipp                          Flipp                 2810
       Flobots                   Fight With Tools             1304
       Floetry                        Sampler                 6887
       Floetry                         Floetic                6912
     Flood, Dora                     Welcome                  6647
      Floodgate                       Penalty                 3114
    Flores, Rosie                 After the Farm              471
    Floridis, John                   This Year                5536
    Floridis, John               Dance of Apollo              5537
    Floridis, John             Part of the Picture           8184
     Flowerhead                      Ka-Bloom                 801
     Flowerhead                 The People's Fuzz             1913
  Floyd McDaniel                  Westside Baby              10005
     Flu Thirteen                   Spin Cycle                3065
         Fluke                        Risotto                 4635
         Flunk                For Sleepyheads Only            7214
        Flunk                      Morning Star              8530
     Fluorescein           High Contrast Comedown             3662
 Fluoride Program               Roadside Flowers              9432
     Fluttreffect                 Marking Time                9235
          Fly                      Bomb Threat                3663
      Flybanger               Headtrip to Nowhere             5263
      Flyinfisch                     Flyinfisch               9948
        Flynn                      In Like Flynn             8279
          Flys                        The Flys                2016
        Foam              Big Windshield, Little Mirror       3883
      Folds, Ben                 Way to Normal                1608
      Foley, Sue                 Walk in the Sun              2963
   Folk Implosion                One Part Lullaby             4543
Folk Implosion, The       The New Folk Implosion CD           7477
  Follow For Now                 Follow For Now               391
        Fonda                   Invisible Girl, The           6016
  Fontain's Muse                   Spiral Dance               8806
     Fontanelles                         Init                 5794
     Fontanelles                        INIT                  5947
    Foo Fighters      Echoes, Silences, Patience and Grace    1278
    Foo Fighters                  In Your Honor               8911
 Fools and Horses                    Pop Filter               9211
 For Love Not Lisa                     Merge                  1065
 For Love Not Lisa        Information Superdriveway           2043
    For Squirrels                    Plymouth                 1821
             For Squirrels                                   Example                    2147
           Ford Blues Band                   In Memory of Michael Bloomfield            7154
        Ford Blues Band, The                           Another Fine Day                 7845
           Ford, Mary Lou                                   Baby Blue                   8047
             Ford, Robben                                   Tiger Walk                  3780
                Forecast                           Late Night Conversations             8847
            Foreign Islands                               Restart Now                   9394
                Foreigner                                        4                       358
             Foreman, Bill                          Chevy w/ Balding Tires              8393
             Foreskin 500                         Starbent but Superfreaked             3002
                  Forge                                        Trials                   5923
            Forgotten, The                                 Control Me                   6956
               Fort Minor                                The Rising Tide                9113
               Forty Fives                              Get It Together                 5770
              Forty-Fives                           High Life High Volume               8434
                  Fossil                                      Crumb                     1838
              Foundation                                   Foundation                   6055
         Fountains of Wayne                          Fountains of Wayne                 2945
         Fountains of Wayne                     I Want an Alien for Christmas           9909
           Four Finger Five                             Four Finger Five                1195
            Four Letter Lie                        Let Your Body Take Over              9897
         Four Shillings Short                           The Boggy Spew                  5527
           Fourth House In                                  Choice Rig                  6209
                 Fox, Bill                            Transit Byzantium                 4236
              Fox, Britney                                Boys in Heat                    47
              Fox, Britney                              Bite Down Hard                   392
               Fox, Britny                             Long Way to Live!                5766
                Fox, Kim                            Return to Planet Earth              7501
              Foxtrot Zulu                               Frozen in Time                 4804
                  Fozzy                                  Happenstance                   6764
                 Fracture                                 Proper Burial                 2168
                 Frames                                 Dance the Devil                 5956
                 Frames                                  Burn the Maps                  8645
               Frames DC                                   Fitzcarraldo                 2996
             Frames, The                                      Setlist                   8021
                Francine              28 Plastic Blue Versions of Endings Without You   7305
             Francis, Pete                                    Untold                    7728
             Francis, Pete                                    Untold                    7914
          Frank and Walters                               Grand Parade                  4229
          Frank and Walters                   Beauty Becomes More Than Life             4899
    Frank Black and the Catholics               Frank Black and the Catholics           4396
    Frank Black and the Catholics                    Show Me Your Tears                 8194
Frank Viele & The Manhattan Project                        Neon Lights                  9985
             Frankenixon                                  Frankenixon                   6914
           Frantic Flattops            Cheap Women, Cheap Booze, Cheaper Thrills        3863
                 Fratellis                               Costello Music                 1490
                 Fratellis                               Here We Stand                  9870
Fraternal Order of the All          Greetings from Planet Love           4065
      Freak Guitar                      Mattias la Eklundh               6528
   Freddy Jones Band                North Avenue Wake Up Call            2095
       Free Verse                         Access Denied                  4215
       Free Verse                           Generator                    8610
 Freedom Under X-Ray                  Freedom Under X-Ray                7815
       Freefai +8                         Metal BeAUTY                   8225
   Freelance Johnson                     The Dopestopus                  8013
     Freewheelers                       Waitin' For George               2459
       Freezer Door                          Freezer Door                1246
       Frehley, Ace                        Frehley's Comet                 26
       Frehley, Ace                        Trouble Walkin'                 62
        Freitas, Nik                   Heres Laughing at You             6858
       French Kicks                         One Time Bells               6850
        French Kiss                              Beyond                   596
           Frente!                       The Marvin Album                1633
 Frequency Modification                A Low Watt Document               5838
        Fretblanket                             Song in B                1973
        Fretblanket                              Junkfuel                1989
        Fretblanket                         into the ocean               3680
       Freund, Tom                North American Long Weekend            4558
        Frey, James                           James Frey                 6861
            Freya                            Lift the Curse              1209
            Freya                     As The Last Light Drains           8244
       Friday, Gavin                         Shag Tobacco                2408
    Friends Like These                         I Love You                7418
Friends of Dean Martinez             The Shadow of Your Smile            2128
           Frodus             And We Washed Our Weapons In the Sea       6070
            Frogs                                 StarJob                3431
            Frogs                             Bananimals                 4898
     From Ashes Rise                          Nightmares                 7937
 From Autumn to Ashes                    The Fiction We Live             7898
    From First to Last       Dear Diary, My teen angst has a bodycount   8312
         From Zero                        One Nation Under               6149
            Front                                  Front                   97
          Frontline                             Frontline                 613
     Frusciante, John                            To Clara                1860
     Frusciante, John              Shadows Collide With People           8065
       Fu Manchu                          In Search Of...                2502
       Fu Manchu                         The Action is Go                3510
       Fu Manchu                            Eatin' Dust                  4488
       Fu Manchu                          Go For It… Live!               7621
      Fudge Tunnel                          Creep Diets                   983
          Fuel                               Sunburn                     4076
         Fueled                     In the House of the Enemy            3281
         Fugees                             The Score                    2600
         Fuglees                              Indiana                    8419
      Fujiya and Miyagi               Transparent Things            1256
             Fulflej                  Wack-Ass Tuba Riff            2962
       Full Devil Jacket                   A Wax Box                4862
       Full Devil Jacket                Full Devil Jacket           6062
        Full Frequency                  Inside Madison              8421
      Full On the Mouth                      Collide                3666
     Fun Lovin' Criminals              100% Colombian               4671
     Fun Lovin' Criminals            Welcome to Poppy's             7869
     Funeral for a Friend                     Hours                 8891
          Funk Nasty                     Been So Long               8838
             F-ups                         The F-ups                8405
       Furious Seasons                 Furious Seasons              9843
            Furslide                       Adventure                5034
              Fury                       Ressurection               6827
          Fury of Five              At War With the World           4250
     Future Bible Heroes                 Eternal Youth              6737
         Future Shock                    Future Shock               3089
Future Soundtrack for America             Compilation               8366
         Futureheads                   The Futureheads              8570
           Fuzzy                         Electric Juices            2499
  G. Love and Special Sauce                 Okeh                    2184
            g/z/t                       Plastic Planet              2209
         Gabel, Jack                      Dog Star                  7842
       Gabrels, Reeves            The Sacred Squall of Now          2087
       Gabriel, Joshua          Movement No. II R For the NM        6225
        Gabriel, Peter                Shaking the Tree               293
        Gabriel, Peter                     Security                  294
        Gabriel, Peter                        So                     365
        Gabriel, Peter                        Us                     690
        Gabriel, Peter                        Up                    7050
         Gadfly, The                         LPG                    7695
        Gaffigan, Jim                  Doing My Time                8868
        Gaffney, Chris                  Mi Vida Loca                 610
        Gahan, Dave                   Paper Monsters                7652
        Gahan, Dave                  Dirty Sticky Floors            7966
        Gahan, Dave                       Hourglass                 9616
            Gaia                             Gaia                    996
         Gaines, Earl           Everything's Gonna be Alright       4758
       Gaines, Jeffrey                 Gaines, Jeffrey               611
     Galactic Cowboys                    Machine Fish               2438
       Gallon Drunk                  From the Heart of Town         898
      Galway, James                      Tango Del Fuego            4767
 Gambini, Vincent Laguardia              Sings Just for You         4420
         Gameface                            Always On              6056
        Gang Starr              Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr   4887
       Gaoutchouc                       Plays Garcia Lorca          1022
          Garbage                             Garbage               2271
             Garbage                              Version 2.0               4187
             Garbage                          Beautiful Garbage             6250
          Gargantua Soul                 The First, the Last, the Tribe     5196
           Garing, Greg                          Greg Garing                3629
             Garrison                       A Mile In Cold Water            5894
             Garrison                           The Silhouette              7765
           Garza, David                       4 Track Manifesto             3843
           Garza, David                         This Euphoria               3994
            Gas Huffer                        One Inch Masters              2098
            Gas Huffer                The inhuman ordeal of special agent   2445
          Gathering Field                      Lost in America              2906
     Gatsby's American Dream                    Why We Fight                6804
        Gaudious, Dominic                      All Hopped Up                8301
               Gaunt                        Bricks and Blackouts            4335
          Gavin DeGraw                             Chariot                  7807
             GC5, The                   Never Bet the Devil Your Head       6897
           Geard Weerd                            Demo CD                   6312
           Geary, Mark                                                      4650
            Geggy Tah                           Grand Opening               1815
            Geggy Tah                            Sacred Cow                 2640
            Gein, Gidget                 Confessions of a Spooky Kid        4917
                 Gene                             Olympia                   2030
                 Gene                   Drawn Down to the Deep End          3276
             Generations                A Punk Look At Human Rights         3386
             Generators                            Tyranny                  5660
            Generis, Sue                         Sue Generis                7188
               Genesis                         Invisible Touch                42
               Genesis                  And Then There Were Three..          231
               Genesis                                                       287
               Genesis                         We Can't Dance                395
               Geneva                              Further                  3642
           Genghis Angus                           12 Days                  4742
        Genocide Superstars                           III                   7437
George Thorogood and the Destroyers                Haircut                  1703
         Geraldine Fibbers                          Butch                   4056
          Gergiev Festival                  Gergiev Festival Live           1129
           Germaine, Lisa                        Happiness                  1654
           Germak, Andy               Anybody Ever Really Know Anyone?      8411
           Germano, Lisa                             Geek                   1738
           Germano, Lisa                 Excerpts from a Love Circus        2932
           Germano, Lisa                    Lullaby for Liquid Pig          7568
   Gerrard, Lisa and Pieter Bourke                  Duality                 4172
            Get Me High                   Taming the Underground            4390
             Get Up Kids                       Red Letter Day               4963
          Getaway People                    She Gave Me Love +2             1167
          Getaway People                     She Gave Me Love               3685
          Getaway People                      Getaway People                3966
      Getaway People                      Tracks from the Turnpike                5399
         Ghandarvas                           Sold for a Smile                    4074
         Ghodsonic                               Piss Hooker                      3958
    Ghost in the Machine                        Repo Session                      8951
         Giant Drag                         Hearts and Unicorns                   8954
Gibbons, Beth and Rustin Man                   Out of Season                      7819
      Gibson, Debbie                           Electric Youth                      40
         Gigantaur                                   e.p.                         2443
          Gigantor                          Back to the Rockets                   6288
       Gigolo Aunts                          Learn to Play Guitar                 2724
           Giles                                 Giles                            8782
       Gilmour, David                    Remember That Night- Live                1159
       Gin Blossoms                                 New                           1525
       Gin Blossoms                       Congratulations I'm Sorry               2421
     Ginger Baker Trio                      Falling Off the Roof                  3094
          Gingersol                                Eastern                        8046
       Ginsberg, Allen                    The Ballad of Skeletons                 4632
          Gipsyland                           Viva La Musica                      6123
          Girl Friday                             Swimmer                         8647
     Girls Against Boys                         Freak on ICA                      4239
     Girls Against Boys             You Can't Fight What You Can't See            6845
    Girls Guns and Glory                    Inverted Valentine                    1146
     Give Up the Ghost              We're Down Til We're Underground              7872
        Glad Hands                                La Di Da                        2743
          Gladshot                                 Stand                          8073
   Glasgow Underground                      Explorations in Chill                 6847
         Glass Jaw             Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence        5659
        Glass, Philip                       Kundun Soundtrack                     4368
         Glasseater                             Glasseater                        6651
         Glasseater            Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down   7680
           Glasses                               The Glasses                      8443
    Glaubitz, Eric Band                  Mystic Chords of Memory                  6235
         Glee Club                                   Mine                         1463
      Glennie, Evelyn                   Shadow Behind the Iron Sun                6096
       Glitter Mini 9                         Kiss the Liberator                  6664
         Glitterbox                           Tied and Tangled                    3789
       Gloeckner, Jen                            Miles Away                       8179
       Glover, Corey                            Corey Glover                      4066
       Glover, Corey                                Hymns                         5571
          Gluecifer                             Get the Horn                      5218
           Glueleg                              Heroic Doses                      2222
      Gluey Brothers                         Stiff for the Elders                 5355
       Gnarls Barkley                           St. Elsewhere                     1219
             Go                                Whatcha Doin'                      4930
       Go Jimmy Go                               Soul Arrival                     6895
        Go Robot Go                       Wait 3 Days, Then Attack                6129
        Goatwhore                       The Eclipse of Ages Into Black            6080
       Gob                  World According to Gob          5295
       Gob                  Foot in Mouth Disease           8245
   Go-Betweens                   Oceans Apart               8830
  God Awfuls, The           Next Stop Armageddon            8107
  God Dethroned               The Grand Grimoire            3896
  God Dethroned                    Ravenous                 6153
  God Dethroned              Into the Lungs of Hell         7489
   God Head Silo              Skyward in Triumph            2550
God Lives Underwater                  Empty                 2022
God Lives Underwater     Life in the So-called Space Age    3981
God Lives Underwater          God Lives Underwater          4729
  God Street Wine                     Red                   2539
  God Street Wine                Advance Music              3655
      Godflesh                        Hymns                 6273
      Godhead              2000 Years of Human Error        6047
      Godhead                        evolver                7855
    Godheadsilo                 Share the Fantasy           3580
     Godmoney                       Godmoney                3808
      Godrays             Well Composed Death Notice        3829
     God's Child                    Everybody               1987
     Godsmack                        Faceless               1311
      Godstak                        Sleeper                1424
   Gogol Bordello          Multi Kontra Culti Vs. Irony     7031
       Go-Gos                God Bless the Go-Gos           5473
    Gold Chains               Young Miss America            7976
  Golden Shoulders              Let My Burden Be            7343
   Golden Ticket                 Imaginary Stars            5523
     Goldfinger                     selftitled              2548
     Goldfinger                  Open Your Eyes             6862
     Goldfrapp                      Black Cherry            7994
       Goldie                         Timeless              2277
 Goldie Lookin Chain         Straight Outta Newport         8869
        Goldo               To All the Loveley Ladies       3817
      Goldspot                 Tally of the Yes Men         9051
  Goldstein, Teddy                  The Love Lot            7087
       Gomez                         Bring It On            4603
       Gomez           Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline   5113
       Gomez                   Split the Difference         8311
  Gone Out Gone             Songs for the Panopticon        7781
      Gonemad                         Planet 9              4495
   Gonzalez, Jose                  In Our nature            9499
   Gonzalez, Rob                     Somehow                6291
   Goo Goo Dolls                A Boy Named Goo             2096
   Good Charlotte         The Young and the Hopeless        1142
   Good Charlotte                    College EP             7011
    Good For You                     Falling Out            6471
    Good for You           Neurotic Showering Habits        7829
     Good North, The                     Life Outside Our Walls             8305
      Good Riddance                   Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit          5404
Good the Bad and the Queen          The Good the Bad and the Queen           1257
      Goodbye harry                            I Can Smoke                   3026
  Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie                 Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie                185
        Goodness                                self titled                  2677
    Goodnight Sunrise                     Close and Counting                 1287
     Goodrow, Evan                              Gettup                       6756
      Goodwill, The                       That Was a Moment                  7428
         Goops                                   Lucky                       2406
       Gooseflesh                          Chemical Garden                   4865
         Goran                                Any Day Now                   8277
        Gordon                                  Gordon                       6015
      Gordon, Nina                   Tonight and the Rest of My Life         5597
     Gore, Martin L.                          Counterfeit2                  8248
        Gorillaz                              Demon Days                     8897
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci                         self titled                  2696
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci                           Brarfundle                 4170
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci                   Spanish Dance Troupe               5062
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci        How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart    6110
  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci                         Sleep/Holiday               8127
           Gossip                             Live in Liverpool              1731
       Goth, Agnus                                   Blind                   3410
         Gotohells                        Rock and Roll America              5475
          Gourds                               Stadium Blitzer               4044
          Gourds                            Blood of the Ram                8531
        Gov't Mule                                   Dose                    4294
        Gov't Mule                         Life Before Insanity              5174
        Gov't Mule                              Deja Voodoo                 8473
          Grade 8                                  Grade 8                   7474
         Graduates                           Up in Downtown                  4740
       Graffiti Thrill                           Graffiti Thrill            10020
        Graffix 420                               Graffix 420                6098
        Grand Drive                              Grand Drive                 7539
     Grand National                     Kicking the National Habit           9130
       Grand Royal                            Mixed Drink #2                 2068
        Grandaddy                      Through a Frosty Plate Glass          5581
        Grandaddy                                  Sumday                   7968
        Grandaddy                                  Sampler                   8674
     Grandevolution                          If You Only Knew                9280
       Grandpaboy                         Soundproof Monolyth                4104
Granelli and Mr. Lucky, J.A.                      El oh el ay                7047
     Granfalook Bus                         A Love Restrained                740
          Granian                         On My Own Two Feet                8485
      Grannies, The                          Taste the Walker                6617
    Grant Lee Buffalo                       Mighty Joe Moon                  1758
    Grant Lee Buffalo                         Copperopolis                   2719
        grasshopper dreams                                Elephant Takeover                               8282
               Grassy                                        Got It made                                  5308
            Grassy Knoll                                     Grassy Knoll                                 3965
              Grateful                                    Dead Fucking Last                               3256
           Grateful Dead                                     Built to Last                                 180
           Grateful Dead                                      In the Dark                                  527
           Grateful Dead                                   American Beauty                                 667
           Grateful Dead                                Skeletons in the Closet                            710
           Grateful Dead                 What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best of the GD- Disc 1   1610
           Grateful Dead                 What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: The Best of the GD- Disc 2   1611
               Grates                                Gravity Won't Get You High                           9276
             Gratitude                                      You're Invited                                8512
             Gratitude                                         Gratitude                                  8740
            Grave Digger                                       Excalibur                                  6081
            Gravel Bone                                    Thunder Gospel                                 5729
             Gravel pit                             History:Mission and Tradition                         3764
           Gravelle, Tim                                     Tim Gravelle                                 6704
       Graves Brothers Deluxe                               Filter Feeders                                7828
       Graves Brothers Deluxe                                    Light                                    8795
            Graves, Ben                                        Memphis                                    6761
           Graves, Jason                                    Jason Graves                                  5815
          Graveyard Train                                  Graveyard Train                                 853
            Gravity Burn                                   Weight and Sea                                 9893
            Gravity Kills                                       Selftitled                                2448
            Gravity's Pull                                Radio Station Wagon                             2538
             Gray, David                               A New Day at Midnight                              7248
             Gray, David                                 Life in Slow Motion                              9013
                Graze                                          Iowa Anvil                                 8413
            Great Bandini                                   Great Bandini                                 1105
            Great Beyond                                    Great Beyond                                  4854
           Great Kat, The                                   Wagner's War                                  7099
             Great Lakes                                The Distance Between                              6981
           Great Northern                            Trading Twilight for Daylight                        9632
Green Apple quick step wonderful virus                      Medicine Label                                1013
       Green Apple Quickstop                                    Reloaded                                  2032
           Green Crossing                                       Blindfold                                 7183
             Green Day                                      American Idiot                                1135
             Green Day                                             Dookie                                 1519
             Green Day                                           Warning                                  5120
             Green Day                                         Shenanigans                                7212
            Green Inside                                     Left at the Prom                             8715
             Green Jelly                                        Green Jelly                               1725
         Green Rode Shotgun                                        Bang                                   7475
            Green Velvet                                      Green Velvet                                5375
            Green, Adam                                           Garfield                                7117
            Green, Adam                                      Friends of Mine                              7702
            Green, Adam                                         Gemstones                                 8683
            Green, Adam                         Jacket Full of Danger           9289
               Green, Al                            In Good Hands               2272
               Green, Al                            Everything's OK             8745
          Greenberry Woods                       Greenberry Woods               1469
          Greenberry Woods                          Big Money Item              4351
            Greene, Jesse                               Blue Sky               7671
           Greenland, John                             Soft Robot               371
                Greens                              Broken Science              953
         Greenwood, Johnny                             Bodysong                8084
Greg Ginn and the Taylor TX Corrugators            Goof Off Experts             1194
      Greg Merritt's Heavy Road                  Everything Changed            10028
 Gregg Young and the 2nd Street band           A Band for All Reasons           5361
               Gresham                         It's Always Been There           7459
                Greta                                This is Greta!             2007
                Greta                                   No Biting               2299
              Grey Area                          Fan8elt and Al9e8ra            5883
                 Grief                          Miserably Ever After            3194
            Griesar, Peter                            Superfastgo               7317
             Griffin, Patti                       Living with Ghosts            2654
             Griffin, Patti                          Flaming Red                4458
            Griffith, Nanci                    Late Night Grande Hotel          268
            Griffith, Nanci                  Blue Roses from the Moons          3298
            Griffith, Nanci                    A Trip Back to Beautiful         4202
               Grifters                           Ain't My Lookout             2427
  Grimes and the Broken Strings, Jeff     Jeff Grimes and the Broken Strings   7129
                Grind                                Kittymuzzle               2456
               Gringo                                  Gringo                  2101
              Grinspoon                                 Live                   4422
            Grogan, Emily                              At Sea                  1678
            Grogan, Emily                                Io                    8940
           Groop Dogdrill                           Half Nelson                4589
          Groove Collective                         UNKNOWN                    404
          Groove Collective                           Sampler                  1571
          Groove Ghoulies                         Fun in the Dark              4815
         Groove Phatties Trio                   The Deep Sea Project           4802
             Groovenics                              Groovenics                5407
             Grooverider                          Prototype Years              3507
             Grooverider                         Mysteries of Funk             4552
               Grotus                                 Handjob                  2175
                Grotus                                  Mass                   2484
            Groundhouse                      Tales From the Granite City       6888
            Groundswell                                 Corrode                4756
            Gryner, Emm                                  Public                4688
                Gryp                                Left Behind EP             6107
          Guadalcanal Diary                             Flip Flop               23
              Guardian                               Fire and Love             728
             Guess Who                               Greatest Hits              55
     Guest                     Entrance                 6833
Guided by Voices            Do the Collapse             5029
Guided By Voices            Isolation Drills            5324
      Guilt               Bardstown Ugly Box            2214
  Guitar Shorty             We the People               1217
  Guitar Shorty             Roll Over, Baby             4762
  Guitar Shorty            Watch Your Back              8253
  Guitar Shorty              Bare Knuckle               9930
 Gulde, Caroline              Best of Me                8649
      Gun                        Gallus                 1497
  Gunn, Russell          Ethnomusicology Vol 1          4926
  Guru Mother                  Opus III                 1667
     Gus                       Self Titled              2655
    Gusgus                    Polydisortion             2726
      Gusgus                  This is Normal            5150
      Guster                      Goldfly               3270
      Guster                Keep It Together            7646
      Guster                       Guster               8228
      Guster             Ganging Up on the Sun          9262
Guy Forsyth Band                Needlegun               2967
      Guyve         Baltash, Panache, & Flying Colors   5781
      GWAR                       Ragnarok               2248
       Gwar                 Carnival of Chaos           2734
       Gwar                We Kill Everything           4505
    Gwenmars                 Driving a Million          5314
Gym Class Heroes       As Cruel as School Children      9346
      Gymo                       Florida EP             4827
        Gza           Legend of the Liquid Swords       7362
       H2O                     All We Want              1700
       H2O                           Go                 5382
      Haale            The Wide-eyed Seamstress         6257
    Hadeskick                       Ate                 4996
Hagan, Chadwick                Ottley Road              8800
 Haggard, Merle              Roots Volume 1             6308
 Haimovitz, Matt                 Goulash!               9011
        Hal                         Hal                 8841
  Half Acre Day               Half Acre Day             8693
      Halifax             A Writer's Reference          8642
   Hall, Kristen               Hall, Kristen             964
   Hall, Kristen     Be Careful What You Wish For       1694
     Hall, Lisa                Is This Real?            4450
  Halle, Meghan                 12th and A              1763
Halloween, Alaska          Halloween, Alaska            8030
       Halo                         Halo                 718
     Halo Bit                     Gravity               3361
    Halo Effect                    Waves                6139
  Halstead, Neil         Sleeping on the Roads          6363
          Hamel on Trial                  The Chord is Mightier than the Sword          2819
          Hamell On Trial                               Big as Life                     2487
          Hamell on Trial                                Tough Love                     7814
          Hamell on Trial                  Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs            9266
         Hammell on Trial                                 Big as Life                   1962
           Hammer Fall                                 Legacy of Kings                  6013
           Hammerbrain                                     Blanche                      5984
             Hammock                                       Kenotic                      8680
          Hammond, John                               Found True Love                   2398
          Hammond, John                              Long As I Have You                 4109
          Hammond, John                                  Wicked Grin                    5764
  Handsome Boy Modeling School                  So How's Your Girl (Clean)              4849
  Handsome Boy Modeling School        The Fall Collection for the Discerning Listener   8516
  Handsome Boy Modeling School                          White People                    8589
              Hangnail                           Ten Days Before Summer                 4863
         Hanzel and Gretyl                               Ausgeflippt                    2289
         Hanzel and Gretyl                      Transmissions from Uranus               3593
         Hanzel and Gretyl                      Transmissions from Uranus               4614
              Happies                             If We Were Really Here                9187
           Happies, The                               Meet the Happies                  8266
       Happiness Factor, The                         Self-Improvement?                  6329
        Har Mar Superstar                             You Can Feel Me                   7232
        Har Mar Superstar                                The Handler                    8416
           Harcourt, Ed                                  Beautiful Lie                  9856
               Hard Fi                                Cash Machine EP                   8920
              Hard-Fi                                    Stars of City                  9165
       Harding, John Wesley                       It Happened One Night                  751
       Harding, John Wesley                       Pett levels- Summer EP                 973
           Hardson, Tre                                   Liberation                    7166
          Hardy, Hagood                                Walk With Me                      910
Harp Concertos From the Netherlands                        Classics                     6619
            Harper, Ben                            Both Sides of the Gun                9228
            Harper, Clay                                East of Easter                  3409
           Harris, Corey                         Greens from the Garden                 4821
           Harris, David                               Wasting English                  5585
         Harrison, George                               Brainwashed                     7233
          Harry, Deborah                                 Debravation                     974
           Harsh Krieger                                Harsh Krieger                   8692
             Harthouse                      the point of no return chapter 1            1388
            Harvester                              The Northstate e.p.                  2436
             Harvette                                   Harvette                        6387
          Harvey Danger                            King James Version                   5119
           Harvey, Mick                            One Man's Treasure                   9050
            Harvey, PJ                                 Uh Huh Her                       1749
               Hash                                       Hash                          1508
          Haslinger, Paul                       The World Without Rules                 2995
          Hate Machine                             Destination…2KH8                     4896
                   Hatebreed                                   Rise of Brutality               1166
                   Hatebreed                        Satisfaction is the Death of Desire        3574
                   Hatebreed                                    Perserverance                  6501
                   Hatebreed                                      Supremacy                    9259
                      Hater                                           Hater                    1034
                     Hatters                                Live Thunderchicken                1066
                     Hatters                  The Madcap Adventures of the Avocado Overlords   1599
               Haunted Garage                                  Possession Park                  152
                  Haven, Will                                       El Diablo                  3542
                Havnevik, Kate                                    Melankton                    9382
                 Hawkey, Chris                             Minutes to Memories                 6810
                Hawley, Richard                                  Coles Corner                  8959
                Hawley, Richard                                  Lady's Bridge                 9615
             Hawthorne Heights                          Silence in Black and White             9033
             Hawthorne Heights                           If Only You Were Lonely               9223
                    Hayden                                     Moving Careful                  3294
                    Hayden                               Skyscraper National Park              6544
                   Haydn, Lili                                         Lili                    3558
Hayes, Charles- and Cosmopolitan Church Choir                    Chapter One                   1279
                  Hayes, Isaac                                      Branded                    2305
                Haymarket Riot                                         Mog                     8267
                Haynes, Warren                     Benefit Concert Choice Cuts Vol. 8           446
                Haynes, Warren                                Live at Bonnaroo                 1098
                 Hayward, Nick                                  The Apple Bed                  4665
                   Haywood                                  Men Call Him Mister                4929
                 Hazard, Blake                                  Little Airplane                6902
                  Hazen Street                                   Hazen Street                  8420
                   H-Block X                                        Fly Eyes                   5614
               Head Automatica                                    Decadence                    8361
                   Headcrash                                     Clean Stains                  2909
                    Headflap                                      First Fifteen                9922
                   Headrillaz                                Coldharbour Rocks                 4194
                     Heads                                  No talking Just Head               2988
                  Headstrong                                    Swing Harder                   6852
                      Heart                                          Brigade                    405
                      Heart                                Rock the House Live!                 604
              Heartseekers, The                                   In Praise Of                 7947
                    Heatbox                                    Entertainment                   1173
                   Heatmiser                                    Mic City Sons                  3019
                 Heaton, Anne                                     Blazing Red                  1727
                 Heaton, Anne                                  Black Notebook                  6993
                  Heavils, The                                    The Heavils                  7488
                Heavy Bones                                    Heavy Bones                     1498
            Heavy D. and the Boyz                            Peaceful Journey                   603
                Heavy Trash                                    Heavy Trash                     8770
            Heavy Water Factory                               Author of Pain                   2818
               Hector on Stilts                            Same Height Relation                9176
               Hed (PE)                              Blackout                 7554
           Hedges, Michail                   The Road to Return               1720
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch            Hedwig and the Angry Inch            4498
                Hefner                      Breaking God's Heart              4697
                Hefner                         The Fidelity Wars              4784
                Hefner                         We Love the City               5587
                Hefner                           Boxing Hefner                5658
                Hefner                             Dead Media                 6388
        Helio Sequence, The                     Young Effectuals              6232
             Hellacopters                         Grande Rock                 4791
             Hellacopters                        Payin The Dues               5985
             Hellacopters                    By the Grace of God              8546
             Hellacopters                   Rock and Roll is Dead             9126
           Heller, Andrew                     Christmas Wonder                1091
              Hellspawn                         Lords of Eternity             5697
                 Helms                              McCarthy                  7201
                  Help                                 Help                   2172
                Helper                             Supercatchy                3806
                 Hem                               Eveningland                8545
Hen House Studios Anthology 4 2004                 Compilation                8611
            Hendrix, Jimi                          Kiss the Sky                 52
            Hendrix, Jimi                    Are You Exerienced?                60
   Henhouse Studio Anthology 3                     Compilation                7996
              Henry, Joe                           Tiny Voices                7836
              Henry, Tin                             Twisted                  6710
       Her Majesty the Baby                 Her Majesty the Baby              3064
         Her Space Holiday              The Past Presents the Future          8956
           Hermann, John                       Elephant Country               4446
               Heroine                         From First to Last             9175
           Heros Severum                  Wonderful Educated Bear             7034
            Hersh, Kristin                        Kristin Hersh               1457
            Hersh, Kristin                       Under the Gun                1666
                Hesher                                Hesher                  5561
            Heston, Chevy              Forever Is the Same Thing Again        4248
               Het Trio              Classical- Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano    839
                 Hewit                            Piecemeal EP                1319
               Hey Zeus                             Hey Zeus                  1037
                hHead                                  Jerk                   1961
             Hi Fathoms                                Deep                   3121
     Hi Fi and the Roadburners              Wine Women and Sin                3070
              Hi Fi Killers                          Jamaica                  4648
             Hi Standard                            Angry Fist                4364
              Hiatt, John                   Perfectly Good Guitar             1012
             Hicks, Dylan                         Poughkeepsie                4561
             Hicks, Dylan                    Alive With Pleasure              6353
       Hidden Cameras, The                  The Smell of Our Own              7999
       Hidden Cameras, The                   Mississauga Goddam               8571
Hidden in Plain View               Life in Dreaming                 8690
High Canadiens, The             Empty Chairs; Festivity             6763
     High Ceiling                       Illusions                   1117
    High Fidelity                   Demonstration                   6542
    High Llamas        Restrospective Rarities and Instrumentals   7997
    High On Fire               The Art Of Self Defense              6060
 High Water Marks              Songs About the Ocean               8471
   Highly Suspect                 The Gang Lion E.P.               10056
     Hille, Veda                          Spine                     4062
 Himmelman, Peter               Flown This Acid World               660
     Hip Tanaka             The Sky is Smaller Than the Sea         5662
     Hiper Lopro               How to Track a Tornado               5147
       Hippos                   Heads Are Gonna Roll                4544
  His Name is Alice                Mouth by Mouth                   893
 His Name is Alive                  Stars on E.S.P.                 2698
     Hiss, The                    Panic Movement                   8049
      Hit Me                     Greatest Hits Vol. 17              2400
 Hitchcock, Robyn                    Moss Elixer                    2687
       Hives                   Black and White Album                9380
      Hoarse                          Self Titled                   3413
      Hoarse                       Happens Twice                    3777
   Hockey Night                      Rad Zapping                    7430
   Hoder, Kate           The Pleasure to Remain So Heartless       8607
Hoen, Sean Madigan                The Atavan Tapes                  6019
 Hoffman, Lauren                  The Chemist Said                  3347
        Hog                        Nothing Sacred                  2529
    Hoge, Will                Blackbird on a Lonely Wire           7500
   Holbrook, Lily             Everything Was Beautiful…            8650
       Hole                         Celebrity Skin                 4477
    Hole, Davi                    Outside Looking In               5510
   Holiday, Billie             Essence of Billie Holiday           1535
   Holland, Julie               Springtime Can Kill You            9237
  Holland, Shayne                    Unconditional                 8325
       Holler                           Holler                     6365
  Holleycarbines                Glide Down Over Earth              7704
   Hollis Brown                      Hollis Brown                  1223
       Hollow                     Modern Cathedral                 4266
   Hollowbodies                         Lame                       2581
Hollywood Superstars                  Let It Shine                 6818
     Holman, Bob                In With the Out Crowd              3995
  Holmes Brothers                   State of Grace                 1318
Holmes Brothers, The                 Simple Truths                 8032
    Holmes, David                   Let's Get Killed               3529
    Holmes, Josh                    A Table 4 One                  8011
 Holy Roman Empire                       Egress                    9554
    Home Grown                       Act Your Age                  4220
  Home Team, The                    Time and Place                 6936
          Home Town Hero                         Home Town Hero                6725
            Homer Erotic                       Homerica the Beautiful          4747
         Homesick for Space                     Homesick for Space             8182
            Homo Iratus                      Human Consumes Human              1339
            Honey Dogs                             Seen a Ghost                3761
