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									?Though ladies watches only have been in vogue for a few decades, it is amazing to
see the number of styles and models that are available today. The first watches were
made almost exclusively for men and it was very rare to see a lady with a watch
hanging on her dress robe. After the turn of the last century, however, things changed
and a few watchmakers started recognizing the fact that ladies watches was a huge
market by itself. While some companies focused exclusively on making watches for
that clientele, many mens watch manufacturers started divisions which dealt with
making and selling watches for ladies. Rolex was one of the first companies to make
that change.

For over a century now, Rolex as a company has been synonymous with style and
precision. From their first watches made with tremendous Swiss precision to the
cutting edge technologies in place on their assembly line today, Rolex watches have
always been at the top of the wish list for watch lovers, and they will continue to be
cherished in the coming centuries too. One of the primary aspects which make Rolex
such a force to reckon with in the field of watch making is that of identifying a market
before the other players do, as they did with ladies watches.

When women started buying watches in the early part of the last century, Rolex
immediately recognized that this would be a huge change in the field of watch making,
and immediately started making changes to their well known mens range in order for
it to suit the fairer sex. Making watches smaller and lighter so they could be worn by
ladies was the first change, followed by a completely different range of models suited
to their style.

Fundamentally, ladies like to dress up, and they love accessories much more than men
do. Today, however, men also are equally accessory conscious, but that has been
learnt from the women at home! So ladies Rolex watches suddenly became more
colorful, more exciting, and more varied. This was a huge change as till then people
only identified the brand Rolex with strong timepieces which were virtually
indestructible. Rolexs engineers took up the challenge, and the result is that even
mens watches became lighter and stronger with time with the innovative use of
alternate materials. Today, every popular brand within Rolex from the ubiquitous
Oyster Perpetual range to the awesome AirKing and the world-famous Rolex GMT
Master has its own series of watches for ladies. Even the adventure watches the
Yachtmaster, the Submariner, and the Explorer have ladies variants, and are extremely
popular the world over even with people who are not really adventurous!

While most watch makers had completely different ranges of watches for men and
women typically with the womens watches having feminine features such as
encrusted colored stones and usage of colors like blue and pink; Rolex consciously
decided not to tread that path. Instead, they chose to make ladies Rolex watches also
in the same way they make their mens watches with understated style and elegance,
and right from day one these watches shot up on the bestseller lists. Especially with a
majority of todays women working equally hard as men if not harder; they absolutely
did not want to accessorize themselves in a way which made them look frilly. With
business suits becoming the in-thing, a Rolex watch in white gold became the obvious
choice! One change, however, which ladies Rolex watches had, when compared to the
mens collection, was the choice of metals. Most mens watches were made in stainless
steel and white gold, but womens watches had many more alternates like rose gold,
yellow gold, and Platinum. Ladies Rolex watches also had more stones and designs
than mens watches, but then that is an option the buyer can choose.

Today, every popular model in Rolex is available in three variants For Men, For
Women, and For Young Adults. In fact, one of the most common anniversary gifts of
our times are a Rolex watch set with a watch pair one for him, and one for her.

If you are looking to gift a watch to a special person, look up the wide range of ladies
Rolex watches and make sure that you spend time on it there are so many watch
models to choose from!

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