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					                      DWELL ON THIS ARCHIVES
      If Each One Will Bless One, the World as We know it Will Change!
    Emmanuel’s Blessings to You! Peace and Love in Christ! PLC!
           MARCH 2010 MARCH 2010 MARCH 2010
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                         Each One! Bless One!

            J1                              J2                              J3

  Can you, can a                 We live in behaviors and         Do you realize
   person, can a                         patterns.              that when groups
 church, a pastor,                                                 of people do
   a group, or an                                                things together,
  organization be               Change the behaviors and        there is synergy.
godly and not be a               patterns and change will        When people do
Christian? Ask the                  enter your life--a new     things together for
     Hebrews of                                                 a specific period
                                 lifestyle you will receive.
Ancient Times. In                                                  of time, they
  fact as today's                                               create bonds and
  Jews. Ask some                Being like Jesus requires a     they create many
   Catholics. Ask                lifetime of change--a new       unexpected and
   some Jehovah                            lifestyle.            expected things,
  Witnesses. Ask                                                events, moments,
    some 7-Day                                                  realities, whether
  Adventists. Ask                                                  good or bad.
  some Mormons.
  Need I go on...

            K1                              K2                              K3

   Bad behavior                Did Mammon take the family Activate the BIG "S" in you:
  creates things.                members of Kanye West     Spirit of Christ. Do this by
   Bad behavior                and Jennifer Hudson to the asking Jesus to allow Christ
  creates things                Necromancers? Does the     to manifest in your life--to
    which good                 "love of money" take family  find success in this one
     behavior                    members from you unto must follow the Teachings of
   can correct.                          death?                       Jesus.

            L1                               L2                            L3

  The Catholic Church has           One of the premises on      There are no "buts" only
been keeping alive the spirit     which the Catholic Church              "ands".
                                   stands is one atones for
of the Pharisee which is the      one’s sins through a Priest   This should happen this
   principality (a massively         who is called “Father,”           way, BUT...
 powerful evil entity) which      (Matthew 23:9) instead of
 attempts to get us to focus    through Jesus, who is called This should happen this way
                                “the Christ;” focusing people            AND...
         on our frailties,
                                  on humanity (the Priests or
        shortcomings by              in the case of Modern          BUT suggests a
  implementing a vertically       Christianity—the Bishops,        discontinuance, a
power focused, hierarchical,      Preachers, Prophet(ess)s, discontinuation. But there is
  exclusive (we leaders are      instead of an Eternal focus:   ALWAYS "continuation."
                                   Jesus, Who is the Christ.   BUT attempts to make the
   holier than you) spiritual   Jesus is NEVER too busy to       CONTINUATION be
 approach whereas Christ’s         listen to the most simple  negative instead of positive.
   approach is all inclusive         question, suggestion,
    (your Holiness is in my      inquiry, wondering, thought, This is what comes next...
                                      idea, pain, suffering,          continuation.
  Holiness), non-exclusive
                                 emotion, loss, ignorance, or
(equality for all—rich, poor,   any matter you can come up          Life continues...
slave, disenfranchised), and    with any time of day or night
     is horizontally power           or anytime or place in
            focused.                        between.

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