             Honeydogs                             Seen a Ghost                1165
             Honeyrods                              Self Titled                3762
            Honing, Yuri                             Play in G                 4702
            Honing, Yuri                         Two Good Moods                7757
           Honorary Title                   Scream and Light Up the Sky        9569
               Hooch                             Maximum Shindig               2201
           Hoodoo Gurus                               Crank                    1794
           Hoodoo Gurus                              Blue Cave                 2666
                Hoods                                Pray for Death            8299
          Hooker, John Lee                              Chill Out              1912
             Hoop, Jesca                                  Kismet               9391
            Hoops, Drazy                              Into the Red             1329
               Hoosiers                             The Trick to Life          1534
       Hootie and the Blowfish                    Cracked Rear View            1791
            Hooverphonic                A new stereophonic sound spectacular   3321
          Hoover's G-String                                Crack               6776
          Hope Conspiracy                               Cold Blue              5246
        Hope Conspiracy, The                             Endnote               7069
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions            Bavarian Fruit Bread          6212
              Hopewell                        And the Birds of Appetite        8883
            Horn, Eliphas                             Eliphas Horn             7215
             Horse Flies                               Human Fly                125
             Horse Flies                             Gravity Dance              164
            Hot Hot Heat                                 Elevator              8807
            Hot Hot Heat                             Happiness Ltd.            9508
          Hot Lava Monster                    The Way of the Dinosaur          8547
              Hot Molly                           Kung Fu Cocktail..           5413
          Hot Water Music                        A Flight and a Crash          5533
          Hot Water Music                                Caution               7063
              Hot Wire                                  Hot Wire                537
                Hotel                               Enjoy Your Stay            6284
               Hotel X                                Roots Music              3188
               Hotwire                                   Hotwire               6598
              Houdinis                     Headlines- Houdinis in New York      744
          Hound Dog Taylor                        Release the Hound            8256
            Hourly Radio                     History Will Never Hold Me        9231
           House of Freaks                           Invisible Jewel           1931
         House of Hoi Polloi                    A Million Chameleons           5818
           House of Lords                                 Sahara                140
              House, A                         Wild Eyed and Ignorant          4274
          Houston, Whitney                              Whitney                  44
             Howie Day                             The Madrigals EP            7969
      Howlin Maggie                                Hyde                 6521
        Howlin Rain                         Magnificent Fiend           1376
      Howling Diablos                            Car Wash               8844
           Hub                                     Slash                4041
     Huber, Andrew D.                             Seagull               1149
        Hudson Bell                      Captain of the Old Girls       7062
  Huey Lewis and the News                      Hand at Play             276
  Huey Lewis and the News                         Sports                283
           Hugh                             Brave Little Soldier        4124
           Hum                          You'd Prefer an Astronaut       2333
           Hum                         Downward is Heavenward           3798
       Human Drama                             14,384 Days              3974
      Human League                                Secrets               6385
     Human Television               Look At Who You're Talking To       9315
   Human Waste Project                             e-lux                3443
       Humble Gods                            Humble Gods               2203
       Humble Gods                              No Heroes               2929
Humbucker and the Hi-lotrons         If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em     4156
       Humbugs, The                            Stereo Types             6974
         Hummer                                  Premium                6155
         Humpers                        Live Forever or Die Trying      2380
         Humpers                         Plastique Valentine            2735
    Hundred Year Flood                         Poison                   1324
    Hundred Year Flood                         Cavalier                 8985
          Hunger                        Devil Thumbs A Ride             2541
           Hunger                        Cinematic Superthug             4111
      Hurl Soul Bridge                   Which is Your Way?              7479
         Hurricane                         The Hurra- Clean              2309
       Hurricane #1                            Self Titled               3646
       Hurt Process                       Heartbeat Behind               9042
     Hurt Process, The                   Drive By Monologue             8074
          Husbians                          Unpopular Flips              2802
            Hush                                 Human                   2389
         Husker Du                           Metal Circus                 94
         Husker Du                          The Living End               1717
         Husker Du                        Do you remember                1718
       Husking Bee                        Put on Fresh Paint             4968
       Hut, William                       Road Star Doolittle           7922
       Hymn for Her            Lucy and Wayne and the American Stream   10050
       Hyperbubble                         Airbrushed Alibis             9371
         Hyperions                                Howl                   3367
              I                            Buffalo Daughter              6536
        I Lover You                           I Lover You                257
       I Mother Earth                            Dig                     1507
        I Mother Earth                     Scenery and Fish              2840
     I See Hawks in L.A.                  California Country             9190
            I.C.U.                         O No No O Zone                2314
        I.D.K.              To Do What Must Be Done          1286
  Icarus Line, The                      Mono                 6304
          Ice                         Bad Blood              4844
       Idaho                             Alas                4464
       Idaho                        Hearts of Palm           5198
       Idaho          We Were Young and Needed the Money     7088
          Ide               Apologies for Spilling Paint     9227
     Idiot Pilot          Strange We Should Meet Here        8829
     Idiot Pilot      Remixes from Strange We Should Meet…   9067
     Idiot Pilot             Cruel World Enterprises         9403
         IDK                    Til Death Do Us Part         4426
      Idlewild                   Hope is Important           5768
      Idlewild                     Scottish Fiction          7381
      Idlewild                    The Remote Part            7536
      Idlewild                  Warnings- Promises           8893
      Idlewild                 Make Another World            9343
     Idol, Billy                      Vital Idol             122
     Idol, Billy                    Charmed Life             217
     Iggy Pop                 Naughty Litlle Doggie          2479
        Iggy Pop                      Best of                3048
        Iggy Pop                    Avenue B                 5398
        Iggy Pop                    Skull Ring               8120
          Ignite                Past Our Means               2913
         Iguanas                Nuevo Boogaloo               1882
      Iha, James               Let It Come Down              3967
           II Big            Sound of the Highway            6280
      II Far Gone              Domestic Damage               9116
  Ill Gotten Gainz               Shadows Rise                7577
  Ill Gotten Gainz                The Pet Goat               8821
           Ill Lit                 WACMusic                  7066
         Ill Nino                  Revolucion                5696
      Ima Robot                    Ima Robot                 7642
      Ima Robot                      Alive EP                8103
      Ima Robot             Monument to the Masses           9321
 Imbruglia, Natalie            Left of the Middle            3991
 Immaculate Fools            Another Man's World              70
Immortal Technique               The 3rd World               1084
   Imperial Drag                    Selftitled               2603
   Imperial Teen                    Seasick                  2612
     Impossibles                      Return                 5609
  Impossibles, The              4 Song Brick Bomb            6262
Impotent Sea Snakes            Everything in Excess          5503
    Impulse Ride                 Corn Dog Money              6066
    In Cold Blood                  Hell on Earth             4306
       In Flames                      Trigger                7764
  In Flight Program                 Collection               3143
      In Pictures                   In Pictures              1323
       In Reverent Fear                     Written in the a.m.              8300
           Incredibad                        The Lonely Island               1283
    Incredible Moses Leroy                 Electrc Pocket Radio              5450
 Incredible Moses Leroy, The             become the Soft.Lightes             8149
           Indecision                        Release the Cure                4983
           Index Case                               Glass                    6527
          Indian Lion                           Undercover                   1997
            indibious                           cosmic seed                  9935
          Indigo Girls                        Rites of Passage                567
          Indigo Girls                        Swamp Ophelia                  1949
         Indigo Girls                       Shaming of the Sun               2744
          Indigo Girls                               Go                      5185
          Indigo Girls                          Become You                   6520
          Indigo Girls                         Peace Tonight                 9425
         Indigo Spirit                          Indigo Spirit                5986
        Industrial War           The Agony and Ecstacy of Industrial Music   3515
        Inflatablemen                     Machine Age Romance                6077
         Information                       Mistakes We Knew…                 8678
    Ingenious Diversions                  A Low Watt Document                6334
         Ingram, Jack                          Livin' or Dyin'               3366
             Injected                             Injected                   6332
             Injected                           Burn It Black                6419
               INKS                      Full Moon, Dirty Hearts             1396
             Innaway                              Innaway                    8934
    Innerzone Orchestra                        Programmed                    5158
     Innocence Mission                  Birds of my Neighborhood             5933
            Inqbator                              Hatched                    4008
        Insanity Wave                          Do the Worm                   4051
              Insects                  Return to the Foreign Legion          4951
           Inside Rail                           Cubic Feet                  3827
              Insides                             Euphoria                   1406
            Insomnia                                Miggs                    8802
          Inspecter 7                          The Infamous                  4073
       Inspiral Carpets                        Devil Hopping                 1873
       Inspiral Carpets                           Saturn 5                   1967
      Instruments, The                   Billions of Phonographs             7128
            Insulated                               Fence                    3784
             Integrity                       Systems Overload                2011
          Integrity                        Humanity is the Devil             2480
            Integrity                   Seasons in the Size of Days          4346
            Integrity                               2000                     4524
International Noise Conspiracy                  Armed Love                   9012
    International Playboys         The Last of the International Playboys    4457
          Internecine                       The Book of Lambs                1357
            Interpol                        Our Love to Admire               9362
         Into Another                             Seemless                   2010
        Into Another                              T.A.I.L.                   2545
        Intro5pect                     Intro5pect               7588
         Inviolate                  The Meditations             6127
          Invisible                    Drug Test 2              3621
   Invisible Downtown               The Safest Place            7192
        Inward Eye                          EP                  1203
            INXS                             X                  154
            INXS                    Elegantly Wasted            3259
           Iommi                         Iommi                  5192
         Irie Time                       Live Up                6855
      Iron and Wine            The Creek Drank The Cradle       6995
      Iron Butterfly             IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA             309
       Iron Maiden                   Lord of the Flies          2425
        Iron Maiden                         Virtual             4295
        Iron Maiden             A Matter of Life and Death      9265
       Iron Monkey                      Our Problem             5946
         Iron Savior                  Condition Red             6788
           Ironboss                  Hung Like Horses           7637
          Irons, Jack              Attention Dimension          8519
         Isaak, Chris               San Francisco Days           905
              Isabel                        Unrest               933
       Isabelle Haze                          Live              5936
             Isidore                        Isidore             8564
            Isle of Q                      isle of Q            5541
            Isle of Q                      Isle of Q            5914
                Ism             Journey Down Your Drain         3390
           Israelites              Jamaican Celebration         1340
               Itals                   Easy to Catch             221
          It's Casual                      Buicregl             7332
               Ivet                       Sickhouse             4988
                Ivy                   Apartment Life            3490
              iZLER                          iZLER              8602
   J Mascis and the Fog                  More Light             5102
       J Project, The              Delusion of Grandeur         8038
        J. Geils Band               Best of J. Geils Band        524
        J. Geils Band                Anthology Disc 1           1729
        J. Geils band                Anthology Disc 2           1845
J.A. Granelli and Mr. Lucky                Gigantic             7597
          Jacaranda                 Falling for Bad Girls       8689
             Jacinta          Can't Keep It a Secret- Remixes   9363
           Jack                    Pioneer Soundtracks          2702
        Jack Drag                       Dope Box                4323
     Jackie on Acid                       Moink!                2578
       Jackopierce               Bringing on the Weather        1624
       Jackopierce                      Finest Hour             2827
         Jackpot                       Shiny Things             6962
    Jack's Mannequin               Everything in Transit        8894
   Jackson Pollack Five             Humble Yourselves           4174
           Jackson, Alan                      Here In The Real World               342
           Jackson, Alan              A Lot About Livin' and a Little About Love   804
            Jackson, Joe                             Night Music                   1864
            Jacky Paper                              Jacky Paper                   5765
              Jackyl                                    Jackyl                     1488
              Jackyl                          Night of the Living Dead             2495
               Jackyl                              Cut the Crap                     3865
               Jackyl                           Locked and Loaded                   4130
                Jact                                   Jact                         4874
           Jagger, Mick                          Wandering Spirit                   890
            Jahn, Sarah                               Sparkle                       3819
                 Jai                                  Heaven                        4195
              Jai Uttal                            Shiva Station                    4599
         Jak, Christopher                       Applause of the Rain               7878
Jake Brennan & the Confidence Men                 Love & Bombs                     8490
               Jale                                  So Wound                       2679
                Jambang                              Connecting                     1512
                  James                                 Seven                       584
                  James                               Whiplash                      4638
            James Cotton                                Giant                      10026
        James, Mark Aaron                  Adventures with a Plastic Bag            6650
              Jamiroquai                    Traveling without Moving                3492
              Jamiroquai                            Canned Heat                     4833
                    Jan                           The Early Years                   6646
                  Janah                     World That Surrounds You                6392
               Jane Child                         Here Not There                    929
   Jane Goodall and Dana Lyons                    Circle the World                  8896
          Jane's Addiction                              Strays                     7619
         Jannice D. White                     I Want To Sing For You                9979
             Janovitz, Bill                       Lonesome Billy                    3222
          January Voodoo                         Eyes Open Wide                    8333
           Japan For Sale                           Volume Two                      6541
       Japan For Sale vol. 4                        Compilation                    8492
              Jarreau, Al                        Heaven and Earth                   762
     Jason and the Scorchers                Clear Impetuous Morning                 4357
              Jason Dean                        Ghost Photographs                  10010
                 Jawbox                                Savory                       1461
             Jawbox                                   Jawbox                        1521
             Jawbox                                   Selftitled                    2653
             Jayhawks                        Tomorrow the Green Grass               1990
             Jayhawks                                Sound of Lies                  3250
           Jayhawks, The                       Save it For a Rainy Day              7448
           Jayhawks, The                           Rainy Day Music                  7561
            Jayne, Doug                  It Looks Like She's Going On A Trip        7580
Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgeboun                 Jazz Orchestra                  6674
          Jazz Passengers                               In Love                     1817
          Jazzyfatnastees                       The Once and Future                 4941
              JDJ Band                         Cruel Way               9878
       Jealous Sound, The              Kill Them With Kindness         8088
           Jean, Wycelf              The Ecleftic- 2 Sides II a Book   5321
           Jean, Wyclef                      Carnival Vol. II          1369
           Jean, Wyclef                                                9549
            Jeff Buckley                     Live at Sin-E             7614
         Jeff Healey Band                      Feel This                766
         Jeff Healey Band                Undercover Vol. 2             3830
         Jeff Healey Band                Undercover Vol. 1             3847
              Jeff Klein               Appetite for Dysfunction        9995
                 Jem                        Finally Woken              8152
                Jenai                       Cool Me Down               6923
       Jenifer Convertible                   Wanna Drag                4180
       Jennifer Tefft Band               B Sides to Nothing            4566
          Jennings Radio                  In Everything I Do           5893
        Jennings, Shooter                   Electric Rodeo             9196
           Jensen, Jane                  Comic Book Whore              3204
       Jerico of the Angels                  Into Infinity             2225
             Jerkwater                    Love and Latitude            5563
             Jerky Boys                       Jerky Boys               3631
            Jerricho                           Happycat                2591
Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons         Mouthful of Copper            7880
              Jeryzonk                         Jeryzonk                4223
 Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos           The Secret Sun             7986
       Jesus and Mary Chain                 Honey's Dead                672
       Jesus and Mary Chain             stoned and dethroned           1780
       Jesus and Mary Chain                   Automatic                1956
       Jesus and Mary Chain                Hate Rock 'n Roll           2071
Jesus H Christ and the 4 Hornsmen         Happier Than You             1325
            Jesus Jones                         Doubt                   173
            Jesus Jones                        Perverse                 856
          Jesus Lizard                            Shot                 2587
           Jesus Lizard                            Blue                3960
            Jet by Day                           Cascadia              7857
            Jethro Tull                         Aqualung                265
            Jethro Tull             25th Anniversary Box Set- Disc 1    920
            Jethro Tull             25th Anniversary Box Set- Disc 2    921
            Jethro Tull             25th Anniversary Box Set- Disc 3    922
            Jethro Tull             25th Anniversary Box Set- Disc 4    923
             Jett, Joan               Fit to Be Tied- Greatest Hits    3894
                Jewel                Goodbye Alice in Wonderland       9285
                Jewel                   Joy: A Holiday Collection      9914
           Jigsaw Seen                            Zenith               5197
              JilFlirter                        Live Again             3359
     Jimmie's Chicken Snack              Pushing the Salmanilla        3399
  Jimmy Chamberlain Complex                 Life Begins Again          8632
        Jimmy Eat World                 Stay on My Side Tonight        9021
          Jimmy Eat World                          Chase This Light                9422
               Jinxed                            Beyond the Obvious               8523
         JJ Grey and Mofro                        Orange Blossoms                  1355
         JJ Grey and Mofro                         Country Ghetto                  9488
         JJ Grey and Mofro                        Georgia Warhorse                10007
                 JJ72                                    JJ72                      6199
          Jm Yoshi Pile Up                         It's Winter Here                5530
             Jmascis                                Martin and Me                  2642
     Joan Jett and the Blackhearts                 Pure and Simple                 1704
                Joan of Arc            How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More?    5819
                Joan of Arc             So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness     7382
          Jodi Hates the World                     A Comet Tail Life               9128
Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers                End of the Century               823
         Joe Richardson Express                 Way Beyond the Blues               5507
   Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros                       Streetcore                 7928
                 Joel, Billy                          Storm Front                   11
                 Joel, Billy                     Greatest Hits Vol. 1              280
                 Joel, Billy                     Greatest Hits Vol. 2              281
                 Joel, Billy                   Fantasies and Delusions             6189
               Joggers, The                            Solid Guild                7722
                   Johan                                  Johan                    4623
           John Brown's Body                            This Day                   5959
           John Brown's Body                     Spirits All Around Us             6734
           John Brown's Body                        Pressure Point                 8769
             John Butler Trio                             Three                    6770
             John Butler Trio                       What You Want                 8360
             John Butler Trio                      Sunrise Over Sea                8741
                 John Doe                   Forever Hasn't Happened Yet            8725
             John Evans Band                       Circling the Drain              8848
                  John M.                          Part of the Game                5564
       John Michael Hersey Band                      Soud du Jour                  9147
  John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey           Dancehall at Louse Point             2974
            John Patrick Blake              Daytime High, Overnight Low           10019
        John Scofield Band, The                       Up All Night                7602
     John Spencer Blues Explosion                  Now I Got Worry                 3014
                John, Elton                             The One                    713
     Johnny Marr and the Healers                      Boomslang                    7333
          Johnny Socko                        Oh, I do hope it's roast beef        2709
            Johnny Socko                             Johnny Socko                  7211
           Johnson, Adam                                Chigliak                  8298
         Johnson, Andreas                               Liebling                   5472
            Johnson, Eric                              Venus Isle                  2897
          Johnson, Jet Lee                                Blue                     2116
          Johnson, Mike                            Year of Mondays                2435
         Johnston, Daniel                           Fear Yourself                 7490
Johnston, Daniel and Various Artists             Discovered Covered               8579
         Johnston, Freddy                        This Perfect World               1699
              Johnston, Freedy                            Never Home                3201
              Johnston, Freedy                      Blue Days Black Nights          5906
                      Joi                    Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome Sampler      3782
                    Jolene                              In the Gloaming             3872
      Jonatha Brooke and the Story                            Plumb                 2110
            Jonathan Fire Eater                     Wolf Songs For Lambs            3637
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers                   Jonathan Sings              877
                  Jones, Brad                               Gilt-Flake              2189
                 Jones, Buck                                 Shimmer                3636
               Jones, Camero                             Jones, Camero               514
                  Jones, Jack                           New Jack Swing              3217
                  Jones, Joan                           Starlite Criminal           4320
                 Jones, Lucid                                  Code                 6152
                Jones, Norah                         Come Away With Me              6426
              Jones, Rickie Lee                   The Evening of My Best Day        7818
                 Jones, Steve                          Fire and Gasoline             428
                  Jones, Tom                     The Lead and How to Swing It       1896
                  Jonny Lives                               Get Steady              1284
                  Jonny Lives                            Get Steady EP              9229
             Joplin Group, Josh                           Useful Music              6145
                Joplin, Janice             I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!    534
 Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts                  Let's Just Be             1309
                Joseph, Julia                              Julia Joseph             9581
           Josephine Collective                                Living               9544
       Josephine Wiggs Experience                      Bon Bon Lifestyle            2992
           Josh Clayton Felt                       Inarticulate Nature Boy          2496
           Josh Holmes Band                                364 Days                 5278
      Josh Lederman y Los Diablos                    The Town's Old Fair            8136
      Josh Lederman Y Los Diablos               Let's Waste Another Evening         9212
                Joshua                              A Whole New Theory              5570
                Joshua                          Singing to Your Subconscious        6884
              Joy Division                            A Means to an End             2199
              Joy Electric                              Old Wives Tales             3295
               Joyfinger                               Pimps of Babylon             1063
                Joykiller                                   Static                  2670
      Jr. James and the Late Guitar                    Second of Nine               5785
                  Jucifer                             Calling All Cars…             4695
                  Jucifer                          I Name You Destroyer             6893
               Judas Priest                               Jugulator                 3560
                   Judds                                  Heartland                  409
                    Jude                          No One is Really Beautiful        4272
                    Jude                              King of Yesterday             5749
                    Jude                              King of Yesterday             5836
                Judy Bats                         Pain Makes You Beautiful           829
                 Judybats                                Full-Empty                 1643
                 Jugganot                               Mixed Drinks                5207
             Jukebox Junkies                           Choose Your Fix              6668
             Jules, Gary               Greetings from the Side        4387
           Julian, Richard                     Self Titled            3330
      Juliana Hatfield Three                Spin the Bottle           1006
      Juliana Hatfield Three            Become What You Are           1460
            Junction Five              Missiongloryalphavader         7517
                June                   If You Speak Any Faster        8962
                June                          Make it Blur            9410
          June Spirit, The                Testing Superstition        7359
             Jungle                 The sound of the underground      2706
        Jungle Brothers                    Wit the Remedy             878
        Jungle Brothers                           VIP                 5118
      Junior Cottonmouth                        Bespoke               2764
         Junior Varsity                        Wide-Eyed              8938
         Junior Varsity                    Cinematographic            9515
         Junior's Army                           Happy                5763
         Junk Puppets                     An Emotional Fish           970
           Junkie XL                    Saturday Teenage Kick         4011
            Junkster                        Advance Music             3401
           Junkyard                    Sixes, Sevens, and Nines       423
         Juno Reactor                       Transmissions             1575
         Jura, Damien                         Water Saves             4608
        Jurado, Damien                      Ghost of David            5457
        Jurado, Damien                       I Break Chairs           6455
           Jurassic 5                     Power In Numbers            7144
            Just Jack                          Overtones              9498
             Juster                    I Remember That Night          2306
             Juster                    What I See What I think        2647
              K Jazz                  Can't Keep A Sista Down        10058
              Kabir                       Cultural Confusion          6319
         Kahn, Brenda                    Epiphany in Brooklyn         664
         Kahn, Brenda                 Outside the Beauty Salon        3374
         Kahn, Brenda                   Destination Anywhere          3375
          Kaiser Cartel                      March Forth              9869
          Kaiser Chiefs                  Off With Their Heads         1295
              Kaito                            Band Red              7982
               Kale                 Out of the Shed into the World    6041
          Kamikaze 51                  Destroy Yourself to Rise       1341
Kamikaze Builds the Noise Factory        Falsifying the Image        8027
             Kan Nal                         Dreamwalker              9008
             Kanary                            Haunted                7114
             Kansas                       The Best of Kansas          525
             Karate                          Some Boots               7070
  Karl Denson's Tiny Universe                 The Bridge              6801
          Karloff, Boris            You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch      2324
         Karma to Burn                Wild Wonderful Purgatory        4869
            Kasabian                            Empire                1218
              Katies                    The Katies Advance CD         5769
           Kato, Nash                              Debutante                          6031
         Katt, Lindsay                         Picking Out Boxes                      1557
       Kaukonen, Jorma                        Blue Country Heart                      6714
              Kavi                               Breath of Fire                      10048
          Kaye, Mark                               Mark Kaye                         7965
            Kaz-Well                           Fish Outta Water                       1176
             Kazzer                           Pedal to the Metal                      6791
               Ke                                    I Am [ ]                         2025
             Keane                             Perfect Symmetry                       1352
             Keane                               Under the Sea                        9254
         Keane, Brian                           Common Planet                         778
         Kearney, Mat                                 Bullet                          8882
         Keating, Matt                              Tiltawhirl                        7036
            Keb Mo'                                Slow Down                          4343
           Keel, Larry                               Journey                          9031
    Keepers of the Carpet                    Keepers of the Carpet                    6359
            Keepsake                           The End of Sound                       5775
         Keineg, Katell                                 Jet                           3363
Keith Cornella and Broken City                  Arms Are Falling                      1148
       Kelley Deal 6000                      Boom! Boom! Boom!                        4087
          Kelley, Paul                     The Trouble with Success                  7639
          Kellogg, Phil                   Gravity Can Bring You Down                  9335
        Kelly, Maureen                         Pendulum Dream                         6820
        Kempner, Scott                         Tenement Angels                        820
             Kemuri                             Little Playmate                       3548
            Kenickie                               In Your Car                        3406
             Kenna                        Make Sure They See My Face                  9565
             Kenna                             New Sacred Cow                        7871
      Kenny Chambers                               Sin Cigarros                      2551
          Kenny G                                  Silhouette                         425
          Kenny G                                  Breathless                         806
  Kenny Neal & Billy Branch                       Double Take                        8033
        Kenny, Emer                              Fades Into Day                      6065
        Kenny, Emir                               Emer Kenny                         4020
            Kent                                  Big Ass Truck                      2437
             Kent                                        747                         4659
           Kerbdog                                    Kerbdog                        2301
          Kerosene                                  Arrhythmia                       1033
             Keus                                  Kaleidoscope                      6128
            Khoiba                                   Nice Traps                      8970
     Kicked in The Head                                 Salita                       7216
          Kicks, The                             Hello Hong Kong                     8237
           Kid Cudi                      Man on the Moon- End of Day                 1241
         Kid Dakota                                   So Pretty                      7283
        Kid Dynamite                          Shoter, Faster. Louder                 5674
           Kid Loco              Presents: Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches   5227
         Kidd Wikkid                                Kidd Wikkid                       656
          Kidney Thieves                     Kidney Thieves            4394
          Kidney Thieves                      Phi in the Sky           6361
          Kidney Thieves                        Zerospace              6572
Kieth Johnson and the Grassy Knolls        My Endless Parade           8014
           Kilgore Trout                     340 lbs. of Balls         5394
            Kill Hannah                    For Never and Ever          8232
             Kill Radio                     Off With His Head          8273
           Kill Your Idols                   Crime in Stereo           9417
           Killer Blanks                        Blanks 77              2712
          Killing Culture                    Killing Culture           2778
           Killing Joke                        Millenium               1669
           Killing Joke                      Pandemonium               1857
           Killing Joke                       Killing Joke             8190
     Killing Joke Democracy                     Self Titled            2513
            Killing Spree                          Motive              8058
              Killingbird                         Killingbird          7113
                  Kills                           No Wow               8732
              Kills, The                 Keep On Your Mean Side        7528
         Killswitch Engage                   Killswitch Engage         1212
         Killswitch Engage                Alive or Just Breathing      6645
         Killswitch Engage                    As Daylight Dies         8430
               Kilopop!                       Un Petit Gouter          6237
             Kim Powell                       Truth is Invisible       7812
                Kimon                          Your Lucky Day          6943
                Kimyla                    One Life Enjoy the Ride      4973
              Kimz, The                      Unprotected Love          7203
   Kind of Like Spitting- Lemuria     Your Living Room's All Over Me   9339
            Kindred Way                     Kindred Way Vol. 1         4345
            King Chubby                           Qedeshim             4167
           King Diamond                     The Puppet Master          8621
         King Elementary                           Rebecca             8479
            King Missile                      Martin Scorsese           873
            King Missile                         King Missile          1625
             King Radio                  Mr. K is Dead, Go Home        4710
        King, Chris Thomas                        Red Mud              4765
             King, Emily                       East Side Story         9583
             Kingmaker                          Sleepwalking           1420
           Kings of Leon                     Only By the Night         1153
               Kinison                  What Are You Listening To?     9032
                 Kinks                             UK Jive               31
                 Kinky                               Kinky             6550
           Kinsey Report                     Smoke and Steel           4755
               Kirk, T.J.                     If Four Was One          2941
                  Kiss                       Alive II- Disc One         579
                  Kiss                       Alive II- Disc Two         580
               Kiss                            Unplugged               2494
         Kiss it Goodbye                        selftitled             2738
          Kiss of the Gypsy                  Kiss of the Gypsy            593
            Kissing Judas                         Eternity               4644
                Kitaro                     The Essential Kitaro          1690
      Kitchens of Disctinction              The Death of Cool             773
               Kittens                          Tiger Comet              3100
        Kittens for Christian          Priveledge of Your Company        7830
           Kittywinder                      Livre des Monstres           2691
                Kix                          Show Business               2123
               Klank                             Numb                    5960
             Klaxons                    Myths of the Near Future         9388
            Klein, Jeff                Everybody Loves a Winner          7850
                KLF                         The White Room                552
        Kloba, Diane Marie            Messages from the Ionosphere       1096
              Klover                        Feel Lucky Punk              2005
             KMFDM                                 Light                 1520
            KMFDM                                  Nihil                 2065
            KMFDM                                 XTORT                  2651
            KMFDM                                  Attak                 6492
            KMFDM                                 WW III                 8110
      KmSm feat. Kidd Money                   Black Enimie                650
             K'naan                            Troubadour                1277
           Knee Jerk                        Cruel and Unusual            6869
             Knodel                          The White Hole              5857
          Knopfler, Mark                       Golden Heart              2522
         Knuckle Sandwich                            Nice                7022
           Knuckleheads                      Ain't That America          3358
               Knux                        Remind Me in 3 Days           1086
     Kochalka Superstar, James        Danger Force Five Singles Club 2   7073
               Kodo                                 Ibuki                3146
              Koester                  The High Highs The Low Lows       6920
           Kool Moe Dee                       Funke Funke Dee             245
               Koop                            Waltz for Koop            6706
               Korn                     Twisted Transistor Remixes       9064
       Kory and The Fireflies                     Everyone               6568
                K-os                               Atlantis              1360
               K-Os                            Joyful Rebellion          8446
            Kottke, Leo                    Standing in My Shoes          4155
        Kottonmouth Kings                      Royal Highness            4338
              Koufax                      It Had to Do With Love         5169
          Kramer, Wayne                    Dangerous Madness             2446
           Kramer, Wayne                      The Hard Stuff             6618
           Kramer, Wayne                       Adult World               6826
           Kramer, Wayne                 Return of Citizen Wayne         6876
            Kravitz, Lenny                         Circus                2139
               Kreator                         Live Kreation             7655
Krebs and the Gossamer Wings, Peter         I Know It By Heart           7142
               Krimzen                          Nezvanous                9104
              Kristen Miller                Strange Little Valentine     9122
Kristie Nalley and the Pagan Romantics                                   9628
                Kross, Kris                   Totally Krossed Out         668
   Kubek, Smokin Joe & Benois King           Roadhouse Research          7309
             Kucharz, Larry                 Blue Drawings and Text       1102
             Kucharz, Larry                  Ambient Blue Washes         1574
             Kucharz, Larry                           Pastels            1767
             Kucharz, Larry                      Techno Unit 32          8072
             Kucharz, Larry                DigiChoral Blue Portraits     8240
             Kucharz, Larry                   unit 28: blue motion       8577
             Kucharz, Larry                       Bridge Mix 37          8757
             Kucharz, Larry                 Ambient Green Washes         9158
             Kucharz, Larry                    Electro Engravings        9875
                  Kudzu                         King Elementary          8964
               Kula Shaker                               K               2990
              Kultur Shock                       FUCC the I.N.S.         6545
              Kung Fu USA                           Neversign            6588
               Kweli, Talib                           Quality            7373
               Kweli, Talib                          Eardrum             9606
              Kweller, Ben                      EP Phone Home            6330
              Kweller, Ben                           Sha Sha             6499
              Kweller, Ben                         On My Way             8154
          Kyee, Trajik, Kevlar             Holla'back: Ya-heard A-Uz     1180
              Kyne, Dennis                     Support the Truth         8655
                  Kyuss                                Kyuss             1796
                    L7                        The Beauty Process         3170
             L.A. Symphony                        Bg Broke L.A.          5656
                L.L. Cool J               Mamma Said Knock You Out        239
             L.U.N.G.S.                      Better Class of Losers      2450
                  L7                             Hungry for Stink        1779
               LA Guns                         American Hardcore         3010
              La Magia                               La Magia            5782
            Lab Animals                  Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars   6114
                Labb                          Driving Your Shadow        7104
           Labrie's, James                         Mullmuzzler           6192
           Lackloves, The                          Starcitybaby          7210
             Lacrimosa                                Echos              7583
             Ladd, Mike                  Easy Listening for Armageddon   3964
           Lady Sovereign                        Public Warning          9902
                 Lael                           Dirt Road Bumps          7200
              Laguardia                      Welcome to the Middle       7663
             Lagwagon                                  Blaze             7573
            Laid, James                           James Laid             1528
                Laika                       Sounds of the Satellites     4086
     Laika and the Cosmonauts                                            2520
                Laike                         Good Looking Blues         5381
            Laing, Shona                        New on Earth             781
               Lake Trout                           Another One Lost         7885
                  Lakota                              Acquaintances          8787
                Lali Puna                           Faking the Books         8212
                   Lamb                                     Lamb             2773
               Lamb Bone                                  Wild Man           1333
              Lamb, John                             Once and For All        1144
          LaMontagne, Ray                          Gossip in the Grain       1292
          Lamontagne, Ray                       Till the Sun Turns Black     9277
               Lane, Mike                            The Starshine EP        5885
            Lanegan, Mar                          I'll Take Care of You      5172
            Lanegan, Mike                                Field Songs         5701
                Lang, K.D.                   Even Cowgirls get the Blues     1395
                Lang, k.d.                         Invincible Summer         5389
Langtry and the Pocket Sized Planets            Confessions of a Bullet      4099
            Lanois, Daniel                    For the Beauty of Wynona        841
            Lanois, Daniel                                  Shine            7520
                 Lanterna                                   Sands            7163
                 Lap Dog                         7th Level of Agitation      2256
                  Laptop                        Don't Try This At Home       7507
                   Largo                                    Largo            4179
             Larkin, Patty                            Angels Running          976
                 Larnelle              It Just Takes Times (Take the Time)    643
  Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Bros.                  Pure and Simple          926
          Lassie Foundation                                 El Rey           5453
       Lassie Foundation, The                       The El Dorado LP         6321
   Last Charge of the Light Horse                       Getaway Car          9153
                Last Crack                             Burning Time           258
         Last Hard Men, The                        The Last Hard Men         6343
 Last of the International Playboys                  Havana Bananas          5005
            Latent Anxiety                               Perception          9137
          Latex Generation                                   360             3071
            Latin Playboys                             Latin Playboys        1563
           Lauderdale, Jim                              Persimmons           3022
             Laughing Us!                              Foxy Universe         4259
    Laurel Lee and the Escapees        Why Don't We Don't Get Married?       9123
                Lava Baby                                 Big Muff           6781
            Lavette, Betty                 I've Got My Own Hell to Raise     8971
      Law and Jagged, Charles                  Corrupted Sophistication      7503
           Law and Order                             Rites of Passage         429
               Lazerwolfs                                 Get Mad            7336
              Lazerwolves                                   Gothic           5628
                  Lazy K                              Life in One Day        4639
          Lazy Music Group                                   Lazy            2878
                Lazycame                                  Finbegin           5461
             Le Blanc, Will                             Solo Reunion          118
                 Leadfoot                                 Leadfoot           4864
             Leary, Dennis                        No Cure For Cancer         1447
       Leary, Dennis                         Merry F'in Christmas                                 9111
      Leather Hyman                               Host Body                                       4680
      Leather Hyman                 Sunshine and Other Forms of Radiation                         4826
        Leatherface                               Horsebox                                        5880
        Leatherface                                dog disco                                     8071
           Leaves                                   Breathe                                      7649
      Leaving Trains                       Smoke Follows Beauty                                   3150
      Leaving Trains                        Favorite Mood Swings                                  4319
            Lecia                                 Into Being                                      1213
       Led Zeppelin                          Houses of the Holy                                   211
Lederman Y Los Diablos, Josh   It's a Long and Lonely Time Until the Train Will Bring You Home    7481
         Lee Rocker                                Racin' The Devil                              10032
         Lee, Ben                         Something to remember me by                             2745
            Lee, Ben                            Breathing Tornados                                4752
            Lee, Ben                      Consult Your Electric Minions                           4808
           Lee, Cody                                 Living Stereo                                6290
     Leep Twenty Seven                                   Silver                                   6903
               Left                                   My Disease                                  5499
          Left Setter                                 Left Setter                                 7275
            Leftfield                                   Leftism                                   2151
       Leftover Salmon                            Ask the Fish- Live                              2312
       Leftover Salmon                                    Live                                    6749
 Leftover Salmon / Cracker                O Cracker, Where Art Thou?                             7959
      Lefty Jones Band                   Princess of the Big Cotillion Ball                       1351
      Lefty Jones Band                             Get an Elephant                                1366
      Lefty Jones Band                              Jumpin' Jesus                                10009
             Legend                                     Legend                                    717
      Legends of Rodeo                      A Thousand Friday Nights                              6963
             Lemon                                       Numb                                    7771
         Lemonheads                           It's a Shame About Ray                              627
         Lemonheads                                My Drug Buddy                                  832
         Lemonheads                                 Come on Feel                                  1053
         Lemonheads                                     Sampler                                   1427
         Lemonheads                               The Great Big No                                1443
         Lemonheads                               Car Button Cloth                                2985
         Lemonpeeler                                The First Time                                6223
            Lemons                                   The Lemons                                   2093
            Lemons                                       Sturdy                                   3087
               Len                        You Can't Stop the Bum Rush                             4806
    Lenin and McCarthy                               25th of May                                  771
              Lenka                                      Lenka                                    1275
         Lennon, Don                                       MP                                     5816
        Lennon, Sean                                 Into the Sun                                 4053
        Lennon, Sean                         Half Horse Half Musician                             4661
        Lennox, Annie                                     Diva                                    687
        Lennox, Annie                       Songs of Mass Destruction                             9408
         Lentz, Sarah                          Everything's All Right                             7276
   Lert Somboon Festival of Love                That was Now, This is Then                        9968
          Le'Rue Delashay                      Musick In Theory and Practice                      5968
Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel                Highball with the Devil                         2884
            Les Hommes                                 Les Hommes                                 6751
            Les Nubians                           Princesses Nubiennes                            4838
       Les Rythmes Digitales                            Darkdancer                                5159
            Les Thugs                                        "strike"                             2535
          Less Than Jake                               Hello Rockview                             4594
          Less Than Jake                           Borders and Boundaries                         5201
          Letters to Cleo                                    Go!                                  3599
                Leuko                                       Leuko                                 8432
              Levellers                                   Zeitgeist                               2386
              Levellers                              Green Blade Rising                           7413
              Levellers                                Truth and Lies                             8823
         Levinson, Justin                              1175 Boylston                              1532
            Levy, Adam                               Get Your Glow On                             8229
           Lewis, jeffrey            It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through   7863
         Lewis, Jerry Lee                                    Rhino                                 504
                Lhasa                                   The Living Road                           8464
                 Liars               They Threw Us in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top        7010
                 Liars                      They Were Wrong, So We Drowned                        8083
                 Liars                                      Liars                                 9378
          Liars Academy                          No News is Good News                             6468
              Liars Inc.                                 Superjaded                               5579
             Liberation                                 Compilation                               7888
             Libertines                                The Libertines                             1759
          Libertines, The                              Up the Bracket                             7423
                Libido                           Killing Some Dead Time                           4739
                 Lick                              Definition of Sound                             784
                 Lick                                     No Love                                 1337
                  Lid                                In the Mushroom                              4425
           Life of Agony                            Soul Searching Sun                            3440
         Lift (6) Eighteen                           Dubbed In Braille                            5735
          Lift 6 Eighteen                                   Clip                                  7160
               Lifter                                        Melinda                              2531
          Light Pupil Dilate                              Cascade                                 7851
           Lightman, Toby                               Little Things                             8176
           Lightning Seed                            Cloudcuckooland                               29
                  Like                              Are You Thinking…                             8948
   Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials                          Full Tilt                              1373
                  Lilys                        For the Soon to Be Departed                        2774
                  Lilys                     Better Can't Make Your Life Better                    3028
                  Lilys                    A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns                    4350
               Limblifter                                Limblifter                               2407
             Limbonic Art                      The Ultimate Death Worship                         7081
              Limegreen                                      Juicy                                6890
                 Limp                               Pop and Disorderly                            4284
             Limp Bizkit                      Significant Other          4537
           Lin, Woodrow                      Love Screams War            1371
             Lindell, Eric               Low on Cash, Rich in Love       1138
             Lindell, Eric                     Coast Highway             1367
            Lindsay, Arto                           Invoke               6816
                 Lingo                               Lingo               6328
             Linkin Park                        Hybrid Theory            5188
               Linoleum                         On a Tuesday             3432
               Linoleum                            Dissent               4290
               Linwood                           Burn Effect             9859
                  Linx                         What's Missing            1760
               Lionrock                    Instinct for Detection        3523
             Liquid Gang                      Nineteenth Soul            4529
             Liquid Jesus                      Pour In The Sky            210
             Liquid Soul                     Make Some Noise             4154
             Liquid Soul                          Evolution              7065
               Liquorice                        Listening Cap            2018
    Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories                       Tails               2092
          Lise, Dominique                          20 Years              9456
                   Lit                        5 Smokin' Tracks           3042
                   Lit                  Tripping the Light Fantastic     3221
                   Lit                       A Place in the Sun          4631
            Little Brother                   The Minstrel Show           1334
            Little Brother                     Minstrel Show             8996
            Little Caesar                         Influence               616
Little Charlie and the Nightcats            Shadow of the Blues          4567
Little Charlie and the Nightcats                  That's Big             6500
Little Charlies and the Nightcats                 Nine Lives             8813
             Little Death                         Ruth Ruth              2874
              Little John                          Derailer              2392
              Little John                 We'll Always Have Ohio         4193
              Little King                      Time Extension            5854
   Little T and One Track Mike             College Radio Sampler         6215
              Littlehorse                     Perils and Thrills         5576
                  Live                         Secret Samadhi            3220
          Live on Release              Fifteen Will Get You Twenty       7294
            Living Colour                          Biscuits               216
            Living Colour                            Vivid                364
            Living Colour                            Stain                894
           Living Daylytes                            Spin               7226
          Living End, The                     Modern Artillery           8066
           Living Sacrifice               The Hammering Process          5306
           Living Sacrifice                   Conceived in Fire          7049
            Living Things                      Habeas Corpus             1136
            Living Things           Turn In Your Friends and Neighbors   7429
            Living Things                    Ahead of the Lions          9022
                 Llama                      Close to the Silence         6012
        Llama Farmers                        Dead Letter Chorus                   5767
             Llorca                              New Comer                        6961
          Lloyd, Julie                        The Waiting Room                    8508
      Lo Fidelity All Stars              On the Floor of the Boutique             5313
          Lo Presher                         Indigenous Species                   5817
            Local H                               Ham Fisted                      2182
            Local H                          Here Comes the Zoo                   6546
            Local H                             The No Fun EP                     8187
            Local H                  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas       9912
           Lockwood                                Lockwood                       8036
             Lode                               Legs and Arms                     2616
             Loeb, Lisa                          Firecracker                      3555
           Loeffler, Tony                     Cuba Para Cristo                    8210
             Lofihoney                            Lofihoney                       7198
       Logical Progression                         Level 2                        3404
         Lollipop Lust Kill                 The Slice of Knife EP                 6696
           London Suede                        Sci-fi Lullabies                   3988
            Londonbeat                          In the Blood                       148
        Lonely Planet Boy                Some Songs You Might Enjoy               8185
          Lonesome Bob                         Things Change                      6739
      Long Winter's Stare        Before the Dawn, So Go the Shadows of Humanity   4509
       Long Winters, The                     When I Pretend to Fall               7732
             Longwave                         The Strangest Things                1689
             Longwave                            Day Sleeper EP                   7027
             Longwave                             There's a Fire                  8890
               Loose                                  Fluid                       3154
      Looselite Wranglers                 All Roads Lead to the Blues             1051
              Looters                             Mago Mundi                       912
         Lorand, Andrew                         Potsticker Rodeo                  3032
           Lord Sheldon                            Of Messiah                     5886
          Lord, Maru Lou                          Mind the Gap                    3625
          Lord, Mary Lou                         Got to shadow                    3697
           Lords of Acid                          Greatest T*ts                   7873
           Lords of Algol                  Disciple of the Mysteries              5748
            Lords, Traci                           1,000 Fires                    4013
              Loretta                            The Translation                  7816
Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons                  Four Cold Angels                  1331
         Los Abandoned                              Mixtape                       9359
             Los Lobos                          Los Lobos- Disc 1                  937
          Los Lobos                              Collosal Head                    2524
       Los Straitjackets                             Viva!                        2848
       Los Super Seven                         Los Super Seven                    4564
        Loss of Breath                             Unsaved                        7972
       Lost City Angels                         Lost City Angels                  6992
       Lost City Angels                          Broken World                     8751
         Lost Horizon                        Awakening the World                  5655
        Lost Prophets                     the Fake Sound of Progress              6480
      Lost Prophets                          Start Something                      8055
    Lost Trailers, The                              EP                            7843
       Lot Six, The                              Animals                          7048
         Lotion                               Nobody's Cool                       2472
         Lotion                                   Lotion                          3822
      Lotus Crown                                   33                            2755
         Loud Lucy                              Breathe                           2159
        Loud Sugar                             Loud Sugar                          327
        Loudermilk                           The Red Record                       6594
        Loudermilk           The red-sides b-sides and more from the red record   7181
        Loudmouth                              Loudmouth                          4489
        Louie Louie                          The State I'm In                       65
         Louie Says                  Gravity, Sufferin, Love and Fate             3484
          Louis XIV                  The Best Little Secrets are Kept             8752
      Louise, Shanta                       I Mean To Tell You                     9905
           louque                                 so long                         8159
Love and Loverland, Justin                    Hey Daffodil?                       7564
    Love and Rockets                       Hot Trip to Heaven                     1648
    Love and Rockets                          Body and Soul                       1742
    Love As Laughter                               Holy                           1707
    Love As Laughter                             Holy EP                          9868
       Love Battery                           Straight Freak                      1922
       Love Battery                            Nehru Jacket                       1977
         Love Club                     Lime Twigs and Treachery                    105
    Love In Reverse                             I was Dog                         2589
     Love in Reverse                           I Was Here                         2862
       Love Jones                          Powerful Pain Relief                   2078
    Love Kills Theory                       Happy Suicide Jim                     1359
        Love Nut                              Baltimucho                          4030
      Love On Ice                              Love On Ice                        1495
 Love Seed Mama Jump                       Baked Fresh Daily                      2144
      Love Spit Love                         Love Spit Love                       1833
     Love, Courtney                      America's Sweetheart                     8093
         Lovechild                              Lovechild                         3976
         Lovecraft                           Lovecraft USA                        5689
 Lovecraft Technologies                 Lovecraft Technologies                    5529
       Lovelies, The                         White Leather                        7893
LoveLostbutnotForgotten            Upon the right, I saw a new misery             6767
          Lovers                          Star Lit Sunken Ship                    6980
        Lovett, Lyle                Lyle Lovett and His Large Band                  37
        Lovett, Lyle                       I Love Everybody                       1711
        Lovett, Lyle                          Live in Texas                       4835
        Lovett, Lyle                     Dr. T and the Women                      5422
     Lovin' Spoonful                  The Best of Lovin' Spoonful                 1580
           Low                         The Curatin Hits the Cast                  2900
      Low Life, The                            Thixotropic                        8050
    Low vs. Diamond                        Low vs. Diamond                        1434
Lowe, Katt and the Othersyde            Katt Lowe and the Othersyde              6037
       Lowe, Vanessa                           Barnacles of Joy                  6743
  Lower East Side Stitches                          Staja98                      4856
  Lower East Side Stitches                     Lower East Side                   5130
             Lucas                     To Rap My World Around You                 367
         Lucas, Tom                             Red Letter Day                   1751
            Lucero                                Tennessee                      6950
        Lucid Nation                         The Stillness of Over               3871
        Lucid Nation                         Suburband Legends                   5266
     Lucky for Nothing                        Lucky for Nothing                  7810
     Lucky for Nothing                                 EP                        7811
     Lucky for Nothing                   Casualties of Love and War              8551
          Lucky Me                                    Glue                       2404
          Lucky Me                            Unlimited Tokens                   3521
        Lucy Vincent                           Head of the Tide                  1182
             Ludo                                     Ludo                       8407
       Lukeman, Jack                           Metropolis Blue                   5969
           Lulabox                                 Lulabox                        812
           Lullacry                              Be My God                       6208
             Lume                               Extended Play                    6812
             Lume                           Burn it to the Ground                8724
             Luna                                Rendezvous                      8582
          Luna Halo                               Luna Halo                      9436
          Luna, Eva                              Moonshake                        930
         Lunachicks                              Pretty Ugly                     3245
           Lunchin'                           Happiness is Tuna                  2820
         Lungbrush                        Old School, New School                 4484
      Lungs of a Giant                      Headfirst Handshakes                 9610
             Lunic                                Love Thief                     1171
        Lupine Howl            The Carnivorous Lunar Activities of Lupine Howl   5746
          Lupins                             Monsignon Venus                     2432
            Lures                           When I Was Broken                    5031
      Luscious Jackson                      Natural Ingredients                  2337
      Luscious Jackson                      Fever In Fever Out                   2933
            Lush                                   Split                         1661
           Lush                                   Lovelife                       2447
            Lusk                                 Free Mars                       3313
       Lust Penguins                           Lust Penguins                     3990
          Lustre                                  Selftitled                     2509
           Luxt                               American Beast                     7364
          Luxury                        The Latest and the Greatest              3317
           Lydia                                 Illuminate                      1435
     Lyn Paul Junction                             Bullzeye                      8101
        Lynch Mob                            Wicked Sensation                     602
        Lynch Mob                               Smoke This                       4877
       Lynch Pilson                        Wicked Underground                    7730
        Lynch, Ray              Nothing above my shoulders but the evening       1059
  Lyndsay Diaries, The      The Tops of Trees are on Fire     7251
   Lynn Paul Jr. Band                   Slingshot             8617
         Lyric 1             Get In on the Ground Floor       1094
      M.C. Quake                       Self Titled            3415
      M.C. Quake                      The Big One             5152
       M.I.R.V.            Feeding Time on Monkey Island      4249
        M.O.D.                  Love By Thousands…            2288
          M-16              Canciones Escritas En El Exilio   6213
     Mac, Lindsay                  Small Revolution           8885
      Maccabees                       Colour It In            9443
     MacColl, Kirsty               Electric Ladyland           449
    MacDonald, Pat              Sleeps with his Guitar        3765
         Macha                    Forget Tomorrow             1691
     Machine Drum                   Urban Biology             7224
     Machine Head                   The Blackening            1327
     Machine Head             The More Things Change          3304
     Machine Head           Through the Ashes of Empire       8175
Machines of Loving Grace            concentration             1060
Machines of Loving Grace                   Gilt               2126
     Mad Caddies                    Rock the Plank            6173
Mad Capsule Markets, The               Npulse EP              6216
      Mad Cobra               Hard to Wet, Easy to Dry         665
     Mad Professor                     Dub-tronic             4586
       Madball                       Look My Way              5052
        Madcap                       East to West             7109
       Madcap                      Under Suspicion            8092
   Madd Nation, The                    Situations             6297
     Madder Rose                     Bring It Down             861
     Madder Rose                          Swim                1011
     Madder Rose                        Panic On              1598
         Made                          Bedazzler              3344
        Madfly                 White Hot in the Black         4040
       Madhats             Songs for the Common Maniac        9318
        Madlife                          Madlife              7912
       Madonna                      You Can Dance               49
       Madonna                The Imacculate Collection        357
        Madras                       Slow the Tide            7861
        Madras                     Dimestore Raves            8532
      Madrepore              All's Going to Be Beautiful      8129
          Mae                           Everglow              8788
          Mae                          Singularity            9601
       Mae Shi                         Terrorbird             8368
  Maggi Pierce and EJ                       For               5356
  Maggi, Pierce, and EJ         Maggi, Pierce, and EJ         8990
    Maggie's Choice                  Tale for Free            8654
      Magic Dirt                  Friends in Danger           3069
    Magic Numbers                The Magic Numbers            8966
Magic Slim and the Teardrops               Blue Magic                6817
         Magnapop                  Fire All Your Guns at Once        2468
      Magness, Janiva                  What Love Will Do             9865
      Magness, Janiva               The Devil is an Angel Too        9950
          Magnet                       Don't Be a Penguin            2796
      Magnum Dopus                       Noodle Muffin               6908
      Magnuson, Ann                       The Luv Show               2313
         Magpies                     Diablo Highway Session          9886
        Magstatic                        Country vs. City            7082
         Maharahj                          Repetition                1227
      Maids of Gravity                  Maids of Gravity             4292
      Mainhart, Kristin                 Kristin Mainhart             7068
       Mainly Lanes                          Oonami                  9943
       Make Friends                   The hollywood Way              2617
          Makers                           Rock Star God             5596
       Makers, The                       Strangest Parade            6593
         Maktub                               Khronos                6560
          Malice                        Hateful Preachings           7534
    Malmsteen, Yngwie                    Facing the Animal           3581
    Malmsteen, Yngwie                    Facing the Animal           3845
    Malmsteen, Yngwie                    Unleash the Fury            8923
     Malone, Michelle                     Hello Out there            5546
     Malone, Michelle                    Stompin' Ground             7718
   Mamas and the Papas           From the Original Master Tapes       445
      Mama's Cookin                       Mama's Cookin              1315
    Mammoth Volume                          Noara Dance              5427
           Man                                Machine                7653
    Man From Fiery Hill                Magazine Theft Yeah           7307
         Man Ray                          Casual Thinking            3436
    Man Will Surrender                  Man Will Surrender           3538
    Man Will Surrender                  Man Will Surrender           4313
Manasseh Meets the Equalizer                  Shining                2786
         Manazart                       Too Much Pressure             204
        Manbreak                           Ready or Not              3388
        Manbreak                           Come and See              4333
   Manchester Orchestra        Let My Price Be What's Left Behind    1296
   Manchester Orchestra           I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child   9368
          Mandir                         Out Beyond Ideas            5538
       Mando Diao                                EP                  8268
       Mando Diao                          Hurricane Bar             8687
       Manell, Eleni                 Country For True Lovers         7454
     Mangione, Chuck                     Classics Volume 6            414
    Manhattan Transfer                          Brasil                448
          Manic                             Floor Board              9397
      Manic Hispanic                        Grupo Sexo               8866
  Manic Street Preachers               Generation Terrorists          585
  Manic Street Preachers                Everything Must Go           2965
     Manic Street Preachers                  This is My Truth Tell Me Yours            4830
     Manic Street Preachers                       Generation Terrorists                9996
            Manifesto                                     Manifesto                    971
    Mankind Liberation Front                   Mankind Liberation Front                5376
    Mankind Liberation Front                              Automind                     5738
          Mann, Aimee                                     Whatever                     2258
          Mann, Aimee                                 I'm With Stupid                  2413
         Manning, Roger                               Roger Manning                    3171
          Manoucheri                          The Blind Leading the Blind              1733
            Manowar                                       Manowar                      703
            Manowar                                  Louder Than Hell                  3113
           Manplanet                        An Introductory to Musicianship            6366
             Manray                                   Casual Thinking                  4373
          manSaveman                                    manSaveman                     7301
          manSaveman                                        Squash                    7772
          manSaveman                                 Posse Comitatus                  8609
             Mansun                            attack of the grey lantern              3441
             Mansun                               Take It Easy, Chicken                3897
             Mansun                                           Six                      5513
          Manuel, Juan                                Plastilina Mosh                  5141
          Maplewood                                      Maplewood                    8560
        Maps and Atlases                        Trees, Swallows, Houses                9624
          Mar Project                                 Stepping Stone                   1282
             Marah                                       Kids In Philly                6035
             Marah                           20,000 Streets Under the Sky             8441
            Marbles                                  Pyramid landing                   2804
          Marc Carroll                                Dust of Rumour                  10008
           Marcia Ball                                So Many Rivers                  7780
       Marginal Prophets                                Twist the Nob                  2908
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's                 Animal- Not Animal                  1732
          Marjorie Fair                             Self Help Serenade                 8826
         Mark Knopfler               Wag the Dog original motion picture soundtrack    3660
          Mark of Cain                                    Battlesick                   2911
           Mark, J. C.                                   On the Mark                    16
          Mark, Steve                                     Distraction                 8503
          Markaity, Ivy                         World's Not Big Enough                 3886
          Markaity, Ivy                                   Silhouette                   5995
         Marks, Jennifer                             It Turned Me On                   6985
         Marks, Jennifer                               Jennifer Marks                 8052
 Marky Ramone and the Intruders              The Answer to Your Problems               4967
        Marley, Stephen                                 Mind Control                   9480
         Marlon and Me                                    Fun Times                    8822
            Maroon 5                                Call and Response                  1250
         Marrow, Scott                               For All the Time..                9604
         Marrs, Denison                           Then is the New Now                  6785
         Marry Me jane                                        Tick                     3457
           Mars Volta                               Bedlam in Goliath                  1252
            Mars Volta                        Frances the Mute          8714
            Mars Volta                           Amputechure            9247
         Mars Volta, The                               Live             8029
         Mars Volta, The                Deloused in the Comatorium      8096
          Mars, Charlie                                 EP              8067
        Marsalis, Branford           I Heard You Twice the First Time    683
             Marshes                                Fledgling           3046
         Marsland, Adam                     232 Days on the Road        7544
Martin Newell and Andy Partridge       The greatest living englishman   1418
         Martin, Barrett                        Painted Desert          8812
        Martin, Charlotte                       On Your Shore           8423
         Martin, George                     Songs from In My Life       4576
          Martin's Folly                         Man, It's Cold         4677
          Martsch, Doug                         Now You Know            6978
            Martyr Ad                      On Earth as It Is In Hell    8180
            Marvelous                             Hey! Album            4703
          Mary's Danish                       Live + Foxey Lady          109
         Mary's Window                               Whore              2899
              Marzi                                The Need             6182
             Masque                                Thank You            9988
           Masquerade                           Surface of Pain         2285
          Mass Hystereo                         Mass Hystereo           3785
         Massey, Will T.                        Massey, Will T.          208
         Massive Attack                             Teardrop            4064
         Massive Attack                         100th Window            7401
         Massive Attack                  Danny the Dog Soundtrack       8576
            Mastedon                               Lofcaudio             720
        Masters of Reality               How High the Moon- Live        4305
        Masters of Reality           Welcome to the Western Lodge       6030
            Mastodon                        March of the Fire Ant       9094
            Mastodon                           Blood Mountain           9342
            Matahari                       Shrine of Counterfeits       8828
       Matchbox Romance                       Stories and Alibis        7725
             Matches                    E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals   8276
            Matchless                            Matchless EP           4332
             Material                             Seven Souls           4221
          Material Issue                    Destination Universe         632
          Material Issue                    Freak City Soundtrack       1656
Material with William S. Burroughs    The Road to the Western Lands     4027
             Matheos                       Greek Travels Remixed         175
        Matt Angus Thing                          Political Pop         8213
  Matt Bunsen and the Burners                    Greatest Hits          9970
   Matt Palka and the Caravan                  Down the Road            9866
            Matthew                           Everybody Down            6584
          Matthews, Eric                      It's Heavy in Here        2154
     Mattox, Jerry "Maniac"                      Bad Attitude           5926
     Mattox, Jerry "Maniac"                      Bad Attitude           6024
      Mavericks               From Hell to Paradise        560
         Max                      Vinyl Valentine          646
 Max G and the Spots         Shiny New Apartment          9381
   Maxand, Andrea                    Angel Hat            6834
       Maxeen                       Hello Echo            9328
    Maximo Park               Apply Some Pressure         8672
    Maximo Park                  A Certain Trigger        8863
    Maximo Park                   Missing Songs           9134
Maxwell Implosion, The       Small Circle of Friends      6639
     Mayer, John                Room For Squares          6196
    Mayfield Four              Motion Live 9-17-97        3677
    Mayfield Four                      Fallout            4227
    Mayfield Four                      Fallout            4663
    Mayfield Four             Eden (Turn the Page)        5534
   Mayfield, Moses                  The Inside            9459
       Maypole                        Product             3449
     Mazzotti, Pio               Teenie Fantastic         8854
      Mazzy Star                 Among My Swan            2964
     MC Hammer           Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em      192
      MC Honky                  I Am The Messiah          7542
      MC Serch               Return of the Product         659
   McAdam, Mark                    Boy Wonder             7196
    McAnally, Mac                 Live and Learn           622
   McCartney, Paul                Off the Ground           819
  McClinton, Delbert       Never Been Rocked Enough        645
McClosky Brothers Band      McClosky Brothers Band        6446
McClosky Brothers Band    The McClosky Brothers Band      6509
    McCulloch, Ian                    Slideling           8243
 McDermoot, Michael                    Ashes              8660
  McDermott, Mickail               Self Titled            2442
   McDonald, Wes               Cuttin' Up Rocks           8442
    McEntire, Reba               Greatest Hits             344
   McFerrin, Bobby              Beyond Words              6507
    Mcgivern, Kat                  Alice Lost             1204
   McGuire, Molly                     Lime                2890
    McGuire, Rick                  This Time              8304
    McKay, Nellie             Get Away From Me            8061
  McKennitt, Loreena                                      1587
   McKenzie-Bruce                 Berner Street           1185
   McKitrick, Jenifer                  Glow               5441
   McLachlan, Sarah                   Solace               556
   McLachlan, Sarah                 Surfacing             4734
   McLachlan, Sarah                 Afterglow             8636
    Mclean, Jamie             American Heartache          1156
   McQueen Street               McQueen Street             266
     McRae, Tom                    Tom McRae              6253
       McTom              Lifestyles of a Schizophrenic   6839
           MD.45                                 The Craving                       2684
            MDFMK                                  MDFMK                           4979
         Me and Jeremy                        May Day, May Day                     4751
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes                    Take a Break                      7711
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes             Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah                 8515
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes                 Love Their Country                   9442
          Mead, David                          Mine and Yours                      5345
          Mead, David                         The Luxury of Time                   5877
      Meat Beat Manifesto                        Original Fire                     3462
      Meat Beat Manifesto                 Actual Sounds and Voices                 4402
    Medea Connection, The                       The Bell Ringer                    6315
   Medeski Martin & Wood             End of the World Party (just in case)         8359
 Medeski, Martin, and Wood                        Uninvisible                      6636
            Medicine            Sounds of Medicine- Stripped and Reformed Sounds   1626
            Medicine                            Her Highness                       2024
           Meds, The                              I'm Okay                         7303
           Megadeth                             Rust in Peace                       110
           Megadeth                         United Abominations                    1137
           Megadeth                               Endgame                          1220
           Megadeth                         The System Has Failed                  1746
           Megadeth                            Cryptic Writings                    3546
           Megalodon                             Megalodon                         7208
         Mehldau, Brad                              Largo                          6773
           Meices                                  Dirty Bird                      2493
     mekkah's REVENGE                   MIXTAPE MOVIE SOUNDTRACK                   9989
        Melancon, Paul                         Slumberland                         6006
          Melanie C                            Northern Star                       5377
         Melankolic                        Day One Ordinary Man                    5965
            Melee                            Devils and Angels                     9326
         Meliah Rage                        Death Valley Dream                     1158
       Melismatics, The                      Postmodern Rock                       6294
   Mellencamp, John Cougar                       Big Daddy                         121
           Mellow                          Another Mellow Spring                   5270
         Melodrome                           The Sidewalk Ends                     7092
       Melting Hopefuls                         Space Flyer                        1627
       Melting Hopefuls                         Viva La Void                       2220
           Melvins                                Melvins                          1455
           Melvins                             Stoner Witch                        1686
           Melvins                                  Stag                           2851
          Memento                               Beginnings                         7397
    Memphis Radio Kings                     Memphis Radio Kings                    5732
   Men Women and Children                Men Women and Children                    9191
           Menthol                                Menthol                          2019
       Mephiskapheles                        Might-ay White-ay                     5332
      Mephisto Odyssey                             Lift EP                         5061
      Merchant, Natalie                           Tigerlily                        1940
      Merchant, Natalie                           Ophelia                          4668
             Mercir                                    Prologue                        8211
           Mercury Rev                               Mercury Rev                        767
           Mercury Rev                         See You on the Other Side               2152
           Mercy Creek                            Bonfire of Vanities                  8686
            Mercyland                           No Feet on the Cowling                  752
             Mermen                                Songs of the Cows                   2420
           Merrill, Alan                              Cupid Deranged                   6604
           Merritt, Greg                          Dream Through a Leaf                 9850
           Merrymakers                                    Bubblegun                    4585
       Meshell Ndegeocello                            Comfort Woman                    8112
            Meshuggah                                   Chaosphere                     4431
               Mess                                      Pretty Ugly                   3254
           Metal Molly                               Surgery for Zebra                 2986
           Metheny, Pat                                 Secret Story                    805
            Method 51                                    Method 51                     3955
            Metric Nut                             Stronger Than Sound                 6964
           Metro Station                               Metro Station                    339
           Meyer, Edgar                              Work in Progress                    95
              MGMT                                 Oracular Spectacular                1127
               MIA                                           Kala                      9377
               MIA                                           Boyz                      9528
               MIA                                      Paper Planes                   9852
             Michael                               You Must Be This Tall               4705
             Michael                          The Day After My Confidence              7334
Michael Cason and the Peacekeepers                    Walkin Thunder                   9486
   Michael Franti and Spearhead                 Everyone Deserves Music                7708
       Michael, Christopher                                 Visions                    8817
         Michael, George                         Listen Without Prejudice               288
              Michal                                Waxing and Waning                  5557
              Michal                                   Sky With Stars                  5940
           Michelangelo                                Future Perfect                  8597
          Mico de Noche                                   Balls Deep                   8783
            Micro Mini                                  This is Jennie                 3266
          Mid Carson July                                   Wessel                     6259
              Midline                                       Midline                    6755
           Midnight Oil                               Blue Sky Mining                    5
           Midnight Oil                               Diesel and Dust                   548
           Midnight Oil                             Scream in Blue- Live                568
           Midnight Oil                            Redneck Wonderland                  5889
             Midtown                 Selections From Living Well is the Best Revenge   6531
         Mighty Blue Kings                           Live from Chicago                 4704
     Mighty Mighty Bosstones                    Mighty Mighty Bosstones                 892
     Mighty Mighty Bosstones                             Let's Face It                 3227
   Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The                     A Jacknife to a Swan               6967
            Mighty Orq                                  To the Bone                    1269
          Mighty Purple                            How to Make a Living                5149
         Mighty Sideshow                                   The Intro                   5793
          Miguel Kertsman                  Time? What's Time?           9945
            Mike Gordon                           Inside In             7623
                Mike V.                      Gameface Vision            5238
Mike Viola and the Candy Butchers            Falling Into Place         5038
              Milemarker                      Satanic Versus            6957
               Milkbone                         Da Milkrate             2232
              Millencolin                   Home From Home              6551
              Millencolin                        Kingwood               8756
            Miller, Kristen                         Walk                9962
Miller, Scott and the Commonwealth        Thus Always to Tyrants        6203
              Mills, Joss                      Love Is True             7719
             Mills, Russell                  Pearl and Umbra            5949
            Milow the Girl                    Days of Power             9984
              Mind                          Science of the Mind         2491
           Mind Bomb                         Do You Need Some            837
            Minders                               Down in Fall          5881
            Mindflow                           In Search of Stars       5328
            Mindfunk                                Mindfunk             253
     Mindless Self Indulgence                 Igor's Secret Stash       4825
     Mindless Self Indulgence                Frankenstein Girls…        5012
            Mindrot                                    Soul              453
            Minibar                          Fly Below the Radar        7715
            Ministry                                Filth Pig           2348
            Ministry                             Greatest Hits          5406
            Ministry                               Sphinctour           6549
            Ministry                           Animositisomina          7482
            Ministry                         Houses of the Mole         8358
            Ministry                           Animositisomina          9354
       Ministry Rantology                    Ministry Rantology         9054
           Mink Lungs                         The Better Button         6219
           Mink, Walt                             El Producto           2387
             Minus                              Halldor Laxness         7656
            Minus 5                  The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy   4622
            Minus 5                            Down With Wilco          7409
            minus 5                                  in rock            8078
          Minus Driver                       A Message For You          8250
           Minus Five                             At the Organ          8584
          Miracle of 86                          Miracle of 86          5848
          Miracle of 86                    Every Famous Last Word       7399
        Miracle of 86, The                    Kevin Kolankowski         6557
            Mirwais                                Production           6100
        Misery Loves Co                          Not Like Them          3630
        Misery Loves Co.                         Happy?                 2497
             Mishka                              Mishka                 4949
             Mishka                             One Tree                8790
            Miss Alans                           Blusher                1880
           Miss Fortune                        Miss Fortune             5301
Miss Kitten and the Hacker         Miss Kitten and the Hacker        6503
          Missile                    Up, Once Around, Down           6394
          Mission                              Masque                 626
        Mission 66                      The Silent Sessions          6488
        Mission UK                              Aura                 6654
       Mister Jones                           Hail Mary              4554
     Mitchell, Donald                         Shadows                1150
      Mitchell, Joni                     Words and Music             5898
          Mittens                       Fools on a Holiday           9233
         Moaners                             Dark Snack              8666
       Moaning Lisa                          Wonderful               6420
          Moby                               18 B Sides              9092
        Model One                       Days and Counting            8142
      Model Rockets                 Snatch it Back and Hold It       3055
     Modern English                       After the Snow              586
           Moe                              Wormwood                 7300
           moe.                          Sticks and Stones           1316
           moe.                                Dither                5281
           Moe.                              Smash Hits              9972
          Mohan                            As Is Where Is            9271
          Moist                                 Moist                1645
          Moist                               Creature               2772
        Moistboyz                                  II                3079
          Mojack                            Metal Years               555
          Mojack                             Homebrew                4386
          Mojave                      Electronic Compilation         4265
         Mojave 3                       Ask Me Tomorrow              2378
         Mojave 3                      Excuses for Travelers         5847
      Mojo Morgan                            Got Mojo?               1075
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper                   Bo-Day-Shus               102
           Moke                                 Moke                 5938
      Moldy Peaches                     The Moldy Peaches            5731
         Molenes                  Songs of Sin and Redemption        9851
     Mollie's Revenge                    Every Dirty Word            3300
        Mollys Yes                         Wonderworld               4881
          Moloko                 Do You Like My Tight Sweater?       3480
           Moly              Expressing Scorn Contempt or Disgrace   6689
    Moments in Grace                    Moonlight Survived           8400
          Momus                           Plays Ping Pong            4098
  Mona Lisa Overdrive                           Three                1384
         Moneen                    Theory of Harmonial Value         5716
      Money Mark                    Mark's Keyboard Repair           2635
      Money, Eddie                      Nothing to Lose                46
      Money, Eddie                         Right Here                 529
      Money, Eddie                       Greatest Hits                714
       Monie Love                      In a Word or Two               842
        Monkees                          Greatest Hits                573
              Mono                                   Formica Blues              3821
          Monroe, Cherry                            Cherry Monroe               8661
          Monsieur Leroc                                 Oh la la!              7805
         Monster Magnet                            Dopes to Infinity            2173
         Monster Magnet                               God Says No               5322
     Monster Voodoo Machine                     Direct Reaction Now!            4298
           Monsterland                         Destroy What you Love            1422
             Montage                              Colors in the Wind              20
          Montana Rose                               Montana Rose                206
          Montana Rose                    Merry Christmas Montana Rose          9915
           Monte Negro                                    Cicatrix              1232
           Montenegro                              Who Told You EP              9900
          Montoya, Coco                                 Dirty Deal              1317
Monty Byrom and Possible Side Effects   Monty Byrom and Possible Side Effects   8183
            Monument                               Scale the Summit             9635
          Mood Elevator                              Married Alive              8436
            Moodring                                 Third of Never             1231
           Moodswings                                  Moodfood                  686
           Moodswings                            Psychedelicatessen             3405
           Moody Blues                        This is the Moody Blues            138
              Moon                           Get It Through Your Heart          6097
        Moon Seven Times                         Moon Seven Times               3157
           Moon Theory                               Moon Theory                6302
        Mooney Suzuki, The                           Electric Sweat             7552
          Mooney, John                                  All I Want              6807
             Moonlife                              Across the Night             6648
    Moonpools and Caterpillars                      Lucky Dumpling              2206
            Moonspell                                   Irreligious             2879
           Moore, Ezina                             Soulful Warrior             8425
          Moore, Nathan                           In His Own Worlds             9416
           Moore, Patsy                   Regarding the Human Condition          833
           Moore, Peter                                  One Ride               1646
          Moore, Stanton                             Flyin the Koop             6432
            Moral Crux                              Vandal Children             1871
           Moran, Jason                              Same Mother                8671
           Morbid Angel                      Gateways to Annihilation           6150
            Morcheeba                            Who Can You Trust              2991
            Morcheeba                                   Charango                6911
            Morcheeba                                 Live Sessions             7403
           Morcheeba                             Parts of the Process           7662
            Morcheeba                                 The Antidote              8988
            Mordecai                              Vanilla Trainwreck            1881
        More Than Nothing                                Sunshine               6409
             Morells                                   The Morells              5490
         Morgan Heritage                              Three in One              7634
          Morningwood                                Morningwood                9096
            MorosEros                       I Saw the Devil Last Night…         9441
        Morricone                             RMX                    5351
      Morrison, Travis                      Travistan                8435
       Morrison, Van                    Too Long in Exile            1436
       Morrison, Van                       Healing Game              3230
Morrison, Van and Gail Lewis                  You Win                5142
         Morrissey                           Bona Drag                431
         Morrissey                             Arsenal                628
         Morrissey                         Vauxhall and I            1584
         Morrissey                      World of Morrissey           1920
         Morrissey                     Southpaw Grammar              4175
         Morrissey                   My Early Burglary Years         4321
         Morrissey                      Live at Earls Court          8764
     Mortal Remaining                       No Cash Flow             3155
       Mortification                        Mortification             725
 Mos Funnel & Joe Corrado             A Raw Demonstration            8424
Moses and the Guys with Jobs       Moses and the Guys with Jobs      5491
       Moses Guest                          Moses Guest              7184
        Mosquitos                         Sunshine Barato            8566
        Moss, Jessy                       Street Knuckles            8230
        Moss, Nick                            Privleged              9933
   Most Precious Blood                    Nothing In Vain            6335
      Mostel, Raphael                        Nightsongs               369
      Moten, Wendy                         Moten, Wendy               848
       Mother Hips                      Green Hills of Earth         5846
      Mother Superior                             Sin                6819
  Motion City Soundtrack                  I Am the Movie             7676
        Motion Sick                     Her Brilliant Fifteen        9103
        Motley Crue                      Swine Generation            3545
        Motorcade                    The Automatic Window            6360
        Motorhead                           Kiss of Death            1143
        Motorhead                      Motorhead Sampler             2910
        Motorhead                      Overnight Sensation           2955
        Motorhead                            Hammered                6580
        Motorhead                              Inferno               8321
        Motorplant                       Inside the Walnut           3836
        Motorplant                      American Postcard            6430
       Motorpsycho                           Wrenched                 479
        Motorway                             Motorway                7575
        Mould, Bob                           Workbook                 112
        Mould, Bob                     Black Sheets of Rain           114
      Moulton, Scott                  Light on the Mountain          1600
        Mount Pilot            Help Wanted, Love Needed, Caretaker   4001
       Mountain Con                  Dusty Zeros Dirty Ones          8367
       Mountaineers                        Mountaineers              7450
          Mouth                         Hole of your Head            2440
       Movement Ex                        Movement Ex                145
        Movielife                      This Time Next Year           5808
        Moving Units                           Dangerous Dreams                       8475
        Moxy Fruvous                               Bargainville                       1514
        Moye, Kathryn                             It's a Breeze                       5589
         Mr. Bungle                              Disco Volante                        2130
         Mr. Bungle                                  California                       4795
         Mr. Gnome                           Echoes on the Ground                     9213
  Mr. Jones and the Previous                      Porch Music                         1853
  Mr. Jones and the Previous          In Search of the Hundredth Monkey               1855
  Mr. Jones and the Previous                     Hard Feelings                        1866
  Mr. Jones and the Previous                      Porch Music                         5532
            Mr. Lif                                 I Phantom                         7093
       Mr. T Experience                               Alcatraz                        5618
          Mr. Twist                             Let's Go Bowling                      2575
        Mraz, Jason                           Tonight, Not Again: Live                8394
       Ms. Dynamite                                A Little Deeper                    7993
          Muckner               If I Can't Talk to You, Then I Can't Talk to Anyone   8595
         Mud Ducks                               #1 Hit Rock Record                   7449
         Mudhoney                                         Live                         885
         Mudhoney                      Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew             1392
         Mudhoney                                My Brother the Cow                   2336
         Mudhoney                                   March to Fuzz                     5015
         Mudvayne                       The Beginning of All Things to End            6341
            Muffs                                     The Muffs                        935
            Muffs                               Blonder and Blonder                   2117
            Muffs                               Happy Birthday to Me                  3778
      Mugavero, Adam                                    Breathe                       9161
           Muggs                                          Dust                        7441
   Mull Historical Society                                Loss                        6597
        Multiple Cat                    Territory Shall Mean the Universe             2881
        Multiple Cat                           Multiple Kat Mixy Mixy                 3791
            Mulu                                 Smiles Like a Shark                  4255
           Mundy                                       Jelly Legs                     3190
Munoz and the Amen Corner, PC             A Good Dead In A Weary World                7425
     Murder City Devils                     Empty Bottles Broken Hearts               4575
    Murder City Players                            Power Struggle                      948
        Murderdolls                            Right to Remain Violent                9045
          Murmurs                                   The Murmurs                       1775
       Murphy, Peter                                 Holy Smoke                        631
       Murphy, Peter                                      Dust                        6701
        Murphy's Law                       Best of Times- Good for Now                5622
        Murray, Chris                                     Raw                         7223
        Murray, Jeff                                  Standpipe                       7727
        Murray, Scott                                   Stutter                       7761
            Murs                              The End of the Beginning                7462
         Muscadine                           The Ballad of Hope Nicholls              4280
            Muse                                        Arcana                        1164
            Muse                                         Cave                         5517
                  Muse                                      Absolution                 8174
                  Muse                             Black Holes and Revelations         9348
              Mushmouth                                   Lift the Curse               5184
                  Music                               Welcome to the North             8540
           Music as a Weapon II                            Compilation                 8087

Music Meeting 2001-2003 Festival Highlights                 Compilation                8408
            Music Messenger                               The Messenger                9560
               Music, The                                    The Music                 7141
          Musselwhite, Charlie                            Deluxe Edition               8624
                Mustard                                    Time Will Tell              5790
              Mustard Plug                               Evildoers Beware              3274
                 Mute                                           Mute                   5888
               Mute Math                                     Mute Math                 1710
             Mutiny Within                                Mutiny Within                9908
                 Muzzle                                     Betty Pickup               2852
                 Muzzle                                      Actual Size               5037
                 MVM                                           Evolver                 7331
                 MXPX                           Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo    4131
                 Mxpx                                   The Renaissance EP             6073
             My Aim is True                               A Spark, A Fire              9993
          My Bloody Valentine                              Isn't Anything               994
         My Chemical Romance                                Black Parade               1119
         My Chemical Romance                      Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge       8317
              My Drug Hell                              This is My Drug Hell           2889
             My Dying Bride                             34.788% Complete               4445
                  My Head                                Endless Bummer                2527
               My Hotel Year                  The Composition of Ending and Phrasing   6282
       My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult              Hit and Run Holiday              2061
            My Little Funhouse                             Standunder                  1493
             My Morning Jacket                              Songs: Ohia                6569
             My Morning Jacket                             It Still Moves              7933
             My Morning Jacket                          Acoustic Citsuoca              8234
             My Morning Jacket                                     Z                   9010
             My Morning Jacket                               Okonokos                  9283
             My Morning Ritual                              Compilation                7852
                 My Ruin                                 Speak & Destroy               5789
               My Superhero                                 Station One                4966
                 My Vitrol                                    Finelines                6687
              Myers, Michael                                   Destiny                 5951
              Myerson, Jamie                            The Listen Project             4037
              Myles, Heather                           Just Like Old Times              544
                   Mylo                               Destroy Rock and Roll            9170
                Myrkskog                               Superior Massacre               7079
              Myshkin, Darian                             Wake Up Now                  1533
              Myshkin, Dorian                             Wake Up Now                  9887
              Mysteries of Life                           Keep a Secret                2414
    Mystery Machine                         Glazed                  902
    Mystery Machine                Headfirst Into Everything       4017
        Mystic              Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom…   7904
     Mystic Nation                     Breaking Bread              1110
       Nada Surf                          High- Low                3173
       Nada Surf                       Proximity Effect            4257
      Naildrivers                          Tool Box                3803
         Najee                          Just an Illusion            761
     Naked Beggars                        Spit It Out              9181
      Naked Ones                           Exposed                 3340
       Nancy Boy                            Sire                   2583
       Napalm Death                      Greed Killing              2346
Napalm Death and Coalesce       Napalm Death and Coalesce           3159
       Nappy Roots                    Wooden Leather               8193
             Nas                        Nastradamus                 5275
        Nash, Chuck                Dressed in Yellow Light         8585
         Nash, Kate                    Made of Bricks               1132
      Nashville Pussy               Let Them Eat Pussy              4593
      Nashville Pussy                    High as Hell               5423
      Nasson, Arthur                   False Prophets               503
       Natacha Atlas                       Diaspora                 3380
   Natalie Wattre Band                       Break                  5762
            Natas                   Ciudad de Brahman               6086
     Nathanson, Matt             Beneath These Fireworks           7801
       Nation of Fear            Everything Beautiful Rusts         4433
    Nationale Blue, The         A Different Kind of Listening       6758
        Native Root                      Native Root                9424
 Natives of the New Dawn              Need Something                9173
           Nature                           Nature                  2014
     Nature Boy Saints                  Love and Pain               5395
          Nayobe                         Promise Me                  73
          Nazareth             The Very Very Best of Nazareth       487
   Ndegeocello, Meshell                      Bitter                 4943
           Nebula                          Charged                  5492
           Nebula                       Atomic Ritual              8015
        Neckbones                        Souls on Fire              3834
   Ned's Atomic Dustbin                  God Fodder                 250
   Ned's Atomic Dustbin               Are You Normal?               696
          Neferfari             Mad About You Remix Promo          10022
       Negativeland                        Mistake                  914
        Negativland                      No Business                8855
   Neighborhood Watch                  Dilated People              8169
        Neil Young                         Freedom                   15
      Neill Trio, Casey                      Skree                  5907
            Nelo                             Nelo                   1152
  Nelson, Willy & Friends             Stars and Guitars            8095
            NERD                        In Search of…               5440
       Nerf Herder                             Nerf Herder                           3167
       Nerf Herder                           American Cheese                         6811
     Nervous Return                           Wake Up Dead                           8493
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 3     166
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 10    167
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 15    168
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 14    169
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 13    170
Netherlands Chamber Choir              10 Years of Concerts- Disc 1                   416
Netherlands Chamber Choir              10 Years of Concerts- Disc 2                   417
Netherlands Chamber Choir              10 Years of Concerts- Disc 3                   418
Netherlands Chamber Choir              10 Years of Concerts- Disc 4                   419
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 18    420
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 17    421
Netherlands Chamber Choir    Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Vol. 16    422
        Neuhuman                               Neuhuman                              1753
        Neurotica                               Neurotica                            6787
    Nevada Bachelors                       Carrots and So On                         4580
    Nevergonnascore                        The Byron Sessions                        6072
        Nevermore                    Dead Heart in a Dead World                      5370
   New American Mob                               Liberty                            7919
    New Amsterdams                          Story Like a Scar                        9139
        New Black                              New Black                             8224
    New Bomb Turks                           Scared Straight                         2836
   New Cool Collective                              Big                              5858
  New Duncan Imperials                    In-a-gadda-da-vegas                        3371
      New Kingdom                    Paradise Don't Come Cheap                       2938
        New Order                           Substance Disc 1                          103
        New Order                           Substance Disc 2                          104
        New Order                                In Order                             830
        New Order                                 Best of                            1810
        New Order                       20 Years of New Order                        5703
        New Order                                 Crystal                            5839
        New Order                        Selections From Retro                       7417
        New Order                     Waiting for the Siren's Call                   8819
       New Order                               Get Ready                             6176
      New Radicals                Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too                  4615
 New Society of Anarchists          The Few, the Proud, the Brutal                   8090
     New Wet Kojak                              Do Things                            6071
     New Wet Kojak                               No. 4 EP                            6255
     New Wet Kojak                       This is the Glamorous                       7383
     New What Next                          Hot Water Music                          8417
        Newsboys                      Step Up to the Microphone                      4127
         Neybuzz                              Heavy Soulz                            9857
          Niacin                                  Niacin                             3238
     Nicholls, Sheila                          Brief Strop                           5045
     Nicholls, Sheila                              Wake                              6581
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds       Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus    8536
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds                  Let Love In                1659
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds                                             2503
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds                    Best Of                  4192
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds              The Boatman's Call             4600
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds           No More Shall We Part             5433
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes             Reform School Girl             9906
         Nickelcreek                          This Side                 6609
         Nickpeace                         High-powered                 8739
          Nicotine                         Samurai Shop                 6690
        Night Blooms                 24 Days at Catastrofe Café         1055
       Night in Gales                  Towards the Twilight             4168
          Nightcat                            Nightcat                   328
    Nightmares on Wax                      Mind Elevation               6986
      Nights Like These                     The Faithless               9294
      Nights Like These               Sunlight at Secondhand            9361
      Nightwatchman                     One Man Revolution              9374
         Nightwish                   Made in Hong Kong (Live)           1193
         Nightwish                        Dark Passion Play             9588
            Nihil                              Drown                    5661
            Nihil                              Hollow                   6180
            Nillah                      Heart Attack Special            4851
  Nimbit Holiday Party CD                   Compilation                 8590
         Nine Even                         Seamsan Over                 1089
       Nine Inch Nails                    Downward Spiral               1550
       Nine Inch Nails                        Perfect Drug              3163
       Nine Inch Nails                   Things Falling Apart           5215
       nine inch nails               And All That Could've Been         6481
       nine inch nails           And All That Could've Been Sampler     6490
       Nine Inch Nails                    Year Zero Remixed             9548
       Nine Inch Nails                          Year Zero               9568
    Nineteen Forty-Five        Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves   6318
    Nineteen Forty-five                   I Saw a Bright Light          7729
           Nirvana                                 Silver               9095
        Nitro Lounge                      Lost In The Garden            6416
   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                     Best of Vol. II             14
           Nixons                              The Nixons               3191
          No Doubt                            Rock Steady               6356
     No Innocent Victim                     Flesh and Blood             4894
          No Knife                          Hit Man Dreams              3452
          No Knife                 Fire in the City of Automatons       5040
          No Knife                         Riot for Romance             6951
          No Motiv                       Diagram for Healing            5601
           No One                                No One                 5350
    No Use For A Name                     Hard Rock Bottom              6760
     No Use for a Name                  Keep Them Confused              8876
        No Warning                               Ill Blood              7265
      No Warning                         Suffer, Survive            8638
  Noah and the Whale          Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down      1207
        Nobodee                              Fo' Real               6738
        Nobodys                         Generation XXX              4837
    Nobody's Heroes                   The Bevel Sessions            5913
    Nodes of Ranvier                 Defined By Struggle            9364
         NOFX                               Self Titled             3688
     Noise Ratchet                    Till We Have Faces            6659
     Noise Therapy                           Tension                6913
        Noisettes               Three Moods of the Noisettes        8978
        Noisettes                 Whats the Time Mr. Wolf?          9446
          Nok                                   Vent                5668
       Nolan, Joe                           Plain Jane              6937
         Nonce                          World Ultimate              1998
        Nonpoint                         Development                6900
     Noodle Muffin                      Regime Change              8483
     Noodle Muffin                       Time to Retox             10057
   Nordenstam, Stina              And She Closed Her Eyes           1952
        Norman                                Polarity              7579
North Mississippi Allstars            4 Song College EP             6204
North Mississippi Allstars                 51 Phantom               6205
North Mississippi Allstars            Hill Country Revue           8468
    North Side Kings                     A Family Affair            7007
     Northern State                     Dying in Stereo            7654
     Northern State                  Can I Keep This Pen?           9536
 Not Drowning Waving                           Circus               1032
 Not Drowning, Waving               Follow the Geography            957
        Nothing                            Nondescript              5849
      Nothingface            An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity    4418
      Notley, Sarah                           Falling               6772
        Notwist                         Only in America             2882
    Nourallah, Faris                       I Love Faris             7440
       Nova Mute                           Version 1.1              1875
       Nova Social                  The Jefferson Fracture          6605
       Nova Social                  The Jefferson Fracture          6825
      Nova-Adore                   Conclusion To the Intro          6959
        Novillero                 Aim Right for the Holes…          8850
     Novocaine NP9                    Frustration No. 10            3551
     Now, Stephen                      Songs from here              8669
     Noxious Weed                     Best Foot Forward             5683
       Noyes, Ron                             Mosaic                6601
     Nuclear Valdez                            I am I                68
    Nueva Manteca                        Congo Square              7698
      Nugent, Ted                          Free for All             489
      Nugent, Ted                         Stranglehold              490
        Nuisance                             Nuisance              2174
       Null Object                         Null Object             7258
          Nullset                                 Nullset                 5722
       Numan, Gary                               Scarred                  7526
     Number One Cup                         Wrecked by Lions              3251
     Number One Fan                           Compromises                 8324
          Nurses                 Hanging Nothing But Our Hands Down       9625
       Nusic, Roger                           Burn or Save?               9592
       Nutini, Paolo                          These Streets               9330
         NY Loose                            Year of the Rat              2863
     Oakenfold, Paul                           Great Wall                 7826
           OAR                            Stories of a Stranger           9063
           Oasis                              Be Here Now                 3605
           Oasis                             The masterplan               4581
           Oasis                  Standing on the Shoulders of Giants     5017
           Oasis                           Heathen Chemistry              6684
         Obituary                         Back from the Dead              3349
         Obituary                               Anthology                 6051
         Obituary                            Frozen in Time               8919
      Oblong Potato                              A Demo                   8773
       Observations                               Rager                    147
         Obvious                                 No Toes                  1030
         Obvious                                Detached                  2224
        Ocasek, Ric                       Quick Change World              1035
        Ocasek, Ric                            Troublizing                4083
        Ocean Blue                   Beneath the Rhythm and sound         1031
        Ocean Blue                           Peace and Light              1572
    Ocean Colour Scene               The Best of Ocean Colour Scene       1125
    Oceancolourscene                        Northatlanticdrift            7667
     O'Connor, Sinead              I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got        126
     October Project                         October Project              1851
     October Project                        Falling Farther In            2141
           Odds                                  Bedbugs                   907
           Odds                           Good Weird Feeling              2434
            Odds                                 Nest                     3160
        Off the Edge            Pressures and Other Assorted Love Songs   2975
          Offbeat                        A Red Hot Sound Trip             2492
            Office                          Night at the Ritz             9532
Office of Strategic Influence                     O.S.I.                  7963
 Official Big League (OBL)                 Dirt Gravel Grime              8569
          Offspring                      Ixnay on the Hombre              3158
       Offspring, The                           Splinter                  8031
         Oh My God                  Interrogations and Confessions        7753
             Ohgr                                 Welt                    5317
             ohgr                             sunnypsyop                  8186
             Ohia                                Songs                    3355
              Oil                            Various Artists              7511
        Oingo Boingo                             Boingo                   1634
            OK Go                                OK Go                    7101
                OK GO                                   OH NO                8967
               Ol' Yeller                              Penance               7742
                Old 97s                              Fight Songs             4800
              Old Ghost                             Light Returns            8155
             Old Granddad                          The Last Upper            4889
              Old Hickory                   Other Eras…Such as Witchcraft    4601
               Old Soul                                Old Soul              3084
             Oldfield, Mike                   The Songs of distand Earth     2424
                  Olive                             You're Not Alone         3466
               Olsson, P.J.                             P.J. Olsson          4662
               Olsson, P.J.                                Visine            5421
               Olsson, P.J.                         Words for Living         5432
                Olsson, PJ                          Words for Living         5944
          Omar and the Howlers                          Swingland            5036
                    On                                 Shifting Skin         5830
             On the Last Day                     Meaning in the Static       9251
         On the Might of Princes                          Sirens             7790
                Once Blue                               Once Blue            2356
              One AM Radio                         This Too Will Pass        9398
             One King Down                        Gravity Wind Again         5259
              One Life Crew                      Crime Ridden Society        2399
              One Light Out                               Spread             6918
              One Light Out                            Sweat it Out          7378
              One Light Out                      The Great Distraction       7799
            One Line Drawing                      Rival Schools United       5750
             One Man Army                        Rumors and Headlines        7247
           One Minute Silence                    Available in All Colors     4331
           One Minute Silence                    Buy Now, Saved Later        5678
One of the Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard…               The Skin EP           8478
One of the Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard…           Situation Nowhere         8878
              One Side Zero                  Is This Room Getting Smaller    5721
              Onekingdown                          Bloodlust Revenge         2770
             Onelinedrawing                               Visitor            6883
           Only Living Witness                          Innocents            2415
                  Onlys                          Tune the Blue Screen        5170
         Onward Crispin Glover                The Further and the Faster     6504
                  Opeth                             Blackwater Park          6157
                  Opeth                              Ghost Reveries          8981
                  Opeth                                 Watershed            9867
                O-positive                     Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat        83
                 Orange                    Welcome to the World of Orange    8960
              Orange 9 mm                             Orange 9 mm            1970
              Orange 9 mm                         Pretend I'm Human          4778
            Orange Astronauts                               Dea              3225
            Orange Astronauts                       One Orange Beat          3796
              Orange Goblin                      Time Traveler's Blues       4432
              Orange Island                Everything You Thought You Knew   6516
          Orangetree                             Fixing Stupid               1338
              Orb                                 In My Mind                 6973
          Orbison, Roy                All Time Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and 2     634
              Orbit                         Libido SpeedwayDeath             2737
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark                 Best of OMD                 134
               Orion                        Songs for the Goddess            8024
       Orphan, Shelleyann                           Waking Up                 777
             Orphans                                   Alone                 1196
          Orquestra Was                  Forever's a Long, Long Time         4143
            Orton, Beth                       Central Reservation            5221
           Os Mutantes                     The Best of Os Mutantes           6078
                Osb                                 Transitions              1631
         Osborne, Anders                      Which Way to Here              2355
         Osborne, Anders                     American Patchwork              9947
          Osborne, Joan                                Relish                2038
         Osbourne, Ozzy                          No More Tears                305
         Osbourne, Ozzy                     No Rest for the Wicked            617
         Osbourne, Ozzy                         Live At Budokan              6832
  Osee Anderson and Hit Squad                Old School Nu School            1036
               Osiva                                 Riot Level              5187
               Osker                               Idle Will Kill            5498
        Ost, Clayton Bruce                     This Day and Age              5740
           Oszajca, John                      From There to Here             5594
      Other Natural Flavors                     Drop the World               7469
        Other Star People              Diamonds In the Belly of the Dog      4928
            Other Two                      The Other Two and You             1456
             Otherside                             Way of Life                675
         Our Lady Peace                                  Live                7629
      Our Marvelous Lives                    Our Marvelous Lives             6524
               Ours                                    Mercy                 1302
         Ours to Destroy                        Ours to Destroy              9607
            Out of Here                             Courduroy                3149
             Outerstar                               Outerstar               5713
             Outgrabe                      Love in the Time of War           5219
             Outgrabe                              City of God               7124
             Outhouse                                Welcome                 3657
              Outkast                             Speakerboxx                7832
              Outkast                                 Idlewild               9332
               Outlie                  Companions to Devils and Saints       8218
       Outrageous Cherry                     Supernatural Equinox            7981
            Outspoken                             Bitter Shovel              7465
             Overcast                        Fight Ambition to Kill          3582
             Overdose                                   Scars                2839
             Overseer               Everything Louder Than Everything Else   5931
             Overseer                               Wreckage                 7643
             Owl City                        Maybe I'm Dreaming              1070
             Owl City                                 Of June                1088
    Owl City                      Ocean Eyes                     1121
     Owls                             Owls                       5739
    Owsley                           Owsley                      5050
  Oxycontinent                That's What You Get                8554
    Oz Factor                     Unwritten Law                  2601
       Ozma                      Double Donkey Disc              6919
       Ozma              Spending Time on the Borderline         7955
     Ozomatli                          Coming Up                 7868
     Ozomatli                         Street Signes              8254
          P                                  P                   2316
    P.M. Dawn        of the heart of the soul and of the cross   1046
    P.M. Dawn                          Jesus Wept                2190
       Paatos                            Kallocain               8470
      Pacifier                      Suck On This EP              7225
        Pack                           Based Boys                9542
  Page and Plant               Walking into Clarksdale           4577
        Pain                            Jabberjaw                5354
      Paingate                   DO the Wrong Thing              3219
   Paint it Black                          CVA                   7648
   Palace Music            Lost Blues and Other Songs            3312
      Paladins                     Million Mile Club             2942
   Palmer, Holly                      Holly Palmer               3059
  Palmer, Robert                          Secrets                 229
  Palmer, Robert                      Heavy Nova                  233
      Paloalto                        Fade In/Out                7374
      Paloalto                    heroes and villains            7685
Pameijer, Eleonore             Fantasies for Solo Flute          1673
Pamela Andersons                  Pamela Andersons               8663
     Panasonic                        Kulma Mute                 3418
     Pandemic                           Angry Sky                7541
  Panic Channel                            One                   9325
 Panic In Detroit                   Panic In Detroit             7357
      Pantera                    Reinventing the Steel           5087
    Papa Brittle         Obey Consume Marry Reproduce            1660
    Papas Fritas                         Helioself               2794
   Paper Route                   Are We All Forgotten            1379
   Paper Route                           Absence                 1537
     Paper St.                Music for the Desperate            8331
 Parade of Losers                  Parade of Losers              2029
     Paradigm                       Standing in Line             7170
   Paradiselost                      Symbol of Life              7227
        Park                             No Signal               6287
   Park, Patrick           Under the Unminding Skies             7427
   Park, Patrick           Loneliness Knows My Name              7644
   Park, patrick                      Patrick Park               7886
    Parker, Billy           I'll Speak Out for you Jesus          468
  Parker, Charlie                 Bird at the High Hat            896
     Parker, Jamison                         Sleepwalker               8943
     Parker, Jamison                  Notes and Photographs            9071
         Parkside                 Red Balloons and White Confetti      6210
       Parlor James                        Dreadul Sorry               2966
       Parlor James                          Old Dreams                4212
       Partly Cloudy                        State of Mind              8677
      Pasternak, Deb                            Eleven                 6166
   Pastor Keith C. Smith       Old Time Churchin (Let's Have Church)   9986
     Pat McGee Band                    One Way Locomotive              5108
    Pat McGuire Band                       Big Brown Sofa              3557
    Path of Resistance                 Can't Stop the Truth            9138
       Path, Joshua                           Headrush                  792
       Patient Zero                    Free of Any Mindset             9037
    Patterson, Rahsaan                     Love in Stereo              4976
       Patton, Mike                         Peeping Tom                9312
        Pavement                       Brighten the Corners            4596
            Paw                        Couldn't Know Single             945
            Paw                          Death to Traitors             2058
          Paxton                                Paxton                 4584
          Paxton                            Ginger's Dish              6026
    Peace in the Jones                  Manna & the Devils             8506
         Peace586                            Generations               7586
         Peach gb                     Giving Birth To A Stone          6463
          Peaches                     The Teaches of Peaches           7106
        Peachfuzz                             Poppycock                6916
         Peacocks                       In Without Knockin             5712
         Pearl Jam                            Lost Dogs                9079
         Pearl Jam                            Pearl Jam                9301
       Pearl, Jemina                         Break It Up               1240
         Peasants                        Out on the Street             3799
      Peasants, The                   Welcome to My Country            7883
        Pedestrian                            Volume 1                 8644
      Pedro the Lion                    Winners Never Quit             6116
         Pee Shy                    Who Let all the Monkey Out         2537
          Pee Shy                   Don't Get Too Comfortable          3664
          Peeper                         Norenberg Park                9090
    Penelope Houston                         Cut You                   2490
       Penn, Michael           MP4 [days since a lost time accident]   5799
        Pennan Brae                         Shaded Joy                 1740
Penniless People of Bulgaria                 Velocity                  3062
  Penny's Pet Dragonfly                In a Frail Daydream             5679
         Pennywise                       From the Ashes                8195
           Penpal                            Best Boy                  2957
     People in Planes                       Acoustic EP                9222
     People in Planes               As Far as the Eye Can See          9224
         Pep Squad                         Yreka Bakery                5953
       Perez, Franky                     Poor Man's Son                7524
       Perfect Murder                               Unbroken                  8500
       Perfect Murder                     Strength Through Vengeance          8918
       Perfect Murder                           War of Agression              9336
       Perfect Thyroid                         Musical Barnacles              3336
         Perkins, Carl                              Go Cat Go                 3005
Perry Farrell's Satellite Party                  Ultra Payloaded              9599
          Perry, Bill                           Crazy Kind of Life            7155
         Perry, Brian                              Birmingham                 7119
       Perry, Graham                              Perryphernalia              8563
        Perseverance                               Us vs. Them                5554
              Pet                                       Pet                   2871
        Pet Shop Boys                                 Actually                 324
             Pete                                  Sweet Daze                 5352
   Peter, Paul, and Mary                      Peter, Paul, and Mary            539
            Petra                        War and Remembrance Disc 1            721
            Petra                        War and Remembrance Disc 2            722
            Petra                                 Unseen Power                 729
          Petroleum                                   Emerge                  5368
        Pettis, Pierce                          Chase the Buffalo              932
    Peyroux, Madeleine                             Dreamland                  2947
    Peyroux, Madeleine                             Dreamland                  9940
             PGS                            Worth A Thousand Words            7162
            PH101                                  Philosophy                 1402
           Phair, Liz                              Whip Smart                 1789
           Phair, Liz                            Exile in Guyville            1950
           Phair, Liz                                Juvenalia                2134
      Phantom Planet                                The Guest                 6461
      Phantom Planet                             Phantom Planet               8134
      Phantom Surfers                      The Great Surf Crash of 97         2951
          Pharcyde                              Lacabincalifornia             2310
    Phase Five NZ Music           A Selection of New Music from New Zealand   9937
            Phibes                    Soothing Music of the Savage Beast      1500
         Philips, Sam                                Omnipop                  2925
    Philips/Koncak, Nuci                Only When the Right Side Glows        7259
       Philistines Jr.                The Sinking of the S.S. Danehower       2512
       Phillips, Glen                               Abulum                    6063
     Phillips, Grant Lee                           Mobilize                   5711
     Phillips, Grant-Lee                       Virginia Creeper               8076
            Phish                            Slip Stitch and Pass             3632
           Phoenix                                  United                    6147
           Phoenix                           Faith of the Fallen              8513
   Phoenix Thunderstone                     Ride of the Lawless               3140
         Photoflash                          Atoms and Energy                 7130
      Phunk Junkees                                Injected                   2132
           Picketts                               Euphonium                   2904
           Piebald                The Rock Revolution Will Not Be Televised   5939
         Piece Dogs                              Exes for Eyes                 888
     Pieces, The                          The Pieces                   7405
       Pierces                             The Way                     5902
       Pierces               Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge        9629
      Pietasters                     Awesome Mix Tape                  4948
     Pigeonhed                        The Full Sentence                3208
       Pigface                        Feels Like Heaven                2148
       Pigface                       A New High in Low                 4225
        Pilfers                          Chawalaleng                   4547
        Pillbox                     Give Me What I Want                5419
Pilot Round the Sun                  Hits Like the Gospel              7354
     Pilot Speed                        Into the West                  9323
     Pimpadelic                        Southern Devils                 5267
     Pimpadelic                               Fire                     8189
        Pimps                        To a Cool Person…                 5494
   Pinching Judy                    More Like Morphine                 2605
   Pineal Ventana                  Breathe As You Might                3854
    Pinehurst Kids                    Minnesota Hotel                  4652
    Pinehurst Kids                       Bleed it Dry                  5680
    Pinehurst Kids                       Viewmaster                    5879
       Piney Gir                       Piakahokahoo                    8612
Pinhead Gunpowder                     Carry the Banner                 2164
     Pink Grease                        All Over You                   7734
     Pink Grease                       This is for Real                8275
     Pink Martini                       Sympathique                    4055
   Pinker, Horace                Burn Temple to the Ground             3075
  Piperdowns, The        Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness   7108
        Pipettes                    We are the Pipettes                9320
Pirates of Mississippi                 Walk the Plank                   413
         Piston                         Number One                     3890
      Pitch Black                        Pitch Black                   6732
      Pitchshifter                       Pitchshifter                  4307
      Pitchshifter                            PSI                      6643
      Pitchtuner                          Spiny Lure                   8501
       Pitty Ping                         Pitty Ping                   7865
         Pixies                          Surfer Rosa                     99
         Pixies                      Trompe le Monde                    397
         Pixies                          Bossanova                      434
         Pixies                       Come On Pilgrim                   437
         Pixies                        Death to Pixies                 3769
         Pixies                             Pixies                     6721
    Pizzicato Five                  The Sound of Music                 2250
    Pizzicato Five                Happy End of the World               4105
       PJ Harvey                       4-track Demos                   1401
        Placebo                   Without You I'm Nothing              4718
   Placebo Royale                     Crème de Mentia                  2973
         Plan E                    Songs for a Rainy Day               4897
     Planet Dread                            Safe                      3106
        Plankeye                      Relocation              5493
     Plant, Robert                  Now and Zen               396
     Plant, Robert                 Fate of Nations            876
      Plastikman                         Closer              8291
   Plastilina Mosh              Hecho in Mexico EP            4147
   Plastilina Mosh                    Aquamosh                4207
       Plastique                   Towards Enemy              2317
      Plastiscene                     Plastiscene             4146
      Plastiscene                    Seeing Stars             4341
   Play Radio Play                        Texas               9891
     Playground X         All the World's a Playground        3066
   Pleasant, Wally                     Hoedown                6008
    Pleasure Club                 The Fugitive Kind          8338
    Pleasurecraft                   Lost Patterns            8352
     Pleasureville                     Low Rent               4971
           Plexi                          I.F.A.              2142
           Plexi                       Cheer Up               3015
       Plug, Julie                    Starmaker               3982
   Plunkett, Steve                   My Attitude              403
          Pluto                           Pluto               2928
        PO Boyz                     Country Funk             10053
  Pocketful of Deng                    Boxed In               9461
         Podstar                        Podstar               5009
           Poe                            Hello               2180
      Poe, David                      David Poe               4219
      Poe, David                   the Late Album             6683
    Point No Point                   Stick Figures            928
      Poison Idea                  Pig's Last Stand           3176
   Poison the Well             You Come Before You           8111
      Poisonblack                   Escapeexstacy             1201
       Polar Bear                     Polar Bear              3547
          Polara                     Pantomime                3067
          Polara                     C'est La Vie             3231
          Polara                Formless/Functional           4067
   Polenzani, Rose                 Rose Polenzani             6277
          Pollen                           Chip               5911
Polo de Haas Quartet                  Soolmaan                881
   Polonsky, Jonny             Hi My Name is Jonny            2384
      Poltz, Steve                  One Left Shoe             3877
     Polyethylene                  Paper or Plastic           9007
     Polyethylene         What Goes On Inside Houses          9454
    Polyplush Cats            It's a Rock-n-Roll Party        4334
 Polyvalent Immedia                     Iron Eye              3268
        Pomeroy                      Cocoon Club              6567
          Pond         The Practice of Joy of Before Death    1898
          Pond                     Rock Collection            4640
          Ponga                          Ponga                4847
          Pooch                               Individual                   6606
        Pooh Sticks                         Million Seller                  802
          Poole                         The Late Engagement                3381
      Poor Rich Ones                   Joe Maynard's Favorites             7774
         Poorboys                             Pardon Me                    1511
          Pop Evil                               XOXO                      1160
         Pop, Iggy                           Brick By Brick                 128
         Popinjays                   Flying Down to Mono Valley             662
       Popper, John                              Zygote                    4788
         Popsicko                          Off to a Bad Start              3202
      Porcupine Tree                         The Incident                  1174
      Porcupine Tree                            Sampler                    6971
       Porges Band                        Turn on Your Smiles              1823
       Pork Tornado                          Pork Tornado                  7084
        Porn Flakes                    The Number of the Beef              4506
      Porno for Pyros                           Sadness                    1554
      Porno for Pyros                      Good God's Urge                 2790
         Portable                               Portable                   4700
         Portable                              Secret Life                 4933
        Portastatic                          Nature of Sap                 4082
          Portrait                              Portrait                    745
     Portugal the Man                       Church Mouth                   1330
           Posies                       Frosting on the Beater              946
           Posies                              Sampler                     2530
            Posies                             Success                     3820
            Posies              In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In   5955
        Possum Dixon                        Possum Dixon                   1044
        Possum Dixon                         Extra Tracks                  1430
        Possum Dixon                          Star Maps                    2376
     Postal Service, The                       Give Up                     7390
    Postelthwaite, Brad              Welcome to the Occupation             7751
       Poster Children                                                     1901
Poster Children International                   RTFM                       4595
        Potato Eaters                         Wreckless                    2401
          Potatomen                       All My Yesterdays                3105
           Potluck                      Humboldt County High               6680
        Potthast, Dan                     Sweets and Meats                 7249
          Poundcake                       Aloha Via Satellite              3077
          Powerface                          On the Floor                  2922
         Powerhouse                        What Lies Ahead                 5417
      Powerman 5000                 The Blood Splat Rating System          2455
      Powerman 5000                      Mega! Kung Fu Radio               3210
      Powerman 5000                            transform                   8227
         Precious                               Precious                   4602
       Prefab Sprout                    Jordan: The Comeback                319
       Prefab Sprout                        Prefab Sprout                   326
       Prefab Sprout                     Best of Prefab Sprout              691
       Premonitions of War                         Left in Kowloon             8100
              Presence                              Mic Check EP               7466
  Presidents of the United States                   Pure Frosting              3975
            Presley, Elvis                      Great Performances              159
           Pressner, Bob                      Summer In Illusion Land          6390
          Pressure Cooker                  Burning Fence- Instrumentals        1586
             Pretenders                                 Packed!                 424
             Pretenders                            The Isle of View            2191
             Pretenders                       Last of the Independents         2303
        Pretty and Twisted                       Pretty and Twisted            2268
    Pretty Little Wrecking Ball                 Girls Guns and Glory           9608
            Prevent Falls                   A New More Shattered You           6559
              Previous                                  Unpop                  3289
                 Prick                              The Wreckard               6672
              Priestess                              Hello Master              9314
             Primal Fear                              Primal Fear              4354
             Primal Fear                             Nuclear Fire              5681
           Primal Scream                     Give out but don't give up        1803
           Primal Scream                           Vanishing Point             4091
           Primal Scream                               Evil + Kat              7280
           Primal Scream                            Riot City Blues            9413
               Primus                            Promo de Fromage              7874
                Prince                              Graffiti Bridge             361
                Prince                                   1999                   697
                Prince                       The Hits/The B-sides disc3        1024
                Prince                       The Hits/The B-sides disc1        1025
                Prince                                   Come                  1960
          Prince Charming                       Summer In Paradise             5928
     Prince of the Deep Water                        The Blessing               186
             Prince Paul                       Politics of the Business        7600
         Princess Superstar         Last of the Great 20th Century Composers   5904
             Prine, John                  Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings        2262
             Prissteens                                                        3969
             Prissteens                Scandal, Controversy and Romance        4314
       Private Investigators                  Re-Act Like Ya Knew              1559
             Prml Scrm                              Xtrmntr                    5428
              Pro Soul                       Past Becomes Future               8702
               Prodigy                             Maverick                     440
               Prodigy              Always Out Numbered, Never Outgunned       1072
               Prodigy                            Fire Started                 3169
               Prodigy                         Smack My Bitch Up               3513
      Professor & Maryanne                      Runaway Favorite               7860
Professor Louie and the Crowmatix                Over the Edge                 5127
Professor Louie and the Crowmatix                     Jam                      5434
             Program 2                                UNA                      1389
         Program the Dead                      Program the Dead                8899
           Project Grudge                  Between You and Reality             5801
      Project Jones                      For Better or Worse                  8527
     Project Pollen                         Project Pollen                    3524
      Promise Ring                          Wood/Water                        6548
     Promised Land                           Volume One                       4311
         Prong                         Whose Fist is This Anyway               704
         Prong                             Prove Me Wrong                     1492
      Propagandhi                        Less Talk More Rock                  2673
       Propagandhi                         Today's Empire…                    5309
       Propaghandi                       Potemkin City Limits                 9027
         Pro-Pain                       Foul Taste of Freedon                  889
         Pro-Pain                     Contents Under Pressure                 2943
         Pro-Pain                               Pro-Pain                      3869
         Pro-Pain                          Shreds of Dignity                  6425
     Propellerheads               Decks and Drums and Rock and Roll           3984
     Propellors, The                        Big Motorcycle                    7164
      Propergrounds                    Downtown Circus Gang                    808
     Prophet, Chuck                         No Other Love                     6879
       Prospect Hill                         Prospect Hill                    1768
          Protein                        Ever Since I was a Kid               3379
        Prototype                               Orachid                       4141
       Proudentall                                       5970
      Prunella Scales                    Dressing Up the Idiot                4006
            PS                                     PS                         7252
        Pseudopod                             Pseudopod                       7146
          Psych!                                  101                         5665
     Psychedelic Furs                       World Outside                      226
    Psychic Karaoke                     Transglobal underground               2754
        Psychograss                            Psychograss                     977
       Psychoplague                           Psychotic Era                   4437
    Psyclone Rangers                             Feel Nice                    1382
          Psycore                                 Psycore                     4534
Public Display of Affection                    Compilation                    8465
       Public Enemy           It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back    241
       Public Enemy                           Apocalypse 91                    321
       Public Enemy                          Greatest Misses                   658
       Public Enemy                     There's a Poison Going On             4969
         Public, Joe                             Joe Public                    476
     Puddle of Mudd                            Come Dlean                     5704
     Puffy Ami Yumi                       An Illustrated History              6867
 Pugs Bite the Red Knee                  Pugs Bite the Red Knee               3177
           Pulley                         Esteem Drive Engine                 3017
            Pulp                              Different Class                 2410
          Pulsars                      Submission to the Master EP            3007
          Pulsars                                 Pulsars                     3319
           Pump                         Immortal Records- Vol. 10             1594
   Pumpkin Head Ted                   The New Bedford Knockabout              9946
        Punch Truck                            Demo- Clean                    5682
          Pure              Generation Six Pack      2976
       Purge d.I.                 Grounded           7533
     Purple Bosco                  Deeper            2394
  Purple Ivy Shadows            Under and Ok         4137
 Pursuit of Happiness         Downward Road          1907
      Push Kings                 Push Kings          2824
      Push Stars               After the Party       4801
      Push Stars                Opening Time         5466
    Push Stars, The            Paint the Town        8042
      Pusherman                    Floored           2872
     Pushmonkey                 Pushmonkey           4318
          Puya                  Fundamental          4436
          Puya                      Union            5360
        Q-burns              Abstract Message        5481
        Qpublic                    Qpublic           8242
         Q-Tip                    Amplified          5437
       Qualone                     Qualone           8953
       Quarashi           Selling Ice to Greenland   6264
       Quarashi                      Jinx            6583
     Quarter After              Changes Near         1487
     Quaye, Finley                Vanguard           5787
        Queen                     Hot Space           354
        Queen                        Jazz             355
Queens of the Stone Age                              9576
     Queensryche                   Q2K               4546
     Queensryche                  Tribe              7701
        Queers              Don't Back Down          2870
        Quibron               Not My Time            6320
      Quick Ones               Girl Game             4901
      Quickspace               Quickspace            4222
     Quincy Jones            Q's Juke Joint          2286
 Quintane Americana        Decade of the Brain       3584
         R.E.M                      IX               7077
         R.E.M.             No. 5- Document           141
         R.E.M.               Out of Time             179
         R.E.M.                  Green                543
         R.E.M.            Dead Letter Office         730
         R.E.M.                 Monster              1724
        R.E.M.            New Adventures in Hi-Fi    2714
        R.E.M.                       Up              4469
        R.E.M.              20 Years of R.E.M.       5606
        R.E.M.                     Reveal            5607
        R.E.M.               In Time (Best of)       8117
        R.E.M.                Around the Sun         8517
        R.E.M.                 A Joyful Noise        9089
        R.E.M.                      Live             9622
          Ra                       Duality           8871
                Ra Scion                           Common Market                 9140
             Race For Titles                        Race For Titles              7457
Rachelle Garniez and the Fortunate Few                   Luckyday                9081
                 Radford                                  Radford                5667
                 Radford                               Sleepwalker               9087
               Radial Bliss                                 Stir                 6653
                 Radiate                           Transmission EP               6640
                Radiators                            The Radiators               6381
             Radio Goethe                      German Bands Volume II            9939
              Radio Iodine                            Radio Iodine               3306
              Radio Iodine                           Tiny Warnings               3425
           Radio Oddyssey 2                    The Georgia Music Show            3372
            Radio Zumbido                      Los Ultimos Dias Del AM           7060
               Radiohead                            Just for College             2136
               Radiohead                           Hail to the Thief            7613
                 Radish                            Restraining Bolt              3324
          Rae, Corinne Bailey                     Corinne Bailey Rae             9308
                Raekwon                               Immobilarity               5019
                Raekwon                               Immobilarity               6021
         Raft of Dead Monkeys                         Thoroughlev                5528
      Rage Against the Machine                       Evil Empire                 2619
      Rage Against the Machine                  The Ghost of Tom Joad            3624
             Raging Slab                       Dynamite Boogie Concert           911
             Raging Slab                          Sing Monkey Sing               2939
                Railer                              Frame of Mind                6671
             Rainmaker                             Long Slow Fade                9848
              Rait, Ben                               No Regrets                 7566
            Raitt, Bonnie                         Luck of the Draw               1702
                Rakes                             Catpture/Release               9150
             Rakes, The                              Pass the Lies               6790
               Rakim                                  The Master                 6151
                Ram                               Beauty for Ashes               227
              Ramallah                              But a Whimper                7264
              Rambient                             So Many Worlds                5734
             Rammstein                                Sehnsucht                  4035
             Rammstein                               Riese, Riese                8635
             Rammstein                                 Rosenrot                  9163
              Ramones                                  Unknown                   195
              Ramones                                  Ramones                   278
              Ramones                                Acid Eaters                 1530
             Ramones                                  Loud, Fast                 7356
          Randal Paskemin                Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You   10043
            Ranier Maria                   Catastrophe Keeps Us Together         9144
           Ranks, Shabba                         Trailor Load A Girls            255
           Ranks, Shabba                           As Raw As Ever                336
              Rapture                       Pieces of the People We Love         9334
            Rapture, The                                Echoes                  7835
           Raq                          Carbohydrates              8377
Raquy and the Cavemen                       Jordan                  8784
        Rara Avis                     Broken Promises               9895
       Rasputina               Transylvanian Regurgitations         3509
        Rat Race                      Live Unelectrified            2777
    Rat Wakes Red                       Horizon Drops               9101
    Rattner, Jamie                          Within                  8676
          Ravel                   Conducted by Bernstein            652
    Raven, Marion                       Heads Will Roll             1154
   Raveonettes, The                  Chain Gang of Love            7650
      Rawk Dawg                    Rock With an Attitude            7206
        Ray, Lola                     I Don't Know You              9040
    Raymond Brake                     Never Work Ever               2959
       Razorlight                         Razorlight                9275
       Reach 454                          Reach 454                7948
     Reach The Sky                   So Far From Home               5822
     Reach The Sky        Friends, Lies and the End of the World    6050
     Ready Set Go               So You've Ruined Your Life         7789
     Reagon, Toshi                     Have You Heard               9019
    Real By Design                The Demise Of Control             5737
       Reale, Tim                            Story                  8950
     Reality Serum                          Hop In                  9567
        Rebekah                    Remember to Breathe              3860
     Rebel Pebbles                         Girls Talk               254
      Reclinerland                             EP                   6762
       Recognizer                         Recognizer                5501
        Recover                      Rodeo and Picasso              6260
    Recovery Child                On Being and the Affect           9621
           Red                   Nothing Means Anything             7444
        Red Ants                          #1 Chicken                2089
       Red Aunts                            Saltbox                 2837
       Red Elvises                   Lunatics and Poets             9030
        Red Five                             Flash                  2854
 Red Hot Chili Peppers             Blood Sugar Sex Magik           10030
 Red Hot Chili Pepper's                 Mother's Milk               111
  Red House Painters                Red House Painters              941
  Red House Painters                      UNKNOWN                   1377
       Red Peters                        Spelling Song              5567
     Red Red Meat                      Bunny Gets Paid              2167
   Red Square Black                         Square                  1943
        Red Tape                         Radioactivist             8005
   Red Thread, The                      After The Last              7562
    Red West, The                       Red West, The              7929
        Red, The                 Let's Not and Say We Did           6198
       Redd Kross                        Show World                 3322
       Red-Hawk                      More than Country              6610
        Redwalls                           De Nova                  8796
         Reed                                  One in Six                           8605
       Reed, Lou                              Magic and Loss                         498
       Reed, Lou                         Set The Twilight Reeling                   2483
       Reed, Lou                       Perfect Night Live in London                 4057
       Reed, Lou                                 The Raven                          7369
          Reef                                    Replenish                         2363
          Reef                                      Glow                            3392
      Reel Big Fish                               Cheer Up                          6880
        Re-form                               Life's in Session                     6218
     Refreshments                        Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy                  2411
     Refreshments                      The Bottle and Fresh Horses                  3486
Reggie and the Full Effect              Reggie and the Full Effect                  5613
Reggie and the Full Effect             Songs Not to Get Married To                  8805
      Regressives                       Miracle Vending Machine                     5650
      Regurgitator                                Tu Plang                          3308
         Rehab                               Graffiti the World                     1253
         Rehab                             Southern Discomfort                      5334
         Rehab                                It Don't Matter                       5908
      Reid, Robert                               Nevermore                          9206
      Reid, Vernon                           Mistaken Identity                      2688
      Reifler, Kurt                                Kurt Reifler                     9418
          Reign                                    Exit Clause                      2318
    Reindeer Section                   Y'all get scared now, ya hear!               6044
      Relative Ash                           Our Time With You                      5179
      Relative Ash                           Our Time With You                      5840
       Relevance                    Painted Pictures of Mindless Days               7228
        Relient K                      5 Score and Seven Years Ago                  1243
        Relient K                            Mmhmm Mmhmm                            8712
        Relient K                    Five Score and Seven Years Ago                 9513
     Remedy Drive                             Rip Open the Skies                    9451
     Remedy Motel                          6 Days in Westchester                    7461
    Remember Alice?                           Remember Alice?                       2188
  Remembering Never                    Suffocates my Words To You                   6445
  Remembering Never                        She Looks Good In Red                    6641
       Remy Zero                                   Remy Zero                        2412
     Replacements                            Pleased to Meet Me                     101
     Replacements                              All Shook Down                       107
       Replicants                                   Replicants                      2213
       Reprazent                                   New for MS                       4559
        Republic                              Neworder Release                      874
        Requiem                                      Secrets                        4392
      Requisitator                                    New                           3039
       Resin Docs                                     More                          9954
       Resolution              or Bits of the late Great Twentieth Century          3809
        Resound                                      Crucifix                       6018
   Reunion Show, The                          Kill Your Television                  7139
     Rev. Clay Evans         The African American Religious Connection Mass Choir   9974
             Rev. Clay Evans                   "I've Got a Testimony"          9975
             Rev. Clay Evans                      Just What I Needed           9976
             Rev. Clay Evans                           It's Me Again           9977
             Rev. Clay Evans                             Constantly            9980
                 Reveille                                   Laced              4796
                 Reveille                             What You Got             5714
                 Reveille                             Bleed the Sky            5730
           Revelation Theory                       Revelation Theory          8354
                Reverend                                     Live              1558
Reverend Glasseye and his Wooden Legs                Black River Falls         6269
        Reverend Horton Heat                       Liquor in the Front         1652
        Reverend Horton Heat                          Space Heater             3959
        Reverend Horton Heat                               Lucky 7             6433
        Reverend Horton Heat                  Loco Galaxy Party Box EP         6444
        Reverend Horton Heat                               Revival            8380
                  Revis                           Places for Breathing        8130
         Revolution Smile, The                      Above the Noise           7673
    Rex, Chad and the Victorstands                Songs to Fix Angels          6314
             Reynolds, Gary                  More Disposable Pop Songs         5363
             Reynolds, Time                             ChaosView              7572
                 Rezillos                   The Almost Complete Rezillos       843
               Rheostatics                      Introducing Happiness          4384
           Rhythm Syndicate                        Sex, Life, and Love         807
              Rhythm Trip                        Return of da Dragon           4777
              Riabko, Kyle                            Before I Speak           8845
             Ricanstruction                          Liberation Day            4329
              Ricchini, Bill                          Ordinary Time            7116
              Rice, Damien                                     9               1215
              Rice, Damien                                    O               7683
               Rice, David                       Orange Number Eight           901
               Rice, David                            Greenelectric            4149
            Rice, Johnathan                            Tin Can Love           7949
            Rice, Johnathan                          Trouble is Real           8818
            Rice, Johnathan                           Further North            9509
     Rich Hopkins and Luminarios                         Dirt Town             1935
             Richards, Emily                              You Give             5855
        Richardson, Petrillio C.                     Dance Tha Nite            6299
               Richey, Kim                                   Rise              7126
          Richman, Johnathan             Not So Much to Be Loved as To Love   8348
    Rick Estrin andd the Nightcats                         Twisted             1741
               Riddlin Kids                        Hurry Up and Wait           7012
              Riddlin' Kids                           Any Day Now              6564
                  Ride                              Carnival of Light          1802
                  Ride                                    Live Light           2252
            Ride The Train!             Volumes Twenty-One and Twenty-Two     10018
           Ride Tarantula                              Sire                   2471
             Ridel High                              Hi Scores                3348
            Righteous Boy                      I Sing Because of You          7975
         Righteous Brothers                      Unchained Melody              481
            Rigione, Todd                           V612 Project              7902
             Rigourmoses                                  Fetch               1387
               Riley, Jon                         Dusk on Hwy. 37             8315
               Rilo Kiley                        More Adventurous             8438
               Rilo Kiley                       Under the Blacklight          9605
              Ringworm                     Justice Replaced by Revenge        9026
              Ringworm                       Venomous Grand Design            9409
              Rinocerose                           Music Kills Me             6421
               Rip Dizzy                                Rip Dizzy             5896
             Rise Against                         Appeal to Reason            1268
             Rise and Run                             Final Dawn              9358
               Rise, The                           Signal To Noise            6717
         Ritchie Whites, The                   Snitches Get Stitches          6927
            Ritchie, Brian                          I See a Noise              124
              Ritter, Josh                      Golden Age of Radio           6555
              Ritter, Josh                          Animal Years              9127
             Rival Schools                         United By Fate             6376
                 River                             The Sky Above              8904
                 River                            The Earth Below             8905
          River City Rebels                 Racism, Religion, and War         5694
          River City Rebels                Playing to Live, Living to Play    5751
          River City Rebels                No Good, No Time, No Pride         7138
          River City Rebels                       Hate to be Loved            8396
               Rivington                     Happy on a Sliding Scale         5649
            Roach, Archie                           Charcoal Lane              566
            Roachpowder                              Viejo Diablo             4424
            Roachpowder                            Atomic Church              5459
               Roadsaw                               Nationwide               4775
        Roadside Monument              Eight Hours Away from Being a Man      4085
   Robben Ford and the Blue Line                  Handful of Blues            2108
          Robe Draco Rosa                              Mad Love               8215
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise   Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise   2989
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise                   Bellybone              4029
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise             Authorized Bootleg           4196
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise              Time to Discover            5093
          Robert Cray Band                        Strong Persuader            1588
          Robert Cray Band                        Sweet Potato Pie            2789
 Robert Randolph & the Family Band                   Unclassified             7622
Robert Randolph and the Family Band            Live at the Wetlands           6649
Robert Randolph and the Family Band                    Colorblind             9356
            Roberts, Sam                      The Inhuman Condition           7299
            Roberts, Sam                     We Were Born in a Flame          7737
            Roberts, Sam                      The Inhuman Condition           9645
        Robertson, Sherman                           I'm the Man              1820
   Robinella and the Ccstring Band            Morning Dove sampler            7776
Robinella and the Ccstring Band   Robinella and the Ccstring Band     8131
     Robinson, Bradford                  Enthusiastically Lost        4867
         Robinson, Jeff                     Jeff Robinson             4750
         Robkin, Susan                  How To Say Goodbye            6249
        Robocop Kraus                    They Think They Are          9152
           Robotboy               Self-Destruct and the Start Again   6526
             Robyn                              Robyn                 1131
            Roches                              Speak                   30
      Rochester Fosgate                   Rochester Fosgate           8070
      Rock Against Bush                Rock Against Bush Vol.1        8264
        Rock for Choice                 O Come All Ye Faithful        3118
         Rock Kills Kid                   Are You Nervous?            9433
           Rockbitch                     Motor Driven Bimbo           5824
         Rockers Hi-Fi                       Mish Mash                2782
         Rocker's Hi-Fi                      90 Fuzzwalk              4171
    Rocket from the Crypt             Scream, Dracula, Scream         2048
    Rocket from the Crypt                   Group Sounds              5289
     Rocket Summer, The                     Calendar Days             7464
           Rockfords                        The Rockfords             5231
  Rocking Horse Winner, The                    Horizon                6843
           Rocktopus                      Something Fierce            7535
           Rodeoboy                    And the Streets Did Sink       3235
      Rodney on the Rox                         Best of                 18
           Rogan, Joe               I'm Gonna Be Dead Someday         5873
        Rogers, Jimmy              Jimmy Rogers Sings the Blues        450
         Rogers, Kenny                      Greatest Hits              927
 Rogers, Roy & Norton Buffalo            Roots of Our Nature          6694
          Rogue Wave                 Good Morning (The Future)        9969
      Rollerskate Skinny                Horsedrawn Wishes             2461
       Rolling Blackouts                  Black is Beautiful          8504
         Rolling Stones                      Flashpoint                190
         Rolling Stones                        Stripped               2283
         Rolling Stones                  Bridges to Babylon           3491
         Rollings, Matt                       Balconies                 17
         Rollingstones                      Steel Wheels                12
         Rollingstones                        Hot Rocks                 59
         Rollingstones                       No Security              4696
          Rollins Band                   Come in and Burn             3264
         Rollins Band                            Nice                 5752
        Roman Candle                          Says Pop                7132
       Romanello, Tony                    The MumbleOdd               5773
       Romanello, Tony                     Counting Stars             7287
        Romantics, The                          61/49                 7793
         Romeo Flynns                      Pictures of You            1199
      Romweber, Dexter                Blues that Defy the Soul        9068
    Ronnie Davis and Idren                 Come Straight              3398
         Ronson, Mark                          Version                9369
      Roomful of Blues                 Raisin' a Ruckus       1259
      Roomful of Blues                   That's Right         7451
      Roomful of Blues              Standing Room Only        8627
           Rooney                          Rooney             7598
          Rootbeer                        9 Dreams            6510
            Roots                     The Roots (Clean)       4746
          Roots IV                           ZoSo             6033
           Roots V                      The Pentangle         6109
      Rosales, Geraldo               Le Salsa Es Mi Vida      7710
       Rose Chronicles          Dead and Gone to Heaven       1045
       Rose Chronicles                      Shiver            1439
         Rose, Eileen                Long Shot Novena         6576
     Rose, Michael Lee                 Poison Butterfly       1271
     Rose, Michael Lee                    Sun Razor           8928
     Rose, Michael Lee                 Poison Butterfly       9115
     Rosenfeld, Stefynie         No Second Time Around        6699
            Rosey                         Dirty Child         6906
   Ross Golan & Molehead          Ross Golan & Molehead       8075
         Ross, Craig                  Dead Spy Report         2853
          Ross, Tal             A.K.A. Detrimental Vasoline   2246
           Rossoni                        Downcity            6135
             Rot                          Generate            1321
        Rotary Downs                Long After the Thrill     7593
       Rothberg, Patti             Between the 1 and 9        2570
          Rouse, Josh                       Home              5673
          Rouse, Josh              Under Cold Blue Stars      6487
          Rouse, Josh                       1972              7884
             Roux                     The Sunday Plate        6511
           Rox Slyde               Smells Like Color Blue     4142
            Roxette                        Joyride             270
            Roxette                      Look Sharp            282
           Roxslyde                Smell Like Color Blue      9942
         Roy Hargrove                  The RH Factor          7603
           Royal City            Alone at the Microphone      7990
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra   Live from Radio 1935-1950     1202
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra   Live from Radio 1970-1980     1280
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra        Anothology Vol. 2        8260
      Royal Crown Revue                The Contender          4359
       Royal Fingerbowl           Greyhound Afternoons        5814
          Royal Trux                     Thank You            1905
          Royal Trux                   Sweet Sixteen          4643
              RS3                   Always Abou a Girl        8704
              Rub                       Bikini Gospel         5987
    Rubberballs and Liquor        Rubberballs and Liquor      1432
          Rubberneck                        Victim            3850
            Rubikon                   The Hollow Men          8459
             Ruby                         Salt Peter          2364
              Ruby Doe                 The Flame and the Fury       5979
               Ruby Q                 Fashion Fever Music Pitch     9894
            Ruby Vileos                     The King Is Dead        6460
             Rubyhorse                            Sparkle           9048
              Rude, Art                     Rude Beginnings         1308
     Ruffnexx Sound System                       Ruffnexx           2308
                Rufio                     Perhaps, I Suppose        5756
       Rugebregt, Maurice                      Sioh Maluku          9080
               Rule 62                          Self Titled         3455
             Rumbledog                    The Drowning Pool         2045
             Run C & W              Into the Twangy-First Century    700
          Rundgren, Todd                    No World Order           942
             Runga, Bic                   Beautiful Collision       7167
                Rush                    Different Stages- Live      4720
             Ruskabank           I Don't Think You Hear Me Though   5139
                Rust                               Rust             1716
                Rust                        Bar Chord Ritual        2375
         Rustic Overtones                 Rooms by the Hour         3692
         Rustic Overtones                       Volume Up           4853
         Rustic Overtones                       Viva Nueva          5414
             Ruth Ruth                      Laughing Gallery        2077
             Ruth, Nate                   Whatever It Meant         6712
               Rutles                          Archaeology          3061
               Ryan 5                             Ryan 5            7341
   Ryan Lee and the Mindless               There is No Music        9217
          Ryan, Matthew                    East Autumn Grin         5871
           Ryan, Patrick                    Feed Your Head          8528
              Ryan, Tim                 Tried,True and Tested       3689
             Ryebender                    Hollow and Drifting       1322
                 Rza                        Birth of a Prince       7932
               S.U.N.                              1959             4918
          Saadiq, Raphael                   The Way I See It        1582
           Sacket, Sacha                        Shadowed            8339
            Sacred Reich                      Independent            883
            Sacred Reich                           Heal             2452
           Sacrifice Isaac                       Migraine           4260
               Sadies                      Favourite Colours        8363
             Safes, The                       Family Jewels         7767
Saffire the Uppity Blues Women           Havin the Last Word        1222
 Saffire- Uppity Blues Women               Ain't Gonna Hush         5531
        Safina, Alessandro                 Alessandro Safina        7149
           Sage, Rachael                      Public Record         7744
            Sage, Rachel                   Illusion's Carnival      6925
            Sage, Rachel                      Blistering Sun        9200
           Sage,Rachael                 Painting of a Painting      5369
         Sahara Hotnights                       Kiss & Tell         8346
         Saigon Kick                          Water                 1505
     Saint Etienne                  So Tough                831
     Saint Etienne                  Tiger Bay              1653
     Saint Etienne                 Good Humor              4271
     S'Ain't Willy                    Meat                 8177
 Saints and Sinners             Saints and Sinners         1486
 Sakamoto, Ryuichi                   Discord               3818
Salas-Humara, Walter                  Radar                2195
     Salen, Kevin                    Glimmer               3052
        Saliva               Blood Stained Love Story      1247
       Salmon                Paco…Drop the Chicken         3255
         Salt                         Bluster              2395
         Salt                       Auscultate             2485
        Salt Licks               Trust Your Body            2765
Salt Sinks, Sugar Floats            Time Hero               3108
   Sam n the Swing              Discover America            855
         Samael                      Passage                2838
        Samiam                        Clumsy                1723
        Samiam               You Are Freaking Me Out        3585
        Samiam                        Astray                5177
       Sammy                Tales of Great Neck Glory       2615
 Sample the Martian             Bootlegs: The First         7236
     Sampleslaya               Enter the Meatmarket         3807
        Sanctity                 Road to Bloodshed          1312
  Sandcastle Theory              Sandcastle Theory         8505
      Sandler, Ric              Rhythmunderground           6746
        Santana                         Abraxas             350
   Santanella, Jim                 East 5th Street          5887
   Santino, Vinnie               That's Him Officer         6317
         Saosin                          Saosin             9278
      Sara Lovell                     Coming To            7641
    Sarah Popejoy              Live at the Radio Café      10014
         Sasha                     Airdrawndagger           6782
    Sat N Smooth                   The Awakening            1397
    Satan's Circus                 Death in Vegas           8833
        Satchel                       The Family            2857
     Satriani, Joe                  Crystal Planet          1001
     Satriani, Joe                    Joe Satriani          2377
      Saturnhead               Saturnhead, California       5981
       Saturnine           Flags for Unknown Territories    3093
        Sausage             Riddles Are Abound Tonight      1570
       Savatage                           Drive             5552
        Savin ill                       Savin ill           9118
     Saw Doctors                        Villains?           6495
   Sawkney, Nitin                      Prophesy             6406
         Saxon                 The Eagle Has Landed         4299
     Say Anything                    Is a Real Boy          1175
     Scanlon, Pat                 Blue State Liberal        1113
     Scanlon, Pat               Where is the Rage?            9449
    Scapegoat Wax                    Luxurious                4834
    Scarboro, Mark                  Inner Space                625
         Scarce                      Dead Sexy                2833
        Scarface             The Last Of a Dying Breed        6132
  Scars of Tomorrow           The Failure in Drowning         1274
  Scars of Tomorrow           Rope Tied to the Trigger        8089
  Scars of Tomorrow            Horror of Realization          9024
   Scatter the Ashes        Devout / The Modern Hymn          8303
      Schat, Peter               Complete Works               9304
       Scheer                          Infliction             2580
  Schenker-Mcauley              Schenker-Mcauley              458
      Schleprock             America's Dirty Little Secret    2869
    Schmitt, Adam                    Illiterature             954
     Schneider TM                   6 Peace EP                7514
    Schneider, Bob                  Lonelyland                6162
   Schneider, Fred                    Just....fred            2643
     Schrock, Kate                 Dames Rocket               5277
        Schtum                          Grow                  2135
         Sciflyer                      Sciflyer               5511
         Sciflyer                       Melt                  6614
     Scissor Sisters                   Ta-Dah                 9270
Scofield Band, The John               Uberjam                 6400
     Scorpio Rising                Pig Symphony               952
    Scorpio Rising                  Zodiac Killers            1485
       Scorpions                     Crazy World              619
     Scotch Greens                   Professional             9108
     Scotland Yard                       24/7                 5429
  Scott Thomas Band                 High Fiber EP             4049
  Scott Thomas Band                   California              4121
   Scott, Alexandra                   Styrofoam               5842
     Scott, Jeremy                Finally Unfinished          1399
    Scott, Matthew                  Bicycle Fence             5593
      Scott, Mike                  Bring 'em All In           2357
         Scrawl                      Nature Film              4023
       Scrawl                      Travel On Rider            2669
       Scream                      Let It Scream              263
    Screamfeeder                Burn Out Your Name            1809
    Screamfeeder                    Kitten Licks              6119
      Screamin'                  Cheetah Wheelies             2624
    Screaming Jets                Tear of Thought             950
  Screeching Weasel                Bark Like a Dog            3068
    Screming Trees                 Sweet Oblivion             657
       Screw 32           Under the Influence of Bad People   3218
      Scrillbillies              Made From Scratch            6805
     Scritti Politti          Anomie and Bonhomie             5863
        Scrub                         Wake Up!                2716
    Scuba La Boobala                  Scuba La Boobala                5143
  Scud Mountain Boys                    Massachusetts                 2549
        Sculpture                           Sculpture                 4500
         Sea Wolf           Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low   1365
         Sea Wolf                      Leaves in the River            1375
         Seafood                  When do We Start Fighting           6539
        Seahorses                        Love is the Law              3394
        Seahorses                         Do it Yourself              3639
     Sealand Poets            Welcome to the Heathen Reserve          1465
      Sean and Ian                1000 Years of Sean and Ian          7153
     Seasick Pirates           The Return of the Helicopterman        4072
  Seasons of the Wolf                      Lost in Hell               4860
        Seaweed                             Spanaway                  2049
         Sebadoh                             Bakesale                 1915
         Sebadoh                            Rebound                   1916
         Sebadoh                             Harmacy                  2850
         Sebadoh                          The Sebadoh                 4761
       Secada, Jon                         Secada, Jon                 612
   Secret Handshake                    Never Come Down                8946
    Secret Machines                  Now Here is Nowhere              8235
    Secret Machines                     The Road Leads…               8870
    Secret Machines                     Ten Silver Drops              9360
     Sedeck, Melky                    Sisters and Brothers            4950
            See                          The Ocean Blue               2982
         See Spot                         Who Got It?                 1336
           Seed                                Ling                   1722
           Seela                     Something Happened               6106
           Seely                            Julie Only                3031
       Seger, Bob                          Like a Rock                 262
      Selby Tigers               The Curse of the Selby Tigers        6660
            Self                   Subliminal Plastic Motives         2129
            Self                          Gizmodgery                  5205
    Self Against City               Take it How You Want It           8779
       Semi-gloss                             Teenie                  3318
       Semisonic                         Great Divide                 2606
           Sense                            Sense                      500
         Sense Fail              From the Depths of Dreams            7903
        Sense Field                 Tonight and Forever               6233
       Sense Field                    Fun Never Ends                  5755
        Sensefield                     Killed for Less                2036
          Senser                        Stacked Up                    4033
Sensitive World of Ronald           My Own Little World                647
         Sepultura                     Morbid Visions                  352
         Sepultura                     Schizophrenia                   353
         Sepultura                     Blood Rotted                   1155
       Sepultura                            Roots                     2510
       Sepultura                           Against                    4400
           Sepultura                                Nation               5336
             Serart                                 Serart               7636
        Serial Thrillers                       Serial Thrillers           774
       Serros, Michelle           Selected Stories from Chicana Falsa    2771
             Serum                             Dirtygirlscout            4025
           Sery, Matt                     A More Perfect Union           8969
            Sessions                  Is Listed as In a Relationship     9879
     Settling the DC Score                       Don't Sleep             3645
         Sevelle, Taja                         Toys of Vanity            3644
       Seven Day Diary                             Figure 6              1957
       Seven Day Diary                        Skin and Blister           4376
        Seven Day Run                 Somewhere on Planet Earth          4468
        Seven Octaves                           Simple Work              1370
        Seven Octaves                            Snow Frogs              1674
        Seven Witches                  Passage to the Other Side         7916
        Seven Year Itch                              Time                5788
           Sevendust                             Sevendust               3265
           Sevendust                               Seasons               7822
            Sevenout                        Back From Reality            7221
           Seventeen                    Ransom Your Handsome             5937
      Sex & Subervision               Compilation (Thick Records)        8285
      Sex Gang Children                              Blind                608
             Sexpod                           Goddess Blues              3241
           Seymores                              pitch a tent            3693
              Shack                             H.M.S. Fable             6014
         Shades Apart                               Save It              2161
         Shades Apart                          Seeing Things             2822
         Shadow Box                             The Distance             7864
            Shadwell                                Clarity              9956
           Shadyside                         Later in the Past           8525
        Shafer, Robert                         Hillbilly Fever           3346
         Shake Appeal                         You're Too Rich            4080
          Shaker, Kula              Peasants, Pigs, and Astronauts       4807
           Shallow                      Cd Laser Lens Cleaner            2504
           Shallow                          High Flyin Kid Stuff          3414
    Shallow North Dakota                  Shallow North Dakota            3099
          Sham Pain                        Pimp of the Century            8737
           Shaman                          Move Any Mountain              335
       Shaman's Bane           Santa Was a Shaman- Hard Rock Christmas    1592
       Shaman's Bane                       Santa was a Shaman            10033
           Shamen                               Boss Drum                 791
           Shamen                              Axis Mutatis               2362
           Shamra                             Whatever Fits              8233
Shane MacGowan and the Popes                    The Snake                 4353
        Shankar, Ravi                Full Circle- Carnegie Hall 2000      5553
         Shapeshifter                           Opiate Sea                5044
         Sharewarez                             10000001                  7213
    Sharkboy                  Matinee                   1889
   Sharp, Becky             Way Cool Music              2131
   Sharp, Dave             Downtown America             2663
     Shaw, Larry          Sold Down the River           5976
     Shaw, Virgil               Still Falling           7298
She Wants Revenge              These Things             9000
She Wants Revenge             This is Forever           9617
        Sheavy                 Electric Sleep           4434
        Sheavy                Celestial Hi-Fi           5876
         Shed                   Unashamed               3296
     Shed Seven                Change Giver             2004
    Sheik, Duncan             Hummingbird               4706
        Shelter           Beyond Planet Earth           3464
        Shelter         When 20 Summers Pass            5671
  Shelton, Roscoe               Let It Shine            4763
     Shenandoah                  Extra Mile              411
    She's A Rebel              She's A Rebel            3364
          Shift                    Get In               3500
  Shimmel, Robert              Unprotected              5964
       Shimmer                   Shimmer                8720
      Shinehead                   Troddin'              2234
        Shiner                    Starless              5957
   Shiny Toy Guns           Season of Poison            1291
       Shivaree           I Oughtta Give You…           4883
 Shocked, Michelle            Mercury Poise             3057
 Shocked, Michelle              Dub Natural             6803
 Shocked, Michelle       Texas Campfire Takes           7569
         Shods                 Bamboozled               4012
      Shoegazer         Two Boxing Brown Bears          2284
    Shonen Knife            Brand New Knife             2825
    Shonen Knife                 Explosion              3866
    Shonen Knife                Happy Hour              4251
    Shook, James             The Resolutions            5161
  Shooting Gallery           Shooting Gallery            635
  Shootyz Groove              High Definition           4799
 Shootz Groove                  Hipnosis                2725
      Shortie                Worthless Smiles           7527
 Shortwave Radio              an ep: avenues            8583
 Shout Out Louds            Howl Howl Gaff Gaff         8777
    Shovelbarn                  Shovelbarn              6042
      Shrine                      Psycha                2035
 Shudder to Think    First Love Last Rites Soundtrack   4553
   Shupp, Mike                   This Time              7574
  Shut Up Marie                   Demo                  5833
    Shutdown                Something To Prove          5821
      Shuvel                     Set it Off             5111
       Shys                       Astoria               1080
         Siberia                            Damage                       2385
     Siberry, Jane                     When I Was a Boy                   992
      Sick of it All                  Scratch the Surface                4385
      Sick of it All                      Call to Arms                   4448
      Sick of it All                       Yours Truly                   5615
 Sid Hillman Quartet                      Three Songs                    5137
 Sid Hillman Quartet                 Sid Hillman Quartet                 5371
         Side FX                         Turning Point                   9959
         Side FX           Turning Point featuring Kim Cameron           9983
Siegel-Schwall Band                      Flash Forward                   8907
           Siggy                                R                        6226
        Sightings                       Arrived in Gold                  8688
        Sigur Ros                           Sigur Ros                    7159
            Siko                        Paint the Town                   1285
       Silent Kids                    Tommorrow Waits                    7384
     Silent Scream      From the Darkest Depths of the Imagination        782
      Silly Pillows                     New Affections                   4047
        Silver Jet               Pull Me Up, Drag Me Down                3139
      Silver Lining                   Well Dressed Blues                 9300
   Silver Mountain                      Breakin' Chains                  8294
     Silver, Arielle          Somethingprettysomethingtrue               9640
       Silverchair                         Feak Show                     3168
       Silverchair                      Neon Ballroom                    5331
       Silverchair                          Diorama                      7237
        Silverfish                         Organ Fan                      810
       Silverstein              When Broken is Easily Fixed              7944
       Silverstein                 Arrivals and Departures               9396
  Silversun Pickups                           Pikul                      8924
  Silversun Pickups                         Carnavas                     9311
        Silvertide                     American Excess                   7253
Simian Mobile Disco             Attack Decay Sustain Release             1614
    Simins, Russell                       Public Places                  5148
Simon and Garfunkel        Collected Works- Wed. Morning 3 AM             462
Simon and Garfunkel    Collected Works- Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme    463
Simon and Garfunkel    Collected Works- Bridge Over Troubled Water        464
      Simon Says                        Jump Start                       4516
      Simon, Paul         Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986           394
      Simon, Paul                Songs from the Capeman                  3618
 Simple as It Seems                  Simple as It Seems                  8373
       Simple Kid                            1                           8156
     Simple Minds                    Once Upon a Time                    1394
   Simpson, Tucson                       Hot Town                        7234
        Simpsons                The Simpsons Sing the Blues               447
      Sinai Beach                       Immersed                         8775
    Sinatra, Nancy                     Nancy Sinatra                     8491
     Since By Man                We Sing the Body Electric               7446
           Sinch                           Sinch                         6844
             Sinclaire                        Attention Teenage Girls               6045
              Single                                   Single                       8496
      Single Frame Ashtray                   Wetheads Come Running                  7041
      Single Frame Ashtray                     Single Frame Ashtray                 7540
             Sinisstar                             Future Shock                     7147
            Sinnerman                               Extra Fancy                     4378
            Sins Tailor                       Ticket For A Destination              5989
   Siouxsie and the Banshees                        Superstition                     284
   Siouxsie and the Banshees              Twice Upon a Time- the Singles             736
        Sir Millard Mulch              The De-evolution of Yasmine Bleeth EP        6247
           Sister Hazel                     Somewhere more Familiar                 3487
      Sister Machine Gun                             Wired/lung                     1513
       Sister Machine Gun                                 Burn                      2239
          Sisters of Mercy                           Vision Thing                    174
                 Sivion                         Mood Enhancement                    1081
             Six By Seven                        The Closer You Get                 6004
           Six Feet Under                        Graveyard Classics                 5335
        Six Finger Satellite                      Severe Exposure                   2119
        Six Finger Satellite                         Law of Ruins                   4336
             Sixfeetdeep                       The Road Less Traveled               3246
           Sixteen Deluxe                     Emits Showers of Sparks               3667
      Sixteen Horsepower                              Low Estate                    4276
       Sixth Chamber, The                          Molded Truths                    7674
             Sixty Stories                          Anthem Red                      7556
        Sixty Watt Shaman                         Seed of Decades                   5922
        Sixty Watt Shaman                          Reason to Live                   6765
               Skadanks                              Give Thanks                    1714
             Skalloween                        Oil/Skampilation Vol. 2              3049
       Skandalous All Stars                              Hit Me                     3224
      SKAndalous All-Stars                          Punk Steady                     3694
                 Skanic                                 Last Call                   4214
          Skarmageddon                                 100% Ska                     2074
               Skatenigs                   Stupid People Shouldn't Breed             787
             Skating Club                           Skating Club                    6348
            Skating Club                          Bugs and Flowers                  7867
    Skavoovie & the Epitones                        The Growler                     5934
            Skeleton Key                  Fantastic Spikes Through Radio            2762
Skeletons and the Girl Faced Boys                          Git                      8887
                 Skew                                    Siskin                      623
               Skid Row                                Skid Row                      230
               Skid Row                                Skid Row                      618
               Skindred                                 Babylon                     7954
                Skinless                      from sacrifice to survival            7689
            Skinny Puppy                              Last Rights                    601
            Skinny Puppy                  The Greater Wrong of the Right            8322
           Skiploader                         From Can Through String               2439
       Skipping Christmas           Listen to This While Making Furniture Love EP   1228
         Skiptrace                    Weather and Oil             7800
          Skittish              …from my parents basement         8613
         Skoidats                        The Times                3499
        Skool Buzz                  International Hustler         6477
          Skrape                     New Killer America           5327
          Skrew                      Shadow of Doubt              2598
      Skunk Anansie                Paranoid Sunburnt              2150
      Skunk Anansie                 Milk is My Sugar              3291
      Skunk Anansie                      Stoosh                   3477
      Skunk Anansie                Post Orgasmic Chill            4549
       Skunkweed                 Keep America Beautiful           2944
      Sky Cries Mary          Moonbathing on sleeping leaves      3373
      Sky Cries Mary                      Seeds                   4907
         Skypilot                   Best, Love, Loud              1101
         Skywind                            O2                    7279
           Slack                     Ne Plus Ultra                4293
           Slack                         Driven                   5365
           Slang                  Bellweather Project             5477
           Slang                           Blue                   8507
         Slapshot                      16 Valve Hate              2552
              Slash                 Billionare Ascension          5943
           Slats, The         The Great Plains of San Francisco   6702
           Slaughter                     Fear No Evil             2335
       Slaves on Dope            Inches from the Mainline         5125
             Slayer                     Reign in Blood              89
             Slayer                     Christ Illusion           9264
             Slayer                     Christ Illusion           9580
        Sleater-Kinney                     One Beat               6792
         Sleep Station                  After the War             8208
            Sleeper                          Smart                2332
            Sleeper                       The It Girl             2828
            Sleeping              Questions and Answers           9252
       Sleeping at Last                      Ghosts               8123
              Sleet                     Volume Drops              5670
        Slice of Lemon                A Slice of Lemon            2075
           Slick Idiot                     Dick Nity              7274
           Slick Rick                 The Ruler's Back             244
          Slick Shoes                  Tooth and Nail             3237
          Slick Shoes                     Slick Shoes             6616
          Slick Shoes               Far From Nowhere              7714
             Slider                      Sudden Fun               3403
       Slightly Stoopid            Everything You Need            7548
Slim and the Supreme Angels                 Best Of               9390
            Slip, The              Angels Come On Time            7105
           Slitheryn                       Slitheryn              6537
            Slo Burn               Amusing the Amazing            3284
            Slo Leak             When the Clock Strike 12         4866
              Sloan                         One Chord to Another                    3370
         Slobberbone                              Crow Pot Pie                      3047
         Slobberbone                             Barrel Chested                     3900
         Slobberbone                      Everything You Thought…                   5086
         Slobberbone                                 Slippage                       7053
      Sloppy Meateaters                Conditioned By the Laugh Track               8879
        Slow Poisoners                             Melodrama                        8839
            Slowpoke                              Virgin Stripes                    4459
            Slowrush                                 Volume                         5941
          Slum Village                Trinity (Past, Present, and Future)           7080
        Slumber Party                            Psychedelicate                     5753
               Slur                                     Slur                        6741
              Slush                             North Hollywood                     3239
              Slush                             North Hollywood                     4010
        Sly and Robbie                               Friends                        4362
         Smackmelon                                 Blue Love                       2178
Small, Mark and Robert Torres                  The Water is Wide                    1903
          Smallspace                               Smallspace                       8603
   Smart Brown Handbag                      Smart Brown Handbag                     1602
        Smash, Jimmy                 The Marriage of Murder and Suicide             6554
       Smashing Orange                       No Return in the End                   1858
     Smashing Pumpkins                              Zeitgeist                       1108
     Smashing Pumpkins                            Judas Iscariot                    1852
     Smashing Pumpkins                           Rotten Apples                      6965
         Smile Brigade                         Eering, Creaky EP                    1314
         Smile Brigade          Take the Precious Edge Off This Treacherous Ledge   9566
       Smile Empty Soul                      Smile Empty Soul                       7752
           Smile Zone                         The Smile Zone                        1811
            Smit, Leo                 Chamber Music/Orchestral Works                6786
          Smith, Alice                 For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me                 9844
         Smith, Elliott                       A Brief History                       4208
         Smith, Elliott                              XO                             4605
        Smith, Patti                              Gone Again                        2671
        Smith, Patti                           Peace and Noise                      3427
        Smith, Patti                           Peace and Noise                      4264
        Smith, Patti                               Trampin'                         8284
        Smith, Patti                                Twelve                          9385
       Smith, Stephan                               The Bell                        7330
       Smith, Stephan                         New World Worder                      7945
       Smith, Stephan                            Slash & Burn                       8556
        Smithereens                                Eleven 11                          7
        Smithereens                            Green Thoughts                        163
           Smiths                             The Queen Is Dead                      286
           Smiths                                    Best I                          671
         Smoke Box                                Smoke Box                         7472
         Smoke City                            Underwater Love                      4339
          Smoked                              Holy Hand Grenade                     2750
Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois King           Blood Brothers              9854
Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois King        Have Blues, Will Travel        9960
        Smoking Popes                      Born to Quit               2023
        Smoking Popes                    The Party's Over             7900
    Smoking Popes Tribute                 Various Artists             7555
          Smugglers                        Sellin the Sizzle          2476
    Snake River Conspiracy                   Sonic Jihad              5217
  Snake the Cross the Crown                 Mander Salis              8543
          Snakefarm                    Songs from my Funeral          4754
             Snap                       The Madman's Return            685
           Snapcase                Progression Through Unlearning     3323
           Snapcase                    Designs for Automotion         5008
           Snapcase                       End Transmission            6996
           Snapcase                         Bright Flashes            8009
           Snapcase                         Bright Flashes            8658
       Snapcase Steps                      Snapcase Steps             2050
        Sneaker Pimps                        Bloodsport               7056
          Snell, John                     Audibly Oriented            7594
             SNFU                            UNKNOWN                  1380
             SNFU                             FYUCABA                 3016
         Snide, Clem                     Your Favorite Music          5990
         Snide, Clem                    You Were a Diamond            7143
             Snot                             Get Some                2805
         Snow Patrol                   A Hundred Million Suns         1079
         Snow Patrol                         Eyes Open                9284
          Snowdogs                    Deep Cuts, Fast Remedies        7288
            Snuff                       Demmamussabeonk               2567
             Soak                              Self Titled            3454
          Sobule, Jill                       Happy Town               2776
       Social Distortion          White Light White Heat White Rash   2891
         Social Recall                          Rebirth               9961
          Socialburn                        Where You Are             7388
          Sofa Glue                        You've Changed             3356
           Softhand                        For Loves Nation           1020
              Soil                          El Chupacabra             4435
         Sol Paradise                           Further               3104
         Solar Circus                       Step Right Up              785
         Solar Lovers                     Celestial Season            2597
           Solarized                   Neanderthal Speedway           4523
       Soledad Brothers                  Voice of Treason             8559
         Solution A.D.                A Week There One Night          2396
         Solution A.D.                    Happily Ever After          2644
         Soma Sonic                           Simplicity              9319
          Someday I                             Ref 4                 6716
       Somehow Hollow              Busted Wings and Rusted Halos      7290
          Somerset                      This Thought Process          7592
          Somerset                      This Thought Process          8302
  Something Corporate                      Audioboxer                 6285
  Something Corporate                         North                   8119
Something for Everybody                     Self Titled               3690
   Something For Kate                       Echolalia                 7353
 Sometime Sweet Susan                        Point EP                 1964
Sometimes Sweet Susan                 The Coming Lights               2202
        Son of Eve                        Dollar Shots                4108
        Son of Eve                         Son of Eve                 4344
        Son of Hog                         Son of Hog                 6111
         Son Volt                              Trace                  2153
         Son Volt                        Straightaways                3293
         Son Volt                    Wide Swing Tremolo               4731
         Sona Nyl                             Young                   5774
         Sona Nyl                              Gone                   5825
     Sonessa, Gerald               Now I'm All Figured Out            6160
        Soniadada                         barefootsoul                6808
       Sonic Tonic                         The G-Man                  8888
       Sonic Youth                             Dirty                   629
       Sonic Youth        The Destroyed Room (B-sides and Rarities)   1623
       Sonic Youth                    Washing Machine                 2072
       Sonic Youth                    A Thousand Leaves               3992
       Sonic Youth                       Murray Street                6682
       Sonic Youth                     Kali Yug Express               6970
       Sonic Youth                              Goo                   8965
        Sore Dome                           Rug Yatari                1393
           Sorta                  Strange and Sad but True            9637
            SOS                          Adios Bandito                7209
       Sosa, Emilia                      Rhythm of Life               1126
       Sosohuman                           Twenty-six                 1090
           Sosre                                O3                    1016
       Soul Asylum                 Candy From a Stranger              4470
 Soul Brains/Bad Brains            Live at Maritime Hall SF           6211
        Soul Clique                   Only One Division               4287
      Soul Coughing                     Irresistible Bliss            2826
      Soul Hooligan                    Psychedelic Soul               5837
      Soul Hooligan                      Music Like Dirt              6901
      Soul Hooligan                          Algebra                  9938
    Soul of John Black                     Black John                 1189
    Soul of John Black                  Good Girl Blues               1347
         Soul Wax                   2nd Handsome Blues                3058
          Soular                       Time and Space                 8657
          Soular                    Waiting for Tomorrow              9197
         Soulfege                     Take Back the Mic               9923
          Soulfly                             Soulfly                 3954
          Soulfly                                3                    6730
          Soulfly                           Dark Ages                 8987
          Soulfly                            Conquer                  9858
            Soulive                                  Next                    6506
            Soulive                                 Soulive                  7506
          Soulmotor                              Soulmotor                   4528
          Soulreaper                         Written in Blood                5612
             Souls                       Bird Fish or In Between             3212
          Soulscript                           There By Now                  7179
          Soulsvaers                   It's Not How Far You Fall…            9557
        Soulvitamins                                 Fritz                   1991
            Soulwax                     Much Against Everyone's              4859
            Soulwax                  Much Against Everyone's Advice          9934
        Sound Effects                       Jam Sound Effects                  93
        Sound Effects                       Scary Movie Music                 460
       Sound Museum                               Towa Tei                   3766
    Sound Of Urchin, The                   The Sound of Urchin               6043
    Sound Of Urchin, The                     You Are the Best                6483
    Sound Of Urchin, The                  The Jack and Diane EP              6613
         Sound Team                           Movie Monster                  9291
           Sounders                       Happy with the Truth               3979
        Soundgarden                           Badmotorfinger                  484
        Soundgarden                              Foreshocks                  1647
        Soundgarden                  Songs from the Super Unknown            2345
         Soundtrack             Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones   9929
      Soundtrack Black                            First Born                 1245
   Soundtrack of Our Lives                      Origin- Vol. 1               8718
        Soup Dragons                               Lovegod                    198
        Soup Dragons                              Hotwired                    569
             South                           From Here On In                 6331
             South                         All In For Nothing EP             6484
             South                             With the Tides                7723
             South                              You Are Here                 9892
           South Cry                        Keep an Eye on Me                9642
           South Cry                        Beyond Metaphor                  9643
           Southcry                         Beyond Metaphor                  1748
     Southern Backtones                    Southern Backtones                8881
Southern Culture on the Skids                     Mojo Box                   8007
      Southside Johnny                           Better Days                  375
          Southway                              Electroganic                 8319
      Southworth, John                      Mars Pennsylvania                4691
          Space Bike                          Lunch Omat EP                  3851
           Spacehog                            Resident Alien                2162
           Spacehog                         The Chinese Album                3978
         Spaceman 3                             Performance                  3119
        Spacemen 3                         Sound of confusion                2555
           Spain                               I Believe                     5648
        Sparklehorse              Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot         2020
       Sparklehorse                        Chords I've Known                 2569
        Sparklehorse                      Good Morning Spider                5035
      Sparkler                           wicker park                    2729
       Sparkler                            Sparkler                     4145
    Sparks Jamie                         Fun Tonight                    8568
     Sparky Dog                          Sould Shine                    6722
        Sparta                         Wiretap Scars                    6899
       SPDFGH                        Leave Me Like This                 3095
    Speak No Evil                       Speak No Evil                   4527
       Speaker                         Model Citizen                    3003
      Spearhead                             Home                        2064
Special Goodness, The                     landairsea                    8137
      Spectrum                        Songs for Owsley                  3027
      Spectrum                          Forever Alien                   3793
  Speed McQueen                       Speed McQueen                     2924
 Speed Need Greed                       Whoregasm                       2593
       Speedball                       Drive Like Hell                  3072
   Speedball Baby                          Cinema                       2841
      Speedealer                        Second Sight                    6930
         Speer                       Sixes and Sevens                   7992
   Spektor, Regina                      Soviet Kitsch                   8717
   Spektor, Regina                     Begin to Hope                    9261
        Spelvins                   Whichever Train Comes                 984
    Spetember 67                         Lucky Shoe                     3035
         Spew                                4th                        1410
         Spew                                 5                         1778
        Spickers                                                        3097
   Spider Rockets                        Flipped Off                    5109
   Spider Rockets                      Spider Rockets                   9435
    Spider the Cat                      Spider the Cat                  4579
    Spiegel, Laurie                    Unseen Worlds                     370
      Spike 1000                        Waste of Skin                   5645
     Spill Canvas                     No Really I'm Fine                9399
     Spin Doctors                  Pocketful of Kryptonite               588
     Spin Doctors                   Here Comes the Bride                4811
      Spinal Tap                     Break Like the Wind                 536
       Spinatras                      At                   4879
         Spine                      Non-Violent Offender                5426
      Spineshank                        Strictly Diesel                 4403
      Spineshank                  The Height Of Callousness             5724
      Spinners                             Strand                       2464
  Spinning Jennies                        Peer Pressure                 6118
  Spirit of the West                         Faithlift                  1635
    Spiritualized                          Pure Phase                   2338
    Spiritualized                      I Think I'm in Love              3768
    Spiritualized       Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space   4173
    Spiritualized                 Royal Albert Hall 10-10-97            5416
    Spiritualized                        Amazing Grace                  7640
      Spitalfield                The Cload and Dagger Club EP           7404
     Spitalfield               Remember Right Now           7686
     Spitalfield               Stop Doing Bad Things        8722
     Spitalfield        Better Than Knowing Where You Are   9357
     Spitvalves               The Print at the Bottom       5542
     Spitvalves                       Movin On              7016
    Splendor Bin                        Stealth             3043
Splendour, Manifold            My Night Time Career         6137
      Split Shift                       Tension             8178
      Splithabit                     Biting my Lip          6364
      Splitsville                     Ultrasound            2817
       Sponge                        Wax Ecstatic           3174
 Spookie Daly Pride               Marshmallow Pie           6061
        Spooks                S.I.O.S.O.S.: Volume One      5993
        Spoon                      30 Gallon Tank           4045
        Spoon                     A Series of Sneaks        4136
     Spooncat!                  The American Jiggler        5286
         Spore                           Giant              1618
        Spouse               Love Can't Save This Love      7379
   Spragga Benz                Uncommonly Smooth            2233
 Spring Heeled Jack             Songs from Suburbia         4562
 Spring Heeled Jack               68 Million Shades         4721
 Springsteen, Bruce                 Tunnel of Love           465
 Springsteen, Bruce                Born in the USA           526
 Springsteen, Bruce                 Human Touch              571
 Springsteen, Bruce                  Lucky Town              572
 Springsteen, Bruce                      Magic              9561
   Sprout, Tobin         Lost Planets and Phantom Voices    7463
  Sprung Monkey                    Mr. Funny Face           4052
          Spy                   Music to Mauzner by         4669
       Spyglass                 Wake Up Sleepyhead          5901
     Spyro Gyra                       Collection             666
    Squad Five O                 Late News Breaking         9038
    Squad Five-o                     Squad Five-o           6518
  Squamous Eddie            Which Decade is it Anyway?      9593
   Squarepusher                    Music is Rotted          4822
   Squarepusher                Budakhan Mindphone           4823
   Squarepusher             Do You Know Squarepusher        7024
       Squares                           Wino               3770
       Squeeze                  Some Fantastic Place        1014
      Squeeze                      Ridiculous               2693
        Squint                    Tinsel Life               7345
         SR71                  Now You See Inside           5654
St. Germain Boulevard            New Version                6502
 Stabbing Westward         Wither Blister Burn and Peel     2416
 Stabbing Westward                Save Yourself             3615
 Stabbing Westward               Save Your Soul             3815
       Staind                      Dysfunction              4447
             Staind                  14 Shades of Grey           7989
        Stalking Roxy                Look in the Mirror          1585
           Standard                   World's Greatest           5920
       Standard Fruit                  Standard Fruit             968
Stanford Prison Experiment            The Gato Hunch             2245
       Stanley, Ralph                  Saturday Night             753
       Stanley, Ralph                 Sunday Morning              754
       Stanley, Ralph                   Ralph Stanley            6715
       Stanley, Ralph        Christmas Time with Ralph Stanley   9918
       Stansfield, Lisa                   Real Love               557
       Staples, Mavis                Have a Little Faith         8433
            Star 69                    Extended play             3085
            Star 69                      Eating Feb.             3151
       Star Ghost Dog                    Happy Love              3838
          Star Pimp                      Docudrama               3092
     Star Spangles, The                  Bazooka!!!              7664
           Starclub                        Starclub              1483
         Starflyer 59          Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice   8856
            Starless           To Sleep: Perchance to Dream      6585
    Starlight Conspiracy         Sounds Like a Silver Holler     3360
       Starlight Mints                Built on Squares           7777
           Starlings                         Valid                811
       Starr, Garrison               Eighteen Over Me            3501
       Starr, Garrison        Songs From Take Off to Landing     6513
        Starr, Kinnie                        Tidy                3307
      Stars Look Down                 Stars Look Down            8753
  Stars of Track and Field    Centuries Before Love and War      9863
          Starsailor                   Silence is Easy           8004
        Start Trouble         Every Solution Has Its Problem     8161
          Start, The                    Shakedown!               6181
          Starter Kit                     Starter Kit            5653
        Starting Line            Make Yourself at Home EP        9086
      State of Grace                  Jamboreebop                2618
    State of the Nation            State of the Nation           2003
        Statement                     Souls Of Black              338
          Static 13                  Eye Won't Fool I            2823
          Static 13                  Eye Won't Fool I            5710
     Static Lullaby, A         And Don't Forget to Breathe       7352
           Static X                   Shadow Zone                1273
         statistics                      statistics              7786
        Statuesque                      Engleterre               3008
        Stavesacre                      Speakeasy                5811
         Steadfast                Sixteen Reasons Why            3895
         Steadman                     Loser Friendly             5274
      Steady Fready                   Collective Cuts            3056
        Steady Ups                   Soul of the City            1344
       Steel Panther                  Feel the Steel             1224
        Steel Pulse                              Victims                        222
        Steel Pulse                Rastafari Centennial- Live in Paris          688
        Steel Train                           Twilight Tales                    8846
      Steele, Chrissy                      Magnet to Stereo                     300
        Steelheart                              Steelheart                      705
     Steffey, William                 Love Songs for Kyrie Snow                 8963
      Steiner, Rubin                          Wunderbar 3                       7122
         Stellastar                         Advance Music                       1692
         Stellastar                  Harmonies for the Haunted                  8983
         Stellastar                             Stellastar                      9088
        Step Kings                        Let's Get It On Again                 4993
        Step Kings                          3 The Hard Way                      6885
   Stephenson, J Kelly                I See Flowers You See Cars                9862
       Steppenwolf                          16 Greatest Hits                     50
      Stereo Future                          Young People                       9205
        Stereo, The                             No Traffic                      6046
        Stereo, The                         Three Hundred                      6057
         Stereolab          Transient Random noise bursts with announcements    1008
         Stereolab                       Mars Audiac Quintet                    1708
         Stereolab                        Wow and Flutter                       1806
        StereoLab                      Emperor Tomato Ketchup                   2584
        StereoLab                              Loops                            3472
        Stereomud                            Perfect Self                       5316
        Stereomud                       Every Given Moment                      7505
      Stereophonics                      Word Gets Around                       4186
      Stereophonics              You Gotta Go There To Come Back               7670
     Stereotyperider          Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings         7197
          Sterns                       Sinners Stick Together                   9299
Steve Earle and the Dukes          Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator               78
    Steve Miller Band                     Book of Dreams                        131
    Steve Miller Band                      Best Of '68-'73                      347
    Steve Miller Band                  Greatest Hits 1974-78                    359
    Steve Miller Band                       Abracadabra                         1895
    Steve Morse Band                       Southern Steel                       155
    Steve Morse Band                       Coast to Coast                       706
   Steve Morse Band                           Stress Fest                       2614
    Steve Pryor Band                       Steve Pryor Band                     264
     Steve Winwood                            About Time                       7599
      Steven Graves                       Make A New World                     10029
       Stevens, Cat                        Mona Bone Jakon                      1431
            Stew                              Guest Host                        5264
      Stewart, Dave                    Greetings from the Gutter                1924
       Stewart, Rod                          Greatest Hits                      199
      Stickey Nickel                  The Night That Johnny Died               8269
    Stiff Little Fingers                   Guitar and Drum                     8427
      Stiff Richards                           Email EP                         1104
      Stiff Richards                      SOB Entertainment                     3352
             Still Breathing                          September               6939
               Still Remains                          The Serpent             1140
               Still Remains                      Of Love and Lunacy          8781
                Stills, Chris                         100 yr thing            3671
                 Stills, The                  Logic Will Break Your Heart     8022
                  Stillsuit                      At the Speed of Light        3214
          Stillwater Junk Band                        Takin Shots             5892
                  Stiltskin                         The Mind's Eye            4268
                    Sting                    The Dream of the Blue Turtles     243
                    Sting                          The Best of Sting          1947
                  Sting                             Mercury Falling           2533
                    Sting                             Brand New Day           5644
                Stingers atx                            All in a Day          1448
                 Stir Fried                 Last of the Blue Diamond Miners   5569
            Stochansky, Andy                          Five Star Motel         6589
               Stolen Ogre                            Road to Jericho         8402
             Stolen Records                          Basement Songs           1670
               Stoltz, Kelley                      The Past Was Faster        5861
           Stoltzman, Richard                          Danza Latina           4342
              Stone Coyotes                      Situation Out of Control     5256
              Stone Coyotes                              Fire It Up           8785
           Stone Coyotes, The                          Born To Howl           6158
           Stone Coyotes, The                  Ride Away From The World       7045
           Stone Coyotes, The                      Rise from the Ashes        7824
                Stone Edge                              Stone Edge            2070
               Stone Roses                                  Black              750
           Stone Temple Pilots                              Core               809
          Stone Temple Pilots                         Tiny Music              2571
           Stone, Evelyn McGee                   Evelyn McGee Stone            21
              Stone, Jessica                        Seven Letters             7246
               Stonehenge                              Shadows                4102
                Stonesour                             Stonesour               9070
                Stonesour                        Come Whatever May            9256
                 Stooges                           The Weirdness              9574
Stop Me If You Think You've Head This One
                  Before                             Compilation              7849
                  Storm                                Storm                  7806
               Storyville                         A Piece of your Soul        2717
              Strange Daze                              Stories               6367
               Strangefolk                        A Great Long While          5206
              Strangemind                           The Foundation            8535
              Stranglehold                          Crash and Burn            2556
                Stranglers                                10                   75
              Stratosphere                          Stratosphere              8816
               Stratovarius                            Infinite               5651
             Strayhorn, Billy                  Newly Discovered Works         4377
             Straylight Run                        Straylight Run             8487
       Straylight Run              The Needles the Space        9535
            Street                         The Street           8799
        Street Dogs                   Back to the World         8629
        Street Jams                   Electric Funk Pt. 1        491
        Street Jams                   Electric Funk Pt. 2        492
    Street to Nowhere               Charmingly Awkward          9350
  Street West, Nathaniel                American Way            9029
   Streetlight Manifesto         Somewhere in the Between       1082
   Streetlight Manifesto           Everything Goes Numb         8034
   Streetlight Manifesto                Keasbey Nights          9133
            Streets             A Grand Don't Come For Free     1197
  Street-West, Nathaniel                    Witness             1736
          Strell, Joe                   In the Balance          1569
          Strell, Joe                Enormous Morning           9591
    Stretching Regular                Stretching Regular        8553
             Strife                    In This Defiance         4038
     Strike Anywhere                  Change is a Sound         5723
     Strike Anywhere                      Exit English          7794
  String Cheese Incident                  Carnival '99          4986
  String Cheese Incident                Outside Inside          5540
  String Cheese Incident                 On The Road            6823
  String Cheese Incident               Untying the Knot         7956
  String Cheese Incident               One Step Closer          8858
         Strip Mind                 What's In Your Mouth        1003
            Stroke                     First In Last Out        5156
           Stroke 9                  Bumper to Bumper           2403
           Stroke 9                 Nasty Little Thought        5616
       Strong A.R.M.                     Strongulation          6236
      Strummer, Joe                 Earthquake Weather           215
         Strung Out          Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues   2830
         Strung Out                 An American Paradox         6632
        Stryder, The                  Jungle City Twitch        6938
           Stryper                     Against the Law           456
Stuby & Rocking Horse, Joe                Cosmic Soul           7055
         Stuck Mojo                         Pigwalk             2993
         Stuck Mojo                          Rising             5958
         Stuck on 8                        All I Know           8128
     Stuck on Caroline               Label Sampler 1993         1415
        Student Rick            Soundtrack For A Generation     6229
          Stutterfly              And We are Bled of Color      8862
      Stuttering John            Everybody's Normal But Me      4692
      Style Monkees                 Schmelt Fry in Antigo        741
     Styles of Beyond                      2000 Fold            5393
              Styx                      Classics Vol. 15         178
              Styx                     Paradise Theatre          228
         Sub.Bionic                             EP              6371
         Sub.Bionic                        You I Love           6496
        Subcircus                    Carousel             4158
       Subdudes                   Annunciation            1590
       Subdudes                    Live at Last           3341
         Sublime             Stand By Your Van- Live      4114
       Submarine                    Skindiving            5098
         Subrosa          Never Bet the Devil Your Head   3438
      Substance D                   Addictions            1342
     Sucka Brown                  Extra Medium            8976
    Sucka MC's, The       My Cell Phone and Radio Edits   6562
     Suckerpunch                    self titled           2668
         Suede                     Head Music             5272
         Sugar                     Copper Blue             684
         Sugar              File Under Easy Listening     1854
         Sugar                        Besides             2208
      Sugar Cubes                Life's Too Good          1829
      Sugar Eater                 American Idle           8778
      Sugar Jones           Bring Your Own Insanity       6611
     Sugar Plane                   After Hours            2736
       Sugar Ray            Lemonade and Brownies         2149
      Sugarcoma             Becoming Something Else       6655
     Sugarplastic           Bang, the Earth is Round      2634
       Sugarpop                Give Up Your Sister        3968
      Sugarsmack                  Tank Top City           1109
      Sugartooth               the sounds of solid        2756
   Suggestions, The                   Mix Tape            7549
  Suicidal Tendencies      Lights...Camera...Revolution     69
  Suicidal Tendencies           Infectious Grooves         817
  Suicidal Tendencies            Six the Hard Way         4442
   Suicide Machines             Suicide Machines          2704
   Suicide Machines                Battle Hymns           3972
      Suicide Note         You're Not Looking So Good     6988
        Suisonic                       Bound              6316
      Suki Tawdry                   Night of Joy          7906
          Sukia                         Sukia             3183
       Sukpatch             Honky-Tonk Operation EP       4169
          Sully               I Have Much to Report       3986
Summer at Shallow Creek     Summer at Shallow Creek       7318
     Summercamp                       Sampler             3327
     Summercamp                      Pure Juice           4845
   Summerhill, Julian           Hologram Cowboys          8804
           Sun                           Sun               793
           Sun              Did Your Mother Tell You?     8518
           Sun                 Blame it on the Youth      8955
     Sun Travelers                  Excursions            9964
        Sun, The                  Love and Death          7387
         Sun60                        Headjoy             2002
         Sun-60                        Sun-60             1028
        Sun-60                            Only                    1029
   Sunday Puncher                     The Livid Eye               2787
   Sundayrunners                    Sundayrunners                 8578
       Sundays              Reading, Writing, Arithmetic           157
   Sundiata, Sekou                 Long Story Short               5591
       Sundogs                         Unleashed                   485
      Sunk Loto                     Society Anxiety               5191
       Sunmay              You Can Make Beautiful Things          8991
Sunny Day Real Estate            Radio Sampler 93-98              4286
Sunny Day Real Estate     How it Feels to Be Something On         4371
    Sunny Travels                    Feelin' Alright              6600
     Sunset Black                  Common Ground                  7134
      Sunshine                       Electric Kill Kill           8620
    Sunshine Blind                       Liquid                   3197
       Sunshot          caught in the act of enjoying ourselves   1413
        Suntan                      Send You Home                 7915
      Super 8                         Self titled                 2546
     Super Cat                 The Struggle Continues             2229
Super Furry Animals                  Fuzzy Logic                  2979
Super Furry Animals            Rings Around the World             6535
Super Junky Monkey                 Parasite People                9994
 Super Transatlantic                 Shuttlecock                  6121
     Superdrag                     Rgretfully Yours               2621
     Superdrag                 Head Trip in Every Key             4115
     Superdude                         Java Jones                 5853
     Superdude                  Monster Mosh 2001                 6270
      Superfire                       Live 7/15/00                6187
     Supergrass                      I Should Coco                2026
     Supergrass                  In It For the Money              4627
     Supergrass                 Life On Other Planets             7453
     Supergrass           Supergrass is 10 The Best of 94-04      8447
     Supergrass                     Road to Rouen                 8994
  Superjoint Ritual                3 Song Sampler                 6670
    Supermassiv                    Ressurection EP                6681
      Superna                          The Ending                 7890
      Supernal                  Rhymes With Eternal               8561
     Supernova                      Ages 3 and Up                 2321
    Supernovice                      Inescapable                  2559
    Superthrive                   Are You a Lover?                3511
      Supple                     Puppets' Night Out               2366
        Surf                    The Red Leaves Ruin               8091
      Surgery                      Surgery Singles                1577
      Surgery                         Shimmer                     1715
      Survive                     Funeral Oration                 4235
   Susan's Room                     Susan's Room                   903
   Susan's Room               Lion in the Living Room             2062
     Sushirobo            Drawings and Garbage Structures         6591
        Svelt                        Souvenir                 3189
     Sven Gali                         Inwire                 2055
     Sven Vath               Accident in Paradise             1407
     Sven Vath      Ritual of Life- An Accident in Paradise   1876
       Swag                             Swag                  6103
 Swamp Cabbage                          Honk                  9329
 Swamp Cabbage                         Squeal                 9928
    Swan, Heidi                    Plain Words                6239
     Swansons                          Shake                  1813
 Sweatshop Band                     Mr. Green                 8684
     Sweelink          The Complete Keyboard Works            1198
Sweeney, Brandan              Stranger Than You               4913
       Sweet                   The Best of Sweet              960
    Sweet Baby                       It’s a Girl              3054
   Sweet Diesel                    Wrongville                 3783
  Sweet Mustafa            Behind the Zion Curtain            4713
 Sweet Soubrette                    Siren Song                1510
   Sweet Water                    Sweet Water                 915
 Sweet, Matthew                     100% Fun                  2259
 Sweet, Matthew                Blue Sky on Mars               3262
      Sweettit                       Sweettit                 4787
       Swell                            Swell                 1996
  Swerve Driver                   Mezcal Head                 1054
  Swerve Driver            Last Train to Satansville          1476
   Swervedriver                   Swervedriver                991
     Swimmer                          Surreal                 4658
     Swimmer                          Surreal                 4846
  Swinghammer                        Vostok 6                 5131
 Swinging Steaks             Southside of the Sky             1386
 Swinging Utters   A Juvenile Product of the Working Class    2949
    Swirlies                      Youthful                    2558
     Swirlies               Sneaky Flute Music                3123
 Switch Two 47                 Switch Two 47                  6185
    Switched                 Subject to Change                5715
   Switched                   Spread Your EP                  6246
    Switches                We Are Switches EP                9402
    Switches                 Lay Down the Law                 9874
   Switchfoot              The Beautiful Letdown              9881
  Switzer, Bert                  1977-2002                    7320
 Swords Project               Swords Project                  5625
     Sworn                         29 Died                    2477
 Sworn Enemy                As Real As It Gets                7591
      Swyl                 Live from Missoula                 5067
      Swyl               More Delicious Than Pills            5077
      Swyl                         Swyl                       8172
    Sylk 130            When the Funk Hits the Fan            3682
 Sylvian, David          Everything and Nothing               5515
  Symphony in Peril         Lost Memories and Faded Pictures      1358
      Symposium                      One Day at a Time            4094
       Synchrony                         In the Spirit            3648
       Synchrony                 Outside the Mainstream           6313
         Sysma                   I'm Still In Love With You      10055
       Systematic                 Somewhere In Between            6076
       Systematic                     Pleasure to Burn            7508
           Syx                 A Cold Breat of What It Takes     8016
t' Uitnement Kabinet              Practicing Time and Art        8041
          T.D.F.                       Retail Therapy             2781
        Tab Two                        Flagman Ahead              2099
      Tabula Rasa                    The Role of Smith           7889
    Tacoma Ballet                        Lucid Nation             6859
           Tad                              Inhaler               1069
           Tad                     Live Alien Broadcasts          1762
        Tahiti 80                  Wallpaper For the Soul         7029
  Take Action vol. 4                     Compilation             8599
     Take Action!                    Sampler Volume 3            7784
       Take Over                              Turn                8759
 Taking Back Sunday                 Tell All Your Friends         6666
     Taking Dawn                        Time to Burn              9644
      Taking Tree                      Reign of Chaos             9453
Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek                Train of Thought            5167
         Talibah                 Navajo Songs for Children       10044
      Talk Engine                  Something for Junior          8412
    Talking Heads                            Naked                 4
  Talking to Animals                       Manhole                3980
        Tall Days                    Long Time No Talk            8837
     Talor, Venesa                      Vanesa Talor              6069
     Tamkin, Dave                       Dave Tamkin               9035
 Tammany Hall NYC                            Buddy                7415
   Tangerine Dream                          Phaedra                45
         Tangier                           Stranded               1475
        Tangiers                      Hot New Spirits             7476
       Tangle Eye        Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed   8045
       Tanner                       Ill Gotten Gains             2540
     Tantroniq                     Mantra Machine                8930
        TAP                              1991                    184
     Tarnation                        Mirador                    3329
     Tarnation                     Gentle Creatures              4360
   Tattoo of Pain                 Vengeance is Mine              4166
     Tax Beagy                       Not So Fast                 3110
    Taylor, Moz                      Let It Flow                 6731
    Taylor, Ben                  Deeper Than Gravity             1374
    Taylor, Chip                New Songs of Freedom             1368
   Taylor, James                    Greatest Hits                197
   Taylor, Steve                        Squint                   1470
      Tchaikovsky              Nutcracker Ballet Disc 1         918
      Tchaikovsky              Nutcracker Ballet Disc 2         919
      Team Sleep                     Team Sleep                 8831
          Tean                         Stripped                 6383
      Tear Garden                To Be an Angel Blind           2994
       Tearabyte                   Embrace Oblivion             6553
       Tearaways                The Ground's the Limit          4646
     Tears for Fears          Raul and the Kings of Spain       2157
     Tears for Fears        Saturnine Martial and Lunatics      3136
         Ted Hu               Wolves, Foxes, and Cranes        10047
      Teen Angels                       Daddy                   2373
    Teenage Fanclub               Bandwagonesque                480
    Teenage Fanclub          Songs from Northern Britain        3885
    Teenage Fandub                     Thirteen                 1441
    Teenage Frames                    1% Faster                 4934
Teenage Torture Chamber       Strawberry Slaughterhouse         2629
      Tefft, Jennifer                      Shift                6136
       Tefkin, Blair            Shocked and Devastated          6134
     Tegan and Sara                      The Con                9367
          teitur                 poetry and Aeroplanes         7925
       Teleconned                We Want the Airwaves           4591
  Telepathic Butterflies          Telepathic Butterflies        1709
        Telestrion                      Telestrion              9352
      Telstar Ponies          Voices From the new Music         3350
     Temper Temper                      Revelation              8744
      Temple, Luke         Hold a Match for a Gasoline World    8776
       Temps, The                  Soon We'll Be Gone           6750
        Temptress                     The Odd Squad             6342
        Temptress                    White Christmas            9919
      Ten Foot Pole                     Unleashed               3248
      Ten Foot Pole                Bad Mother Trucker           6997
  Ten Minute Warning              Ten Minute Warning            4429
      Ten Yard Fight                  Hardcore Pride            3400
      Ten Yard Fight                   Back on Track            3539
        Tenderloin                       Let It lea             1986
        Tenderloin                      Tenderloin              3804
        Tenderloin                       Bullseye               4273
       Tendor Idols                     Distressor              5844
        Tennis Pro               Happy is the New Sad          8251
  Tension of Opposites               Blood Red Velvet           9249
          Terror                    Lowest of the Low           7509
      Terry Oldfield          Silent Night, Peaceful Night     10049
           Tesla                     Psychotic Supper           308
           Tesla              The Great Radio Conspiracy        430
    Test Your Reflex                The Burning Hour            9373
        Testament                       Demonice                3393
   Texas Instruments                 Magnetic Home              951
  Texas is the Reason               Revelation                 2320
  Texas is the Reason        Do You Know Who You Are           3086
    Texas Tornados                Texas Tornados                88
   Texas Tornados                      4 Aces                  2662
        Tha Tribe                  Woodland Groove            10042
    Thackery, Jimmy                      Guitar                7312
       That 1 Guy              Songs in the Key of Beotch     8369
        That Dog                  Totally Crushed Out          2278
        That Dog                 Retreat From the Sun          3331
  That Petrol Emotion             That Petrol Emotion          1658
  That's What You Get             That's What You Get          7471
       The Beatles                      Revolver               9990
     The Black Keys                 Rubber Factory            10054
      The Creatures                  Anima Animus              4676
    The Discobiscuits                Planet Anthem             9951
        The Duke                  My Kung Fu is Good           9958
  The Either Orchestra    Mood Music for the Time Travelers   10013
      The Forecast          In the Shadow of Two Gunmen        9293
    The Grazzy Knoll                The Grazzy Knoll           1993
     The Hoa Hoa's                 Pop/Drone/Pedals            9907
  The Holmes Brothers                 Feed My Soul             9932
        The Nails                  Hotel For Women             9957
     The Pretenders                   Viva El Amor             5418
The Revolutionary Hydra              The Antiphony             5203
      The Skatalites            Greetings from Skamania        9999
    The Smithereens                     Blow Up               10031
         The The                          Dusk                 895
         The The                   Burning Blue Soul           940
   The Tragically Hip                 Road Apples              9997
The Velvet Underground               Live MCMXCIII            10003
     Thee Hypnotics        The Very Crystal Speed Machine      1662
       Thee Shams                    Please Yourself           8832
    Them Jazzbeards        Soundtrack to Pardon My French      708
      Theradore                   Monkey On Rica              2514
       Therapy?                 Hats Off to the Insane         955
      Therapy?                      Knives Single             1522
      Therapy?                     Infernal Love              2381
      Therapy?                       Shameless                6214
      Therapy?                      High Anxiety              7899
  There Were Wires               There Were Wires             7195
       Therion                        Deggial                 5932
These Arms are Snakes          These Arms are Snakes          7882
       Thethe                        Naked Self               5693
 They Might Be Giants                  Flood                    3
 They Might Be Giants           They Might Be Giants           415
 They Might Be Giants              Miscellaneous               438
 They Might Be Giants                Apollo 18                 542
        They Might Be Giants                               John Henry                1639
        They Might Be Giants                            Live 10/14/94                1885
        They Might Be Giants                         Factory Showroom                2971
        They Might Be Giants                        Severe Tire Damage               4269
        They Might be Giants                        2001 Radio Sampler               5269
       They Might Be Giants                                 The Spine                8355
             Thick Liquid                            Paradise/Plasticize             6336
              Thickliquid                                    Get Out                 5447
             Thiele, Stan                             Time Stands Still              7278
             Thiele, Stan                                 Curtain Call               7964
        Thievery Corporation                    The Richest Man in Babylon           7051
        Thievery Corporation                         The Cosmic Game                 8681
        Thievery Corporation                        Revolution Solution              8915
                Thieves                          Tales from the White Line           9052
          Thin Lizard Dawn                            Thin Lizard Dawn               3107
               Thin Lizzy                  Dedication: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy   1568
         Thind Lizard Dawn                         Good Morning Spider               4964
              Think Tree                                   Think Tree                 749
               Thinmen                            Nothing Like Our Picture           7460
     Third Harmonic Distortion                   Third Harmonic Distortion           3840
             Thirteen Mg                               Trust and Obey                2244
          Thirty Day Notice                           Thirty Day Notice              7455
           This Day & Age                        Always Leave the Ground             8482
          This Day Forward                                    Kairos                 1225
          This Day Forward                                In Response                7809
         This is Fort Apache                         This is Fort Apache             1934
       This Is Where I Belong              The Songs Of Ray Davies and the Kinks     6525
          This Island Earth                  Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round           6673
           This Mortal Coil                         5 Selected Originals              998
           This Mortal Coil                            It'll End In Tears            1403
           This Mortal Coil                         filigree and shadow              1404
           This Mortal Coil                                   Blood                  1405
           This Perfect Day                                    C-60                  4230
                Thistle                                  Tired Anchor                7795
Thomas Cunningham and the Locofocos                           Swell                  8935
            Thomas, Clara                                Clara Thomas                3627
            Thomas, Rosie                          When We Were Small                6403
            Thomas, Scott                               Shine Like You               2937
           Thompson, Arie             I'll Know Who You Are When I See You Again     9936
         Thompson, Richard                           Mirror Blue                     1549
        Thompson, Richard                           You? Me? Us?                     2637
            Thornton                                 Had a Sword                     8542
        Thorogood, George                                Live                         218
        Thorogood, George                           Born to be Bad                    508
              Thou                                  Put Us in Tune                   5845
         Thought Industry                 Outer Space is Just A Martini Away         2596
            Threadline                                Undefined                      8249
      Three Colors Red                      Pure              3640
      three days grace                    Promo EP            8247
      Three Dog Night            Best of Three Dog Night       547
            Thrice                The Illusion of Safety      6466
           Thrice              The Artist in the Ambulance    7675
           Thrice                            EP               8332
            Thrice                Image of the Invisible      8997
            Thrice                         Vheissu            9058
          Thrillcat                       Oneword             1007
            Thrills                Let's Bottle Bohemia       8449
         Thrills, The              So Much for the City       7787
      Throat Sprockets               Throat Sprockets         1233
      Throat Sprockets              Lankershim Square         9953
      Throwing Muses                      University          1848
       Thrush Hermit              Sweet Homewrecker           3215
           Thrust                     Parade of Idiots        6718
           Thumb                          Exposure            4204
        Thumb Attack                    Burn it Down          4760
          Thunder                 Backstreet Symphony          201
          Thursday                 Kill the House Lights      9406
      Thursday's Child                Lost and Found          5349
           Tiamat                   Judas Christ Primer       6829
           Ticklah                  Ticklah vs. Axelrod       1211
           Ticklah                       Polydemic            5229
           Tiddas                     Sing About Life         2185
      Tidewater Grain              Here on the Outside        5222
            Tidfall                        Nucleus            9076
     Tie That Binds, The             Half Past Heroes         6286
         Tiger Tiger                  Dream Scout             2752
     Timbre Project, The       Ruining Perfectly Good Songs   6905
          Timbuk 3               Greetings from Timbuk 3       119
          Timbuk 3                      Eden Alley             232
          Timbuk3                    A Hundred Lovers         1874
        Time In Malta                A Second Engine          6783
     Time Spent Driving             Just Enough Bright        7243
Tina and the B-Side Movement            Salvation             2638
           Tisha                           Tisha               786
           Titan                         Elevator             5094
            TLC                   Oooooh on the Tip            553
            TNT                         Transistor            4872
       To My Surprise               To My Surprise            7739
 To Rococo Rot feat. I-Sound     Music is a Hungry Ghost      5626
     To the Moon Alice             3 Feet to Infinity         3985
   Toad the Wet Sprocket                 Dulcinea             1830
   Toad the Wet Sprocket                    Coil              3456
          Toadies                     Live Sampler            7244
           Toast                           Toast              6543
             Toasters                                 Dub 56                     2053
             Toasters                               Ska-boom!                    2102
             Toasters                          Hard Band for Dead                2711
               Toasters              Don't Let the Bastards Grind you down       3653
               Toasters                       Enemy of the System                6828
           Toback, Jeremy                       Perfect Flux Thing               3286
          Today is the Day                     Sadness Will Prevail              7151
          Today is the Day                         Kiss the Pig                  8316
                Toenut                          Two in the Pinata                3504
             Tokyo Rose                          Chasing Fireflies               7277
             Tokyo Rose                      Reinventing a Lost Art              7760
     Tom Catmull and the Clerics          Tom Catmull and the Clerics            9586
Tom Morello and the Nightwatchman                The Fabled City                 1095
  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers      Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers            182
            Tom Tom Club               The Good the Bad and the Funky            5905
  Tommy James and the Shondells                     Anthology                    1835
            Ton de Leeuw                         Chamber Music                    989
               Tone Loc                         Loc'ed After Dark                 290
                 Tonic                                Sugar                      4942
        Tony C and the Truth                     Demonophonic                    8166
   Tony Tidwell & Righteous Living             Get Your Prayze On                9981
              Too Loose                             Too Loose                    5577
           Too Many Gods                            Lullaby EP                   4490
          Too Much Joy                               ...finally                  2488
   Too Slim and the Taildraggers                  Wanted…Live                    1893
                Tool                               10,000 Days                   9963
      Toots and the Maytals                         True Love                    8163
        Topdog/Underdog               Music From the Broadway Production         6627
            Topherman                           Don't Be Mute EP                 1172
             Tora Tora                            Wild America                    581
               Tories                            Wonderful Life                  3656
               Torrez                           The Evening Drag                 7204
          Torrini, Emiliana                Love in the Time of Science           6017
         Toshack Highway             Everyday, Rock and Roll is Saving My Life   6278
  Toshack Highway vs. Sianspheric        Magnetic Morning / Aspirin Age          7731
              Tossers                                 Agony                      9421
          Touch Acoustra                    When It Comes Upon You               7991
             Townhall                           Live At The Point                6407
             Townhall                             The New Song                   7380
         Townshend, Pete                         Psychoderelict                   958
         Townshend, Pete                Psychoderelict- Censored Dialogue         966
         Townshend, Pete                Psychoderelict- Without Dialogue          967
             Township                             Coming Home                    1616
           Toxic Narcotic                       We're All Doomed                 7238
           Toys that Kill                          Toys that Kill                5154
           Tracey's Alibi                       Well Kept Secret                 8283
           Track Record                         The Track Record                 8786
                Tragically Hip                             Phantom Power                4555
                 Trampoline                                     Settling                6486
         Trance Atlantic Air Waves                      The Energy of Sound             4302
              Tranquility Bass                          Let the Freak Flag Fly          3325
          Trans Siberian Orchestra                              Sampler                 3112
Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point                      The End                 7436
         Transglobal Underground                            Rejoice Rejoice             4301
     Transister Sound and Lighting Co.                             EP                   3626
     Transister Sound and Lighting Co.           Transister Sound and Lighting Co.      3628
              Transmission Ok                The Sky, the Stars, and the Great Beyond   5568
             TransVision Vamp                 Little Magnets vs.the Bubble of Babble     212
             Trash Can Sinatras                                   Cake                   322
             Trash Wednesday                              Trash Wednesday               5456
             Traveling Wilburys                       Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1          150
             Traveling Wilburys                       Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3          151
                    Travis                             The Boy With No Name             1071
                    Travis                                     U 16 Girls               3661
                    Travis                                   Invisible Band             5400
                    Travis                                   12 Memories                8122
                Travis, Randy                            Always and Forever               33
            Treadmill Strackstar                               Only This                4058
              Treble Chargers                              Treble Chargers              3129
                     Tree                             No Regrets, No Remorse            5298
                  Treehouse                               Nobody's Monkey               3303
                 Treepeople                                   Just Kidding              1451
               Trembling Blue                            Alive to Every Smile           6231
                Trenchmouth                            Vs. the Light of the Sun         1892
                    Trendy                                 Fake Punk Rock               7894
   Trent Sumnar and the New Row Mob            Trent Sumnar and the New Row Mob         5101
                Treponem Pal                                     Higher                 3893
                 Trial By Fire                           Ringing in the Dawn            6558
                Triangle Park                              From the Inside              7496
                     Tribe                                      Sleeper                  999
              Tribe After Tribe                            Tribe After Tribe             605
                 Trick Babys                                                            3096
                    Tricky                           Mission Accomplished               5292
                    Tricky                                Vulnerable                    7615
                 Trinity Hi-fi                               Fuego                      5168
                    Trinket                                 Trinket                     4764
            Triple Fast Action                             Broadcaster                  2526
            Triplefast Action                            Cattlemen Don't                3516
           Tripmaster Monkey                            Faster than dwight              1391
           Tripmaster Monkey                                 Practice                   4034
               Tripp, Gregg                            Tempus Edax Rerum                 224
              Tripping Daisy                        I am an Elastic Firecracker         2323
              Tristan Psionic                             TPA Flight 028                3152
      Triumph the Insult Comic Dog                     Come Poop With Me                8121
            Trivium                            Shogun                 1147
            Trivium                        Ascendancy                 8653
            Trivium                        Ascendance                 9257
            Trivium                        The Crusade                9267
            Trixter                            Trixter                 292
            Trouble                     Manic Frustration              775
        Trouble Dolls                          Cement                  936
      Trouble Monkey                 Monkey Wants to Play             9046
      Troubled Hubble                        Penturbia                7071
        True Hug Slay                     True Hug Slay               3098
         Truffaz, Erik                         Mantis                 6620
         Truffaz, Erik            The Walk of the Giant Turtle        8309
             Truly                 Fast Stories from Kid Coma         2027
          Trumystic                         Dub Power                 8912
       Trustcompany              The Lonely Position of Neutral       6853
           Trustfall                            Bright                5860
              Tsar                     Band- Girls- Money             8824
       Tsunami Bomb                   The Ultimate Escape             6652
            Tuatara                 Trading With the Enemy            4201
      Tubman, Harriet                       I Am a Man                4723
   Tucker Band, The Kyle             Shakespeare as Myself            6663
              Tuff             What Comes Around Goes Around           298
            Tuff Cat                   Kissing Aspirations            7319
        Tulipomania                        Tulipomania                7733
        Tulipomania                        Anamorphic                 9612
             Tulku                       Season of Souls              4159
          Tum Buk3                    Looks like dark to me           1757
      Tunes and Tones                  Rollingstone Effect            1249
          Tuohy, Jeff              Breaking Down the Silence          9151
        Tupac Shakur           The Rose that Grew From Concrete       5166
         Turbo A.C.'s                      Fuel for Life              5311
         Turilli, Luca             King of the Nordic Twilight        5973
        Turin Brakes                       The Optimist               5584
Turks and Caicos Mass Choir          Behold! Live in Chicago          9973
         Turn to Fall                     For the Fairest             9503
           turnerjoy                         transplant               7901
        Turning Point                        1988-1991                5489
    Turpentine Brothers       We Don't Care About Your Good Times     8719
          Tuscadero                      The Pink Album               2864
      TV on the Radio                      Dear Science               1205
      TV on the Radio              Return to Cookie Mountain          9274
          Tweed, Jak                     The Outer Shell              3996
         Twelvetrees                     Boy on a Cloud               4337
    Twenty Four Count                     Depth of View               5635
             Twice                            The Tyde                7672
              Twig                           Headshots                6552
         Twigg, Staci         True Tales of Love Rejection and Fury   7895
       Twilight Singers                      She Loves You                8437
           Twinstar                            Twinstar                   6865
       Twisted Method                  Escape from Cape Coma              7977
         Twisted Nixon                     In Punk We Trust               4363
           Two Guys                            Recorded                   7494
       Two Thirty Eight                 Regulate the Chemicals            6517
Two Turntables and a Saxophone      Two Turntables and a Saxophone        8581
        Two Way Radio                        Bad Transistor               5717
             Tyde                             Three's Co.                 9306
            Tyketto                        Don't Come Easy                 299
       Type O Negative                    The Least Worst Of              5204
             U.P.O.                         No Pleasantries               5588
          U.S. Crush                           U.S. Crush                 5623
              U2                            Rattle and Hum                 237
              U2                                October                   1067
              U2                                  Boy                     1068
             UB40                          Labour of Love II               108
             UB40                          Promises and Lies              1027
             UB40                           Best of Sampler               2243
             UB-40                        Guns in the Ghetto              4279
           Uberzone                       Faith In the Future             5718
       Ugly Americans                  Stereophonic Spanish Fly           2665
        Ugly Beauty                         The Sweetness                 2741
         Ugly Kid Joe                    As Ugly As I Wanna Be             595
         Ugly Kid Joe                      Menace to Sobriety             2054
         Ukrainians                             Ukrainians                 565
     Ultimate Fakebook                 This Will Be Laughing Week         5856
       Ultra Babay Fat                    Eight Balls in Reverse          5391
         Ultrahorse              The Pleasure and Pain of an automobile   3678
         Ultramarine                         United Kingdoms              1056
         Ultraspank                             Ultraspank                3952
         Ultraspank                              Progress                 5132
           Ulysses                                  10                    8538
     Umphrey's McGee                              Mantis                  1546
     Umphrey's McGee                          Anchor Drops                8307
     Umphrey's McGee                        Safety in Numbers             9135
         Unamerican                            Unamerican                 5627
     Unbelievable Truth                       Almost There                4454
           Uncle Ill                             Keep On                  7199
 Under the Influence of Giants        Under the Influence of Giants       9268
         Underflow                         Aloha in the Crowd             3122
         Underworld                  Second Toughest in the infants       2646
         Underworld                       A Hundred Days Off              7039
         Underworld                           1992-2002                   8114
           Union                                Union                     3963
           Union                       To Be Good to Something            5294
           United                               No IQ                     2594
Univ. of Colorado Wind Ensemble        Conducted by Allan Murray            79
         Universal Honey                  Earth Moon Transit              3024
              Unkle                           War Stories                 9327
           UNKNOWN                                                         235
           UNKNOWN                                                         252
           UNKNOWN                                                         267
           UNKNOWN                            Dance Around                 301
           UNKNOWN                                                         378
           UNKNOWN                                                         385
           UNKNOWN                               prince?                   398
           UNKNOWN                             u2-achtung?                 399
           UNKNOWN                                                         441
           UNKNOWN                           Spread Eagle?                 443
           UNKNOWN                              prince?                    501
           UNKNOWN                           01866 34633-2                 511
           UNKNOWN                           01866 34832 2                 512
           UNKNOWN                                                         597
           UNKNOWN                                                         614
           UNKNOWN                                                         857
           UNKNOWN                                                         867
           UNKNOWN                                                         943
           UNKNOWN                selections from Whenever You're Ready   1018
           UNKNOWN                                 Do It                  1019
           UNKNOWN                              UNKNOWN                   1042
           UNKNOWN                              UNKNOWN                   1047
           UNKNOWN                              UNKNOWN                   1398
           UNKNOWN                                                        1414
           UNKNOWN                                                        1419
           UNKNOWN                                                        1425
           UNKNOWN                                                        1426
           UNKNOWN                                                        1428
           UNKNOWN                                                        1449
           UNKNOWN                                                        1467
           UNKNOWN                                                        1468
            Unknown                                                       1696
             Unloco                             Becoming I                7487
              Unrest                          Perfect Teeth                997
              Unruh                    Setting Fire To Sinking Ships      5950
             Unsane                             Lambhouse                 8026
           Unsang                                Unsang                   1523
          Unstable                           No More Lies                 7009
         Until the End                        Until the End               5875
        Until We Wake                            Europa                   9309
        Unwritten Law                          Blue Room                  2359
        Unwritten Law                        Unwritten Law                4370
        Unwritten Law                      Music in High Places           9889
         Uphill Battle                      Wreck of Nerves               8051
      upnrunin                             upnrunin                   8608
    Upper Crust                       Let Them Eat Rock               2120
    Uranium 235                        Cultural Minority              5011
 Urban Dance Squad      Life 'n Perspectives of a Genuine Crossover    554
 Urban Dance Squad                   Persona Non Grata                4375
     Urban Sun                       The Sound Situation              7255
   Urbs in Horto                         Compilation                  7983
       Urchins                              Yummy                     2113
       Urchins                         Christmas Crush                9913
         Urge                         Monster of Styles               4054
         Urge                          Too Much Stereo                5921
    Urge Overkill                       Exit the Dragon               2073
  US Air Force Band                 Airmen of Note 2008               1097
  US Air Force Band                 Airmen of Note 2009               1177
        Used                           Lies for the Liars             1266
        Used                          In Love and Death               8486
     Useless ID                 No Vacation From the World            7295
         UVR                        Blood on the Satellite            8615
        Uzima                          Cowboy in Eden                 1619
   V Shape Mind                            cul-de-sac                 7877
        V.3.                        Photograph Burns                  2460
       Vacation                       The Vacation                    9263
  Vaillancourt, Dan                 Melodic Snapshots                 9142
       Valencia              We All Need a Reason to Believe          1576
  Valentine Saloon                    Super Duper                      899
       Valerian                  Intimations of Sorrow                8641
    Valient Thorr                  Total Universe Man                 9065
       Vallejo                           self titled                  2727
        Vallejo                        Into The New                   5797
    Vallie, Frankie                    The 4 Seasons                   332
    Vallie, Frankie                    The 4 Seasons                   333
    Vallie, Frankie                    The 4 Seasons                   334
         Valve                     A Perfect Day for Stars            5843
Van Beethoven, Camper                   Key Lime Pie                   100
 Van Gogh's Daughter                        Shove                     2388
      Van Halen                          Van Halen                     532
      Van Halen                         Van Halen 3                   3962
      Van Hunt                           Van Hunt                     8056
      Van Hunt                      On the Jungle Floor               9172
  van Kreeveld, Rob                  Rob van Kreeveld                 8533
  Van Rooijen, Jerry    On the Scene with the Dutch Jazz Orchestra    1836
      Vandalays                           (re)begin                   8455
      Vandalias                          Buzzbomb                     3859
     Vandals, The               Internet Dating Super Studs           6815
      Vanilla Ice                     Hard to Swallow                 4417
      Vanity Fair                       World Party                   3305
   Vanslyke, Rachel                      So I Begin                   1261
Various Artists              Cocktail Movie Soundtrack                        48
Various Artists                         Bad Dog                               77
Various Artists         Pump Up the Volume Soundtrack                         87
Various Artists                     Rubaiyat Disc 1                          135
Various Artists                     Rubaiyat Disc 2                          136
Various Artists          Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack                      142
Various Artists                        Katmandu                              143
Various Artists                    New Edge Muzik                            144
Various Artists          Black Top Blues-a-rama Sampler                      177
Various Artists             Khool Kuts - Arcade Records                      188
Various Artists            Selma and Louise Soundtrack                       205
Various Artists           The Commitments Soundtrack                         220
Various Artists               Gonna Make You Sweat                           236
Various Artists              Born on the Fourth of July                      246
Various Artists                      Worlds Collide                          259
Various Artists          Music From "Do the Right Thing"                     310
Various Artists                      Surfin' Sixties                         311
Various Artists                  Rykodisc Feb. 1991                          331
Various Artists               Motown Compact Classic                         341
Various Artists              Bugs Bunny On Broadway                          356
Various Artists                 Lost Boys Soundtrack                         363
Various Artists                      Asphalt Ballet                          366
Various Artists              House Party 2 Soundtrack                        368
Various Artists                 Move To Holland Hits                         372
Various Artists         Dutch Rock Alive and Well III disc 2                 373
Various Artists         Dutch Rock Alive and Well III disc 1                 376
Various Artists              Strictly Business Sountrack                     377
Various Artists         Rock Archives- 60s, 70s, 80s Vol. 1                  379
Various Artists         Rock Archives- 60s, 70s, 80s Vol. 2                  380
Various Artists                 All the Best from Italy                      433
Various Artists                Lassoes 'n Spurs Vol. 5                       469
Various Artists    Points West: New Horizons in Country Music                470
Various Artists                  Spirit of Venice, CA                        495
Various Artists       Cantato- 100 Greatest Classic Part VII                 515
Various Artists                       Hot Moves                              516
Various Artists              Pretty Woman Soundtrack                         517
Various Artists                Air America Soundtrack                        519
Various Artists               Some Kind of Wonderful                         520
Various Artists            Simply Mad About the Mouse                        521
Various Artists                   Electric Seventies                         522
Various Artists   Stanley, Son of Theodore- Alternative Sampler              541
Various Artists                       Opus 90 91                             562
Various Artists                 Homeless in America                          576
Various Artists                 Restless- Comlipation                        587
Various Artists                Boomerang Soundtrack                          621
Various Artists   Even More Nuggets, Classics from the Psychedelic Sixties   669
Various Artists            Demolition- Hard Rock Sampler                     719
Various Artists              Certain Damage Sampler                           731
Various Artists           Heavy Hitters- 70s Classic Rock                     746
Various Artists                  Mad About Opera                              748
Various Artists             Banned in LA- Mosh on Fire                        763
Various Artists               Reggae Sunsplash Live                           764
Various Artists                  Toys Soundtrack                              770
Various Artists            Fathers and Sons Soundtrack                        772
Various Artists           Burning Leaves- DGC Sampler                         776
Various Artists         Weird Nightmare: Special Sampler                      779
Various Artists               A Little on the CD Side                         790
Various Artists             The Bodyguard Soundtrack                          803
Various Artists           Ultimate Guitar Survival Guide                      816
Various Artists            CMJ Certain Damage- Vol. 46                        825
Various Artists               MTV Club Party To Go                            826
Various Artists          Orkest de Volharding (Classical)                     838
Various Artists             Hollan Hits- Rock the House                       845
Various Artists        Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz                 846
Various Artists          Certain Damage Sampler Vol. 49                       869
Various Artists          Certain Damage Sampler Vol. 50                       870
Various Artists          Certain Damage Sampler Vol. 48                       871
Various Artists               CMJ New Music- Jul 93                           872
Various Artists        Dutch Rock- IV- Alive and Well- Disc 1                 886
Various Artists        Dutch Rock- IV- Alive and Well- Disc 2                  887
Various Artists            CMJ Certain Damage- Vol. 47                         909
Various Artists            Christmas for the 90s- Vol. 1                       924
Various Artists            Christmas for the 90s- Vol. 2                       925
Various Artists   Follow Our Tracks- Vol. 9- Bigger, Bolder, Louder, Faster   934
Various Artists                 Ribbed Ticklers                               947
Various Artists   Contemporary Instrumental Music from Brazil                 965
Various Artists                    Mo Jazz                                    972
Various Artists                  Futurhythm                                   975
Various Artists            Coneheads Soundtrack                               980
Various Artists         Some Music Makes Me Dizzy                             981
Various Artists           Johannes Verhulst Songs                             988
Various Artists           CMJ New Music- Aug 93                               1000
Various Artists   Amongst Friends Original Motion Picture Soundtrack          1004
Various Artists   Judgement Night Original Motion Picture Soundtrack          1017
Various Artists                      New Faces                                1021
Various Artists      Sweet Relief a Benefit for Victoria Williams             1038
Various Artists   Alligator Records- Genuine Houserockin X-mas                1114
Various Artists   Alligator Records- Genuine Houserockin Holiday              1115
Various Artists                    21 Soundtrack                              1122
Various Artists   Wintertime Blues- The Warren Haynes Benefit Concert         1128
Various Artists       A Santa Cause- Punk Rock Christmas                      1133
Various Artists            Jazz at the Concertgebouw                          1179
Various Artists           Discovering Dutch Ensembles                         1281
Various Artists      World Music Meeting- Festival Highlights                 1362
Various Artists        Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix            1409
Various Artists            Certain Damage Vol.52 disc1                  1411
Various Artists            Certain Damage Vol.52 disc2                  1412
Various Artists             Certain Damage Volume 53                    1446
Various Artists                Red Hot Compilation                      1450
Various Artists            Wayne's World 2 Soundtrack                   1464
Various Artists                    Live at CBGB's                       1466
Various Artists          Black on Black- Black Flag Tribute             1477
Various Artists               Certain Damage Vol. 54                    1538
Various Artists              Billboard Hits from 1967                   1566
Various Artists                  A Tribute to Miles                     1596
Various Artists               The Paper Soundtrack                      1597
Various Artists              Billboard Hits from 1968                   1609
Various Artists              With Honors Soundtrack                     1615
Various Artists             The Australianacity of Hope                 1620
Various Artists              Certain Damage- Vol. 57                    1638
Various Artists            Songs from "Rebel Highway"                   1640
Various Artists              Certain Damage- Vol. 58                    1664
Various Artists              Certain Damage- Vol. 59                    1679
Various Artists           Certain Damage- Vol. 60- Disc 1               1680
Various Artists           Certain Damage- Vol. 60- Disc 2               1681
Various Artists              Melrose Place Soundtrack                   1682
Various Artists            Certain Dutch Damage Vol.1                   1684
Various Artists   Last Action Hero Original Motion Picture Soundtrack   1701
Various Artists      Crescent City Gold The Ultimate Sessions           1734
Various Artists             200 Cigarettes Soundtrack                   1745
Various Artists            Billboard Top Rock n Roll Hits               1750
Various Artists                        Deep Six                         1754
Various Artists                Certain damage vol.56                    1766
Various Artists             A Tribute to Otis Blackwell                 1783
Various Artists                         S.F.W.                          1784
Various Artists              The Unplugged Collection                   1786
Various Artists                 If I were a carpenter                   1787
Various Artists      Dangerous Inventions- Pallywag Records             1814
Various Artists        Black Box- Waxtrax Records Sampler               1839
Various Artists                    Disco Hits Vol. 2                    1842
Various Artists                    Disco Hits Vol. 3                    1843
Various Artists            Music from My So-Called Life                 1849
Various Artists       As Far As You Can Go Without Leaving              1872
Various Artists          New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol. 1                1917
Various Artists          New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol. 2                1918
Various Artists          New Wave Hits of the 80s Vol. 4                1948
Various Artists                        Summer                           1966
Various Artists     So I Married An Axe Murderer Soundtrack             1968
Various Artists               Reality Bites Soundtrack                  1969
Various Artists           Natural Born Killer Soundtrack                1974
Various Artists                    Kids Soundtrack                      2177
Various Artists            Four Rooms Soundtrack                       2187
Various Artists             Red Hot and Bothered                       2216
Various Artists                Dancehall Kings                         2231
Various Artists              Clockers Soundtrack                       2235
Various Artists           Dead Presidents Soundtrack                   2236
Various Artists                Boston Hardcore                         2249
Various Artists              Clueless Soundtrack                       2261
Various Artists         White Man's Burden Soundtrack                  2304
Various Artists    How to Make an American Quilt Soundtrack            2311
Various Artists                 YOU sleigh ME!                         2326
Various Artists                  Twisted Willie                        2329
Various Artists                Heat Soundtrack                         2365
Various Artists   Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Soundtrack   2370
Various Artists                    Surrender to the Air                2508
Various Artists      Songs in the Key of X:inspired by the x files     2525
Various Artists                   Survival of the Fattest              2566
Various Artists                            Boys                        2609
Various Artists                        Mega Man                        2623
Various Artists            Flirting with Disaster soundtrack           2633
Various Artists               The last Supper soundtrack               2645
Various Artists               Stealing Beauty soundtrack               2676
Various Artists                      Sweet Relief II                   2682
Various Artists                    That Thing You Do!                  2710
Various Artists                     Soul in the Hole                   2720
Various Artists                The Saint Soundtrack                    2766
Various Artists       Playing with Knobs- Live from WUNH               2792
Various Artists                    Germs Tribute                       2845
Various Artists               California Takeover Live                 2847
Various Artists              Trees Lounge Soundtrack                   2980
Various Artists    Musical Salute to the American Truck Driver         3021
Various Artists                 Sideshow Presents                      3033
Various Artists    Beavis and Butthead Do America Soundtrack           3083
Various Artists            Mortal Kombat Soundtrack                    3091
Various Artists                    Safe and Sound                      3115
Various Artists               Tribute to Hank Marvin                   3133
Various Artists                   Hype Soundtrack                      3187
Various Artists              Lost Highway Soundtrack                   3211
Various Artists           Violent World: Misfits Tribute               3226
Various Artists             Austin Powers Soundtrack                   3339
Various Artists      All Over Me motion picture soundtrack             3362
Various Artists          Touch motion picture soundtrack               3383
Various Artists                      MTV's Amp                         3412
Various Artists             I've Gotcha Covered Vol.2                  3458
Various Artists                  Infinite Beat Vol. 1                  3481
Various Artists                      Flying Traps                      3517
Various Artists            Thrive- Sampling the Future                 3530
Various Artists                   Lounge-a-Palooza                     3540
Various Artists           Batman and Robin Soundtrack                              3554
Various Artists                 Cup of Tea Records                                 3567
Various Artists                The Show Soundtrack                                 3595
Various Artists   I Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack                       3598
Various Artists                Duran Duran Tribute                                 3604
Various Artists               120 Minutes- MTV Live                                3616
Various Artists          You're Only As Good As the Last                           3619
Various Artists   The Daniel Murphy Project:artists living with HIV                3649
Various Artists                       Liquid                                       3658
Various Artists   Big Deal Recording Artists Perform the songs of Burt Bacharach   3669
Various Artists       Zero Effect motion picture soundtrack                        3696
Various Artists             End of Violence Soundtrack                             3775
Various Artists             Ed's Next Move Soundtrack                              3790
Various Artists           Great Expectations Soundtrack                            3797
Various Artists             Wedding Singer Soundtrack                              3801
Various Artists             Good Will Hunting Sountrack                            3824
Various Artists                    Big Rock N Beats                                3846
Various Artists                         Explore                                    3848
Various Artists                     Spinart Sampler                                3857
Various Artists              Welcome to Woop Woop                                  3879
Various Artists              Time Bomb Radio Sampler                               3887
Various Artists   Go Kart Records- Go Kart vs. The Corporate Game                  3898
Various Artists              Boogie Nights Soundtrack                              4015
Various Artists            More of Our Stupid Noise- 98                            4031
Various Artists            Meet the Deedles Soundtrack                             4079
Various Artists      Turbo Power Rangers Movie Soundtrack                          4107
Various Artists            Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack                             4125
Various Artists            The Big Lebowski Soundtrack                             4133
Various Artists               Shooting Fish Soundtrack                             4148
Various Artists                 The Jackal Soundtrack                              4152
Various Artists      Howard Stern- Private Parts Soundtrack                        4181
Various Artists                Cashing in on Christmas                             4184
Various Artists              The Ice Storm Soundtrack                              4185
Various Artists     Culture Vibes- Conscious Dancehall Reggae                      4216
Various Artists               Lost in Space Soundtrack                             4228
Various Artists                 Senseless Soundtrack                               4231
Various Artists                 Dead Man on Campus                                 4256
Various Artists            We Will Fall: Iggy Pop Tribute                          4369
Various Artists               History of Space Age Pop                             4382
Various Artists          Permanent Midnight Soundtrack                             4389
Various Artists                  ECW Extreme Music                                 4423
Various Artists                 Big Sky Underground                                4451
Various Artists                  Alice Cooper Tribute                              4491
Various Artists            Straight to Hell- Slayer Tribute                        4494
Various Artists            The Rage: Carrie 2 Soundtrack                           4504
Various Artists                  Spring Sampler 1999                               4536
Various Artists              Hopelessly Devoted to You                             4560
Various Artists                 Pi Soundtrack           4582
Various Artists        Trainspotting Soundtrack #2      4626
Various Artists                      X-Files            4667
Various Artists      Six Ways to Sundays Soundtrack     4670
Various Artists      Blast From the Past Soundtrack     4673
Various Artists               Trip to the Andes         4687
Various Artists          Varsity Blues Soundtrack       4709
Various Artists              Psycho Soundtrack          4719
Various Artists   September Songs- Kurt Weill Tribute   4722
Various Artists             Explore- New Artists        4733
Various Artists                Lilith Fair Vol. 3       4782
Various Artists                     Stigmata            4828
Various Artists           The Insider Soundtrack        4848
Various Artists         Three to Tango Soundtrack       4850
Various Artists                Lilith Fair Vol. 2       4857
Various Artists              Cinema Beer Belly          4861
Various Artists        Playing by Heart Soundtrack      4871
Various Artists   Buffy the Vampire Slayer- The Album   4884
Various Artists        American Beauty Soundtrack       4909
Various Artists            Big Daddy Soundtrack         4920
Various Artists       Any Given Sunday Soundtrack       4981
Various Artists         Liberty Heights Soundtrack      4989
Various Artists         MTV Celebrity Deathmatch        4997
Various Artists                WCW Mayhem               5016
Various Artists         Best Laid Plans Soundtrack      5025
Various Artists        Music from Dawson's Creek        5027
Various Artists         Deuce Bigalow Soundtrack        5043
Various Artists            Sopranos Soundtrack          5055
Various Artists       Burning London: Clash Tribute     5057
Various Artists                   Loud Rocks            5095
Various Artists   Inhale 420- Stoner Rock Compilation   5106
Various Artists    Crime and Punishment Soundtrack      5123
Various Artists         Around the Fire Soundtrack      5134
Various Artists             Groove Soundtrack           5146
Various Artists                Unknownwerks             5160
Various Artists                    Evolution            5163
Various Artists               Strait Up Sampler         5165
Various Artists              Earth Dance 2000           5176
Various Artists       Cecil B. Demented Soundtrack      5213
Various Artists                Go Soundtrack            5228
Various Artists           Little Nicky Soundtrack       5252
Various Artists       Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack       5285
Various Artists          Dracula 2000 Soundtrack        5288
Various Artists     Being John Malkovich Soundtrack     5303
Various Artists                Home Grown 4             5307
Various Artists              Traffic Soundtrack         5310
Various Artists          Sweden Rocks the World         5342
Various Artists                     Dutch Rock 2001                    5379
Various Artists                     Dutch Pop 2001                     5380
Various Artists                   Valentine Sountrack                  5388
Various Artists       Slave to the Power- Iron Maiden Tribute          5430
Various Artists                    Dutch Dance 2001                    5471
Various Artists     Incredible Sounds of Drum and Bass- Goldie         5474
Various Artists                   Volume- 5th Anniv.                   5483
Various Artists                A Break from the Norm                   5502
Various Artists       O and O Records- Centre of the Universe          5549
Various Artists            Fire and Skill- Songs of the Jam            5574
Various Artists               Take a Bite Out of Rhyme                 5608
Various Artists          WRKCs Sub-Terrestrial Sensations              5610
Various Artists             Music For Our Mother Ocean                 5617
Various Artists                  Epitaph Buyer's Guide                 5619
Various Artists                New York City Takeover                  5643
Various Artists                     Ozzfest Sampler                    5663
Various Artists                      Victory Style 4                   5686
Various Artists                    State of the Union                  5695
Various Artists               Take Action Punk Sampler                 5743
Various Artists             Plea For Peace Punk Sampler                5744
Various Artists                      Built for Speed                   5791
Various Artists            Music in the Light of Vermeer               5917
Various Artists            Network Music Demo Various                  5942
Various Artists    Alligator Records 30th Anniversary Collection       6001
Various Artists                 The Insider Soundtrack                 6007
Various Artists               First Five Years- Jade Tree              6053
Various Artists              A Musical History of Hemp                 6159
Various Artists           Fueled By Ramen Audio Catalog                6178
Various Artists                    Blind Pig Records                   6268
Various Artists              Ocean's Eleven Soundtrack                 6373
Various Artists                       I Love Serge                     6410
Various Artists                   Give Em the Boot III                 6467
Various Artists                 Senior Year Soundtrack                 6479
Various Artists                Resident Evil Soundtrack                6505
Various Artists               Love Songs For New York                  6533
Various Artists            Pledge of Allegiance Tour, The              6573
Various Artists                  WWF Forceable Entry                   6574
Various Artists               Scorpion King Soundtrack                 6579
Various Artists   Come Together-An A Cappella Tribute to the Beatles   6590
Various Artists           Music Fueled by Motorcross                   6626
Various Artists                 Victory Style 5                        6633
Various Artists           Loud Music For Loud People                   6656
Various Artists              Location is Everything                    6665
Various Artists                 Verve Remixed                          6669
Various Artists                MI Jams Volume 3                        6679
Various Artists              Carnivore Soundtrack                      6691
Various Artists      Melodic Marvels: A Low Watt Document              6713
Various Artists                    XXX Soundtrack                         6784
Various Artists   Road Rules- Don't Make Me Pull This Thing Over Vol. 1   6814
Various Artists                    CQ Soundtrack                          6831
Various Artists          Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack                     6835
Various Artists    Music From the EBU World Music Workshop                6856
Various Artists               Punk Rock is Your Friend                    6904
Various Artists                    Punk o Rama 7                          6922
Various Artists    Dexter's Laboratory- The Hip-Hop Experiment            6948
Various Artists                 Plea For Peace Vol 2                      7000
Various Artists                  Dutch World 2002                         7017
Various Artists                    Dutch Pop 2002                         7018
Various Artists                   Dutch Rock 2002                         7019
Various Artists                  Dutch Dance 2002                         7020
Various Artists              Gilmore Girls Soundtrack                     7021
Various Artists            Home on the Range Volume 1                     7076
Various Artists                      Rise Above                           7089
Various Artists                  Buzzlighter Big Hits                     7157
Various Artists      Fat Music VI- Uncontrollable Flatulence              7176
Various Artists   Nothing Left to Lose: Tribute to Kris Kristofferson     7229
Various Artists   Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary Box Set Sampler    7231
Various Artists       Almost You: The Songs of Elvis Costello             7313
Various Artists             Buzzlighter Big Hits Number 2                 7316
Various Artists                 Point Break Volume 1                      7322
Various Artists        Masked and Anonymous Soundtrack                    7607
Various Artists         EBU World Music Workshop- Vol. 2                  7770
Various Artists                    Dutch Rock Music                       8017
Various Artists                  Dutch Dance Music                        8018
Various Artists                  Dutch World Music                        8019
Various Artists   Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Soundtrack        8160
Various Artists                Underground Screams                        8288
Various Artists               Buzz Lighter Sharp Cuts4                    8297
Various Artists     Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack                8580
Various Artists                    Hip from Holland                       8643
Various Artists                 Flip Flop- Compilation                    8670
Various Artists             Radio Goethe- German Bands                    8706
Various Artists      Buzz Lighter- Low Tunes to Lullaby Town              8707
Various Artists                     Dutch Jazz 2005                       8733
Various Artists                   Dutch World 2005                        8734
Various Artists               Dutch Pop and Rock 2005                     8735
Various Artists                   Dutch Dance 2005                        8736
Various Artists               Music from the OC: Mix 4                    8810
Various Artists                  Drive-Thru Records                       8811
Various Artists              World Music Festival- 2005                   8898
Various Artists   Look At All the Love We Found- Sublime Tribute          8910
Various Artists               Corpse Bride Soundtrack                     8989
Various Artists            Thicker than Water Soundtrack                  9028
Various Artists         This Bird Has Flown: Beatles Covers               9056
              Various Artists                          Say Nothing to No One                      9075
              Various Artists                       Pieces of April Soundtrack                    9084
              Various Artists                         Music from the OC Mix 5                     9110
              Various Artists                            New Arrivals: Vol 1                      9177
              Various Artists                          Our New Orleans: 2005                      9202
              Various Artists                      Unsound: Punk Compilation                      9236
              Various Artists             Hellcat Records Presents- Give 'em the Boot 5           9297
              Various Artists                                Mahler-Fest                          9303
              Various Artists                    North Sea Jazz Fest- Hague Years                 9317
              Various Artists                             Once Soundtrack                         9370
              Various Artists                 Noorderslag Eurosonic Weekend- Live                 9412
              Various Artists                        I'm Not There Soundtrack                     9437
              Various Artists                  Fraternity Records 50th Anniversary                9452
              Various Artists                            New Arrivals: Vol 2                      9457
              Various Artists                      Ocean's Thirteen Soundtrack                    9492
              Various Artists                    Music With a Twist- Revolutions                  9514
              Various Artists                   Walk Hard- Dewey Cox Soundtrack                   9545
              Various Artists                             300 Soundtrack                          9558
              Various Artists                    Guitar Hero III- Legends of Rock                 9564
              Various Artists                         Music from the OC Vol. 6                    9594
              Various Artists                   Van Wilder- Rise of Taj Soundtrack                9595
              Various Artists                       Dan in Real Life Soundtrack                   9614
              Various Artists              Hellcat Records Presents- Give 'em the Boot            9620
              Various Artists                           Best New Bands 2006                       9641
              Various Artists                         A Merry Little Christmas                    9911
              Various Artists                            So this is Christmas                     9917
              Various Artists             Capp Records & Mental Madness present BOUNCE! Vol. 2    9925
              Various Artists             The Jazz Heritage Series 2010 Radio Broadcasts          9944
              Various Artists                          The Best of 50's Party                     9991
              Various Artists                 Jazz Like You've Never Heard It Before!             9998
              Various Artists               The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz II        10001
         Various Artists- In Play                            Narm Disc                            312
         Various Artists- In Play                              Disc 2                             313
         Various Artists- In Play                              Disc 5                             314
         Various Artists- In Play                              Disc 7                             315
         Various Artists- In Play                              Disc 6                             316
         Various Artists- In Play                              Disc 9                             317
         Various Artists- In Play                         Happy Holidays                          318
Various Artists/Fueled By Ramen Sampler            No Food, No Sleep, Just Rawk                   6207
        Various Northwest Artists                        Subject to Change                        3365
              Varnaline                                       Man of Sin                         2428
               Varnaline                                  A Shot and a Beer                      4252
              Vary Lumar                                    Waiting Room                         1255
            Vasquez, Junior                                Twilo Volume I                        5390
                 Vast                                           Nude                             8057
              Vaudeville                                 Into the Burlesque                      4724
           Vaughan, Jimmie                                    Out There                          4741
Vaughan, Stevie Ray                In the Beginning                  699
      Vaux              There Must Be Some Way to Stop Them         7584
       VBS                            Deep Sleep                    5202
  Vedder, Eddie                      Into the Wild                  9636
    Veer Union                    Against the Grain                 1289
  Vega, Suzanne                          99.9 F                      673
  Vega, Suzanne                Nine Objects of Desire               2875
  Vega, Suzanne                Songs in Red and Gray                7148
      Vega4                         You and Others                  9322
     Vehicle                   Can't Get to Memphis                 3302
    Veils, The                  The Runaway Found                   8214
   Veirs, Laura                     Carbon Glacier                  8404
     Velhere                    This Lonely Highway                 6796
    Velocity Girl           Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts         2482
     Velour 100              Songs from the rainwater e.p.          2753
    Velvet Sun                         Dreamhome                    5927
Velvet Underground                    Live MCMXCIII                 1473
Velvet Underground        Selections from Peel Slowly and See       2340
   Vendetta Red            Between the Never and the Now            7736
    Vengeance                        Human Sacrifice                 727
 Vengeance Rising                       Once Dead                    723
      Venom                            Resurrection                 5777
      Venus 6                             venus 6                   7967
    Venus Hum                        Hummingbirds                   7035
    Venus Hum                       Big Beautiful Sky               7478
   Verbal Abuse                 Just and American Band              1326
     Verbena                   Is the Alabama Boys Choir            7581
     Verbena                        La Musica Negra                 8002
  Verdone, Jules                      Diary of a Liar               3876
       Verge                         Phenomenon                     2742
    Veris, Laura                    Year of Meteors                 8980
       Vermin                       All Right Tonight               6587
    Vernon, Nan                         Manta Ray                   1914
Version City Sessions                  Compilation                  7853
       Versus                        Secret Swingers                2901
       Vertex                             Vertex                    2860
  Vertical Horizon                Everything You Want               5605
     Veruca Salt                         Resolver                   5384
        Verve                        A Northern Soul                1911
        Verve                         Urban Hymns                   3596
     Verve Hi-Fi              Sounds From the Verve Hi-Fi           6401
     Vervea Salt                 Eight Arms to Hold You             3162
    Verwey, Jan                You Must Believe in Spring            743
      Vex Red           Start With A Strong and Persistent Desire   6675
      Vex Red           Start With A Strong and Persistent Desire   6910
      Via Tania                   Under a Different Sky             7504
    Vibert, Luke                         Big Soup                   3506
               Victor                                  Self Titled                   2515
Victoria Williams and the Loose Band            This Moment in Toronto               2242
              Victory                                     Style                      2505
            Victory At Sea                           The Good Night                  6769
                Vidalias                         Stayin in the Doghouse              3345
             Videodrone                                 Videodrone                   4496
               Vietnam                       How Was War For You Daddy               2063
                 View                           Hats Off to the Buskers              9389
          Vigilantes of Love                            Blister Soul                 2228
              Villebillies                               Villebillies                1378
              Villebillies                               Villebillies                9949
                  Vim                                        Vim                     2390
                 Vines                                 Vision Valley                 9180
              Vines, The                               Winning Days                  8171
              Vinni Blue                           More Than Anything                8458
                  Vinx                        Rooms In My Fatha's House               251
           Violent Femmes                           Why Do Birds Sing                 277
           Violent Femmes                               New Times                    1657
           Violent Femmes                                 Machine                    1870
           Violent Femmes                             Freak Magnet                   4982
             Violet Says 5                                Sampler                    9114
                Virago                                   Transition                  3192
             Virgin Steele                          Hymns to Victory                 6866
             Virgin Steele                         The Book of Burning               6878
       Virgin Whore Complex                   Stay Away From My Mother               2972
            Virgos Merlot                         Signs of a Vacant Soul             4507
         Vision of Disorder                         Vision of Disorder               2961
         Vision of Disorder                               Imprint                    4209
              Visionstain                            Love Dimmer EP                  6345
               Vitamin F                                    Flow                     4486
                Vitapup                                An Hour With                  3178
                 Vitro                                     Distort                   5173
                  Viva                                Blanksidesongs                 7385
             Viva Zapata                                7 Year Bitch                 1663
           Vixen Red, The              Sunrise and Nightfall in the Equestrian Sea   8600
             VNV Nation                              Praise the Fallen               4910
             VNVNATION                                Future Perfect                 6429
          Voice in the Wire                      Signals in Transmission             8520
        Voice of the Beehive                          Honey Lingers                   589
               Voidvod                                   Negatron                    2361
                Voivod                                   Angel Rat                    444
                Voivod                                     Voivod                    7398
                Volante                             45 Degrees North                 5290
               Volo volo                            Poi Dog Pondering                 535
               Volovan                                    Volovan                    7043
          Von Bondies, The                         Pawn Shoppe Heart                 8064
               Vonzeles                               New Existence                  8867
  Voodoo Child/Moby                   The End of Everything                        3437
     VooDoo Dolls                          VooDoo Dolls                            9971
  Voodoo Glow Skulls                            Firme                              2179
  Voodoo Glow Skulls                    Baile De Los Locos                         3310
  Voodoo Glow Skulls                         Band Geek                             4472
  Voodoo Glow Skulls             Addicion, Tradicion, Revolucion                   8488
     Voodoo Kings                        American Lights                           9426
     Voodoo Lordz                           Lifes Games                            7468
       Voog, Ana                              Ana Voog                             4325
         Vortis                       Take the System Down                         6798
        Voyeurs                                  Two                               3867
          Vpn                                Small Wire                            4061
          Vue                            Find Your Home                            5835
          Vue                                    Vue                               5870
        W.A.C.O.                       Finnegan's W.A.C.O.                         7891
        W.A.S.P.                          Neon God Pt. 2                           1305
        W.A.S.P.                          Neon God Pt. 1                           1307
        W.A.S.P.                          Unholy Terror                            5329
       W.C. Clark                       Deep in the Heart                          8345
     W.K., Andrew                             I Get Wet                            6439
         Waco                                  Sylvania                            4970
    Wage of Sin, The           The Product of Deceit and Loneliness                6907
        Wagner            Great Orchestral Highlights from Ring of the Nibelungs    651
         Waifs                             A Brief History                         8625
       Waifs, The                           Up All Night                           7513
         Waikiki                         13 Sweet Sounds                           3228
 Wainwright III, Loudon                      Little Ship                           3844
   Wainwright, Rufus                         Want One                              7712
   Wainwright, Rufus                     Release the Stars                         9444
      Waits, Tom                             Real Gone                             8457
        Wake Pig                             Wake Pig                              8668
        Waking                               The Maze                              8221
     Waking Hours                          Waking Hours                            4965
 Waking Kills the Dream              Depending on Tomorrow                         1226
    Waking Norman                         Two Years Gone                           8596
      Waking State                             Pieces                              7377
   Walker, Joe Louis                    Live at Slim's Vol. 1                       475
   Walker, Joe Louis                    Live at Slim's Vol. 2                       559
     Walker, Peter                         Young Gravity                           9194
Walking Corpse Syndrome                       Forsaken                             1230
   Walking Wounded                          Hard Times                              207
   Walking Wounded                        Artificial Hearts                        6386
   Wallace, Dorothy                         Hand of God                            5924
   Waller, Holcombe                    Extravagant Gesture                         5977
   Waller, Holcombe                       Troubled Times                           8874
    Walls of Jericho                The Bound Feed the Gagged                      5829
       Walsh, Joe                        Best of Joe Walsh                         1606
                    Walt Mink                                     Colossus              3396
alter Howard and The Dedicated To Christ Ensemb   "Whatever You Want, God's Got It"     9987
                     Waltons                                   Lik my trakter           1445
                    Walton's                                    Cock's Crow             4289
               Wan Santo Condo                             Wan Santo Condo              8537
              Wandering Endorphin                         Destination Euphoria          1294
                      Wank                               Get a Grip on Yourself         4024
                       War                               Best of War and More            620
                    Ward, M.                                 End of Amnesia             5719
                Warfield, Justin                       My Field Trip to Planet 9         879
                Warm Guns, The                                  Blown Away              6994
                Warm Guns, The                                  Blown Away              7175
                Waronker, Anna                                      Anna                6657
                     Warrant                                    "S" by Bozo              644
                     Warrant                                    Ultraphobic             2066
                   Warrant 96                                  Belly to Belly           3038
                  Warrior Soul                          The Space Age Cowboys           2001
                    Warriors                          Genuine Sense of Outrage          9590
                     Warsaw                                        Warska               2105
                    Warzone                                  Fight for Justice          3590
                 Wash, Martha                                 Wash, Martha               822
                     Washed                                            8                7291
                      Wasp                               Still Not Black Enough         2956
                      WASP                                Dying For the World           6724
                   Watchmen                             Mclaren Furnace Room            1015
                      Water                                           Dig               8205
                    Waterdog                                     Waterdog               2322
                  Waterdown                           The Files You Have On Me          7400
                  Waterdown                                        All Riot             9209
               Watermelon Sugar                           Something to Savor            9131
               Waterproof Blonde                                 Glitter Lust           8220
                 Waters, Roger                             Amused to Death               636
                   Watertown                                         0.22               1103
                Watsonville Patio                              Population 02            6265
                Watsonville Patio                   Cover The Sun With One Finger       6267
       Watts, Charlie & Jim Keltner Project       Charlie Watts & Jim Keltner Project   5991
                     Watusi                                     Cool Runner             4711
                 Wax on Radio                                    Exposition             9240
                We Are Scientists                        With Love and Squalor          9179
             We Came From Beyond                        We Came From Beyond             6242
            We Came From Beyond                            Sampler Volume 2             7782
                 Weakerthans                                       Fallow               5059
                  Weaklazyliar                           The November Diaries           6697
                    Weaklings                              Remarkably Good              4177
              Weapon of Choice                              High Per spice              2544
                  Weather                               Calling Up My Bad Side          8716
                 Webb, Derek                                  Ringing Bell              9404
        Webber, Red                      Burned My Feet On Meat Street             6082
       Webster, Michael                          Lotus Festival                    5273
        Weckl, Dave                                Heads Up                        655
             Wedge                                   self titled                   2574
         Wednesday 13                          Transylvania 90210                  8760
            Ween                              Chocolate and Cheese                 1719
            Ween                                    Quebec                         7604
         Weeping Tile                               Cold Snap                      2458
            Weezer                             Weezer (Red Album)                  1183
            Weezer                                  Maladroit                      1299
            Weezer                                 Red Album                       9890
         Weiland, Scott                             Barbarella                     1168
         Weiland, Scott                           12 Bar Blues                     4117
           Weir, Bob                           Weir Here (Best of)                 8151
 Weir, Bob and Rob Wasserman                           Live                        4300
        Weiss, Chuck E.                     Old Souls and Wolf Tickets             6405
         Welch, Gillian                               Revival                      2590
         Welch, Michael                                TV Willie                    473
          Weller, Paul                              Stanley Road                   2171
          Weller, Paul                             Days of Speed                   6703
          Weller, Paul                              Illumination                   7289
     Wellwater Conspiracy                     Brotherhood of Electric              4794
    Wellwater Conspiracy                       Wellwater Conspiracy                7631
       Wepplo Snow Pup                                California                   3242
      We're All Gonna Die                            Go To Hell                    8246
         Werner, Carla                               Departure                     7687
              Wes                        Welenga- Universal Consciousness          4308
           Wes, Rick                          North, South, East, Wes                64
          West By God                               The Thing Is                   7182
        West Coast Killaz                          Harvey Mandel                   5611
        West Indian Girl                          West Indian Girl                 8422
           West, Joe                            South Dakota Hairdo                8168
           West, Joe                             Human Cannonball                  9014
          West, Kanye                             Late Registration                8968
           West, Lizzie                     Holy Road: Freedom Songs               7570
        Westerberg, Paul                        Suicaine Gratifaction              4749
        Westerberg, Paul                                Folker                     8510
            Weston                             Massed Albert Sounds                5122
           Westworld                            Movers and Shakers                  303
             Whale                                 Whale Singles                   1605
          Whale Music                                Rheostatics                   1565
             Wham!                                   Make It Big                    127
What is Hip? Remix Project Vol. 1                   Compilation                    8574
      Whats Mine is Yours                    The Emo Diaries chapter1              3411
             Wheat                  Listening So Close: A Brief History of Wheat   8062
        Wheel, Catherine                             Happy Days                    2041
        Wheel, Catherine                               Chrome                      2300
    Wheel, Catherine             Like Cats and Dogs       2883
    Wheeler, Caron                  War Goddess            852
     Wheeliebar               High Volume Therapeutic     7699
        Whigs                      Mission Control        1332
      Whipping Boy                   Heartworm            2467
        Whirlpool                      Whirlpool          2112
        Whirlpool                     Liquid Glass        3132
    Whirlwind Heat               Do Rabbits Wonder?       7515
       Whirly Bird                     Black Eye          5720
      Whiskeytown                 Strangers Almanac       3450
   White Collar Crime                Work Release         4642
  White Light Motorcade         Thank You, Goodnight      7395
       White Lion                      Big Game             56
   White Stripes, The             White Blood Cells       7014
    White Tie Affair                Walk This Way         1320
      White Town                Women in Technology       3290
       White Trash                  White Trash           1509
         White, Jim              Wrong Eyed Jesus!        3299
         White, Jim                 No Such Place         6167
White, Jim and David Byrne        Talk…Talk…Talk…         5657
           Who                        The Who               28
           Who                       Who's Next            248
           Who               Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy    249
  Whole Bolivian Army                  Spinner            4245
       Whoremoan                  Youth Must Dare         8593
         Whorgasm                    Smothered            2254
    Wicked Hemlocks              Wicked Hemlocks          1130
        Wickerman                    Wickerman            2349
   Widdowson, Simon                 Weather Vane          3832
    Widespread Panic               Space Wrangler          606
    Widespread Panic                  Everyday             859
    Widespread Panic           Bombs and Butterflies      3288
    Widespread Panic            Light Fuse Get Away       4224
    Widespread Panic             Don't Tell the Band      5676
    Widespread Panic                     Ball             7601
       Widowmaker                 Stand By for Pain       2067
            Wig                       Wireland            3810
    Wiggins, Tommy                  Adult Themes          8480
           Wilco                     Being There          2970
           Wilco                   A Ghost is Born        8340
           Wilco               Kicking Televison- Live    9109
     Wild colonial's              This Can't Be Life      2708
      Wild Jimbos                    Unknown               202
   Wild Strawberries                   Quiver             3839
   Wild Sweet Orange         We Have Cause to be Uneasy   1346
      Wilde, Julia                      Rush              8429
        Wildman                   Flag Retirement         7324
      Willard Grant Conspiracy                            Everything's Fine                     5305
          Williams III, Hank                               Straight to Hell                     1267
          Williams Jr., Hank                               Greatest Hits II                      242
           Williams, Cathy                                Time and Money                        6020
         Williams, Desmond                             Delights of the Garden                   6522
          Williams, Hank III                                  Risin Out                         4841
            Williams, John                            Jurassic Park Soundtrack                   949
            Williams, John                        Star Wars II Attack of the Clones             6837
            Williams, John                        Star Wars II Attack of the Clones             6848
           Williams, Keller                                     Dream                           1264
           Williams, Keller                                     Laugh                           6456
           Williams, Keller                                     Home                            7721
           Williams, Kelly                                   Bang Bang                           196
          Williams, Lucinda                         Car Wheels on a Gravel Road                 4666
          Williams, Lucinda                             World Without Tears                     7571
            Williams, Saul                The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust   1085
            Williams, Saul                              Amethyst Rock Star                      6441
             Williamson                              The Trashcan Electric EP                   9210
             Willis, Kelly                              Well Travelled love                       76
              Wills, John                            Sleepwalks and Criminals                   7059
            Wilson, Brian                                      Smile                            8509
         Wilson, Cassandra                               Belly of the Sun                       6578
             Wilson, Dan                                     Free Life                          9458
                 Wilt                                  The Herman Fibbs EP                      6464
         Windpony, Robert                                   Moonrider                            455
         Windpony, Robert                                    Sky Blue                            851
         Windpony, Robert                                Wings of Change                        1200
              Wine Field                                                                        3852
                 Wink                                     Are You There?                        3301
               Winners                                Wessel Ilcken Tribute                      171
          Winston, George                                    Summer                              386
           Winter, Johnny                                   Nightrider                           256
           Winter, Johnny                           Hey, Where's Your Brother                    695
            Wiseguys, The                                  The Antidote                         5998
              Wiser Sin                                      Wiser Sin                           582
             With Honor                                This is Our Revenge                      9003
         Within Temptation                           The Heart of Everthing                     9527
              Withstand                        And Anger Was a Warm Place to Hide               4063
               Witness                                   Before the Calm                        5895
             Witness UK                                    Under A Sun                          5810
Witzeman & the Jealous Housewives, Jeff                     Oh My God                           6860
                Wiyos                                    Broken Land Bell                       1118
             Wolf, Micah                                    Micah Wolf                          1270
            Wolf, Patrick                                 Magic Position                        9345
             Wolfe, Tom                          A Conversation with Tom Wolfe                  8594
            Wolff, Russell                                  Karma Co.                           8766
           Wolfgang Press                                  Going South                          1847
        Wolfgang Press                  Funky Little Demons           1930
          Wolfpac                             Evil Is…                5315
        Wonder Stuff              Construction for the Modern Idiot   1506
     Wonderful Johnson                  Wonderful Johnson             7347
         Wonderlick                          Wonderlick               6635
         Wood, Doug                             Solace                1161
     Wooden Idols, The                 Remixes Both Worlds            7804
          Woodpile                            Woodpile                7420
         Woodward                 But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It     1107
      Woody Gunthrie                  Til We Outnumber 'Em            9044
         Wookiefoot                         Domesticated              5582
        Work of Saws                       The Pious Flats            6747
   Workhorse Movement                  Sons of the Pioneers           5664
Working for a Nuclear Free City      Businessmen and Ghosts           1265
        Working Title                        About Face               9243
  World Entertainment War           World Entertainment War            223
    World Leader Pretend                    Fit For Faded             7587
    World Leader Pretend                       Punches                8903
       Wormhole Star                       Chicks Dig Scars           2402
           Woven                              Woven EP                6279
           Woven                             8 bit monk               7749
       Wray, Grayson                   Medieval Skyscraper            9017
            Wrens                           Abbott 1135               3679
       Wretch Like Me                   I Am Become Death             6711
 Wretched Refuse String Band       Wretched Refuse String Band         938
     Written in the Sand                  47 Ursae Majoris            7365
      Wtimer, Denison                  Are You a Dreamer?             8914
            WW III                   When God Turned Away             8659
         Wyle, Adam                              Proof                7518
         Wynn, Steve                     Melting in the Dark          2661
             X-25                               Tidy                  3338
           Xanax25                          Denial Fest               1846
        Xavier, Charles                 The Xman Cometh               9338
              XC                                NN                    1807
         X-Ecutioners                   Built From Scratch            6489
        X-Ray Actress                       Weird Box                 9376
             XTC                       Oranges and Lemons              598
            Xysma                              Lotto                  3232
             XYZ                               Hungry                  337
            Yachay                     Sweet Mother Mercy             8932
      Yankovic, Weird Al                 Off the Deep End              551
           Yardsale                           Yardsale                1540
           Yardsale                         Sweet Pea                 6248
           Yatsura                        We Are Yatsura              3030
           Yatsura                            iPulpo!                 3760
             Yaz                          Upstairs at Eric's          1695
            Yeah                             The Yeah                 6824
          Yeah Yeah yeahs                            Date with the Night                   7952
          Yeah Yeah Yeahs                                     Is Is                        9450
             Year 5000                                   Secret Album                      5867
                Yello                                   Essential Yello                     904
            Yellowcard                                 One for the Kids                    5462
            Yellowcard                                  Ocean Avenue                       7700
            Yellowcard                                Lights and Sounds                    9121
            Yellowcard                                    Paper Walls                      9405
           Yellowjackets                                  Greenhouse                        451
                 Yes                                    Big Generator                       426
            Yo La Tengo                                  Yo La Tengo                       1026
            Yo La Tengo                                  From Motel 6                      1524
          Yoakam, Dwight                             There Was a Way                        345
          Yoakam, Dwight                                 This Time                          834
    Yonder Mountain String Band                       Town By Town                         6179
    Yonder Mountain String Band                   Mountain Tracks Vol. 2                   6958
    Yonder Mountain String Band                  Mountain Tracks- Live Vol. 4              9148
Yonder Mountain String Band and Benny
              Galloway                                      Old Hands                      7769
           Yosef Ben Porat                                 Magistic Soul                    1310
        Yoshi Pile-Up, The Jim                         Homemade Drugs                       7061
          Yoshida Brothers                                    Hishou                        9392
              Yosi, Kelli                Still…Still…Still Christmas Piano by Kelli Yosi    9903
              Yost, Kelly                               Piano Reflections                   162
              Yost, Kelly                                  Quiet Colors                     261
               You am I                                     Coprolalia                      1429
              You am I                                     Hi Fi Way                        2641
              You Am I                                  Hourly, Daily                       4096
         Young Antiques, The                            Clockworker                        7905
        Young Black Teenagers                       Young Black Teenagers                   161
        Young Black Teenagers                       Young Black Teenagers                   765
            Young Dread                                 Young Dread                        10052
           Young Dubliners                               Real World                         8834
         Young Fresh Fellows            The Quarterly Magazines for Amateur Electrobird     513
             Young Gods                                 Only Heaven                         2013
            Young Gods                                   Retrospective                      2627
             Young Turk                                    NE 2 Ave                         674
            Young, Gary                                    Hospital                         1856
          Young, Jesse Colin                             Greatest Hits                      6987
             Young, Neil                                Lucky Thirteen                      732
             Young, Neil                                 Harvest Moon                       733
             Young, Neil                                  Unplugged                         868
             Young, Neil                              Sleeps With Angels                    1644
             Young, Neil                                  Mirror Ball                       1936
             Young, Neil                                 Broken Arrow                       2686
             Young, Neil                             Are You Passionate?                    6612
                 Young, Neil                                 Prairie Wind               9023
                 Young, Neil                               Living With War              9310
                 Young, Neil                             Chrome Dreams 2                9401
                 Young, Neil                          Live at Massey Hall 1971          9577
                Youth Group                                  Skeleton Jar               8792
                 Yum Yum                                  Dan Loves Patti               2622
               Yuma House                                  Yuma House                   4123
                  Z Z Top                                Rio Grande Mud                 1543
             Zach Fischer Band                          On Borrowed Time                8895
               Zahr, Nadine                              Nadine Zahr EP                 8945
                  Zakiyah                                   Au Natural                  1169
                 Zambonis                          100% Hockey...and other stuff        2511
                   Zap Mama                            Adventures in Afropea 1           844
     Zappa Picks-By Jon Fishman of Phish        Zappa Picks-By Jon Fishman of Phish     7173
    Zappa Picks-By Larry LaLonde of Primus     Zappa Picks-By Larry LaLonde of Primus   7174
                 Zappa, Frank                    The Yellow Shark Ensemble Modern       1735
                 Zappa, Frank                             Strictly Commercial           2196
                   Zaza, Neil                              Staring at the Sun           5114
                    Ze, Tom                                Fabrication Defect           6142
                 Zedek, Thalia                           You're A Big Girl Now          7202
               Zelmani, Sophie                               Sophie Zelmani             3000
                  Zen Guerilla                         Trance States in Tongues         4885
Zenteno, Norma & Calvin Owens Blues Ochestra                   Es Tu Booty              5967
                     Zero 7                                    The Garden               9344
                   Zero Zero                                     Am Gold                5669
                      Zero7                                   Simple Things             6450
                  Zeromancer                                    Eurotrash               6720
                Zevon, Warren                                 Excitable Boy              549
     Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers                 Free Like We Want 2 B           2230
     Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers                     Fallen is Babylon           4366
                 Zinker, H. P.                          Mountains of Madness            1951
                   Zito, Mike                                   Pearl River             1235
          Zoogy Rift and Marc Mylar                       Nutritionally Sound            496
                    Zoomer                              Songs for the Uninvited         5526
                    Zoorave                                        Two                  1433
                      Zoux                                      Volume 1                8241
                       Zox                                   Take Me Home               7589
                   Zulu Spear                            Welcome to the USA              540
                   Zumpano                            Look What the Rookie Did          1910
                   Zumpano                              Goin' Through Changes           2946
                      Zwan                               Mary Star of the Sea           7473
                Zyrah's Orange                                     Body                 5100
                Zyrah's Orange                                     Mind                 5412
                     ZZ Top                                   Tejas- El Loco              90
                     ZZ Top                                    Afterburner                91
                     ZZ Top                                     Eliminator                92
                     ZZ Top                                      Recycler                133
ZZ Top   Tres Hombres/Fandango!   630
ZZ Top           Deguello         711
ZZ Top           Antenna          1603
  Zzz          Sound of Zzz       8843

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